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RT Discusses Gavin's Ghosts

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Recorded: 2013-11-26 22:59:05

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Transcript (in progress):

list of sort of the flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is a first nootropic design increase Focus Elemental driver our listeners going to 10% off promo code Onnit.com / energy.com 4 / 3 Gavin the showings of morning jump I wasn't going on right now good morning in the morning in the morning when I forget skate boarding is it from your mouth in your eyes normally be lucky I guess trying to be things that were specific Gallifrey is a race time or two the class which I don't think it makes sense to that kind of paper RPG like because like you're not human he's like no I'm a Time Lord that's like saying no I'm a general that doesn't make sense but everybody was very upset a lot of people I feel really bad about that or am I make it entertaining but everybody just got really mad because I was being really mean and I felt bad you just put the unit in the ship to keep digging down and putting that shit off everybody loves tennis so much and every time I'm like I like but I'm very good at what he does you can feel it Brandon fought like hell to have the doctor I was saying we should have give me the cash is that it is a limited audience because it's people who like us and listen to our podcast and we have watch that thing whatever it is to the point where they season on the thinking part of the RT really care about that and anything you say how to Total out that I wasn't a fan cuz I haven't seen all of the new series and then other people were saying that those people were saying they haven't seen the old period it didn't it's just it wasn't I was really sad about it when you talk shit about me she doesn't cut to the couch I will tell them that they can take over melanin a penetrating you who put the skate boards here find high quality vs. cable it is work on this now for about a hundred dress you can also 2 principal I mean I get it up Transformer you're really into the body Surfer 504 thousand dollar fly to California go to the biggest surf beach there get out of the way in which all the servers is there for snowboarding this is my wife Rachel assholes Surfers are when they're out there and you're like they're trying to take waves and stuff but yeah I know I've heard this thing that has become more popular over the years you know there's only so many beaches where you can go and catch can I get dropped off in the middle of it means Coastline that were talking about how many people on mountain and part of the most Everest he's going back down that that's a very treacherous like travel because they have the goal of getting to the summit of Mount Everest and get there and come back then they dropped all their energy to return to the paragliders what jump away from the top of the mountain imagine pretty fucking windy up there what is it if the air pressure is it's like they know you're not going to like blow the other pretty high is Everest 35000 + Gavin trying to figure out how far north of us apartments in Austin with colder this weekend than it was in England higher than Austin so where do you think the tires in Austin where do you think England or the UK is in relation to the US mainland in Canada it's pretty out of the u.s. Dead the part of the us all the states or small as you expected from you know when you're saying what that a hundred years is a long time the United States and 100 miles is a long distance in Europe but the truth Drive for Five in New York City is 40 degrees latitude Linden's on 51 Vancouver British Columbia pretty far so who was right it was it was it it was if you don't think I would have been a doctor who just came on Fargo weather 2 it's really just some basic things we take for granted with the way the world works like the fact that no hurricanes ever hit the European or UK coach like you just don't do that and like that ever hit the western coast of America ocean currents the jet stream in the US every all weather patterns in the US go from west to east but I think down at the equator and more equatorial it's the other way around that if you fly from New York to LA it takes a lot longer than it takes to fly from LA to New York as you catch the jet stream and Fanatics Road directions who's the current percentage that you love so much Geoghegan the first you told John shirt is the earth in their logo rotates the wrong direction and then basically called him out he was just sitting there I don't think I've ever watched it I don't know everything gravity weaker gravity throwing up in the air everything Catching Fire and I know you're nothing but I don't understand why not 2 or 4 it's like if you have a successful movie then it was a good story and they said that was really good now let's make a Trilogy that looks like another one now that's true as long as you he's like it in people's minds and make sense like there's something about a story told in 3 that makes sense that's really cool that's fine I don't have a problem with 3 movies that's great and it's like what you just always invariably ends up happening is they make the first movie not knowing if the audience is going to like him to be successful Ender's Game they could have said we understand it's going to be a Trilogy Ender's Game is going to translate to the screen so they make the first one right and it's a complete story and then then the green light the other two if it's successful movie but invariably always happens The Matrix Matrix example is that the Second Story always end up being an incomplete story story even a good one there's no complete