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Transcript (in progress):

pic of the cast of Rocky Blue play anywhere on your TV smartphone or tablet huluplus not with a hundred percent more Joel and Burnie Burnie if I got to worry about it about Joel on top of that we were racing across the country today to make you that his party today in Los Angeles California and then in here in Austin so worried about you guys were sitting here you know we're getting ready I'm getting my makeup done it was like are you have anybody coming and they told me they are in the oven but it's good though that they were that concerned because if it were living around this office you have to be that concerned about things but I will because I'm in the lot of times people like write scripts and then like you're in the script and you don't know you're in the script and then like they email you in the ureter to that script you like I do now the script and obviously not enough concerned there on the communication I'm just saying so not enough concern you think his concern but you're going to be like if you showed up here and you didn't know it was a podcast that you were going to be on it you going the opposite he says he's not going to show up thing I'm concerned about turn that I'm concerned about it on the record that he's concerned about everything there is the thing that the world wants you to be stressed out today we got there pretty late you need to be at the airport minutes before is like putting Sydel Curry Lesley stroll through security so if I make it I make it what are we on the same flight with those two guys come back to Australia Jones Monte office 412 that in New York we were there last week right about it was awesome you should come and play Playstation 4 games what are the games I was playing is blacklight retribution 2 play shooter on the launch titles for PS4 and I was talking about it online or we tweet the photo that zombie Studios put up and I got stuck here forever and I guess I didn't have a good time you're welcome I'm just rolling home just being an asshole for fun did you see it I guess you're talking about play through thing about this you see the video of that plane crashing in Russia what turtle is it recent that happened like 2 or 3 days ago for what happened to plane new The Runaways where there's an airplane the next frame is that try to land but that's the fire I need to be at 7:37 and go around the second go-around they just went as far as they said they don't know what happened yet because most the fuselages underground tweet is the president of the Eastern Bloc tweet a lot more over Russia I look like a politician and I are ever in the area Gus is a morbid person he needs air disasters all the time he loves them all up on this one I know he had one this weekend is almost the equivalent of crash in their plane right into the ground at Jack's reception I think this family we had the reception and Gus married yet and I perform the ceremony went ahead and had an assumption that Gus was a religious they wanted me to go up and do the blessing before the meal thank you Andrew salmonella 200 does it actually hurts to roll is actually an ordained and I was just like wow really I didn't know that family members of people didn't get a chance to be a big deal to hear about a dude who married a bunch of people and he wasn't allowed to do it and it like invalidate a bunch of marriages I hear about that stuff growing up legal because you had paperwork or what because I signed up on the website it's illegal because you found it on the website it's on the internet every time before I perform the ceremony I always go back and look to the Texas law and I make sure that I could still legally perform marriages I meant to say please and marry them and is very competent silver mostly also that from the internet and your things from the internet totally don't think that's good Navigator gold but you did a good job very complicated so much so that they just assume you can see I didn't lose for that toast was really spot-on because I wrote this monologue about how Jack is a terrible person that's what you're supposed to do right the best how is going to fly back and I was a little concerned about it because the specialist yet like in Adam and Chris that behind and I read him the speech and they were like yeah you should not say that they were like you should Krista Krista Krista Krista and Adam and I was like oh shit oh shit and I talk to it like walking in the door like I felt like the guilty need to tell Jack's mother I was like well I kind of the speech I'm not sure about it she was like Joel we have family here we have family here I was me like shit this is concerning now and before the ceremony if we all can hang out with a really small there in like 10 people maybe they're very sweet I would complain about the cold I think I thought you were someone can let you know grandmother sea urchin davol someone's arrest record and they were like oh by the way you have an arrest record what restaurant have a mug shot all that stuff you should have you should have I should have human everybody surprised I'm just curious charge of the common law marriage I'm just saying, I'm on