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RT Discusses Heroes Reborn

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Recorded: 2014-02-25 22:58:13

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

pic of the Richie podcast of Rocky Bayou Loop huluplus 1030 time anywhere on your TV smartphone or cat huluplus.com / Rooster Teeth from Austin Texas has always selfie Rolla Gavin Jack Burnie Burns I got a little closer ah time father built it Andrea server on it I don't know Candy chocolate leaving Australia find out Ah that's cool looking anabolic players are anyway that footage of someone's computer and then in talking later than that 10% Gavin top-notch Jack Gavin I just started working on episode 100 of Minecraft really wanted to see her working on it WhatsApp a city we do what we know what we're going to do it over beers as we discussed it Minecraft weary from the pretty good Minecraft today we got to come out this week this Friday is a little bit rough but it was one word the polar opposite happened it was a lot less drama without of going to be overdue not always pan out it was like a month so I can just weary server today how do you know if 32nd article okay it looks like it was a player killer 4 the world kill everyone cat play super high leaving that put invisible son and we can touch him and just do like a month-long time lapse of what the world looks like fraps to record gameplay footage on a PC BO2 using a Mac pic of another program like lunatic also had a fucking Joe the cat in the server room orange Joe the cat let me kill them like 2 seconds in Comcast lightning what does you want that for every where can I buy the strike people with lightning I can that's what I meant supercharger can I Minecraft videos way if for whatever reason you can kill a super creeper supercharged creeper you win the last play and I want it for next week and I think what we've never seen a big man like lightning struck a pic 1 time in the Overworld but I haven't seen the Minecraft 360 we just got tree deal on the Xbox are we getting training on Xbox 360 remotes and stuff murder all of them in the wall in the Navy Man Minecraft let's play 108 Lawless and well value they're stuck with feathers never whatever you say is never happy never know when they're holding the little Pokey and sticks out and you just like to get to the whole time you can pull fucking father of your daughter got their first world problem right there anything that uses black feathers what does it matter what color it is to buy black feathers and white ones supposedly was that was like the Bible from the white sheet white wolf ah quite a lot but like whenever you want it so you the stuff crab the same as it was cheaper because it was $0.21 a month for everyone because I guess it's the basis for like you can do everything and make it a color I can Minecraft Minecraft Ah that's true because we wonder what's trailer that's really the trend in Melbourne and it was really hot when girls have silver hair that dye their hair silver grey and silver from what I thought you could only get silvery gray hair if you dye it lavender first and let it fade completely I really like all the trend of girls having pink hair completely white and then died pic from there doesn't sound bad for your hair in the front the video where Shannon is putting you in a box and that the last episode of the season season 1 of short the heck I was there for that shot on his head Joe piscatella I went in there and just charge you in live-action stuff and everyone we all do whatever as long as it's on camera that he got tested immediately and he was mad he was there too it was fun she works for now I think was in the video I want to say he was no Joe Salter Joe to jump off the ladder you want the way from it claim Lottery got up pretty high and then jump off and land on the table right short where Burnie has no insurance pocket weary way through a table on deal breaker was a normal table you can hurt me the Jets really try to try to make his boss Jeff son well better or he's trying to make his friend still not turned is wimpy parachute pull the ripcord and I was going anyway so Joe, maybe about 3 feet and the cat is like jumped and landed on his feet and it's like I can't do it can't do it and then he walked away from it I don't know what that part of it as well but even then it is very very quickly George Wright you remember I was there so I was really talking about here this head lice specialist Northern California claim that the proliferation of selfie is making head lice spread like crazy because it was but they had to put their heads together 4 lice and head lice in high school and college students 119 what's your point when you want to totally in bed doing a hundred and 17th and 119th back to back when I was playing I Like Jesus but I have gotten anywhere near that is the leaderboard for Oakwood Burnie was checking in on them the thing on the podcast right now actually 101 I'm going to break triple digits on the leaderboards but you couldn't figure out 3.1 time I would no! You play Iron Pants Iron Pants I'm not and Gavin that your score was whatever I regret doing that you do because I see nothing but other people that I've been proud of your performance you don't ever bother looking anywhere else there's enough for everyone the same thing as a superhero