#26 - Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster Teeth is back on its regular day...but in mini form

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-26

Recorded: 2009-09-23 14:57:07

Runtime: 00:24:10 (1450.92 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Geoff Ramsey, Dan Godwin


Transcript (in progress):

the drunk tank podcast RoosterTeeth Houston Fashion Week it's on every Wednesday mother fuckers Jackson Browne recorded all the time Pussy money with boa by the way LOL I don't know that I should double-check that keep it real keep it real hey what's going on everybody we always love to hang out with you very often the socks we go to dinner Friday night with you and your family what's going on today since yesterday video on receiving the rave reviews I might say to her lyrics of phenomenal success runaway most popular video ever go to this process of monkey I'm glad you are 14 years 14 years and could not quite long enough it was a kid and I live here in Austin 8182 it was a restaurant in Austin call Scampy's monkey Palace and it was a pizza place and they had like those monkeys that play like the symbols yeah all over the fucking restaurant Street me the fuck out that's what you collected little monkeys with the symbols that movie monkey shines the movie evil guy from Death helper I'm at the little store I would love to hear what time you going to see him El Camino a local bar I remember that time that one of those I do this thing and it's because of those cymbal monkeys or anytime somebody brings me a drink and alcohol drink I clap for it clap for water and I was unhappy married at the time to my first wife and and she's only club for a drink and she goes oh you can't because of Monkey Shines and I was like how did you know that she thought she was hot and she was like I play for drinks and I was like this could be my soulmate but I'm happily married and she's a vet technician I remember that like 20 minutes and I was like I don't need this stress in my life it is healthy for you if you would be able to the store I guess I don't have any stories but I'm going to do I'm going to deflect in safe mode gives you complain Dan what's up with you game Trading just try to mount things I haven't played in a while I play shadow complex can you get so used to me I should I buy to treat each other it's actually more efficient to stand in the corner and let them kill each other it takes some getting used to awesome 1943 that our ideas are probably better I don't know I don't know I mean maybe I will how do you enjoy your monkey ass fucking boring games would you care to get sticky dick head or whatever her name is gets thrown in the Water by the sheriff I guess I street guide 33348 the ghost-particle 10 minutes and then eventually you'd drowned and so mighty mighty Hunter video I refuse to fast-forward that 10 minutes because it was unbearable to do I thought it would be unbearable for people to watch and listen to so you drown after 10 minutes you have 10 minutes and so I had to like start the game over again to keep going to get that to continue in a movie fucked up in the game characters only feeling that they can hold their breath for what does a gorilla phenomenal I love all those old old adventure games what are there full throttle lift your leg all of those games quest for Glory lots of fun memories of those games but I'd like to keep them as memories yeah there's certainly a lot of the stupid puzzle things where it's like doesn't not into of the worst ones with Gabriel Knight had a really bad Brawl 4 have 5 years ago and I still like it still holds up for me in any sport of it it's still Easy 2 player to play any sport of it at this point in the play the old PC version computer can't run that fast now everything's movie 3000 % Speed game Wing Commander that are playing on the computer you can play that game goodbye to say goodbye in of 46 at a pawn shop for something for like thirty bucks to play a game in computer you know there's a store in town. El 1 gigahertz 419 bucks wow he's really Discount Electronics it's awful of like Anderson just wait till tomorrow there's a couple of patients now open in Round Rock in downtown biscuits and electronics Discount Electronics moving into the year 2000 good I'm really liking liking it a lot we talked about it before movie already we already played it before when we were doing the commercially canned stuff that's cool and I'm really excited about the box which I know you've been working your ass off yeah I think that's a cool edition of the game a little story that's going on but I don't think anyone really talked about before the game came out I love collecting is Mike my thing right that's why I love to Dan video games and I wasn't excited about the owl I hit a point like 4 or 5 lugs in with the story got interesting and I'm totally fucking her and I'm going to talk about it I don't suppose anybody has a highly recommend you try to call you a really engrossing and interesting story and now I feel like I'm playing just to get to the next audio log on look more into that story than the ODST story work on the commercials in particular right away he was like you got to do this hours for get mad cuz he was running late