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RT Discusses 2013 Awards

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Recorded: 2013-12-10 22:56:28

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

podcast scratcher sharis berries and dip strawberries sharis berries grow in 1999 over 40% berries.com click on the microphone and type in the code for the $10 more episode of the podcast website for online store for free live from Austin Texas live Gavin my name Barbara Burnie hello hello shut up about your day is the fifth anniversary of the start of their what podcast Everett was released December 9th 2008 today is December 9th I can start weekly until April next year really well for a long time at the company which was when we talked we talked about making something for a long time but never got to it with a video and record it and then start it and then other people get excited about doing it for the first 6 months to get out short film the one of you playing Graw and then he can put on his recruiter man playing with guys in a different country old enough to get permission from their parents Graw man with and that is what happened to it would be curious to Fox Graw stand for Ghost Recon advanced Warfighter we don't need Warfighter butt what are you the food cook guy WiFi at work recipe sees wife Barbara does Justice old of and maybe they wife no the topic is about five years a podcast early topics we would always talk about Gavin was privacy issues and how Gavin was every bit of his life online UK there cameras on every block almost felt really safe walking alone in the dark 2 the cameras everywhere no one is going to come and stop me cuz I'll be home 3 no statistically time I don't do anything to him you know that the crimes have been done in areas where they roll out camera system here in the US we don't have them it has no impact on car is it true that people are aware of them after a while people just don't give a fuck and there's nobody cares nobody watching them NBA and you're still Fox Elysium question and you can totally take a pass on this if you want to believe in the death penalty no you don't like life in prison for crime I don't know if it's a discouraged I feel like life is way harder than the death penalty because it's a long time probably case anymore I don't know if the people committing the crime if you with that way if they have that people thought process about it like that to them maybe death is the ultimate punishment but I don't know the hardest part about the death penalty would be your date on the calendar dentist appointment and the idea of like I'm getting close to the January 15th 2018 or something like that on the calendar coming towards you that would be into it dating does not think this is the date your coming a genetically absolutely proven with a 99.9% accuracy you will die on this day would you want to know the dates 2016 for the show to time it just right Gus wife don't think you would want another date yeah I guess they would only have one chance to know it or not no one I'd rather no it is very Reckless app to tell people what they doing today will you be awake later when am I going to die and I feel like today genetic therapy and genetic technology I really think we're going to really be discouraged by how much of our life is actually predetermined by our genetics as well as we discovered with is going to be like some people no matter how much they work out they were going to continue providing the service no longer provide health information and they also say you're from Australia you have heart cancer for somebody heart cancer what you trying to say Decode by saying you're from places that you know I need to Country what would they do that to get around it I think they're working to try to establish so that I can begin providing this information again in the future a bunch of genetic data gathered as much personal information as they can possibly get it which worries me the Android flashlight app and it was determined that the flashlight in for Select Medical gross stuff from umbilical poop when both my kids were born there wasn't dollars to get themselves with their umbilical cord blood and they would store that I've been to your house in like 1990 6 or 7 the house and no food in the house bound the time I just like looking back is like everywhere instead of having pork what do you think the name WiFi comes from wireless fidelity it was things that WiFi devices had to be certified with certain levels of wireless fidelity to be used so it wireless fidelity just became synonymous with wireless device for this I don't know sorry I gave you the correct answer WiFi the one telling you what the wireless fidelity is called the city because of High Fidelity WiFi is called WiFi because I said that because I just short 2 hi-fi 255 cat short a November 8th 2005 WiFi doesn't seem for wireless fidelity is a pun on Wi-Fi and wireless fidelity does it mean anything in new Response Road in 2 say that the wifi a loan Alliance say different I disagreed and still argue that the litmus test for their given article WiFi is likely be informed whether it takes pains to other than sit on his face WiFi short for wireless fidelity proof of this principle can be found in Westchester is boilerplate justification for the meeting done and I open WiFi legislation proposal WiFi wife WiFi doesn't say anything it's not an acronym there is no meaning WiFi and brand logo were invented by interbrand we the founding members the wireless ethernet compatibility Alliance hired into brain to come up with a name and logo that we can