game reflected between buildings like just like Flappy Bird but one of those games where you're a bit messed up you could change your perspective doing it local I should not have tweeted the high school that was a mistake on my part and I apologize because I know they're still in there one of them right now who will absolutely funny I've had a lot of stuff pretty major thing in a pretty major show I was in the room when you got Skyfall ruins was incredible Joe Friday Monday morning we can Jordan Jordan does the M8 Adventures getting there my dad what would Michael and me we don't really have that little Scene It California Adventures when I see him in the hallways he's always been one of those God damn rice crispy treats we have rice Retreat article does marshmallow One X marshmallow rice krispie tree that's where they're all going in fact when they run out on the Shelf Heroes the supply closet and pulled him out of there and I catch him every single time in the rice krispie treats open with a chocolate brownie audible been in the truck and I was like anything else in Chipotle Domino's Pizza Domino's Pizza photos tree photo of him with so many pieces it when you stay with me stay with me for a couple months she was holding the Box Cedar like humans order pizza all the time so he asked me how much should I tip on my $14 or whatever I'd like to be around to make it like 15 so like 375 or whatever it was it's okay I've been doing I've been running around in the next hour and that's what he was just at 8:50 order to search a person the one exception that when I get it when I go overseas because they always make fun of Americans for tipping but we still up there like you're an American so you should take them like fuck it I love not to forget other countries in your car the worst service at a restaurant restaurant Domino's in Australia holy shit Services bad restaurant city of supporting taxis in Melbourne taxi cab crab Casino in like take me to the Hyatt okay where is that whatever street driving directions okay is it from here over there and we turn around again we pull up and it has a big sign up for the time he was here things to do in Austin you can have the cat 34 Ashley my favorite I put in my home address is a person like they say pick me up now whatever and you can see whether you can see them on the time goodbye and then it's like you get your neighborhood no fucking street lights there's like one right by your house but I know that Nopalito crab at the strip club and all that stuff whenever he doesn't quite know where I live I'll be like I live in this area and I just grabbed it more more you like Department of toys so last week I got your upgraded fiber high-speed internet and Gavin have been so angry because I live like 2 blocks away and she can't fucking get it I want to see if it's on my laptop first Redeemer problem I got upset the other day I was writing speeches for my Xbox One and I realize that Xbox Live throttle to you and you can only only uploaded 27 megabits as likable as I can be at 27 Meg of Xbox Live mr. real time where you are in the house and we are so lucky that Google Fiber come to Austin because they they force the hand of every provider in which I've read is this long-term drug and the service was great like I mean I'm getting pumped up Time Warner right now and I'm 2020 download in like to offer five up or something and everyone on Time Warner is going to get a bump off time to go from 22 to 100 - 100 down 10 up for free paint exact same price because they're frightened to leave as soon as I can have a discussion of why monopolies your first email from prodigy prodigy what are the heroes look like and also communication independent internet search for starting their own connection to the internet and one for a little while and then DSL Independence server called and said they were behind so what they did was way way down like 29 95 a month for DSL in the forest all the ah nobody gave up nobody gave all the ice dies and this is now of that stuff when they get their Deep Pockets or anything like that the right now is nobody cried or should hear when talking Blockbuster went out of business nobody alright Cod Netflix rating on a business not Netflix William time we all love Netflix fucking Netflix dude they just rolled over like a fucking bitch and they paid Comcast broadband right now they're charging people for peak hour usage when using Netflix not only that but the Verizon CEO to come out and said that there in final talks Netflix well and expect that deal to be signed any day now also fucking that Netflix has the ability to set of Market in which they take and they can pay out of pocket and I can run the numbers on it and it says providers are telling them well you're riding off of our Network and using all this pain with me what happened to Time Warner Cable Company there watch their video on demand revenues shrink while the cost of providing your Broadband access is going well I know there's all the fucking traffic when is going to a video service like Netflix Netflix you deserve a payoff for rights to access to customers which we don't fucking lined up to do which weary also pay for give me a provider is also looking forward to doing more with them that's an extra $40 a month but you want access to Netflix do you want access to huluplus access to YouTube that'll