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2013 RT Podcast Awards

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Recorded: 2013-12-31 22:57:21

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

listen to the podcast you buy huluplus what you been dozens of his time anywhere on your TV PC smartphone or tablet podcasting huluplus when you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth is everyone coming at you live from Austin Texas and phone number 251 Gavin Barbara Burnie and Gus you said Barbara find me to talk about podcast war finally get that out of the way and someone would see your face and then jack off on a dumpster did Farrah post on Reddit today and ask Reddit someone posted the question good luck with your lowest moment ever think you've been most disgusted with yourself about and someone told a story about when she said the time I took off the head of dumpster and was like oh you got two more to the story turns out someone took a bus from Houston came to watch our Life podcast recording you know at the end of The Gauntlet then afterwards went and peed behind a dumpster got horny while peeing and I should jack off he had mentioned multiple times that he was like dehydrated hungry and sweaty and has been up all night traveling and he said he will feel too gross to meet Gavin Michael lose because they were walking down the street but he's going to go up to them and say hello of course nothing without masturbating really when I'm jerking off dumpster restrain his neck so delusional that he was just like shit fucking pissed and I'm going to keep going I can't imagine being comfortable enough in public 2 months and then completely stopped the flow is behind the pub by the dumpster I think about it all the time that you can't understand jacking off on the dumpster you can understand two people out in the open I cannot be a moment of passion like I need you right here behind this dumpster we stopped behind the dumpster have a conversation tell me the moment he was looking really good tonight I was taking a pic when you made the transition from pissing behind a dumpster to jerking off that's a really weird transition never made it on my own but you hold you hold your penis while you pee right now how do you think happened how do you think your work Gavin goes up to the urinal his pants anybody use the flap in their bottle hair and Jack was returned with Jackson only person we know right who uses the flap in his underwear underwear that you have the play anymore get rid of it unnecessary because the flap like this demonstration person like that is like a boxer but sometimes like boxer briefs I feel good I gotta turn it on there yet Barbara and yes you are holding the entire time he was obviously member well he's going to be and he just kept pulling it son Barbara voice in the word dick how did I meet you I'm trying to get off of it try to get off early so here's the problem I had with it is that video this week for game-time what we talked about an interesting situation I will call the problem if your situation where the research subreddit on Reddit is getting so popular all of our content and up in that subreddit and so the rest of Reddit doesn't see it because Richard is not a default subscribed subreddit write all our videos automatically get Lincoln to subreddit it was anyone else as opposed to anywhere else it's in this son right over here the one fucking thing that's why I posted outside of that subreddit is the story about one of her friends going to the podcast and jerking off behind a dumpster bottle lucky you're just like you have done with raw sexual appeal and overcame that dude he's walking away with him you guys n 40 W Wright Eric Smith specifically mentioned certain people like walking down the street or something but I have nowhere to go so I decided to head back to catch some sleep out of gas on a bench somewhere sorry to hear the bus stop that was on UT campus actually I can decide to go to the gas station and get an iced tea drink eventually outside of building one apartment complex and really had to pee so I go over the dumpster in the parking lot to take pitch gas station right there in the parking lot behind the dumpster I and at night and in the morning but it wasn't for the dumpster details but the one thing that how do you make that connection what happened of guys taking a dump and having a pic okay here we go 5 Gavin I would catch you like before just not how you ask other people how they feel as they take part in this together how would they feel well they take a shit of significant portion of said I feel good cuz my prostate gets bashed and I get off on that one Stacey the shit out the toilet I'm never going to get to a host Reddit the thought that I'm never going to give you away from that the flowers in I seen that on there but the priests have an attitude right now how do you War State how we're going to run that so we have some fancy animations race and clips from each of them were going to go ahead and we went out and I went ahead and pulled everyone at the office for their opinion on what should win animations are really fancy so if your home you might want to get your dumpster Reddit good so we pulled everyone took their boats