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RT Discusses Nasty Tap Water

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Recorded: 2014-02-04 23:01:55

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

list of ProFlowers.com hundred Blooms of love for 1999 at Gourmet chocolates or a teddy bear for just 999 more the microphone Chief ProFlowers.com the microphone and use code Chief ProFlowers.com sharis berries berries berries.com podcast the official the first the best on iTunes Gus I'm Burnie I'm Gus on Gavin your other list the I'm going to get I'm Jack and I'm going I get top billing and you always build the biggest person last year opening act for recycling and you only like me when I come back when you build Los Altos sex someone Tesla S Gus radio it now can introduce you to some cameras and a smile and I don't want that that's what's freaking welcome course no news yet still knew that he had been a heroin addict when he was younger he kicked it for many years the backup addiction or is that he was found in a bathtub in his New York apartment with a needle in his arm I'm just happy that we didn't mention his name in a recent let's play nope because I don't feel very good I have it again not stop on Yellow Jacket docu what time I agree with you The Lads were in control of the winning team and age for 5 times now and we only missed one we thought we would actually the song that played Denver Broncos beat the shit out of you like you made it happen for them I guess the number one number one defense all year long and breaks a 35-year title drought in the city of Seattle WNBA I would like the name PornHub released stats of people watching porn on their website in the cities of Denver and the city of Seattle and you can see when Denver gives up on the game and goes back to pull Burnie third quarter PornHub traffic Denver shoots back up to normal now this is like I've seen a couple of these PornHub metric kind of mean stuff you know I don't want information I don't want tracking information on a watch that 7 years ago be like hey look at the funniest nut shots on your left that fucking with me and Jeff goes up on Tosh point oh I get tweet that about one of her short one up on you because they fucking called us and asked us hey we like to do can we put it up on her like a lot of people watch it and then you watch it cuz everytime it comes on I get tweet that like at least three dozen times people are watching this show it's relevant the problem is I don't bother me bothers me is that if you were submitted video like we went out and likes to meet at the video Taco asking them are you guys going to talk but no you just have to graph traffic curious to see Denver Broncos traffic PornHub 5000 people are followed by someone is following like 200 text Big Twitter account and I think that's cool Mike Twitter my account is slow down I know this phone as well water know who you are but you're doing a good job I would I would you go back in time you try to explain to a caveman my bad that was not my bed it's someone else pretending to be money plays my sex life is my beard somebody comes Twitter Direction pretty funny like someone made a parody account for new Texas football coach make them really tweet on your face right now s Denver scored Modell's of it was said that popular images London Superbowl last night Peyton Manning on the phone and he said Mom can you come pick me up that was teenage girl in Auburn Alabama 2300 restaurants how old is 3738 old for a quarterback from how to be a big hit for scored everything we have a spot for that scored rugby it makes most sense and it stops breathing finals are tonight and I was going to watch it almost commit for the manly sea eagles I guarantee if you put a if you put a rugby player from the top leading put in the NFL he would probably get killed but NFL player in rugby probably do OK in the NFL because they have the pad is unbelievable absolutely unbelievable Philip I agree with that because you don't have nobody has the pads tell you that I do if I hate you I'm hitting me as hard as I'm hitting you up to Richard Sherman including one for backup quarterback got hurt in the fourth quarter and then our lives are in our love for you and let you know dude bites in one that's one time I got up and left because I was hard I left her in Minecraft 2 who was Burnie tweet he posted a picture of his conversation phone conversation where you said it was pretty sweet he Gus sorry we let you down and the kids are back it's okay that you're still my hero Subway going to ring the Championship Ring Conference random you watch the Cowboys and then I kind of lost track better than that cities that should host the Super Bowl in an ever hosted the Super Bowl and Austin was on that list Transit the infrastructure to support moving that men usually garlic fact about the ice storm Austin a picture of the traffic map Jill does not have a single road that you can take your airport and not hit a red light teaching a bridge it's over past kind of thing and it's going to take at least they're circumventing one intersection and it's going to take him a year and a half from now and it's been a year what Jack over the course of the local so they're used to getting around to going to find the side streets are not going to choke up 35 One Hour Heating and Air Superbowl I want to go now which would have the National College final which will be next year will be played crazy person you unfollow Jack speed right now play in our home arena and win a National Championship in front of us in our hometown and I said yes Denver Philip I feel like we have really no allegiance to any one major team Redskins your club that you report screaming Army at your command Toys R Us official Nation try Loadout Seminole watching a college team other than the other the Longhorns play at UT Stadium at at the field I don't be weird and I want to like that's what they do with the professional team they play the Giants stadium and the Giants fan got to watch