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RT Celebrates Pancake Day

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Recorded: 2014-03-04 22:55:12

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

this of Thrones podcast sponsor my NatureBox order great tasting healthy snacks right to your door forget the vending machine and get in shape for summer with healthy delicious treats like everything bagel stick support this park has to get 50% off your first order go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth this episode of the podcast Squarespace the only one platform to make fast and easy to create your own website portfolio online store for 10% off and you that's all welcome to a special shrove Tuesday this is the second annual turnover rate for for blisters or not here for last year's shrove Tuesday podcast you were here last year but welcome trip Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday when do you eat a lot of stuff to say before you start fasting for Lent on Monday actually comes out on Tuesday that he wasn't very happy said it was your turn I'm on that right when I walked in your office we have nowhere whats about Tesla free energy it looks terrible sexpancakes but we have last year's big success was the more spam Kate graham cracker and chocolate and marshmallow cream again we have a red velvet cake we have a peanut butter and banana with peanut butter and Nutella and we have all sorts of chips like chips and chocolate chip cookie dough you don't have to remember Barbara very insulted whats wrong with it original series original Stevenson maple on it original we want chocolate chip the order will Gus Gavin Barbara Gavin when he gets whatever he wants or the next year we gotta have a panther Camp that's over the griddle for the straight down seeing if you had absolutely never just hold iPhone in Atlanta so I'm sure everyone's excited last night was the Oscars everyone watched everyone retweeted a fucking photo over two million times graduations internet you can follow directions you really mad about the fact that Ellen DeGeneres I said let's make the most retweeted photo in history and everyone fucking place a long night or earlier she tweeted from an iPhone time she had like a Samsung device out on stage selfie and then iPhone funny about people calling out there product placement with Samsung Twitter is also product placement like people don't use acceptance of service so that we can just talk about it I think the reason people point out is Samsung has had a bad track record with their sponsors or with people that they pay to use their products like to have that Spanish football player who said it's about how much you love to Samsung Galaxy for his iPhone to be like their Global brand ambassador your money your second check your the like the public face of their product it's raining again I think the best story of that is Britney Spears was like the spokesperson for Pepsi for a really long time and she was seen drinking a Coke like a publicly all the time I don't know how to delete an ironic swastika tattooed on your stupid anyone have ever had and ironic swastika tattooed on them I'm betting no no so long I don't know that she had a side Kate no no I just didn't like Shake It Up with no conscience Gavin then I'm on camera doing this now I know you went out there I should have just put it in your mouth subreddit Barbara sexpancakes Tuesday just before lunch Wednesday right which is the Bible scriptures from the Bible the Lord said face with pancakes the Last Supper the American translation s'mores pancakes the picture that I said Patrick but I think it's like a metaphor for social media as a whole like you're mad that Ellen DeGeneres had everybody beat this thing and everybody did but there's another side of that picture which is facing the camera famous person the other angle is people trying to get in the photo and not getting in the photo like there's Liza Minnelli in the dark blue dress of the right trying to get in the photo and not getting in and then later Ellen DeGeneres I guess that thing went viral on its own Ellen Degeneres and her staff must notify her she felt bad she went and took a photo directly with Liza Minnelli no I did not get to me lyrics Twitter for a while like you try to look Twitter on your phone it's a Twitter error and then if you try to do it on the website it would have had a difficult time the Twitter announced that in the fourth quarter of last year they lost half a billion dollars and then what they bought you lunch or losses could of the century random thing Twitter but log cabins on the day they announced $590 was lost in a quarter and they had but they have that money no no no it's just like that's money that they spent in operating costs Twitter the shares were barely affected by the fact that they lost $243 an increase of 160% compared to the hundred dollars whats up 2 of those flowers just don't grow on trees you know they don't have gift can you take it water is everywhere it's just on the phone experimental mixture peanut butter and banana okay I'll take it Roanoke Western next week is great for me South by Southwest next week but this is Game of Thrones exhibit that's coming to Austin South by Southwest actually cut you off because I want to go to it I won't be able to get it actually started dating