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RT Podcast Welcomes Back Brandon

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Recorded: 2014-03-25 23:31:53

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

the cast of Rocky buys huluplus 1000 of him anywhere on your TV smartphone or tablet huluplus.com / Squarespace website Squarespace Gus this week featuring Gus yes you needed I don't know band featuring Gus yeah time flies when you're high we have you guys are talking about video games and I really play video games anymore except for a few like 20 minutes so I just pretended like I fell asleep put you on the banned list about Sims City not having if I stated I quit it's like we wanted to build a school we still want to fuck you anyway 3813 this girl and she has a little pug and it's no trouble we know this fucking dog proposed pictures of the friends score Monday night so I seen that Sims would actually the first one of the first writing it and I was like oh my God I want to set up my girlfriend and then I kind of just playing it controlling my girlfriend and my girlfriend and I are sitting on the couch next to me synonym for can I get it seems like know I do not like interacting Sims together like socializing in the game yeah her son I just got home the boyfriend yeah it is I had to stop playing and then he was like affecting my real life because he know you tell you tell your Sims like are you bored go play with the dog if that's her where and then like I was in the bedroom when I came in the living room and my phone was playing with a pug and I was like that I just tell them to do that I know I like I control it all project that we never really with the Sims a few years ago It season 2 Preston Bailey rest in peace old oh Barbara Antico people to knock that building down and build a new giant hotel which is fine by me progress building the pictures is the construction workers in our conference room old Converse ripping off the walls because basically they figured out that the building is old but whoever remodeled it windy like completely rebuilt in the eighties and you can tear it down yeah I'm so pleased that I think we got it super early podcast topic of conversation was Wendy's have still at least, Texas Delphia who accept leased it to huluplus of Lisa to the Pita Pit actually the Japanese old office was the old women's restroom right in the sound booth was and that's when we were up there in that room that's a record the first the first the first you can stay in one of those rooms in the occupying the old RT office and the way that they did baby structured it to show that they would turn down that one building and they showed every building on the block with a little red X under it the show was like one unit of measurement they were all like the same stuff different you not understand people either you're talking about Glock made out of Bones maker turn down the cooler and cooler and cooler every year in Barbara from the mid-nineties was like okay there's one or two buildings Convention Center hotels actually so much better when you're done with I got in an argument with somebody hear about the Alamo know they were upset because they need South Lamar Alamo the person with the not making a real I was like this complex ever Taekwondo place the Chinese food places to South Austin gym ultimate and they're like oh well you know the Riff downtown for certain amount of time their frame of reference is year one that's what's annoying that often I tell her Jack is he's he's like office is cool and I'm pretty sure I know your friend know if you can if you right here after 2024 of course I don't hate the intro video that was in the movie theaters Crystal Harris in the background that one crazy if you like Studios product in Harrison know I fuck you I don't think I can know I hate product in my hair and then I'm going to put this here and please don't set out to do and how to cut it properly cuz I'm glad you changed the way you still there I just realized I never put anything like that in my hair and I didn't hear it so they have to cut it in certain ways and like I don't I wake up I shower and I believe that's pretty much it so you do it anyway weather Bridge close to hear it all out there I thought we were podcast for hair wash to wash because we like it days like this I got my haircut Styx Travis Tritt Anymore second-rate of the haircut make me laugh every time I grew up quickly but we thought it would be fun right the same haircut Brad Pitt at the Academy Awards that it was like inside that Macklemore haircut I get my hair cut my hair is this is the longest I've ever had it is beyond my nose is so stuffy in know I'm a chance medium brown to Auburn maker Barbara how can you come up with like a hundred names for green forest fire so we think about changing your hair bored very easily like then on I've always regretted getting my hair cut a certain way I just keep it the way it is but I don't know I've always wanted to do something different and I figured like blue or pink or anything The Hunger Games and seeing what you would look like as a brunette are there temporary days I can get like a test know when I first moved to Austin when I first moved back past that I dyed my hair red like of those curtains behind me for the guy to take that to bleach my hair first then put the other whatever they do the whole process for getting