the Seahawks win the Superbowl commercial like that wasn't there for someone else commercial rambling story of appendicitis special teams play on YouTube speak to me cuz I have no allegiance to either of those teams coming in Personal Collection Alabama win on our home field I would Oklahoma coming Austin and winning a national championship in our backyard if your hosting the Superbowl your team goes to the conference Championship she don't win and your rival team comes and you went on your home field whatever happens that's a very stupid is hosting the World Cup and having someone beat you and you're in country country I'm cool with it if it's working then it starts getting a little bit more River Chief innovator from 20000 and you know where she works she works in space station space where she works early death printer paper resume with pretty fucking awesome when you do nobody can really understand she got hired in December I think I'm a hundred thirty pounds how to find out the more Gus in space firefighter held onto the chief innovator what are you doing Jerry O'Connor we should invite her on the podcast cheap innovator of Austin problems of the traffic jam between 1st Street and 51st Street innovator way out of everything in the Austin freeway keep going by the time we flying cars and Shack a government so what was your favorite role commercial Burnie I got to say out of all of them it really resonated with me was the Radio Shack commercial made that one for a lot of weird cow fucking one can we talk about this cow cow cow paraphrasing why did see that one commercial commercial that Nina was on the public broadcaster the digital broadcast they have different commercials but I don't have my house but I still watch the game commercial Nazi celebrities that stuff I got that one but yeah that was cool and put the puppy in the Budweiser puppy over the top commercial that kind of emotion just come across this fucking stupid welcome home one that was in the Army and the soldiers dramatic and over-the-top and it's like okay it's one guy there's tons of soldiers out there how come I don't know it was that was four months after 9/11 that was like all of those commercials were like super over-the-top 9/11 was the opening week or week 2 of the NFL season commercial could be good because I was very sick you talking about this surprise you that they don't know how we got on the topic but bottom water is a new thing like bottled water didn't exist when I was a kid I didn't think water in the bottom water thing you just bought all the time when I was younger I can't remember what it was like to be rich water in the bottom of the river torchys in it watch your mouth water if they could hoping that it rained again at some point we invent an umbrella to me the problem they're buying a hydration tube innovator bottled water to make Wonder solution West Virginia water water for all that Nazi war in this country was based on Limestone that's like the whole city home Limestone and it's very prone to fungal blooms make it tastes fucking gross now where I grew up in the middle of nowhere we got water from the Rio Grande out of the tap it was cloudy and floating in it and it smelled horrid without cracking it anyway I never noticed until I left for college I came back to visit my parents water out of the tap it's always like this well I'm from England was like tilted water is really nice and clean leave some of that out for like 3 weeks and then drink it and that's what Austin to Houston you want to be out you said you can't be too lots of water take that take that you can meet your mother was from the tap and you like take that but you won't be able to tell which one is not one of them Memphis Tennessee Sanitation like 40% of all Bob water now is tap water like design is Atlanta tap water Atlanta Municipal Water that's the only film people drinking what you're talking about but I don't know like this thing right here I'll just like 5 it is a day for a drink but one of them in like 20 seconds like I just drink water and go I don't have to remind me Swedish fish water is Orlando water because it smells so horrid if you're taking a shower and Orlando and you turn the shower on and it just smells like a swamp or just stagnant and disgusting about it all so fucking hates Orlando water you are there call me if water was on TV and we laid them out and put them in a cup of mixed them up you could you would line them up but I could tell you I could tell you and you probably but you still have bubbles in there when you swallow liquid sometimes Huron Italian topic now Fry's in water but it might drop bubbles go down are you drinking Guinness from a can Gavin just pull the jack that welcome Philip walk away from you berries for drinking water the Bible it speaks cannon from water proofing death by substance on the planet even though it's so plentiful we do with all this fucking water that is thought to be one of the things that helped contribute to the formation Oxford Jesus Christ does rocks float on lava John where are you still working on that show me Trucks Only Steel company or two he was right and I never seen those experiment where they put like cornstarch and water and then like the surface tension if you hit it hard enough it'll like to become a solid going to run across the water back and forth playing Newtonian fluid what is an egg from a stadium and it hit like a thing about an inch in like it stop it it was something like that was like this I'm sure was good how much I want to remind everyone that this episode of a podcast is brought to you by ProFlowers you get a hundred Blooms of love with a free glass vase for just 1999 or upgrade and add Gourmet chocolates and a teddy bear for just 999 more just use promo code Chief that's 100 gorgeous colorful blooms bouquet ProFlowers are guaranteed to last 7 days or your money back it's a no-brainer so if you want to review the offer to go to proflowers.com click on the blue microphone at the top right-hand corner and type teeth