Ashley I have noticed how much that sounds like the word actually and I hear her name all the time different place and they're going to have a look around in the world are any of the actors I don't think it's just props and stuff and you can stand in West Richland is pointing like 300 what I've read most of the books this morning and I'm plowing through the last one right now some chocolate I got it would be nice to me otherwise character named next meeting I'll kill them no it was like he doesn't care to the most recent 5 weeks 5 weeks I am excited so I'm going to think about it now after 3 weeks sociopathic next Monday March 10th will be eating pancakes we're going to have a live podcast - 8:05 p.m. at 7:30 and it'll be open to everyone if I could be sponsor only going to be partnering up with Asher Lazar whats trending and be doing a live podcast with her and have Rosario Dawson stop by and the guest on the podcast yes that is the plan right now but the schedule right now time location downtown Austin anyone with the South like of Life bad can come of the truth I don't know what to believe the information that they have on are on our linked up so people can get caught up on it give me a delicious peanut butter chocolate the West Coast we have a busy Monday to take off for the next Generation waiting for a title to come out that and then when PS4 when infamous second son comes out the mission of your balls were as big as your ass that's what she's been up with you while so that's what you're into her okay Expo Ellen Degeneres Show doing something else next week I will be having us on the next day or two what is this weekend open to the public in Austin & Ally Barbara zero 1:19 or 1:29 if you want anything pancake go back to that I think that whole thing is a great metaphor for social media as a whole like telling people to retweet Upton like doing calls to action to like how that just like part of the language that looks like an alien of whats going like you're constantly being presented with other people like her struggling to get in it and then failing then becomes its own viral incident that happens when people start saying all of Liza Minnelli and she didn't think people feel left out because everyone constantly looking at Facebook Twitter or Instagram the same people having the best time possible because that's when they take pictures and they feel that's what I'm constantly having the best of everything lame but we see photos of people taking like the side and there's something to look at every time you look Justice the best director the best all the best sound stuff it won best cinematography I believe it would be anything like basically every technical award it was technically amazing anti gravity Blu-ray the other day when it came out and actually comes with the 3D version I was really excited about that was the first 3D movie to watch in 3D on my TV the Xbox One or the PS4 support 3D Blu-ray the connection consoles that you like in your console why isn't the PS3 has 3D Blu-ray support for the PS4 doesn't let me ask so I didn't realize that it was really fun how to look at looks real good the best thing about that is I watched it with my wife and then you know movies over credit come up here we need a bigger TV I really like what you have I do rake iCloud account set up in a room space fun especially if you live in a converted garage that you don't have a car 400 Upton attractive with gravity right that's the design of the human body show us a picture of your tits no dare G for her couple days you're talking about home anti Frozen with already by Frozen and Disney doing a big push for digital and that's crazy to me that movies Ariana the movie came out in December it was available in February and this week is still number 8 at the box office it just crossed the billion dollars and it's worse than it is for sale at home no way across the billion dollars look at the box office number for the billion The Lego Movie just broke 200 million in 04 and 04 and as it may be we really stand for in marketing right so it's not doing well it's got a lot of us-centric stars in it but I figured when you localize that for other languages anywhere you can use star that are big in those locales you know it's crazy what does well-informed Market in on us like last couple years whats the franchise did extremely well in the form Arthur was the first I don't think it would be a huge The Smurfs the other Pink Panther all the time and I remember when I got older and I heard Pink Panther it's like a mystery The Pink Panther what is this the cartoon was based on the movie right in the opening credits of the Pink Panther anime opening sequences can you name another Blake Edwards Movie no 10 Bo Derek it was I think it was a mistype yeah really really terrible anti good thing somebody dies but it sounds like he was really suffering from this a lot of people in our generation the greatest movie in the world tell me if I'm giving this a cookie dough Pancake House Florida NatureBox star you not do if you want your mission next more to get in shape by summer your enemy the vending machine when you starting at 3 p.m. all cranky and lightheaded the evil vending machine can seem like your only friend don't give in head over to NatureBox.com NatureBox it's great tasty snacks right to your door and a great for you too we're