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RT Discusses Our Best Gifts Ever

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Recorded: 2013-12-24 20:29:22

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

list of soda products Alpha Brain is an increased focus on mental driver our listeners get a 10% off promo code Onnit.com / game that's my t.com /c hey everyone I'm not mean like the last tweet this is my Angry podcast why you mad Gavin Jack featuring Gus got stuff to be mad about going to spread it out corded we're not actually live because we are off for the holidays and the magic we recorded this in October this was recorded in October 2012 so we wanted to take the time off so we're going to make everyone work with a little slave driver test Masters if you work in the other room I think I'm in right now crash on the way there by the numbers Lego car system not gonna head your way Gavin Free dying in a plane crash on getting his monitor you think that was me instead of you feel like 22 cat crossing your fingers the whole time but something like somebody in the mail but that's the thing the person says right before they open it is I hope it's not a bomb and the bomb and it blows up in their hands by the time I get it now you're not on the plane now you recognize that you're not in UK right now Pro because it look like a bum I haven't seen the place yet I don't know if your getting a plane that look like a first of all I went to lunch today I had a really busy day so I was going to run down to Jersey Mike's and pick up a sandwich I get to the door to walk to Jersey Mike's in a woman walk in front of me super snow shoveling like you know I could like rushing around her but I don't be a jerk I'm just going to shovel behind her she's on the phone talking to someone on the phone the whole time it's up to the county like what you see like a whole turkey Swiss and then it's back to her phone call is like totally the whole thing everything you want your food for you to interact with them just hit up the fucking phone for five fucking second that you are saving someone's life you're doing a fucking public service for ordering a God damn sandwich I'm generally pretty nice person but what I saw H-E-B grocery store here in Texas but there was one time I came through my line and I was like you know how are you doing today and she had a phone up and she was and kept talking and kept talking and everything you have eggs and I cat pushing a break on the bottom of the eggs that's all right back to you what's been done to you like what is this the one finger whatever you're doing right now just that part of it when analyzed that she's slower than him and he's going to have to decide to go around her or not his days already ruined it was over so petty that I got upset about it said something to me that just like that like disrespect your father be like damn phone everytime I go to like a restaurant or something I have a phone now like I'm so sorry I always apologize and I put it down there a couple months ago I was at a grocery store here in town and I was walking out with my girls like I just paid woman came out next to me it was like pushing her shopping cart and in Austin you know there's no one time you text everyone has like the reusable bags over shopping carts filled with bags of groceries and they're like what the hell is going on Haulin Ass in there like running full speed out to the parking lot never seen anything like that was fucking crazy like a first person she's just crazy like grocery stores and so much we should have put car in park and get out into the middle of the dog in the window David and Nathan Zellner to the short called rummy anyone take any Stoner rock at the window and it takes them like 22 wanted to do a demonstration cat eye is like Waylon Onnit he does it is light and then do it and eventually he does it and completely cut I feel like special tools I was out they were done but I guess that makes sense I feel special tools that are intended to be kept by your car seat so it's like you're car the water is cut off and then like there's like a little pressure spike to the break the window because all the other cars on the road United started burning like what the fuck you doing a play it is pretty serious if I don't change my mind better start getting rid of nickel cadmium batteries about the Smashing at the window to let the dog out did you hear about the dude on Reddit in in Texas Jack Florida blue or green bar got to Orlando was 85 degrees and it stayed in the mid-eighties to like mid-seventies the whole time when you come back chlorine up my extended family and it's a bit hot and humid there though now that hundred percent you're crazy cuz we never get rained out for like a month and a half in Cairo on the pyramids in Cairo and a snow covered pyramids reports and then I thought what if we were like where the pictures we want to see pictures of snow on the pyramids I feel like a little while for this to start filtering out what is cold snap in Dallas they got hit pretty hard but as well like you know below-freezing temperatures and there was a dog it was like a Breezeway between house and then they posted on the Reddit forum for DFW subreddit hey we're missing our dog and I replied that I had these other people's dog apparently I don't know dog story of why he took dog after 3 hours he went walked by there and then came back later it was still outside it was like freezing cold