and it probably came up with our own determination for winter I wanted to get people's feedback on what they thought the winners War One Direction movie been voted for either one direction we had a blast with that crappy movie that he was making a son of rambow movie believe war between nations called One Direction 3D This Is Us Welsh I believe in love that movie that was the best movie this year I totally buy that for the only movie second one I know personally who likes One Direction with a lot of people couple years ago I did a movie that was water garbage people like but they Pitch Perfect every fucking love that movie and it was a cop and all that people loved it so everyone enjoy this college 12 Years a Slave twiki on the American Hustle Catch Fire the second Hunger Games movie Fast 6 she's right this is the end The Wolf of Wall Street The Wolf so fucking good so why is it that the Golden Globes split up best drama separate from best comedy and best musical why did the Golden Globes separate won best drama the head is different than this, your music awards the Oscars have a best picture category because of me not having a specific category for comedy comedy movie ever one that was before they had to mention catch up to 5 films for best animated film but it's always like just whatever pic Pixar and Disney but that you're never here yeah but he won for best director until that it was a very good movie though very good movie I've never seen it so what are you thinking just showed gravity out of all the stuff I've seen I like are there gravity or Catching Fire the book text RT I mean should we go it's either gravity or Wolf of Wall Street for me definitely I mean I got out because it was so crazy and it was Django 2 nights ago because 80% of all and that's amazing because there's no gravity the way you can just like himself every fucking my favorite key podcast show me Titanic pictures of people like that though that you would be surprised ever won an Oscar I would if I thought gravity or 12 Years a Slave was better but I think in the end I thought personally gravity was more enjoyable movie super super even in this but we don't talk about it give me the water afterwards I can't get into I try to watch it now looks even one is so dated it's hard to watch and pagers and cell phones are three standard if things get really into it and then so much changes different characters in 2000 movie the gravity of RT Podcast water movie of the year award accept the award Gavin Free what if you haven't had a chance to watch it in 3D I don't say that I hate 3D movies actually work that movie actually actually actually had just as much of the guitar was pretty good but this is like a totally different level and go see this movie the best possible sound system that you can hopefully soon about the TV show RT Podcast TV show happy College Bravest Warriors Wiki Direction Breaking Bad the TV show you wouldn't even hair Game of Thrones not an actual game Gus walking n Dead Walking and then what do you think it's okay Breaking Bad verge of Breaking Bad are you listening at the same time Game of Thrones I mean I listened Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones both had one episode in his last season that was amazing and I are up of kids that there's an episode of Breaking Bad 5 episode episode of Television ever the one for me awesome and incredible for so much the course of the series but Game of Thrones episode that was like a cultural Touchstone post tell me again this is really torn between Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones Gavin where do boobs feel like Breaking Bad key with the Gus Fring character I'm okay with that storyline I feel like the final season wasn't necessarily as strong as the previous season because I felt like there was no real life threatening enemy I guess they're like the Nazi guys but I couldn't take him seriously didn't seem as bad as he was just like dude with guns and not like some criminal mastermind. He was like in for a season-and-a-half was always been about finding you again resolution I don't know what happen your character is definitively and having and I thought it was a fantastic way to end the series I thought I was really pleased I was told it was not a letdown so I would have to vote for Breaking Bad season 1 the things they do the Scrambler like coming up with weird contraption that will take care of it how about done so where were you mean when the god in you mean the first half last season when of the trunk when you got no idea what you can do the book of hair they only knew what they wanted him to have that gun which is 5 how are the votes calculated are the hosts of the podcast about it a little bit before the party members verified by the accounting firm of red rooster key the County parole Sharpie print form is clever as a black Sharpie 3074 Eagle ID we are going before the fuck out here. Female star TV show we all give you an email the web show Bowl put into the category we're going to probably have to remain that category for next year she'll content something like that show the best show Breaking Bad race over Game of Thrones graduation if you just the time we spent this year talking about the show we probably have more