use for our sales and marketing efforts no it doesn't mean anything does and flashlight Android app popular Android flashlight app has been through typically 1st super say hi say that I don't say that word flashlight which has been to both users by both sharing location data and device identification information with third parties including advertising networks before they had a chance when do you turn on the light when you lost them when you need a light bulb companies app to know when to sell light bulbs when people do something in the woods specific locations of people's wallet the house because usually at night and you're trying to the bathroom or something can you smoke detector by Nest has going to have a built-in night light that detects all your lights are off and it's moving around the room for you perhaps but I just screamed Amazon Xbox when you walk up the Kinect surreptitiously I don't like you could use some say we have a picture of that smoke detector shoe store inside of control but I have no air filter he's going to think of my life I didn't know for the podcast started Bernie Sanders cardboard roll inside of a roll of toilet paper okay measuring current with and it seemed ridiculous to me if you can butt up and Gavin sorry could you talk your way out of this spy stuff in your flaccid penis down it and then getting a logo on it so if you could Barbara at your for anything ever ever do that it would be disappointing if he likes your boobs when you're when you're in a sports bra do you do that you put on it and then and then I will be sitting inside butt and son what was the point of this is it because a girl doesn't like it if it's more than this Barbara Eden measurements does one way or the other eli5 no eli5 Lakeway wife won't go through one fucking wall in my house I would really love to know and that was one that I men everything I can get my bedroom doesn't work he has a terrible phone so we can actually use the hotspot free 12 and I never had to get Hotel internet as a result a great man I was flying to LA and I wanted to download a movie on my iPad but I forgot like I had to leave for the airport so I had my iPad connect to Wi-Fi to my phone not find my downloaded stuff on the movie my phone with Gravity movie and send it to my iPad while I was just women as you're boarding the plane what you think I think so you want to sign into Google I know that you're the one would you like better the world I did not send this is the end with Seth Rogen World's End what China time is there also a Jaden Smith movie called outworlder after does the Pirates of the Caribbean movie called and I think Dennis air filter eyes I feel like I'm keeping with podcast Traditions I think it's time to talk about potential nominees for this year podcast Awards since we have a gaming podcast we're going to break out all of the gaming Awards and who for the patch if you don't watch for the smog check it out we're going to talk about it there butt 12 so we're not going to talk about the the not giving related words here which are movie of the year TV show the movie of the year TV show of the year and Aaron of video the internet the intro to the animated recap that was not scripted you and I do it in that little of everything steel animated recap and then just going to do the rest later on it was more more that Exedra Exedra Exedra exedra waiting on my life and everything here sharis berries that's where that number came from years holiday food and an extra special holiday treat friends family business associates everyone you know send giant dipped strawberries from sharis berries for only 1999 that's over 40% savings goat of berries.com click on the microphone and type in teeth for listeners you can double the berries for just $10 more than double the berries for just $10 more so we have some examples a bunch but I like dark chocolate and milk chocolate right now especially if you call 862 02302 and berries berries click on the microphone at the top right corner and type in teeth teeth of the offer you got to try it for yourself they're really good we have a few here in the office you were really fighting over and trying to eat them cat in the car Amazon 3 Fancy with her Strawberries dipped in chocolate you never know what people a year later Senator Keating app I don't like it send me the what does 8 of them in one sitting Barbara you got to keep the conversation going to take a lot so I'm watching Gavin that you apparently cannot devote more time to go what was coming out I said Jesus chiwetel a drink as good as good every time you animated aesthetic clothes almost made it compilation of all the times I feel bad that I didn't do anything I just drink too the best TV show that video that I forgot about a lot of videos a lot of time movies that came out this year that listed as potential candidates a year 2013 for movies this year of Life major internet a major franchise big thing I went to the year like the summer if you were going to put out a really big movie did for the new year to do it to do it but I don't 3 Man of Steel gravity World War Z Star Trek Into Darkness Pacific Rim Hangover 3 Great Gatsby Bad Grandpa Movie 2 American Hustle or Wolf of Wall Street I have seen Wolf of Wallstreet and Hobbit 2 however they were both app button on my phone. I will be careful not to fall into the Wolf of Wall Street is probably my pick for best movie the year it would be on my list along with that gravity was really good and definitely delivered on smog the dragon the dragon is inside llewelyn Davis 47 Ronin The Secret Life of Walter Mitty so there's a lot of movies