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RT Discusses Travel Stories

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Recorded: 2014-01-29 00:13:34

Runtime: 01:35:22 (5722.9 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

listen to Rochester ProFlowers.com 100 blooms of love for Jetta 1999 of gourmet chocolates or a teddy bear for just 999 more just click the microphone and use code cheats ProFlowers.com the microphone and Cody that ProFlowers.com sharis berries berries berries starting in 1999 % $10 money order at berries super confusing podcast do you think this week Gus miles Kerry Gavin Barbara Jack and Gus so you guys for a little while her microphone start talking for a long time today had a funny story to them traveling recently been too tied up with Ruby and rivers the blue stuff to come on I spent the whole podcast so I convinced him to come out for a little while and until the story is looking to the green screen but somebody you know window tinting Corral just standing there for a long time and I thought however that being said I've never had happened to me what happened to you I had everything I do when I'm angry with no checked bags Don Trip that I can do this I had a problem I could iPad Air's I was a nervous wreck about it too bad really hang it there's like some space in the front door when you asked and they said no and you looked at me like I just put Ray J Southwest have first class of the closet so I started this I was playing I wasn't and I was looking at some Starbomb Zelda and then I noticed there was a whole lot of people rushing past me in the Army and he is right across the road 14028 alright I take my shoulder and there's a crowd of people near the aisle directly across and behind me and whatever lying on the floor and medical personnel and then and just not moving just sitting on a knee just kind of like that but the nurse gets in there and their their feet in the sky oxygen and that's when I hear the phrase meaning yeah but that's where the phrase oh god he has no he has no nurse said oh God yeah while he was little he has no email hey buddy boy how you feeling I think I literally was sitting there and look for something right in front of them you're down there for a bit you have a condition when guys are mean sometimes a little electrolytes but not really I'm prone to random death blood pressure so they just decided okay I guess we're still going to Vegas to get back to see if everything's cool and the two people that and it was very awkward Yakima the rest of us to meet him to check on him and apparently he wasn't going with anybody I look like a completely different modern talking into Vegas with the word snow but I know we made one that was like 20 on red Red Wings 100% increase in your money undefined do you think that that death was like a precursor and that he died in his sleep in his hotel room that night like you have a stroke if I was your real ones coming in 2 hours to try to make them one thing about what's creepy is no that this guy had been talking to anybody if he just told me he thought he was dead if you died on the plane at the end and it's like the 3rd time you die he goes to heaven it looks really familiar Gus is back Guardian fun with your rubies and Red vs. blue miles is statically charged a problem earlier today in the office and talk about it so we have way too many employees and not nearly enough bathrooms that is correct we have it's very common that you go to go to the bathroom and you have to wait because the bathroom really bad so I closed the bathroom Savannah eventually like the other bathroom opens up the person comes out I don't know so then so I'm waiting 10 minutes nothing like 15 minutes nothing like what's going on there very important turn the camera on my phone and I had to put my dick in it so that's like 30 minutes to an hour like wall the door has it open let me be the person left we didn't see so I told her to go up into the handle and I can do it he walks up to the kind of slightly turned a really loud noise her finally after 45 minutes after 45 minutes the door finally opens Ashley was putting her makeup on dr. Phil news a totally logical explanation she probably forgot you still been using it and closed it put it down it only hurts at the beginning for the office her know it wasn't like that it's a man can find anything the bathroom I just like that up and I'm going to think that I'm doing something in there that you were one of the first female employees we had here who works your full-time and you exposed a critical flaw in our electrical system is weak that I think that was in the bathroom and realized that all of the office are on the same circuit that's a promise please the fire alarm and we couldn't find the switch to turn it off. Gavin was feeling like he was filming the DVD menus for of for the one with shorts DVDs the button or something in the kitchen the smoke alarm and it started going turns out that for the smoke alarm was upstairs and that the doors that don't have any so whatever I walked inside and found the button to reset it all day long and I was like something a mother might be the same alarm used to be a speaker in right behind your desk like where the TV is in that event that used to be one in there