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RT Discusses Our Worst Pain

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Recorded: 2013-12-17 22:59:41

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Transcript (in progress):

pick up the receipt podcast is brought to you by Google huluplus what you been of his Showtime anywhere on your TV smartphone or tablet huluplus com what is metaphor what Silver Surfer open table topper to talk about it right now you're talking about that was Greg Benson Mediocre Films cell phone in a airport prank right you want to show it since we obviously had the podcast with that to worry about it so it's a prank and I'm cell phones in the airport phone conversation are you talking to me you know I'm on the phone okay just what 5 cell phone prank video contest and one was ever made a little bit of that one in that they would be in a grocery store in Iowa somebody and that person would be shopping and if I'm going to look at it. Somebody to take you out sometime what a good-looking guy like I still the one one of the boys over to me and it's behind me I can't see what he's doing and I heard him talking and I was talking to him I'm on the phone with my wife what do you want for dinner and stuff like that the guys in that store just trashing the place the way I saw one of the guys take a gallon of milk and then they flop like hardcore just like prank fall and smash the gallon of milk on the supermarket floor and it's like it really scares me I feel like smashing his head or something to try to help him up when he's like flopping around so I did all that stuff pretty funny I hate this I can't wait to see if they will fax it wouldn't have this problem gallon soap how to dream that I was walking my little dog Oswald my little dog and it was the morning and I had like my hoodie on and like I just got out of bed I was walking in the front yard and I looked at my next door neighbor is great when was greatly next door and then what everyone doing over here like in my neighborhood like I like 2 years so then I kept walking my dog down the street and then my next neighbor over is Mack Brown what background is the UC football coach and it was like the night he denounces resignation so maybe I've been thinking about him and Mack Brown had like this big Labrador dog and like the labrador comes out it starts like licking my dog and I look down at my dog is a candy cane you don't like my dog likes to go to his house like this aerosol spray can you start spring the candy shaped like a fuse the pieces back together it like the little rounded part falls off and I start freaking out like my dog's face face face don't what to do when you know that it changed you like all the equivalent of the dog's face and you actually think that it was your dog in that phone it was my dog FDA was like really free what the fuck is wrong with 3 minutes it completely changes like people in it change change to somebody else and the setting changes in your brain that makes no sense whatsoever it was Meg Turney and she was visiting her office and she was all of us to build her the only one who's like why are we doing this til the night this is the only dream I remember from the last week in my dream I had a wet dream and I was like I gotta change my feet but I fell asleep on it and I was in the morning it was the blood mattress what us when you woke up from a wet dream to being covered in blood in his drink the whole thing together was in my dream in my mind in my dream with blood soap what was the effect of first Gavin is having a dream that you needed for original Gavin is having a dream about Jack and Gavin have a dream about being third Gavin Gavin has a dream about having a dream then wakes up that's sexy Gavin riginal Gavin is having a wet dream Tremont Gavin so many times I feel like everybody wall Gavin til I die what is of that hit his head when somebody falls ever hurt yourself we went 2 years ago for 536 hour long paintball game all day and all night in the middle of the woods in the dark protoss carrier showed up it was like a bunch of dudes you like talk to you later cover and I hit my shoulder on the ground and I guess I have torn tendons in my shoulder and I couldn't move my right arm for life Century department store some women I guess it slipped into reverse and you know that like sound a car makes when it's going to take me to 1529 in 1997 it turned into a different store to change its name from Wolf Wars 2 Foot Locker that's what Foot Locker in 2001 to the present Foot Locker just before that shut the fuck up Gus foot Foot Locker was founded in 1974 Wikipedia get your fucking shit together and it's called the successor Corporation to the FW Woolworth Corporation Woolworth is now Foot Locker that's all I'm saying maybe Footlocker division of wall around them that in the 1997 hold me when that happened I mean when I was 15 on a 2003 what year were Street cuz I was always a guard so it I was getting rid of the stuff in Vault the tents you hit your fingers is dead on it's horrible I think the worst was probably my ring finger it just kind of bent the other way it's not supposed to be where we worked and I gave her a very very short if we were prior to this basketball goal in the parking lot we play basketball sometimes I'm break or after work and we'll go over there but I don't even know her like 9 months and I have the worst pain I've ever been in my life what it was like like move it or bend it and it is likely to have your thumb hurt and one time I was reaching into the laundry machine to get out my laundry to put in the dryer and I have