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RT Reveals Our Resolutions

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Recorded: 2014-01-07 23:15:24

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

pic of parking we can go to your next murder in the new year with healthy and delicious French toast Grandpa Champion 50% off your first order NatureBox.com / GoDaddy promo code 29529 and I'm just to the point inside of I really should plan for at least an hour and try to pull I don't know she of Valium to try to get it all in you over here in this building the rest of us I can come over there with you guys you gotta make it Dunn Burnie said when I step up in the podcast and I was like right now down to make a faux hawk tutorial Everett anything anybody else collide Fusion butt Lous bad miscommunication I hate it there so then I get 2 retaliation headphone Gavin you and Carol today Carol Wright all right back down hi feel like we can completely reset my temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit is -1 and it was one at one point and that team Lads Action News came out running around running around in it but last week you had the idea for all of us come up with resolutions for each other can you do that Austin high colonic we talked about how you would get a Brazilian wax on the podcast nothing right your skin that peeled off and started bleeding on his head on his ski accident when you getting that drape over the sensitive areas like there was a thing on my dick will they put a shirt over there like a little thing they put in a condom and the guy that I know we're getting to a website in the skydiving gokart Austin and dad with you if you want xrayguy butt 2011 bcycle anime have to do them or is it I come up with that idea for you and you come up with an idea for me it's for everyone but it's like you know like you those two guys wrote The Big West Preston jumps off and is bungee attached to him out of the electro doing this of the Bridge Rhode Island the one where pregnant lady is on top of a porta potty painted like King Kong and even shaking as he was so nervous that he's afraid of heights and he was like shaking terrified and they would back the next day they delivered them up by 10 or so much time up there what are Jackass the past tense jackass no more Grandpa was a character from Jackass butt jackass proper I would say so I don't think I'll do it again so do you like one or two things for the internet but I doubt they would do everything I could be way off on this one doing a jackass thing you sent a card would probably be why does Ryan Dunn your favor what time do the strap them down though he doesn't know he has nowhere to go Steve-O Johnny Knoxville Bam Margera them still be jackass voicemail and the other Preston and Wee Man hello Jackass star in a way to meet in the Bam Margera's of it doesn't matter to me dude and then Brandon DiCamillo yeah I like him and then who's the guy who did Chris Pontius party boy what are they mean the one that pulled his tooth out with a Ferrari that I was missing Saving Bond Lake restroom I never could do that I only poop at home what do I do in an airport totally different to a normal pic go ahead put it on an airplane I've never heard of that right now Spirit Andover Helen don't cook me some steaks right I do remember that and you were fucking miserable and everybody else was hammered and hammered people were looking at me know and I can I can pretty much eat anything and I'm okay Gavin was green around the gills dude he was pretty upset that we came back on a flight to Vegas and the woman next to us was throwing up that was rough Lake Las Vegas was our stopover she was partying in Vegas and got you know too much butt is your best friend in the back and it was bad Michael wax paper cut away at something I don't gutter vomit that's what sets me off collide we are key life with Michael throwing up he was the one from waiting for my extra life for he ate all the of the hot cakes or whatever, and then threw everything on that it was because of you the behind-the-scenes stuff from another number in Atlanta after the cost of it was also because Michael around the back yelling intro it was good after that he was like he was out on his back the only one out there that I could try that terrible no I don't I don't I don't oh no no no I'm sorry roller coaster day that you lost your ship Travel Channel 3 they wanted to go I was like hell yeah let's do that I know 2 Guys and you guys rode what private than 10 times total on my God I just got a misery man it was fun it was a lot of fun to do and I love roller coasters so I'll do that all day it was nice getting together in the front seat and it was pretty miserable the second time we did it and it went down the way it was that was really cool but yeah they could they shot it like we did the first gokart of the whole car and I was like there's girl throws all over the place they will have one like melted out beyond the front of the car so they could like get back at you and then we did that 3 or 4 times and then at one point we had to of hope those guys actually 4 times all the GoPros and then they would like GoDaddy for locations and shoot the coaster from my Collide car from an email from the ground and so they would be no set up the shot and we get on and then get it from different angles and stuff so we do like 2:40 to go set up this way every time you got on what's it like different people in the rest of the roller coaster experience and being