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RT Downs Some Green Beer

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Recorded: 2014-03-18 22:31:18

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

St time anywhere on your TV smart phone or texting huluplus when you go to huluplus Rooster Teeth Audible sweet on celebrating the color green happy you ever been on the contrary many times Gavin Jack Burnie the end November 4th it's like predictive the limit flashcards there is probably old TV shows like like standard death the whole thing Chris Brown I never said before we came on Burnie with showing us the video that's about it generate too much saliva we have a problem when you talk yes absolutely you do if you have a fever socially anxious you feel like you feel like you're talking more than turning have you called about yourself what you were talking fight between amount of food and amount of saliva coming out and get more drunk the map in them Boston Market off of plastic Gavin Austin Canal fight from Austin to London hour south of us in there construction in the world in a long time we did not have less than a year ago it started under construction closed everywhere you have exactly know what the fuck you in like from the front to your terminal about 30 minutes this thing was like an hour airport install the line about 2 weeks ago usually when I fly to LA on Thursday afternoon like 8 p.m. maybe I can be walking through the front door in 5 minutes on the inside and then show them that the magazine to give everyone in there every single piece of a carry-on bag that had one of those in it Trump I'm fine what are you having with luck he'll be walking putting the from the industry in general is all going to the yellow page not feeling well so much of their needs to be a win-win for the newspaper with all the ads based on those charges as well give up on the newspaper free I've not been back I've got other ways to get the news I'm doing it already first United fight I'm just going on today I can leave it in London at 9 on the next day not bad at all because you got I want to see yes the the Dreamliner Jeremiah TSA PreCheck which is when you go do you get your butt up I'm going to interview and then I love to everybody and they just did that right before that plane disappear Pi on top and killed everyone suffocate to death to come down we'll use that and then we talked and then come down automatically pressurized cabin pressurization line below 5000 radar crackpot Theory what is global said they had like technology that put man on the moon and why would 20 employees from one company be on one plane likely is that day you know who to contact and then the Singapore Airlines flight flying out that direction and that's why they show up on radar that they were just really close to another plane how to clean cloudy on the 14th the new the new domination numbers Gavin sucks refer people that are watching the same video they can see it like to the plane would go from left to right the five playing like a dog go from left to right and they would really. And then print like that that's a very controlled Sky writing up and down New Mexico Veronica you blew 7 Grand on Brighton as well I want to start a business I know it's raining Burnie take up sometimes you don't to be towed up in the air by another plane they just hook you on to this thing that you put in a drum thing that pulls the cord and that they're serving and he jumped up after a hurricane credible like you don't know well that Willie and then we have not stopped talking about Jimmy Kimmel the internet why is white take videos now undermine to crib let's find the most racist unbelievable and I do not live your life like just renting the camera and just do our best to Jimmy Kimmel you are valuable and I was going to bring this thing Tony Hawk in detail but Back to the Future 2 hoverboard and we're now at the point where the future in back next year 2015 to year 1985 video about everything when did The Joker really got a life of its own hey dude that's how I saw that sent out and shared every single time there's a video it's fake but you should check it out cuz he didn't want anyone to think it's real pool the video grandmas out there Willie not like this is the one that's real with me like they want to buy the idea of a hoverboard Diesel videos something impressive to look at my money I look at the DeLorean like from that movie baby come here in the future Crispin the first movie in the second movie personally I can't stand when you text me if they change that was because of that making anything for this Veronica what to do in Charlie's Angels what is Injustice what the hallowed Halls of Cinema Neverland black and white Crispin Glover dancing with a mask on there's a midget in the wheelchair and I'm like I mean ABCD take in all that information that would be a bad thing that's all they do they just believe that stuff and point out inaccurate Legacy marketing company Lake Jackson Christopher Lloyd Superman has a GoPro contact wise definitely wasn't lying around Los Angeles 6510 2nd ST Ball State naked under sheet Planet Ryo huvr board video is a hoax information the horrible single person directly the third wave of people of calling out the people who said it was real how many degrees day Did You Follow The Walking Dead 45 thing you got rid of one of them fight of the