and the first time it ever went off I was in that office I thought I was dead guitar building erectors with the alarms I've been in the building when the alarm went off at the downtown office like now whenever I think I might be the left the office I like slowly creep out of that office like I like my chicken so I'm prepared that I might say that I don't motion alarm goes off Ticketmaster David her mouth Vegemite sandwich instead of Vegemite or but you know it's just a lot looking around the room if I go on the Kinect to see what the connection scene just pull out my penis will it put my name but I fear that I have is yours if you look like your normal utility trailer you better show me if I shave my beard at this point ice on your face on it shirt with me as Che Guevara that one shirt with a beard don't turn this around on me superhero translator slip it on Twitter everyone's very happy with the flying to Vegas no euphemism for death man excited to get it done crooked on one side longer toy Super cleaned up and some Metropolitan told me to shut up Barbara but the thing was I went to my haircut as well and I told him I usually pull my hair back and said she did that and she cut the sides and then she never cut the front again so my hair is like still super Ray haircut what did you want to try it I think it sounds like Ray David Lee Roth right now little bit David Lee Roth that's life what is that just from running with the devil no music are we going out today from Barenaked Ladies concert actually playing with it so I don't know look up there but it's so we're coming up on our two hundred and two weeks from today and so I'm trying to think of like you usually do like Gavin already strong interest in this offense and the biggest name celebrity you can find it the number two hundred and the biggest names in them something so you will probably did you do that like with your own daughter was that after blame because he did that I forgot about that actually happened was that picture of my desk and Jon Risinger came over to ask you some questions about our checks logo design it's all the pictures on the wall behind you bathroom I've noticed while pooping in the toilet I know there is a urinal in the big bathroom downstairs please use it as a rental if your mail go in and go to your left go to the shower in the shower you're all alone I guess I thought about the fact that maybe people don't know that there's a urinal there I died I guess he was like I don't know it's further away though I guess so all the time that we don't like the bathrooms are on the same thermostat at your office that's why the bathroom your office did you have in her office and a conference room or all together and she has been getting it's super hot so it's like 6 guys in their old Xbox One Xbox 360 computer Adams of big dudes I don't get cold Gus 2014 part 2 so it was just a little bit last Friday in the city of Austin ice and Ice remain there all day until the next day that hasn't happened in a long time green dragon with your people in Texas are like the warmer States post about getting a little bit of snow or ice and like all school canceled Boo Boo and I'm just like what the hell like that it's cancelled living here and like scene but the city is not prepared for his ice dangerous for people to drive phenomenon that can occur here that doesn't typically happen in northern states where the temperature fluctuates so radically you can have a storm move through and rain and then he followed up with freezing temperatures a couple hours later so I can get all that water lots of water and then it just freezes solid and then yeah it was Friday when everything is iced over I was coming down to work and I stopped at an intersection Kerry I'm going to print some Jets windscreen ice up and I was like I give me a scraper again do it anything about twice a year and then we'll have a really hard freeze actually had ice every four to five years so it's going to really like it was Spike during menopause or something tonight and tomorrow morning supposed to sleet and snow again in 3 inches of snow so I don't know if that'll ever change is going to sleep first such an awful level of human psyche on anyway like that would even cross my mind call doctor right away I was really hoping that this would end with him slip and iPad on the road Jack last night and the entire time I was just thinking why are people sleeping in this castle like an entire cast man I was just movie and scene her I did not like the movies watching it was probably my favorite Jonze Jon sabotage Gus from the best way to watch today is the day I can't right now I'm kind of ashamed I first saw Searching for Sugar Man On A Plane if you're my wife watch the first on the flight and she was like this is so good you have to watch it I think she was right now bad things that happen at the end there's one major thing that Superman and then there's another thing only Facebook they go to space and immediately find the satellite Chris Pratt is the main character Chris Pratt Guardians of the Galaxy trailer coming out during the Superbowl they're having a spot for it to come out this year who is Chris Pratt Guardians of the Galaxy guns awesome for the last scene of for too little piece thing that links and info