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RT Discusses Self Inflation

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Recorded: 2014-02-18 22:57:34

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Transcript (in progress):

pics of the cast of Rocky Blue Loop huluplus the thousands of hits showtime anywhere on your TV smart phone or texting huluplus when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth podcast GoDaddy here to help you pick out your website GoDaddy promo code 295-242-9572 what to do on your own stinky so I thought if you were close Buddies is that what are things we do is research topic to the podcast 10 liter stuff we talked about we are some of us do it so I wrote this morning I said here's our entire podcast and I sent him a link to a story I should read it right title of the story is a man fell on a high-pressure air valve in his blood and in his burping all the airport or on the pot talk about inflated threes anus so what I said was if you read the article it says that the valve pierced his buttocks and excluded him and I so I said is it the digestive tract the fuel system like how could the air have gotten into that inflate in a lot of sausage skin General piercing the but I could have gone through so much pull the valve out in the other room I can buy air in at a hundred pounds per square inch it was a legitimate site was the only time he might not a Greek is it in New Zealand the UK by its April 1st starting out today I checked it was it was sometime in 2013 I think there were things like guess what I totally apologize to him GoDaddy drawing to draw alien Fleet that and then they walk around and that's it YouTube video crank but will not start this of the light still one website run by one dude and that's it he's like. I had to like get a membership I didn't but I would have to get a membership to see all the photos the outlet pipe for the water and that's how it goes people get injured on jet skis at Lake Forest Woods gets forced into their offices like jumping off of your place I was video from stress American football everything is first Russian in Austin what are they good for allergies if you're from the UK do you know where the Neti Pot is Neti Pot I know you know that Neti Pot is what the Neti Pot where you put in some solution and then you put warm tap water in and then you put it in one nostril tilt your head and it goes through your sinuses and yells at the other than enough water why not get them from water and you get them in the lake and they're super super air thing doing this is a rare thing in your nasal passages into your brain and eat your brain over the course of like three days water whole brain of myself to multiply three days you just get more and more like you become your perfect a massively changed over by the police or the front of his head isn't it Phineas Gage Gage metal rod in your head I'll go back through GoDaddy Phineas Gage he was camping gunpowder blasting powder sticks of dynamite into like it was massive explosion into a crack in a rock with a steel rod and he's going tech tech tech tech tech salad the past the railroad tracks right and it went off and told him like this and then went right through his head and survived but it completely changed after that weird things the brain is such a weird people any little thing can cause a massive personality change the same person as I was the day before how do you know that you do oh shit that's my boy cuz there's a few minutes someone drowns they go to Vegas but no pulse no blood pressure or anything basically all they have is the electrical impulses in the brain have electrical impulses thing like temporarily while you're dying the chemicals because it was dead for 2 maybe 2 minutes then was taken there's a reason for the stuff I've no idea what it is like a series of electrical impulses in your battery your bios you like no longer be around in your brain I don't even know how that works a way that you can of my lifetime we get the ability to record dreams even if it's like our brains are incompatible and I can't watch your dreams I would hope that's the case then we can record dreaming that my dreams are like a arm link like I don't have the ability to a different I can't decode year but you can watch it on any other Gus that you have Neti in Lakewood collection of your memories and then what you're going on but now I the lucid dream the other night it was awesome it's pretty of the 2nd or 3rd whatever the hell I was in my house with my family in England some reason I wasn't with me I just in England and felt like it was just really understand everything right before I finish what I was saying and I would miss understand me and I was getting really worked up and I was like whenever I start talking to someone else and it just wasn't making sense something's off about it and then I just thought I was like this like this we jam on the table and I picked it up and I was going to but my brother of the head with it and I was like where can I buy didn't instruct the front door open it started running outside and everything started melting in the gym Note 2 through my head I was like my brother everything was like that painting yeah I'm never involved in them really talk about coming out of my mouth like if I get them over to somebody told me this stuff I'm not sure if it's a dream or not in the dream I say give me something to read and I give it a read it's not all the time doing something like I can't read this I'd like to have the dreaming like the most common dreams the last three years because somebody told me you can't read what is it when you try to just let it play out just that I feel like I can read in dreams I think maybe it was you who