stuff that we have now you know the internet new huvr board are you talking about animals death flying squirrel how much I ever have in my city little mag Oregon Trail at one time SmartGlass iPad or something parking Garrys Mod Gambino technically my youngest one probably shouldn't be playing Garrys Mod by now Audible probably 12 or cable box or TV crews in life is nothing and all times you have YouTube and they would have their game they can play anymore that's what I want and then around noon you don't like the 5th grade St berdoodle Superman in the UK or someone told me they want you to believe in sexual assault in Lakeview cabin YouTube the story about that hey I just love these Adam intervention Illinois she totally saw that one we have no idea or drinking! that probably we're here there's no way in hell that she would have it I have no idea how she found a number of years and I've seen him with inappropriate never seen Dan with an unattractive lady so he's a very good barometer for track today so I think that the prom but maybe the problem to have in the UK but I haven't seen it here Scandal about this guy that with an underage in Europe history search on someone that's not available if you want to find somebody that's broadcast Neighbors in a row go to prison having sex with 15 in America like talking about the difference in the weight of these crimes and make it sound like you're diminishing the severity of it you know the rules Jack is 16 what do that I would never hurt you I know Man in the Mirror of your house Lambert's with people who are public regular basis Jack I good looking dude the time from the the son of the Avengers Skarsgard Skarsgard Endeavors name in The Bodyguard the lobby he was in the lobby and he was just taking pictures of people being really nice and I was with somebody who wanted to get a photo with him and the other throwing themselves at him like right now it was like watching women act like guys act like they want we can discuss Alexander Skarsgard super nice and super gracious I bury someone without with Jonah Hill there's a screening of Superman here in Austin like McLovin was here and then from is Jonah Hill and Michael Cera get them here and go outside in like okay my friend I'm pretty sky Sky girls kept trying to butt into be like yeah we're going to play poker and you know later if you wanna join as a couple is right now but you can get a homerun Menudo but fight around her I don't know what I'm doing I love you 7:05 I can relate or not interview like a teen heartthrob right and we were talking about stuff we were doing a lot of fun right now I'm kind of just kind of collapsed in on itself Christopher mintz-plasse nobody is McLovin in Jack Efron and anyway we're just you know we were just interview it was great of you and I take your time and don't tell the story for him before all of her interview questions 8 year old big people in Brandon on celebrities Instagram Instagram Instagram yeah I don't know I don't know many girls like right there Preston like to get as close as possible and that interview space yeah but everybody running said he has a problem to apply to every single person on Twitter and it take a pressure to do that didn't have a DiFranco didn't have Twitter if you were trying to convince them to get on it and everything Baxter know that is true as well I know the top three people be people have never even heard of how do you follow by accident let me just let me know 7.9 million followers Gus room we all have one around 200,000 probably how many followers you have but I mean we probably get 200 messages a day right on the committee the bend up the wrong button then alright congratulations you in my phone for 3 days and then talk about the point that thing we talked about was having a manic phone number for Supercuts in case company message me there one of those the first thousand people retweet this I'll send it in with you after that Google knows it's clearly not retweet or like I cut myself shaving and then I think the official Twitter account to get rid of the plastic like what you have going and stuff and I took the plastic bag off the dry cleaning and handed it back to the lady I just want in my life is too much one of those things in front of every house I kind of like how many houses there are in Austin Austin moving to try to become a zero-landfill city like in the next 20 years in the projects the size of my trash recycling program 7 reasons but partly conscious talking about personally I feel like a douchebag talking about anybody he's an actual celebrity you know you said that if we actually celebrity like I make sure that I don't know in the middle of interviewing I'm talking to this guy and we were criticizing with them on what's trending you know what I mean 200 podcast discussion about science fiction books and I was talking about to crash I think you asked me about was like I don't know I never really been a big fan of someone why the fuck are you like you might fit into his world and I get it I totally get it it's not too much but the internet this fucking ass Corolla I just personally whatever pi great time funny Asian dude was because movie called Neighbors where Tony house moves in next to a guy and his wife and finally make it to me or some like that and these guys were nice enough to come interview holding Hannity Franco smoking like a to be frank it's like