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RT Celebrates 11 Years

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Recorded: 2014-04-01 21:26:10

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman


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google.com audible books more than 50,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature fiction non-fiction periodicals last episode of the Squarespace the only one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website or online store for free trial and 10% off go to squarespace.com and you saw for cutting Rooster Teeth that's offer code RoosterTeeth Squarespace.com welcome to receive podcast welcome addition the 11th anniversary ever the rooster teeth Productions I was April 1st 2014 on time right before we started Gavin was strutting around in his tiny little jeans she's wearing Levi's and they print on Levi's like how big your measurement now we all know you're messed up during a waist 30 inches and those pants are too big on you so I should write 28 as a fraction profiles point exactly This Is War what do you think about Jackson County Care Facility yeah it's crazy but you make a big deal about your iPhone case if it was weird I was in there for 2 days ago traveling and traveling to Seattle and Vancouver and I came back and that was a nightmare trip by the way just for travel safe but I listen to podcast and the content of the two podcast they were about a hundred and twenty episodes of part it was probably 25% all the same contest uranium one was looking conversations you just reset and it goes over game okay we got on the flight back from Seattle I saw the guy sitting next to me listening to the Adam Carolla podcast call Adam Carolla podcast we don't like you back the other day from Seattle as well as planned there so I had to stop at 11:30 in the morning at 5:30 p.m. I was out there I was out there also and the night before were coming back I haven't early like 6 a.m. or something that's what the fuck is wrong with you people he's working on music with Miguel for our VB text forward to a birthday party so it's a family obligation that I had to be back for my Jewish Family First you know the kind of family if I had French chain-smoking people like family one of my best memories over the last 11 years was when we took a liking to do stuff with season 6 and I sat down and play sleeper play the music I should point out that and he played the music it was the season 6 trailer which is probably one of the most different Red vs Blue video what's the trailer for reconstruction that's a really really different video from the tone of reconstruction in general but along with that like backwards guitar stuff that was really awesome season 7 was just listening to all the tracks and not trying different tracks that you done that I've never had before in different but everything 30% that we just haven't gotten to you yet you know cuz he just makes so much music does variations on stuff as well the miniseries before 7 relocated variations of stuff with different instruments don't forget about the truck and bring it thank you Brandon for their feet crazy friend at the company where he was a guy that we had lousy music the first five or six episodes of Red vs Blue episode 2 is great short-lived early thinking Red vs Blue where I would make a difference when are we just get together make ourselves a couple that was funny beard beard with a microphone in a text Gavin was her everything archive for the longest time does video streaming for us to for the FCC has one click and Save breakfast and stuff and I accepted it and nobody had it you have any copy of the stuff that I had so I had to send it to you for the DVD early screenshots in the first movie that I made turned them into it though because we had screenshot that they didn't have something turned in his part of the story there's a gus at some pictures that you showed me today from some of her early days when I actually recorded Gus and Geoff recording the first lines for Red vs Blue through like 11 years were the pictures and like try to compile a bunch so I'm trying to pay them down to make a journal entry tomorrow you take a picture of him filming that moment to be a prick I just got it today school no Carpet Inn the living room California Boston that's way yeah you guys working on today over the course of one decade they're basically just going to tear down all of us but more the first place you like artist it's hard to be fancy the Metropolitan Metropolis Metropolis Metropolis is it now it's like totally didn't keep up with it so weird colors and feel like art installations all around it try to make it stand up how do I get there try to turn things around they might have been there a little too early all the spare bedroom where we should have started I painted all the walls green and then JD when he was a baby found of the room was like mad and drives prepaid what do painted the hallway and where they go find it somewhere that like that's one of the funniest things ever looking for a camera some black stuff shows up black and some black stuff shows up right now and you do this one on the page show me what my Kinect can see whatever you can slip into the infrared I was wearing a black hat and a black T-shirt with white and the shop was black in the in forever and I have not figured out I mean it was like everyone was just with you it was wishy-washy at recently no I don't know think of it as interesting stuff is really I don't know maybe it's something to do with the detergent but you did say you didn't watch it bottle in downtown Buda that building is that one street light and I thought well he moved headed back headed back for another wedding and everyone else will like working on the vehicle administration 90 we have one computer with hard drives