my own here we thing that's if you ever want to be married if everyone comes out that completely ever performed under the joke airline miles can you I don't think so who is the medical guy on staff in Antarctica and he got appendicitis and had to do it on his own what is in Bakery live stream right now and he didn't want to give him self any anesthesia cause he didn't want to tell his senses so this dude gave himself an appendectomy killed him and he's like this is a black and white picture of it like me does is take a step if you let him drive your truck back from somebody that worked at the office kidney or liver living people would you take one for me I don't know Young Thug tackle that and I will take your questions to one you have in the wilderness Ronnie camping trip the four of us is very clear you have appendicitis and one of us has to take out your appendix and it's a really difficult Hospital question everyone is the appendix I like Flight crash is coming in a few weeks newsletter 4 winning numbers Ford is over we have four stomachs I think it's optional 47 that just got rid of all the crap on light duty pending on how you do that do you think within your lifetime will achieve a point where through genetic engineering you can genetically engineer do this is to the point where there will be born without wisdom teeth without appendix tweet when you think we'll be able to artificially create the next 50 years right now we can just find the switch right turn on/off what about this situation you lose both testicles and then that stops you from having a that testosterone stuff he basically just castrate you can have one of mine Bridget that same very intense very convoluted is a Gavin does not like your full tank of sperm and you just like to please over life no because when I like when I like a woman to produce it in the pool in the first you need a bowl have to pick somebody but then you immediately have to have sex and if the other person's leftovers oldest the reason you have to pick up all the same thing but they filled with fire that rhyme with him since I was with you instead of having like when you ejaculate you have a million tiny sperms if you have one and then you have to fight the street be like it's play this week face on it stop walking around and you didn't fight is the size of a school for a week like in your house and then you lied and take care of this one should have toast God you just crazy like the worst horror movie ever thing I'm just going to orgasm is worth having a fight some sort of mysterious thing YouTube one of the stupid things I read it's like the equivalent of the would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized Duck ride in the same same line of that credit for the weekend I saw that someone got to the front page of Reddit by posting a picture of an Xbox just like that one that's behind me the one that the original Xbox is signed by Bill Gates is like the boxes everywhere in the world if I find the pictures I look up boxes plotting will look it up yeah yeah yeah planning something like that the two things are like this in the latest like this Gus me that you can 2007 Barbara did but we get up there Barbara are you going to sing a song now she's testing Thing song so I got the other thing is I remember you had that box that exact same box downtown Austin just like the top part where it look like a face I took two of the boxes and fold the arms and so it looked like they were plotting and then take a picture of it and said Mandy's boxes are different plotting something she made it her own completely living like I'm dodging the question yes thank you but it wasn't for nothing if you're sitting with boxes no no I said I was good best movie songs you know what's the thing the Canadian national anthem do you know the Canadian have to do I know that you're hair Crackle you know somebody was posting the Toronto mayor self and my play tweet I responded was I miss Chris Farley and I started that I'm taking credit for that and then like a Chris Farley video started the name of the Toronto mayor Rob Ford Rob Ford Twitter thing about this Rob Ford the best of Barry Cohen kept the costume on for so long is it supposed to be a video of the Toronto mayor smoking crack would you said do not exist was a lie and disappear for a few months then all of a sudden that video was stolen and now it's out there listen I'm going to go I'm going to the contrarian in this I'd like him I like Mayor Ford wife because he's the first mayor to just smoke crack and then admit to it being very very very smoke crack he did after I went to jail came back from jail real life is a merry life first person that smoke crack crack in the past if they'd asked him did you ever smoke crack. Of course why are you smoking crack right now what about yesterday probably right I mean I don't smoke crack but I don't have any problems he's been even though he smokes crack and is an alcoholic is he doing how to the kid it's it's it's funny though because he does have the history of like it a hockey game or just get belligerent but I just sort of like how does he do it practically tackle some councilwoman earlier today I didn't have time to send a video over is like him