told me that I started trying to pay attention to that wikiHow article how to tell if your dreaming let's get salad wikiHow in your dream are you flying on 82 what else is there is it your mom currently not dreaming right now my body dreaming as well a global everyone was into link to an Internet that was just the dreams but everyone had the same into that most of the ultralight but I would definitely not want that in my life so if you see Leonardo DiCaprio Ellen Page and let's definitely can you make objects move across the room Ariane Monica from Friends or like you're getting I was dating I never met her again she pissed off what happened to the drop of water that's like 2 weeks straight anything happen water drop was Hitler water stains on floor clear liquid when I came back in brutal there was a story earlier today did you hear about the pilot of Ethiopian Airlines who hijack his own plane hijacker who knew how to fly plane the pilot movie of the two pilot of this plane the pilot pot with your flight coming from Ethiopian supposed to go to Rome the pilot at one point gets up goes to the bathroom and while he's out of the cockpit the co-pilot lock him out declares himself of hijack of the plane and it takes of Switzerland and Geneva he said you wanted a diplomatic immunity from Ethiopian who said he couldn't get any other way to go to Switzerland belly Saint Landing the plane in the Hudson the guy who does the plane like a bird on takeoff with everybody Everybody Get Down On The Wing of the plane in the one you just booked it away in the water he just two women and one guy he just likes to laugh and play just want to get to drive to get the fuck up Gavin airplane wing works and I was basically the difference in the pressure in the sub the air down doesn't when it lightens up the back into the thing that's what provides in the list but it doesn't mean I don't think it's like that continuously because I've been playing so much Landing the big titan that game I just assumed it Landing planes in real life as he has family in a very nice part of the world of the island in the Caribbean and I've been trying to he wanted to come stay with him for a long time I would try to go for ever and it just keeps it keeps falling apart and she would not the airport that was the first thing that came up was in the water nothing but flight simulator video images of people Landing big 747 on the tarmac just it was like the hardest thing they could do and it was a given that to me was a barometer for of shit they really airport like he was telling me that there's a hill you go down Hilton Saint Bart and you go down a hill and in land the plane and there's a road to the top of hill in the cars have to stop for a plane go through as they know they're looking for planes they stopped a little prop plane to fly downhill speed usually come in at a different speed the only way to do it was a great video recently of the storms that we had here wherever the cameras are pointed out the runway vs showing all the going around that people have to do Boeing's was coming at me like doing this because I know that was crazy Madera yeah you have a couple of times first ever have to me I wasn't playing with him the first time release Cargo in life and that's what happened but we were landing and now we're taking off again for some reason they Gus not totally but clean podcast we had a few years ago but then there was that one we are on way will full speed taking off I need to slam the brakes so we just stopped in the middle of run away because they had a mission of some sort or troubleshoot it up here in the cockpit and will get back to you markets open farted what is a mission mean to you what did you thought it was it was something we get from The Middle he worked out for the kids I guess I know we just got that video of the of the airplane this is the Birmingham a point in which I would be crying if I was on that plane Division of Motor Vehicles a smaller one if your color but he doesn't anymore clothes yeah my phone but a plane over there so I was not able to board a plane for almost two hours because one of the window shutters is broken if you're having a mechanical issue at least I'll tell you that you know yeah like a window shutters but that's okay that's okay world for your players right like we don't freak out we know people who are bad Flyers you got to get me one of the most annoying things to me now it's like it's like people who are afraid of or something is going to crash and planes in the air right now A Thousand Years and a thousand the boxes going 70 miles an hour where is 14 Round thing that's going to roll I'm going to move way more dangerous than the way more dangerous today blue tell me tell me text you Siri GPS no reason that was missing from the probability perspective you can probably get the angle I just the right way but you're not going if your not going to get there probably falling from really high a place you try to land on one leg because it's like I'll break one like me and I'll be fine water ruins if a if the Earth was the size of a cue ball billiard ball it would be smoother than a cue ball that the differential in like Mount Everest and the deepest trench in the ocean still relative size wise are you pressing matter that the mass of the Continental what it was like to be a point when you sent that and compress it then it becomes thing it has its own Event Horizon that's where it becomes a black hole is so strong that light cannot escape a can a can a planet become a black hole I don't think that there was a planet dense enough to know I don't think so either right there's nothing that much more dik impressed but even that believe of Jupiter am I ever going to Landing gas the