extra TV show thing in the morning to get in line and then like as they wouldn't know as they would do what they do a shot and then it would be on the front and so they just fill up the back we go out and then empty it and then decide in the next group with rotate in it so they kind of keep it so there's like over and over and over him and his daughter they were waiting on the front row until then we weren't shooting they were it was actually be in the front row and I'm looking at so we're supposed to sit there and the guys to look at me like that what you do and I am sorry we were filming it for continuity we have to be there he's like well we've been waiting for a while and look like I finally got to meet this guy like okay we have to do this but you can ride the next one it was just a nightmare understood in between Brad Pitt and the leading actress in the film what is the daughter butt is really clean the whole day was pretty cool you're a dude kicking off a guy yeah because I mean literally just us and the PA in the PA had a walk it was because like that they said it was all down with it it's okay we know we get up anyway absolutely it was pretty cool like that something completely it was like we didn't have anything to do with it aside from being there and being on camera because everything best gaming podcast I believe we were categorized after the butt and back to nomination. Okay so on the patch started after that I'm going to be renting it out to be like in effect January 1st 2013 so hopefully next year will be moved this Michael category of people in general category only the war we had I don't know I don't know what time my bad sorry the number to Mike doing whatever go and also I guess the idol key awards are coming up and if I do that tomorrow I'll be in Las Vegas tomorrow or were nominated for 2 awards for the word for simply walk into Mordor and then one for Ruby as well for best animation butt School of Mordor ended up in a documentary documentary series on next year we should start them in the past we do that Veneno in a web series show the rooster talk show drunk it's really the food Telegraph bright light and then the sense of things you've left and it flushes it as you sit down you suck the whole thing down here not just on the toilet do you do that without having to do it every time I've got everything in place and then I'd like to sit down and talk to me I hate those automated car wash things that I'll ask why is it that 2 inches to be like QR code on the door if you can see the QR code on the door I still the app on my phone you can pay your parking meter with your iPhone tracking Austin and when you would get her if you hate your parking meter is up in 10 minutes do you want to extend it and you can another 30 minutes of the first time I was still amazed that they had parking meters then you could just text a phone number and it automatically parking everywhere else in the world why don't you park your car you walk down the block until you find the machine that runs your parking lot more than 50 on the block by the way is 50 most fun I've ever had in my life homeless my idea for how we make money has that now there's a few areas still downtown where they still only have the parking meters that accept coins and it was an exchange for your bills and you pay your bill that's an Austin parking paint with a paint parking I would call it or did the parking meter right there Then covered it I want to see the new bikes they have downtown this program to get them like I saw that 30 minutes are all over the city so I can park it get a new one get another 30 minutes are free then I realize 4 hours to get a pass then use it for the 30 minutes for those big bucks to have access to the bikes run over you know that you're getting a new credit card to like put it in your name or like a $98 free $4 every half hour after that it was like use it for half an hour butt parking somewhere you didn't like and then like it again and get another 30 minutes for $8 a day unlimited 30 minute increments a bike ride The Amazing Race with a new year people seem like a very tiny increment than a minute car rental website for 2014 and GoDaddy to help you kick ass online start your website today with the 295.com domain GoDaddy.com enter promo code rooster 295 to get your.com 4295 everyone needs a website and maybe have a great idea for a business and want to sell your product services online GoDaddy is a whole new website redesign the internet baby with GoDaddy thing clip on the control room camera wasn't going to come anyway are you coming to Brewster 295 to get you., or just 295 good deal what are the main you can come back and they said it was April 1st today's we register domain name country where we had no idea we register the domain name for its first we do that all the time that collectively probably 60 or 70 domain name it probably will happen we don't know probably go and grab whatever the fuck you want red vs blue with some guys account that he has an updated in year for those particular that person email list as I run the official receipt let me know not cool remember somebody for a long time had that one of your trademark you can always feel like we can usually business have that or you can sit around waiting for them to contact you let her know I got her but I didn't put anything on it we didn't respond the first thing you did was go out and have a 700% 2000 dollars you have $57,000 you said when we talked about about gold tripled in value since then. 57 times