my hair done and it was like that Comic-Con a few years Back Kotter plane is when they did the launch for Brutal Legend and I was there and I have never been to a show but they covered the audience and all kinds of liquids and colors and things and stuff and I got out of it and I went back to my hotel room and literally just stood in the shower with all my clothes on to get all the stuff off it looks like an alien have been murdered in live in my shower a little like your pictures and I actually just passed away yesterday Wingstop on State office today I think that most people's first time seeing the new building pic Malaysian not share interests you could take it as it of the cat when it's a joke and so is the symptom of alcohol the cause and solution to all of life's problems of all time I forgot to put in your behind my current days like that but she can replace my job until they learn how to drink when I get there we have to prepare Construction a lot of dick jokes I'm looking for an apartment and whatever service they send you links with it kindly Google Maps get the images are really old so I don't see what there now I feel like all the old runways for Philly right where offices when there was still a lot of stuff like a lot of the old and now they're still there still there we shot that first emerging on the way to the studio this morning and you can't even get up there it's just like being turned of machines out there they're building something battle for anything about the doors I don't know this guy Photoshop Knight pictures of guy comes out blown out like it's hard that's why I can picture you see their faces guys are actually in this space we have in there is going to be talking about the studio right now the building is 5000 square feet not counting the upstairs so the upstairs might be another 2500 2600 comics and stuff that's going to be neat I'm just a matter of hanging the wire leaking the cables and stuff in there not in the room but like just outside the room or something because we actually have the ceiling space talk of importing sand and making a plastic box around it it's actually going to happen Knight not like I have to do is like and that will take away from this offices Brandon early Brandon we don't work I'm alright I'm not going to I think we will work through it once we have this Apple TV that we can just like send video to from our iPhones and iPads for the podcast everyone of you know insert video it's really easy before we have an HDMI cable hooked up to a laptop behind the set over there and in order to get it to work it was like a 10-step system like everything in this specific order otherwise it would not work to do it but if I wasn't here Aaron's in South stopped working something there I kind of feel like 90% of the building like not actually like designing with the walls were but like paint and then all that stuff the only thing that sounded good actually yes been a little off I think I don't think it's been fixed for daylight savings time yet and if you show up in the morning before like 9:30 it still closed shit ton of spots there that like it there's some in front of our building and there's even more elsewhere in that lot so we should be ok when we will talk about mm wait until it's like the middle of July and you show up a little late but you don't get a close spot feel like I have to walk all the way across the parking lot to look at Sahara Desert awesome trip man you win the lottery do I win the lottery for this bill because it's just down the street doing housework win the lottery in The Living Years driving all over the place every fucking day even when it was like iced over know this man how much is a one bedroom $1,000 piranhas and there's like 20 rooms and she recorded the whole company could move in there or take it over the neighbors there and our people there and they're like what the hell is going to bring people in there or they like you across the street a little bit like oh you know just kinda crazy like we'll come on we'll find used condoms on the street for every single room in this complex for a hundred bucks off of a bloated that out there at the meeting I guess I don't know either way Comcast everybody South Africa Africa thank you Oscar Pistorius he is missing his legs below the knee and he has a blade that he runs on and he's pretty fast but I'm not accused and arrested for shooting his girlfriend on Valentine's Day last year yes that is where the gun Traders brought in neighbors said they heard a loud or heard a woman scream very loud and the defense was like screaming in a very high-pitched Manor Wayne apartments that dead murdered know it was Twin Bridges Lake know the rear window know it was Lionel Hutz the same that we drink rap on the podcast so we brought up tasty I think it was a little bit strange but I'm starting to enjoy it more so everybody can be there probably huluplus is so much more you can watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere huluplus let you watch TV shows and movies in the living room or on the go with your smartphone or tablet TV shows like dr. Who season 7 part 2 which favorite episodes and streams on huluplus the accountant 1988 Japanese animated action film just launched March 7th fresh meat Hulu original of season 3 on February 9th and The Only Way is Essex season 2 1 through 10 available now on huluplus season 11 Premiere days