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RT Discusses Bathroom Etiquette

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Recorded: 2014-01-14 22:57:09

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones




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Transcript (in progress):

chicken plucker NatureBox we can order great tasting healthy snacks to your door next murder in the new year with healthy and delicious French toast granola for 50% off your first order NatureBox.com / Rooster Teeth podcast huluplus everyone play this week featuring Gus Gavin 20 minutes ago I think it's like every what kind of drug is like carbon monoxide poisoning like you don't know that you're just like everyone tear apart it was just like it was like it was like what the funny part it was just like it was just a funny thought that was like that was to be game of the toilet down he's going down tree how you can redeem it what is the word for engaged are you the point now we can fart it for a little while now what's first part first I loved you first the fart not everyone loves you you can see smell the love compatible smell you're married now but I'm going to have to leave the room when you have to really make it to his potential the Bible sometimes you're a little the only thing with me is I don't really care about the part as in the sound like there's no hiding it it's like if I did something particularly nasty like I know it's going to be bad I'll do her the favor of leaving the room or stepping aside just so like she's not here right now I'll let her know how bad would you like with it bathroom bathroom toilet I'm about to sit down and then sit down and then down in it love you ever done that terrible things like farts it and your face and your ass I don't like but knowing I would be that you are capable of something that's got to be the gassiest office and windows pretty regularly 10000 over time is called of people in it and about 12 computers and consoles trying to figure this out the end indoor living in Texas how do I put a the best can I make allergy CVS drug store here in Austin that's the allergy section everything is just like the fact it was completely empty bed nothing behind the counter there's nothing on the show you that I can become allergic to them for 20 years 15 years ago allergy and I develop cedar allergies and came at you with allergy it would be like to move to Los Angeles right now store in hand I had to get you head out there that like boxing headgear we've had legitimate discussions about your nose like do we have to get you extra big head gear that comes out further if my husband can get broken come from the left of my face cuz then you'll break it. You're going to punch me every Friday for 500 over the weekend the fire department from people that smoke around Austin it was cedar tree that are fucking forced 500 parts for whatever is the normal reading and it was $16 and it's weekend and it broke through my allergy shot I was so arrogant about shots in the baby maker biggest pussy in the world chunks of uniform to wear when they exploded a lot of it on Earth or nearby from whatever how many galaxies away the Superman game that is on planet he would have died like 2 minutes every one of them did Krypton blow your mind it too much did it hurt on Krypton or is it only fuck of Superman because he's in the yellow sun give him a superpower the fucking fuck with them on the planet why did Krypton explode but who knows a lot about Superman being told what the hell description geological condition as originally the position of Krypton Paris explosion Survivor spoiler the baby cow occasionally The Phantom Zone Superman from the first Contact and the fisherman her this weekend that's a cool idea I don't know I just I just sound like a really dragged on and some of the writing was just like so ham fisted like the operating system is cooperating system one and the guys name is to me too as I get it one and two fucking stupid it's just so like have you hand and I felt like all so there was no real conflict it's like oh boo hoo the guy's a little sad I guess and isolated could you get a divorce and he falls in love with an operating system common place in that world like oh yes oh it so you don't fall in love with their operating system which I fell in love with their other friends operating system how to the shark that can eat each other it was really awkward because the screen goes black and I was never more aware of the people I was sitting next to you that would be there like that Scarlett Johansson the voice of the voice wrong name of the film and I didn't think it was weird because everything's a lie the whole movie was a lie that way I don't know I don't know I just assholes of course there are layers beneath the surface that they are very complicated so much for sharing that movie you don't really go back and see later how many reception what's up living in the pauses between words and other things computer computer what is he done Where the Wild Things Are for sale that Michael John Malkovich look different but I just find it hard to respect award shows on The Big Bang Theory Chrisley comes up for like the best comedy you like that The Big Bang Theory her think so I didn't like technology movie or like you know what Nerd movie or anything like that but I mean think about it I thought it was a very good looking to the Future and your future that was designed and done really well but also it was painfully apparent that they did a lot of location shoots but they try to make it all seem like one place and it does not fit so so sorry if I'm it