story there it's a lot of payoff from the first movie and some setup for the third movie but by itself there's not a whole hell of a lot of stuff to set up and paid off in the movie like there is another route but it's some of the most popular ones they answered some of the stuff in the first one and they pose questions that they don't have to answer and people are excited about that they're like I can't wait for this to be if something is Envision and plan from the beginning it can work the Lord of the Rings books work in this respect you know that the goal is to get to Mordor movies ever made then you have the third one which you know it's it's whether not you like it or not at least it's a conclusion things happening and the second one you're watching the whole movie and not to spoil a second movie after 10 years but it's like he's the bad guy you next time I mean that's really what it is it's like the end was like a shot of the bad guy and he kind of hurt somebody off screen and then that's it it's over the whole movie just one action sequence in the movie how long does pic stand freeway today after building built like a little of my life it was long enough there's like A2 mile what's the quarter mile time of a couple of miles in the desert to drive cars trash off of trash that I mention Second Law be billed for the first Matrix Neo and Trinity are in the lobby and it's getting all shut up they got all that in the first text for the first set of never understand why they didn't just that she broke her ankle Matrix because you're now the trailers before Catching Fire that look like you're about to watch The Hunger Games but it's some other movie that's just like just like Divergent section freeway and then use some pizza freeway in Oakland 4 filming as well do you think that Lucas actually wrote the first Star Wars is a part of the trilogy because it has a beginning middle and fairly conclusive and that seems to imply that they don't get away with the Empire and I never said part 4 when it came out they were actively added that the one thing that leaves it kind of open was Darth Vader doesn't die at the end of a new hope this like some kind of cleaning out into space which makes you think that the big villain was still Darth Vader kills Emperor was not introduced in and you hope I don't believe you so he was still like the villain who was often cause more trouble I think when the first movie came in the second actually and then that's not right in McAllen I don't know I think it was originally a woman watch movies whatever happens you know she's actually has a lot of 250 movies on IMDb really crazy from Lost episodes and seasons 4 5 kind of whiny and one-dimensional but I thought she was just Austin Powers no you fucking kidding I'm going back to the UK for not fucking keep me around here anymore shows that go on for 10 years TV show different I mean it's like that's entirely different than expected just like every week was like to find out the next time the second film in a Trilogy it's very unsatisfying even watching the game yeah we were talking about doing it Halo Halo Halo Halo 3 and Halo 2 everyone was like it was the end like the lamest way 4 premiere any babies like it's stuck in a wall or something okay running into the wall I thought I saw a really funny meme the first character you encounter in Skyrim and it's like the guys like this and it said I asked her to venture what his name was then he said they're still dead still for 10 minutes 4 4 through every sex and race but we've been playing a lot of with the Xbox One launch Gavin I know you were dead rising Franco was good to me the original Everest 7 year long wait to put that little Mini-Game 4 where was arcade game where you level up your church before the game but they gave me my Dead Rising 6 after 7 years and then when Dead Rising 2 came out I just was kind of it even the stupid system and TV to LG TV impress you program your TV in your Xbox one other thing for him up and volume down really I didn't know that it was you I have to go right now without touching anything I can do have cable hooked up to it and I wish that the interface for that was a little faster the one guy in the controller can you quickly with a button like a camera in the living room this week and people yelling 725 South Everest Mateos someone living near me this weekend calm down looks like a pit stop food close to me in terms of my funny British accent Xbox and I left for the English language I'm sure that the problem is you set Yours to English it's okay just an accident on the Kinect on the list please let me know if you can do that because I don't like an American voice command yeah good luck with that one what do you think is going on right now is like Siri and with the Xbox people haven't caught on yet to the voice command etiquette like when you're in a car with somebody or you're in the room with the Xbox and you start to talk to the machine and a person just start talking to you like you like with me. And I send a message to Rolla what do I tell him I'm talking to the machine conversation the constraints Galaxy who is your recital is totally wrong to send you the most when I'm driving in the car and I can just have a button that I can hit it comes on it so just send text messages that way and if she comes back which is the most phonetically translate garbage can you pick up a birthday cake for a Translator translate at lunch can you pick up a birthday cake for a fanatics someplace you can get them the perfect team jersey hat hoodie t-shirt jacket or collectible Wilco stores never have the right sizes never have the best gear and never have exactly the right item you want Fanatics.com has a large assortment of pro and college get anywhere