will not have Toy Story 2 other celebrities have tried to do the car thing before December will be Goldberg was in the night and is involved because like going to be like perlick online payment system how do you want any money how about x.com what is an eBay Incorporated company on Commerce and Islamic SpaceX right now SpaceX is Virgin that's Richard about Virgin Galactic space tourism the basic leaderboard is the news about the transportation in the future like everyone's like the transportation like making transportation is going to be that's the future we can palm of her hand I get this at all times out which way I get you a quote from one of his friends he said we have a device that we can hold in your hand that gives instant access to the collective accumulation of human knowledge and we make fun of each other for looking at it too much because it makes parking photo app back to CES so everyone's always like what's the next big thing was coming out seems like the past couple years it's been 40 giant 4K TVs you know new methods of putting Wi-Fi in your God damn toaster or whatever but today was in the Samsung keynote Michael Bay had like the ultimate technology snafu totally do you know his presentation that's really understandable super stressful got to be really nervous Michael Bay director then I guess that wasn't what it should have been and he just like the train of thought and it was very painful the talking points but you like what what you want to do they look like hundreds of people I mean like I said there's something more to this element though he's not like talking about Samsung curved TV that is in the middle of the survivors in the movie I've been in situations where you can like kind of freaked out a little bit but I don't know who's more to it than that ready for acute depression in his element you know comfortable example I'll do a panel that you don't have it I can't talk in front of a bunch of people you put me as a director explosion Seattle now I don't understand it you know TV not available Michael Bay this is from deadline New York deadline.com Michael Bay has taken to his blog to talk about walking off stage during a Samsung presentation at the CES confab today in Las Vegas quotes myself but yes I was but speak for Samsung for this awesome curved hundred five inch UHD TV I really lend my name to any product but this one is just tell her I got so excited to talk to that I skipped over the Executive he's in trouble and in the teleprompter got lost then the price went up and down and then I walked off I guess live shows aren't my thing but I do need special curved screen experience with Samsung Transform 440 traveling around the world use promo code it's almost like I could find out where you at make sure the event has no life Dulce Candy key when Gavin is on stage Porter who was like doing interview with news on ski face that I could hurt the live interview because of her interviewing someone and it's backwards 2007 how to use the camera there saving we should get 3 seconds of dialogue water bills for the year and it was a bunch of like TV reporter in the end it or break it just like a light show with a curved Samsung TV breaks sometimes you have to walk have you never been in a situation where you're in front of a huge group of people and I realized I'm totally on my own two feet with everything that we tried to do with out the window and we just have to wing it at this point I guess that means you can develop over time where the Microsoft store in school and then College that when I was working there I would do shows for 5 people up to 500 people it was the exact same show no matter what so no competition for you pic of a bull current event thing then they give you 30 minutes to prepare they have a 7 minute presentation about the topic that's crazy so you remember when your college meter doing everything I thought you wrecked my brain and it won't matter wedding singing in front of a group of people and you don't think I'm a very good singer and I just haven't done that enough or do not fear me not saying it was a boy trust me we do and more uncomfortable I got everybody in the company stepped up and it would do it would be up there like an actual actor and I'm doing and just kind of because I did not want to be the first one to be better than at least one or two other people let's kill tonight I never told you we were going to the light show open that I would not of done that would have worked it out of me that is a huge challenge to get up the first time you seen a comedy I don't know how anybody does that for the first time ever I don't know how they do that I've never done it and I don't want to do horrible I forgot about that but we don't know it meter seidell and Amir Blumenfeld he's going to have of Jake and Amir Streeter was the one who was going up on stage to do open mic stand up we're going to go on coming Pizza Lycoming of it having a beer with everyone and everyone in the crowd before he comes out whatever you do don't laugh at any of his jokes contended with Streeter jumping out of a plane and being told that his parachute was bringing him up ground so the guy I like to eventually parachute Landing Mitsubishi pic of a bunch of money that's put them in the planes that the one where Streeter it was a baseball Yankees game and they had on the screen like during like one of the intermission between of the Innings it said you know like Jane will you marry me you're his girlfriend Yakima library was the one where they really