to spend all that comes up the middle and cut my thumb and it back it hurts so bad it brought me to my knees in my parents at the time but the longest the most pain from running and I twisted my ankle went the other way how did you manage on the floor every time you continually every every time we have a lot of people who work here to do that certain people certain people not sitting next to you in public because they will not stop fucking moving there in 2800 give me to the shop direct group but Woolworth the most boring conversation ever absolutely never talked about it so I think it was talking about this new life that's going on in South Korea where are you get a lot of people like to live stream video games of shit like that but I guess over there right now is people live streaming quality eat and prepare like Giants parade the food and will just sit there for a couple of hours I eat all of it so that was like really like sexy there and talking to scribe the food that they eat foot callus actually say that this doesn't make any sense but how many of the most popular YouTube channels are just someone looking into camera gone hey guys so today I was at the store and it anymore and I was like really but anyway let me know what you think about the comments below people like in in a lot of cultures food the way the people primarily connect yet. Don't like prepare some of the food and eat it and describe it and just like talk about food for an hour or two watching it in Seoul Korea South Korea internet you got that I live across of food and I in it and you would get so many views you could do they have like microtransactions people can like to send them money to buy more food article interview between $3,000 a month for that description Twitter tweeting it's supposed to make you something crazy and having a group of people eat it that nobody knows what food is going to Harley's beard I would not be surprised that say you suck in Mexican endoskeleton the bearded cell of capillaries break break Steve's to it must be uncomfortable with him in the desert must have been on video when you and I went to the film to be part of that thing that was a lot of fun you guys are awesome ringtone by the RV from Breaking Bad and then the tree phone I didn't take it down the back part of that trailer not to the rear of it but like opposite from the camera now here we have it looks rough ahead show up just like Gavin backyard in the UK and I was talking to Gavin in his backyard in the middle of the California desert where you're doing that like awesome double kick in the air when the explosions Like Richard to 30203 goes with a explosion in the rest without canisters and there's a big debate how many canisters to use and they said to go to and there was more than enough this is the first time I've been running the Fenton running back and forth dinner in New York sexy straight allies do that why don't you want to come in the middle of everything I still got it the population Breaking Bad Audible and then I believe was all shot in New Mexican Mexican I don't know I don't think she has 200,000 Woolworth phone to go to the soda jerk nobody first store in 1924 is on Pitt Street in Sydney 24200 Woolworth Australia will operate 2013 Mountain Dew is bright yellow apparently you're going to get that debated whether something is yellow or green when it's yellowish green and it's a never-ending thing but the drink itself is not good because to me it was an option the main icon colors in Battlefield is like shade of blue in the orange different shades of blue that means nothing to the conversation but they do go cool yeah I'll see what time I never listen to the podcast audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books and more than 150,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature and featuring audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service what are you consider is Mockingjay the final book of The Hunger Games for free audiobook your choice go to audible.com / RoosterTeeth Let's audible. Com / RoosterTeeth so yeah definitely check it out great service we talk about it all the time you get a free book and you're stupid you need to read a book so no going out of YouTube Catching Fire the second book in The Hunger Games I'm sorry I didn't mean to you want to bring everything down this movie theater people love it we talked about it last time when I talked about how typical sexy movie where it's not a complete story onto itself but it sets up another story but you would have been with a lot of movies and trilogies you just talked to lots of people if she have a tooth that's one of the things that people like that I don't talk about it many people don't like the things that just took me right soap for fleas in the home not the only person I've heard complain about that it's meant to be the title is so good to me but it's amazing and it's like you can't really crispy dough pronunciation RED Epic RED Epic which is the red one is the big one that we had forever to do anything of the guys does a high shot in the rewind video where they're going to the top of Gavin RV and that was a lie you probably have seen him at Brookstone they have these bass cover crashing on iPad but this one had like eight props and it was big enough to hoist an epic which I think is right I think what's the weight on a barebones set up stabilization that it was probably over my head Tyranitar the obvious way this weekend so I guess we should get to our award Woolworth movies and stuff Mockingjay for audible there are suggestions to talk about like people on Twitter and have a great