and I just kind of stopped because Ultimate Alliance DLC coming out today the Rockstar yeah this is totally different like final fight but with four players and it's also really interesting to be hard to get noticed this week on Xbox with ODST out but if anybody you know have some free time this week out there was a firefight multiplayer mode for people and you basically are on a map and they just send wave after wave of enemies and they get progressively harder yeah it's going with nothing on it with the firefighters really fast paced and the cool thing that they do is with each wave they turn on skull you know what the poster Halo 3 didn't make it that much harder for you so as as the enemies get tougher you get weaker at the same time it's pretty fucking awesome I'm going to turn that what that's called that turns the makes the runs all through like 10 times of ads future if they could do this from scratch are they building off an existing engine kits and I get the impression that it was kind of started it was like I don't know the full retail Companion 2 Halo 3 with a dish but as they did it was a really small team that developed it but as they put more work into it got bigger and bigger and bigger than single player the building and then also something about the foreplay in the campaign just feels more like home than everyone now they have better food and haven't heard back yet Peter shorter so it looks like all the Covenant are bigger now and I'll see you can't jump as high or jump as far through the with your friend yet he's helped accident but they did they did some cool stuff for the weapons they like the Halo 1 Magnum which is awesome and the most enjoyable thing. Island themed birthday party with their skulls mean that's what it's called when you try to go out and I can pay you off medical what is a coming out this week what do you want kid that's great he's pretty cool I think the last time anyone from RoosterTeeth heard your voice was waiting with before you had a kid it was during the director's commentary on the Reconstruction DVD when you walked in and said you had a kid or you said you was pregnant that's right that's right yeah it'll be really hard for you not to have a kid I know this to yourself to sleep every night and wake up in the morning 2 crazy in that I think that's too hardcore for a monkey to pick up and play Gus time to get the ideal character who want to do that not not in today that was going to be playing it's a problem too much postal stamps I play through like the wind and still don't know what was going on and I was like I'm 20 hours and I'm still off I can't I can't continue down this road is crazy Oblivion and we love Fallout 3 so much that it's made me think that I should go back and give them a try what do you know I've been moving into this house for seemingly forever now so I had a chance to play Mothership Zeta but I finally fired it up last night managed to lock up the game at one point and crashed it but I didn't have enough action points do anything but I couldn't back out of it so I turn off my Xbox and my email I got stuck and I like to do a lot of people wild again and it was pretty early on so I was confused I don't know if it was supposed to be like that I'm about 10 minutes out what the hell is going on it would be better than if you didn't even know that you could find something or heard something weird I don't know if you heard this but apparently the movie District 9 which opened in Nigeria and the Nigerian government decided that that movie cannot be played in Nigeria if they don't like the way that Nigeria people are portrayed in the movie I don't really like prostitutes and cannibals and princes money to be glad you said that because recently the Nigerian government was mad about a Sony Playstation 3 at where they're talking about the price cut and one of the people in the commercial says everything let me the little bold or not if I can don't want to lose that the old replies I've got like 6 overnight for all from Nigeria are you serious I will send you a cashier's check plus $50 if you send it to me with a Nigeria months the dude who works at the Walmart in Nigeria oh yeah so if it's like I said I'm selling iPod Touch call cash in hand Dan came out of an iPhone whatever 32 gigabytes on a Xbox controller what are you trying to sell it for you want to sell your used try to sell you a copy of combat 2 for the Atari 2600 Combat 2 like $200 or maybe you and I both have coffee I don't know where mine is I know I know the never plays your tanks making of the tax with your shoot straight or you could fire like guided missiles so you would shoot and then you would control your bowl if it's okay I kind of like that Tom Selleck movie in the eighties runaway yeah yeah the chick from Spider-Man prescient the thing you want to I don't know how everything is music what are going to be there too so what like what CD in your car and how do you listen to music in your car 2001 Oldsmobile 74 the show I don't know yes arrested for all the people in the Park after the with you have never heard of her to put them in you know hundred bucks for Clunkers alright well let's wrap it up and you can come again someday and do after you listen to podcast