with over 250,000 gift ideas the quarter of a million items in stock every sport every team every player every size every Style no miles no driving around town looking for the right gift this point click Fanatics.com and your holiday shopping is done he's offered to the rooster you get free 3 day shipping with no minimum and the best deals at Fanatics.com to go look for the promo box at checkout enter the code rooster or the great free shipping offer every sport every team Fanatics sports fan shop use code rooster and I even emailed you asking you to get her some stuff there I'm sorry State dead mascot the Cockerel with suppose that's true but I don't know what you talking about what is a rooster Cockerel the fuck is that call roosters what is the previous name for Cockerel maybe your country not ours I just Google what is a cock Gavin on the Applebees have $250,000 but we do have the sweetest Brandon Guitar Center Summer video we did we owe ya Cockerel when you make it to be a man I was going to say that you're older mature Cockerel mascot United the five minutes on the most famous person in the room everyone is looking at me and then you say no we'll do it again when we come out and come to our party when the girls are hanging on don't we guys in Halo Spartan costumes for High 2 combat boots and the big article in the hell did you end up being like six and a half 7 feet tall in that thing and like all the girls was hanging all over and taking photos I was like I know when I get out of here ghosts in a bunch of other people that one before I was going to go back to something that I think we have to go over to talk to my Dead Rising Dead Rising 2 we never talked about Dead Rising 3 Fox one cuz I mean like having like reevaluate myself as a gamer is another problem I'm having is that I can no longer Buy Marketplace I have that account problem let's go to the club buddy what you can't but I can't buy anything I called support they were just like I can't salsa probably just go to support.xbox.com help you and I'm like okay I'll be sure to do that and everything else and I could for the first day and I finally got points off Amazon and it but Dead Rising and I was really just download I could not be happier that game when you get the Blu Ray is probably like 25 to 50 gigs of data to download it let me play at 40% in both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is that I was able to download all the updates instantaneously and I think it's 4 Xbox one no problem 40 minutes is downloading updates failed on both the first time and it wasn't like I was just better than the PS4 2 different controller Pat and whatever had Freeway to the train station in controller that's passé there's no reason to have that and eventually they reached a deal they're like in motion over at Microsoft head lice and we have to keep the technology from them and so he refused to swear that this controller which you could move the controller affect the game but there was no smack my dog always better but then over time they just kind of like a different color and I really can't tell the difference between the difference between used to be like one of those they're just a lot of games you can get on everything with the exception of 20 what kind of force and Kinect honest but it really isn't really set the console apart there's a great feature on the PlayStation that we talked about on the patch which I wish I'd had playing Xbox one this weekend where you can plug headphones into the controller and you have headphones in your controller controller Gavin seim the thing but here you need it and yeah original Xbox that was when the rep from the back your head like that was really uncomfortable NFL for the last time where it's really cold here though so we have the same space heater that list last time we the emergency patients really like the combination of weapons and how you do anything like that when you found you can delete people from it then you combine that with a propane tank and you can switch it so it shoots fire then you can buy it with a knife with liquid nitrogen tank and that makes the elemental staffs like 7 different levels of stuff and every time you press why it switches the thing was based on the traffic lights they lay on the ground and everybody and a machete and then you make up for that with that with fire holy cow you can just walk through crowds with that it's amazing it's a big stuffed bear and you give it to them $0.60 and then you get there and you just set him down and kill him elemental weapons without when you have to hold on why did you place it on the ground Gavin Free presses the wrong button saving Clips you can find them on my upload game DVR was still amazing Pruitt's was the camera on the camera window such a fun day I was trying to build a bigger bomb there's a thing called a big bomb and it looks like I'm a bother you look at the bottom of like a B-17 bomber built that and then I found plans to find a bigger bomb and all the stuff was all around it the problems all the stuff that was around the plans the blueprints was explosive so excited everything I'm real careful what I do and what I don't do I don't want to leave anything behind remember what I meant that's part of what you got the big bomb out gotta print out the big bomb out to make a bigger bum Rehab the bar to that big bomb outside to wait for backup Kampala funny videos really handy feature that yeah and the best thing about that show me the craziest thing you can do that you going to do anything all that when you're done your back in Dead Rising Instagram from the play you can play the game from the clip as well as opposed to before something really quickly you can you can put in there what's available just me in my