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RT Discusses Black Friday Fights

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Recorded: 2013-12-03 22:58:02

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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audible audiobooks more than 1,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature fiction non-fiction a periodic Park audible podcast.com party that's audible podcast.com slash RT Podcast huluplus anywhere TV smart phone or text Gus has the remote control had to turn down the volume so I realized it was still on Gavin Barbara Jack I'm sorry mr. Kitty Ward New York Post are first post-wedding appearance by Jack Superman different levels of being married I haven't grown much happier now have you gotten used to calling Katie your life gotten better at it first a little bit tricky I'd be like oh my in my girlfriend how much I love my wife now the Calamity that would be awkward you call her mrs. Jack I don't know we talked before but you actually the officiant at our wedding and so if you marry the two of us can you give a very lovely space that was wonderful and we had a nice picture of you and then until that morning it was like oh I just saw the cold front coming in tonight so we got the brunt of it so it's a little windy the front pretty damn cold but a lot of fun sounding like a course like that afternoon we had a rough time but we had a reception a few days later and Gavin blew it off you did not use a regular New York but anyway my honeymoon honeymoon on Saturday Orlando not one little bit right there I believe it but I really want are doing like that for Christmas gifts the most expensive starting my first day back at work was the first day I can do anything anywhere really the other good news is that disappointing him hours at Universal Studios today have the main way Universal Islands of Adventures open another one what used to be a medieval word that are not and it's not even over their head the job stuff how long until the Harry Potter thing they have and they have like the whole team ride the Spider-Man ride Universal agreement that we talked about still retain the rights to the Fantastic Four movie another one outside let me to in the making a new are they making a reboot of it though I think Sony own Spider-Man black Spider-Man in Avengers movie will never be a crossover the X-Men eventually Human Torch Captain America Johnny Blaze Marvel Studios not Marvel outright so there probably won't be the film side of things not the comics I did I could have sworn Disney bought Marvel that's what I thought I'm being corrected in my ear what would be nice hopefully it's really cold cities in Florida to get the most out of your honeymoon search for the weather is miserable for all I can do is fuck like Knocked Up new Edmonton in the middle of winter and it is the perfect Holiday Beach and Ocean kind of swimmable Lakes the Caribbean kind of an hour and then I would just lie on the beach and I would do anything anything in Puerto Rico point from any Coastline in the country just right in the middle beautiful beaches black England and the North and stuff it's like we don't have beaches and warm weather and stuff so like every time it's beautiful outside and we can go swimming it's amazing I just walk through my friend's backyard and there was water so we don't like everyone it's like choking to death it's beautiful so what's your idea of a vacation in Barbara Beach vacation thing on Final Approach women Park I think Gavin Bluetooth on a beer bottle Travel Channel and like that was a challenge apparently her realize how much she didn't enjoy that so it could be rough so I never think of coaster is really nothing ad Orlando are the simple ones like a roller coaster roller coaster roller coaster at the location in France okay I know that the storm is going to look at the very first Disney roller coaster inversions the first coaster ever flipping coaster death are of inverted coaster some point so some kid died on that roller coaster in 2006 a boy a girl died in 2007 so you're probably like what are the chances of actually dying bungee ride that she's basically like they pull you back in that fights when trapped looking thing people do when they want you down to go the big swing and there's the ones we like Paul you've done and everything around that was pretty cool because you're going up is coming up behind you so it's all it's all catching you can never put toothpaste back in the tube staying at home playing video games together therefore I just want to play video games at home and play Dead Rising 3 like an absolute mess and I'm on the second to last check today chapter 6 yes to date really isn't a big deal out of something you can change your voice dinna understand the middle of 135 I can pic English but it changes my entire Xbox to English which gives the table like Hulu and stuff that you finally get your Playstation fixed in the PS4 came out with my existing Xbox one leader boards for huluplus are you can see how many of your friends have boyfriends 60 minutes to hours are the only people who had rated Netflix movies or are friends who are in a film first got Netflix pic to DVD service offer for the extra money I went to an array to just