time talking about breaking bad baby we did didn't really catch up to Breaking Bad and we did one for him as well accept the award on behalf of the producer of Breaking Bad is Barbara if you want to follow on Twitter the writer of Ozymandias The Fifth Third the last episode of Breaking Bad her name is yowalleyb the other such a huge fan of it so now he's like him George RR Martin Twitter account article paperback book and finish I was going to read the fourth book of Game of Thrones fuck is 1200 pages I know it was crazy yeah you can come too actor from yes of phantom after plan and it's all like coming together I don't be like that Jaime Lannister Horse no no no chapter 2 Gus the same as someone else but you realize they would Gavin to change the name to son 5 good money that it's happening I wish I could kill this guy cousin said it sounds like the character in something that was in Breaking Bad Jesse was supposed to die in the first season and episode of Lost images of I record all the main characters in reverse and bleeding all their deaths but we had the ending with everybody becomes an asshole Verge insurance policy out there they said I can just kill a man RT alright probably try huluplus is so much more with huluplus you watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere huluplus let you watch 2002 hit TV shows and movies in the living room or on the go with your smartphone or tablet with huluplus you can watch your favorite TV shows like SNL Jimmy Kimmel Live Shark Tank and Scandal I watch every episode of shows like lost Law & Order SVU Doctor Who and Community you could check out of contact leaving Hulu Originals like the wrong mans and behind the mask who's new docu-series that takes you inside the World of Sports mascots you also get access to a collection of app for movies and kids content only 7 99 a month catch up on current shows pitch on a favorite or catch great movie humans many TV shows and movies that you want wherever you want right now so you could try huluplus 342 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com flash Rooster Teeth the special offer for listeners make sure use Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth to get the extended free trial and they know we sent you again that's huluplus.com / Route 3 right now for your extended 2 week trial thumbs up from Gavin Free it was actually for gift cards for huluplus call Anna so how will I get to my account and we'll see what they charge for it for a year wrong mans English to English Welsh what specific about whales in the context of England it's fucking specific region country to England one country in the world the rest of the country there are some places in England where you can be in a city inside a city in a country is the city of London in London city of London is a country what language the US has no official language so it can be like whatever language you speak there is no official language for United States trying to tell me that it doesn't matter they have a different language you can have a different language different language different areas in Pennsylvania that would not make any sense why you calling same problem connected no connections Charlotte has Braveheart that skirt it's a totally different place because I don't wish key to what's up my phone has weird retention because it's really only hamburgers I like that's a big ass hamburger like it's a real thick Patty I normally don't like that I don't like McDonald's Fatburger kind of fell off for a while I like to have flag for the same color the England flag on the Welsh flag owl the same pic with a red cross on the Welsh flag has a cross on the flag treatments for beer James Corden heater funny English I recommend it English soccer key logo I think it was Welsh humor though he was covered by a Welsh picture of 30 the hive mind internet video excluding Russia keep contact with his the best content on the internet and the nominees are compilations and three for the first time Intruder or any of the other couple rambow and 11 Taylor Swift sings with entry to video of the year I'm really sad to say a huge smile to one of my favorite group is Calling it Quits online who at least in their current form we love them we have not had them for best interview in years past 5 second films is shutting down really put out the first of their last two part video for the last thing is so they put it I thought today might not like I didn't know that hair loss in the shower Vine has essentially kill 5 second films that's how the video starts there looking at article about buying I think it's funny the funny version of 5 second films of their own community and you take your stuff fuck that last second second second of credit anything no because they put in video out and that you can't tell by looking at it one of them video and photo and I don't want to hear no sound I guess you could do that but I just learned not to take Instagram pictures of food in it Rich Homie Get out my dog need to go outside and it won't wake up and then I was also Burnie second to send a text and you're interrupting him and dogs picture electric the dog black Twitter of the whales think you could send me pictures of the Welsh flag this I know it's real country