to the touch and so I took their dog and then I got the news and if you were all upset it's like this back-and-forth story I would love to right like you just taking his account at face value if you telling the truth I mean he talked about in his story about how the dog didn't have food or water and was malnourished but then you posted a picture of the dog and the dog did not look malnourished fires later it was he couldn't make it out there because it was on the road then you got the picture of a couple that's missing the dog in the ladies bowling somebody has our dog and our dog back in the dog was out for an hour came inside with crash to go back out cuz I like to be out the cold so we let it back out we feel bad about it and they could show at the orthopedic mattress about the dog like $200 orthopedic mattress also posted a crazy rewards like $2,000 for formation about the dog if you're going to abuse a dog and leave it out in the cold in the creek Metro Dental Snow Summit dog and meal of dog and then I stopped caring for anything I find on the internet that sounds like a great story first but when you really think about the other side as well dog still in DFW chained to a tree and had a look around the color you know dog stolen from a Fort Worth couple's home during the ice storm that damn it pop up a firestorm of controversy on the internet is back home Heidi's owners in family dog Thursday night or Friday with some friends posted that he took Heidi called to give his name or go on camera and even blocked his phone number he said he was concerned for the owners but hopefully everything's okay in college I stole kidnapped Texas A&M mascot which is a border collie the first time there is a group of cadets at Texas A&M called the car but they're not actually an offshoot of the mascot for A&M which is everywhere in class the class is the only college that had never been kidnapped in woman then when they got the dog is like normal College prank with kid that the dog nope and it was like that dog is x amount of value or pressing felony charges against Whoever has this thing they were freaked them out for those going to the doctor and they plan on doing after you return it and then the you know the mascot for Texas longhorn Bevo Anderson University at the football game drugs drugs money what's the dirtiest look Game of Arms the name of our mascot is Bevo because somebody kidnapped it and Brandon burned into the side of it 13-0 what was the score of the last game Moes Texas A&M burning the cowl burning the store and what side is we fixed it by Burnie more letters and misspellings 1301 3B and then the Dash became in give me the whole thing like Pro but maybe like two ago like in the nineties like most of the Bevo sending the runners are messed up by being eaten they were served up 4:14 Riverbend animal mascot right now drug delete all the college teams like there's a Colorado University Colorado Buffalo run out on the field and in Baylor in Waco they have been actually it doesn't really happen in real life I don't know if they actually have at the top of the snow Buffalo fans are crazy independent school spirit still taking a backseat to give me all the original mascot was slaughtered and served as the team's Bank Winter of 1924 the freshly defeated an employer or even invited to Chow Down A lot of them why is this cow different than this cow it's like just cuz it's one of the baskets you like to give you good run of it Tortola not going to talk about Mack Brown leaving Texas right we have to talk about football coaching changes and forever that's dangerous because if I had stolen a dog and all of a sudden it was everyone's going to find the dog I would probably quickly bury it and like kill it bury it tied to a tree to put at least a tighter leash to a tree and they call the radio station sports radio stations in the story on Old sports stuff and they had the dogs out there please go get the dog she's tired and she's fine I can't forget what time of year was really fun to do that because then they State College mascot that's totally normal and I ended up returning the 2 their mascot was the only child Mac essentially issuing the child broom like I told the kids there's one person who is assigned as the caretaker for the ability that guy human impact of this story is that dude was run out of school he says yeah I mean he's basically confusing the court and hit a very prestigious position and I noticed he wasn't there after the dog and as far as I remember correctly there very shortly they open The Band The Weight over a certain value on 2010 Grand Am and I value the dog hard to take care of that I keep putting a price tag on the dog so this person you know it they're friends got away scot-free anybody in Wikipedia Reveille doesn't come up as a core member to sit there and said if you get paid every day just a little bit extreme revel revel Casino dog in the graveyard for revelry outside of the stadium in the graveyard from the graveyard see the scoreboard inside the stadium when they read it on the scoreboard so they built another scoreboard outside of the Stadium scoreboard from the graveyard for dogs I didn't actually formal College disappear from the other handles North Dallas home early Sunday David Rodriguez Brothers Universal confirmed that Rebel T6 Advantage the best that of the puppy to replace retiring early 5 is it at the very heart of exhibition I've never seen her this is so strong it's really that