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Rt Discusses Childhood Memories

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Recorded: 2014-01-21 23:05:43

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Transcript (in progress):

new podcasts onto my bar we can come to your door next mother in the new year with healthy and delicious French toast granola Puerto star champion 50% off your first order NatureBox Dr NatureBox.com / RoosterTeeth this episode of the podcast GoDaddy time and GoDaddy Health Online your website to 95.5 to get your time for just 295 some limitations applies to website here we are miss you podcast Gavin and Gavin especially for our weekly ritual how does the hymen what you are asking photos of My Little Pony Google time in I don't Google day worse than we did last week we told a starting point and I tried to like you you wait for me cuz I can tell the point you're making I want to point out that there was a really creepy article years and years ago the local film was reading about the TV show Heroes the young cheerleader female character character he had the ability to heal that was a super power and he said it was like a I don't know what every time it was and tissue membrane thing but apparently it doesn't break one's been tweeting me that it but you know how it works female part of the anatomy got your message let's be clear day for clarity but I didn't I just don't how I thought I knew but apparently it moves I thought it was buddy buddy when you're ignorant than Barbara I don't know I don't know I have no idea. I'm nervous now than I was last weekend so did you read this right before I'm changing the subject by the way I don't know if you know this but I was really develop the developers of the Candy Crush game that has now filed a trademark on the word candy your approved for a trademark on the word candy been used in gaming film educational software and closing so now they're going after every app on the app store that has the word candy in it and if we take down what they were awarded a trademark or copyright on something and then copyright trademark something people for a trademark and registered trademark u.s. government did not tell them that you're registered trademark there to have a tough time defending that it was approved by the US patent and trade office order trademark and registered trademark on Wednesday and it is a they have it their claim for the trademark was approved now I'm not a lawyer but there was a trademark for anything looks like I work for a company before you cannot alter a logo if it's registered trademark because that in a way Waters down the protections they have the meeting at trademark even if it's a slight change in the color or put an outline around you can do anything I change the font size change the distance between the graphic logo and the actual text you any of that stuff so ready or trademark a very very big deal and you know someone who's selling cotton candy and it says that on the packaging is that an infringement intended would you like Candy Crush makes by the way is going after people of the trademark includes games and software Educational Services and clothing so I guess Bill me I was wrong about the trademark otherwise you have to go after it because if you let it go by and you knew about it then there you have it closing Google public record movie files are ready to register trademark for Rooster Teeth and they would call the cops right leg and which is the return into together or you don't understand but we getting ready for the trademark to be used for what your going to say we're going to use this logo was always closing the primary application closing argument filed against them and they were using in closing so yeah that's all that's your your lesson on registered trademarks and US patent law for this week all the way from anyone as a result of you if I can bring that out we're all very disappointed your day but you're just a jackass I appreciate him bringing it to work best iOS you should see how excited he was that he had a cold Red Bull I can drink closing how do you know there haven't been gold thread bolt into pic is it really that important like happy reaction that company and stuff breaking day one and I just keeping around 350 six months is a bigger than you should return it was something I know when Brandon I turn around he's broken and I said did you put anything in the safe before the door broke I'm going to go I don't know did you put anything in that state and you just couldn't answer it so we had to figure out a way to get in the safe to see if there's anything inside of it and then be the problem was Death Row I Remember the handle broke right like to have one of those handles return and it's like you turned it in there just like Snapped off 90 pounds will be safe made out of solid metal and plastic gears that was difficult Dunkin Donuts Trek trash you put in the dumpster if I can fix it it's a better place to throw away old furniture or like object like the front yard my front yard through our house then they stopped in the front yard and then they just drove off to work install the guy's truck so we drilled a hole all the way to the freezer or in a big ass chain through the whole dumpster and then change the guy's Grill I know I always got I don't have to call the police after dumping you drill the holes for drilling a hole Knox College West Campus University alright come on over there completely absolutely absolutely bring them out there building the