fast enough to edit Jeff and Gus and then very quickly nation and Jason Tucker eventually join that office as well know Joel didn't come the office until after season 5 before he visited for a while and then but then yet blue we moved out move the office downtown Austin the day we finish spare bedroom want to be over 2 he's not so yeah you got a week and a half hungry because I went to some convention at Anime Expo with Jeff with Jeff has missed the last two movie mr. limpet how are you Miss Beautiful another beautiful Gavin the one from downtown to here rain again early to make a hangover but I was really hoping it was like I was watching the original crime scene in England and now I'm here in Austin helping you make it point in the community I was just writing an article about a journal article about the Maker shows yeah where they're trying to game developers early the beginning where Mark Zuckerberg early colleges the program is part of the culture to make a reality show but they were making a reality show and apparently the producer who is for sale Eastern traditional production side of things it was like trying to look for stories on the people on interview the weight that the 100 200 and the whole thing blew up in a single day and melted they stop production until the head of the early trying to invite argument the players or bottom of the team and he would have thought they were a couple of female programmers and you would ask those teams like if you feel like you're at a disadvantage because a girl on your team you want to take it out of reality TV we were done we did it Game reality show called the dog Winnipeg massage things in life build stories we forgot the first day that that doesn't happen and that we have to leave remember we would try to catch the guy in the girl who were 100 naturally it was compared to like make people wear anything like that we try to like and usually the couple rounds we did try females like Call of Duty and that kind of thing but all the stuff we tried to orchestrate weave yeah and it go back to that point it's like it's like you want to start with me there's 3 people here today working that were on the first season cast the not what they're here working on different production yeah they're done the sooner we can produce with me and then we will make your production and then the sponsors and everything else second season when I said it was a play that was a lot of fun it was really fun other than what games you're going to play day one Greg Miller that was just naturally came up on its own Instagram 11 that will shoot when is the next room with paint like I might be able to come in till like 3 everyday I thought you liked we need to get to you anyway tomorrow is lot of pictures of the old office is not surprisingly I have a lot of pictures of the spare bedroom a lot of pictures of the beauty office I don't have a lot of pictures of the Congress office and they have any of this to do ya I got a ton of pictures of the spare bedroom one just like I have a conversation started there I was in the show me a picture of me from are you going to the first time we met Barbara the acne on my arm still hasn't we went to and there's no pictures of that was when you guys was Tony Jam Gavin was there not efficient staff that you were directing directing season 7 there I'm going to go get a haircut I think that was in the middle of hair hairstyles Patsy Cline you save up red under my eyes just five o'clock eyeliner the top of your eyelashes Faith compared to the rest of it like I should just get rid of it school hit all the way down to just above his eyebrow facial hair implants know what you want to get like hair implants if you're like balding Christopher Guest office supplies cheap sometimes I just love it what is that mean another sheet so you pull the hair out of it does that mean pull the hair out Gavin if you can't somebody have time for me then that your people bottle hit it water. I might have to have surgery that you let the other people have always lacked something that I can't I can't make myself burp let me know, I think it is at 1 and everyone has to watch what I my first day with Ashley was to go and it's like that one you got the Bowtie step to cross right over left step 3 time gave myself 3 hours to get ready to learn how to tie a bow tie that's why all those photos I'm wearing a tie where he ties his own tie backwards so that when you're looking at him how your hands can do office right now Andrew tying the knot right like a sexy Barbara I can't think about that stuff than I do like I got this and I hear myself I'm like fuck you DVD tapes for sale I think you're wrong about that it was on top of the thing stand up what is Terry made I Kissed a Girl that whatever the fuck that would be okay with 3 probably so I stand corrected Gavin this is the first time we're moving at the beginning of the season Southridge DVD later in the year we have two more podcast in this location after tonight 2 more pasta the closer cast Gavin machine more episodes after tonight let's go to shave at work almost done in this building shaved ice in ice hockey Barbara for the first episode of the new location even though despite our best intentions it's not going to be ready I will figure it out we didn't take a look at hit the floor nothing just thought it would switch out more like over time but I hate to go to the white shop I hate the picture of the two beers that's all the way up in the other side where the arrows pointing at it as we can words okay okay there we go here the studio forever Wikipedia are all taken aback Homer Simpson quotes alcohol the cause and solution of all the problems network sharing office and be epic I have my own office I'm heading after 3 years with no office Wireless Lake Lanier office there's construction worker in your office