to contact Hulu Originals like the wrong mans and behind the mask who's new docu-series that takes you inside the World of Sports mascots you also get access to a collection of a few movies and kids content from the 79 for 799 a month catch up on current shows been old favorites or catch a great movie she was many TV shows and movies as you want wherever you want right now huluplus the damn it together right now huluplus free for 2 weeks and you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth special offer for this make sure you huluplus.com / RoosterTeeth get extended free trial and they know we sent you again huluplus.com / Rooster Teeth right now for your extended 2 week free trial it's on the screen there's one thing that drives me crazy about huluplus has nothing to do with the actual service there was a line but how great it is Thursday for a phone company on there at 5 and the guy for the cricket ads drives me crazy actually make me want to hurt anyway about I never get my hopes not watching it they may have purchased by someone I can't remember who know Comcast Apple Jack Comcast in your Apple Tree Lane Comcast Comcast so this would be a replacement for their set-top boxes and still fucking serve it but you don't have to deal with them like the hardware is to Apple interview old timey Time Warner cable box when I have cable through Time Warner know what I dropped that was like still have email but it still Time Warner Speed going through my boss I still hate Time Warner Comcast X1 platform DVR and all that people haven't picked it up so that they could have done it but I want to discontinue that December of last year December 2013 I think they got rid of that I have an ATT DVR actually surprisingly decent really good actually for the most part of your house in my closet Lake digital content purchased it but if you do it early however and then your lifetimes lifetime of them serve it or of them the honor the agreement my life my love my only Galaxy huluplus which is a great service you can watch it over there I like it Knight I'll be watching YouTube videos also send it to my bedroom TV is on there and it sounded like the newer laptops like the New Order actually stream your desktop what's McConaughey show True Detective it is but it's long and it's so like you have to pay attention I was like I took a day off from everything I hate that Star Wars I don't know start Star Wars pic of really he was just helping a friend with a play and this guy I like he was okay you know I really need help on this play that I came out of the workshop this thing with them and in this guy's plane should have this whole guys like that and then like two girls and you try to have a three-way with them and they're just making each other and try to work on that was funny but he's like I guess I don't like to watch people that are despicable American Psycho Dead Doctors spread that all over Twitter that he knows people think your dad would you for a second think maybe I have no maker it's okay are you alive Google Play how many episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine did you watch the whole season is like 20-30 minutes like I really need to give it so much I really appreciate it one of those shows the whole season pic of it but the characters for Despicable is what I'm saying but they were not Role Models they were very self-centred egomaniacal people you know help to help a friend out with a show and then be like oh this is a piece of shit you're a piece of shit and then leaving behind their back totally the shows are so different guess the characters you hate and love in that show constantly change it's so weird I was feeling very Lost Island season know I like them yeah it's really really really weird especially the way she writes her own character the writer the show like I think you hate the main character a lot of times more than anyone else still alive not too long ago and there was like they did with them like carpooling somewhere and I only give away too much I'll be sure to check it out if someone huluplus the correct me but to me Sex In The City Is and it's kind of like being in your thirties in the city is like being in your twenties like a lot of the like I can okay so it appeals to the older generation color rather than TV like a picture like the people in their early to mid-twenties yeah I watch it and like something someone on a diet might be pleasured Gossip Girl Chicago not anyone was in New York by any chance okay nineties with not a place you wanted to hang out because it was all prostitutes and drug dealers and then like the construction project to fix the road and it has the road looks like Boutique shops part of what the fuck is happening use condoms all over the road everywhere stopping like a lock the doors and certain areas of town so I was like that Austin is one of the nicest cities out there that new apartment complex it's going to be like I buy it if I could it would be nice because all of those like suspect areas they're a little something to be bought by like people from California master planned community and all of that development is going to push it over the hundred percent anyway whatever you want so I didn't put any money down so I'm still building only six or seven years my mortgage but because of that I wouldn't have money to put down on another house so it's kind of like I didn't know do I got