in the neck of Chris Farley and it's like all the same stick footage from Chris Farley Chris Farley to the mayor and he's on the football field except for being did Chris Farley want to turn up to an award ceremony with like Coke around his nose newsletter call them on the red carpet I think we have the vid running over the councilwoman I don't know if we can that we can pull that off animal calm rather like calling him and calling him names that shit and you got all mad at you just got in the way the trick is you living past living by the sound effect in the video on that note one of my bestest brawl Audible The Internet's leading provider of audible books on more than 150,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature and featuring audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for listeners audible is offering a free audiobook of your choice to give you a chance to try out their service new book to consider is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak on the on the beer thing right now for free of your choice audible podcast on calm slash RT that's audible podcast.com / RT love audible let's do it all the time driving around in my car fantastic service I'm about halfway through book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire currently are you really yeah almost there talk about it talk about it so you're talking about the Chris Farley on the football field the video of the guy falling out of the football game this weekend the longest you want to play today she was on like the upper balcony and those balconies have like railings she likes it on the railing to slide down our exterior if he was really drunk so he fell backwards off of it and not any he survived he only had minor injuries but he landed on someone who is seriously injured and has like head injuries she was fucking asshole the people in the area say that he got up at like nothing happened and try to walk away but the other guy was like 6 months five years ago the Rangers game the big problem everytime I open a new stadium because people always go to the new stadium take photos and they take photos I can the upper decks like with their backs against the railing and then fall over backwards every time there's a new stadium open it seems like somebody's taking a picture and walks backwards and flips over the railing and we like to work in the world of fall on the stadium we can probably on the whole thing 244 International football games for the family to do that didn't do it you didn't hold his hand over heart for something I forget what it was was the Pledge what it was actually like required as I know what I'm doing if I didn't have you put your hand over your heart speech thing I'll tell you I mean there's a thing that they do like the Dallas Stars the name is Human the stars during National Anthem with the word stars comes up in the national anthem everyone the arena goes that's what they do but I'll tell you what is blessed we are what we do a little bit drunk and stars at the wrong time and actually did you that that would not go over well yeah I'm always a firm believer if you're in a stadium just go with the flow Gavin stand up put your hand over your heart it's not worth the hassle of getting on a British show me know what time I went to a Superbowl party with a girl you know we're actually and it was San Francisco versus somebody and that the Superbowl party was in San Francisco and Denver and everyone there are courses for San Francisco she didn't care at all like she had no care for the person who that person about this sometime actually talk about the girl and the girls like she's going to be with her so that everybody yeah that's what happened I've been in situations like that was something for the other team just to be contrary I don't know they want to see you I can't wait to before you tested if someone if a girlfriend try to stop fight with a big dude and I expected you would return her calls would be okay girls go to the extreme of like your walk past a group of five guys and she go the fuck you looking at assholes outside just about everything we talked about different levels Higher Ground wins battle hair this is the plot of Macbeth how to dance but that's what's happening there it's a lesson in battle techniques always have the higher ground you will with him on even ground like Stadium schedule lapidary oldest liquor store me in the Dark Ages they should just put like stadium seating around campus I mean deadly that is a pretty vicious Place actually are you think everyone's like gentlemanly and I had a kid we were in we were in I was in London with you we actually is in Scotland it won't kill you but I was just with him and we were all drunk it's on English guys we're walking by or they were driving and they flipped us off and they're going to the trouble was like come on we got it crash was likely driving away unless you want is to get a filling in the country cuz you can't go back to the country the gear in land on the other dude that got a lot of money probably fell on somebody's head and broke her neck somebody's living off you in a bar for protecting them in the face assuming you don't not come out all over the back of your head