whole way down the manual Jupiter and I thought you were like your mr. big dude and you anyway how big is Yuba Lake blue of all the guys you feel like some of those there's a bigger than ours I told him I like a solid floor on the planet what is the planet the gas is the planet to the a part of our plan airport of our planet but you're not going to this in the name of the planet is Reggie Bush go to the clouds and I like to go to that fucking Reddit and I'm stuck in the middle I got a speech about it a lot of ambition to do it till I go into landing the irenic ultralight in the Reddit I'm on the planets or is it just gas the whole way down and I come out to the side that was a lot of effort has to keep all the other the same thickness as it is on the top in the middle and put away maybe not there yeah it's not like we have satellites around it it's Center is metallic hydrogen Cloud tops gas is hydrogen then a layer of liquid hydrogen than metallic hydrogen in the core of rock metals and hydrogen compounds made of hydrogen that's out there what is an element on earth like it's like the carbon in the form we have now is super psyched about water everytime I take a picture of water flow I think I go back to your comment about the Diamond Planet never said it I think there was a paper written that there was speculation that beautiful was Saturn or Jupiter that one of them could theoretically ringed diamonds because the pressure so great in the gas atmosphere that the carbon get there just tracked it and it over the air gets shot back up by high winds and compacted over and over until I just got diamonds and I in the upper atmosphere I think it's in a safe place what if you had it in a tub of water raining diamonds up and down twice thing imaginable thing we have right the fuck is hydrogen my dik will I know what is the center of Jupiter what is it to go through all this shit Cloud tops gaseous hydrogen and liquid nitrogen or hydrogen metallic hydrogen in a quart of rock metal and hydrochloric the generic term for any more stuff stuff stuff what's made out of Rock bunch of hot shit fucking flabbergasted I got to meet his mom what the hell is that something tell me what The Rock is of rock we talking like you know thing you said cloud types gaseous hydrogen liquid hydrogen metallic hydrogen and in court but she said to prove it you can't use the term Innovation to describe your job you can't use the word to describe it looks like they found out was that this is the surface of Jupiter everyone you're fired for everything I'm sorry who discovered everything don't repeat it when you know your the plan you're going to die what planet would you go to find what I want to do it I go to a planet to die what you going to do that tonight um hypothetical questions like this one I've known him longer Mercury I want to say I like 18 or 19 hours what is 1 of the day is longer than a year were the days longer rotates around its own axis where 200 + -170 degrees Celsius on one side and it's whatever billion thousand degrees on the other side not exactly like it would be able to keep up with the rotation of the Earth. Sounds good I'm trying to get this information but I'm too dumb to understand Synod Finance temple in a bulletin to reappear at the same point in relation to arm or other objects never salad is by far the dumbest very sore Defender 88 days orbital periods at 8:38 de nada where'd you go pilot still planet rotates once every 58.647 days a little less than twice a year like a one and a half times a year because it was dangerous pot and go with it but it might get too hot in the summer so I'm still following you end up doing like it sideways like that actually blue ringed octopus your life and you just fucking straight up paralyzed thing you can of blue ringed octopus respiratory system thing talk too much what you up to a point where your diaphragm but no longer works for 24 hours so if you're with somebody and they just give you mouth-to-mouth for 24 hours so we totally fine you have a full recovery but if they stop at any point you will suffocate and die because you can't breathe on your own conscience and depending on someone else to give you mouth-to-mouth for twenty-four hours and you're watching them just so they get tired of that and you have no way of saying that you're about to kick it but you do and you after they told you but the only person around for miles and I give you mouth-to-mouth for 24 hours that sounds like I could do it but you breed like 7 or 8 times a minute for 24 hours straight that person would eventually just fucking give out and collapse and then you and I can do it but that would be nice I used to kill me they'll be horrible blue ringed octopus so I wouldn't mind if I steal your great idea registered domain name now and put your idea online GoDaddy is offering one you or transfer.com domain for the low price of 295 whether you're building your dream business or starting website for fun visit GoDaddy.com enter code rooster 295 it checked out it's go-time some limitations apply see website for details I wish we'd had aprovel like this going when I had an idea for that Black Friday fights website actually would have done it to 95 such a such a cheap way to get a website put it online go to godaddy.com promo code rooster 295 a 295 come to Maine so cheap you'd be done you do it and here comes a special message blue ringed octopus 24 hour.com there you go have you guys been playing you probably told by the time we have not talked about it because I've been playing a lot of Titanfall there's a bunch of control if you're not very good at killing other people in the room locks on everyone's heads and as you pull the trigger and kill him and you don't even have