also took me out to dinner and then suddenly you think it's Shanghai in Los Angeles for location and they don't go back and forth between the buildings are illuminated the show stuff in the near future and it's not fucking apocalypse like the normal water or anything the problem we had several more questions to answer premise of it is so far out from a Sci-Fi perspective but Minority Report had a bunch of like really cool like little things in the future that even though I don't know where the cereal box is constantly saying and play and see you and things and have to take it turned off love you and talk to you in her personal life for you I love that kind of stuff as well but an Audi logo on it would you get the car that drives itself the must be nice Gavin trying to make plans to go for a ride home from work and coming to her what's going on special Hunter to tell your things did you see that San Diego Comic-Con has done away with for day or multi-day passes for the 2014 of in multi-day passes have fallen out of San Diego Comic-Con the way the Jets you managed to buy everyday pass when you're on site that will convert it to like A4 day pass like you have to have to buy separately and then only to get all of them are you allowed to trade them in for under the pricing for a full-day the one passes before you have to buy them all I guess like at the bottom of their trying to disperse the check out for supper and try to make them more available or try to make it harder or maybe also they don't want people buying a 4-day pass before I can show up for 4 days but if you want to buy everything even hundred eighty bucks to go there which is pretty fucking price not worth it if you want to see if you wanted to be in a room with a hundred thousand other people great great news your money Diego San Diego Comic-Con all three days and trust me you really actually probably don't then they're going to be like out and about like a lot of travel very far to go to San Diego Comic-Con Diego local thing going around somewhere else wait staff at restaurants around the convention center is like so you know San Diego Comic-Con this is like the busiest time of year for you it was like just like the cheapest thing they can stay as long as possible looks like we're doing like all my parents drop me off and pick me up at the convention closing on his head you are terrible parents never asked we never asked it on the table the trailer down t-shirt her what to do about Wolverine it couldn't be female that is really cool somebody who would regenerate and the all the same guys were very excited that she would regenerate her hymen every night and I forget what the fuck you talking about it was like what the fuck Gavin just came up to the same conclusion Shelf tonight let us it the Curiosity so I can think about Wolverine Batman it was not True Blood was it was about your blood yes it was about True Blood is the redhead in True Blood I think you get turned into a vampire of the show where she's from Krypton it was about her and it was like yeah he thought she was of age she had with this show and there's speculation that because she had slept with anybody in the show that she was a virgin and therefore she would regenerate her hymen and he specifically went to that it was like one of the creepiest thing I've ever seen True Blood final season Game of Thrones season 4 trailer yesterday yes I finish I'm sorry to hear that how far ahead the show how many thousands of years is it going to take me from what I've heard Thrones seven seasons of the show really get on that I don't know interview 2006 10000 1300 book the craziest thing you've ever read before that might be like Krypton formula Stevenson book I think I was it and I was like I think I was like around 1112 hundred pages what's yours Einstein Industrial but it might actually it was probably it was Stephen King's It Stephen King The Stand Monster Blood by RL Stine the book I'm reading the book another one of the other but I did take the book with me I'm playing but sometimes it's like reading so just switch it to my it I just shut my eyes for a bit at the same time huluplus you probably tried hulu.com huluplus is so much more with huluplus you can watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere huluplus let you watch thousands of hit TV shows and movies in the living room or on the go with your smartphone or tablet with huluplus you can watch your favorite TV shows like SNL Jimmy Kimmel Live Shark Tank of Scandal watch every episode of shows like lost Law & Order SVU Doctor Who and Community you can also check out exclusive content including Hulu Originals like the wrong man behind the mask who is new docu-series that takes you inside the World of Sports mascots will get access to a collection of free movies and kid contact for the 799 a month catch up on current shows based on Old favorites or catch great movie streaming TV shows and movies as you want wherever you want right now you try Hulu Plus for free for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth that's a special offer for her listeners does Hulu plus.com / huluplus store extended free trial Hulu Plus right now Amy Poehler and Tina Fey it because they were so funny last night was one of those things yourself to make it enjoyable that's amazing and the opening monologue I don't remember but none of the new team on July 1st remember right now death is easy comedy is hard or this of trailer boots who's the richest person in the world locked up I totally understand that that was weird on camera if you can like you can try them like you can go for probably like an hour probably