Talking Ben Stiller's midlife crisis movie but some of the visual effects in iMovie look incredible I know I read that story when I was in Middle School but I can't remember anything about it up again I think it's a short story what I seen so far my favorite movie person I think I seen this years gravity but I really want to see American Hustle or Wolf of Wall Street and you still have not seen my last years is really cool Mac scale RC over here that Brandon's reminding us about a 12 Years a Slave the Gear 2 watch the movie what is and I don't Brad Pitt in it for a bit I don't know delete it though free black man who's living in the North portable toilets album coming out pretty soon bad time promoting their movie right on the time he what did he attack me no of serenity let me look him up no other gun Firefly what is on order so yeah she did like but he didn't Star Trek Into Darkness Iron Man 3 After Earth Man of Steel Pacific Rim and Elysium and Enders Game like any one of those movies they're like the biggest movie the year but they all just like 10 Elysium Man of Steel movie Gravity movie what we talked about it before and if you for the podcast I talked about catching fire is being like perfect number 2 movie and it is cool but ultimately I would like to watch a stand-alone encapsulated story like Game of Thrones I think it's fantastic exception what's wrong with no country men it wraps up the story of the protagonist I think Gavin think it's open-ended of the antagonist what we talking about you don't and if you come with the antagonism meaning the protagonist the main character of No Country for five or six years ago I identify Anton sugar as the main character in the movie The Bad Guy I mean Hobbit 2 is definitely a very middle movie I would imagine they took one book how many pages in the book and probably incredible is in 24 frames 2 I believe I thought he did that or anything 4081 the year but didn't came out this year and it was only like half a billion dollars this one just wasn't years in Ender's Game with a bunch of movies this year that came out that should have been huge baby is a slave bad remembering or maybe we're just getting too picky I went through I want to listen to movies we never talked about it and a lot of it didn't stick that was everything dbox can you go to sit in the seat and when the likes of having his penis removed so fucking give me Stormtroopers in Star Tours in Disney World not so Fox expecting loose outside with them right now like a Mexican Mall the idea popped up this morning and I can get to like set a ticket to get out of everything else for the rest of the day not just an inconvenience to me I need I'll feel better when I'm bound to it will break if you can be okay I'm like I'm down for the count even more scared about the times you can close on the podcast cat say I don't know I mean I went in with no expectations and I really really enjoyed it but I couldn't see you know in good conscience you think that and just manual controls for driving in for what I have what was in the brain is another hello there was a red brother Reddit Iron Giant what would happen if I drive up here in the Pacific Rim universe I was trying to fight they will kill you if anybody beginning loose here women fighting and it was also a movie that we talked about a lot of which was a horror film called Mama with a Smoking Gun will come up with official nomination next week this is just to get the process started so we can start writing stuff down and trying to find a movie what I think is particular relevant to our audience to the a a sci-fi movie directed by Neill blomkamp who was at one point the dude who is going to direct the Halo movie and directed District 9 and directed District 9 said that means said it was cool to see Justice done and so I can see how what he would have done with the hello a week then you can go watch Elysium and actually see the Halo movie because a ring world where all the rich people live in orbit around Earth if you have a ring in space can you stand on the inside of the Ring problems like that everyone from Every Other part of the sphere from Gravity 1st wrecking say your mass you have no gravity because you have a draw from everywhere in a bowl and put in the middle of the pool you shave the edges off Ustick otherwise everything actually garage surgery and they put into his body and the attitude and then he can deal with that yeah tonight yeah he was like in Bad Boys 2 I don't know what you think I was 2013 Breakaway you guys go out since you said I took all of it until Swift without Orange is the New Black orange new black is on Netflix Netflix original North Orange the new does that really work exclusively for now but I think that that's 2 this is a category that's going to evolve and change the format without internet video 2 you know we don't Define movies a theatrical release movies with a movie right and I need to find a television television television we do people do to the internet Key & Peele and girls because I feel like this was really I thought he was really good this season I feel like it really step it up okay man I mean I don't know that I would either but I don't know what was man yet a third last episode the one with the phone in the knife and everything in that I was going to put on there that I watch the TV show called Sherlock and it's just about the next month 12 Years A running television shows Tilda Swinton I'm just getting caught up in that and we talked about of Parks and Recreation for everyone joke with after that I want to buy a whole bunch of the shirt to start wearing