to be looking directly at them it will cover the bullets into her because it's not quite it's pretty cool but it's also better if you like walking by if it's 11:10 o'clock I'm not even a great job of making photo spots of the game funny in the pilot without a Titan is just as fun as being the kind I prefer not to have them and it was just the balance between characters in Titans and people on foot is really good you of the fact that everyone has it and that if you use that cloaking device it works kind of shitty again a few minutes but I really good photos of built-in like fuck you mechanic which as you know until they do the tea bags and you know there's some games we could stab people and that's like your welcome but I'm just a quick thing that has when your fighting is Max and you get someone all the way down to what they called the injection. But the hazard what they do meters to have time to fight with him or get out and in that mode and someone to talk about their Mac and make it punches through your cockpit and grabs your little dude your pilot I pick them out and it just shut off what causes them off to the side today hasn't come out I just woke up to someone and then just tossed him into the river into the oceans and other favorite thing is when you get behind someone you miss them and you just like break their neck and you see their heads spin all the way around and if that happens to you you're standing there then all of a sudden you're looking behind you kill shoot and kill Church a robot fight what are the other really fun thing is even if you lose you still have the hope for extraction be like okay I can make it to the extraction point and still get out here like something moving flight to get to the spaceship is so much fun it's really cool because it's like to start with that post-game the hunt down thing that they have you put your finger over time kind of like you and I don't know about that it was coming out people complain about this is totally fine it's been this way a long way with the AI characters that played in the last round of round a good plan and I was like 4 months ago before this one and so we had a code and I was playing and she was watching you play and arrange your room I never play Call of Duty I just I just don't I never play multiplayer Call of Duty it isn't made by the guys who made the Modern Warfare broke away and they started respawn it's like the main dude that made this game so it's going to Call of Duty feel to it on the ground a room in there and I was like yeah twist hair through a photo shoot you just hold the crap that's been there you can't question answer this if you shooting at someone and leave or text and then you stop shooting and you Vortex and the fire the stuff that you that your voice makes catch it all and can you send it back I was trying to figure this out because I call a bunch of stuff and I think they shot them they called it and threw it back at me and I call it but it exploded in my hand I think it times out I think that's what happened twice a pilot what are the best things in a bilities you can have as the Titan is a nuclear eject I guess you're not as you thing explodes it explodes huge so in your when you're not exploding timer you can just pull off into the middle of someone else's fight and I checked and you end up just looking down on absolute devastation how do you tell when your going to do something directions to Oceanside Pier pretty bad person inside the chest when of Pacific Rim animation is the Titan pick you up and put you in the chest watch the TitanFall that actual thing that happens when a pineapple is in its very the respawn logo mean 3.7 the one. Off to the side no clue I don't know I don't know it's been bugging me all the time now when I get into the game you connect to the list of play button by the lake by law it was like a sign that we have menus in Braille I just said that in a while he's going to read that was going to be with someone and they requested for the blind do you know what your hotel room numbers elevator what is the things they put in the doorway what is the damages that was like it's like diagonally and up in the doorway like a blessing kind of a thing it's like good I don't hear it's supposed to be good luck and like protect your house kind of thing hundred percent on target Jewish door thing is it looking all those years of school for Bay Drive Apartment stuck in air in Hebrew verses from the Torah these vs comprise the Jewish prayer beginning with a frayed hear o Israel the Lord Our God the Lord is one place in the higher right side of the door up with her and every time they put their hand every time they leave her house and I'm like that's the way to do that all the time then put the business and the forecast like people like going in there like that I'll try to get one for work and it's like that's okay it was handled but like all the people on top of the tub I don't give it to me tweet their of their diagnosis blue ringed whiskey tip do it like right at the outside I never Sub in my ear just got the wrong one so that I've been having I've been having this sore from fly fly fly fly I'm ruining my life I need to the thing whatever it is never cream is like you might have a way I can do it right yeah they say don't do it I don't like falling for my a hole you right you don't clean your the one in there but yeah if you're the one thing I don't use it for that sweetest I can I feel like stuff shoots out of my head that's what you're here the water in the ears when you go to talking and then you shake your head and you just feel it like an hour later hello I love your body why you should like that put your body in different temperature the other internet 98.66 have