look here's our flag has a dragon on it I just want to point out that his fucking made up country just thought it was really really upsetting though I can go home internet video of the Year open it up thank you very much what does the fox say video second video holy cow I think it's way more every time I don't like it I have to say what does the fox say everybody do it why you mad at me for that nothing did you put the other shows based on how successful and far-reaching now but ye dinna speak up for internet video the whole country is how it the word but how viral it is and if you say it like one better because every knows what it is that are based on its ability I guess of a retail it scored very high winner excellent choice I think you might be dumpster later how to get out of here neither could chuck wood the goat so we will accept this on their behalf so so we're doing this final podcast of the Year 2013 last year I feel like we did a lot this year seems like we just war in Georgia make an immersion the other day and that was April that was four months into the year that's crazy that's crazy I was following the path of the first season almost identically we shot that episode of immersion to show in April for the for the 1st time with the first go-around for the first anniversary of the company was able first and then we shot them in December now we're just about to start shooting emergencies and to know that with everything over Panda some of the Productions and we should have some of those things that you did you see that video where the guys took a race car and then put a screen on the inside right with Similac soy the article house tomorrow okay now article or The Verge beer I think about it because video I think it's a different company and The Verge that it was the virtual race track with a virtual tour inside the real car on The Real Race Track and they said that you did something similar to this in an emergency but the gameplay in the driving or separating from each other you literally just said the opposite of what are video I just change the article that was written is like they didn't realize that they didn't bother watching the fucking 4 minute video before writing about it I think that they saw the pilot for the original immersion third person car I think they saw that and then that was the video they were treating it as our car video I just watched I did but significantly Less in love with you Pei Wei vs. and show that I'm glad you're making more of it because it's his ass know that we talked about you more than anything else is like somebody else makes a different version of that show a lot but I will be making more of it very very soon on the production calendar but I hate to take exactly when because that's not what it will come out but we're going to be working on emergencies and to very soon for episodes on the dock it's good to know someone else 4 million would you make that happen features on yourself your wife your policy is really shouldn't do that should not say to people I still exist you don't come back to your narcissism I will never got a mountain crashed into a mountain lion get Michael Schumacher skiing nearly dies on a mountain not in a plane just being on the mountain that's how dangerous this is dangerous mountains are fake I'm pretty sure pretty sure sometimes called the mountains in the intro does a call you know the reason why I chose that game to play was the guy had a statement on his web page saying calling out to like a lets players hey do you want to make a Let's Play here's everything you can do whatever you want to with it and let us know when you do it I was like what an hour of dungeon Dashers I should have called you should have believed that one of the reasons I chose the right now Percy Priest and everything so I had another homeowner nightmare yeah I read about it I was feeding my dog yesterday morning and still kind of groggy to put his food in the bowl when I stand up and I think I can I hear water in the walls the homeowner it's whatever electric tankless water heater that's electric tankless water heater electric tankless water heater water heater electric water instantaneously how to raise the temperature of water water heater and then because it's with money on the God damn house Detroit the every fucking awesome then you get over yourself with the broken up to look at it and water pouring out of the ground up replace it with the plumber to come out today and take a look at it you could come up this morning I'm going to let you get call I can get a delay they finally called great to go meet him he calls again just going to wreck it really I need to like turn the water on to the unit go turn the breaker on for it use my hot water turn the breaker off to turn the water off to it so doesn't leak everywhere so I had to make up for them no scum allowed my hair was really soft and it was amazing I take a look at my water heater keep going to tell me that he cannot install electric water heater in the city of Austin code certified plumber can no longer install electric water heater in a house the only star gas water heaters outside of the house and electrician I said no you can't do it I can do it himself but if you have electrician or plumber