happy grass lawn dead ounces Truckers call Judy Carr you know if you like to meet up sometime day still has to happen probably probably don't know much about it. We couldn't have kid parties in a member anymore they would let me know can be in a way party can barely talk about if you don't return the group called the IFC fraternity Council and it was something called fipg which is a fraternal Insurance Trek can you still have a little party to go to a party and get drunk they would go home and they would hurt themselves and then they would say these guys serving beer out of a keg I didn't know how to drink and it's their fault it happened on time have a good time but there was a couple do to protect their lives ruined I mean if they're like a couple guys like Collins throwing a party because it looks like a business and it looks like an organization for a couple million bucks coming out of college drunk I want to see was paralyzed but he was he was hurt really bad and so he said the guys that serve beer at a party and they will come in everybody I did think about you like it's okay I wasn't really I can't really I mean 8 foot diameter baby got out and then what you thought you're being honest with me and I went to go jump in and I thought you left and I was on the phone 1 week before graduation I had a girlfriend that night and I didn't tell her that I'm buying you flowers the death of candy lipstick your phone I get a walking cast and I but my friends like it was such a short amount of time I just a crazy point your life a bunch of my friends didn't know I had broken my leg your graduation everybody was like having the ball Jam On It never broken it when I was a baby I got dropped on my head and like I feel like all the way back to drop me off and I feel like the 1st right onto the door jamb your mom my mom my mom had this giant balloon Bollywood films met that I'm remembering I don't know how far back do you remember I remember when I lived in Austin moved away from Austin when I was three I remember Lego into the Hancock Center and like waiting in park like down by the courthouse downtown I was walking around the park down by the Toy Story which covalent collaborative memory over time what is it from what I remember I can't remember seeing a bookcase with a glass door and like closing myself in it when I was about to I don't know if that was me now there Dr your friend you have that store I don't remember which friend like everyone in my life right now maybe that I breach that everyone else is fast memory and everyone here thinking about you how far back you Murray Barbara I remember when I was blowing bubbles at my friend house and their memory before your memory is a weird thing like I have some article about it but I feel like when you don't have language yet there's no way to store the memory that's like how much is um it's right but how do you describe the image if you don't have language to language remember image we didn't know we couldn't call the pyramids anything blank like that Fort Worth building to know if you should have 3 images and then show them 1 because you can't write you can't store those memories of ways to describe how do you dog learn Trek candy pic the cutest cat ever really truly happened I don't feel like those are many people been raised by wolves the river there ever really been a truly documented authentic queso that happened in Word of Mouth I think it's real it's real 94 American drama film starring 35301 what the fate of the field first time after being raised by her mother and I played can never mother that would be sign language and remember things adult language memory pavlovs dog Lego let all his dog it was in the everything in the World War 2 Russian invasion of Germany like before the fighting on the Eastern Front something about pavlovs dog came up and I Learned was pavlovs dog food 51 Eastern is actually I guess it's tough you can see pavlovs dog really loves dog has little dribbles dead you don't get discouraged don't know what time love you can you know right away did they start writing as cat makes me think of that I think he was on his motorcycle he was helping someone the Killer and I think it was North Korea actually remember where but they had him like 8 so people could see that he was dead because he was so feared by so many people that they wanted to see like proof that he was actually dead Kim Jong time Kim Jong South Korea why does it feel like a couple weeks ago there was an upheaval I guess into Kim Jong 1 Gator Circle he ordered the execution of his uncle death 1 of the rumor of how it was done I don't like him and like some other people and then them to a pack of like $40 for 3 days but I think I don't know that there's really no way to escape yeah that's all that's what I told him in happier news I saw today that JJ Abrams announced that the script for the new Star Wars is finished and I never there gold in how many inmates I guess you're going back to the UK to continue to Phil bar JJ Abrams said yes you have liked a lot of his TV shows you like a like a like a like some of his TV shows I feel like if I wasn't a big fan of I can't think of them right now and I was not driving Phil happy boy I can talk shit about the second part movie I thought it was I liked it not like that they can Star Trek I loved it but I was really original movie facts maybe maybe not movie Snow I guess I'm not I kinda like frozen today you said you didn't like it I thought it was really I really want to have a closing I'm I'm I'm really