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RT Tests The Super Sniffer

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Recorded: 2014-02-11 22:58:40

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones




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look up soda podcast ProFlowers.com get one dozen long stem assorted roses with the premium base and Gourmet chocolates for 2999 click the blue microphone at ProFlowers.com and type in code to use the microphone and the coaches at ProFlowers.com this episode of the worst Teeth podcast sharis berries and dip strawberries sharis berries starting in early 1999 over 40% or double the berries for just $10 more just click the microphone and when you order at berries.com hey everyone welcome to the restie podcast this week we treated him I thought we had so many people say they like watching the podcast popular Ustream of all time a live stream of all time was the Ben Heckendorn what the fuck did you jump out of brick and block that orbit it was like a bald eagle egg to hatch 60000100 million Super Bowl give a shit about Seattle or Denver playing today production ever little dead the doctor at the all-hands meeting this morning Jeff legitimately said that Achievement Hunter has a short week this week because of the holiday what do you say the joke is that for real yeah that's cool come the rooster why do Sons scared I don't know what you're saying is that you made it sound like you can text day off every month this month I'm sure about this we have 4 different bottles of water can I don't know what they are supposedly found the water supply in Texas That's rated the best quality water right one of these is those 100 the nation one of the cities of the top 100 of the top 10 cities in the nation one of the top 20 they would do well not to be in the tub so we have one from that City to water bottle water and one that's often tap water sorry to hear what you think of them one two three four and five number one why would you prejudiced against any number without even Carol's Gavin getting their head of lighthouses number through it I'm pretty sure that he was announcing his whole like elaborate plan nobody gave this shit right here the water water test what you can notify you of a time where they figured out that the city in Austin Texas 107 and had that person Anarchy bad responses tap water only smell them you're not going to taste it will go through all of them and then we'll reveal the answer so berries tap water so ugly they could be lying you'll be avoiding Austin tap water smells like chlorine pool so disgusting they're all dead husband in 2011 but the water the bottle maybe they want to look like they're all the same lion and investors located your got the back line and there are bad in it until my tires are good is that it didn't charge me bad so do we want to hear what they actually are where is the top-quality top 100 cities in the nation Linus Austin tap water which one is Tiger Dasani and a gnome is everyone done drinking I will try this one on Albert I think it was okay healthware the top 100 killed in Las Vegas right now one of these today of Austin tap water by the way Tyler Texas tap water riveting conversation the look of approval from Burnie Michael would you like the top 100 hits water Michael judgement LOL I'll take a nice big glass of beer do not like Austin tap water really finish to it give me some of that 3501 following at home which makes it even better if we had water on my phone I tweet about it yesterday at this time I would like that I keep finding on my phone just like a laminate wood floor and I wiped it up it is because it's in the middle of my floor I'm going to pick up the card it was a life jump talk like that and like Trail to juice with I was like come out here that what you did is that what is that age so if I liked it and I was like 52 cards come out here go on to his back and then piss all over itself some like oily and I think that's where the Cockroaches a pistol in Michael Jackson's father of the picture everyone saying it's like those kids and stuff of that but I'm really Mikes the camera and time lapse that piece of floor that is coming from frequently does it come back with your wife it when we expect to see it again while usually leave for the day MS Companies 32 little be like cat piss I really am confused I have no idea if you can't read it what is the fourth planet from the Sun Heather falling over that stupid conkers that's of more than 10 a 55 gallon drum every time fluid but the other 3 I have it gave me because the way it was told it was kind of crushed the one I wrote it out it was it was crazy so it's all rolled up and then just put it there for a while I was down around the base of the tongue on the inside of my rug Google look up the other spots around that spot in the exact same spot as the other one do you still seriously every time you see it or not the point anyway I need to check the center of that rug can easily be tested if you look inside the rug but he's like a nest of spiders come out at night and wonder if I could what does you're trying to trick you what's in my Red Bull it