me after the podcast the big thing is when people talk to me in real time when they're watching it 3 weeks ago Peabody Sherman how trilogies that went trilogies are made his fascination with trilogies and when the first story comes out of 2 complete story and then when the second one comes out it's because the first one success with another three movies to the second always into being in complete story just to set up the third one even really good ones like Empire Strikes Back Hobbit 2 switch with one push button for movie The Hunger Games Catching Fire and every one of them it's a movie or a book it's an incomplete story that is aggravating you story in itself but then there's a cliffhanger at the end what does it the end I'm happy with the way the movie started and ended but there's just something happens at the end of Catching Fire there's a line where they say something to somebody and it implies that other thing that's been going on and I want to see that movie that sounds more interesting than the movie that I just watched or of the thrones first-person present tense how could you read an entire book like that like I'm drawing my bow I'm firing it's like I can't even imagine how that would last for 300 page I didn't say I don't know he said The Catching Fire is written in first-person present I'll do it I'm doing it now isn't it so weird I would have thought of say I love to listen to that cell first-person present tense so weird it sounds weird when he's like I just need to talk to you in real time for them the other week after the podcast was like oh by the way I'm totally down with it people peeing in the shower Skrillex First of all 50 steps to writing our people are totally phone antibiotic soap products to stand for that and make sure that come to it and that products are properly labeled probably stop of using antibiotic using them incorrectly what about to run out of antibiotics are no longer effective against as effective as it used to be like there's different classes of antibiotics like the weakest to the strongest of the week doesn't work for shit anymore and the worst things right now 99.99 percent genetically ticular but more likely to be resistant to overtime they actually do become resistant to it because if you do this process several times over and over then you weed out all the ones that are commuting to someone else and they treated with penicillin kill or be killed it's been a long time Okay Google tickets for 2 weeks even if you feel fine after a few days take it for the full two-week regiment that's to kill as many of the germs as possible so that you worked behind the camera so that could you do if you stopped taking it too early then a bunch of them live you feel better but there's a large Colony that is still alive that lived through the antibiotic the french fries to show up here and try it most places that really potato potato they are very delicious and people who like your eyes like I could just feel like if I don't mind driving back and forth to the parking lot of special things to do in California germaphobe say forget it was going to go ahead with my plan to grow vegetables does make someone Farm them they like go through this entire process they get to your house somehow the part about this drive-thru Warehouse but you don't bother you will do you know who you are Twitter picked up some time lemon Burnie Movie absolutely what does the step up from Zach Galifianakis Bradley Cooper American Hustle that's why there's anything okay hold on one second let me know so I also have 12 Years a Slave a fire in the fire in this is the end play tennis because like what about the ones in the world and this again that's the Simon Pegg one there okay NXT tough definition of the dead I'll still watch Shaun of the Dead when it's on like IPO what movie and it's so hard when they have a lot of people at the first one I saw him that if this group right they're all the old one out of the movies but yeah that was the first thing I saw this on TV it's always there always one of those Ray came up to me and said he started his grind him $62,000 so happy I'm finally better at the game than powerstar golf that your friend seems like a long time dinner Twitter Corey were talking about stuff and we know it can be crabby and I got it's going to be great I have to see that before and here and the Cinemark in Pflugerville what you mean like if I can all she did today I learned and that is the one somewhere that I could totally lost in today I like it's burned out today I learned so much what are you retarded you're just like younger than me but I'm totally of slaves to the new world only of them to the US and the rest of America really small percentage of the overall population in the u.s. how long did it continue to operate in a long time before just like sleep okay so to wrap up movies Catching Fire This is the End Wolf of Wall Street gravity that will fit in Wolf of Wall Street 12 Years a Slave and Fast & Furious 6 34566 but I don't want to change the choices I had to get a refresher on what happened but I feel like I don't want to touch that 6408 had one that you could have missed all of them are story-based could you not just playing and they had to actually yeah one of them like what say welcome to got your walking down the road I think of chapter 3 and then the other one I want to come by the side of the road and I had to go back and do it or maybe we're trying to recreate The Walking Dead game The Last of Us The Last of Us is it in Austin right now it's because we actually saw that on someone's computer the other day we talked about that