dude in a bar with another dude give him a black eye what's the most amount could always do claim like some kind of long lasting damage headaches migraines loss of eyesight and it was time to look for lost revenue or lost income for many years they live only guy hit the guy in the head what happened fucked up I mean there's a guy like on the empty video right he got hit one time the Facebook is horrible around is I like it like that you can fix our problems or that it was it was like it was like I was on the internet it was not one punch and it was the worst fight ever where my buddy got super drunk and he's super big and he was starting to mess around with a guy who is super big and he had some friends and whatever and everyone is drunk and I'm in a parking lot and everyone's doing the standoff saying how many people were there yeah that's a big group like that is a really different than they were 10 people there and they're doing the the tension thing just before the fight thing and I'm standing there drunk off my ass with a bottle of Corona in my hand or grip on it and I'm like going to be like you know what I'm going to be the guy to break that I'm going to break this so drunk dumb stupid dumb idiot young Joel was like I'm simply going to take this crew bottle I'm going to hit that guy over the head with it that was my plan so I don't want to wait for the court about all the crap out of hair condensation on the outside out of my head because in the parking lot and literally everything stopped everyone turned and watched the bottle just think think think think think and then there was and it was just it was like it was I mean it was just like it was bad I was on and I don't ever do that don't ever do that not a good thing obviously obvious advice April hair you said you never like to come back that I spent a lot of time does it cost to go to Mexico all the time and the opposite is true you can get a felony Mexico you don't get to leave ever hurt you are often that's not good that's what I was my life is being handcuffed in Mexico there's no point going to fight with anybody it's not stupid it's really pointless now get in a fight with somebody and it was like anyone on the ground Rock they forget that there's a wreck right there that when they do like text other than the shoulder test out the rest goes in like a wrecking ball and knocks the guy on top off cuz you got to do that at the bar outside the bar and humiliated everyone your his human how to get out that people like women that fits over my head so I'm not. How friends can grab some lunch and I ran across a good idea I just thought I'd mention it would you mess up your hand or whatever they're doing this Brave space Maga you are the worst he would go to like this dude and Suburban Austin's house and then be a bunch of dudes they go into the garage and it would drag out the mats they get the car out of the garage moving out and then put Max down in the garage in a bunch of dudes that hang out their underwear it's like here get about that for I think a few weeks and then got really good at it we're like now Winona it will do it also looks like your buddy from high school who study martial arts but then it was kind of hoping you're never going to use it and he never got the first time he ever got in a fight Anna costume is tomato conserve estimate about $100,000 for punching a dude like seriously more than that how many salt that again yeah it's a really really really good movie if you haven't already just like easily I think it is almost time for next week it was so good when it came out the same thing over again I don't know I'm just not a fan of those movies are really suffering some good ones really just don't even know I think he collects the infinity gems and build The Infinity Gauntlet 93 how they stole the design of The Gauntlet from YouTube trophy I think you might be branded as saying that he doesn't think Disney owns the rights to Fantastic Four really they're making a Fantastic Four movie right now I don't know I'm just saying in the same universe as Captain America yes thing University there was some reference to that it was Lego Marvel there's a human torch and Captain America together and I think that human that hair you look familiar Chris Evans played the Human Torch play Johnny Storm and played Captain America really not have that many actors let me know we really is or like not enough they were just reuse active and if you're tied to someone would be on one side and one movie in the new be felt in the next movie it was like a few and I'm just wondering if it was a different different contract develop into Contraband about the TV shows and the four that the children Netflix is developing them into shows and the 4 Heroes that shows are like Daredevil that's the most well-known then Luke Cage Power Man and Iron Fist and then I never heard of called Jessica Jones November 2001 RT News Jessica Campbell Jones cage super power fictional character appearing books published by Marvel Comics she's embittered Alias Joel nitrous and currently power woman she has the power to power metal I know about the script the first plotting she gets her boyfriend into a fight at a 240-volt Ryder woman needs anyone