talking healthy snacks like BBQ Kettle kernels everything bagel sticks Pacific plantain chips and over a hundred more zero trans fats zero high fructose corn syrup nothing artificial even snacks that are gluten conscious and non-GMO with free shipping in the US NatureBox is busting up the vending machines without putting your midday hunger trending box right now and get 50% off your first box by go to naturebox.com forward slash Rooster Teeth that's NatureBox.com / RoosterTeeth day. Go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth NatureBox.com / RoosterTeeth obviously weren't making an exception to healthy eating for sure Tuesday or one podcast of year you have Myron mixon's NatureBox Demi iPhone is older losses were fucking awesome there's something rotten in gross but it's amazingly delicious so good NatureBox no you ate us out of his box every time a box shows up here everyone tries like we can do it and it was the bag that has their favorite one on my desk last time and it would have brought it out for the sponsorship and it opened up some of the fact that you got it before anyone else and then you open it and of the bag top ripped off that's all the person that like a raccoon serious that's okay this time I had to hide it in another box and I didn't open it and it right here it's absolutely going to walk in there her office now that you're not in there it's like the two atoms no it's like walking into like a Lord of the Rings baby the conference big pain-in-the-ass now getting to the castle even hugged up there all day long and then the check off at the office couches in there absolutely still want to get involved with this because no matter how much you tell people don't worry about the space and won't have the space to be fine people if you're still like every time every time the blueprints for the new office to love everyone but they had to ask if he was okay sharing an office with me Twitter crap that's not relevant to them people really do decide to get upset about the praline pumpkin seeds from NatureBox no there is a men's cologne that smells like woman's vagina why would that be something that a guy would want to where is that what it's called but there's a commercial for it on YouTube women smelling other women's Musk popular 94 kind of like a foreign thing? how to say you have a lot of experience with a vagina but I have more experience than you do but my eyes still have a wider spread of vaginas that I'm headed out for the first couple story never forgotten BBQ have a snafu Gavin down my throat I was wondering if that would be too much that's why I was doing this for you no I don't get it that's the thing I brought up to this weird stuff and I'm trying to figure out to whats 4 no one is going to be alright find an average among all the senses when I'm saying I saw a story the other day about this Facebook post that apparently cost a family $80,000 to parently this family wanted a discrimination Oregon filing a discrimination lawsuit against one of the former employer the case was settled out of court and the chancellor of the court to pay $80,000 to the family lawsuit and what is Jubilation could not disclose the settlement to anyone there college-age daughter who had made a Facebook post saying my parents won their court case I guess the school is going to be paying for my summer vacation in Europe with a picture of selfie the Facebook post and friends go to the school so then this Ellen was thrown out they lost their $80,000 settlement because the NBA was reached can you still get them no because the case is the first time I've ever heard of it before but that's the first time I've ever heard of an NDA being enforced of any kind I've never heard that before you got a birthday cake birthday cake flavored everything birthday cake blizzard or something the other day we came up with the best flavor thing in talking earlier I came up with Chinese food milk Gavin has no target he had never tried chocolate milk ever he ever in his life he was looking at it was the dumbest thing you've ever seen it have you seen chocolate no more yeah but it's like a six-year-old Gavin never have nothing goddammit Chinese food Milton what are you call that your sponsor to help NatureBox not sure if this social-media thing with this girl who is like everybody makes them fucking Facebook everybody everybody is guilty of making some like in your face all I wish I had made that post but are the dark things about social media is that the internet is like the one person for everyone didn't fit in but right now it's Liza Minnelli gets bug in no blasted me with every person calling has tried to do the same thing at some point you also they're not Liza Minnelli losses fucking awesome lady Arthur the funniest movies of all time that was his favorite Arthur I wanted to be doubly more when I drink too much now you're looking at a work of art Twitter of the question it's so hard probably better Twitter zero Alpha Hicks asked why does the USA play important domestic gross for films no idea how welcome to do it just the UK it's because movie studios typically just sell off the floor drive to the film to different regions so they don't make as much money on me just make a flat fee for the demand for the price on it so they don't make any money they make most of the market alright let me look it up and why they