was confusing I don't even know what he was like spiders under bird how to pronounce we were invited out to the Circuit of the Americas which is the F1 track in Austin very cool very cool we were invited out by one of our longtime audience members who goes out there for events in a racing team of some kind and I couldn't go but Jack and Joel and I think you'll be took him up on it and they went out there and they said it was just absolutely amazing jeckel show me a picture a picture of amazing cars today and there's a story jump right the guy was saying like it's going to turn out he loses one or a Starbucks at $100,000 and there was a guy who did that who outfitted his car with a bunch of GoPros in case you guys around for some of those exterior shots of the car his whole job was to drive a car as close as possible to other cars time lapse camera the most puzzling part about that video would be how did you get here ice cream can you in drop of water on your floor is amazing why are of course maybe he just walks with a poodle that's always there anyway it wasn't prepared and it drowned in a triangle on your floor cockroach in the universe come out of the Earth and then that we discovered the Netflix on like an Asian cockroach burial ground of the Cockroaches confused it's just Wiz it makes me look like a drop of water dripping if you have an AC unit for in their right mind a window unit Gus gusler 32nd a better the 5S what's the weather like next week I go back to this thing Gavin Waters and you can't hold that against them it was amazing it was water in there and say listen guys I smelled it you can trust the super-sniffer believe you after this then we'll go from there extended period Gavin I trust you I think you got it figured out I really couple weeks my nose up to my bedroom it's a little bit and getting on the couch in there it was like 2 months and then with the project during construction renovation 5 years ago and I still have everything put on my house Nest attaching it to an adult male have come through and broke the the drywall just above my door to look a little crack in the drywall above the door for the mail to come in so I was cracked up there I painted over it I just fixed it will not fix it it was like I'm not a person who can fix it over it eventually but I took my thermostat the thermostat was stuck behind a perfect square Vera Bradley want to put a frame over it Nest Place in Norman that was like come to the Mount that's like this big and I was looking for the circle on the mountain you got to play say something I gotta think of my car that I noticed it's like I can't see it now that I've seen it about having the car in Texas that can be sold in Texas so I had to cover up we can talk about that but how much would it cost me that we can talk about that get online probably could do that I don't know where to go next time do I need this like 14 inch screw at some point my life I'm never going to remember that you had that when it comes time to finally use I got to say I had a moment as a police day where I was safe but screwed like apt damn you elaborate Gavin bad everything went wrong that day and we were trying to play Call of Duty ghosts and we couldn't get into a game at the same time but if he was in a multiplayer Lobby I can connect with his life and if he backed out I couldn't even get really frustrated he's like everything just like my projector screen which was also behind it Columbus Christopher very slowly putting his face out there and Island patient Alpha 2015 or Eastern Europe that I keep hearing eventually going to have to trust me really good TV A Game of Thrones on HBO channels and it was all it's our stuff for the new season I didn't understand what the third book into the season we just watching Game of Thrones is the first half of 03 with an intermingling a little bit a little bit and I didn't they would have done that until the second half of the book should be very straightforward internet yesterday I just signed up yesterday though next week so I'm really curious to see how it's going to be 300 megabits at first even though later in the year that up to a gigabit so this going to be 3 different internet AT&T Google Fiber will be rolling out Google next Tuesday I'm really really curious to see how one kilobyte Michael nest in the forest but going back there again I now have a house for the first time in my life where you can get under the house I never had a house like that before where the houses age a nautical pier and beam but every time I always let them know if I want to run cable to my house we have sold our house so it doesn't have like internet runs of the whole thing which in the age of Wireless a big really give a shit about but I do because I want my Xbox One and my PS4 to have you come on my 360 wireless device it was always much lower than the actual that's more than less than half the speed he had more than less than half more than less than n apt 270 one language Google what today at my new apartment Mikes a new apartment I'll be there almost a year but at the last apartment was in his in the same complex different unit my internet was like the connection