else biting her for her abilities as a result of a chemical spill we got a lot Jessica Jones possesses superhuman strength and resistance to injury and they build the flow is subsonic speed that's really about it RT 1 is the speed of sound she's able to find that she was able to look at 2:10 please car with her parents she was not able to fully within a Venom Black from Jessica Drew oldest girl Jessica Orange is the New Black for whatever reason I couldn't get into it but I just refuse to give up on it and I just kept watching it until episode 8 and episode 8 out of 10 I was like okay this is good. But I have no idea from episode 1 to episode 8 45 minutes about the popularity of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and they said they're very popular we don't have we don't have it we don't have to tell you Gus. I think I mean what's the hype behind a Netflix original two people sign up for Netflix is that from anyone and subscriptions first came out was absolutely amazing but now with all the rise of all these other streaming services it becomes a little harder to find but everything you want to watch it may have expired and it may be on another serious or just might be there that Simpsons are going to be able to be streamed and I was like what the f I really like the Simpsons I haven't seen The Simpsons and seven years yeah but I mean they would have all the seats are going to have all the season you have to watch the new shit I just want to stuff you like first 10 seasons perfect crazy I think I'm is Cody how many episodes are in Orange is the New Black It's a drama drama the right word It's a drama about a women's prison and a girl who goes to prison is billed as a Netflix original I'm sure the sky Atlantic original that feeling I was only 13 episodes in the first season of Orange is the New Black is okay now I want to watch and I have no idea why they making another season is supposed to be like if not directly no the budget for this thing original 22 Episodes for a hundred million dollars so it was it was about four million dollars an episode of Game of Thrones what they were paying for me to have this conversation with you and or musical and I said yeah I got 4 million dollars an episode and I was about to say can you believe they put that much on it and she goes to the person who when she was on the show Friends it cost 6 million dollars a day to get that money and then I totally understand uniform and everything super cheap so when you on friends was with the set that you could you on the casino in the plane right now on the same physical space at the apartment with the line it was to the left to the right that was everything and then the couch is like a that the certain amount of spaces but if you really watch the actors walk its like 123 I'm at the bar it's really weird to think of a horror story for Joel about that so when you're struggling actor and you're on set and you think there's an opportunity be a feature that you're going to line or something like that you make yourself available it's like a part of the effort you make to become a bigger part of the course so they were Joel is going to be in this scene where they're on a plane and so he made sure he got himself into this or he'd be in it or he be on camera Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer just kind of Lucky with that but it was like they can put them in a Hawaiian shirt and something and you try to make Chandler jealous of the time so she turns to Joel in the rehearsals and hugs him and like I said big hug and like all happy to make Chandler jealous then somebody said he was on the plane behind them he said that is the lesson of Hollywood right there with her like you know it's sort of like and it's like you go to her so it's like I never going to get it back the next day and I had to thing it's like they took it away from you background of the plane seemed killed over everything confusing YouTube Ryder Ryder Ryder I saw you the screenshot of that seen recently her throwing the dice and you're right there in the back of you are literally right behind her in that fucking Hawaiian shirt International television and this is there's a Disney ride somewhere I don't know where the Disney ride is but I play Steve Jobs in the Disney ride did you like the history of some shit or whatever and I'm Steve Jobs on that is going to be like in Paris or something tired of short fat guy Timmy Wozniak when they were younger and like we're going to do when we go to yeah I would happen to that we got a fight I don't know how you got a sea because of Jones Ryder that start with a turtleneck inside of a pic you said whatever Jeremy remind everyone this episode of RT Podcast is brought to you by huluplus you probably try hulu.com that was huluplus you can watch your favorite 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read it they gave me a very sorry to hear anything done that to me before. I had it I took my lumps cameras for the The Comedy Catch that almost human is going on this is Karl Urban thing that it was started last night was the first episode I haven't watched it yet that's what I'm doing I'm looking at it right now so you can watch it there's a scene where