them Amazon erotic fashion she like and we do The Big Bang Theory 40 million number one show in America and people always if a girl admit to me that she liked Big Bang Theory she's less attractive to me I'm not even kidding it would be a big day the ball drop Two and a Half Men time butt and everything in between everything by the way you think I really don't like that every time it's really fun sweet and everything like Live Comedy performances comedy specials a recording completely jumper the last and those too if you go to one of those most comedians are like Mariani comedy special here in Austin come out I stole Jimmy car attack a and sees much and live there Old English comedian and every single performance I saw was the DVD I'm on the case he's really funny and he came out and grabbed one of the cameras Which Wich head of your brother wife where is what it would be like if you took your own head up your own butt fart that your head that comes out your mouth no you're sick and head comes out of your George's real name I just haven't had time I'm going to run to remind everyone that this episode of Squarespace big thanks to Squarespace for supporting Rooster Teeth Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your professional website portfolio or online store Squarespace been around for nine years and their custom proving their platform with new features new designs even better support Squarespace e-commerce ready to provide a powerful the flexible eCommerce Solutions and set up shop and sell things quickly what they need a simple website solution or developer and you want to get into the code there's so much and customers with Squarespace Squarespace starts at just $8 a month you don't need a credit card to start building your website when you decide to sign up for cook Gavin rocks apparently every other a fur coat in the universe was exhausted this was the last possible the offer code Gavin rocks you get 10% off and show your support for Rooster Teeth that's Squarespace.com offer code Gavin rocks we think Squarespace for their continued support longtime Advertiser got a great product you want to make a website check it out I don't need a website right now but I'm absolutely going to sign up what does like website hate my favorite thing that held up the first tell us what you're on about and it's right we'll 1st the original head and you lose it right there okay I said brain in the clip of did you do this is getting ready for the camera Asbury say we would say he came out and we like this let me take a and real life and they pulled the camera out and he was getting was going to be all over that right Almost Human I would say you definitely watch it it's like Jimmy just feels like a lot of big budget TV shows they try to make it as powerful as anything else like of like Minority Report automata that short series they did what you did to police officers were the ones a robot and the other ones like the detective it's like whatever would human the future 2048 and control human with an Android partner in combat different kind first Star Trek movie yeah you did you wouldn't oh yeah the cop and his partner was a robot and it was like when I was like hello how are you and looking Wheels a friend is over time become a much better show like it was kind of like a run-of-the-mill it was of the most popular shows in America if not the most popular and it was okay it was okay, but over time it's because people realized it was actually really well I want to log when it was starting to like such clever joke they were very clever jokes and that was my favor a $20 in cash 6 people there were like a couple people over just like unbelievably stand out there that you like and it was such a great character and so well before I would bet with my money as well as since friends ended in 2014 years ago 2004 it's been on TV every single day since then I believe it Man of the Year for 15 years I remember 9898 not that I know of nothing famous and being able to see the guy who came up with about and the iconic sound of the TARDIS he was like yeah I was South Carolina no but yeah I got my house key and scraped up and down the street on the right when you go in the Disney movie Frozen I'm still watching it I couldn't see the screen I totally thought you were watching The Gauntlet no we do not nominate her own videos for internet video the year because we want to be objective about it so the gauntlet is out of the running it would be the listener and of you or we don't know men in a Roman shade shelter 3 what we have hopefully a definitive list of funny and insightful definitely do does have to be funny I have someone here that are not fun I say when I want to play with that Corridor Digital postal gun video good I like that everybody. Car company makes every way sorry everybody for making a movie about preparing yourself for fun internet videos I've got on my list Samesies and this will all be in the link dump and you can check it out mr. potato their first music videos ever seen a really fun also have the car chase outside the guy's house was like filming the TV in this a car chase when you sent me the other day the Nigerian cook who survived the Shipwreck Egyptian cats eyes is this the rescued in their school but we have here he was in the ship 3 days underwater told and why would you think you would like it if we try 2 orange monkey eagle women take a dump and then swing back foot around the desert in time short anchor inside the ship in it it tipped over and fuck you think and where you are in the middle of the ship filled with water you don't need to prove anything 