room I haven't played this game I will put in use features from Kinect like Dead Rising 3 has a lot of voice commands on 4 she doesn't feel like a fool because I bought it and I had to come through my TV start screaming you're crazy making you wait McKinney what you talk about if it doesn't let you do the finishing move ABC calm down to him that it triggers the thing where you can use the combo on it would make him mad and freak out on the spot and I'm surprising did the original Dead Rising 1 having to get the mini chainsaws in the right magazine combinations yet as we got on the bike and I feel like I think every one of them motorcycle no I wasn't sleeping you had your eyes closed I was just looking for attention and I got it you really try to improve the FDA has shut down 23andMe sold them down or they just asked him to stop like do they have any legal basis for doing this right so I was just here last Friday the Food and Drug Administration sent a letter to the most popular personal genomics 23 me ordering the company to stop selling its genetic testing kit according to the company had been advertising that it offered diagnostic information for Horizon human conditions placing them in a category of a medical device and thus within the agency jurisdiction accordingly the FDA has been working with the company since 2009 to get 23andMe testing approved now the FDA has apparently run out of patience with them so that's a bad thing when a government agency runs out of patience with you that means they like dead right the marketed as providing whatever that information was it makes it fall into FDA jurisdiction but I wonder if that was a big reason why a lot of people took it and just focus on like the Heritage and genealogy and I'm making people wait I got some medical tests but it's not invasive in anyway you a little while ago going to happen and it takes about 30 minutes Dead Space strongest most likely I will give you a but you can make you just open your mouth and throw up I guarantee you you will Gavin like 4 or 5 times then I was trying to make pic in your thing and you can't you can't have drink water for like an hour before you do it so if you can't do that to us so it's like blood comes by in the salivary gland Gus I need some stuff to make it what's left in your blood like the salivary glands can pull up that part but based on water the pic of a cheeseburger before school that's about loneliness and taking liquid out right it is nothing for a long time call me turn your transmitters clear up mental fog so that means 2 using games faster mental speed pic Reaction Time increase focus in life increased motivation mental Drive Improvement award recording conversation flow and a boost in Euro and physical health Onnit got a bunch of great other products for your mood immunity energy and even have these protein shakes go to Onnit.com / gaming to check it out I was on there a podcast last week I went I went out to their of their office which is really close to ours and you can I guess if you're in the Austin area they sell product there and you feel like it I'll just go buy you like to be the one to pay for shipping and you live in there you can go by the office and check it out it's really cool dead shirt in the summer probably just really close we got it we had a good office work out what everyone thinks that my Xbox One PS4 Xbox 360 staffs going to malfunction overheat I find people on Twitter saying that when you try to turn off Xbox is saying that you did we were saying that they needed it just in time I didn't miss you yes I'm not sorry but I won't do that again do you have your Xbox One Kinect but you see it was Kinect see if you like the infrared and everything down the middle trying to set up and I was pressing the button Kinect one of them looking at the text color on how far you are so I stop the front the back is infrared Emily's open around me she don't have a tumor no the children play around me I can feel it I can figure out whether it was some glitch in my fingers would like to meet at least about 2 never Gus mascot tonight but you want to hear what you said when we went over to that house and get his house one time when he was like 3 and we went over there and just hang out for a while and then later on I said a few weeks later is like we're heading back over there if you want to go back over to Jeff and I don't want to stand in the hallway and I don't like the angry man who lives in the hallway if you ever feel like Warmness at night with you like a love song the old man was like he was an angry man but not real clown I don't like anyone it hasn't seen a few just on your couch doing nothing only time that they Kinect to see your junk is when you've been changing my TV is on my bed and I just got in my car the next time I'm going to be naked in the one room do you think someone at some point is going to see you what the Kinect sees light from what it does to the room you're seeing that with the doll the doctor with the Xbox one being told in my ear I have not confirmed this yet but apparently there is a Kinect ghost Report website here it is Kinect ghosts so I guess you can you can if you can report it on this in the same room it was a dead tooth head like with her know he was dead what the hell was that through the window what did you do I went to sleep I try to be in bed before the sun went down I want it already had gone down I will climb the ladder with my eyes closed and feel my way into bed and get under the covers and then 3 covers protect you from Gus as long as you believe it would rather be ignorant the find out what it actually was protector like me from she like that bunch of people who are scared of ghosts how does your solution is I'm scared for my life