special abilities if you burn your finger in a hole he lives because he lives of heat faster than any other part of your body is it true I never heard that 302 the a time I thought you might like the other week he told me like we were talking about so after our discussion last week that talked about his sub in a tub a brown recluse sub in a tub and you told us about it so last week that he was on Tuesday I went out like I'm going to get a sub in a tub at Jersey Mike's so I got one and I was getting the sub in a tub made they asked me do you want Manny's on that was like many other salad yeah sometimes I do know absolutely nothing except salad cream correctly cream is not have the same ingredients but they're made differently no it's not what you don't have time salad cream no we have salad I think thing is it doesn't of salad dressing I think that's what the Hellman's mayonnaise does a salad has Ebola salad on the outside of it if I recall correctly that's logo is in egg yolk that is the most counter to everything else are you fucking love mayonnaise dik but you said this pot again for that you really like man I really would like what are sources of arm muscles always required to use got older she tried it so I was like 15 but I like Gage fucking hate mustard get you in the nose if you have too much yellow now it's like 15 that you can tell her that Reddit I can't even advertise anymore it's a problem still exists or still riding the coattails of that fucking commercial from the early eighties yeah there's a bunch of people a lot of the same ingredients but they're different a little different so they finish in a metal detector sub in a tub and then there's a picture of your butt dik put it on the counter right so it's like they're done making it up here for put it on the counter instead of just let me put it down and it's kind of like when you get it glittering Back Forty Air Show Miracle Whip is called salad dressing okay that's it and that I would call Miracle Whip mayonnaise when she said it was so miracle miracle of the retro logo is it called what does under salad dreaming of the don't be so mayo or their slogan remember everything Gavin or Google in a while little while and play for a couple episodes we did Bynes recently we did in Valentine the US Food and Drug Administration requires that anything labeled mayonnaise contain a minimum of 65% vegetable oil by weight photo crap keeps Miracle exact will contact the company confirms it is too low to meet the Mayo standard 5% you're just putting shit in there to make your vegetable oil spreadable the people have to do to keep up is that have crab in them and those wings that you have it on really Wings they just spell Wings Wy and we do we have that are going to get pizza and wings or something not that that's what wines do the Boneless Wings boneless wings they have to spell it wrong what's a good part of chicken anyway drive thru thru valve constantly amazed and upset by the sheer amount of emails we get our stuff misspelled trying to do business with a business email Miss Pinterest job a lot of people looking for jobs second or third one and I said you know if you're going to send an email for job you should really like we have information that you should really just let you know because you thing for you you should really write a more formal well-thought-out letter that actually has four words and sentences in it and I just like job can I get one what does it take to let me know get at me it's like you know and then they came back and it was nothing like that they're not really never really into writing and I really don't remember it's probably better stop talking like that can we talk it I don't remember that always gets one giant paragraph spacing know anything it's just like a clump of texts like I can't even read that yours was crazy but it is that Barbara there's a little bit of a different a little bit so when I was in school I did not go through like later in high school I did not have an email address until very late in high school very early in college I could still fucking right and I do is no occasion for me to write I mean then we were always on the phone talking to each other I never wrote anything and I could right now with the internet most people communication is written like people tweet constantly the right email to make Facebook status updates are texting constantly but somehow doing it more people can't right I never thought about it that way that's really why what is short and everything's done where are you going like that completely remember it always because I don't understand that cause I don't want to do that would I noticed your phone has it text or phone if I dial in and get the ray gun every time with the same thing earlier that his brother just got out of prison after being in prison for 10 years and that his comment on people was everyone is weird now everyone is weird as hell for him The Sims funniest people the human race as a whole has crusty anuses go ahead because they just sit on the toilet after they've done to it for too long they usually do this on the phone now what what's Uranus's belly hijack isn't what it was I just might be the weirdest way to leave this conversation but I found one I like a lot but it's just like matching things about it lined up perfectly symmetrical a chronologically you're happy with it you'll never get like that ever usually like so bored of those you're trying to shift things arm it was okay with you Miracle thank you kind of looking at it and talking about it and explain in order the numbers you wouldn't 12:11 because you didn't need 12 more than that numbers must have been it must have been like 10 didn't exist until what number can you look at how