produce a lot more the Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood Cedar Wood Liza Patel trending industry mix annual income more than 500 billion dollars Bollywood Bollywood 500 billion dollars looks like 500 billion dollar G how much you want pancakes Mark just walked in anti for a pack and we got to make it you're giving away my other boot pants. My more emotional you don't see me we are trying to see how that compares to the to Hollywood's yearly Revenue more than the US box office Bollywood I'll try to I'll try to find a source for that number Liza Patel how to say what is the plural of Lego Lego Lego Bridgeport Library the world commercial to get ahead they would have any awareness of Lego cuz it's the world I like to have fun with a bunch of other brand names like and there's a specific one but yeah that's an awesome movie I saw someone complaining today on social media that the film Gravity had been ruined for them that they had seen it yet and someone with spoiler and they were upset it's like literally that movie came out 5 months ago what is the statue of limitations on spoilers we do like every week and is now passing by right now if you don't want to be next week ifocus kid I didn't you do something in the show Breaking Bad you don't want to give that away either it's like the whole don't make me mad or so it's okay there's like anything can happen in that show so it's like it's like somebody else because they said that's what the first season of the Red Wedding I can't figure out with that going to be every time and it was like everything looking game child excited for me tomorrow sorry there really a lot of weddings Game of Thrones I never thought about that price on circuit with Kyle for doing a Live card Against Humanity stream on Friday $300 longest most ridiculous title for pale the title is longer than the description of a no I haven't submitted it to them yet and wait until the last possible minute that way they can't say no because there's no time to rethink a new one because the title is alternative careers in gaming the science of play redefined as the account Creation in the ongoing and evolving Paradigm of the post Network media environment what does it mean to You featuring Rooster Teeth I got a call that the only based on that and it will but I just abbreviated the whole thing like me to Acura dealer it looks like it was painted like a big Festival that happens here in Austin started Music Festival then it was Ellen the film festival which big companies on the interactive Festival covers everything on the internet I don't know how you can even do that it's like give me a more things that are Outdoors like such a broad topic and now they have a gaming what is well that's like they're trying to do some stuff with it try to get some traction here and that's the one we're participating in with her but actually interactive one the music of the most expensive if you were able to music and film independently Drake from Uncharted right now we are meeting was one of the primary reason for every time you want chocolate Japan yeah I know it's not true but you saying that right now Gavin Free second crossover podcast that we're doing stuff that we go running around trying to figure out because all you basically just hang out with Ellen and go to like 15 parties against them then it's like he knows every single party where it is at all points in time it's like we're going to have dinner the schedule cuz I was seeing if he was available for something that I have to go to and it was just like this event that event that event like all staggered like that come in there at the bus I show up to an event and there's a line outside I'm just like no I don't want to like I said I'm leaving I don't want to be if there's a line outside I don't want to be inside of you if you go through the line as well I pulled in did not even pay attention to the line one time I forgot you're probably right so we were having a discussion the other day trending and fullscreen had a party like two doors down from us and it's yours and come over when you're done okay I will Gavin and I fucking hate that whole thing with these parties at those lines to Gavin and I went to go get in the party and we were like waves to the guy who was getting it in so we came and met us at the door the people in the line right there if they could have killed Gavin what are the guys in the front was like no it was nothing like that was before they still the guy that I was just going to walk straight in and then it was like come in and then I got pulled into the thing I was just like that's exactly what it look like that I really do hate that kind of discussion about trying to explain to Chris Martin about how saying that the party has three alcohol does not attract me to a party anymore Arthur you got to be aware of when he got out of jail and that's what years was never light up your life how to flatten a push Circle to square method so what are you going to any of those events can we get you out of the house yeah I'm going to be a lot of them if we get Gus and Ray to the same event that would be like more stuff than him finding a unicorn together I just got a drug that they would never feel like no matter what they would never try drugs how much alcohol is fine I asked you last night you never try heroin heroin and