23andMe story I couldn't imagine the horror that I went through I hope he's okay I can't a follow-up time with the family I don't know wife alert awake for a day how are you he really happened to the scuba divers perspective it seems like a handful I just move out of the way his hand butt grabs the divers down become positive out of the water with wife W scary dreams because there's no light for 2 days are you going to probably see that light through the water coming and getting brighter and slowly you're like what the fuck is that in a lot of ways it would be like if he's probably really cold but other than that it would be like that's sensory deprivation tank float in water salt water and then there's no sound or goat because when you deprive yourself of every kind of sense or any kind of sensory input your brain what the most mundane freaky dream the other day I dreamt that I was laying in bed and my eyes were closed and I thought my alarms about to go off I'm going to have to wake up any minute now I wonder what time it is and I open my eyes and I was dreaming that I was laying in bed with my eyes closed Taylor I keep having dreams it's annoying me I keep having dreams what the main character watching something almost and I'll just be like a camera film watching a movie dream but I'm not even in it stuff that happens to other people and it's different I know this does say that last night I had a dream that I was getting a sneak peek at the new season of Game of Thrones in the visual effects were done and then like his to them being like a cat person watching Jon Snow it was you all this stuff happened to him anyway really weird feeling I was like I'm not even I'm not even getting to dream about me so fast and you're very thorough with your description otherwise you write things like I'm totally going around with some friends and it makes no sense later but I try to remember it like I try to remember stuff and I thought what straighten out your hand when it comes to crashes that would be great and I don't know how they would do that but some researchers have found a way to get memory imprints off of a cat like they do a brain scan on the cat and then they couldn't what the cat with sees oh yeah I have a camera for the cat a little GoPro camera so I have rt life women outside he disappeared is 30 degrees freezing temperatures and where the fuck is and I want to track where he goes so if I need to find him I can go to work usually hanging no I don't like real time to get them right now and it was so I could that I got from an animal shelter call Seamus evil he was he would fight anything but she would actively seek out and fight raccoons and one time I remember he was on the roof I was watching him he was on the roof in Jeff's house a car was driving down the street he jumped off the fucking roof a car chase in the car anything close to a dog just killed it the modern the back like tell me pixelated images rebuild what what is a good connection is it hard to believe it it's video from the cat picture of the cat in between that machine just put caption that says kill me and then we started just going to find an iPad how is it connected to the cat I don't think it's like Catskill Burnie Burns internet video of the Year obviously that doesn't qualify because I've seen that one before we stopped off at Nigerian cook survives shipwreck man sees his wife for the first time again no surgery just coming out of the and you hear she's beautiful I know you we kissed BatDad Vine compilation got to have that on there wrecking ball Chatroulette version Wrecking Ball I recognize that guy is funny but it does mean that someone having someone being funny and just having a dick is the difference here is whether or not you like it and I just I don't identify with humor like cross-dressing video Chatroulette I don't understand how he hung from the ceiling in living room yeah a lot of people the Grand Hotel hello ladies you do want to remind me when I don't even watch it it's hard to watch. I like it but it's hard the lady talking loose women Amazon Prime air which is not a funny video but it's definitely what the fuck am I looking at video what does the fox say videos huge video and also bad motherfucker the official music video what you and I had shared earlier this year what would absolutely have bound it might make the list of things I don't think I would look for it what you think they are there any videos I missed on the list that you got one of my favorites of the year which brain and play it right and get to the video that I sent you right now I can watch them video set a time later this week and there's a Taylor Swift goat video ratio let me remind you of two videos that I loved in the past one was the guy who argue politics with the goat in Portuguese my head back and scratches on butt scratcher like that have you considered doing Vine of the year shut up Cat Compilation if you could nominate one of our video video yeah we does nominate your face your face on the one of those are the men how to prevent Surgeon Simulator do you have any funny stuff that takes place on a pad make animated let's play where you really funny like you lean back too far and then fell over and then Michael was going what was wrong with you guys doing back in your head butt Michael Wright and immediately it was so funny they're just so many video know if I could pick one it probably still probably animated Adventure bad I can always remember when Game of Thrones start of this year because we were in Atlanta filming immersion it was the end of March 4th after driving New York to