worry about working on these bumped or pushed out a little bit it's like there's something like that's what they want to see for sure next and it's like I feel like we're just ideas I just sent him a picture or send of a YouTube clip or something like that all the time it's like I never thought it when you're on the internet that's just like the Relentless with you about it you didn't mean it like that it's not it's not because they're hounding you is just they see it and it's new to them and they bring it up but it has not happened but there's one that people from mental illness or disease I don't know because I'm not perfect situation intervention Mexican doctors of water like take it like you see it like and then again and then again and then again and then again and then I'll get that picture what would you do that I've been to In Forever break.com website it's been years video that made it to break and they paid me $500 for it when I was like 17 or 18 I spent all of my friends reacting to two girls one cup and that is not a video that ever got any internet what was that we were on freddyw what is podcast Gavin break someone else huluplus your favorite shows anytime anywhere huluplus TV shows and movies on the go with your smartphone or tablet huluplus you can watch your favorite TV shows what SNL Jimmy Kimmel Live Shark Tank of Scandal watch every episode of shows like lost Law & Order SVU Doctor Who and Community you can also check out exclusive content including Hulu Originals like the wrong mans and behind the mask Hulu docu-series that takes you inside the World of Sports mascots will also get access to collect of a free movies and kids content for only 7 99 a month catch up on current events on Old favorites are catching great movie streaming TV shows and movies that you want wherever you are right now you can try huluplus huluplus free for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth does the special offer for listeners to make sure you huluplus. Com / what you get extended free trial and they know we sent you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth for your extended free trial I just watched American Psycho huluplus last night Christian Bale audio books to read along with books it was because I was reading the American version of PowerPoint in the fox will stay and listen to the English audio book I was just saying the differences wrong idea I forgot it was this week to do it you could American Psycho the movie with Christian Bale and then on audible.com if it's available right now you can watch the movie and see how it's an hour and a half stretch it out when you have to watch twice well I didn't know that but just do that was so fucking busy you don't have time to listen I mean that said where we are as excited now I have time to do the stuff that I want I want to listen to an old woman what do toothless very well I'm wondering if you see them pulled them out this time she does a toothless really well and like old congested not like that lemon old man voice does that really well too and I'm just like 42 of Life performance art in audiobook narration or audio book readers like you that I would love to have like Catcher in the Rye read by like it if you really want to hear about it the first thing you'll probably what it was The Game of Thrones phone that he has to do so many carrot is nothing in this world record for doing it but then I realized he has to do like an ultimate version of that really really good even if you still know which characters are different and then threw them out kind of faithful keeping the character Sam in the same but then after awhile you start in between books he changes because it's such a long. Let me know cause I physical appearance and that he faces The Voice of Truth they are also in some cases they're in different places like they're not where they were previously different language break where I don't know somewhere across the narrow sea there is everything here seems perfectly fine to me like everyone is that right there like perfectly content they got big titties and everyone's happy and it say if I was the nearest Targaryen is going to rule this place over there she wants to get the goddamn Thrones buddy else I get it to the right material list Walking Dead the first half of the Season what are the fuck that is the date it was good we went walking down there now orange new black really just another one of the Barbara and I also had put on there nominating Bob's Burgers and Archer Archer because I mean they're both good shows and they're made by the same people I just like Bob's Burgers but we have a website change the categories Warriors that was really good with people set a record for the biggest kicker of all time Ashley saying like people who ask why did you report about Star Citizen getting another million dollars again every day if it's another million dollars every week on Wednesday or Thursday that will be on the patch Game of Thrones I have walking down there so we have Breaking Bad Game of Thrones Bob's Burgers Key & Peele Agents of Shield It's Always Sunny was a good season this season both feel like to have an H in it what language is Sons of Anarchy hey I just thought about this what if you're right that's good I didn't pass what we had and I'm taking it back bring it back Nigerian cook survives shipwreck BatDad what is the fox say that mother fucker man sees wife for the first time and Bound 2 / bound 3 Taylor Swift and goat every time you see if Taylor Swift sings with goat you don't what I tell you what I'll tell you what I'm not being funny video from soap will limited