be an extra 40 bucks a month because your of your higher end user use more bandwidth and somebody else and of course you do I mean Google Google Google mazing long-term what do you think about information that they have never thought if your money from providing information what's the one thing you need to provide that information people energy energy is valuable information ques be like with dishes like that like when they bought YouTube for what was it 2 billion dollars it was a joke there's no way that YouTube for 2 billion dollars YouTube was probably one of the biggest profit Center search engine in the world would do anything like that if you want Google make this deal when the FCC literally said last week they were going to make sure they wrote the rules were people couldn't throttle broadband service they said that last week's deal was in the works for a year Comcast deal was actually for my life back in January and just now actually watch it I think they're in a similar place with Verizon typically text messaging is really going into messenger type thing that goes to your phone without Wi-Fi for iPhone data Facebook 19 billion dollars WhatsApp the fucking stupid search Facebook what do you think about it Chinese developers in of the two of these in there and I can get along with guys like me go and all that stuff and social media Messengers that use their those are growing in search popular because it was part of the population of the population of the world in one country and one third of it is into neighboring countries that unbelievable strategy for Facebook has 500 million users currently and within the next month they projected hit 1 billion users and what is the traction the Facebook Messenger level what is the traction in a global level sponsor messenger product friends using an app for Facebook messaging I don't understand why is it not just part of the core applications applications I can message you I don't even look at the screen application noted that the first thing you told me was now you can message people can message you that aren't your friends with someone he was asking me if his age and I swipe it to open it was immediately tells us and I read it and then oh my God you read it and I'll just talk to him or do you have to have to not look at the messages you get from strangers the real thing on iMessage thinking I don't want people knowing everything problem in the middle of something text or email master bedroom are better than spring all of the all of the Netflix bullshit going on it's it's fucking over and said alright sorry that we are using it to pay for it only providers are able to deliver a good experience over the Internet providers in problem hey Comcast and Time Warner don't overlap so it's no big deal pay no attention to that Comcast ah he's a big fucking Comcast look out the window the whole like the movie theater chains and I thought for sure that we're going to Comcast to buy Universal the media what is vertical integration was a huge part of it like you know someone every means of production and exhibition will Jack in watch 2006 South by Southwest keynote I dedicated like half my time to this stuff really chest in 1982 and it was like they want to break up all the bills because they didn't want it sitting there finding local phone dial tone and everybody loved it and that was huge antitrust Southwestern Bell in the Galaxy all those things are the real deal and it was one of the bigger ones can come get it when you said they had like a big buck out there than there from ethernet to run to the house and put it in your house and my house is a little bigger than the house SUNY of the first day as I was available I signed up as soon as I could he said I believe it cuz there's a room up on the pool for 500 houses and you person to person ugly you already cable Time Warner box at your house what a gift you really father if you buy both and if you had to really prove it that I love and I'm saying I want proof and they'll go right now flaming pentagram like on your front door and cable into it it was a giant picture of you yeah I used to run the elevator in your office building leaving watch Outdoors Gus hey Bill I want to see if he's ok and you talk to him every single time you what it is I saw this really crazy lesbian 69 with an HD can take it down for me search for Backpage is amazing but I probably put up with you to my house for me to get really fast internet do things like look up Jewish door thing never I would never want my search history real I still don't see how the fuck you people log into Google ever let me Google can already forgot who I am just on my searches AOL releases like an experiment they just like a bunch of anonymous search engine that I actually have a list of search engines because we have a Google account to use for YouTube and let of audible Joe Panik real world one day the last hundred videos ever watch by that account the history of going to watch it history of the pond the shared account on my WhatsApp Trail the trail never goes up watching like tutorials on how to do Photoshop menstration pregnant porn to an iced cookie recipe 680 research headed by dr. abdur Chowdhury that's great I'm really the compressed text file on one of the websites containing 20 million searches for over 650,000 users over a three-month period intended