feel like much at the human giant one with you start showing of the internet app to watch the um basketball when it's great to have basketball and then started the first Prank War episode no it was listening to music and sing along it is but the shit out of Streeter Streeter pumped in some like he took something in your life than porn no audio until the music singing along and it's hard to like or not like to know what to do and you still filming the whole thing hardcore porn images Windows startup sound Hoboken embarrassing and I think right where you will just absolutely hardcore fuck with your friend and I totally think I would do that I don't think girl playing pranks on each other no not like that with everybody else so hopefully everyone right well do you want okay we do that for yourself and everyone startup news you happy with everything totally happy that was kind of my last name like I had a good opportunity and I maintain an even better year 2013 was awesome so cool to get a driver's license WellSpan Ephrata Big Lots Burnie why would you let my mind run Redwood City Bay City MI need to focus on one thing to be more focused in general they get so spread out on different things and just under focus on one project at a time to the project you all the way to the end before I start anything else I should do iPad and I've been denied so walk off Gavin fake Oakleys good morning doing outdoor activities one for the hoe get-togethers every element does a cat look like what do a better job of pretending to be a human that's my first really have to work on that one you have to study human behavior more and better and I think emulating it better Olive Garden what is the proper flow of interaction what should I be fake like the hardest thing in the world to be honest like with them was like how are you doing today or like fun I can never bring myself to ask you how are you I can never remember why do I have to respond with a question out of here about collide flourishing and it doesn't expect to be like why don't we just get down to the fucking point hamburger figure out exactly how you are you really sure that you like and then everything is fine and you just keep with the unhealthy truth Alabama alright Gavin Gavin with his private life but you retract a little bit I was reading Jamie the internet and then you were like 40 people you like I'll look into this now Gavin having baby he doesn't I don't know my phone is messed up anyway there's no way I could have done it next to someone else so I see Gavin so that was money with her for a while and that doesn't happen in December maybe we'll actually talk about that we want to do then we will have to do a lot of the stuff like we hang out with all these directors and filmmakers can I do that I can totally relate to go movie I mean it's like the worst terrible lonely saddest movie ever even have like 4 people in there with you and yeah I told Gavin if we go to a movie if we were if we made a 2 hour video and we like everything we've ever done even if it was good to other people Chanel projector fake Moore OK Michael get a haircut and a trim this week so mine would be to break routinely break routine feel like you just got married hunting this weekend of ever getting married get you out of here there you go I like that thing you do that go to the same restaurant Burnie ever let you pick an MVP for the year and every fucking hear it harder and harder butt Jack like obviously unless you mean like a hardcore push for like extra life everything with the Demon Hunter getting married and I don't know when you start a weight-loss bad in that I had to stop like it was percentage would pay the other person 20 bucks Jack like decimated me every single week for like 6 weeks to jack up a hundred twenty bucks I'd like to kill myself I can't do that picture of you the other day did you start to lose weight where you were at another good picture of you Dunn and didn't Jack you didn't see that was another one of the sort of my stub Target Lous a little bit of weight so she really didn't like you right now that's always like the feeling of like alright proposal to me I'm feeling bad for being such a Negative person Burnie and not like myself in over a month stop and get some more stuff done that's my mind I feel like it's something that it wasn't responding to my email okay you have Jack with Burnie Nordstrom Burnie mine was going to be but it's not going to be more impulsive you became wildly successful 2003 tennis time yeah it took you 11 years to buy nice car it's probably over $1,000 who is the worst driver I know would appreciate the thought that's right why would I do that because you said you want this what is the height of a mortgage nobody would give me any money in this country make it Tesla that way we're not letting anybody more mistakes I'm going to get her and I said I'm not a car person that drove the truck like a pickup truck that entire time and I had that blue truck as an emerging I got that for 8 years that I was going to change a lot of my life for the right car Tesla I like it a lot this is the key fob for Tesla it is really dumb butt Ryan Dunn big magic in it whatever it is the RFID and I but to put it in yeah it's really creepy and weird it doesn't feel like a car when you walk up to it and recognize you with a lot of cars now but you didn't hear anything you just put it in the driveway that's parking explain everything combinations of key that he can have right what are you doing some of the tests they may be like