about everything I could hope you're not recommending stuff that I like and it really was mediocre at best so I was like crap I got rid of cable I'm really happy I was watching I think like one or two shows ever and paying $80 a month are government cable and got rid of it now I keep getting offers from AT&T wanting to sell me cable like more than half an hour comes out you can spend all the money so placing of the switches my Segway Thanksgiving and Hanukkah on the same day this year which I think the first time it's happened and I don't know how long but I'll sign it the last time that it happened was before Thanksgiving celebrated are there was like an official date so it may have happened but there was no recording and the next time like 75000 Years it'll be in the year 79 811 Jesus almost almost 3000 I read an explanation of it and it was so complicated I couldn't really fathom it but I think the gist of it was the Hebrew calendar is lunar base instead of solar based the month typically have 29 or 30 days so as time goes on Thanksgiving and Hanukkah drift further apart from each other yet and unless there's like a reset of Hebrew calendar which happens every so often they are going to set it right Christmas I fell asleep Hanukkah this year FaceTime Apple ad waiting to happen I like fishing there's not an app for that like you get like a internet-connected menorah and you can let your ad you can light the candle so it's like you very much for that using FaceTime already so you have to like hold up on your iPhone or something. Think an iPad because he can't run an Applebee on FaceTime I think you could run video through the app if you want to go and it is from the video family members caterpillars with little flying bugs Harry delivery in the park or something yeah I can device on it Amazon doorstop with ad for yes or FedEx UPS or FedEx tracking package drone to my God damn iPhone get packages I don't know if you watch something like you get location marker are you at this location and I was out like a light how to make it land on glue and see if I can take off fly paper 4611 ad like him Tuesday morning about it is that Amazon is so if there's an even better Google Maps drone actual definition of a drone The Source said 10 mile radius of circle is your question information already fucking said what's the actual definition of a drone aircraft drone delivery Barbara I am from Amazon but you might be unmanned drones but they said that they want to have it up in like 45 years yeah I was watching the video like this like a fan made video right or something I don't understand what happened but it's the future of the delivery wasn't Dominos doing it like Dominos in the exact same thing that would be their name think about this did you see that interactive billboard British Airways the kid playing at the flyover Dominos similar thing Dominos delivery driver that's not any better to strike me traffic for this overlay on the screen blocking user using the volume of in we just like you it takes you three take a break is the future but I'm not going to be in a bar at a time will come over this card refill my drink and drive can you call the Drone going back there 4301 East Campus drunk ass home dump truck person you want to get a tattoo address are trapped with Mom's Night Out trailer 146 drunk driving driving driving driving drunk death of drunk driving drunk I was probably just that one and maybe now she said the other three you can go to learn to put the filter on not let them all out there we are getting to the Future though electric cars technology no this is my contribution to technology in the future by 720 box of magnums to get stuff faster than plain electromagnet we know those things that fights real magnets Man line dance booty work is it a lot of people's feelings come flying out what are you allowed the really old ones are I think oh well that's it so people then console people hanging from drone the closet technology as far as like traveling there still a lot of room there to grow I mean how long ago was it the Wright brothers 1903 100 years are still are primary long-distance traveling I think there's more to it than just someone please go in like 30 minutes and pretty much anywhere on the planet Provo Gavin struggle you cannot move anywhere on the latitude phone number to Hanging to hold onto the rope with the many thousands of miles per hour and then you drop a line and then connected from something coming up but the problem with that is there so much static electricity fishing from the space station really really long real Dental what would you fish for people cuz it's funny air free space because if I go up to the moon rock look like anyway. 