they can't do it to take a break and then have him do it it's bad time to have water running through it Wiley I was like what is Twitter's exclamation part of your text water heater works for mr. face Productions on Twitter Burnie it works by superheating the pipe and it shoots out Steam and then it cools into a pool under your the Gavin just explain how it works but it said you haven't seen how water heater hot water heater run the water hot son water cold water do anything the amount of water that flows through a shower head you can't run that of water through something what water for second war that you can't really the fastest you can boil water commercial kitchen so you call a really hot frying pan okay I've got a hot frying pan and this one is Super Hornet it flashes this team is going to take a shower I showered Gus small of water can do that you can take a shower go ahead right but that's what it looks like I don't know if we can it's a little bigger I wasn't doing anything I was going to chill with you that's what your house the little boy is a great Square looking for that how much paint to come down when traveling and I had a fucking nightmare Travel Center I flew an airline I never fly Southwest Southwest and I hate to Fly Southwest I hate it said three out of four flight because I had two Connections three out of four flights going to Salt Lake City and back of the head to connect me to Salt Lake City I can tell each family for the weekend for Christmas and on the floor we got there we had to sit on the tarmac in the plane for an hour to put up the windows and open the vents that's the only way to keep the plane moderately livable in the middle of Texas summer enough is enough to run the ground so it was whatever who invented that by the way Timeflies the stick that the dumbest thing ever like she like just wear that with all contacts from moved stuff that you've done in your life and you have to guess what that's not right the world Chinese food in Turkey of behind a dumpster and then when I got to the one I got to Salt Lake City I don't know I don't know how but every car was rented I guess it comes of Christmas New Year's and skiing has it snowed up there every car was taken there was one car was like to be a hundred fifty bucks a day for 3 days I got to pay like 600 bucks for a car and then when I got to the ticket counter at 1:45 in the morning cuz my flights were delayed they didn't have my car that I rented only car that is available I was a premium car and then head to the little Chinese Fiat 500 I did 90 bucks total for 3 days like a little cause I'm okay with I don't give a shit what does rental cars I will write something I just normally would never drive like if they have like a job I never dropped off so cell I can bowl the only ever dreamed of Volvo because I race a very safe and there are the hardest things to do in Amsterdam that's so funny we are done for Kim Peele it was better that you never know how that's going to end a comedy sketch they just they just take that catch this weekend that I never seen before it's the one where they're doing all the names of the NFL players yesterday's wow that's awesome what kind of red but the people waiting in line but they don't have that we're going to TV show that would translate this most popular shows on TV this morning before he was replaced Larry King he was bragging to other people about how when he was on American TV his Twitter follows pitch of the roof and it is letting up just you wait and then you going on TV I don't like really calling out fake people don't watch TV and then I'm going to look that up Piers Morgan Piers Morgan his name but you have a call to action be constantly looking at maybe not the first time watching movie but like to know son it's up to you I'm always looking stuff up about the movie Psycho I would have movie made I was in a movie that came out this afternoon in their career and they're pretty much the same time it was the only been in the last 10 years of their career you can't recognize a single one of the movies movie Pulp Fiction the Eric Roberts wasn't even drinking Eric Stoltz Eric Roberts Julia Roberts brother and he was in The Mask he wasn't really crap Doctor Who movie that Doctor Who declare Roberts God is always on my screen I don't water heater smells like and what you want to say yes he's been and everything was good no I don't usually follow that woman make up right now so I don't you ever get on Twitter and tweet along with TV like oh my God I can't believe that I just never do that I unfollow people whatever they do that race heater that too much of The Walking Dead is crazy I guess if you're crazy the of the people that was last night with the UFC fight last night with Anderson Silva broke his leg and it was exploded on Twitter right now one zombie dream 2014 dr. Wicked within one of those crappy Sharknado type movies recently has like 30 Films in production that's awesome I would remember movie I was working on stuff in the UK I see myself in the credits of stuff I've never even talked about this community Numa video printing generations and older community members and they're going yeah that's this person and that person that person knew all the names of all the people