traditional Keys as well as more competition Tumblr no but that was like 4 minutes I'm working on our project forehead and then he was like computer like after effects to smooth it out over time I got an idea why we and just for whatever reason I had to laugh it was me but the last was like when we can look up shaving your eyebrows and then we looked up at 6:40 wrong it's wrong it's wrong when in the actual Matrix boiler and you like them do that he said everybody here he had a team that was out of this world The Matrix right and I got it right yeah that's what you said you can't be told her to make sure she's up for yourself and show them the pods with all the people and bring all the energy yeah that would carry the actor was in the movie The Matrix in the group on any part of that scene he said everybody here including his eyelashes I don't know bad it would be like in the Wind other things like what I browse to the sweat of your eyes eyelashes out of my mind but now there's a new year NatureBox for great tasting healthy snacks to your door and leave you full and healthy check it out now at NatureBox.com / 5500 high fructose corn syrup and nothing artificial NatureBox 2 NatureBox naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth stop the vending machine Madness next martyr 2014 get a handle on your help and your hunger go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth they were kind enough to send us a sample box you think that it would more than one sample block anyway I can drop them off by the Scavengers if you got a box full of goodies I'm going to have you talk to you guys give me that looks really good call The Nature box.com Tesla 33% off with introducing food to the mail is probably the best invention of my lifetime that's like really enjoy something like that how much does a webshow and I think he's an animal so I guess he was so adamant about little that would be great if you had to show your dog your dog and then take him out Gus and dog Oswald wearing a tie so that's the Ensemble that was the dog that was it crying in the middle the night that I would wake up and take outside but I would not wake up for my pic why do I throw a New Year's party and stuff but like normally the party of his drinking have a good time when she's not fireworks and Katie went outside and she was like hey there's a dog in the house and she's like no I've wandered into the house so someone open the front door and a tiny little white dog walked into her towards the fireworks happening in in the butt Austin Animal Center the next morning but it was crazy 3. No shipping it for a few weeks so I can watch it was stuffed up and had some issues with the Austin Animal Center Austin no kill city which means 90% no kill butt a dog like that is a small can of it was super friendly loving dog in so they don't euthanize dogs they don't euthanize 90% of the time I can get rid of them you know what you can talk about the trade I would really like there's a stray dog with a pic of a dog and I guess they have an officer I've never heard of like dog hair out of it is that what you call it pretty girl pretty girl Target on Dunn pretty girl names can you discreetly get out of here I'll of the races as well I didn't know you remind me a lot of people really sick all weekend I'm saying someone you know also this person whoever it was I'm not sick and I got an extra dog and you got to work City Limits something pretty close to the line or they really care if you suffer so you made a dumb joke on Twitter that night people kept talking asking about Tower Road NHL we can remember that all the way through to let me make a recommendation I don't remember I can't remember talking about when you're leaving I said don't leave me to get a reason to go and I said okay well if you're going to kick you out for leaving so sorry 2013 of me like I'm reliving my only joke you know or my own comment and it's just like he will do that anymore I just remind people that I said that like you know I'm here what you want double the amount of followers I have crazy crazy let your last good shot of that so how big is the population 33 of crazy I was thinking that as well like that that would believe anything in that video my brothers in it and I'm like you should tell George that I made into himself I told him George 1000 - 2000 people who know my real name is George and I really like the people and real name is a fraction nothing if not loyal saving us who really know you were sitting right next to you I don't have anything for me private Key Largo exactly right in your bed instead of like on the floor somewhere when I still lost everything I lost my phone anything for parking deck UNC public drunk Burnie for everything that you're done for that week and a half and it's the only day of the week that I drink drink you drink to get drunk 2 Michael never do that drinking right still like the 2 times we stopped them for I can always talk about the only time I really drink No Doubt did you want your long-term long-distance relationship when you guys something like that living like exhaust thing about driving him cuz we did win three races total in their first two were literally back-to-back and we finished the race got up walked for about 5 seconds ago okay here's your new assignment getting these cars and go there's a photo of me for watching it girl in front of me and Alan Behind the Green islands behind me I know you're trying to go as fast as you can and really low to the ground and it feels like you're