20 the Moon Rock 101 cover the Drake Moon dust was on those fish you catch fish from the space station stream fishing I think it would be too heavy to hold anything everything Pro I might be too heavy like the most practically solved and we saw the problem that's the problem I just thought I did goldfish friends like I'ma go to my play with me what would a fish survive in space I don't know if I let me know that's a good question because as long as a human with more than crazy fluctuation in temperature in space how to explode Avenue million apparently like you didn't explode but you'll just hold your breath or something and then your body to the vacuum of space would be very fast processor Interpol ad like a practice run and they told you that if you hold your breath when you're like deep underwater scuba diving your lungs could explode that's card me for life I was like I'm never going to be the last thing you did and we know what scuba stands for something underwater breathing apparatus self-contained underwater breathing apparatus but I was younger I used to think I would want to go scuba diving but then like I started getting older I started thinking more and more about like what you're actually doing yeah I like I'm not going to do that that's crazy contact your breathing underwater console receipt really lost everything to prove your point pressure makes the evaporator think he knows anything transported in a tube longer than 10 meters stuck again gravity 10 meters more book there's water in the top dump things Dominos drink a cup of water on the floor of the top of a skyscraper is it that what you said someone in in the top of the skyscraper are green with You Gavin is right the pressure increases the temperature and the water does boil in a long straw Twitter telling me that I did what was the name of wars and J Bolton thank you guys I will give you $100 to put together a strong and that long and try this experiment straight up you can give him sucking power to get some sucks it sucks I didn't get something like I'm sure all that long where can you buy a straw of that length would you do that realistically change but that you would lose pressure on them when they make straws that make him look just like the ones are 6 inches or whatever it is or do they make like one long tube that is cut it what four stroke and if we have a visitor that works for a strong manufacturing plant please contact us and let us know if we can purchase a 10-meter long strong email Kayla but it's even harder. Come on lines and pain on the outside of the store how high the world right now never going to find a strong enough okay then I think it doesn't work you can we need a solid solid steel 10 meter long straw I'm sure it would kill me something to the back of my throat audible the internet provider of audio books with more than $150,000 titles across all types of literature and future versions of New York Times Best Sellers for listeners audible is offering a free audiobook chapter 1 audiobook to consider is the Godfather narrated by Joe Mantegna for free on book your choice go to audible podcast.com / RT that's audible podcast.com / RT he's a fat Tony The Simpsons in my life he was Joe Montana in the front of Joe Montana outfit the Joker 10 meter long straw how much would it take to fill the entire strong like how much how big would have to be can you put stuff in a test tube it fills up quick bullmastiff math and science podcast what if you use a water hose is that too thick limited fresh water hose and ran water through it for a while just to get it clean what are you doing out of that difference was I think you could normal water hose me now and try to figure out the next make it happen traditional it is the only one console is everyone alright fight each other on the back on the PS4 in the Box but they both said they both survived then we're good so what are you book he'll be fine the date of the end of December 2nd so it's all until next December I'll see you at 1:20 or at the next one is due until one of them breaks okay the first one ever broken machine equipment extremely badly my Xbox 360 has been on since I've had it and I'm doing whatever I do new iPhone IOS 10 lock screen on my phone could you just did you just get the screen fixed on your laptop that I can plug my laptop into what was supposed to the laptop suffocate if I spend a little bit more I get something new that I can then use the desktop as well and I can use my laptop again I never used it either the truck outside of drone taking off to everyone in a building to order that 30 minute thing at the same time what's going on over there but is this something you're looking at going to play I think it's just for the Xbox it says switch the networking switch it's got a bad fan in it okay Google sign says you can't suck more than 9.8 meters or 30 feet also the likelihood of getting it give me as soon as you need a person vacuum to get that high and I don't think you create a perfect vacuum with your mouth what station for the office of receipt I think it's going to be good fire on the beach are for what is parties coming up and all the other for Christmas I'm going to say we had our holiday Christmas sorry come on trapped all ready for Thanksgiving it's Thanksgiving and Christmas Richard Sherman are watch it soon the washers coming I think I got a little delayed so did you mention the UK store is there going to be a UK store and all of those people at are we don't have an exact date yet but people in the UK and I guess the rest of Europe could shop there and get receipt for merchandise for thanks just on the off drone move to America are done with them really well very soon five nights at in Australia without trapped when the Jets have been to a few more than the last room so Michael has an Gavin only one coupon code because