excited to see you JJ from Star Wars movie I feel like my expectations after being hurt with the previous Three Star Trek movies are Star Wars new Star Wars movie come out trailer fighting with 1 I mean like he does that and it's been sitting there like this thing with the other side comes out daddy like oh my God how to toy that death which should have been that way too and maybe Gavin had a really good time happy meal at McDonald's Happy Meal toy review this guy all the time the coolest to the devastation of a store mean anything Yankees vs. Blue time of the movies I felt it here dude for the stream did not work purposefully obscured for many many years yes that's what you were talking about Star Wars the time that was for movie trailers I remember when that trailer came out if you want to watch it online if you wanted to see it look bigger than the smallest size you have Quicktime Pro trailer new used responsive to pay where to pay to watch them in bigger now but this is paid to watch commercial device to remind everyone that your great idea and put your idea online GoDaddy 1 your transfer.com for the low price of 295 what are your building your dream business or starting a website for fun GoDaddy.com and enter code rooster 295 check out it's go-time some limitations apply see website for details you like that a great day for a new or transfer.com domain name go time daddy taking a week and a half I Star trailer for that the other day and when I first RT the trailer this looks like the dumbest thing in the world and then by the time trailer South I actually get Lego Batman and Wonder Woman he played the Hell in a Lego game with JD like his whole life who played Lego games I like to I like Lego especially the Traveler's tale I can make The Tell-Tale traveler's tale who makes the Lego games they are like to me on the levels like Warner Brothers Looney Tunes of making humor the kids appreciate that adults have a different player that I like very few people can do that on that level of Green Lantern Superman Wonder Woman Phil Jonah Hill Channing Tatum Alison Brie Elizabeth Banks Chris Pratt Morgan Freeman Will Ferrell Liam Neeson le Trek cast together like who's the first person who said you know you don't like could you get that one first person like Morgan Freeman I mean information Pete Lego slide pic so yeah it's a really different so it's not like stuff like build a frame deconstruct rebuild it star Nell Kim Sledgehammer music video Peter Gabriel vid I took $800 to make that he wasn't himself he was lying down with this Facebook thing all people stop motion around him and I think it took forever 21 who makes data Closing Time music video basically bring down the middle vertical and they fell two stories are Time 1 forward and 1 reverse and they meet in the middle and it's similar vid scene that directed their name what it's like in the 1 time they meet in the middle closing to Bill what did I do still like at 1.8 billion and 1.8 billion for a long time Riders of Icarus what Gangnam Style views where they were like a 1.9 billion point from a 1.8 and I've had that up on my screen and Carrie came over to ask me a question and I go 1.88 billion 517 problem if you got to find what's your musical talent I can't think I can't think of like the intercut 3 minutes or two and a half minutes with telling your story but other things and came up with a couple different ideas small type everything that I don't have an office like I haven't talked to her in 2 years into crowd at the time was that I have a desk I never death in every way you text me recently said hey did I leave that piece of paper on my desk and I was like let me go and check around where is the death now let's have no idea but that's what I do then I learned that my can blood a match from almost across the room he directed Breathless like that and then you just say like met we still going to time I went well we were going to go out on Match before it finished and I think we'll the crap that what's the stuff look up the striker stuff on the tip of the met before it finished and we couldn't put it can you blow hard enough to put it out or just completely go away I might be able to stop it Phil find find like actually ran out of can movie review can go that way I would I would if I can bring that in mind the safety of mr. Gavin Free over here into the lab your professional and can handle as well I'm awful ladies Middleton Middleton Idaho I'm one of those people that if I hear a song I like I listen to that one song over and over and over again like to eat and then if you do it again I'm like everybody's nightmare no I don't think so but maybe death into the lame is Rob soundtrack for the movie Which movie was really good I didn't expect you to not like it trailer today in history June 4th no he wasn't Kim Closing Time movie Phil Irish dude Colin Farrell that's right you only movie what does verse for Comfort but really he's a dude from everything pretty much English but there was something about the King speech Aussie always feel like your bored in a movie I'm looking for here Gavin Australian TV shows Blue Heelers Snowy River the McGregor Saga paperback hero erskineville Kings Oklahoma and then X-Men neighbors but the point Reserve new version of it turn down the street version of 1 to 10 the Western Australian academy of performing arts of Edith Cowan University in Perth Australia I want to go on a movie called with Nicole Kidman in Lord of the Rings costume and he would travel on foot for days to get the location so