the universe that's part of Guardians the Galaxy I don't know if that was after the credits of the universe Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd in it Paul Rudd great Frozen actually man but he's tiny so you want to eat NFL week 332 pic iPad from looking at what he said and what he still has the strength of a normal size man punched something you can see but that's normal 4890 make a fist and then turn for like really small to really big normal type of the smallest 2014 normal strength even though he's small but I don't for like that I just like Tony Stark or Bruce Banner repair like he's kind of the smart guy figures out how to make this actually in the comics so the next Avenger movie is that it's a robot that becomes Ultron Ultron Hobby Lobby sharis pic images right there the one to remind everyone that this episode of the receipt Punk asses ProFlowers forgetting Valentine's Day is just as bad as forgetting her birthday you just can't do it and you can't wait until last minute so you get a hundred Blooms of love with a free glass vase for just 1999 for upgrading that Gourmet chocolates and a teddy bear for just 999 more used to coat teeth make sure you click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner use promo code to get a hundred gorgeous the colorful blooms huge bouquet ProFlowers are guaranteed to last 7 days or your money back it's a no-brainer it's great ProFlowers for the small town and it's only get flowers to my mother on time and actually look good so make sure you go to ProFlowers promo code do it now cause we'll be right here for you absolutely really I think it's really great for people to listen to this but you have to buy it for your girlfriend and your mother whatever why not service the Grammys last night 711 crap alright I wasn't lame crap because you don't like it makes it Lee alright I'm feeling the internet with me on this one French students where they say all black outfits with sugar why do you think for the Monroe iPad I think they were that this is an actual recording music the White Witch this is the same guy are still doing it today I'm saying they still make the music but they just don't appear as description you don't know what the animatronics actually wrote about how it would be for him so he came right in the middle if if Daft Punk please the US I will fly to wherever they're playing and see them you should go to the Grammys the Grammys know somebody scalp tickets had the number one soundtrack of the movie soundtrack true I work at work you have as you know me I need sex now the song you know during for me to go I want to see the concert I didn't really really really really green taken over by Delta for the project but it usually takes for watching your house go the extra two minutes I don't get it you know it's already in trouble already 14 minutes overtime but I completely lost all I have to say there's another performance her son looks so much like John Lennon her he looks so much like his father very very weird piano had to be in every single performance that so they put like this classical pianist with Metallica to play one and it just wasn't doing very well if you'd like. Just didn't work and if you'd like before than that I'm good the everything that's going on and everything that everyone with The Walking Dead shut up Ray I really like that during the recording studio that was everything if you like working and all the stuff that we do that now but when it didn't work papers right away let me know when I was in college and you start watching movies differently start looking at editing a lot differently it's like looking at each other when people live pictures of short loose women or something Ananda Gauntlet that is how many people are involved in the production like that we surprised how many people you know don't need to be involved with like 4 people and then you for this yeah hundred just to watch me drink this beer sure is a group of people over there making it happen smoked ribs for the shoot I had pulled up the footage on my kitchen table the other night it was like that in the table everyone is exactly where they need to be is like putting Lee what's going on in the repair man Toy Story 2 how to get stuck every single time he flies could be looking to have a little different with your back and if you put a gun inside of your back it up differently $2,000 equipment they will put a flare gun in with their cameras and stuff and then I'll have to go check it and then they know like that will be protected and like the TSA reporter had his camera and it went through and iPad ice slip wall the record I don't like shut the door and he came back my wife she bought this off someone I don't know what happened so shady 99% of the time I could live for like 3 weeks out you give them when you're done with it today I don't feel like put it up there and carry it through the aisle and take it down at the end and what are you doing but you didn't like what I usually travel together now so we'll just get 1 bag of her stuff in it that's a lot easier when I have to do that when we went down to New Zealand that's where we're going to be gone for a few weeks came back and bought a brand new bag for a giant weird pattern in it I don't know where it is how to get