was further away from the TV was like I'm outside of the room but in my new apartment the internet is right for my entertainment center it's seriously feel like I had everything on the Wi-Fi at the old place and then I had to get a new place apart from each other like my PlayStation 360 willing to commit to start plugging it into a household with a minor if that's absolutely right why was my internet connection in 15 minutes do you have any stuff yeah so I just getting to my house to do it I just got a hundred times on the floor and go to the friendly neighborhood raccoon under your house I do not have an armadillo a check is that it was one of the only houses out there was just nothing but hunting land and that house was Governors hunting lodge and an expanded over the years and people add to it the guys before me I did like the whole back part of it that's on there and the house was like 1934 which was built which is at your house and you want to see it with nothing else around it a black and white photo one of the square ones that super steak and one was Prince on Silver Plate and hands me that thing and it's that it's black and white photo and it's my house everything normal except there's these fucking kid like this 741 dentist in the front yard you know that Google Earth has one day when you're looking at the top down I was looking my time I've never used Google Earth 5 years ago it was installed on my n isn't storm about to pass out I didn't have this I found it so it is about it can I have it back in time 90 + in a few minutes for one helicopter sports restaurant great the best picture from the back in 1930 and it was a cool cool I'm with you it's so fucking brutally slow so slow so most likely like this is how bad it was back then like they can't really go back to Old City internet archive the entire incident a really cool service no it's not like that I'm like okay he's our next copy of the citation from ProFlowers one dozen roses with a premium and Gourmet chocolates 4999 or double the Roses two dozen long-stem roses and a premium chocolates 999 Moore you won't find anywhere else this week a quick and easy delivery on Valentine's Day is guaranteed which parts of flowers are the flowers for ProFlowers in the store delivery date check it off your list you can be hard to have plans just need flowers delivered get it done it's almost just passed a podcast go do it the only way to get the Valentine's Day deals it doesn't long stem assorted roses with the premium base and chocolates for 2999 or double the roses for just 999 more more 99 more go to proflowers.com click on the blue microphone in the top right corner and type in teeth that's ProFlowers.com you have to click on the microphone to see the special deal and type promo code teeth teeth day is just around the corner so you may as well go ahead and get it done right now while you're thinking about it because you're going to forget anything Translate tell me I'm in scramble mode we're getting some done Valentine's Day delivery just want to look like how do you play these things if you don't have the hardware to do it and you know which console to see that as well too as of right now they're almost $170,000 out of $210,000 goal they got 4 days left seems like a really cool project I hope they can find it I hope it's done I just didn't control there's no way that I can play that game the way that it was done in the past let me know what you need it was a football game American football NFL Gridiron and which quarterback to get of one dude who played the half bad character already can Mikes which other people mainly with the halfback then you play the quarterback that played quarterback and you can let you be with each other really unique was that when your quarterback you had a joystick and you had a second joystick Which Wich spring loaded that you pulled back and then you can want you pulled it back you can like put the arrow on the screen and like put it where you want it and let go unless you physically lead receivers who's the best person I've ever seen in a video game and I just can't read we created anything a try a lot of stuff but you're really just going okay that was the game the other was great I mean it's like any game if my memory of it is probably better than it was in real life but once you've gotten good at it at the mechanic that you can leave people spot on and say like you're going to head to it and I mean we would be like a hundred and seventy-eight fur video for Outlander the show that one arcade game I've never seen a robot like the first game that ever had fully filled polygons on the screen and it tell the story about how most of those games and getting shipped United States sub in a boat in the Pacific Ocean more than half of those are taken Olivia Munn dating crap plane arcade games the bottom of the ocean in the movie mermaids I've been waiting for Mermaid crab trap say it so I still get it the guy took down Flappy but I didn't couldn't handle it and that was that was running he was supposed to send me a screenshot of your Flappy Bird score sons of the Flappy Birds do chickadees a Vietnamese developer and he said he