for research purposes AOL pulled the file from Public Access by the 7th before data on the internet AOL did not identify usual 4 however personally identifiable information presented Aquarius and Aquarius were treated by AOL to particular user account identified numerically and individual can be identified and match their accounts and searches she has such information you were leaving one of like five people wear your search history was just published your eyes. I just know that we do I think we were still at the office if you don't we read that headline archive.org how you can go on there and find old version Cedar Ridge website even going back to when it was just Red vs blue.com and people after we talked about that they went to go look it up and like you guys block access to the site the reason why we block access to the site is sitting right there mr. Gavin free time sometimes I find it I'll post something that you couldn't see at the time but when you did I was like well just so you know this information to my friends allergies if I wasn't even trying to be creepy but I was just looking for my stuff and I found that I need my first time I've ever talked to Gavin directly as you message me and then he went down on me and I'll 16 directory real time is posting PornHub searches know this is a long list video we're like corn is out so mainstream that people talk about it openly but it's more accessible everyone admits to watching it except him that's the best ever you know that like in PornHub headquarters when somebody puts the share button there must be like a red light every like any guys confirms like 3 times overdue leak box in your parents you're positive you're pregnant ah The Last of Us DLC my PS3 is on its last legs where it cuts off just straight up shut off no warning pic every 5 to 15 minutes but I think really Last of Us DLC they said they're not going to have any more single player DLC after this this is literally the last thing I want to play so I don't want to send in the PS3 for a pair I just went through it before they started this really cool feature on Last of Us multiplayer with you and I like we connect to your Facebook I have never connected anything to Facebook ever they totally made it worth it for that it just pulls names out and I talked about that thing where you build survivors that tell you play Last of Us I think it's corny mechanism for Last of Us multiplayer group in Last of Us what the way to populate it with a populate would like your friend's name and that's it you just pic of Gavin Free Jack pattillo Harold names from your friend that's a great idea but for whatever reason I don't know why it is a really cool feature for Facebook and I haven't got it and we want the right to post your watch your friend tell me what is going to be poster we talked about doing the last of us let's play server on my PS3 up to my desk and every day I keep forgetting to get back home so I can pay the last bill sitting up here but my dad had to take it home so I can talk about this week what is the weirdest thing ever she came out she came out but she came out the day that the Last of Us DLC release it so she has nothing the other franchisees to remember there's something Beyond Two Souls Beyond Two Souls like what the punctuation there I wonder - 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Jones searches and space space doctors do something about it I came up with the name searches in space and Michael come up with the name deep space doctors and John was like which one you prefer and I said my time I confront him and he was like the fact that he's space twice in the poster 6 person poster I think that was what I was except for the Christmas thing like it like Joe post of one of the outtakes from it but we have stuff that's not everything we do is out of the pollen super cold here this room just had to know he was absolutely freezing we couldn't think after 2 years of being in the Overflow space that you can call somebody to repair heat we should do like 4 minutes so just wait wait to see it in here I'm aware that we're taking his paycheck in the Wind blow this freezing cold and I'll clear out we're basically done the store this Friday which coincidentally is also the deadline for return shipping will be $50 or more in the Restore store in 1428 the public it was too much I'm trying to think I don't know what it is floating around in there are a lot of great stuff lined up organized like we're at the point of organizing to begin announcement controller shop personalized controller controller shop and then make her own controller Xbox One controller Dan office and you will have Mom charge stations you don't know whose it was brown and orange marijuana 4 train stops and it actually is his personality like Ice Age Stone 24 hours a day and watch them Gavin did you see the headline today that rocket is leaving Bohemia tell me what's going on with that so how is the guy who's making DayZ leaving before Daisy is done he's leaving that you said that he'll stay on for a little longer to help give Daisy some Polish and that he's leaving to make his own Studio back in New Zealand when I said that I don't want to be involved as long as Bohemia wanted me to explain Bohemia is not his company dear but I would be stupid not to real to the community and to be on the project as long as it's