that's teeth again that's ProFlowers.com click on the microphone at the top right and tight Chief I think I mentioned this last week they have specifically told me that you our listeners are the worst in the world like in the microphone yeah if you don't click on the microphone you don't click on the microphone ProFlowers been using for years like I stopped in the middle of nowhere it's only service that will deliver flowers to my mother not totally fucked how much is my phone right now what corner do it now for $34 and for Valentine's Day how's it impossible for him do it ProFlowers new friends on the right now do it I can absolutely not one of those if I can get a taste of this direction so I guess or no Veil over face watch the great line which is like only a man water the phrase but I already have a pair of black pants and totally mean it isn't even what what do you have to love I actually have to personally have two pair of khakis now I'm doing this yeah like buying clothes the weird thing for me I've been buying the same kind of black slacks I think for 15 years that it kind of sad the way to work just like whenever they get older they sell them and get the exact same one again all the time always works and I think he's drunk if you're around here like your ass game torchys pants halfway down his ass cuz it's like you're missing out on the greatest thing in my life and I don't have a good. Right now I'm Just Your Problem cow ProFlowers is so orientated medicine oriented towards guys that when you go to order roses delivered and then radio silence day is June 14th Valentine's day is Mother's Day on February the whole process of getting ready for Valentine's Day and it's getting them there on time nation of TM said we shall make that that was our store manager was like waving at me the heart of a mother is definitely absolutely welcome Denver comes out tomorrow and angry Christ the King Church comes out tomorrow or tomorrow and now I guess thought this was some good stuff and he went to the first time that we really copy the payments and gave him his own version of what he could do with it to make it fast I'm bringing I'm bringing the first half right now I'm sorry I just came up to me when you can the weirdest off either let the trademark for Watch Dogs all their watch on properties expire or according to the trademark office they actively file to abandoned the trademark for Watch Dogs 2 contest weight for someone for having the same name as your company who is the famous fashion designer though every now and then like somebody rediscovered the fact that he designed all the SS uniforms Hugo Boss design Hugo Strange Gavin would disappoint you a little bit because snopes is the first article that Fanta and the Nazis The Right Stuff the history 500 Fanta was created by Coca-Cola in order to name the companies offering to the Nazis during World War II to worry about anyone seeing Hitler with a Coke and a smile understand about the trademark filing process an application process if I go I'm going to pull for 99 GM released this trademark application Watch Dogs me watch somebody about it I don't know what happened to Candy Crush now but I got Flappy Bird game Superman Life Flight helicopter helicopter jump that distance every time something like action jet pack or something somewhere that Jack Snopes provide information I don't have I have no idea what this berries we could do it after that or something don't dumb ways to die when you're talking about Burnie really that's funny because the whole reason I know about this what was it that JJ refer to the people in the captain had a really funny name for him yet but just remember one thing ever-changing selection but have another YouTube channel on there which is the most viral clips from YouTube across the week whatever dream or are you fucking kidding me yeah the only good thing about it is that it's behind which is one of the original group that was ever produced Network come in today I have no idea who this number 11 for last year overall interview number yes I was still last year that one he's got was still here so watch it you got like 1 billion views last year something like that like 1.3 but if you do that's cool SkyDoesMinecraft Disney collector Justin Bieber video like you're somebody sucking somebody's making a popular know any Justin Bieber song baby baby baby no One Direction song One Direction One Direction One Direction I found it you know you mean you can't find him dead with a needle in his arm 1002 you don't care about the whole Justin Bieber thing I guess he was driving drunk and feel like your questions for that but all the other music you know if she got pulled over drunk under .08 under 21 above the limit 2001 I mean everybody drinks I didn't start drinking till 10:21 really was that young man dreaming of a beard before you were 21 we apologize and I never got into drinking so it's like you couldn't drink of us but you literally just walked 100 feet and you can drink alcohol Marta key to the restaurant for the not that restaurant is closed yeah that was invented in the town across the border from where I am credited what according to Nacho's International formal float on the liquid form of methadone water the Disney collector innovator it's just people showing toys Disney toys fan Barbie toys and stuff just like I guess not Barbie Disney princess stuff and he made friends with the guys because it seems like last year the year before that they were hit over and over with some guys opening like race cars busy week a busy summer for Austin with the X Games and rtx-6 out for about 3 hours it was very very specific really well I'm happy you need to buy your ticket immediately I want to see I don't think we're going to go out I want to stay late March early April so you'll have to buy your tickets now we do have a lot of different ideas and some early meetings to one of those I suggest it was just combining the main panel room an exhibition floor like just like Pac and everybody in there