took it down because the game ruined his simple life and that he said was because the Press was overstating the success of the game if we aren't saying that his game was getting $50,000 a day and add Revenue which the story but having played a game a lot the bigger story there is apparently Clash of Clans has $50,000 a day to spend on advertising commercials the only thing I have ever ties Clash of Clans and some $25,000 our money is going to be making anywhere near $50,000 a bit probably is not probably get the mathematics that don't translate x amount of whatever Impressions or inventory on something that age isn't that too much but everything not all inventory is monetizable as it gets really boring business stuff but like if we get extra views on a video only 60% of 400 million games a day 200 million impressions a day probably I will say that I am skeptical as I tend to be of things on your plate right now by the way what's your plan not only is Flappy Bird still running ads you really took down the game it's over and I have a new ad today up there so while he did is like saying I want to go back to my simple life and this game has ruined me and they're overestimating My Success he took the game down and response that but he is still running ads on the installed base of 60 million copies of Flappy Bird he has his user base that would be a little bit more of a drastic move and I mean I don't know what his contract with some of the four Advils ProFlowers a Clash of Clans again I don't know how much of it I think I hit the power button you're so right before through it what are you want to do something just let day love you any hope he burns in hell Mario pipes but he didn't like to lift him from marrying someone like a pixel analysis on it and show that it wasn't the same they change the time the game is a little bit of it behind him as he was in the one or two hundred million tweets about Flappy Bird to play for money Crackdown video six months later than 200,000 years and Michael zordich which 250 million cost of quarter of a billion views amazing Milestones I had a $200 check has a very good idea to get celebrities like he put out that get celebrities to do the intro amazing endorsed by 9200 weeks in a row but a milestone Wich pretend it's there from everybody because we are just waiting for 10 broken jaded Wich Gavin Houston which is 10 million by 27 million subscribers your water 1010 Gavin Court Lake one early on when I met him we're having this conversation probably got there but he do something to make it sound like I'm going to say what you said and I don't know how many 20001 father making it and I'm like that's the threshold feel like every time he gets up Gavin 2004 the great remember that one multiplayer mode that was like a lady day which I get to storm the beach of the teddy bears have the guns up on Xbox right now Xbox Live I think that the multiplayer in the Xbox version which was weird because it was filthy as fuck and like it was really shocking for a Nintendo 64 game when the Xbox that we don't get down like they took some of the oldest out of the same things they turned out was like an island in the Xbox One Metro start screen you can see it was a fun game it was definitely different like I said I've never seen a Nintendo game like that there's the sunflower was like a like a female sunflower and I think she's like she's like she's like huge tits and her lips are like covering herself and you have to like you so sorry you have to go around and get like a bunch of bees that come over and I try to pollinate and she will open her her the leaves and we try to swap them away and then you bounced off work it's like a trampoline to get to another part of the puzzle in the game on it would just feel like in a woman with a face I just in the face tiny with it so I might think it's weird but I kinda got confirmation multiplayer modes for in the N64 broken it was World War II and on the Xbox which future States broken up right now I'm going to order the Xbox One version 2 minutes so good luck at Microsoft Microsoft today where the investors have asked Microsoft to abandon a big shirt fit all surface products and Xbox they wanted to put it off basically you want about of the hardware and search business or the want of the consumer-facing business day want to be an Enterprise the company want them to be like an IBM or no Oracle the game from that coming out of the public eye and we talked about before those divisions of Microsoft makes so much freakin money I think they're there since Mikes in a time of transition with the CEO swapping out I think the shareholders are trying to see how much influence they can exert in a time of transition the Xbox One survive if it was one off of Microsoft today now I think so I think it's okay I think they have enough brand recognition and having of history and have enough of installed userbase yeah I think they can make a go of it right now but I don't think it's a good idea conkers Rara brand game a Nintendo is having trouble even intended strategy for continued existence you don't think I'm going out there making the games I want to play what we what you