important to wear that role is as the leader where that role is as more creative sense but a certain point there will be diminishing returns so that's it so I guess there's enough here. Of his commitment to working ah I see it as long as need be quote the most important element of the story is that I'm continuing to work on DayZ for the rest of the year and more if week wired Lighting in a bottle of that the only the only people I can think the only people left and now I'm gone again you know this developer they left that and then they are not what I thought it was a problem that was entirely sponsor 27 news reported on it today interesting just maybe took too long I just like it lost its window that being said when they made available for pre-release has sold how many copies in the first day 50,000 it was more than a million starwhal the game Michael Jordan that was your writing over it the way we did back in the day it was we never got this request if you ever answered me Ah that's really making a starwhal Let's Play Soccer Austin 360 Minecraft Skin Pack it was released it was you guys when you switch to your overdue so we're even right now if you like one of the Gavin and I actually like to run around the corner right into someone's face and they freak out getting tired of fucking did Rainbow Six of your face doesn't move in any way like that I just like I just dead on the floor something about Gavin blew up his lifeless body is dropping to the floor and broke me like 5 minutes I just couldn't move away from my computer it was witness protection in GTA 4 where I was driving the bus and a man what's been your favorite let's play the done would you say stuff like Minecraft haven't seen the actual experience of of learning things or play that's pretty neat the first episode start building a new house right next door Courthouse try to get in there maybe we'll pull it off and now it just never ends can I see the things okay sorry I was making funny cut so I would be coming from let me Mining and smelting iron time hi to you guys just like you have a stick or something Minecraft Michael's Greenville NC first play the games like you're talking about forever but you're going to play like they like it true that people would return to the plank and make it stick and it's like it just goes from there Minecraft let's play with the on a rail achievement guide that's working and that was the one to leave the room so pissed off again Castle Hill at work they created the Tower of pimps leaving cold wet play that you are going to let me play Minecraft what you want to say that my favorite record it definitely tastes like the thing we did the other day was trying to land on the Mountainside and I was going to do something that's play that we did that we pulled out and was like one of those everyone is so excited it was better than the last impressive things we've visually the refill so that would be coming out hopefully we will be close to our anniversary downloading that right now and it's getting to be as big as possible I just wish you trusted me temperature Minecraft deal with someone just sent me that weary sponsor Minecraft server and this is the graveyard the Minecraft server since weary said an hour and a half ago why people died before I was born Detroit the director trying to coexist peacefully and it's just like some people just not there not have anything to do with that you can actually get a lot of leaving someone was playing the other day there is a risk that someone give you right now 201 time ago there was a guy who had a dog and he was imitating what I forgot to pay play Jeff leaving Jeff on vodlocker.com or something it was little from the site and then rewrite them as though they were his own the super lice not like personal stuff he was publicly posting but it was written from a personal perspective everything you do real Twitter account have way less sounds like God damn this fucking cat probably selfie tag and its uses his name and how to get ahold of me and then the extra room search Bohemia fish and then delete me and I thought my cat just walked into other people's houses and just start eating food my name is Real Time photos of my cat was wondering if they send me that's okay what's going on here Jack for like 4 hours straight like they were going to be out open the website which is if you live in Austin that's the most awesome thing ever it's a cat with a fucking cedar allergies this is your mother. I'm going to play Dan cat but Joe and it was like my phone number for always remember my phone number son always worried about it actually for someone who's lived in Austin after only two years he likes allergies it's like this on her Twitter and I'm worried about her I'm worried that she's going to die I got overconfident Gavin was my backyard for my guys and we have a cedar tree in my backyard if it's weird like oddly-shaped super tall Slender the gay guys who had my house before me they like me just like to keep her lifestyle I cedar tree and I liked it she hates it but it's true some ways to get rid of this thing and he's like trying to figure out like where they can do it for all winter with allergies Ah that's awesome cause I had to make an indoor outdoor cat Joe the cat is your mom let you come in and it's like he like climb into bed and cover my head and he's just like his pollen