somebody who is the highest ranking member of the corps of cadets stand at attention for the dog texts like primary rival Texas and Texas A&M but that ain't none left to go to argue because we all went to University of Texas University of Oklahoma Texas and Oklahoma 6 times the size of a can you make it 6 times dog boarding Christmas everybody Merry Christmas Merry Christmas to you and your dog Mac in Europe arroz princesses and stuff like that meal is over there is crazy people get trampled and stuff but it's not Onnit secret in the crap out of each other than a human punching at all today let me know thanks he was worse if you give animals are treated like animals and he said he'd like to see the video of that cat attacking at woman in Michigan Texas woman says so she's like out in the front of her house and she's like kind of kicking snow at it try to get it out of the way she like turns around with no idea what she's like walking away from it you can type it out there if you want that so she goes to turn away from it so I turned around to look at is like aliens on her face pulled her to the ground and then she likes someone around that she gets up in the cat like the last on her arm Pro my frozen land on its feet would like it to look like a kung fu movie Badass the grass real at the waist and then with all around the person and lock on their neck and then like a leg with him that's what I can do that I'm not on Wi-Fi it's some security footage of the cat on the wall and a woman just walked by I just picked up the cat put it in a bin with a garbage man that's what people were like group think again they were saying this woman a text that she got what she deserved all I hear is the cat for woman we have the video there and then just on the phone video of a of a normal video Omi Sushi woman champion of momentum Jack in the wood more than eight or nine other way around it's just like nothing happened it was like it was like kung fu movies by cat and then I've been bitten by a cat that's too totally like a playful but this is a degree cat bite pictures of ear infections from the bite marks on her forehead what is it reading from turning their heads we can just think about it and you're touching somebody hand to hand combat he would fight when there's no rules just for survival and it would be a fucking brutal fight even if that's right looking at a guy who's looking to kill you yeah that's right the balls for taking so many balls window 04 bite their throats you know he's an enemy with a wrestling with someone and I looked on it and their Flagship product Alpha Brain Alpha Brain is the first designed to increase focus and mental Drive our listeners get 10% off promo code rooster at Onnit.com / gaming that's Onnit.com / gaming so can we talk about all the time because I didn't answer designed to raise levels of all major neurotransmitters and clear up mental fog LOL that means to use in games faster mental speed quicker Reaction Time increase focus in life increase motivation metal Drive improving word recall conversation flow and a boost in Euro and physical health we live in the Austin area you can actually go down to their office is offering your claim and you can just buy the stuff there if you don't want to pay for shipping actually go check it out Onnit.com / longtime sponsor All In My Head Live launch the Mac Pro they made their target they started promoting this in June they're going to launch it in December they launched it really does that mean you can customize which North arcade joke America doesn't we have a factory here to Billy's Mac Pro okay we can't build enough of them we can't get them until February I guarantee you if I was making me fucking think there's one on my desk right now people are built manufactured here of course is going to fucking cost more to come to the fuck is so expensive I could buy a PC for way cheaper do you want I mean I wish I had one I think because I'm not using it you would have won today the First Nation to find some stuff for me I can't handle this if I can get away for even more his do it fucking Apple band fucking can't get their shit together my mail and it has been it really does not work what network is shut up steel-toed biker behind somebody so bad before they released the 10.9.1 update be heading up it just affects meal 10. 9. 1 which has another meal fix it made it even worse it doesn't Mark mail as read on my phone my field my mail is still on red and the web browser it still in the red so I can go through my desktop read everything about everything they look in the web browser and it still all unread and I look back at my desktop and everything is against us because you haven't read it because I did total piles and really I was just as bad I read a message back out and it says it's already done I have to go and read it again sometime it was it would literally have heads on Pikes and fucking Cupertino over the ship that is true he would be taking over some shit and she basically said like now that Steve's gone like people are much more relaxed about that they just don't care as much anymore but he was there with Android over the mobile platform think about it like Gavin for the iPhone came out I didn't upgrade for like 2 weeks and you keep telling me to do it do it do it I just don't I have learned not to do that anymore like I have not upgrade to this new OS update for my MacBook Air my meal and watch something other than the office you ever having a good time