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RT Live from SXSW

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Recorded: 2014-03-12 00:27:42

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Shira Lazar, Rosario Dawson, Diego Luna, Glen Banton, Lon Harris


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fastest route to buy huluplus wasn't anywhere on your TV smartphone or tablet S2 plus.com / Rooster Teeth podcast GoDaddy is here to help you start your website GoDaddy promo code 295-242-9572 everyone welcome to the rooster podcast insulation company from South by Southwest at the Samsung blogger Lounge thanks to whats trending for having us out here Glen hurts everyone to tweet hashtag Samsung sxsw you got told we have Rosario Dawson Diego Luna beer and whiskey directing it and congratulations about the movie and it means a lot to me and that's for free so make sure the 28th of March you also buy your ticket so we can send a message the American public and many of them are still working you know the way out there fighting for what he believes in and many of the movement and not just them but they have families friends and pressure in Mexico which was great because we could hide a little bit from that pressure because you know you're in California and everyone has a connection with the story everyone was there or their parents or so not the same thing just a fictional film where it's all about you and your payments. The pressure off of your home community I am a real person yes I played Delores Huerta which was unnerving amazing incredible an honor but also really scary even though we were in Mexico while we were talking on the phone the whole time I was definitely getting feedback from her all the time and I just got really lucky that I had met her before you know I found the voting organization turn 10 years old this year which is actually doing about immigration reform and different that we had done and things so she's coming she's just like incredible she's in her mid-eighties she getting people signing petitions she won the medal of freedom or film and I mean she's just so on point and it definitely is exciting an honorable and amazing that she gave me her blessing to do the role and also it was just really scary to play someone who you knew was real you know like who was there who could say something and give you feedback as I can't imagine what that must feel like to watch your life video NFL you don't have that card Lazar just going this is what my artistic licenses to just perform your training someone you know when you want to respect what they went through and kind of get their feedback and so it was just it was interesting she seen the movie since she told me she said she tweeted that she loved her 721 recently making film how to speak Spanish but then they go home and everything is in Spanish you want to belong to a country that remind you every day you don't belong it is an interesting complexity you know that normally you don't see in film and we had that going on for the whole time don't need a translator sometimes if you would you have to translate this for like the Next Generation like what you hungry I think about their history I think it's really important you know I think there this is this is during a period of time that we've studied quite a lot this is right during the Civil Rights movement during the beginning of feminism you know I think a lot of the same characters in there we have the Kennedys we have you know we don't see Jesse Jackson but that was right during that same time and started his first big fast he got a letter from Martin Luther King liked it so I think it's really important and relevant to sort of expand what are knowledge's of that time. And how much that affected still today obviously these issues are still quite relevant you know we're all talking about fair trade and fair wages because it's becoming part of our vernacular daily daily but it also also is immigration reform and I think that makes it something important to watch what I feel like when you watch this movie started like activism 101 it's not just one position it's not just one March you know it's a movement and it was the first time that United Farm Workers and the most marginalised people in our society and it was a small group of people at a time before before any of that stuff and they were able to not only get all of California to put it spread across America into and through the White House and out into Europe it's a huge thing and so I think it's actually could be very encouraging for people who are taking on food justice issues now to see what they could do today learning from what they did then and now that they are joining a really amazing history of people who care and can make a difference you have a question did you Diego you started forcing Alfonso breakthrough hit you tomorrow love you we all love you we invented elephant how to go for your Rosario watching him accept the Oscar for Gravity it was an Oscar for best director and what did that mean I have to say I was as shocked as I was when I realized there was no film about the SAT Chavez it's ridiculous that he had to go to 2014 to 411 American to receive an award that I mean the Oscars best director that he said it was the happiest I were in quite a long time I was jumping shouting at me the things that this film test and it has a lot to do with filmmaking is that personal stories can hit people and can make you change and control attention to those topics that matter to you this community instead of being violent or or or trying to hit straight the industry that was suppressing them they went around and talked to Consumers and it was Mother's talking to mothers about what was behind those grapes you know so-and-so said it many times it's about telling your story face to face and then you have an ally and then you connected with someone and and change might happen if you if you go out and tell your story and that's what we do with film so I believe it film is a tool of change and hopefully this film inspires young filmmakers