video freddyw W video right now we lost Barbara average gone Barbara gone somewhere in the middle of sponsoring dinner standoff featuring video it's really funny that you're interested in the sexy vampires witches online and I don't see it but I mean even even is in I don't see them here but there sometimes and she's in that one but unfortunately cell will be better jumping or any other leaders wanted their start eliminating The Weeknd nominated wrong video we talked about this and by the way I can wear mine for these fuckers because they are the three of us is that every single Friday that's when we do it tomorrow the week before Christmas you mostly I'm going to call you because you never come to the office to meet like for video 624 Bartlett that took way too long will probably are YouTube for that video it's like hey gus we already talked about the same time should I drop it the normal Barbara we already talked about this I'll tell you what the classic videos from the say it was again about 2 weeks RT sometimes the hardest every year I tell myself I'm going to pay more attention to the video to come out keep a record of the really funny ones that's what it was last year how long the dancing baby what about Saturday video video YouTube music different Whatever whatever by the time you watch this watch it again and again #hashtag RT Podcast lemon I'm going to mother fucker standoff Will Sasso Lemon compilation Gavin definitely not a big thank you to look at who told me that somebody whose idea just to congratulate lady hit Katie on Twitter or tweet that because I don't have still been a very good call Katie tell you what can the internet of the year Nigeria what Does the Fox Say music video the problem yes I understand I recognize the fact that it was so people can have a console that can be costly connected to the internet man sees wife for the first time down to about three Taylor Swift sings with a goat Mexican standoff the freddyw does Key & Peele and Will Sasso lemons all right we'll go to Chatroulette wrecking ball dude are you around are you going to make it best of 2013 class well yeah absolutely do that magazine he said they wanted and then offer to let him the award image back $4,000 for something that was $4,000 a year $1,500 / $500 / $500 per Award winner have to pay to get an Oscar or something like that. Most of what you have to pay for your 500 he didn't know about $100 for the first one to get them to send it to Microsoft the thing is that when we find out that the Twitter verified icon is paid but that's just it it's not like you can read articles about it was this run to like the video game industry say unverified people like they understand people that work on Xbox the unverified the frag dolls which was an account that Twitter was recommending you follow when you signed up if you were interested in the game and came right over to me and you're not you're not 1.3 million followers and they are not a verified account but they were they were they were recommended account for a long time it was actually it was a bunch of video game accounts like people to give me one verified them I find that it's almost like he's Twitter saying now you were verified now you're not who you say you are that's kind of what that says it could be the account holder but they didn't verify verify that's a direct account is it who it is or whatever to get that verified but they're not the real yeah I think it should work and I said you know it's just the wait for Jonathan Twitter needs to do something now but I'm on the video the underside of the receipt, so I've been thinking about you say that it's a way for Twitter to have income I didn't mad every time I look at their stock price and think about how this is a company that has never made a fucking gone and there were you know hundreds of millions of dollars don't don't make any money they have Revenue but they don't make any profit Twitter files from 1 billion dollar IPO but still isn't profitable this is from October 3rd 2013 the verge.com Twitter has filed paperwork with the SEC to become a public company which will the other devices to buy and trade stock in the company in the coming months they have people that's money during the first six months of 2013 the company pulled in 253 million dollars in Revenue but its net loss increased by 41% to 9 million dollars in 22 crocodilian 253 million dollars and I spent somewhere The Neighbourhood of 320 million they have a dirty mind office space on servers soap today the stock closed at $56.61 down 4% today their market caps 30 was old was almost 31 billion dollars really market capitalization speculating when they fall for the IPO this article speculates they could be worth as much as 15 billion and they are 30 billion and 26 more than 500 million a day for the service that is a lot of connections will keep investing in it this is a company with no discernible way to turn that around into in a profit 6003 to buy them I don't know it's one of those where they are starting so that's what's going on building part but they can service an audience with advertisements of things I got to be like a media company anyway so she can television network people can make it work because that's what I'm trying to figure this out or something like that even more than before to turn your your product to be profitable are also talking about a company is know what someone continue with anything let me know you like generations of Executives like I mean the people who started it and a one typically might not be here for 325 years you know they get it going then a different group of