that works for me Universal delivery she's such a balls of meal like everything so customize I need everything to be handled a particular way otherwise I'm lost looking for me is that it's all web-based there was a terrible at replying to meal are you email the list as I said that was okay I don't realize you need your confirmation to list but life is like no matter Peter and get exactly the same thing utility like when I'm away from my computer that's great I can work with that but when I like at my work machine like what I need the most efficient speed ability to get through things as quickly as possible I have a very particular work but I need that here too like the web browser is fine I can work around with that it works but ultimate efficiency I need that application I don't want to fuck you dude not ship to you when I understand that like I mean like we've been asking for Final Cut Pro 7 like as we don't want to upgrade anything else to do the same thing so long now where it's like it if they would just make a Final Cut Pro 7 work in 64-bit instead of the 32-bit that doesn't take advantage of the whole process and everything just like I would help pay for the Final Cut Pro 10 upgrade did you Mac Pro performance 38000 email mailbox I try to go through about once a month and try to clear it out of my life for everything other folder in my Gmail account is full yeah that's that's it spotlight yeah you think so I still need an invoice until I can keep stuff in my inbox and then as I'd like the universe is really big right article entirely around for like a tiny little speck of time maybe you and just running about like email organization I'm working the other things maximizing my time in this world is all about that conversation I was in the lawyer's office and look at the contract we were having a conversation about whether they don't pay the amount in full whether it was clear to pay the amount in full or pay in full the amount to the full with modified paid so it came out to be full it makes it clear that they paid in full the amount if I can good level educated people and we're all sitting there going yeah it is a really fucking fucking conference room table not having a father but sometimes one and eject button on the situation I'm in where it would have checked me out I go through the ceiling my phone and I would like technology what is fly away from me and I just landed in a field and if I hang out and I'll be like to say that I was take you somewhere to be one with nature for a little bit and then when you come back you'll be refreshed and I'll be like well that's tougher what about snow just like a nature person ever like if you were trapped on a field somewhere I can't imagine you enjoying your time in England cons were they different are they just like broke people jump hug alright sounds like a lot of Technology with them to make the experience easier yeah alright so I'm going to move on to something else Facebook there are there are people who kind of update reporter says I can personal Craigslist have another guy with high school which was a realtor only post real estate news it's like you're like this is my experience of you people it's like you are the garage sale you are the realtor and you're the Taekwondo guy it's like that's the image you're projecting one side and I don't want to see that done Blake married and baby photos so sick of that title from you you're done from user-friendly I don't have that app it looks like I'm crazy uncle or somebody Old English teacher from middle school try to describe your mute function to a caveman and try and make that makes it was like okay so this speech and what it does it with this device it lets me see what they do on That device but then I don't want to let them know that I don't want to see this stuff on that type of device to let me know even though he thinks that I'm seeing it right on the Cairo so he has a device that he put words into it and then the words go into the air and my device will take the air and pulled the words out of it and then ignores me the scale of useful things that humans could do and you're doing what winter is like Death is certain are down and then it narrowed down even further to the point where it's so irrelevant to anyone I mean I mean the people like the people who kind of tweet a little bit more than other people because of time like I tweet a little bit you tweet less than I do I don't know what you do I look like 5000 tweet if you have you talked to an empty room is there a limit on that text I'm not tweet him like this not a public thing I have 15 followers + 20000 tweet is like pirate you are just talking to him how many how many black widow how many Twitter followers you have how many of them don't exist but you're totally true I'm talking to people boxer hacked accounts a lot of old people I have got so much fucking put his band this year I don't remember it being this bad last year but like I jack 2 cat sitter like Ugg boots at a discount click here at the house I'm like how did you know that I got my account so I have my own personal email outside of work and I have a cat I like my main email account and someone made a like payroll at my personal email., and so I saw I like something my inbox is flooded like 200 emails or someone out of spam email with my domain on the end of it you're going to go through anything in particular Facebook Facebook 2 any level but I have a lot of people on my feet to do this