Jack Efron broke his hand handling my balls internet provider more than 250,000 downloadable title across all types of literature and featuring audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook to consider is the weight of Blood by Laura McHugh for free audiobook of your choice go to audible.com / RoosterTeeth audible.com / RoosterTeeth and I didn't look it up because I didn't think about that you can find no crashing virgin that was written by Veronica Roth audible.com told me 11 hours and 11 minutes fight if you with your delay Gavin 20mission Divergent and the star of the movie showed up unannounced Laurence before hundred years ago about that tomorrow Twilight finally do you have pop into my work and talking about their them as a person but not even that I don't believe that because everyone I've learned over the years that certain things like 5 minutes or something like that begin a hard time if I would do that but you shouldn't be in there talking bad about other YouTubers other people eating the same thing people are people format like out in public doing Preston Ben King early on when he works and what developer jaman jaman jaman the whole taking the piss mentality you know I was like you know take a nap in them I miss you making fun of them in car right there let me know the last five years on the internet Macklemore gunshot with you this week about like broader interaction because I just watched like a lot like I've done a lot of really fun stuff when you guys interview podcast the other in like from what I read it seems like people are expecting and she may have spearheaded a little bit more than I mean she's a really hard time for no reason we don't know her or she doesn't know this is my thing I know about it and when people like to mess with that they get really upset by it fight from watching my likes on Tumblr in the community like this one of the other you know we've been doing this podcast in some form for over 5 years now and three decades I like to try new things and trying to figure out something Jack with him and I thought you know it was a little you know I made it a point to talk to you right now because I didn't Apple iPod no indication that was pretty fun I think there's a different venue that venue in particular the audio on the internet was barely acceptable but in the place was a lot harder 200 you're pretty interesting any problems afterwards are Gavin so what's up bro how you doing bro don't ever tell anyone I know we're all sitting here having a comfortable ride over there having their own conversation Hawk head massage I don't know Burnie music going to sound like a childish Gambino live streaming in the Xbox wish dream and I was a lot of fun doing that and I was sitting there doing interviews and talking to people when he went on you play for real maybe what I would say maybe two hundred people or so on Saturday night keep 20,000 people like using a simile for 20,000 people on the stage that's good that you're doing well docu online with servers we watch the developer going from one of the best people in the world looking at hand I'm not lost and maybe 12 second go to tighten these pilot and I've gotten two maybe three more matches I had seven kills and 0 death rock climbing that's all I meant never involved in and just multiplayer game female multiplayer campaign in the maps together in the story of Halo 5 came out and it was the campaign but in the story Jack Black Marines get out as well and the whole coven on Odyssey with them or anyone else Left 4 Dead is with my favorite franchises of all time and that's got like a beauty campaign to it that start multiplayer part not you know female campaigning like in Left 4 Dead 2 the new additional load delivered at 2 but you could also promoters in the Taliban I stopped a game coming out for 2:20 in 2011 it was 20 years ago Tony Levin Thunderbolt Max came out February 2011 and that's when I was in you Pi ask me anything tell me what you like about it see what's going on then come back I've been there so I can't believe you say the the employee to discover whatever they want I might have said something like that handbook which was released online early online and look into the 7-Eleven and everywhere Veronica Mars movie premiere at like 2 feet made more on Kickstarter than it did in movie theaters on its opening weekend that was a million dollars a week and not everybody ultraviolet and then you know and then iTunes miss things like that it's not Apple Computers anyone that you know someone that might are libraries in ultraviolet rent stuff now on my Xbox One 3 with being on Xbox One it would show you everything is on there if it's only on the bullshyt you end up with different libraries but so so fucked up Burnie do they sell Pi stuff UPMC matching previous Kickstarter records and easily clearing the bar that Warner Brothers to commit to Summer production chart that's really interesting like with Kickstarter is like you know when Zach Braff me hit Kickstarter people were saying like you're being this dude or whatever you should have a Kickstarter the Veronica Mars Kickstarter to make the weekend there .988 million dollars I believe that I believe that it's got an exclusive deal with AMC and they're only showing on 300th Street somebody else and it also happens that I'm an adult male so I had to go to the public party so I went the other person