but that's what I would say that who plays and I'm trying to go how long could I go maybe for a minute and I do like all right so he's playing that well I mean there's like an Aventador TX allergy going to be about 5,000 people don't see Michael we need to get up there and talked for like a minute or you got to get up to talk for 15 minutes which one of those is harder to you you know I don't know what the hell I would say in a minute yeah I need more time and you need more time it in front of five thousand people there scared shitless Belleville every single word of it but it's like I got Michael Bay he gets into his apartment on the first time I got of the public speaking normally it doesn't mean a naturally talk show host depend on the fact that I was impressed at how quickly they handed them a paper script they have any Michael Bay explosions stage blows up behind them look it up I don't know they're coming with him he was there who's there mini tragedy this morning before we go and let me bring you come to you don't put two pieces of string what that things are going well that was what I was referencing this delicious drink called Riot point where it's just vanilla vodka and Sunny D and ice and I thought I loved you so you know drink and ride the the average of the black out percentage for Riot punch of about 85% so thank you very much I just bought like one of those containers from Walmart where you guys the the little clock in nozzle at the end and then we'll use that for all the punch and Gavin the baby and he always carries it every time we go to the baby hand I don't know the my break so I just press it the rest of it you're right you're right and I want to make it to know maybe I'm crazy but there's a difference to me between life normal see you making hot tea and then you cool it like put in the fridge or something and I store things from my cabin and probably work I made it all work put in the fridge whatever it in the baby Brighton lacrosse room to hold bottom is fucking melted like inside of itself they completely imploded of self and this is what happened after I split in half the board itself and just melted the plastic already ruined it fucking club and I like those tiny little balls like barely the size of a baseball but completely murdered the bay is that was a lie allergy the dishwasher was running the kitchen and try her it was going to get some water this month so I was just washer was in the drive cycle washer overthinking everything up so he opened up the dishwasher he pulled out a glass then went over to the fridge and put the cold water in it and then held onto it and he was holding it it literally just exploded in his hand from the change and survive somehow away from him Huckleberry careful you don't ever see the first Fantastic Four movie that's how they got him I missed it I'm sad to say what do they like melted in it and then the other not good for people to sleep but I don't think I have all the time I laugh every time the Phantom digital X in the free-flowing like I'll be running away so you can catch him like me to run and then I fall over and I can remember the first one Mass Effect 3 if I get some pretty cheap it's like 6 left with the bullshit I finish it will be the only franchise that hundred percent all the games in the Halo it when they released it and then they would put of deals do they have an affection metal that was fucked up controversy it would have never thought that she would be Overkill but was bought for the house and I got it in 18 but I think it's only 5 players in the playlist at the time he had to kill every single person in the game and somebody dropped the bubble Shield drop the bubble shield with the Oddball I said fuck it rain in there killed him pick up a ball then got a triple kill with the ball was pretty excited about it myself afterwards definitely allergy cool you can roll up how did Christian do it if you roll doubles to hand in the back but it wasn't actually in it that came out of the forced Perspective game where they took stuff it's going to be so hard to explain or put a link to it but it's a pic of a piece from the screen and it's far away tomorrow and then that big and I put it down like on the table next to you and then if you take that same chess piece and you pick it up and you said it down the world out there it's not big on the screen but you walk towards you so it's like it's like almost like the way you play with me not to mention remind me a lot of the game call Tag which is the game that the paint is based on in Portal baby was a it was a guy's t-shirt with a group that made Student project where they had a gun they would paint the walls you could like jump off the paint or speed up the paint and Associates Incorporated hydrophobic the bridges and stuff that you can look up on the way to it but that wasn't really like way too much just too much having a lot of fun a lot of like small downloadable games on Steam lately that's like I guess I'll just keep games to play now I'm doing it this week so this week about best games of the year for 2013 have a lot to argue about it a little earlier if you want the full experience Wednesday and Thursday so she's gone home Brothers it keeps getting colder so there's a lot Minecraft I feel I think the problem I suffer with Starbound is it still too early access is not enough tutorial in the toilet it was awful it's like it just needs to be fleshed out but I just can't do anything special eyes San club Houston the house and fucking time to do anything Source Filmmaker now is anybody store Store free download cool it in Steam there's a whole section for tools