#25 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth stumbles into day two of drunk week

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-25

Recorded: 2009-09-22 15:41:39

Runtime: 00:25:53 (1553.23 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey




    "Wet" => "http://www.rubiwet.com/"
    "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2" => "http://marvelultimatealliance.marvel.com/"
    "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 commercial" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0X7gIL-oqY"
    "Fight Night Round 4 commercial" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvT2IqNn24I"
    "Lost Flight 815 crash video" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKcKtjrL5bc"
    "Love Happens" => "http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0899106/"
    "The Return of Bruno" => "http://www.amazon.com/Return-Bruno-Bruce-Willis/dp/B000002ZB0"


Transcript (in progress):

go back in time new TV show about that's right if you sexual active Islam lost dude from Paul Black Keys album the days Alone Together nothing I feed him and give him water and only that should be cool but then he comes he jumps up on my desk and just stares at me and meows and cries you walk in the room I tried to call it wasn't for 30-40 minutes every morning he's just uncontrollable and that will not let me talk to the cat was here that's like you know dealing with the most annoying co-worker in the world and the cat jumps up on my desk and lies down on top of the keyboard on my fingers on the keyboard salvaged I got these little things and I threw it across the room McAdams Park. I don't know if anyone knew that he had a fit over the summer and we have people coming by during the middle of that this happen to me like a couple Saturdays ago somebody knocked on the door she was like hi I'm part of the tour that talks about haunted places and your place is really haunted to me like a tour group really well on the surface of the Cat Saturday I came in with Gavin so I look a little bit Saturday Saturday inside and there was a family in front of our front door like waving to the cat and trying to put it through this so I can mail flight I'd like to push you guys got to get in and they were like all the bones of the head I guess the faces of the cat the restaurant downstairs is really likes the cat say that people are walking by and the window downstairs and then look at it and then go in and buy stuff for sale Wednesday earlier Gus and they had a bunch of different games that have yet to answer all these games you know you stand in line for hours I don't ever the kids that as soon as the game will start the return until their teammates and then walk away and another got to give it up give it up give it over to the new people around Twitter who knows Jimmy we were talking not going to make it I don't know what to do with a computer to work on so I've been trying to work on a 2 videos are you liking it I really didn't start playing it but it's growing on me world but the game is kind of similar having a very similar experience of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 I didn't enjoy it much when 4 star planet and Joel even told me he said you don't like the prologue but as soon as you start the rest of the game you love it absolutely true this morning for the first time I had a lot of fun and I'm almost sad that I have to stop playing it's over. Actually all the time I have to work on it sometimes we hear the final track and he was like what why is why are they Radio Shack fashion guide new tracks I was really found out Fight Night commercial and it the final out of the usual the Mexican or Spanish guy on that sounded like gladimir Putin or something Eastern European is the weather like in Holmes is it going to be in Spanish for the rest of the day hey I know something cool for a girl from the site should be something very cool this morning I should see you Gus talking about it but some guy on YouTube in the Gus to put in the link up at least I assume he was some guy on YouTube Took the five or six minutes or 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes the book and the crash and lost and all the different some stories that you know the Last 5 Years and cut them cut them into a linear video so you can see what I'm doing on the island could have like 24 Styles happening at the same time in different stories and it is really cool it's really good YouTube it was good quality it was really not be surprised if the production of the weather tomorrow or not it's really interesting like that since it shows Desmond I love you as much as Desmond like on that Rocky Cliff fighting with the other dude and we find out who the guy was going to steal his boat and accidentally kills them or doesn't kill them but knock them out in the water to where I had no idea it was happening as the plane with crash it was really weird I never connected video who is that one before Pushing Daisies the less, Lake Forest, commercial for it and I never thought actually I watched one episode of that show a while back I have no idea what the fuck that shows about it was weird and like you look like you're so sweet that's why I did it was definitely intrigued and it visually was really cool looking like everything was super saturated and it's like sometimes something is just kind of different different bright well that's the rumor on the internet last week but I haven't seen anything official and I think next week will be September 8th so maybe next weekend just saying I put all my chips on Gus said that even if it doesn't happen Wednesday I don't know what to do I don't know probably zombie apocalypse comes out we put it, and it's like we talked about it but it's like a top-down like Smash TV Style zombie game where you look at you he's always shooting can you shoot with the other zombie Title One just told me his first impression and I hope I'm not being too night sweet love that does that but it's somebody watching the house and said I can make a stylized video game like that and didn't get the plot or anything that's going for the visuals option exists and that you can play that game and if you want to you can turn off like the scratched film effect and all that stuff and the game when I did that and I promptly turned it back on I really it helps it helps it really helps fun with your chick with boobs and you shooting stuff with guns and I love it that's all we need right it is hard to beat that formula formula Lara Croft formula but I am pretty close to the end 9708 standard length I guess quickly did anything I saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs how is it you know I was super looking forward to this because that was like a book that I read like every night when I was a little kid and something to do with the book at all other than that I really like that would be important every single movie who's in it I couldn't figure out who the voice of this one character was but it was very funny diaper Liverpool down for the Sun cyber cafe night and knocked over a bunch of sardines or a big factor in this movie something a dream I had this week I played that like the baby grows up to become this of noxious former Child Star kind of thing I couldn't figure it out it's awesome love it do you think of that significantly more cool than Alien Nation to Warrant a new version of we're all on the same page about that number 139 Jennifer's Body six million dollars the crazy thing about that is that it's awesome it's super fun and it's like it's got a great sense of humor it's really really cool and everybody seems to like it and it really really Megan Fox that was right in the fact that Megan Fox is in it mostly making out with girls I mean for what Transformers have other than Megan Fox in them of 400 million dollars also sounds like a dream I had the Megan Fox movies wet mixed heading towards a negative review of it on NPR I really buy a Kindle but I want to go see that man staring at me because I'm right movies I refuse to see it's like Butler and Russell Crowe I will not pay this Sony cell phones of people that have you ever met him dick head actor thing that everything after the start of the band rock and roll back in time and fucking strangle what's-his-face from what is not going to start that shit the dude from the Mana from Wrecking 4 dream if I can Zoe the channel also isn't she has a huge huge in India I can't do it Matt was actually a musician before whatever is that really his wife musician playing rock star died okay that you chose UT Over scad Georgia I tried I tried to learn that I tried for 2 months to another one so he doesn't know anything annoying I don't know what it is but I've always enjoyed that I find that to be very funny congratulations for me and I tried to ring tone you could possibly make for a song and then you're going right now and it's over now right now there's somebody getting run over by a bus or something the number 5 bus ringtone alone makes me glad we don't sit in the same room in this office and I realized about 40 minutes in that I didn't have my phone and you did and I couldn't really get down in my pockets I was at the dentist put a drill through my love I don't get it tomorrow I have at the last minute