fight time zone Los Angeles Define is so gross I peed all over the house the shoulder of Veronica Mars Boston tonight so that's why I had some special place here in town I mean is why I got such a big thing it's a pi teenage girl detective show Pi throwing stones at glass houses to watch community it was actually made a cameo in the most recent episode of pretty funny how it worked out celebrity Lord are you had a good time but there's so much to do there was so many meetings and like businesses take care I was just running around I mean it's going to happen to be playing at his venue in from there Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy easy text Legend Regular Show St death Austin american-statesman has a camera crew that follows him to every concert he plays just in case is his last show to replace Kenmore 80 something to be pretty pissed off Nelson the circle yet another Death Proof record of your final shot wish I was chilling with the editor of the BBC One and his friend with someone who his job was at the BBC archives with to keep the death real for the queen of to date that like when she died they would roll into the High Life Libby Montana dude you don't want to fire him like you just want to make sure you work it out with that dude if I can last that you liked Bank AG how to day doing a lot of major media Outlets do that where they keep like obituaries ready for a mini celebrities what's your in obituaries repository of pre-written obituaries on earth like on CNN they found the obituary directory and they read everyone's obituaries not dead yet find the mod yeah for somebody like they said he was dead never leave this thing as I can Wayne Knight SW death Gus airliner that's missing in America about the NSA and then tracking all of our ship and we got to go and get a ball filled up when we go to the airport security all that stuff I can't the whole fucking point in any can't fucking find it nobody thought to put trackers on the plane fight with disabled wish you could lose anything more than a fucking me get outside pretty easily but you can log-in all my kids are watching webcams the emails everything and everything nobody no fucking brainchild on the back of the plane from the fucking inside a plane okay so they had these trackers on the engine the engine for finding out like telemetric data every hour or whatever Tony and Peter pi anything out we have satellites that are currently take and there's like no DVR function what are you saying about back in the day Star Wars program wine that is keeping everyone already tried that much death the plane that made in the United States right the internet plot with a plane taking off from the Taliban only we can do that meanwhile I'll make sure you take your shoes off take your belt wingspan the play anyone Wi-Fi at 5000 feet everybody in the world on the ground in the commission of Gavin does rocks float on lava shirt comes out tomorrow space with your mouth Rockstar created your squad ending fight in America United States Jack ever again like the people on the plane that I just don't to be an iPhone or an iPad container under the plane to board a plane I'm not going what is when you're doing a quick walk-through United states-based anyway like people camera 1910 the cameras when plugged in there just a few and then it was nothing in them super frustrating you don't know which one's the real with it you probably tried huluplus is so much more we can watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere huluplus the TV show in the living room or on the go with your smartphone or tablet and watch your favorite TV shows like dr. Who season 7 episode huluplus March 7th contact Hulu Originals like the wrong man behind the mask who's new docu series takes you inside the World of Sports mascots to collect free movies and kids contest 79 the month catch up on current TV shows with an old favorite movies TV shows and movies as you want wherever you want right now you can try Hulu Plus free for 2 weeks we go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth special offer for listeners make sure you go to Hulu plus.com / wish to get extended free trial and I know we sent you huluplus.com / RoosterTeeth for your extended free trial thank you we have a green decorated podcast for you this yeah alright to tell me little huluplus season 11 premieres on March 22nd in America 91 okay so just like the people around you miserable I never go into anything with hamburger Jorge Julio and I don't know there's a thing called Joe Rogan podcast it's called The Quest for immortality fight from Death the Quest for immortality do to take vitamins when trying to death that was part of the Steve Jobs biography wish when he talks about jobs says that we're on the cusp of having cancer be a manageable disease and to be able to live with cancer and he was convinced he would be the first person to live with cancer and just have it hasn't managed disease like diabetes medicine treatment of cancer all the time biggest the house does not have to be around when you're done and let me know if you don't what will reduce lung cancer across the board because you know it's like the people who get lung cancer from smoking if everyone that in 1920 and 1951 cancer in everyone M People was like I mean the stuff in your body do you have to touch penis in it female to female HIV transmission and never been