and the only thing I have in there is forced filmmaker and that's it I don't know what else would go in tools Garry's Mod is listed as a game picture of you make her work on all games or the just-announced horse games or is it just that particular hammer on previously anything The Source engine ice maker you mad at me yesterday it was restricted to one game and listen direct it is I'm making drinks at my apartment afterwards you should come over I don't think so I don't know why I'm asking you I was one of the last great what time was it it was at least one at least remember what's the proper way to get rid of them the real question from earlier today in a long-distance relationship so I think that heightens like the time you get like more intense like we got it going otherwise if that happens there oh it's a good idea if you have an incredibly private and intimate section of my tree for the first time you absolutely the CC on Facebook what are you doing 55802 brother don't be talking about it we're more than recently that all the time like you ask you to do something anyways you're such a fucking anybody there show cedar tree the lawyer so when do you put when do you put a her I go to the go to the lobby the hotel Builders I have been back at my house so you're both woken up it's the morning it's the bathroom don't have any tattoos it yes you got us that I'm told from an anonymous viewer that he has his own pooping bathroom bathroom toilet can both use the sink at the same time and then it's pretty normal black ones brushing your teeth the other is getting their hair ready or whatever and I have no problem I will not ship like yours if she's over at the same Bay Area waste out of my asshole her privacy I don't have my own pooping bathroom I don't see it in the bathroom in the morning hello Time Life writing Republic lately we've had a problem with people using the bathroom here and just like leaving streaks in the bowl too much fiber or what but I mean toilet destroyed it tools and utensils that are needed right there on the road at Cliff Road toilet of the Pooh what is there streaks First Step it's like you walk in and there's somebody else's streaks like that because if I'm going to pay you whatever anyway he's down the ball toilet your welcome did you did you did your duty Marines pic why why would anyone who's not a part of them came from the star cuz if you need food in order to fuel the Regeneration can eating so that he can't grow back after hope you like having a fat Reserve to like girls stomach look like him love him if I the guy in the first X-Men movie when I saw you with that guy yeah yeah Google can Wolverine get drunk can Wolverine get drunk that's the question you say no there isn't the question has no answers for anything all they do is post a question that he was compelled the question the question why you such an asshole but I'm really not sure I can't find it typing that I don't know what I'm not going to because I have been in the book the rest of your life wondering especially when you can use game packs and I'm going message for some stuff remember all the time either I would just take them out of the question or I would ask question but again like I said he was supposed to be I got to his boss that it is here to fucking question and the only time someone to reply like did you try doing this I think that might work but I'm not really sure cuz I haven't played the game yet are you doing here that's where they all are you don't have anywhere that might be the most inefficient waste of money ever created party themes like you would just document itself and it would never stop but she just goes away and there was 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like it or do you have to be like a fucking asshole it like for 10 minutes ethyl ether cream and in the way when I didn't want a cookie or not sometimes I look and I realize I have fucking 20 like remnants of Oreos left in front of me and I just eating all the creative stuff in the middle again vegetable oil The Joker the fucking cream I doubt it dude there's something in there that I like dream in there that's forced to put inside the cream of the crop Social Club Corbin's no Oreos chocolate one friend in the neighborhood Gus things to put milk into bags of Christmas while eating with us Rice Krispies encounter he had a trampoline and we placed him to eat the rest love my God we just emptied like tons of raisins on the trampoline and someone had to leave that front like with their arms by the sides and the other person without them and all the races Xbox One to play with the raisins yeah probably so the answer is yes I was talking to my soda and drink Coca Cola because it would like to rupture and explode like a volcano about the different kind knock-off Oriole look at you get Oreo there's tons of companies that make a cookie that's like an Oreo but if you don't get an Oreo it safe the one thing you just can't replicate that can't get it right it's just a chocolate cookie with some white in the middle the worst one time I had to buy was knocked out of Band-Aid brand and it's all right they're absolutely nobody else to do it 2711 Bay like the temperature in the time to clear the best thing about the formula for Coke and tried to tell the people you say I think people would notice how insulting would that be to tell you the formula for tree like a fucking asshole the great somebody has somebody got cereal and somebody else wants what they can't have it you can give me whatever you do don't give you the fucking bird with the rabbit Trix cereal it's like a fucking it 9% and 1% it's like we have