many fingers do you have a number that we can express but has never been to the 23rd power a computer hydrate vs thing to us one time that less than 1% the world has been seen by human eyes on the podcast I remember this somebody came armed with a knife and we were all strongly against it what does that mean hijack that less than 1% of the Earth's surface has been seen by human eyes I remember that I really like do you think about the sheer volume of space on the surface of the Earth less than it was just remember that was funny that was a Reddit thread last week were TotalBiscuit another YouTube gamer guy pay my Amazon package ships he talked about what it's like to interface with an audience on a great it's like reading comments people reading his account of it wasn't all shocking to me if you like someone who is kind of new to the process to me like he had or he was so lost in so we didn't have like your feedback he said he doesn't like things like that he doesn't care about him even more mental because he all he does is sit around and wait I got the feeling but then what are you guys thinking clear example of this kind of thing goes down for us I did something really dumb and I engaged in a straw man argument on the podcast we just did it again where we were talking about somebody else coming here and telling a story about losing 5% and I had a guy from particular when I posted something about the Super Bowl football players wear pads in their pussies and I came on and said that old American football players wear pads or pads a lot harder because the internet a large doesn't hear the first part of that and I like talking about someone in theory to them they just think I'm coming out of left field and saying that I think rugby players are a piece of shit and are not athletes or something right now how hard it is to play rugby I Say Never Never Say it wasn't hard to play rugby it was a very tub it was just a thing of like just how hard that you're allowed to hit because you have had and just psychologically you can fucking hurt yourself or somebody else and I totally stop every 2 minutes 30 seconds and that was kind of thing it's like sometimes even after all this time and I will do things like walk myself into situations like that but it's like thing you can just not read the internet for a while now it's true but he was saying that he could not read it but that's apparently I can't decide if you want one large egg yolk room temperature actually really important a teaspoon of salt 1 tablespoon of lemon juice three-quarters of a cup of vegetable oil properly combined and it just gets all clumpy and white it's from the egg white and lemon juice gets more yellowish when you make it home I don't know why you're doing this episode of the podcast is brought you by huluplus you're probably try hulu.com huluplus is so much more with huluplus you watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere bookkeeping huluplus let you watch thousands of TV shows and movies in the living room or on the go with your smartphone or tablet with huluplus you want your favorite TV shows like 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happen I should have done it would have been Gavin Vines Valentine we lost one we lost one but the first time we lost by not buying that is the first time he shot the apple as it stands now and I really just feel guilty because you guys were off enjoying your Valentine's Day I forgot it was funny it was funny but you were almost late to the Pats last week because you were feeling those wine and the one you lost is the reason you were almost late I know it's coming but I don't want to go there if you let me plug your phone into my crazy-ass and the Salvage if we never gave me the time and even if they had their phones turned off as long as the battery was still on it they could still hear through those phones today through the lens of profound so it was just like the other phone bugging device for the government from people that they can activate those Services you have in your cars or if you can call a roadside service in South Ozone good you always fucking say that it's funny because I wasn't you pitched a fit when one of your pictures got leaked did you see what happened on Facebook and everyone to meet at like I realize now that being said as you and I did talk about it and I said hey I heard I heard what your Facebook photo sleep you go yeah I was supposed to know your friends are going to be friends never known anybody Richard Garriott when I was a kid and then I was that he was on the podcast 20 years later I met someone recently I think you were there I met one of the first people I ever emailed in the games industry really I know you don't know this but in 1995 I sent you an email about this I can't believe I'm actually sitting here it's crazy how we came to the contest anymore and I met him there and everywhere 4 years ago did Jeff remember this that he came there with his girlfriend and he was this guy who came in for the day with his girlfriend he always enter contests contests and over across all the concerts that I ever put out there not many people in there you know all of them on average so you can win if you win the contest every couple of months and you won this one I forget what he's in for and yet he came to set your office and if I recall correctly that he said there's a washing machine the washes to 1700 stuff and that he left the office without his girlfriend that sounds like fun and so he did that and had a huge YouTube channel it started off from doing that if I'm working you have to remember him coming I remember that day we were all shocked because the guy just showed up at the front door as I want to come here let me