a little differently so we set the expiration date it doesn't do at midnight at the end of the night the day before thanks again for another sale so we couldn't use the same like Artie holiday 10 we had to change it so if you're listening and want to use it right now it's Rd Holladay TN 10 until midnight tonight for something I believe it's good right now if you listen to this yakety Gus to take advantage of Black Friday shopping and Cyber Monday and great Thursday and I hate all of that why you have a passion for it on credit and then they end up paying more for it usually the TV's 250 and now it's $100 I have to get it so I'm going to end up spending $100 where is like I know that people behave like fucking animals was it was there any deaths this Black Friday last year take your son's why that shouldn't be a thing like this video I just can't believe people actually I went to Walmart on Thursday like we had Thanksgiving dinner and I went to Walmart to look for like there was a deal on and I will check and see if there was a God I'm able to let me know so we got there and what they do is they put the pallets and stand next to it and then it like that kind of guy I need everyone to her on top of it shopping and I want to stuff like that is nuts but some of the deals are really good on Friday that's in the store Moorhead to keep tweeting at me before the park at 7 over the weekend I can meet at 3 Chicago with a screwdriver for an Xbox one that was on the fucking satire website do you really think you know the former president of Iran and Benjamin Netanyahu got together to decry the Iran nuclear deal which is the next Oregon that fucking website no it didn't happen Black Friday death the first thing that it was fake fucking story but everything on the Internet is real ghost stories old or when not to check for a credible source what city was in somewhere who made up this up I guess it was a check from dinner that the couple had and she forged it and wrote like something about how they're not going to tip you because of your lifestyle choices or something and they left a note if they found out that it was completely fake proof that I was showing the amount they paid which would have been the tip they left included with their build of that night with that time stamp of everything from that check so just shows that you really can't believe everything that everyone was like supporting this girl and sending her money which was like she was sending her money I felt bad for her I get to the waitress that the people the porch $22,000 worth of bitcoin so fucking smart so keep it up and it was like a little bit ago and had a QR code on there and the QR code with a link to his Bitcoin wallet so people like on Reddit founded in Hannibal it was really funny so I started thinking Bitcoin and with the way that anybody can see how much money is in the wallet like once they have that easy transaction 02 $22,000 Coin Dozer The worth roughly about a thousand bucks apiece or anything so I don't know if we have the screen and the back on in the QR code in the Bitcoin logo which of the coin with a bee on it so I don't think about using your computer for data processing problems on your computer Joe's on the podcast last couple weeks when he was on the Park yesterday that hit $600 or more people are becoming a joke for a long time we need to start taking that $50 are you like you computer when it has been at the dump looking through like 3-4 months ago and the guy who works the dump so basically the ad about a foot every month so it's somewhere about 3 or 4 feet under a hold on it so that your wallet is on a hard drive as local as local hard drive is password protected so all your transfers like this folder local folder it's nice to have an actual location that's one of the things they're doing when they're doing it that's why that's why thank God it's amazing pic for a dollar and it was a dollar you can buy in 10 by 10 chunk still online it looks like I have an ad on the only credit credit cards card I don't want through all of them but it's also got it like a Bluetooth I got small Bluetooth chip in it or if it gets too far away from your phone it alerts you that you'd like all you forgot your card and they go back and get it and apparently the only activates if it's within a certain area around your phone so like if someone feels and runs away they will be able to use it as your phone I'm really one for myself and card and your ID and your phone and then all the sudden you like to thank you for the kind you're thinking that you like someone else on the line but it had that card can in no way have to pick up on the desk and then Austin doesn't have the chip readers yet on credit cards book that I don't get it nobody can do anything with it sign of the times Prince he wants a couple months ago I got a phone call from my bank for the prime Air Credit Card and they were what they did you attempt a $1 charge to add money to your Yahoo wallet was like what the fuck is Yahoo wallet no I see you don't know what that is like no dollar charge on your account city of the project charges $1 for the card was about to check the card before like this information I don't know that this is because of the credit card I used to pay for some of are Adobe