back to my apartment and sure enough a little later that day I got to call like hey I got your bag by mistake of thinking me guess yours looks like you got your back can you check your hand like it's like at the gate. Because it's like tiny little overhead compartment I left my bag there and I saw the exact same carry on luggage that I had like that belong to some other guy and I was like I can make sure I get off the plane really fast and I'm sure my bag going to come up before this guy and he's going to just take it thinking that it is sure enough I get off the plane and I see him rolling my bag and I'm like dude wait he's like are you sure that your bag and he likes it he's like oh no wait that's running off of the way there and I caught him just in time big trouble colored like ribbons or something to my neck or was it I was going on a flight I had to check a bag someone recently I think I might have been when I went to the Pax Australia I didn't have a name tag for the bag I was going to check it so I started filling it out and the woman at the counter was like you're going you're from Austin right like you're going to visit Australia come back don't put your dress on because you're going to be home for something else dialing your number I never said you can put your address when you come back give me travel plans for this year I'm going to Vegas next week I'm sorry story later I want stories to back it up when I come back pumps for blind people it's just reading a bunch of jumbled letters that response right now her Christmas break at 4:30 degree ankle socks on right now through Saturday usually not really anything like that is enough to not feeling it and then putting this morning so I prefer to watch my head feel like it's weird as it sounds I feel like a sponge collect dirty dishes touch in Sol instead of like every night was like you know Tech her down this one actually how to get a knife and cut it off now so what time I put my hand here to secure the gallon of milk and I put the knife into the ring and I cut it and the tip of the knife was right there in 211 the 3 In the Flesh and it went into my hand Capri sting out my entire head feel like it's radiating up my arm and it was like a tiny little slice right there with my shotgun and it hurts so fucking bad I went on a stapler that was open just like life and I want to get out and I put it in and see what the line one of the things I did when I was 8 years old I thought it feels like when you see it put your feet up is the worst idea in the world to me is a paper cut in the webbing of your finger the real thing right here the can you give a paper cut on the webbing of your finger out if I don't care about that punk ass for that I don't know if it's legit or not but I'll check IMDb for you since you like going IMDb Wichita chocolate RTX RTX this summer July 4th 5th and 6th were really going to go a lot bigger so tickets go on sale this Friday and if you want to exhibit you can contact us at exhibit at RTX of it. Call me if you can build giant let me know everything Illinois daycare yelling at the hotel and everything in it one less please if you have any of those Assassins Creed her something else and at one point like we started in 2000 people started singing along with us and it's like that's pretty cool like that doesn't happen it's pretty different Morganite stress in my life lately myself putting all that you 100 people together in one place Caroline one of us wasn't going to do that get better each year and everything like peoples parents it seems like we got a giant balloon fight the in the special area secret area where I can sit down for a second Ray from everybody but 2013 was one of the worst most stressful experiences of my life because before the doors even opened we already have the paramedics outside what happened someone dislocated their knee which is apparently the things you can do story for house it was just weird I don't know why there was a fractured ankle and I was like 5 minutes to Medical Emergency you have to have reminder you're my best friend sweet a reminder her pencils so it might come back to you should let me move it from 2014 to the new buildings over there Atlanta Minecraft achievement City the images for the house at those backdrops so hopefully now he's back on while it was quiet Gavin that his Xbox was before mine download it everyone's download finished before miles sometimes when you put disc in before is still just as an update and not submitted it but everyone else for the first time who had the title screen and then go black and if I restart game will have a feeling which pic then plug your Xbox and then Play It Again up to Big like it is out of the frame for you like you like it the play button on the bottom of the frame video to YouTube and watch the window September 16th of Hardware to hold screen in place of Windows that's your full frame but when you're actually watching a natural of like an actual television that repair your TV very very funny how some other papers please skit which people are tweeting at me Non-Stop everyone including the 70% $10 more when you order milk chocolate chocolate chips chocolate strawberries get giant freshly dipped strawberries starting at just 1999 or double the berries for just $10 