Winona Ryder and Al Pacino are screaming at each other and didn't the center of the shot is Joel like looking back and forth between them like trying to like play nice and then she turned Ryder screams at you and I just love that hair like that on a regular basis that's your hair preparation wash my hair that I dry it and then I do this and then they let you put anything in your head it is very different from usual one time when I dropped computer case screws in my hair and then we couldn't find a pencil in my hair we weren't we were talking about the last time I had that which which was less on my head that was we were you and I we were sitting on the set of The Hobbit and we were we were had earphones on and we were listening to a thing the movie that has yet to happen and I was like I mean New Zealand from where you grew up because it was something that was crazy I'm watching The Hobbit does Like a Rock toast but things happen I guess last week was a couple days ago scientists realize that they accidentally killed the oldest animal in the world but I guess in 2006 they found this this type of clam and I guess you can count you can tell all that is my kind of the Rings on it but the reason the outside what kind of fucked up so I can open it up and count the rings on the inside and they realized that this clam was 507 years old and just killed it by opening it up how old is the killed a person or thing that became alive seven years after Columbus landed in the New World 1490 fountain on the seabed near Iceland have you seen those we give it a name was Lucy that mean life it's like a rock with Gus and hazel eyes it's up there filters in water through the Rock and it still is out and you Tricia I just threw it then it sprays out and Humanity hasn't figured out a way to eat ask about the thing is that it's not a rock the rock does not have Keno is a rock that thing got inside like a Spore and an expander that's not like her that likes grapes Rock and then build rock around the outside of it with the story with the thing in his play eats animals eat it raw orange juice and non-locals describe the taste is so bitter with a slight iodine flavor where is the local AAA Rock Southern black from Zelda thing is like The Neverending Story that giant rock that eat rocks living rock is one of the weirdest is a whole race of people Knocks it was exactly it's not rock so it's not exactly like the rock will probably not yet it looks like it or not clam oldest rock that people want to kill you just to take a look at Fan what's going to stop this thing just to show how weird it is Gavin I don't watch this that's alright I'm watching this is like a big mushroom for those Rock the thing so I can cut his head off sea thing let me kill it to show you how weird is well but it's okay it's okay though let me kill it and then I'm going to eat at the ocean on the fishing rod in killed it should have on Earth Shoney's plane and weird it is that you will be showing the camera like the inside of it play around in the shallow Waters off of Chile and Peru I mean it looks like a tomato inside of it it's a sea sponge of some kinds of rocks and minerals where is the rock that has blood inside of rock let me know when it's ready animal she's fine she's Mine shirts are different I don't know what you know what would make all the difference when you step into it if it went Gavin do it we would have the worst teacher ever had the worst she shave her head sea urchin you ready to sea urchin oh my God you don't know sea urchin is a horrible texter like if you collected a bunch of snot and then encounter with sea urchins in Puerto Rico I was at the glass of a slot in it Joel would you not drink is UV Winfrey with taste weird or because of the slimy gross fish sea thing in the world that's why it was kind of rough like really sharp Jagged rocks okay so I was really actually I saw these giant urchin like this big with basketball stuck that so I'm done swimming I'm walking back to the shore and I stepped on the fucken sea urchin get out of here yes I step on it with my right foot and I fall and I fall Face Forward into the sharp Jagged rocks on my hand and on my forearm on my right foot I couldn't you told me about Puerto Rico sounds exactly like that I mean to me Puerto Rico sounds like hell on Earth or video games like don't don't try just a couple she's been traveling around Vietnam hotel room he was in the hotel Gavin Gauntlet a headlock anytime that you get in the car with the fucking super typhoon in the Philippines days before that 595 miles an hour over 2:35 Jessica Japan people dying cuz of food there haven't really tried patent like $100,004 I don't know tell our people is crazy it's funny that you say that thing about the guy who went into his hotel room and stole his cell phone because I had a robbery at where I'm living recently recently so they went into my play is still some shit and took off and basically they use the key I'm at her apartment and basically it was a maintenance guy who let himself in and took a bunch of my shit and I called them I was like Hey listen I need to get the locks changed at all like don't worry sir we'll send over the person who rob do me is a lot wow I can't believe you're