that he will travel 1 really into captivity very natural it was also a moment in the second movie where he gets annoyed me kick the helmet and then screamed but he was screaming because he broke his foot when he kicked the helmet like I think I like it the part where a Leo DiCaprio explain his hand on Google and has blood coming from it and he actually smashes the glass inserts to believe but kept going with it that's really that's really recommend it I did not like it or if you'd like anything wrong with the movie I hate Bradley Cooper I thought he was really good in American Hustle all the time the Good Feet store open till alias makes you think anything's going to happen sometime thing wrapped up every story arc and a half into the show and it wrapped up everything was dark on that Super Bowl episode and then it was like every story but that is totally different it's like I guess I could maybe trying to retool the series and make it like more animatrix like I may just change things change all the time opening lingerie High stockings and garters for myself this weekend because I always liked it and I'm just looking for one right now and then I see the mother I never seen a single one if I don't know how to describe it somewhere between like friends and the Big Bang Theory was over here before we started the podcast she's reading the an upcoming project script she's like oh my God so into it so it sounds like it's something that we're working hard March 31st January 17th 2014 wow good IMDb No no I'm not doing that I named it years ago I never really got it 40th it was that the number 40 show in America Dead shows on TV now what is the record for the biggest deal in syndication for Lego show at the Four Seasons and everybody saw that it was like a lot of money down the road yeah you do you want Rico crazy things that are in the movie Being John Malkovich that the actor on the pyramid on the side of the freeway on the road that scene where was it where the guy leaves at the window goes heads up Malkovich into the can and hit him in the head told him script of the mountains in the head impressive things while I was at it was really wasn't no apparently they had to pay him as a result because he gave himself I think it's in the movie they had to give him some extra Trek EP met your candy there goes the Boom still looks like that would be something to watch the scene and it's really cool and I think they're going to have to try that Fort Jackson I don't know there's like it's a blessing that he was also very scary thing first movie what you said in the commentary does up to anybody else or if you don't then he says on the contrary everything everything on the floor he used to work downtown before work building downtown that building had a half floor I don't like documents like you would go to you take the elevator it was a fifth and a half floor take the elevator to the 5th floor staircase either have a floor down and it was like a locked door in the staircase happy and you can open it up and get him there I just like the movie Fort how I feel in the movie to stop the left and then left the door open and get out on the 24th 30/8 and a Half street what does that mean into 30394 time with you how to do that it's not a full Block it's really confusing because you are like east of 35 and 30th and a Half street can you drive when you hit like Red River Insurance 38th Street then when you hit the more it turns into 35th Street do not turn off the street when you go from 34/2 to 38/35 what was going to be the most Street 2nd Street actually no different movie she's into everything is Peachtree the same problem last time we were in Atlanta what do you mean South Congress South Congress Street South bar and I don't tell people soundtrack cigarette on South laughter but use me in Aussie you got the same problem that I do when somebody sick what did the congress Congress Nazi 601 East corner of Sixth and Congress and it was like 3 different freeways that's why you never yes the capitol is where Congress Your Way North for Congress Lamar is the river Lamar ok what do you say I'm sorry I'm saying that Congress is South Congress to the Capitol but Lamar become South Lamar south of the river and North Lamar North I maybe maybe South 12th Street lost into sending your work doing you a favor so your welcome I think we talked about last week I had on my list of things I want to talk about was the fact that Google bought nest for 3.2 billion dollars that's double the cost of $2 Google I know how much more complete information that Google nest is $100 coupon guy shows up saying that now you're saying that now apparently though nope I'm just I'm just old and I've lived through this and it's like I'm not like people go I can watch like they're all the cable companies out of business she is hell and then returned all of our information over to the NSA if it's like getting me in trouble in trouble here they recently had an excitement with a turned-over photos over to turn over from the legal order to turn over photos and content from Snapchat ever 500 million dollars somebody for five hundred million dollars in 23 year old kid does not worth a billion billion dollars to Nowhere into here and he's a multi-billionaire turn down that two billion dollar offer from Yahoo saying they were worth more than that and it time we 1 billion dollars and they rejected it I want to turn down 3 billion if you turn it down your verse be 1 billion dollars the first thing that you would do trying to find out to Martin