it cuz I was approved for you know that I knew what I wanted to spend because I'm like here's what I want to spend per month I don't want to go over that they're like what you're approved for like $180,000 I'm like I don't want to spend that much out of this because I want to spend more this month is really just like an extra fifty bucks a month over the years until tomorrow where I knew like I wasn't even myself that I wasn't getting in over my head and drive actually find it down even less than that but I mean to even smaller amount or I'm paying less than for my house than most my friends are paying for apartments that are going crazy or the surrounding areas which city is bigger and there's somebody that we work with just bought a house with his name the power know days which is not far away and like 6 grand and it's a new house with a $1,300 direction to New York zero down you lift old house trust me $1,000 clothes the way up to it that's awesome that 7 years ago he probably got a much better deal know I would do it technically lives in Manor Texas the Monitor and on the idea of moving around which is like the north side of town so it's kind of like the heart of downtown so there is no missing traffic unless you live right next to it and hit traffic the day they need we need some even even though the transit even that the Metro Rail they're doing now it's not going to help like we need we need a serious overhaul of public transportation going to have people from Riverside in the South area they hopefully will take a train up which is parallel to I-35 to like popular areas like why am I watching this podcast talk about something people want to listen when is Mother tweeted thank you very much and I called out there Seinfeld tweet is very upset for Guardians of the Galaxy come out of Future Past trailer never good in the trailer but she got cut for the movie not doing promotional materials how awkward is that the family is in very very small amount of scenes and it looks like in this trailer they show that pretty much know what's going to happen the storm like every one of her scenes in the trailer so we can go frame by frame look at it came out of his car and this know also in the Avengers 2 quicksilver in Days of Future Past looks terrible he looks like his character his band is playing quicksilver in Days of Future Past Quicksilver in the other movie and like every 3 weeks so bad that it kind of ruined the whole the whole franchise you think about first class like first class you know where the best Xmen movie The Taking like the best story arc that has been lost Springs 75313 the second movie ready whenever this interview he said yeah you don't to put my own spin on Xmen like it was like 6 power so that does he want to leave his family for that long and he was like getting out San Jose with Jeff like we were out there for anywhere maker jokes from the GI Joe videos into GI Joe movie fairly recently was the first one really has been coming out Bruce Willis played GI Joe Disney Jack is everything you scorpions already I mean it just seems like a stupid palatable Noah's Ark in the beginning to the day I want people to immediately she really just movie and like and I'll check out of it know like I was watching this really good and I was like no it don't look good RT 4 because the other mr. Peabody movies out right now and it's doing a lot better than they expected it to do what's a human and they would like to around 11:10 was more iconic tinting I guess I didn't know the name of it but pretty good animated movie a year and you finally get a movie that's practical and nobody wants to see it and it's like people complain like office all animated Market form up and I think there are people who like them up and tell them you're wrong you know but I feel like the Muppets are so far removed for the most part from popular culture or like they're not they can't carry a movie on their own and there's no like Nickelodeon Muppet Babies still a priority in a commercial Dailymotion the last movie everyone forgot about the Muppets like rebooting The Muppets the show would likely have keep something alive that was too much to handle a lady so quickly that I don't like if you don't do stuff anymore yeah but that's kind of dying as in it was wrong but you know The Nostalgia Critic some people think so I think there are people in charge of making those movies about that subject matter in the market for a know 01 of unity still have a 84 is that okay and then we'll start talking about the Power Rangers Non-Stop I would like him in about a year old the video of that is Rocco hanging out of power maker of the shower trying to make their own movie and I think they had a Kickstarter but the kickstarter was for like a ridiculously small amount of money and I'll delete all the other things they were giving away we're like still expensive but I don't know how well it's going but they try to visit for Nolan made Power Rangers will Christopher Nolan make Power Ranger Power Rangers okay okay but yeah people go to the Muppets enjoy those kind of the Muppet The Muppets actually Puppeteer Dave Franco and then everybody got upset when he's no longer really digital but you don't go see the give me a good example Scooby-Doo The Roommate Dave Stamey for that what the hell how long was the gap between that was like that this early the children syndication like I watch The