to go out and talk about what you talked about everything every time I see you I'm going it's a constant reminder that such a successful message I can't wait to see how it how it looks like Margaritas martinis and then we'll follow in Latin America and please go please go Sons of Anarchy was to be represented in film and fake friends if you can what kind of creepy Gavin I have to go with me anyway Diego Luna Rosario course of History Podcast continues it will continue to thank you what are you can get Rowdy with that the job is going to continue drinking it could get crazy that's great but your idea online GoDaddy transfer for the low price of 295 so whether you're building your dream business or starting a website for fun there's a GoDaddy.com enter code rooster 2958 check out some limitations apply see website for details again it's godaddy.com promo code 295-4295.com domain name make yourself at home on the internet no started with gif I'm unsure right I think knowledge of the United States children in the UK Shira promotes harassment unsafe someone else I've got a friend of mine out here somewhere Glen make it over the phone I wasn't calling you Social Service is a bit intimidating I know everyone who's been intimidated by interview with Bradley Cooper Diego dreaming size of track of a question can I talk and he's like are you tired why are you so tired and I was like why are you doing I'm on Amazon right to tell someone that right we honestly can't even answer my questions about the film and I was actually working for the studio I don't know Isaac's are you tell someone they're tired there's nothing they can do about it but use me for 5 hours of everything Gavin artificial nice place Coca-Cola Glen Glen represents operation which is a charity that we're expanding our work with accurate Rooster Teeth I want you tell us a little bit of what it's all about do I want to say thank you to everyone for joining our cause this year supply drop where we going to do this sorry for sending video game care packages down to do a lot of work at the recovery hospital or going into gear for and as of Friday we kicked off our 3rd annual 8-bit salute it is a big event fundraiser ends with a 24-hour game marathon on May 17th and 18th but you guys are involved with super excited to announce their game and they're probably involved just gives you a good excuse to get out for a good cause and have some fun all the time not looking forward to getting through this raised a lot of funds and doing more work together on the basis of bringing the research team who knows Fort Hood Lackland hey we help the UK a week ago we finally sent a care package overseas how you did yesterday your buddies in the military he was in Afghanistan for like 5 months yes what do you think getting back is more important to me to try to schedule some other time charity work whoever says that a picture that says you would say you are so Glen James for charity whats an awesome combination W3 and I will give you a shout out on this podcast and live show microphone over here you can just standing in front of the microphone you can tell who is there for this and who's just hanging out like I said before I've never I totally got some treats for you guys before the show so you ready alright why are there more Rage Quit those are really the best of Rooster Teeth and that was from at the notorious G and there was one of weeks now he wants one of those walls are shaking and he's so angry I think one week is more than enough at 10:07 hours I just have to get my video is done Live Events a week that's really all we have time for two sometimes three times a week so other than that it's really just so much traffic a friend of mine went up to go use the bathroom and she left her coat on her chair and some random dude came by and grab that started walking off with it it was someone if you like I have a sexy pic for you we should have around the rest of the day but if you would have pizza just grab the speech and showing it to everyone whats whats drinking with Jeff at a bar and some homeless guy came over and went over that was my iron railings and he went over the railings and said you put it but I was like hey what's up you know what's wrong with Austin directions to home tantrum by the way I'm waving waving at you hey where you from I'm from all the way from Melbourne and I'm not so much of a question I just wanted to say Gus I've been carrying around this James boags all day I'm really happy that we get rid of it so it's not cool Dawson favorite beautiful I thought online Bernie Have a scheduling conflict a problem unable to make it out GIF you work a little upset I wish we had a picture of your face and we told you that was it I'm not having the dad in The Mexican death certificate we were having I was in a cab and it was 24 bucks right and I've always found car and a cab but I mean I hate having cash absolutely not because the people of Boston about it being stuck in traffic all the time she's very upset that I did not stand up I'm sorry I should have I felt like I might get out of frame not here because the connection that you have a lot of family that you don't migrant farm work so we're very very appreciative of the recent stand-up the real reason I say that is because I had a bit of an accident yesterday and I didn't do it Shine Like A literacy night just making a bunch of holes Rite Aid how much money has Samsung S7 and Rosario Dawson doesn't need to see that figure eclectic your British you change your stomach and you could have started something everyone else do it sunburn David years ago I used to shave my head down like to lick a super tight budget and I got a sunburn on my scalp once and then the next day or a couple days later it all feels like one long piece with tiny little holes for the hair follicle coming off and I just grabbed it and pulled it and it all just came out that's gross but I bet it felt really sad Lon Lon on stage Lon beer Lon running the fun tell everybody hi I mention my name Lon clean up clean up hello everybody dumbass Grizzly Man was just