say Jenny was completely downloaded heater down to the bottom of the thread. It was crazy and that was telling me that video but not know that community brown hair and acne and I looked awesome kids video One water bottle in your hair and you really someone actually and I like to see that so did it she doesn't think what she was Flintstone getting into water bowl and a hair tie I could do it right now in the podcast know that we have water bottles weather over there are we here for awhile longer patio screen you can see that it must be and so are you in that video Gavin cuz you're in your bedroom I always picture your bedroom windows post post back in the day of your holiday avatar on their key the website is like an of how long you been using that Avatar that it with it yet so I kind of have to tip of a nipple with us every Christmas just you that's it was so you could look around I think water bottles are under the table with the tablecloth over there remember people petrucci's and Mike was in there Halo 53 we're friends now but dumpster and posting on what are you empty yet they staged a coup on the on the community site where they got involved one of the mods shall remain nameless and they completely hijacked we talked a little bit in the game time with Barbara there was one section that community site which were the four guys and they did not like the journal catch the bus app are the four guys with the bar and then didn't like the people who make journals and had like social media profiles like Barbara and of course I was originally attracted to the website I was busy running around getting props or rubber band sorry for the typos it's a reason why I'm here over here just lip syncing can I just show up at 12 but that's up to you sorry of Dentistry Houston ok so I feel like that I gotta shower and the glasses I feel like she has as much of a thing anymore. Now that making and post your videos easier we don't see those kinds of community video collaboration to any more all of the world they would have like 50 years every time one of them is feeling really good about the community actually everyone knew each other and post things like that I mean everyone has that kind of stuff RT stand for what role does absolutely worth it costumes for water bottle in your hair and tie your hair to the top of it Eric cable new ones from let you decide you'd like and it pic tails area that also works so we're saying that they were saying that the community used to be its own thing I will be articulated very real dark is not a lawyer but Gus I hate you can articulate son but he was just saying from his own personal experience that the community you 3 more about the community know about like guys doing today hanging out and having a good time together but things change people change over time I think it's something more General like notoriety but now we can get lost I think it's a lot of other stuff that's online I feel like back then also we only had maybe you know one project going on at the time so there was not as much content and I was going out to the community and maybe have to work more to keep themselves entertained I know something else one short day today they fired something that I wrote for Rivers loser thing with church with his short-term memory shut off and it was a 5 Second film work I can't remember don't know how he got shot in Son of inspiration for that and that was so long ago that was 2009 but we Shot season 7 and Gavin directed that the company has no short-term memory and it really hits from the bong so while I was in England I found out the most impressive thing you can do to impress to go to recently I was talking about how to tell me what it is do it I can do it I can do it but I was thinking about how it went straight into the post behind every and the kids have before Hitler coming home I can catch a ride home with you guys to talk a girl and her kid it's a woman and a female okay alright airport and he put the kid up on the table where you can put your stuff and the table I guess he stops paying attention for a minute and a key just goes and falls off the table and out of nowhere this kid's agent comes like Gavin and catches the kid like absolutely absolutely fucking mouth 30 West the kid is to put him down right there in front of the guy is the kids out education board article schizophrenic the desk that's going to be late for sure RT specialty catch kids like like that that's like Burnie baby that's all you dream about getting trapped in a burning building getting off bypass ignition chip Barbie stuff when I jerk off my data by Saving babies from burning buildings owl that's dropping at the bank and all that you can do the ultimate price of I mean everything I say just like I really like Barbara Palvin Barbara beaver what does actor comedian musician verge of children to find a musician picture of a list top of line dude Ryan Reynolds RT bus lines no longer going to be burning for him and Green Lantern I get it I get it and everything else my version of Gavin bottle opener the right here probably won't happen but I hate that beer that when I was in college everybody drink everybody was like if you had money you got a Shiner Bock keg it was 70 but it wasn't 50 bucks I think