waiting for like you which I was saying like what's the newest equivalent of Americas in Mario 3D Land World the new Mario World on Wii U without right now on the fucking around 86241 great transition of sunshine then it was good I was also really good even though you said someone was asking if you were talking about his mask which is going to Liz Henderson flower bird of the game I need a bouncer which describes being so Village Boston Michael Liz in Wiz Leasing from the ultra-talented mr. Monty oum and he says phones with Flappy Bird are going for $20,000 on eBay right now and it's like that person I really do swing the spotlight brings you know I mean it's like crazy I'm ready bring it this way Flappy got to do it we'll do Flappy Bird immersion please give me happy birthday but you gotta make sure we go through the pipe and it's making me go through the pipe in the pipe setlist for Flappy Bird the game the photographic the stuff you're basically a bunch of sticks and I thought and that's all it is and I don't add anything to it are you like Angry Birds and then some scores over here roll into burrito close down is like gravity you like the game because that's why I don't like the graphics that's what you're saying I just don't do anything because no like about it is that it is a reminder of the early the plane Doodle Jump Doodle Jump update one that was like I don't think I'll jump on my phone since we were still in the office on Congress yeah and you were like waiting for the update with true but it's just off of it because otherwise it's a good game it's really understand all the hate for it I really don't get this game from the problem with the game is when you get your high score Gavin Way to the Top and then fall past the other one which is fucking bullshit we all get it I hate the whole game because of that but I'm sure you have a legitimate criticism for it but I hate the game because it's good iPhone game really good doctors at 1:17 text Jack shut up your ass why don't you think it's core of the phone everything to screenshot the score on the phone display and just shove it up there and take a picture inside here let me I'm going to request in Game Center and did you accept my friend request it every Sunday starting at 1999 $10 promo code when you order milk chocolate chips mouth watery a little turned on your the only one getting some Valentine's Day deal giant freshly dipped strawberries starting at 1999 or double the berries for just $10 more Ms it berries.com that berries.com click on the microphone in the top right corner and type in teeth go to berries.com click on the microphone and type in teeth hurry offer ends on Thursday which is fine cuz I'll text you Friday so I bought this at home I know I called her on it so I'm not going to have one and she walked away how is Maslow's a giant sign on it that said I do not hope do not eat this or you will die with me and anyway we thought they were what is 37. You have like dude you're not an animal don't put the whole thing in your mouth pic you look into your soul you cannot use it to buy when you feel like your throat from this cold weather I'm out 3 times a day before we leave our apartment away from God because if she catches those things I'm really concerned about it you gave it to other people so now you don't have enough call tonight I got in the car I will get a check every day 3 times one brushing my teeth one get out the shower and one will come out front okay well give me the schedule Jersey the fucking to clean your tongue with a toothbrush on your tongue you don't fucking throat your gag reflexes in on your tongue if I stick my tongue out too far which story about woman who was checking my tongue to Liz and she was trying to push my tongue down to see them I can't go again I'm not coming up when I stick my tongue out price on a woman's watch story of woman I didn't intend on your finger today Patrick did something I'd never thought to do hey we need a nickname because Patrick and Patrick and Patrick did something I never thought to do you know whenever we record the party tonight since it's winter the heater doesn't work in here we have these little space heaters just off camera that try to keep us warm we try to get a little warm but will hear he called heater repairman to come out and fix the heater I was like I never thought I could do that was broken and in my mind that was it we had to suffer with the cold that's the way you said if your call broke you just say all I got a letter I fix it hopefully we'll have heat just in time for spring time for us to leave one today it's been up and down the street one day and then 78 degrees the next of the road I think it's so hot here a contract which happens must have a ton of students driving and if you're probably like no one cares cuz they're not voters here and try to make them more accountable for different parts of town right now and they have been up there as soon as they leave I'll run out there and look to see if there's any shit really it was she chasing that free what do you do to clean up your dog shit that that's what you did clean up your dog shit that was in the yard water is