day other than your head like docu definitely was the details that would sometimes have sex during menstration was not supposed to be the same blood type the same as just regular but then also they would have sex with toys where there is sometimes some bleeding so I think that's where it came about text with blood that's actually BF4 one of them was HIV positive had in your body the cure for AIDS and cancer and all the planets would you sacrifice yourself death so they could use it anyway charity most people like irritated fight can you publicly said I have the cure for this disease and I'm going to sacrifice myself to like him to use people right like you don't like okay well you know I found this out when im 8:30 okay I love you guys but one day last week if you had the cure for AIDS and cancer in your everything I can do that I've ever heard my life when we first started I got a financial advisor in to talk to all the guys they want to do okay moron 4 in pi find a plane start thinking about the future why did my city well that's better but like let's say for whatever reason that you don't day it's your shotgun Best Buy Mentor Market Jack and what your long-term financial plan and he said I would like to write a hot check for my funeral what I have done and printed out and made appointments for them at doctors and their problems I paid for dinner Tony shit but now my appointment go like every 6 months in like 2 months ago Gavin Lux in the morning, okay whatever I'm going to take care of not going to worry about day off at the same time so had to go to the dentist interview little with the way the idea of working on homework at home and I worked there four days a week at my own home you like from you all weekend that's a much stranger things I'm stressed and you know that right he's like yeah we just did that for 2 minutes okay I like to hear you can day how much for the fiesta by my house in the bank and it is on Sunday find my checkbook take somebody I've never Ledesma singer hey Jeff thank you how do you pay I came online and pay online transfer something is transferred by anybody transfer money to your friend or whatever it's just want someone to pay that you were people great question Gavin like I would use the ATM all the time and I was with somebody or talk I got to deposit a check at night 4imprint your fucking check on the chicken Jack in a medium like Peter Pan Mini-Golf where I can physically hear the dial tone and dialing 2001 you dislike fight it off I need this cash I'm in the store right now looking through handles little Pub you have a favorite across the street from our old office downtown huvr Mike's Bikes Megan Megan Megan when we were at that thing because like I jumped over the counter grabbed the front door of the ATM over there and then and it's like 40 bucks I could get into the ATM weirdest thing ever you know you're a business only accept cash in Spanish Under reporting that proper sales tax lucking you think would happen if you come to his house credit check on it in light of the the target security breach at the funding to start rolling out chip and pin in the country so happy about it but I think within the next four years in charge card credit card fight in the block it like from his location where he was to do if your car every day and I was like why don't you try St larger black lady can I help you I don't know I don't think they'll let me call your number and I said that I got a fight in the parking lot by early field entirely filled would like probably 900 cars except for the two spaces right in front with four electric vehicles on the night everywhere I go I can park in electric vehicles only benefit to having one in Texas when nobody has in every time I saw him up until a few months ago chart stationed there to the progressive State Electric and we have to have the car towed car sharing like they have you been there to rebuild an Austin and what a nightmare than me the repair that they would be grandfathered in with the stuff they had and then they found asbestos never like it open up to all the new regulations and stuff and so Restaurant in Little People I would want to know the cause they were complaining about their Renovations so they repeatedly spots in the parking lot by building what is that what I read in my room Los Angeles on the window don't worry about that take care of it from Tony first getting your feet so it happens Justin and you go everyone and visit them I've slept on his couch ever to play in the city proper Manhattan boroughs trapezoid like straight down to the island so much with Subway's everything else in the movie of what was 2007 the 80s no intermission intermission it's still in the mail thank you the classic speaking of evolution watching the video you post about the Minecraft server fight through it over to creative mode and watching the chaos happened with in 4 minutes or whatever that was pretty damn funny all the time and the fact that when they die they were banned for good your social engineering a group of people creative mode that was like everything creepers 15 times on Twitter are upset that we said that New York City might not be the best city in the world really sorry I forgot from Over the New York City center of the universe the best city in the world the public transportation Burnie Patricks Day what's up Austin Veronica doubt I want to thank you and you