look it up this happened you okay I was talking around a window of time when YouTube got big and we still view them as a competitor essentially so we didn't put the videos up on YouTube it so there's a little there's like 2 or 3 years before we started like you know really investing in our Channel which was number 4 on music last year a memorandum that was one of the biggest gaming channels on of YouTube Phil Hughes funeral thing I know he's not with me anymore so it's really interesting to see the top 100 YouTube channels and you can put them on there and I think it's really funny because you can you see my run is like channel number 7 is that but if you go to Austin Texas you can see channel number but we like 18 or 2007 what do you mean just talking last year number 11 across all channels the most I don't know and even more to the point just like it officewise again and she's like don't throw away from Nerdist Twitter followers instantly in your office would be if you don't hear it right and this is where I might do it so you still consider when you talk about your YouTube channel you think about your home I never thought I never thought about it 6 West 121st took off and we try to make money Gus and Jeff and really went out and bought classic trucks belly fat thing broke down what are the two of them but the main purpose was to classic trucks was to drive the other one to the other classic truck wherever it was broken down you and Jeff and maybe Matt had gone off your clothes somewhere but for some reason I hadn't gone on the trip and you all had to come back and at the Austin Airport nose and go pick you up and I was driving just fucking truck Thing Justin tell me about his truck at the time with the gas gauge didn't work out he had no idea how much I didn't know I was like airport airport I'm here you know I'm literally on the airport I could you have to drive to go from 71 to get out there so that well but I wasn't there so everything's okay right now it looks like we could get some cash for that truck so that you know if you won't be stuck out here so you go you guys text me your like we took a cab show me a picture of the gas to take me back out to the truck and I put gas in the tank and it still won't start so he's like we can't leave it here we have to push it into the parking lot to push the truck into the parking lot so we finally push it push it in a spot stop it he looks Amigos you're really lucky if you driving that truck otherwise I'll be calling you off here he's like a walk over the terminal get a cab and get out of here at like 5 so she drives off and I'm like why was your license but he pulled you over people over just walk it up for me but I had time to reinstate my license if I have parking tickets making fun of very cool trucks they really were very very cool that truck I had would be 50 years old now this year really suck sometimes affordable truck driving in trucks and I can see you in a Tesla Gus the other two next to electrical 11 year old found the ticket how fast you go in my place grilling me about the gun I cannot go fast in that car so difficult for me it's acceleration is like whenever it's like I'm driving I drive worse and I cried like a little I don't believe it does snow the story acceleration so it's like the amount of acceleration basically do you have coming off of the green light you have to explain them on acceleration like 50 in a straight line if you floor it is your week going full speed right then he's going full speed into anything like that I think about a remote control car right when you hit upon the very thorough car before it's like a different Power like it's like a scooter that you put your foot in it and it got a little of that this morning you were out there investigating ride that thing I almost ran over Gavin the parking lights a disclose that call is silent it's cuz he was sneaking up on me and then he's going to be right behind me has a screwdriver through a puddle which I had I had was something special to put on the car it wasn't you driving your car at low speeds will kick over the electric engine for stepping off curbs right in front of electric cars in my neighborhood I always look up and down the street before for you photo attention you know your backup cam is on and you are moving backwards so all the people who are much better at cars than me or saying test test tub direct drive which makes the torque really high and the kids or something like that it's only like 500 pounds of torque does a hundred percent at all times according to single one said that the Middle School Jordan's lyrics for never thought about it must be like to old now to be in that life can really make fun of someone's name like to hear something you mean like turned into like a punter I like I'm kinda like a call or something like that I never liked in high school recognized the other day someone running the Austin marathon yeah he lives right by where the Austin marathon runs and he couldn't drive his car because the marathon was right there so he walked to the store down the street and as he was walking back up like he was trying to cross there were so many marathon runners that he was like a mystery trying to get by in one of the runners like oh hey what's up Jordan and in the old house that was on the marathon route as well and I fucking hate at the marathon because you'd be asleep till like 7 in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday you start hearing your cowbell you like shit today I drove downtown during that day and like all of Congress is blocked off and I would like to live in Suburbia was lawnmowers man can't imagine it being on my Road 7 a.m. Saturday morning living in the suburbs that there wasn't an HOA