it early I'm actually with a fling with someone if you got trouble that would be going down should a person get is that illegal I forgot something for the owners really that's what somebody over Flappy Bird done with it out that no contract internet long absolute my name is Alyssa I am I got so sick of cat sitting in my front yard for a while so I send an email to Neighborhood listserv saying that that shouldn't be allowed outside of us run at least like a dog we can't let crazy people run everything we should all be allowed to have Chloroform soaked rag in her pocket at all points in time and if you're the closest person you have the obligation to take him out for the summer some reason I think so do you remember the full details I told the story I told fur ever my own YouTube channel 3 3 4 years ago Apple Store in Mansfield which fucking we have to get out drop want to be tried and tried kicking the door down or anything Gavin was actually coming over tonight or something like that and ABC Head Start and then fucking dominate to get like 30 starts and his wife 744 to play I hear knock at the door like that you should be here so I say something that I don't know right and like I said if you need to from the operator but I'm pretty sure they're trying to build a spaceship I'm just things like he doesn't like he didn't have any weapon problem whenever there's a couple guys Boulevard Ms and then he's like no no no he's got a head yeah I thought it was pretty weird to Wiz Khalifa we live like right near the police station and the fire department in like a minute or two like they got another guy still on the phone with the fire truck I see the light show up in my bank right down he's talking to him and he goes up there and get my phone back in like 4 of them go with him and I'm crazy about that over the quarter Ms one Gavin shows up music store in the 5 and left and it was like a bunch of cops there and I'm just like we left it but I'm going to find someone is crazy is that she also said she was like I'm not going like 5 doors answer tell him that you have plans first I didn't know it was a friend's gun for him sons of the lunatic right temporary yeah it's want to leave but it was totally crazy I used to live in apartment complex off of Riverside which is a really nice part of real estate in Austin but it's not going to be like they're just now getting around to doing something very cheap age 600 a month 2 bedroom apartment but was coming back from work or used to work and I was having a really good discussion and I got one of his hands on her arm like and dislike a problem here speaking English is like trying to tell me something like this I'm like yeah I don't know what's going on but I just don't think you guys should be talking like this out here you know I don't think you should be talking to her like that don't you understand me I said I don't know what the situation she understand what he's saying right like that and he's saying I'm going to keep it want to come to dinner and stuff like that I keep saying money to me and she goes to me I have sex with people for money a professional woman and her son that apparently she skipped out of money and all this and I'm like I voluntarily walked into this situation then I'm like okay or something like that is she going to come with you just take me somewhere your card okay Dad said that that's an idea that you can come and you can use my phone if you need to call somebody if you need to call Pacific a cop you can you can use my phone to call a cop that's what I'm going to do right here and she was like I don't want to get out of the situation you want you want like a trap door to open and what's under it fucking interrupted transaction between a professional woman in her client that was not allowed to live in a part of town to live in one of those giant apartment complexes that likes it was like 600 bucks for a two bedroom and the thing was every year one building would burn down it was like a giant apartment 24 building and it's like it's like only a 4% chance of my feelings if you don't 3 people died in the last two months trying to relate to each other cuz they both died within each other with the same gun and then die and it turned out all the previous tenant had just died from a violent death as well but didn't age that people died because they both shot each other with the same gun that struck me as a weird person Spiceland, what a good I think maybe like somebody shot somebody got the gun away from the other person back crazy 3 people died in apartment next to break your lease it's like you buy somebody that's when you fucking rent a 2 bedroom for 600 anyone still living in an old house you think anyone ever died in your house in N Liz review thing in architecture that I just don't know what it is it's your room it's your birthday stuff I said that 3 years ago people think that's a place where people go to throw up Gus tired of having vomit all over blonde let's just build Michael I love you I just get really busy of a time like everyone believe that Lemmings would just commit suicide to keep the numbers down why do they put a bunch of stuff a better story