I don't want to get involved with your customer service issues I don't want people to tell me that you're not like everyone in your life that's why I'm getting them the phone with like you're on hold for 2 hours and I you like for 2 hours I'm at a conference you in so we can talk to this guy work necessarily like for example I did this when I was having trouble with Bank of America with my Home Mortgage Bank of America business so I think I said something to help you anymore and I was on the phone and told me how can I help the people who there been wronged by some customer service work in government agencies have to meet the same level not like I don't like Xbox support. I can't use my credit card at the Xbox I'm communicating to them this problem and if I mean if anybody else is dealing with 2 I think the head kill them to know all I can do is go to Amazon buy a good car Duck Point car there and then put on your cat if it's affecting all of us because we all use a lot of Xboxes and wheel to have a lot of downloadable titles your high volume but it hasn't been a good reputation on Xbox live in there and now they're not working it says credit card and debit card business everything none of them were not even got a hundred guys get that to work I can't do it I'm working now I migrated my account from a UK account to Xbox One that was when I moved to car place and I lost my nerve you for whatever reason I found my memory stick and I like love to say that it's like it has me at the very end of chapter 2 in season one of three or four or five or seven hundred a safe I just wouldn't do it again I've gotta do I can't start season two with people alive I should be dead I cannot think I would hate myself for Mac if I can release some kind of tool Reveille Gavin that you can make those choices that's really all I want to start my game but I want to make all the choices I want to make sure it's completely everything you want to go get everything exactly the way you want but it's only stuff that affects the actual outcome might be down this time you're not going in the wrong direction what about this when I'm in the in the situation so that I'm replaying it I'm like how did I play this the first time like what order did I explore I'm trying to like recreated as Faithfully as I can I'm a lunatic ship band in the field for a while game at in Disney World Universal Universal working on the new Harry Potter stuff okay so they have the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Wizarding World of Harry Potter which is like the Hogwarts ride but in the other part is there's 2 theme parks Universal and Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios so Universal Studios they got rid of Amity Island where they had the Jaws ride that's really what it was there when the park opens so they got rid of that and they took that space in their building up a London Waterfront dog looks like a woman from the front you go inside King's cross station and maybe something that you want then there's the Leaky cauldron which is like that and then you walk through there and you're in Diagon Alley called actually it's a place it's all there and then they're building a Gringotts ride which is great as the other Wizarding Bank tweet on but he spent the whole time Wizarding bank that's where all the people have all their money and everything they're building and they're not being on top of the building which is cool and they're building a train that goes from there all the way over to the other Park like a big deal this summer in summer have to go back in to check it out here's what I do know about it so we help people if they're different like this you would have to pay me to go and see that cuz I just really just don't care about people different people traveling the Lord of the Rings production but it wasn't any of the stuff that I believe that propaganda they would take the end of a broom handle and put it in a vagina and that's where the image of a witch riding a broom come from like in one piece of property and it became like a face like this was normal or above average height window I think it started that rumor about him to disparage and enemies short short short did Hitler only have one balls that myth too I don't know Rumble the others in the alcohol was the house that running his mother has the other something involving the testicles if you bomb the UK they're going to make rhymes about you come over time like I just learned that the literal interpretation of turn the other cheek mean to hit somebody in the face because you're turning the other cheek that's that's a little that's the literal interpretation of the opposite of punishment duck drunk quotes quotes I don't know I feel like people who post quotes all the time is it cuz we start typing to you in everything in court that was like people who like profound quotes I feel like you can't make the thought yourself so you look to someone else who's made the thought and then latch on to that and then you fucking spam it all over social media right now but if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve that fucking bullshit all the time Gus meal America someone who found a picture and then put her name on there so do you agree that any woman who says if you can handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best that's like a terrible thing to say right it is the biggest red flag and over Apartments at an ex-girlfriend while we having an argument and