everybody got Shiner and it's like I got so fucking son you're blocked out I can't stand that beer anymore did you put it back in your beer you're drinking that's pretty good you don't you should get you should get hitachino Nest Japanese beer owl I like the design of the owl I thought I looked really cool I want to get drunk at the time from what show is the time bubo the owl what was the name of the name like that fucking God damn can owl the go-to person bubo owl monkey one of the Dragon flag with it the twiki of the World twiki Rogers robot friend twiki and the robot around his neck was dr. perfect if that's the the gold like Flava flave the 25th Century that was a 1978 show goes on American television that was better than anything on Doctor Who today that's exactly what dr. who looks like you know that that was on dr. who last week and it was gone what you could you are on a show like this or like that you have an opinion not everyone will agree with you you can say things that are going to piss people off in particular though if you get anything wrong or you have a different even interpretation of their interpretation it's 5 bucks a month but came on the show is just people like to hit it from the Breaking Bad one they will they don't really have an issue with anything I said but I was waiting around like and also and I'm safe over here before the fuck is this yeah that was a good way to welcome myself to Texas was not one Burnie kick the door open I was when I wasn't sure what was going to happen respected squid is dying so the other day we were sitting up before the podcast and I saw this thing back here it's an old HDTV HDTV dude this was the first HDTV I ever bought in 2004 I paid $700 for the TV because Soul Calibur 2 on the original Xbox you could play it in HD I like I am going to finally play a video game in HD HD breakout for cable box I'm pretty sure they have in the back kind of like the Xbox 360 and you want a composite cable Cable in or you want that $100 piece of shit almost 10 years ago and it's more like this the book know what are you saying was that she was telling us we're talking with Jeff and he said why is it the gaming is the only thing that we can't Envision ever being better than what it is today like when we see something amazing but the next time we see the next iteration of the whatever they do still perfect the next time just seems like unbelievably amazing and every time every time movie movie everything you like how you look at it it's terrible but video games are the only thing that's going to look better than last of us I would love to but I'm not messing around with Garry's Mod like 9 years ago this is an absolute toilet probably was at the time till 43 so if you would like a 1024 by 78 monitor or he's paid a lot of money to get a 1600 by 900 monitor price and photos of all of our video video how to add a box to a TV everything plugged into your owl and we were not power and TSA those things are going to go on that with HD the frame is it still there everything everything parallel definitely wasn't red green blue yellow video they have 5 cables to of the same color I mean how hard was that to just go look guys we're going to change the fucking audio cable and people will just know that if this one is orange you put it in the red audio port you know how many times I went over to somebody else's house and that was the fuck up every single time I look at my pictures I bet you have your fucking cable and you're not exactly what I'm here for the original Xbox Esther ventilation for owl is absolute shit it's absolute worst it's the worst of the worst cable to HDMI you can do that and reached for something not too much I want to be my house that when you turn on the TV and then like to turn the Xbox One to turn on the PlayStation 4 or trying to leave it recognizes that so here's a signal that it showed up on this new input you must that must be the finger while his switch to that automatically the world but if you're already watching something will come out of it most of the time going about now I have two Xbox Ones and I I don't and I have to coordinate with Jeff and we have to squeeze into a post one if you don't want me son living room in n one of my office and they're not that far apart and it was the same for and I had a bunch of different places in the room and he doing over here son over here the amount of flag that there is between the chat too it's like he just said that amount of flag where you did that thing where you have a voice delay and you were listening yourself of headphones it becomes impossible to talk and you can't hear either like he'll start talking in that room and it connects them up in his chest but delayed by like half a second but that's what people and they have an ad on it alright well what time we should go and wrap things up here happy New Year I look forward to another year of arguing I never the court it will be back on Wednesday with another episode of the path I got to know you said that what are you looking for a 2014 or 2014 are you getting your neighborhood or something that we want to change about herself in 2014 but then additionally for your something we want you to do differently like what you want to do that for you