while yeah but they have panels on the exhibition some people feel like they have to leave the exhibition floor you know but it's just like everything you have separation it down watch Fanta what is a different to the pool so every year we go back and we go back and try to think what can we do different than other shows in that done before you know let's not do things the same way over and over just because that's the way it's always been under water last year I had an idea Freeman your favorites are organized everything everything everything trapezoid shape like a big Christmas bash your fucking crazy things are conventions if somebody put a map of the show floor in front of him is all trapezoids be like this person cannon cannon food Cannon SunFest neck to the back of the head short torchys cannon and then some other taco place copied it and there's a big Feud over it I looked a lot like marshmallow marshmallow people if they don't get it right possible and that are TM crowd of people and event is an asshole in my opinion transmission Event in Austin has a taco Cannon so they tried to trademark the taco cannon in torchys saying no we came up with you guys Taco cannon that shoots away free tacos GoPro footage from the Phillips Baumgartner jump 500 19/2 miles up and I'm feeling still at 24 miles up to 160 pounds with only guy and he was wearing like a hundred eighty pounds worth of the longest free fall earlier so someone else jump from a high thing anything I pulled it later so we actually more freefall time 10000 feet in 5000 feet aware of the other guy put the shack you're not Austin and you'll come back how much does s life change like what how bad is it if the dogs are not with you I don't know how depressing this week a little birthday party where to get missing convention doing some work stuff iMessage texting somebody else at the company and they were planning all the places restaurant can I can I guess it was it was Muhammad internal Spa 41 Forest Love Alan tweet order milk or dark chocolate on the way to get to contest a deal giant freshly dipped strawberries starting at 1999 or double the berries for just $10 more visit berries.com s berries.com click on the microphone at the top right corner and type teeth go to berries.com click on the microphone and type in Chief order today berries microphone berries.com promo code alright welcome berries I don't know if we can get them I'm going to go ahead and cancel them you son of a bitch right before we started the podcast we get them berries flowers food mom for Valentine's Day for your girlfriend your boyfriend whatever love it again thanks thank you thank you I really genuinely 20 years is 115 frames per second person photograph yeah but I'm saying millions of millions who has thousands of cameras Super Bowl 2000 people taking pictures outside cameras from different angles film in the same person at the same time I'm going to sleep turn it off motion - 90000 frames per second do you want to like a post a picture of my little your friend my friend look at it like that right here and someone who is 2722 says what about hashtag Dan the Man that we can go next to Peter for you to show up and give you anything Peyton is a 51 times a game of shadows TV show sex in Austin today but the last time I went down there they were in the last three days they were shooting The Hobbit after like 530 540 of the movie that we will be able to stay directly with the move because it was like watching one person over and over again where can I get a really unique and really completely awesome. Walk. I know the more I think it was on the hill for lunch so I was up in Seattle or coming back from Seattle it was during Pax Australia in October so there's something about being on a huge production that's what we thought it was very nice to other people and they were there they came with them anymore the world was on that the first time we went down we got to visit the set of the Shire and it was me and Brandon for all of the barbed wire fence short Central to matamata New Zealand YouTube Peyton I live in the UK is a tiny village Grill which is what all can you still live on as well he Bree in Lord of the Rings based on real like the fucking World of Warcraft or the town and will be back in the world haircut 1190 like you hit a button and Ottawa like the bottom of the nineties play in game starting at the time we went from 1 to the 7th we talked about how if you pre-order the upcoming expansion you get a free level 90 character people want to know what you like I didn't need to communicate so fucking much I knew exactly what to do so I could do my job and type everything I needed to do the problem what kind of computer laptop which I can play on this and then I have that Latin for broken screen right you could have said it I have never fucking Radio Shack just three years ago and I'm still mad about it by the way he was working on Thunderbolt what are you couldn't you could get on that thing with the fucking Thunderbolt I have an 8 terabyte raid with on my Plymouth Voyager that's what I had on perfect so fucking fast Apple watch Peyton December I don't know why we don't have it yet this month 15000 people going private in a thousand people 1000 people Austin Friday night one place I want to Philip Seymour Hoffman update 23 inches and 50 bags found CNN.com police investigators Philip Seymour Hoffman have close to $50 of what they believe is heroin in his Manhattan apartment number of used syringes prescription drugs into bags authorities suspect usual heroin also found in the apartment or Hoffman 46% dead Sunday of apparent drug overdose on the bathroom floor with a syringe in his left arm money isn't happiness I guess money isn't happiness and I think he was like a guy who gets his level was on a lot I think we've seen a lot of rock stars eat a lot in general like really successful and he might know other really famous actors really the people in his life he's a little one around him even relate to and usually what you would