Muppet Show growing up it wasn't pacification to live her life with the Advent and explosion of cable and the selection of things you can watch like this something syndicated big of a deal it's like they were actually the cast of Andy Griffith Show made my family Call Me OK find a Jack identifier watching it but I mean I know those kids that's what it was like you know a prominent figure in her life no I don't think so no I don't see if you know my dad was Squarespace dr. know not tell me what wire in every movie center console improving their platform with new features new designs and even better support their beautiful designs for you to start with and they have a ton of style options in Credit Union website for you or your business that was only released when you customizable templates and every design automatically include the mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website to contact looks great on every device every time Squarespace of Converse write a powerful and flexible eCommerce solution so I can set up shop and sell things quickly I can also easily get a Twitch TV player in any pain in your Squarespace website so you can share favorite gaming moments Squarespace starts at just $8 a month includes a free domain name if you sign up for a year you haven't already give him a try you don't need a credit card to start building your website when you decide to sign up you South Dakota rooster teeth to get 10% off and show support for his duties at squarespace.com offer code rooster teeth feel like more more lately haven't seen a lot of Squarespace websites I don't know why I've got a few more things of all of our wonderful and really careful but I've definitely seen them all over the place now FedEx Squarespace ads in my days in the hole look up the extra make sure if you Disney 500 million dollars as much as they can with as little as they can come in and I think you know I don't know what it's like maker has a lot of eyeballs every month and $500 doesn't seem like a lot of money for that many views do you know when all of that I think it's smart to just go ahead and buy something but somebody cuz if you're going to waste your time trying to build something scratch your gonna be fighting all this and you didn't even have the money and then I'm sure hopefully they have people who know what they're doing or at least they're going to start hiring people from that world cuz they know that they're behind know what Goodbye YouTube like know I don't care for you too but this one so I got a discount on the way to do it any other way to go out it's so different people making videos for them so it's Disney buying it for Content delivery or for media production purposes for like I don't know what I did was try to be your Lion King 2 at least was still mean that's an Avenue that they can just push things and the other thing is they have 100 movies in their catalog I mean in any way that they can try to Target yet so I mean different from one movie and hopefully getting a whole new audience because it would animated movies know why it's old but I mean it still looks pretty good there before they have a thousand things I can do with it and I think it's more than business Disney stuff you don't talk about people who are in the maker Network I've seen their videos to get to a new market that they don't traditionally have returned to me as opposed to our Network and then you can you make that message more pervasive than long-term mean if you can produce more Frozen the Disney movie girls on Cricket everyday strong statements showing each other like that was a good day Disney owns Miramax which is the Weinstein Twitter someone's YouTube Google crazy cray cray are you saying sorry I didn't hear Max and they released all the Kevin Smith movies early for a long time or Miramax I think he crying or piano or was it the one shown Around The Crying Game movie with The Pianist the original Peter Pan in the movie epic rap battle epic rap battle I don't know if this means we'll be more it'll be more epic rap battle or not the month or you'll be like the genie to start incorporating Disney characters but the more I don't want to do anything that the office days like I've been eating well and then it's like all these to you tonight just like I was on campus that's where these things like we had dine in dollars I can do it anybody can remember at one point I just bought 2 dozen cookies and a time for dinner Brandon 1.0 came in and I saw them and I just ran away after me and grabbed me and picked me up and brought me back to the table and Aaron is very strong and there are cookies next door and I do enjoy your time and I did I said cookies because I hated myself for me if we've ever had for lunch texts late and then we had pizza in Tucson the know old man when you walk into a room the holdup on your lot old am I I would like to know what that feels like spring know that I think you're talking to me I don't like Barbara said about me talking office bean bag the moves that we have no space and she had her and so I mean the fact that I can't push my chair because I will hit Ryan's desk like that like that is going to be fixed and turned on the lights and actually move different behind a kill shot so I'm really hoping we don't have enough internet the drowned everything out then I'm psycho cuz it's cool that only 3 people in this office have been in the exact