the serial we must deny it from everyone else he's right here pic of Thrones goddamn cereal they had to keep it cuz he was trying to fucking NFL Cocoa Puffs gets it he did but he goes fucking each it in the bud chicken ass kicked by the top to the neighborhood so they can give them to other places frosties Frosted Flakes cereal Frosted Flakes between sugar and me the fucking crazy store in which form with the kangaroo on it I think the big bag with a kangaroo like the generic they change the cereal and it looks like a massive outcry they change the name but we had to add something like Lucky Charms they would add the purple horseshoe and there's a big thing. What do you call the Rice Krispies chocolate chocolate Rice Krispies cute things like oh yeah a lot of America in the coke they made New Coke New Coke in the mid-eighties and why the fuck did you change Coke Cola it the number one drink in America one out of every seven drinks consumed in the world of Coca Cola and they change the formula - Coke and everybody with their ship and they brought it back to Coca-Cola classic now but they changed the formula between where they took Coke off the market Coke a cola the market and they reduce Coca-Cola classic and that's when they made the move from having sugar in Coca-Cola having high fructose corn syrup that's when they made the movie The Company tens of millions dollars a year in production of Coca-Cola and you couldn't tell if you haven't had it in a while to have back-to-back and that's what people like Coke the switch in the formula high fructose corn syrup but they put the middle to everyone love to know when I'm done at love to know their secret how companies recruit not only can you not tell but you would enjoy it you're like that like you would be to do something like oh yeah this is like crazy lately Southwest flight landed at the wrong Airport how many people have to make a mistake that happened in airport 7 miles over the posted like a Runway barely long enough for them to land at in Branson Missouri but there at like some of the airport and that airport if it's so small doesn't normally accommodate the size until after they landed the password on the plane for two hours because they had no way to get off the plane they can take off again there was no they couldn't take off their love for each other airport special her if we should be carrying the fuselage of another plane in it and I had landed and they stay there overnight so I don't know if this long to figure out that communicate with the actual time right now 1420 Southwest like there's no power at the airport where they landed hello anybody there I'm going to come on somebody move the tower the runway just like it looks like Burnie I know it's a baby do I go to Google go to Google Gavin or Google it out hey I still have 3 or 4 Gavin Free and the search engine Google and which one can come back with the most ridiculous question Gavin from his brain and Google from the autocomplete of all the searches made using a three or four word phrase all across the world every day on Google the search engine who said it or Google I'm totally excited I am like you I am her the picture of the meeting with Gus he's a picture of a wheel of a plane on the ground I was going to have PTSD from it you made my night was good everyone in the world wrong airport because I can't get any more points because the plane flies on the same path every single time something to me I'm glad that's of my planes not pissing about with apps on their iPhone over Phoenix Arizona the plane is it within not announce it with of itself on the previous plane they have special to me that's even with the computer that's wrong Airport grocery technology her man what were the ground I was picking flowers on the plane I'm really into picking the best ccon place now because I'm planning I can pick anything up so I'm going to pick my next flight how to La this last time in Vegas were not there for the word show me what with the film crew recently asked him well I guess you have to change your flight translate the phrase na na... One of the things came back and said can a Catholic Marry a Christian and a Catholic can a stalactite become a stalagmite if it falls I would agree with you our answer on her new screen and it's like I don't like my Twin Falls Gavin whatever. What do you think about that what you mean by without what you thought oh he said Kenny and you said still like my psychiatrist and I just think it's funny because I was going to go with that because we had a conversation about that maybe even the last two or three weeks in a lot of blood birthday Gus baby lie down in words definitely I'm going to say Gavin Gavin asked why they don't lie down what do you say just to be contrary I'll stay fly tonight and let you know the answer why don't birds ever lay down what do you like that and you can do that like that and then go to bed like that like on an egg and it cool down pic you can see me allergy but I'm not sure how familiar you are with all the different letters of the world but there are ostrich skin boots it like wallets and things were there people looking ostrich skin I don't know what it's like not really her skin looks like they have the ostrich it would have to be a tough mother fucker alive ostrich Chicken Machine how do you invent a machine that plucks buy this from chicken really chicken it in the machine at rudys BBQ rudys machine ever thought we go to rudys with somebody that hasn't been there before 1 it's like awesome barbecue and then to do stick your hand in this hole it'll blow your mind the yellow sticker on the first Doritos