my 23 and me specifically called out here when is summer more likely than normally get addicted to a flag in your genetics whether or not you more likely to get addicted to Morphine billion more what I say what I say Gavin I thought you're trying to morphine all drugs on table have to more than one person has ever taken LSD and I never want to put myself at the mercy of my own imagination I just wouldn't I wouldn't come back from that I'm positive that it was your turn it off and back on electronics 4460 Squarespace is the only one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website portfolio or online store Squarespace of been around for nine years and they're constantly improving the platform a new features new designs and even better support to start with and they have a ton of style Upton CT Credit Union website for you or your business the recently-released when you customizable Temple and every design of experiments your website looks great on every device every time Squarespace of Commerce ready to provide a powerful and flexible eCommerce solution set up shop and sell things quickly the things I like most about Squarespace is good for everyone where they need a simple website solution or your developer and you want to get into the coach there's so much you can customize with Squarespace easily been a key player to any Patron Squarespace website to get your favorite gaming moments Squarespace star just $8 a month includes a free domain name if you sign up for a year you haven't already give him a try you don't need a credit card to start building your website when you decide to sign up user code RoosterTeeth you get 10% off no support for squarespace.com offer code Rooster Teeth makes a Squarespace for your support means a lot of people especially portfolio senior Squarespace like to know if someone looks at it a computer a tablet or a phone that is going to realize it's going to look for them appropriate size damage everything about it and I called everyone to do this by the way is when they take something that we said and then just do a hard cut to something we said that completely contradicts this is like a pumpkin pumpkin Kate Spade once I forgot to do something every year where I forget there's a possum well as I got back up it's a lot of people from last year chocolate chips maybe I'll find out more information Gaming Expo information already on the site but not the other stuff like this was an event that we need to put a schedule the longest of everything II it would move from perspective no you should have like a serious where can I buy the crowd whats a different container filled with the red velvet looks like compared to the other one Richard color whats ice cream shut the fuck up blood sausage your country he looks like Savages on and off everything about every moment like you live in a country that worships a person is like the closest thing to God like a queen the queen monarchy come on how do you feel about us calling Russia out of the meeting countries without any kind of like cause or provocation search over there money on for all that you do for us here is a red velvet pancake with some stuff that looks really gross but it's pretty sad that they're concerned about what you want chocolate the Russian troops Jenna Thomason what do you want to take your pick of any other country chocolate and peanut butter with chocolate Ukraine saying that they're moving in in order to save and protect ethnic Russians isn't that the same thing that happened in Mexico and in the US the country that your country but make me some from some of the Mexicans the result of Spaniards and the natives Spanish on the natives say in Spanish game dinosaur people from Spain Mexicans of the people born here so attractive and made many Mexicans ever use your life the Mexicans why do they speak Spanish the Spaniards Spaniards correct first people in Shanghai China in Mexico code it's Friday who was the first American first American Frozen clip first American I don't know what's going on in America Frozen and Native American questions you know the answer to this recording was one no one star star stars and I don't know what is the middle of Orion's Belt what's the name of the song I don't know the name of or the Spanish song I Need a plate for Shelby Italian trending show very good Gavin big Ellen and Patrick Patrick wonder the shift and chicken banana no sugar peanut butter no banana pancakes she was supposed to make it there's no question I was going to send it no joke he's actually having my kid finally made the transition one of them where we were playing the Lego Movie game and we were at the part that's not a spoiler for the movie we were in Lord businesses artifact Museum more than he had stuff in the real world basically all that stuff and in the gaming of this thing called Masterbuilt where they take 3 things and tearing apart and make something new and we had do a master build in that room and there was a rubber band a highlighter and a 3 - 3/2 inch floppy disk and he said it steady she goes red the rubber band and the marker and the giant save button sorry for what you said stop but I said no I don't know what that thing is that nobody was telling me telling me that you online flashcards with a little girl and they're holding up and they said whats in the hold of another one I thought it was