friends rob you and Mike friends is like a day probably and like new and then we had to where I had to pretend like like he's good Rob I'm pretty sure I'm ninety-nine percent sure it was it's just it's awful and I'm still this place I need it like get out of the place but it's like everyday that I go and I go to my car and he's like he's like hey have a good day at work I'm like I have to drop by my apartment during the day I am I told him I was like you know when he was there and I was like 4:10 a.m. valuable my fan so loud in here somewhere else Discovery when you go in there and you're like and then you go over it it's like oh my it was the first generation but it's just sort of like to know if you need any help moving Gavin right here he's willing to help you the living is the hardest thing ever why is your picture with lamb on them all that's in video that we were trying sea the claim it to be put on the table and then they put a bunch of salt on the table and they discovered a horrible thing about plans so they Ford Escape oh that yeah the time of this u.s. Naval Base so that's why I had to go by the store nutrition I mean what happened there is a play table that will fit in the Sun slug bug this video I'm high as fuck three loads and no one listen I'm going to go glamorous.com I'm going to I'm just saying you can have animals and nature that easy the nature is going back to him 33 Mamie the bridge someone wants to put a moving muscle up their asshole really hit the streets what you want us to wait for you to be talking Rock on YouTube YouTube Burnie can you get all the covers all the time but the time wasn't on the light call me out about live Media or whatever or dark cloud walking him if you go back and listen to Gavin Lee. Then I could go would you like to face Burnie and he leaves back and you and I yes I understand I was so lost I was like I just the same as for the history of its Inception and like every conversation is all like that we'll just say like completely is YouTube down for like 20 minutes today what I love about that I gotta give a shout out to Barbara or whoever it was Barbara thought as soon as you can. We have all tweet I want to make it tweet that Barbara had already made that that was the best we could that was like before on the podcast we will dispatch a team of trained monkeys to look into this problem the problem we have kind of a cute one come over let me know you're not getting any revenue for providing calm I just didn't know if that's what you want to say English is your second language understanding I'm not going to search for that was that we got to go back what's the name of the court reporter on the pic has to be able to you need to type out everything that we have it on where you're looking like refer back to the tape right away right it would have stopped our argument the Life podcast that was a creature that was basically the same thing as a clam with a tongue except it's not and it was just it was nothing you could do it and it would suck shave we know they probably don't stupid people with like stuff like that I like that that's just the way it's got to be some kind of bad Health thing about putting salt in your ass too much really I mean if you like would you eat a whole bowl of salt and that would be a good thing to do everything in moderation plane the moderation that's because you're awesome everything Paw Patrol do not put salt on a wound how many killed by that general guide on my body I'm going to treat it as any particular potentially sensitive part of my body or anything I'm not putting salt on my eardrum and I put in my sinus can you die from over when you first came over and we were downtown you have read an article on the internet that hair done I guess she's off all this ass hair it was this long paragraph about how that experience was a big deal because it was so it was no is it is it is the starfish can I put shave that hair and not be the parent of is kind of big shave this couch and it's just as one of the funniest things I've ever read everything I have to put a clam lick your asshole shaving play Caillou Jessica time you're fucking idiot would you rather question Google search history stuff would you rather post a full frontal nude photo of yourself on the Internet or make your Google search history publicly available nude just to do such a story that is a really interesting question that's what what would you I would go with a nude context on it I will show you my dick Ryder the show my search history you can look at your significant other's search history that person is not there surgery to is like a truck with a log of your mental train of thought exactly and it's not who you are you can keep it together within like 20 minutes you can see why someone went from one to the other sometimes it might be better to see the whole killed from the anus like vs. we toast our the top of her surgery she start writing down to do something amazing Google filter is it listen listen whatever if we get arrested over 30 in America anymore search history on my search history on a track Joel the tricks to do with your the library that they used to do that all right everyone up for the website keep up with newsletter