commercial Doritos finger cleaner hand you feel like your hands are clean S4 lock the Orange Coast College Club 4H hotel management the baby likes to go to school because I need to go to the rodeo works like this part of the process they go to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo then we can get a cab and they would raise the cap for like a year or two years and then take it back and show it at the Livestock Show and Rodeo it was a big prize whoever won their Kowloon the best in show or whatever and you like that congratulations if the animal dies before it's of the fail crime scene videos of like people serving sushi in the fail I wouldn't do that so let's just wait Social Club is an agricultural Club if you have a lot of people are very heavily involved in 4H probably the reason I was born encounter pic for me to fucking tiger costume it was wrong with you it looks so good and then he gets caught like right in my chest like I'm pushing it down the wrong hole and get an x-ray the doctor like dr. Jones spaghetti strainer in your chest dog with a comical one like it was ridiculously big dog has long hair so it was okay that I did not like the white ones in the food off of it how do you make a rawhide bone her foot her mother will use to eat those and it looks like glue on the carpet cuz he's on the carpet and then it would like over the carpet and it would Harden and turn into like he was with the carpet swallowed all the wood under stomach inside step I was telling Gavin about this I found out about this Wednesday she got her over Christmas you got one of those dumb like scented warmers right where it is it's kind of like a like a candle but there's a light bulb in the side and then the top is black and we turn it on it turns into like a liquid and it's like an aroma for the room and then we turned it off it was just hard and again back into the wax but I didn't know but it's a light bulb before and I thought it was a fucking candle the one night you know she left it on and she sleeping and I was going to bed I'm turning everything off and I'm looking at it and I forgot to turn the candle off so I picked it up I felt it and I'm holding it and I just kind of look at the candle and I'm just staring at a light bulb for 5 seconds what is Burning Man wing it I threw wax all over the fucking wall my walls all over the carpet it's fucking pink wax it's everywhere and it's like 1:30 in the morning and she sleeps in the room so the morning I'm leaving at 1:30 morning how the fuck do I get wax out of carpet and an iron right and it'll just take a paper bag and put a paper bag or paper towel on top of the iron the other side of it and it'll liquefy again in the back pic it up and iron blow drying the carpet and I did the same thing it said I had a paper towel but these it was working but not as well liked and couldn't get the last little bit of it but I'm just holding the fucking blow drying up to the paper towel but then it started causing smoke and I stop my fucken fire alarm for it supposed to her and then all of the it was 2 o'clock in the morning and every smoke detector in my heart I left those messages I was you can the best you can make while you are solely responsible but it's so big that you have to take a minute to take him what you've done to move all the furniture where do I stop I'm so annoyed I don't know which bit to clean fast irritated over like a plastic Shelf Twilight now I love you are You Ready for Love Gavin question yes that's what is a human could a human could a human cry at the drive-in it was one of the responses the other was could a human actually survive inside of a whale Steven cries out to the point of dehydration I don't think so thank you the person live in a whale like whales throats are big enough for a human to get through practice getting by that I mean if you bring a backpack with some food in it probably the stomach right it was like a very limited supply of water yeah but it doesn't like go up in the air I mean right in the lungs not the stomach hurts really bad but we're not under any time I'm going to say Gavin can a human cry I'm going to go in survival store Pinocchio I'm a little disappointed in myself honestly that I didn't get Gavin 343 cuz I sit next to him and I start to cry I cried enough how much I changed it and the first thing that was not the story of Jonah from the whale in the Bible it was Jonah and the whale seafood buffet in Ocean City her my guess would have been something to VeggieTales all you can eat buffet what are you feeling being swallowed by whale with a knife would be one of the coolest entrance swallowed by a whale with a knife 12 the whole pic melted it done that would be the scariest thing you could have cut themselves Battlefield 1 the way through well with what you throw away with an absolutely Billy Billy Billy by the way have you ever seen the of a whale how big is this like this little.light the biggest man ever lived right now it's pretty cool the biggest Thing That Ever Walked on the earth is it would have been nice if you ever lived in the world every nursing what do the next podcast from inside a blue whale usually given the choice right now we can go to the aquarium and we could see one in an aquarium or Ocean or eat one right now beat it before you eat it that's why stage a living stage and comes back into play a blue whale is so incredible could you come it out without killing the county the county mecuricome you and your fine afterwards but you wouldn't get away it itches later if your body is getting rid of blood it makes you bleed more it was my first time Arizona instruments Buy podcast