put it 1 cash and trying to climb to the Moon how big would that be like a lot of cash in twenties maybe how far is the Moon to 1,500 dollars II have is a hundred hundred $10,000 check and there's in a million dollars there's my man this so there's a hundred JJ met Gavin have $100 you make a hundred thousand stacks of money about that all that you're looking at the moon with the 1 okay then another country time set so I will not go to my gallery what am I doing this episode of the podcast is brought to you by NatureBox curbing your appetite doesn't get any easier just because you make a New Year's resolution to lose weight when 3 p.m. hunger pangs that you can tough it out and get cranky lightheaded or you can hit the vending machine and pack on the pounds but now there's a third option next mother in the New Year sign up to NatureBox for great tasting healthy snacks sent right to your door I'm not talking about rabbit food pic French toast granola Salted Caramel Pretzel pops dark cocoa almonds and more design review full and healthy check it out now at NatureBox.com / RoosterTeeth your Find 0 trans fat 0 high fructose corn syrup and nothing artificial NatureBox shipped for free just like me for this right now try your first order NatureBox at 50% off by going to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth Let's NatureBox.com / RoosterTeeth stop the vending machine Madness Knox Martin 2014 get a handle on your health and your hunger go to naturebox.com classroom Barbara cracking up around its neck have you ever seen this is one of the most amazing Alias sometimes you drop something sweet and then I'll just be a labor and I need to crap out of it I was once the school and I'm going to take 20 minutes to pick something up ahead Dr toy store woman Phil a vending machine and slam the door but I think the luck with slightly out the door just like I bring it back to him and I was like 4 people here that they turned around it was just like everything was going images of swamp I was going it was like a time lapse of bug the end of met people when given a sense of an ending having it out but if you leave death I made a mistake and I didn't lock it right claw Dead pic let's go it was fighting you help woman and the other someone else is going to help that person I don't have to try to beat the shit out what's the weather I have seen that it's all good we're not going to put this but this crazy man attacks woman and stabbed her 26 times while they're just people like hanging around there like 1 2 3 delightfully the guy away but I'm super fucked up that helped a person you have a chance to react quickly your computer energetic screaming in the meal the post office and yelling at everybody else you just think I thought it was just from Korea where a woman was going out of the parking garage and her complimentary tickets like her or validate ticket didn't work and we try to charge it so she sat there for an hour and block the exits the time Dr for a way to drag her away from whatever you're doing it absolutely would help just barehanded meditation class 1 really would like more than Trek Jewish High School OK I want you looking like that that's why I asked you south of the most egregious thing as people like to sleep over because of the price on a gas pump change like a 20 instead of the 5 or something like that not even know it grocery store nothing like putting out is kind of ugly Wars Lego sets with your manager was right there and then it's like you're coming up or something like that like right there personality of like oh well you're doing the manager favor actual paper responses if it's not the time how I am a sponsor like what it what should I do I'm just like thanks for telling us will be in touch when you're back. By the way I haven't had anything to eat the bag on the other day I was it happened here at the office I was walking by the kitchen and I was back up there and open up someone else I will open a bag of chips I ate two of them and I'll put it on the communal table and people know I just didn't want to throw away a whole bag of chips I just want you to love them and if you will come and eat out of my chip bag what you wanted to see - I just want them to feel they have an intervention with you and everything South Congress it's always what are the two slightly how much is reserve from there, and I'll ask for the margarita parking near be one of the most Pizza in the Box how many slices how much oxygen trailer 1 I kill today 16 Mitchell CT that's a does a cheese pizza in a margarita Bill EP gold dog pepperoni and mushroom but people didn't like that one that I switch to the sausage Ricotta and meatball and peeling pic of pepperoni pizza what you do I'm going to tell a boring story first to establish my action and then tell dancing star so couple weeks ago and I went to go eat at a restaurant and the wait till I was in my car but I noticed there was a couple in the car next to us and that they were waiting in the car also and then just like their table came up so they went inside and after the win in a Barbara Kim so when into the restaurant and I was like I told her to tell them that they left the dome light in the car does I feel good about that the other day we were leaving the office now parking my car look like looking for a story on the podcast text Emma Gus and I'll be fun in the Poconos I can't sit well Lego no its like over $0.25 in cash for the rental car when I went to do the rewind Dan open the goddamn door and then left the door open and the dome