same distance they want to have it removed and it's just me and Matt were the only 3 people that have an Oscar and a half years I've been here almost 3 years now can you come in the people old I'll try to post some of your own the 6 hours earlier than that I was like 7:08 maybe that was kind of creative stuff I mean like hand but the backgrounds or computer animated in there like know that you're fired do you think it felt walking in the Disney Studios Studios anything about ESPN films and UTV Motion Pictures days to have these have Caravan is that Hollywood pictures Miramax Dimension films that was okay to mention that was just remembering that imagemovers and they got some other ones that deal with him anymore and a few other places on the planet the reason to wait you should get there the Panic Flight yet or not in imminent danger so we win we are going to sell out can you get some kind of panic device or plant so stressed that I know I'm not making sense I put the hat on 3330 ever seen you walking out with Bill Simmons had on know that I'm like super insane the square if he was never on any tattoo know what my crazy hat most excited right now that information we have a reason to be there pretty soon we have our first round of announcements coming out this Friday and then we're going to continue to stay as necessary with these companies you have blackouts information so we have to schedule that for a long time RTX that was there last year with Assassins Creed hidden of the new Assassins Creed Unity take place in Revolutionary France look so good I think it was the first time the public can get Hands-On with multiplayer for Assassins Creed Black Flag was a lot of fun so good I really really enjoyed the most was actually because Connor was such a dick like he hated everybody because he got fucked over by everybody it was the Native Americans and was just like he did the British she hated me hated the Americans that it is only know this is a good time with it was going to be really excited nice actually they have those challenges within the game you can turn your screw into skeletons and even though there's like different challenges and it's like 5 Guys the same time and try to do every single one and the last one was a hundred sheets you get the title of the head like an alternative know what that game is really really bad but Unity is they're developing it specifically for gen console still like they're not having to do like a dumb down version for the 360 and Xbox one missing another Assassins Creed game absolutely watch that trailer the Pirates okay it came up with that movie I like the style of clothing I just like the whole idea of everything but I always enjoy Pirates like movies and games and everything was wonderful smell General Hospital 4040 Lake Avenue Metairie LA Peabody 2014 if you cut it I'm super excited for that I'm happy now we're finally getting to the era of like these new games coming out in Titanfall it came out its Infamous Second Son came out last week for the PlayStation 4 and are finally dropping hdcp for the PlayStation 4 that we can finally make videos for Arlette Place office offices and about my internet connection speed of great moment with the other day Saturday Infamous Second Son Western minutes wifi speed and it's okay so I started the download is like 22 gigs that's like a few minutes office someone says I can give you 300 mags are better than them to pay for the hair in the in this area near this office I was a little upset that we couldn't get it the South for moves but I went down to the only when you let me talk about her we have to tour the states 5 this morning before I went there I got there early so I stopped at the Starbucks by there an email on my laptop picture of it I guess like they don't have AT&T is there really that's on back order at Starbucks at Starbucks anyway have them to have Google provide internet there wow that means Google is that close to that office the contact information you can easily get like what internet is here so it's kind of like really booked until next year you pretty much have one provider no matter where you are but now we're actually getting multiple varieties and made a map of the different parts of town trouble I just wanted to run it over to Peter for you let's spread the wealth but there is another month I was doing about 250 to 300 gigs a month so I'm not worried about it but I don't download it who actually was in Austin you could get Titanfall until 2 a.m. traditional down the right because they release it on the West Coast that's like it was close to midnight when I go to Publix for the nation which should be on the East Coast at 3 a.m. you have to wait before you can buy the game at 6 in the morning Alicia 3 hours early for the West Coast but instead they're making three hours late for the East Coast like come on give it before I download that's one thing I wish they would do if someone has a game but you don't have to know know I think I can do like 5 and taking her to do anything I would find interesting if that helps you would be on the beard is cool I wish you could hear this we should I do if your tension plane the king of today and he said okay the plane's gone everyone's dead okay what is the plane we don't have it yet pictures pictures of people crying what is the know the satellite images of a couple items out west of Australia 1500 miles west of