than just watching me is filtered camper take a horribly I was watching a James Bond movie I'm watching the James Bond movies was Roger Moore in drive and does a double take what in the movie kicking off the big face is about to explode but the but the woman is still in there and he has to get around in like 1 hour so he's like that together just around bad it was just a jet ski that I was wondering why did you send it regular one around special it's not the whole thing started military technology it's important have you ever read the books like you be ready with anything like that I've never had an in Flappy Bird Albert r tub broken what time is it in broccoli that I forgot to thank you I just want broccoli broccoli was broccoli you would also say absolutely sub during the Skyfall credits that's when I first really noticed it Albert broccoli family in their broccoli broccoli apartment complexes Michael Bolton's apartment from Office Space crazy story to tell Austin if you Michael Bolton only 3 of us will make it out of that podcast alright well could be your bedroom Chris Roberts Devi restaurant in the middle of the house in a parking space okay the first thing so I can put it up in the office say hello I got a guy he's circling the Sun yeah I'm sorry yeah the most I really definitely hook up with neighbors on a regular basis everywhere that used to piss off a neighbor one time I was over there in the neighborhood and we stopped over my house is under construction and we're staying out there and I met the guy before when I got in the house to do it in the house it was constructed houses the windows are there time for Liz point in a few people in the world the chances of one of them living right next door pretty slim you'd like him why do dogs bark in the park the however you should know that your dog barks my dog don't bark when you have a camp out of time and I'm sure the dogs don't bark if you have a dog and you leave your house set up a camera one time will be fucking amazing God damn dog barks and it's always everybody else's life the moment you leave its mother this happened like I'm in my house now almost a year it could be 3 months before I got home one day and I was like come of the fence Hibernian if I hit it I hit a Breaking Point like 3 months or something where I was just like cuz I'm not home anyways I'm going to scream at their dogs to the floor like 30 seconds daily a dog's not it does not I might want to play some guy above me okay then at least I know I'm not going to get fucking burn down from underneath on fire it's above me at least I'll try to get the hell out but yours if you have dogs set up a record of just one time yeah everybody's dogs and leave them alone should be want to come in but I don't think I can do pink orange like how much do dogs fart and if they do they just don't you start up the dog shit in my yard and care about that that's a great idea I had to find out like it was some dry cleaners I need to find out when it was down of Customs that we were up and I was like hey what time do you want information efficient exchange of information notify around Gavin the people around you to lunch the other day Gavin Which Wich which is a restaurant in Austin that you just write on your bag what you want and you give him the bag and it's like multiple choice fill in the circle what you want anytime we want to go to Which Wich in Gavin Which Wich to talk to anybody anybody 3 different places MS largest smoke smoke alarm over here I got a collage how many fill up the bad but the bad thing about don't talk to me when you don't have like any Jersey and ice cream on the East Coast on how far it goes but there it's called them and they have apartments in the 711 but you can get for those and it has a kid and teenager computer screen is like the greatest thing ever everything everything get a sandwich you always bring back the wrong sandwich for me because you know she's like that from you want to like have a fucking friends with everybody Shop grocery store Friends of the fucking care cuz she goes there every two week and I talked with the people that's ok but there's a Chinese restaurant because they started beating me and you my regular order to the store and like you know that they first to do the meat the keys in it and then they moved over to the dressing and what you want on it like this and all the drinks and stuff and they got to my sandwich like what to put on it but I wasn't standing there and I look over and one of the girls over there fit for you want to the club so no tomato no yeah wow Wiz n Liz and I got a sandwich in there his and hers on the sandwich now the last time we went we all got our sandwiches didn't say anything 3 of them came out if the GM and Elm once a week if it's close it's fucking delicious lunch today and no bread sandwich it's like too much lettuce just don't like that cuz I was looking at it just give it to you what does giving fanfare Gavin Tub Girl a way out of the tub even made the noise of the doodle lunch want to go in there and make a difference make a big bow finger song RT Podcast Burnie Burns Gavin Free what time is it in space talking about