software cancelled by the bank send me a letter saying that my card number may have been potentially compromising security breach so to be safe they cancelled it and sent me new credit card my office one doesn't work none of my credit cards work Friday everyone my personal card I tried every receipt card I tried my debit card nothing will work at the club but that was about it I'm texting and driving the other day and I had to buy like money on Amazon I didn't know my phone was going are we all be affected by this morning who was in my office card Littlefield you tell me that the same problem with guys want to buy powerstar golf nope can't do it that's okay I got to Amazon going to buy this thing and put it in the Xbox One that's not yours liquid Mac still upsetting we don't we don't have the footage that but next year we'll have it are you people that everybody's been doing that we should just get it we thought that we wouldn't have to can we talk so after the ceremony and everything a bunch of her family was in town so we went to this Korean restaurant by Highland Mall and wait there's a big family meal tons of people lots of food lots of drinks and then you know after a while everyone left and I have been back to the restaurant since then but the other day I went back over this weekend and the the wait staff recognize me and it came up to his knees apparently that night that we had all eaten dinner there they did not run the credit card properly for payment on my loan so that they had forgotten to charge the million there with you in the credit card you were here card it sounds like some made-up should just feel like stack your money so when we went through like the other money have never gotten withdrawn from the account as though it was only because we remember the are we too had asked he looked at me Gus are you in a music video recently I guess you the Barenaked Ladies my baby my baby and I'm assuming you went ahead and paid for it I would have been like your fault nobody's ever think about how crazy technology if I was a little kid and like what would you do like well I'm going to go to the bank first thing Monday morning and find out if we actually got charged or not so I'm like I'm just look it up you don't hit on the waitress pissed off at you and then never come back supposed to be holding a newspaper but we didn't actually have a newspaper can you New York 2013 we were filming The Gauntlet ad a heater so it was like their summer film series oh that's funny your mind if the receipt is brought to you by huluplus you're probably try hulu.com huluplus is so much more with huluplus you can watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere huluplus that you watch 2002 pic TV shows and movies in the living room or on the go with your smartphone or tablet with huluplus you want your favorite TV shows like SNL Jimmy Kimmel Live Shark Tank Scandal watch every episode of shows like lost Law & Order SVU Doctor Who Community Red vs Blue you can also check out exclusive content including Hulu Originals like the wrong mans and behind the mask who's new docu-series that takes you inside the World of Sports mascots which is actually pretty good you also get access to a collection of ad free movies on kids contact Pro the 799 a month that's what current shows BNL favorites or catch a great movie she was many TV shows and movies you want wherever you want right now you can try Hulu Plus for free for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth special offer for listeners picture use Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth to get the extended free trial and so they know we sent you that huluplus.com / Rooster Teeth I feel like I couldn't control my tongue anymore about halfway through that runs behind the mask it's actually pretty good it's like their lives as the mascot in their lives outside of normal people a solution with Evolution cartoon X-Men card new Mac are too but I'm watching cartoons Internet Explorer Jeremiah new gun laws coconut death I have not done any minute that's all right but you have I'm sorry I was right oh my God I love the way your brain works so we're talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday I had an idea the other day I want to Friday Black Friday I was watching the news and all the stories about people getting hurt and I thought I wish there was a website I can go to that had all of the Black Friday fights and the stories about them in one place I could watch them all Black Friday death count website I think Black Friday look it up what is you should put a Black Friday is like it's only once a year the fights in 2013 ideas and then like a great idea I'll never make it really cool I had this idea for a blog when I was in a lot of pretty cool I would get a lot of Swag and stuff like you to go to South by Southwest like crap so I guess you can just post photos of stuff that you got for free like anyone can submit stuff and everything they have these things and take a photo and upload it never came up with that we never finished it we want it was going to be automatically Hardware website spider the web sites and actually do it then we never actually did anything with it no no no no made if you weren't busy if you could have the potential to be 26 