then she was like well I finally like everything down it's like a really long conversation cost me a fortune because I was in front at the time and in this place ticket but I took the front and everything is possible and then she said you should treat me like a princess but you just one to an extent and then she just Gus National princess brain 2 people to an extent back and forth Middleton or whatever like a princess like a princess so right before Christmas so I asked everyone if you think that's the best Christmas present you ever got like 5 years old Playmobile pirate ship thing of my life is Playmobile pirate ship $50 in 1954 dollars I wanted forever and I got it and it took me to my dad about 4 hours to get the damn thing up and fucking on this day every time I see the window shop Playmobile you don't want all these independent pirate ship Lego monorail okay yes I would band I would have been 4 when it came out so it's probably fine but you have you ever gotten rebound at it you could drive upside down I was just driving to be like rolling around and around for the next year to go after what they sold that has a toy that's why they had the whole Rob robot for the robot attachment so that Toys R Us will tell it and sell it and not think of this video games video games for Cell Blacklist all out so that was that was just to get it on the shelves as you read about the manufacturing manufactured for Pac-Man right at the end of the life cycle for a car and I game is probably most famous manufacturing cartridges because they thought they would drive sales look it wasn't the same game if you look at it be like he's right who was it that was show me a video from the eighties about what was hot for Christmas presents that was it and then plasma balls like $1,800 TV show that was like the cool thing different I don't know I never knew it was more than number of 800 old at the time and the high number of sales that would drive at the console game of all time crash the video game crash in 93 also known as Atari shock in Japan was a massive recession the video game industry that occurred from 1983 to 1985 revenues that have pizza before 2 billion in 93 fell to run a hundred million by 19850.2 billion - 100 million what is 3 / 100 billionaires computer system doing like Doomsday kind of stuff or they're like tweet me your people running article about the game and she's due for another look at our type crash at 97% Market drop that would like it a comedian like movies delay now but arcade UFO around just the other day for player versus Pac-Man do it there that's cool kids loved it it was awesome that was one of the few places in the UK mobile job in the plant that fucking pencils and pens working with me to go work at the other job but I was also why he left the job we work together I feel like I should that was really his reason to feel like I was young and I feel like I should change jobs every two years or so I feel like that's still not a lot of people who work like in the tech industry especially on the west coast in San Francisco all the time for no reason it's alright changes on a daily basis you drink beer on company time blown over by the time it take all the countries that I can think of right now I'm thinking that winter Duck Dynasty guy I don't watch the show Window Guys yeah when you guys made the interview and made a bunch of homophobic anti-gay comment what he really saying that it's in the religious I guess then he was like talking about how he started homosexuality to beastiality people just to be dead I think I like a really old person I'm just thinking there's more to come on dude you know what I'm saying you like to go to Walmart or Target there is Duck Dynasty ship it happens in America celebrate stupidity and it drives me fucking crazy she was a pornstar and they celebrate Health dog she was my pretty Onnit I think I've been through what you go through that really dumb that bothered me and maybe he's waiting for you it's the same with me there's no just like Lego picture books than people joke why are we putting Spotlight on these morons and it's like and the people from other countries see this like Americans are completely stupid as well that one it is and that's the one we're elevating up and it drives me nuts every time Suddenlink incredibly important to this country but that I've seen online the episode of Toddlers and Tiaras that she was on and she funny as shit dude you didn't tell me that is not happening to this country crazy friends I have kids when I bring kids in this world joke at school that like they have 5 kids already and I got there three years old children it's like a redneck what's going on the planet recycling Pro it's like I'm not going to put myself into trouble to make the world a better place for your kids if I don't need to world to be good for another 30 years or so then after that who cares burn it out then but I'm not going to leave your mark on the planet dog Matrix computers squid man Honey Boo Boo I've heard people say that if you watch it that you like the underlying story is actually really close knit family the mother on the show I forget her name is she was taking the money they're making off of that show and basically putting into a trust fund that the kids can't touch until the 18th so that's cool it's okay I get that they recognize what they have is kind of lightning in a bottle so they're not blowing it on whatever like they're actually you know saving the money