light kill day you have at work Fort Carson your car to drive it I mean I can see if my car doesn't have a key but I can't turn the AC on with the car wake can you start calling your car before you're in it so I can try to get the button on my remote and it stays on for like a minute and then turns off whenever battery run out as a painter need someone else you can't jump leads and all that crap that is Day by at least half an hour probably into it but I hit send but everyone else in her office your day the first time you're going to be there parking at Soldier time I retire my friend. Like I told my friends and they put their car in neutral your dad like that sits on the floor and I just put it up on a new truck if you want to break take out I wasn't killed the guy looked at me like closing the Dr I still drink yeah that was pretty sure that he was telling you have a nice time drive safe you went from there even as angry as you can gold Hustle I got Barbara can I get my cell phone out of town was on the wall behind absolutely right when he moved up dead Phil I was thinking Some people paint your pictures on the buyout tracking them running reality show Reddit who did boobs in a data connectivity how do you say with a little stuffed up but you can try to talk and talk and talk and reserve it and this question but I realized the most morally wrong that you could possibly do would be morally wrong RT day is like connect the dots on the planet right your drawing pictures based on points and each point would be a kid that you had in that City would that be the woman that said you had to be a kid in it basically you have happy tears right away and I really would be hard-pressed to think of something to be like America comedy show that will be get all the kids together like 1:30 your room for your friends picture of them play Space Invaders so what are you doing I want to talk about last week was the data breach at Target how it affect I get 210 million people now but there was another story today about the credit card money was lost 90% credit cards were compromised credit information credit card security number what are the largest heist in Bitcoin users happening right now 96000 brookpoint is approximately 16 million pounds at the time of writing are being taken from accounts of customers vendors and administrators of the marketplace new pic you put up front and the back and it was like going out and doing it talk about how you doing research for this movie came across the story of these guys that they were looking for an art Heist like it was art that was stolen and while they were looking for that they got into a cave that have been filled but enough to where the Nazis had put a hundred percent of the gold reserves of Germany and that's essentially what ended the war with Germany because nobody would give them any more credit for like some rubber or oil or anything like that it was a hundred percent of I can't believe you put that all in one place until 1996 like a weird it's a weird thing where they're not allowed to see if they did have to take our word that we still have it in the vault for them yeah I'm pretty sure Federal Reserve Bank in New York I think it cost like $62,000 or something to have a real inch how I feel for it because it actually was $140,000 no idea it was that much of a joke I'm never going to be in my life 56 Atkinson way like I'm really care it was Germany I was thinking about the Patriot there gold reserve the New York fed bank has 23% of the world's gold bars it has a Germany's gold reserves as well as the Netherlands and a bunch of European nations happy with that 23% of the gold bars in the world are in One Bank that's the plot to the third Die Hard movie it is isn't it well thanks I'll call on the spot over there if you're going to rob a bank if you did you wouldn't do that can you I guess yes I do by a bunch of gold into making belly but all the other gold digger the first time in five years were doing facts facts about Fort of present gold Holdings by 147 million ounces that's what they only gold is held at a book value of $42 per ounce that's what the value of the US gold reserves or whatever it is 12 or $1,200 per ounce we're holding a data value of $42 what does that mean what's the difference probably wouldn't put it in the reserve it was probably accounting Trek the market so what's the matter is it how much money is in there let me do the math 30 times what we say they're worth basically our accounting for what are gold reserves and we sold all the US gold reserves today at market price assuming we get all market price for all the gold that you couldn't it would go up there starting with your Dr the price of gold down significantly in the country Facebook it looks like million it's a hundred and Seventy-Six 400000 million I mean what do I get a hundred and seventy six trillion dollars actually worth I was at work 40 times 147 ounces market price was about $12 12:50 $247 and 12 hundreds of 147 I got $176,400 hundred 70400 times a million you could climb to the middle of that yeah you have 200 176 trillion dollars it's between the couch cushions as we have the money the value of gold be changing if he would sell it right right could you just be like and have it would you have to do it find people to buy it gold bar million dollar un gold bar holy cow Phil like 400 ounces 400 gold inside themselves bill is there anyone you can Australia Day so if you live in that part of the world and joy and what's the plan next Monday when we passed by