more visit berries.com berries.com click on the microphone at the top right corner and talk to you it's very important with both ProFlowers and berries I should enforce this more that you click on the microphone in the top right corner to get the deal I had a meeting with them recently said that our listeners works if you don't have a microphone but like the special deal for even more money off you don't see that unless you click on the microphone in the top right corner and said you're just not as much money as you should be spending more money then you need to put them on the top okay I know the best one ever strawberries are awesome I got the strawberries so sweet to give me one be careful makeup remover it's alcohol right good enough you play a passport control officer at a fictional Eastern European countries during the Cold War either allow them or deny them access to the country and people management planes you cannot play papers please let myself in the music is the music from the game spy party the last 10 years and it's still not out yet I think you're talking about the airport so that's funny what kind of person you want to talk about something during a live stream and then a week later the public to start adding title card saying this was recorded on people understand there's a week delay and also remind him that you can watch the newer version if you come your website to come out of here like without the website website for Christian tell you about it hopefully we have a lot of give me texts that we have grown quite a bit of space if you're going to be bigger than the other I think we're not having Lego Chima Hunters always doing signing someone probably more let's play type stuff for me like more opportunities at CSU stuff live Lee said like other things I wish we had done differently like the screen at Center Stage was a 32 by 9 aspect ratio and as a result we have to have different ice cream Wrangle the cats in a Shiba her I need some sleep Colin Farrell I'm not too loud screaming ones or anything like that so it looks like we did it without Michael and Gavin screaming the entire time and me sitting there quietly yellow Michael Instagram I don't like about this place cut out with a silent B sings I like my women you know what I think when I'm thinking like really trying to focus on what I'm doing but that's probably why I was so I'm actually trying to accomplish something where it's like you know you're really silences in between Ray much I'm going around looking like for us they can play video games all day is like no we're trying to be funny and then the problem is in a row and then you're trying to be funny like the 5th one is like pulling teeth number have to laugh at something I said that I'm good you have no one else could understand make him laugh at something I don't know okay the comment about his preference but the real for a minute and grab some things that I just don't get a chance to watch but he was outlet outside of his placing an elephant even more rare than me going on I just never go karting Gus we had again these guys some stuff there but Gavin doesn't drive give me some crap and driving and driving and it's snowing like how to judge when to turn into like everything just like it time until actually everyone and they line you up like F1 style and we go and we had to miss starts for like one time someone the back their engines in the start and it was the second time I did that it started at 10 and we're going and I'm supposed to meet and Jonze past me and then people started passing like crazy what the hell then I realize I'm going slow I'm not at full speed is 3 laps around the whole thing and the guy working there play in my car and it's all indoor electronic so he can hit a button what St for the point her body's return that car and like I really weak hands and arms everything so my entire body was just like the third race and we went last time it was so I didn't like GoPro facing forward and facing the shot of me or you can see me in the people behind me like a really cool shot we have to work as a superhero I found the plastic of SD card like bent backwards like this and the other half like the old days build up in the mountains or just missing it like absolute best when we the immersion with the zombie head shot we shot a couple of cameras like that was like a shotgun you can see and you can see where the pellets come and hit the phone ice I should use the Google Glass I have it but I don't have the prescription lenses are still working to get the manufacturer for the actual prescription lens but what do they get that will absolutely get the lens and then we can go from there unless we have a sponsor that will do a Google glass lenses for me anyway over the top let's see how to write out a really mean tweet erase it like that's like the most was good actually it's good now who's going to take you no no no cakes on my phone in the cab Xbox 360 90 drum Barbara dunkelman call the strawberry alright well it's about time is it Gus what to do if it snows tonight if you wake up at 8 a.m. and is 3 inches of snow in your house come to work on time her of snow here and San Francisco snow is just adorable we let them run around the backyard and she didn't ice patches know what's going on there