I was like that's why you're scared I can't believe you would be able to fall asleep let me ask you have you have been getting your sleep period where you had to question you about it get a dangerous situation I won't be killed or I've never had a car crash in my sleep so I'm driving I'll be safe yeah but probably would you rather do something about it if it's just a fucking face staring at you I can understand being that scared and then thinking I can fall asleep I'm going to sleep easily get out of my I guess yeah what you just like it wasn't even looking to Glimpse it was some kind of problem a foot and a half away from you to a old piece of glass and yet you were able to go to sleep that's a big deal to you you don't wipe your ass good for 2 weeks pic period natural people armadillo just you have a feeling that if Gavin had lived at like a further point up the evolutionary chain than us like like a million years ago it is like for Cubans Gavin was one of them will be a decidedly different plane than he would have liked Goodyear tires hey watch this delicious search I just raised you but I woke up I had a dream that I woke up from a nap Italy headlight go to my computer and start writing it was born Onnit like I'm in a dream but it seemed like it lasted like 4 hours when I had it and I have to actively try to figure out what made me have this dream and it was two things I think was the PS4 came out and we've been traveling New York and I've been tired Michael posted a picture of Lindsay's wedding dress in a bag and he said I guess I won't get to see this thing to the next 6 months I'm not allowed to see it and it right there and then that night I was watching this game contrast in the game contrast the person who live in the real world and the world and then but you can't be seen by people when you're in the shadow world and vice versa so I had the craziest dream where Lindsay was at a fitting for her wedding gown and she's trying to sleep in the 3 years you know he's looking at yourself and all that stuff and Michael walks in while she's doing that and she freaks out cuz it's not their wedding day and he seen her in the wedding gown but then she determines like to try to talk to him and he can't hear her and see her in her wedding dress at the time but since Russia invaded by Russia and the US government determines that most of the Army is made of unmarried male and so they're like well now Lindsay is our best secret agent from locker room really like a like a ninja and she's fighting the Polish Army like she's at the Beverly karate what did the first the first thing she goes into first battle she goes into the married soldiers see her and like wedding dresses like she barely escaped was a scientist in the government and he's trying to determine a way to make her more powerful than he makes in a scene or he's trying to build a machine that will suck I like magnetically pull off all the married guys wedding ring and if that happens we'll be able to see Lindsay as well and got a better plan and you start parachuting in strippers and the strippers live in the battlefield and the married Guy what's the temperature going around they also just pulling off their wedding and then she gets all the way through karate chopping everybody in the Polish Army gets all the way to the leader of the Polish Army and for whatever reason she can see her okay and fighting and beating the hell out of her and she's like why is this working what's wrong then she finds out that he secretly gay and she doesn't like her wedding dress like he's criticizing like too much too much like crazy Kegel where they are the rules that apply to him and he can see her and she's like the whole time Michael has been upset that Lindsay just disappeared one day when the government he's like completely depressed so he has decided to go through with the wedding anyway he's all torn up and she trying to make it to the church like she's all banged up a scientist and a priest and he's marrying them and or marry Michael 2 nobody at the house with Michael it is going to the valves adjusted can you take Michael to be your lawfully wedded husband and you hear Lindsay voice go I don't know where no I don't take anything like that that's totally totally Alpha Brain dreams brain that was born gay marriage not being legal and what's a trip is another one coming the whole time she's been trying to play The Scientist Matrix 2 just like proper Essay with a Brandon cigar and all that what other word for the Animal Adventure Park Niello mini gun karate chops I don't know why it was probably repressed Cold War memories Eastern Bloc countries I just saw you pull in as I started Wars complete all of that in like 20 seconds probably time you can tell him when 3 months she's been this whole time even if you even if you remember this the same I was too different to different remember the same way you need to lose whatever you're thinking about using different things that you have and you're not the same person when I need to pee and I don't get up because either you're comfy in bed you gotta get up and clean everything off stage get up and pee over and over again in my dream until Ashley Got a Pea not remember icon Eye Care hold on stop it for 10-15 seconds damaging it yeah I know how do you protect your asshole a picture of a dress you just have to be like it directions in pic? Not for the perfect 45 degree angle on your a fucking love how you're sitting there you are the worst posture biggest article about science we had talked about decks I guess you cannot have wonderful conversation the beginning about my period it sounds like you have a good coming out of your dream Lindsay and she doesn't come back gone Luke Roberts a prisoner in prison the movie