right now price of Gavin has a bad track record of doing this exact thing on our podcast all the damn time to buy a new couch forever but we don't buy it because we know this is literally 1/3 or 1/4 of beer explode I like traditional director can do that tiny little blonde girl graduation when you open your mouth how can you do take the cherry and make a little like you're not in the area right now on your bed and like in that area that's when I come back Gavin from Europe usually generalizing everything here a lot of us we don't take her it might be in those colder region too cold to go to want to take their shoes off in the house but I don't know why and I hate when I get there girl socks on for this I have my Union Jack's on today Seahawks or a big deal for us and our podcast if I don't have you I haven't heard what's happened with escalating War now every morning when I get dressed usually the first thing and put it on but I have to It's A Conversation Piece now that I think would probably be best I seen him do his hair it literally takes two and a half seconds I've said this was going to be because I got so much that it melted and congealed so many times it looks now we have enough 300 up this is what my hair looks like when I get out of bed but it kind of fly is down during the day so I just I just keep it up you don't even have any you have much longer history in your family like my granddad went bald when he was 18 hole the other one is full too I want to bring me 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replace it with warm water it was wonderful captive there that don't have the balls to do that I don't know so they drink the water Braden you went that's because every Canadian I know it takes their shoes off fast text my beer Morgan looking for love you want this whats up hello are you okay hey are you at home now did your son with you can actually take the amount of turbulence and crazy you are more likely to get hit by a car for your flight crash there's a story I want to go to the Virgin Atlantic flight was flying over the Midwest a lot of turbulence and the pilot to get around the trending benefactor apparently during the flight attendant started running up and down the aisles screaming that they were going to crash and the other flight attendant the up-and-down 360 around everywhere are you like okay and then there was also a hunter and everything coming up I'm like oh my God what is all my life just ended today right here this is what you think about in the air and just stay there like a crash Sunlake Alexander something think about this you live your life what does the fact that I like to do caveman never left if you like the most philosophical question ever asked convert right now to question the laughter of a caveman a caveman never know we will never know they are there was no YouTube search animals laughing at you I'm laughing my screens messed up everything no gender exemption are you going Montreal food and then are you a good multi-tasker than I am you are monitoring Twitter and the Chavez people have been that one guy who could write with both hands at the same time which is amazing in Spanish write love letter in two languages to pick up a girl from Spain and a girl from Germany little love notes underscore on n8h wants to know Gavin stroke Lon beer and I bet it feels like your epic manliness you want to come up here and Gavin stroke your beard can you rinse Lord why are people calling you Lord I don't know not a very strong term I don't know if I would go to his beard is more impressive when you're here I'm sorry rinse and repeat riton how many how many how many a week gif I'm going to shower everyday because the oil can lighten your hair in the night the other year gif death penalty the speech this guy did he created Star Wars the people gif GIF you going to stop Gavin I might go with whatever the comment or say and they're saying GIF so I would like to say that there are a lot of them in there oh okay well I love you bye that's the argument the gif wow you are just making you cry I cry firecracker you've made her cry more than one do what I can to help you I try very stressed out and sometimes it comes out every time before we started the best thing about going on whats trending is 45 seconds right before you ruin everyone's yelling at everyone coming out a countdown not like that on your dad caught off guard before it's close to the post about that I've never been in my seat you like to go with us before we go though I don't know where you're coming from you cry you cry ever inventor people died in about 15 is wrong with you that's what I said daily life all the time I'm not miserable but I just cry I think it's been about 25 years since I've cried my grandfather's funeral and I'm a little bit at the end of Return of the King I should have ate more and think this through we would have no no no try to watch this like different like on those animal cheer up you're so like if you cry everytime when was the last time you cried Shira what time is it cuz I'm in touch with my emotions like I don't know what's going on I take control of everything do I need a ground and I feel like emotions make you make that decision to eliminate that stepping back out of it set up in your feelings what you mean feel like getting some deliciously wonderful what is actually longer than I have to a lot of people actually do it me up there so now they expect all of their requests are going to go through right now they're just asking for the moon to hashtag hashtag deliciously deep you for sharing that with Mike on Mike that's a great idea they were talking about I came on here and threw you under the bus only what I want to be with you anymore but I think that we might have to wrap this up Rosario Dawson go watch it takes too long as well thank you guys supply drop will be talking a lot more in the coming weeks and big thanks to Shira and the rest of the training crew have been awesome thank you for having us next time you come down or straight whiskey alright well thanks everyone for watching everyone