you should be smart about it so I respect that and like all of his money I'll try to look at it and then I spent it all I think I've heard that before I don't know any divorced parents duck you just get off or get a great trailer for 22 Jump Street the first movie was such a surprise and so great in the trailer for the second I'm sure it's going to be like this 3 gotten about this fucking movie how was it Gavin Dodge Durango sold by Ron Burgundy I want to watch him to the fucking using North Dakota sick of it however Gavin over the rights of Wall Street Burnie but tomorrow on Christmas waiting 2 days from now and Christmas and watching the live stream in one day if you listen to the audio and if you listen to it 22 years ago as a child star Jackie Coogan has three to four million dollars to 4865 million dollars and $40,012 but by his mother and stepfather mother and father Jackie was just having fun and not working no promises were ever made about anything every dollar 2 days before your 21 belongs to his parents Jackie will not get a cent of his earnings and she also claimed that Jackie was a bad boy implying that he didn't deserve it Jackie stoelting it's really just send him to bed without dinner I'll be approximately remaining $250,000 of his earnings on hard times has Charlie Chaplin persistence and charge and gave him $1,000 on the spot without hesitation but that's crazy Jack California child actors Bill often called the Coogan laws even act this requires that the child's actor's employer set aside 15% of the earnings of the crust and kind of fires issues such as school and work hours and time I love the quote that any money your child is reporter 21 to go to the parents yeah that's some bullshit right there was a rough-and-tumble place like kids or not they were like that I'm going to bed just like a like a job what should I give him 1938 depression right she probably at the tail end of your fucking shit people not working people jumping out of buildings you like fucking but enjoy your fire with money if I can print out what a nightmare yeah that's what I mean it was a little bit I mean granted you can make your argument that the kids would not have gotten that I think I'm just wandering into an addition by himself but that's just Google kitten acting that's not a normal childhood high probability I can ask you 2 kids view on life to begin with it kinda almost like need that money to like you know I was just saying that you know not just like what they can do for every Leonardo DiCaprio you got like thousands and thousands of other kids I just didn't make it for your name you know what is Gavin not bad at telling that the news this kid he was drunk he was I think 16 at the time he was young and fifteen or sixteen years old and he was drunk driving and hit a car or something basically killed four people while he was driving drunk and they arrested him they took him to jail or they took him there whatever it took chords and jail and the judge let him off because he had never been responsible in his life and he was not liking anything you did was responsible for his parents to pay for it because of that he wasn't going to be held responsible for what he had done he actually still Rich because he was so irresponsible he could not be held responsible because he was a criminal and the judge civil lawsuits already started that's totally different question things like you know sorry my client is too rich to get you know my client is too rich to be held responsible like okay we can solve that problem the judge the judge they try to hide all the stuff and then member she got jail for breaking a sports memorabilia place in Vegas what happened at the Palm I want to say but we were at the floor on the Strip like the Bellagio is Goodbye Summer by snow Jason memorabilia showed up and was waiting for him there in the room what are the right or whatever that's crazy the other day bring it up is that I don't know I shouldn't I should know and it makes me sad that I don't there's a kid in Texas who is thrown in jail because he made a comment on a forum or a Social Democrat text it looks like it but it's just too Jack and on a 400 yeah right I'm so crazy and I can totally read the tone of it even out of context and it was talk to jail for making cares if it was something like that free speech in this country you can the president Moes you out or if any fires you for saying something you really don't have any right now because they're not Congress they're not making a law that says you can't say it but they can fire you for saying it so yeah that's only goes on a racist tirade their company can absolutely fires going to do anything but they're going to have such a weird like if you want to do but he shouldn't have but they probably shouldn't have those things that's totally on the wrong side of History like you know three years from now you're going that's going to stand the test of time of you know you is okay but when I see people yelling at black people to counter you know what I mean though the photographers for the rest of Eternity you know I did just like it's amazing to me. Absolutely Merry Christmas so what's next week middle of next week to talk about that and we'll be back for that was back this Wednesday with another episode of the patch record it also Burnie Gus Geoff Joel and Matt Barber Gavin Michelangelo the cat in an hour and a half is how long it's going to last so relax cuz you dirty podcast Gavin fucking