a mix-up somewhere better here so apparently we're getting between of this repeatedly to ask Virginia Dare was the first child born in the Americas pink with patients report August 1587 I got a skirt on the grandparents she was born into Roanoke colony which is now in North Carolina is Roanoke the one that disappeared is it Roanoke Krakatoa on the street is that you want to match favorite stories from history so I should know it but it's a colony that just up and disappeared as this is one Roanoke disappear and then they came back completely gone they never have any idea what happened to those people and it was it was worth nothing that was written on the tree winter is coming but I changed it the not spelt like white right Wight thunder and lightning thunder snow total forecast in Austin for Thunder when I was a kid I never know until like 6 or so Young Justice no whats under and lightning no be the coolest thing ever and lightning tornado and lightning electric tornado tornadoes part of Lake no tornadoes in England commercial terrible at us and making us feel kind of sick but that's completely wrong they try to say like let's save the planet save the planet to be perfectly fine what's going to happen is going to destroy myself and bring you guys over and kill what is your question 1 of virus invades your body is the virus raising the temperature of the body is your body temperature just the way the system reacts to whats going on people who are saving yourself the EPA came out with a new guideline today talking about how they want a severely reduce sulfur emissions from Vehicles by the year 2017 and oil companies are upset because they're going to have to rework the manufacturing process to bring sugar levels down and gasoline appropriately and the estimate is that they would have spent in billion dollars redesigning the refineries in order to pay an industry-wide it was meant in billion dollars billion dollar industry in order to get up to the new coach of the yearly Revenue fucking drop in the bucket in the bucket it snowed last in the air is healthier for people it's a very small cost of their profit will why wouldn't you do it you could also argue that the jobs yourself permission the resources that would create jobs and stay on it I don't think even in the presence of light striking and blocking the atmosphere as a human or two is going to survive I don't think you're getting rid of an airplane to be a very different world we are horrible Free Will and Ingenuity was like that was the perfect recipe for just like the most the way that this one or more species ruining it so badly sexpancakes from getting a spanking Patrick it if you would think not I think they would love to eat cockroaches like humans were smart we learn cockroaches everywhere I'm star to make sure you wanted juice and bananas I'm not doing it for whatever else you just and I think about it when you have like you have like different brands of bananas in the UK I went to the supermarket and it was just you had one from Costa Rica are you have one from the Caribbean label blue label when of the green on it when you find a living the plot is right after the other so I freaked out I dropped the ball the customers would be like diving West Florida traffic medical crisis that grow star totally different than any other place I seen it was this big here I got a little slice of English society teddy bear in England with the most dangerous back from everything I've seen stuff for your rake grapes have black widows in a regular basis people get black Twitter gives you different locations around a different one of the times I had to go to this manufacturing plant in the middle no where in Minnesota is a small town and they had the fact that they printed up calendar as part of some kind of powder in them that I need to go over and get into the one of them except that was always black widows do black widow bites didn't bother him for some reason so I don't know it was like that was his job his job was to go get the shit out of the Black Widow put it in the butt challenge sentimental that guy has job security though who's going to fire that we make a new position weed - must be okay with the black widows like whatever what could I do to get fired the break room a good look at me venom machine late today because I'm a little concerned about you driving home after this I'm going to be wrapping up in about 12 minutes and it is hard to ignore how much things have changed getting cold weather like we have a totally normal week for its gorgeous weather 35 degrees 8 degrees and then it drops to freezing again we're going to get 3 inches of snow tonight supposedly will be the third time it snowed in Austin this 20 years ago more than lying about the weather every time you finish before using the shoot it was freezing yesterday also telling the night this weekend of the year is it dr. Patrick Sullivan Street anti forever like you like 80 it's like what is a pet snake bit me when I was 12 I don't even have that kind of makes it worse regardless we had a power outage Verizon coverage thanks everyone for watching more back on Wednesday what episode of the patch next Monday will be streaming live with whats trending at 5 p.m. for everyone not just wanted to come back Wednesday come back next Friday stream on Tuesday everybody eat your fill tank cost