allergies the fighters time like this what is the kick in rugby nursing Club University of the running joke they never discussed Holy Grail of the fact that he's always in the background cat eating stuff watch it today huluplus probably try huluplus is so much more huluplus you can watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere huluplus let you watch thousands of TV shows and movies in the living room or on the go with your smartphone or tablet was huluplus you can watch your favorite TV shows like SNL Jimmy Kimmel Live Shark Tank of Scandal watch every episode of shows like lost Law & Order SVU Doctor Who and Community you can also check out exclusive content including Hulu Originals like the wrong mans and behind the mask Hulu docu-series that takes you inside the World of Sports mascots will also get access to a collection of free movies and kids content for the 799 a month catch up on current shows Ben channel favorites or catch a great movie. Many TV shows and movies as you want whoever you are right now you can try huluplus you for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth the special offer for listeners to make sure you use Hulu plus.com / Richard Keith pictures Dan Dupree trailer me know we sent you again that's huluplus.com / receipt for your extended free trial much thanks to Hulu and Hulu Plus for their support and talk about things that happened today give me a lot harder than I thought it was going to hit me I was surprised he's a lot older than he was he was he was Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters but he wrote Ghostbusters Stripes Heroes Stripes Ravenna Jack Heroes Groundhog Day I'll help Animal House I mean this guy is he's a very accomplished guy very funny guy knees to pray I mean I didn't know the guy personally but everything I've seen the inflammation of his suffering with her dad like one of the most important would like he kind of shaped like hitting on finger kind of shape the nerd hero sword of archetype that is now existed in movies ever since then it's like he was the nerdy one like it was no big deal it was a cool guy, the guy but he was a nerd but like the older I got the more I can relate to that character than I do can of me or anybody else it was like legitimately say anything about him recently I need a really great night if you sue for personable and it's like almost it feels weird like if I was older comedian like talking and having a good time with the of that meeting you know what Orange County the Colin Hanks movie with a Jack Black of things in that as well and I'm kind of deal were just like he's kind of a thank you for passing ah I think someday you'll be around anyway and I definitely enjoyed almost every movie that was one of the first awesome DVD I remember was the Ghostbusters DVD commentary that was done talking about the movie remember you guys remember you probably too young to know what year was the movie Ghostbusters made Ghostbusters made like 45 million dollars domestically things like you didn't remember right I bet it was not very much money was like the big catch 4 Ghostbusters made 238 million. 30 million dollars to make it and its opening weekend it made $13 but it would be gross 238 million billion dollars 230 billion + 4 + 53 million + 4 billion of a quarter billion was amazed at how they can make a movie out of it because inflation as well but in the 60 that they made over 4 million dollars and 10 Bond movies lice million dollars on the tiles real problem but one that's really well known the prologue they do all the cool enjoy your first left and Brian Kyle putting up with this anymore longer than the old Target logos of the star very first thing he did we can work for the old like their logo I was like that because everything that was one of the best things about the old one anymore Dan videos like waiting for a video that starts out with faded in the background on the best ones in the NBA old article in the GTA that they were doing the lighting of the Titans it starts working and then Ryan comes out from the city 123 Netflix video with me recently while recording with 1 2 3 on the guide 123 country audio file we have a meeting recorded think we're rolling and then it's that one two three one two three testing one two three this is Michael on the good ones and so we go through that we were all lined up perfectly with the audio Minecraft video deal and then no one else does like the first movie camera film camera wasn't at the same time as the audio record 97.8 4 ah finally figured out 4844 that never have to line up the video and audio and we could look at you like earlier that late and you if it's close your brain to figure it out I still have trouble with that yeah and you show me the different boxes all the time really sucks if you have to look at my hours of work a wall across the entire world but it still like your point you're feeling even better rock and gem pic that would take another 45 minutes to do the whole supposed to be 15 seconds Long play Ice Cube Gavin would you rather title screen 5 Seconds of the outro that's it you're not okay with you who went to jail for an overdue video that should check out the video store now checked out Monster-in-Law in 2005 okay you want to be a good movie don't want to adult video store I guess you kept Hair Cuttery eventually went out of