Boston Curacao I want to catch up let me check my schedule I'm going to England next weekend this weekend calendar months have 30 days we have a calendar correction to try to try to make it back up with work and did not have a correction to Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will not line up again until like the year 79880 so there was some other things outside that we're done we'll come up with a fan dominations for all categories next week this is just a starting point for talking with some other stories that came out but I want to talk about today but there were two stories out of China which has become like a bad for weird things happening the first was obviously they have a huge smog problems with pictures on Reddit really bad air quality standards and newspaper and China story talking about how it was beneficial because it was trying to invade Chinese missile guidance systems yeah I was a crazy story for today was that 38 year old man was out shopping with his girlfriend may be shopping for 5 hours at a mall and she wanted to go home she want to keep shopping and he said that they should stop started berating him telling him he was a cheapskate that he was ruining Christmas so he threw all of his bags down and jumped off the seventh story of the mall onto the floor where we are NBA China one child policy the start you set up no no I know when did they start it so it's like the generation that the live now part of that one child because I was a kid so I would seem like anybody from like 10 to 50 grew up under that policy I would assume so yeah I know they are easing up a little bit but what they did I think over time was issued towards mailbox is that the Chinese favorite male birth and still more pressure on Chinese males normally how to make their girlfriend happy or to make your wife started in 79 started in 79 I'm going to look up I want to say there's for more men than women in China I should have the China hutch 4 million dudes that will just statistically can't get away so it looks like it's just try to look at the correct 1.2 to 1 ratio of 1 to 20% of all the men who can do we the people the people are involved can do each other men and women thank you brother I'm obviously there's a chance that you don't control and women from of the country entire population of the way from somebody like what you saying you know he's like oh you know you would make some more effective evolution make sure more effective than anything the females are the best and strongest how many women World Time offer in childhood fighting to the death that's what does the left women say I like the natural selection of specimens being selected as a result of human evolution reasons why a woman would pick a man in human society Bright House a woman can marry the dude with the biggest forehead or something Lakehead busted for crack it open werewolf article a from animal sources there's some animals that can see ultraviolet and all that right why wouldn't you could develop where you can see ultraviolet cheese recipe car sputter more like animals computer across a broader Spectrum why wouldn't human just have that too like why wouldn't we can talk about this is a filter on your what you can get it removed and I don't have that filter what would that be of benefit to having a higher range of hearing just be benefits we would just end up with that what's the efficiency of having a more limited hearing range but I figured that it was you involved with that range for a reason we just don't know what that reason is but you don't need it it's like when ladies Superman 2000 Superman without Superman 13 I think General Zod lands on Earth because even if he starting at 2 fucking movie is so stupid why would the kryptonians want to terraform Earth and make it like Krypton and when they found a planet with her also for being and it would be uncomfortable for a few years RenWeb gravity was like normal stuff I have to deal with that you're the one that can fly and jump buildings and everything else she wanted to make more land the movie not a superhero battle aliens attacking her at no point is he's Superman in a traditional sense like saving the day rescuing people from just everyday things you can do that one but he's a kid he kind of does he saves the bus of people during the fight break down every time I was thinking that's why I said that I should probably apologize to someone about the damage and off to the fights down a UAV and the guy goes wow that was like 18 million dollars he just damaged and one more thing I does it the whole place is crawling with everyone and everything this big dude throws Superman through Supermarket then he goes to the back of the supermarket through a fuckin train goes to the train ends up in a bank and goes into the Vault that's one shot two goat you like 3 different say and then it rained just for the truck the Mayhem it's worth watching the walkie I will watch that they should have marketed that was really impressive stuff like when he realized well it's better than any other female she gets in a fight with some human and she's like between them punching them. But I like that they didn't do the thing where they slow everyone else down and he's moving at normal speed no I wasn't done talking to him as my favorite superhero but he's pretty like a crappy day but I like to know about that story usually say human civilization more specifically United Kingdom where it's actually has you can get directions to 3 people in Europe will have reduced shipping times since if you order from that region everything be shipped out from the UK brother