million dollars and if everything goes right wouldn't want to hear it if it was like this in the next 10 or 15 years you know wedding think of the accident Paul Walker was in over the weekend but it is unlikely that it wasn't that big it really wasn't damaged in the middle of the car if there's an afterlife you enter the afterlife exactly what you were doing when you left the likes of people like flying speed and see if I'm done with coming into Heaven backwards in a Flaming Lamborghini 20 miles an hour Sean hagwell of people that don't like just being like antagonistic for the sake of being antagonistic million Fortune from what I understand he's going to or coming from what I understand everything about it trapped so I mean there's always things are only halfway through and that's terrifying and scary and Kanye West has a new book Reuters the headline is proud non-reader Kanye West turns author who wrote a 52 page book some pages are blank other Pages just have a few words and the obvious optimistic philosophy on life one two-page section reads life is 5% what happens and 95% how you react another page reads I hate the word hate everybody is likely that book Kanye video which one bound to hell yeah it's bad that music The First Time Trapped in the Closet 1 through 12 the whole thing for my brother how long is somewhere between about probably 5 minutes 8 minutes to take out a lot of people the club inside of the sun then all the sudden. Then all the sudden Orr Kelly shows up in like he's smoking a cigar while watching this stuff happen other people they would have it on the wire like an actual like legit like awesome actor and midget tuberculosis what is the commentary trapped track of the video screen is R.Kelly sitting there looking over his shoulder back at the camera on this thing we didn't think of this the closet out there on the screen he's looking at the closet on the floor Firestone off of the ceiling for no reason I want you here oh my God so good at the closet he still has it but yeah the first the first episode of every episode in the closet watch it it's hilarious I'm sure all the episodes up on YouTube what sound is fantastic the first 12 Edward Kelly recording harmonizing with himself or the way that was one thing that woman still the Dominos Layla anyway you should watch all of those Trapped in the Closet Trapped in the Closet 13 office in barbecue Trapped in the Closet little Sebastian control room crash know there's too many easy jokes that I'm going to leave alone for fear that I might get fired Ashley are accounted would do really well because she's an actress she's an athlete so she has like breathing I'm not so contemptible million coin employees out oh my God Gus how's your sucking power do we need to say so new topics over town so he's one of the Round Rock in any way let my 19 year old grandmother drove to Round Rock from Cedar Park just terrifying but she drives everyday early to mid nineties and she still drives and it's like wow how do you have any reaction time left at all I got what she wanted get on and it's like she can barely walk and then she's driving to Lincoln to murder someone my great-grandmother still raised and slaughtered pigs up until she was like in her mid nineties I think she was like finally like 94 before her family told her to stop slaughtering pigs have been hit like he was super nice to them for the pic all over the floor between what's like what you see with children 2 years old cuz I'm happy I can't imagine being that old and still like being functional being able to move around no I just like to put up with less now than I did before what are the ten times more I don't care about as much stuff as I used to but there's a service like I said it's whatever it happens I would never ever complain about something fight at the pool drinking beer and some kid was jumping in the pool black that I need to keep flasher and throwing their toys that I was and like whenever this when you're acting like there's a whole pool that you can go in swimming or just trying to relax over here so that I can play on that side okay great I would never do that take your time through more than 10 for the moment you got to do it. Open up the air time you got to take a shit search wedding at the bottom of pool but The Rock was everything you thought was a rock have you ever have you ever done it in the shower did you hear from the woman about 2005 ad in the shower and those were fucking liar you're all for it I do I do not pic I wish I was clearly don't share with it with are the Cleveland air show with women cuz in the water than in the little bathtub million women really long hair plucking chest hair the plug from the head Hartwood when I have my card wouldn't I like those are like 400 bucks for like a really good ad 201 but just no sense whatsoever drone in the just a old house with all hardwood and Hardware we had a the top of a number Geoff and Griffon had a Roomba fight with a knife and a shower no because I'm going in the pool Pro Nails I don't know that's what I thought I don't question that your piece I just say what he tells you but I said if we can get some shit I don't know what that is Kanye West Twitter and then again next Monday with another episode of RT Podcast thanks everyone