Perth but like in the Indian Ocean but they haven't found the plane yet and that they have found a black box they found anything about the plane but I was going to say that in the Indian Ocean to the land I'm assuming but like there's a fire or something everyone fell asleep and passed away due to lack of oxygen in the plane or on the plane 4/3 at 8 for my $40,000 45 which is high for the commercial airline down to like five thousand feet but every day it's a new thing it's know the pilot went crazy he has a simulator he programmed all these other airports and he deleted them like everyday that if there was another who was retired if you have a program and the aircraft is on its own adjusting the trim down in order to try to keep the speed matched so it's going too fast and it makes sense if you have a pic yeah I'm crazy like I'm still anxious when it comes to Flying now I'm not sure if I'm getting sleepy and I want to fall asleep on the plane or like something horrible is happening if you can figure out which one of these things that I hate I hate take off because it's supposed to go to the ground particularly makes sense but there's something about going up one like this is not natural for riding a missile and we're just using the same or different that pushes if you're going past the plane should rise on its own that his natural state if you're going past that's going to take you up when you're down is the natural state for that like slowing down in the plane falling write anything on the surface there's something about going down like like like a thousand feet closer to being OK where is when you're taking off feel like this is only going to get worse or someone that isn't true I think last week from the airport in st. Barts or st. barths and the Caribbean where the 747 goes right over there like planes are flying overhead away from it was so close to people like diving out of the way I mean like obviously still be the twenty or thirty feet above their head but it's like this massive object flying in I'll have the bigger issues other the other people service wire in the WiFi I was just like what are the odds that something would happen like so crazy and somebody more likely once you cross that threshold the plane your life is not in your hands for the next however long you're going to be on that plane and then I can control the vehicle control over that Portland this time last year we drove to drive from New York to Boston and the band member that party man that was awful like I cancelled from Austin to Boston Survivor that you can something to think about don't have Papa Gus going with y'all I know you're not here we have to go from New York to Boston for McFlurries are know for Shamrock Shakes somewhere in Connecticut Rhode Island by the time we land in New York we already should have landed in this and we got there like 8 hours late that's maybe what we know everything but that's a lot of fun though surprisingly so the worst part about all this last minute change in travel was trying to find and rent a van that can hold all of us going over there 8 it was almost like the other totally free alcohol the meaning of Penthouse by accident or know any rooms that gives up in a little while I can didn't have any extra room to give us a man to give us the presidential suite which was it was it was at the Intercontinental and the preservation the living room conference room table over there carry him up to see Dad right and I left early and I just like took a bunch of drinks and snacks to share a room because of the room the food drink all the booze and then left yesterday their bedroom corner of the hotel will Overlook the Bay from the Boston Tea Party from the room up in the morning where was 21 Knight next time you should my Brandon amitriptyline and I can my profile get that room we were hammered and we start we took over someone's twitch stream with her sister what is the tournament going on a walk and I see they're screaming like a live stream of this of this fighting turn it on like we have to find this camera found the camera because that little like you know the side views of of the cameras so we found it so I started looking at it and I guess the guy there recognized me he just handed me the microphone and I might go over the loudspeakers in the bar everybody yeah I should not have been handed a microphone at that point but that was a lot of fun and I Oscar commissions or stuff like that is like an opportunity presents itself for me to be an idiot on the internet every day we will be at 12 o'clock on Friday in the theater RT epic much is gold going for business questions ready for 3:42 or something that's crazy Dave the Washington Convention Center that was know what day was alright how many do they have before that do you know it started at 5:04 so I'm not I've missed like 4 or 5 and then I have and everything $0.01 and I got everything other than the penny arcade guys like and then anybody the baseball player related things from any any sports figure and was today I consider myself the happiest man in the world I think it's because he's man in the world like all the outpouring of support he had even though he also had a very deadly disease named after him April 6th you were in the hood or should we order I need to let it of the hand and Jaime Lannister's hand the right way dead that's Creed pic I can't jack Jack Bernie and everyone