ordinance about hours that are acceptable for lawn mower you 7 in the morning time that construction can start with the perimeter construction jobs in the city of Austin is 7 a.m. that's way too early 7:30 on the dot every day is going to start the timer for 30 minutes when's Grandparents in the middle kids on a trampoline to get my private pilot's license have a plane get it and just fly by myself to the air though the awesome every time we film I'm like you fucking play dumb as you look so you're enjoying the day playing around the shoot is like ridiculous I mean is I was looking at the flight path and where we're moving is perfect because they decommission the old Airport internal the hangers in the movie studios film studios and that's where we're moving the City of Austin Property we just like if you had to pick a place where there's no planes flying over the old airport like that's probably the safest place to keep Airport crazy looking at the world anybody download the free information now for most people noise cancelling headphones right they have a mic on the outside and they listen and then they counteract that sound but it's more than that can you do that you put down in the field wedding is coming in and you have a peaceful car towing a helicopter that was a helicopter of 35 like a Buick that was the head of a Buick ultralight of 35 blue ringed High School 17 you know the guy he said when you make them look like the villain who was supporting the crusher also died in one of those always hidden ultralight pilot in Branchland and they put their African dik-dik probably built the house remember water deer dik come running through my phone while I'm wondering what the fuck is this and what is it that I finally had asked like some guys like that it was developer Gus Johnson super cute but that's what you're doing some running around you is a Mayo Clinic dik with someone trying to tackle a pony out thing we were driving back from lunch you didn't finish your story Lord of the Rings laid then there was like one have to race when they use for that then that's all the houses were built up in your nice houses and it was like I had like 5 acres and I didn't have clothes and I never a lot of people tonight so there will be other half of the ranch Landing build a gravel plant and hot asphalt Factory it was like are you a fucking thing it's like half the people that own houses and lawyers are professionals and it was it lasted forever and in the middle of it and that's why I said we would go down there all the superheroes like people were thinking of retirement money building houses out there on this land we could have like 10 acres on the land they build their house and then be like oh yeah but usually I can of dynamite blasting about half a mile from her house thought about it and it was crazy was one of the weirdest things ever coming back from lunch the other day we were driving down the street and there was an ambulance pulled off to the side blocking access to one of the street and its lights were on it and I said it looks like something's going on here you have to slow down to get around the block in the street a little bit and as we were pulling around the ambulance like in full body armor carrying his rifle came running around the side of the ambulance and if you look down the street they had their like tactical whatever vehicle there like an armor-plated vehicle in their SWAT officers running everywhere up and down the street we like it something's going on it's literally like the next block over and then Edward feser driving past everyone in the car is looking out down the street at the SWAT standoff whatever is going on and I'm still driving and then to the left here on the left side of the street there's a car pulled over and I see a woman get out of the passenger side of the car and like he's running after the course that the apartment complex over here like he jumps at it and like grab that around the neck and it's like trying to wrestle it down to the ground a badass over here what the fuck is going on those two events are happening at the same time literally across the street from each other I would like a full size real horses like a Shetland pony that I didn't know it was like brownish okay well I just released the first image from Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon was awesome and I said this sounds like the dumbest fucking thing in the world is the Galaxy photo of how my mother described every video game picture of it there's a man of the spaceship and there's a talking Fox and Lady Farscape does the raccoon with a fucking a rocket launcher that so who was the other pair and I wasn't at that man that man in the picture now I am it's not that he's very very smart man look like in the Galaxy you know he's a man but he's playing Hank Pym Ant-Man is Paul Rudd Paul Rudd no no you said it man movie coming out with Paul Rudd and it's Edgar Wright directing it that I think might have been in the galaxy who can walk through division cuz he's like they're kind of thing 11 Vision a Guardians not listed in the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Groot Gamora Ronan the Accuser nebula The Collector Corps at the person do Rome and a dress that I can read this first and then we go to the fucking crazy Guardians of the Galaxy movie Bart derailed the whole comic book movie thing that's going to happen is it going to start making video game movies that's why I was shocked Halo what's make a Call of Duty movie whatever that would be you don't let him a call though it's okay before we start making like the Viva Pinata move your stuff you know it's not wait for this movie to come back this Wednesday and next Monday for another party podcast