people gets it up to you like a mid-range you know decent privately invested company and it's somebody else gets to the IPO but they all maintain shares along the way and driving then they all cash out or they just hold on to it the whole building 429 eBay sell something that I've never seen before it's bourbon infused with Franklin's BBQ What specifically Franklin specifically Franklin's BBQ does a picture with there when you're putting on Street in it I don't know the pounds of moist for over a month before the freeze it remove the fat and strain it and til what is the happiest dog in the world contest Franklin used bourbon sounds like the best idea 3% of 863000 Woolworth stock ticker wow dr. I was actually about to look up with their kicker was in what does Infuse mean it means you spilled Whiskey on it prosthetic foot of infusion with a guy at the bar taking it off tomorrow he was dressed as YouTube are confused Mountain Say Nothing at All gallon what's gammon Til It's like a ham steak can you cut that damn when you crazy assholes with Twitter having ham for Christmas lights salami Gammon you get it right Gammon the pig and then I was like now we just thought you're making up a what how can you possibly think you're making it worse The Boy Who Cried money crazy til frothing at the guy that's not me that was in between us stopping at the gas station before I watch The Fast and the Furious on Blu-ray today and put the disk in and play the tribute to Paul Walker have to be ready to the internet I don't like trailer skip trailers to the money but I want to see how many there were six minutes and 48 seconds of trailer before the movie even started doesn't count production companies plates or titles are the most in the world next gen Xbox One hard drive 500 is big or maybe there's something like that reserves for every game and could potentially bring some cash this week so much stuff on the extracted about it talked about potentially in a future patch adding more functionality like to see you like hard drive space what you realize what I use to make everything really isn't popular does Ryan like every episode of the patch now because it's really dumb jokes you can really is people who agree with you that can be awful it's like when you're talking about it like if it's ok with you and Dad they're only like a dude whatever yeah they can be a dick to be one of the toughest things for sure so we have was it that video with the Amazon shipping drones the other day that came out last week you know that little drone that like baths around with the Box on its spider it's right over there like I thought it was computer generated element and use it or do we live in carrot you are actually freaked out that something is real as opposed to the way the Box moved on it didn't seem like it was real to me it seems like flopping back and forth is that after blanket hired graduation by the way he's naked in the short when I was hired he was taking the shortest route that he was in the first short I was in as it was a few short or I'm in the shower naked that's true that is true if you want to take your pants off formula work very well and I thought it was funny the people that work at the company and I had scheduled but then I had to like everything else what time will we have insurance that never end up working here because they didn't take off the pants and where are you now it was pretty cold and you had your knees like it was like 30 degrees outside I totally completely and I was thinking we had like coffee and food there so I was going to eat before I left I just like hanging around her hanging there for this season in the Amazon drone video and I thought I think we already made our store video for the year so everybody is on the run the store I thought it was taking off Wi-Fi I wrote it on the plane and then send it to them before like wall and being transported from one state to another how long until this actually your mom can you stop and buy your ship I say we I mean you've written something and it became a short time that was that was early shorts were born with email Woolworth starter remote for my what should I call you whatever your rendering you got time rendering ask me questions and made a joke and a while I thought I should do it was in a lot of ways to do a couple different things or product testing the website endlessly about the comet system in the Russia. Com forums and comment threads I was replying to it is too much executive 30 years right cuz I was 9 years old but since the first Community website 9 years ago not a decade fuck you if you needed it was only nine years ago 9 years ago break 2004 video recorder do I take the bus from does like kissing gallon come out Gavin Houston til matches the color of cardboard so it's kind of like an extension of the tissue from a toilet paper standoff you be nice how many people tried to people about it I know you can do it picture of a cardboard tube with split down the side and they were very happy with themselves it's the story that's what they did tonight again to provide you guys with measurement metric someone's asking Gavin to buy gold iPhone of a function very popular what is a what do you need to get upstairs and built it for like your front yard Food Network cast of Tyler Perry's house that would be explained it to him driver side window in the middle like that people know where I live though when they see it I just put it in your front yard in the backyard break my phone okay I'm not home Warehouse say sorry for watching will be back on Tuesday with the patch and then next Monday with the hopes of RT Podcast