Taken prisoner or not somebody that's a victory prisons in carbonite prison he was solid love you, night night what if they had a hater I love you Brandon and Chris we just wrapped up with something to actually write a long time ago they just wrapped post-production there so they're all done last episode came out good things about especially in relation to season one I think that if we never meet you I was always afraid that would be like it was really great we had the chance we felt that way for Gauntlet season 1 like we had a big production down in San Marcos where we get it and it was a really different kind of a week and it's like the first time we done anything like that we had a full production crew come out and like most part we were like a bunch of other contestants or director slash producer you know that was my favorite production we're done up to that time because For the First Time Ever we have catering it was like potatoes tribute to slow down time in GTA 5 on the show I was happy to be there with the portal was happy that the team I was on beat them at something because of their communication skills we should publish their scores at RT acts like it specially with the American Revolution everybody because I told him can I get the number to I told him that in mind that at one point his fingers did fall off the keyboard then you just don't 4 the after the move over again and that's why we ended up winning that one because the community because I went through it before the tech team caught it I guess someone complain that their the productivity was weird and I did the same thing when I when I was still on the stage doing the speaker thing with with everyone the relay I was stood up with Miles and Justine and I was waiting for them to step away from the X1 remote control is in between before we start Play the movie Lindsay practice and I could get to the level I can 4 minutes and I got this I found it was much faster I got out of there about the fact that I was the last one for this letter to get knocked out for that by the way if you watch that change hands every station because it was first then they went there and then Barbara was dead last come out of the first one caught up over Michael and Barbara but I actually left for us but he had to get internet in that stage you guys with the handheld ghosts in the last one and she started acting up the score in this game I'm on me and my friends it's like you guys are fun marathons are speed runs whatever is that sometimes people die and then start over again and that's one of the reasons why they go slower like I don't know if anybody did that around but I think it's one thing when we had the end they're saying that we were playing here isn't out yet so that we could have in the Stream you can watch the episodes on YouTube video send the short answer to that is you should watch them wherever it's supposed to be for you to watch them but overall we prefer when people watch on Russia he thought, I mean it's like it that's our site it's more part of our community we need to have a YouTube channel until 3 years ago holiday 1030 holiday 102 December 2nd we will bunch of new stuff coming out including the motocop shirt Gavin wearing all these skate board the skate decks you see understand we have 4 of them but you know Hunter Red vs Blue Ridge season Ruby trucks and wheels are not included with those and also always forget to mention to sign up for our newsletter Everest subscribe to get news information before working out you'll find out you want you got it a week early on our website podcast it will be I will be up for sale will be over so we have that goes directly on Youtube it'll be close we do stuff on receipt before you should I tell her think if there's enough lead time you want to do stuff sometimes you can like wait and you slowly kind of come come back to work on Friday night just to send other up and that's when it comes out you know like I know okay there is a Gavin Free inspired Gauntlet t-shirt printer are they going to take Michael home wanted level 5 stars in GTA 5 in single player and I get every five stars like 3 minutes I think I dropped off the bridge you landed a jet and Amanda posted a picture of it on Twitter that was in the game type the Jets are some motorcycles okay I never played any problems their motorcycles and therefore have to drive downtown and get them and try to shoot them before they get to downtown level 20 something and everyone else turns off is what you're saying just change it why wouldn't you have that anymore like what do they have instead they have the attached offer talk about tonight I want to be great article on the lack of punctuation in text messaging has led to the other period becoming a sign of aggression that have you say are you going to the movie tonight. That's just no but if you right now and put it period it's not what you do is your wife right now no no no it's a period I don't think he'd be like oh it was great article $1 which way to Goodwill which side to put on some music and even figured out because it's like 3 other people go alright preciate appreciate what is the song Patrick website are you going to bottom and James Franco and Seth Rogen meet at 4 reset Rogen parody it's less cringe-worthy than the real one visual effects for this right here to explain to somebody very end looks like a good time do you think you got the wrong because it'll seem like it but it's just the way the song is the song is like super chopped up cause you're watching horses and it's like something else touching in the middle of it I will absolutely watch it now alright let's go for Wednesday and next Monday time for lunch at the mascot at on the internet time for lunch. I saw that on the internet