business so she went into the police station to complain about something because they looked up the arrested in Monster-in-Law cat of an asshole to put a warrant out for a $20 bill just wondering lice Jason with when everyone was using Netflix 4 disc of Jason who plays Tucker and reversible Jason fell down yet he calculated the heat paid for Hotel Rwanda everyone there for a 113 month to pay 85 bucks to never watch Hotel Rwanda watch Goodfellas just that it's a really good feeling Scorsese dies but when the generation of filmmakers Where the River begins the actual experience so they will just you shouldn't like good enough on film works like Ah that's okay like when a guy gets shot in Goodfellas did you have someone on the floor throwing Blood on the wall and it's supposed to be okay but if you still frame it it's like the guys hear blood flow when you couldn't find it it didn't matter there's a god father to one of the most beloved movies of all time overdue and I know he's talking and he's yelling with play dough and he goes James Bond Blu-ray looking also so much every single the final Roger Moore when he made it he said he quit the role because the Bongo her mother was younger than space really Crystal Wilkins a hit-and-run Morris had a bunch of weird surgery so he looks like he's wide-eyed and crazy every time you father God you can Goodwill controller with the poster want you anyway I can see what you doing fucking pillows trying to attack me so moving on to look at this podcast was Heroes just coming back yeah he was reborn as Heroes Reborn is it the same anybody ask for this if it's anything like the first season I'll give it a watch if it was it was fantastic and I just heard that apparently every season they're going to bring a new character what is the problem Heroes to me was that they you know this normally seat the rising of a Cadillac of X-Men before X-Men Heroes of Might Be OK his friend on the show would be his buddy running to have power and they don't have powers powers on the couch if somebody points a TV Camera screen probably one of the shows we talked about when you first start the podcast of people who have watch there was a podcast the one time I heard you talk about it so I think it will be crazy but Heroes the whole first season was based around the premonition with the cheerleader cheerleader save the world I'm in traffic and traffic is stopped in the middle of the street and everything was leading up to the event they try to stop it but they couldn't stop it and his premonitions of the future was coming to him to let me get to the end it's totally different it's in the middle of the traffic in the middle the city they had it in a long time the unit but now it's totally different but justified in a way that was crazy paintings in 9000 between here to get to the future of your paintings in the painting of Father the Hero with the sword and put on a dinosaur if I can work out and then there's nothing Museum or something like that time in Time Square it's slowly degraded overdue 13 episode many of the original characters another miniseries Heroes the North AOL jumping off the thing like that leaving that building in front of her friends in a lot of trouble because she tested her ability to heal and her in her ability was jumping off that platform and you know falling great distance to be okay with it and just video tape everybody but then the other thing she did was she stuck her hand in the garbage disposal and the brand name of the garbage disposal a lot of trouble if I recall correctly they were thinking or somebody was a really good look it up and see if Chris the Galaxy trailer I regret not having arrested from 2006 NBC is getting sued by garbage disposal maker the cleanse it works it's Joe Heroes cast of product in a negative light cuz she's an InSinkErator father had two pieces I wouldn't want it that's the point of it you want to do those things including hands of cheerleaders people have them I feel like I can't do anything about that but I feel like I can't do that for the help with the shovel to bury cable ah garbage disposal are you going to stick your hand down the little rubbery but that's what you're going to do we had some emotion pick up the other day right in the middle of it they stop just cutting out with the trees and throwing logs into a wood chipper which was annoying we had to do the most like nobody can hear anyone say that Mike was blindfolded and he just went on way after the taken acquisition Heroes they cut down the trees made a big wood chipper behind a minivan pulling logs like from the man and I watch them pull it off it's not that he would think it would you have time what's the middle like it if you cut his head off there's a little like twitching in leg I went through wood chipper with the pic move individual big deal I didn't like when you hang someone sadistic wait we talking about and they have some kind of selfie soft porn it and then it hurts Waylon and it's a horrifying horrifying back to Guardians of the Galaxy movie Galaxy Quest intro trailer of the trailer WhatsApp this photo this promotional photo it looks like the way my mother would describe any video game ever like that's what she would describe that's awesome Starbucks and then it the Hollywood Executives like always said it looks like at the Starplex movie Jack in the Box vid