going faster and then like there's no power steering in the wheel around there like a little bit like the rhythm of the car and at the end painful blister on one of the most of the time like this feeling stuck in your life it was when you said you telling me you can practice and then we had a qualifier what kind of staggered everyone and it's your bedtime and it based on those time for the final race and it's actually wasn't the first time I made the first him and then I'll be around everybody pass them in my birthday GoDaddy for the back on the right side and that's what they would have to hit the brake to hit that I remember are you finished in fourth place with my position I lost mine if you stayed exactly where the whole race in my eyesight and yes I came in fifth after being ate by mile who was in 76 that sucks so bad we will pass them etdware in 77672 Pastor Adam Baird who is in place and then oh yeah there's a photo from our event Joel K Mitchell came in second in our friend Jeremy came in first downs and 37 2014 Facebook everyone is wishing various people happy birthday arra are talking Mel Gibson is Dan Harmon from Community shared with me the showrunner for Community can do it any day any day I really Dunn what dates are important for anniversaries important like relationship but you know your anniversary relationship show me the games you play but if it would be really cool if I reply to your ETA dude I'm not going to do it right now how old is Monopoly because everyone here every person who tweeted that to me is ok 11 to get a lot of those the car for me I'm sorry you remember that I hate birthdays sing and have cake on birthdays for beautiful fake Dunn in San Antonio with Lous we had a four and a half foot wide Pizza butt thing was enormous probably going to have to show shockingly good Big Lou's Pizza San Antonio that fucking thing spilled grease everywhere I do one nice thing I'm coming back I'm stopped at a red light I looked over I think it feels great and it's now all over the place Jamie Spears now Vietnam and Michael want to see without planes body so he's going to let it Jack pic picture of the mistletoe we're all very sad for you that we planned it we have no idea I'm coming boys taking off his jacket take me to the dumpster Gavin was doing for the podcast at the other it was a Lads Action News team you care for me or they turned out pretty good this week from people all over the world and then flying in the air employment Burnie little showing Dunn now from was 200 we can we get them in the Australian women from a Jedi ship stuck in Antarctica and restore the gift of a Chinese ship comes to save it big of duck prank the last episode there's a of the final shot of the show is a good class photo thing and it's only people walking in for a class photo and there's a guy in the corner where you Tower pimps short you can even like walking 345 times a billion fake teeth and that guy responded to the photos I got it of commission or whatever and like other people in the shower teenage school girl Teenage school girl can you pay yourself summer High Tide Original show according to Karen okay that's what I'm thinking different from that show like that was a character in the name Michael Christ pic of the price they are incredible. Skydiving 2 Planes oh yeah yeah yeah yeah every single person multiple yeah one of them have to parachute in the other one and it's planes were all pretty crazy like that and it was going to help me with in the cabin in an airplane accident bad crazy even to get it Off The Runway in JFK have another like Tiffany New York had engine trouble and had to land I can't wait for me I didn't like it and ask them crashed on Landing but like the people that one person that one porn with mac and airliners like 250 to 300 feet airliners and you get the point of the runway where you can I can you talk to collide but that's just like there's nothing that I can do let me know so I can car that the helpless feeling but you know fucking planes big is a building I mean you can imagine and attraction planes don't use wheel to get excited yeah you right but they're still turning but the other not accelerating no there's no there's no there's no I don't think I like your laugh do they actually put a plane on a treadmill would believe the wheels are you for that point to the treadmill right big country people making out jet propelled you pull up the app for direct Direction with the rest of the stuff you don't even that makes no sense to me Gus you're welcome thank God I've got it right but knowing Austin every every form of social media what's the one thing you've got in this week. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday I've got in the truck and picture of somebody who bought a blinker engine AutoZone a blinker bulb and had water in it they said that they need more blinker fluid cause the thing with half filled and the number 1004 mean butt and every time that thing comes up it like gets brought back up to us like they come back and bring. But that can't last forever and that joke is so old I wonder if when you had that slip up on the podcast if you like but there's somebody else that right before you was the person that everybody comes to actually get the torch Kennedy Center scripting for a planes taking off on the dump truck Birmingham I gotta come back to 2014 starting out of the city but thank you for watching your back is a list of the past life 2 responses on Wednesday at 11:30 o'clock have to live streaming on Monday