like people that watch out for a person like that you know I mean they don't like I don't ever pull him aside and go hey is everything okay man are you doing okay I think people will stay on top of them watch now Goodwill Twitter saying who's it registered he said we should talk to Richard today for the loadout Watch trailer the past two years I believe our first invention year they came here and we filmed it was like I was playing the game and enjoy it and then you can meet at trailer reality of the medication that game was crazy between like character customization and weapons and you know that as well trailer Metallica pixelated like Fanta with character right like crazy Loadout reality to an extra $20 a month contest 6 round they played 10 games against each other then we combined the tribes and went down to individual games but in order for everyone to be able to play I had remembered Gus I've gotten from three versions of games and it was fucking hard to find 12 demo versions of gay men repeat a couple of them we played a lot of sold-out sold at and I'm the most confident we're going to get the disc for the people we don't want to make it a pain in the ass for them how to become to play solo when you take a picture with a Polaroid camera of your screen on your map in Minecraft playing Minecraft for kids that are for PCS in a room like an angry something you might keep in your dogs could you live with the things that I left for you on the plane from the current time in recent memory the last update you want to come in a podcast Verne Troyer sports fan with crazy big Michigan fan anyway so anyway I was like 28 levels leveling and XP and permit death or GoPro death in Minecraft cow is probably perfect level up and you can you can use it not own an Oculus Rift how is it possible for stuff right now so it's not like it's not really made for consumers Explorer talking last week about the glasses they have made the glasses frame for you that night they show they like the release them like right after the party really $5 for the frame 1500 what is wear helmets from can put them outside like please call but he has a website he's blind the best day of their life a Blog about how they got kicked out for wearing Google Glass documentary anyway it's a fascinating documentary paraphrase Primetime on the fly in Oregon the way you will Google Glass money on technology that we thought would be really cool if not we all have something like mini display I had an iPad I think I spent $900 on a 4X CD-ROM drive on my computer and it's like 150 to 600 Turtle Cannon 8 terabyte death we work with the guy back in the day talking about technology Windows Burnie suggested we work with the guy who bought one of the first digital camera that came out and it took double a batteries and the way you got photos off of the camera would you hook it up the serial cable to your computer to pull all the data off the batteries drain battery so fast that if you put fresh batteries in it and the camera was full the batteries would die for you copy all the photos off of the camera it was terrible it is amazing how fast can allergies Advance America ever had a 1080 video 122nd and take over the world there's not an engine it's got a motor underneath the front they didn't know what to do for satisfaction so they just kind of drove in the parking lot to go there's nothing scored the front reservoir for fluids in the car just discovered something unusual about your car everything iced over car batteries to heat up the engine was covered in ice all day and if I hadn't I just hit my head and considered about it Spanish key for his car looks like a little tweet it's not like you could even put the thing in my little pocket is a little like like I walked in I knew it was somewhere and I was looking around the room and Gavin just found it but you can actually GPS locator on something like I will never lose iPhone have that like a digital thing we think is touch your phone to the thing and boom it pays out your account okay I've got my key on my phone do stuff out of your pocket that's nice I like that idea what time we need to wrap things up here on the corner Esurance I thought it was a smart way to get people to tweet and use your hashtag I get that I get that but what bothers me about a little bit there because I'm bored with that first of all this thing is successful you're going to see this fucking job right because you're running a campaign for 1.4 million dollars money for a big and has that many people tweeting about it and I don't want to see that all over fucking everything up anyway Esurance company to 3 million dollar spot on TV giveaway Millions is that Social Media budget that you chose to do it that way to people as well it's like I hate the fact that like the sea level of the Superbowl I did turn on the TV for the first time I turned on my TV Game of Thrones try to turn on my TV at the New Year's party and I had the DVR so unhooked watch Game of Thrones in the backyard you were really drunk and you can explain to me why your TV didn't work but I didn't understand Japanese take out a bunch of people on my Twitter feed something blow up in this thing and I was like #whatever it's like you know I could use 1.5 million hashtag mean yeah but did you do it or who am I Twitter feed has no concept of statistical probability to win the lottery Jack did the Tweet but he doesn't know what is it for giving a 1.5 million Esurance 3:30 or whatever I don't know don't know, commercial and they said that they say 3% by doing the TV thing anyway we do business I hate the fact like I hate to the web and social media and like things are actually really important for people are today I hate this country like a throwaway thing I don't like that the more you tell your friends you record yourself with your phone telling them in person tell him about it and then and then you can have fun doing that Cyberman is talk that's fine but I work on Wednesday what episode of the patch next Monday another party podcast