and he was working on stuff and I was like he had to go he was like dude just working on stuff and it was true and I'm like yeah you can say that to that guy I like that office in like 3 years and he's going to have an office sorry someone else in the room at the top of my office any way that I possibly could did you watch the watch The Walking Dead watch Walking Dead now nobody and I'm not good for anything something just ended what is seasonal 4544 The Mentalist season ended last night and the main character in that is a dude named Rick he's the sheriff guy probably probably how to get cash on the side his accent is totally acceptable but completely inaccurate like I've never met anybody who has whatever that actually do it the swell season which side of the ship does it come from that's why place that will take Britain what are you understand English so he's not English English English English and British Island if you only Island in British The Walking Dead who's the film in 1936 it was cold Walking Dead film in 1995 called Walking Dead the walking Andrew Lincoln and he was born September 14th 1873 in London England my apology is English for not understanding English and British and European Georgian in the show State not the country Georgia that's where the addition of him doing the Georgian Georgia in Atlanta Georgia his whole life but still on their way to the show Eric Carle Honda hit TV shows in America where rich people play main characters who are American Idol how do you like to do today and I had to play classic media the American that is what Americans do a Brit but Christopher Guest spinal tap from the show to watch the new Spider-Man is Brendan play American superheroes British TV shows like friends the office those are old the root of English friends that are couples but I think that the derivative of friend am I completely off-base based on a British Isles Andrew cupcake shop Strongsville friends based on British show examples of coupling Friendswood the requisite what couple people that you try to make up with you just try to make the in between it and it looks like in between yeah let me office did you when did Catholics the company was late nineties did you see 2000 to 2004 and started during season 6 of Friends Humane friends 11 years actually it's actually was kind of like a run-of-the-mill show I think it was very highly rated but I was it was like a huge critical success legal time it's become more critically favored it did I don't know it's confident take off in the UK but friends did what's a reminder this episode is brought you by audible.com the in across all types of listeners audible is offering a free audiobook give you a chance to try out their service what are you consider is a Storm of Swords by George RR Martin for free on your choice go to audible.com / RoosterTeeth audible.com / RoosterTeeth I bring up Storm of Swords because this weekend Game of Thrones starting over 4 so your last chance to get caught up on the books if you so wish before the start of season 4 Game of Thrones audiobook I'm still in audible actually can you can 5 + 11 + 1 the Royal we have a cookie on some of the other characters that listen to Old Man wedding the butt 11 The Walking Dead show and I love how they you should go back even if you want to show you stuff and go back and read the graphic novels are against what because the books are almost nothing to do with the show with the same characters but they were just like we're going to tell a different story even with the same characters interesting characters in episode 1 of the comic like dying if you won and they lived for like four or five seasons of Walking Dead it's really cool games for the game just totally different crossover couple Lincoln Crossover The Tell-Tale game I met a guy writes fables Bill Willingham and they he hates Timmy Telltale makes a Wolf Among Us based on that now and I had to tell him I said you know I have to say I've never read the graphic novel but I found your work The Wolf Among Us and he said I'm hearing that a lot of people are discovering check out that story based on based on The Wolf Among Us you still have you play the episode I have not play episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us 11 catching up I'm finally going to replay season 2 episode 1 hopefully it's the same to start season 2 and finish it hopefully Triple A play to try to do it in a hurry how different but how much of this is really sad I don't want to say too much about getting like super spoilers but I finally watched all of the True Detective on HBO how did you want to know if you're watching it was like one of those like a real slow start and before it really looks like the payoff apparently I need some of that what are the bikes for tomorrow The Walking Dead basically you can stop the whole show with just RT can you safe or is it just the Heat I was in the South most of my life is called you got offended I called does the US Toronto Canada right now 240 Belfast where'd you go I took that direct flight from Boston to London play just go to sleep really cool is the 787 Dreamliner and its brand-new it looks really because I have American Airlines I can sing like Trey in the front that everything is looking good and having that person decides to recline play point on the just put the plate around EXO small airplanes I think you could play like commercial usually Chicago Dollar Store jackass early which means leaving at like 2 in the afternoon probably 1:02 and then eventually taking off like I was just in London yeah I was like I was at 9 come back is that mean really you are you expected to time but how often I fly my opinion of how much airplane tickets are is still a ways off from what they actually are but I mean like if you said how much does it take New York State takes about $250 to $500 but I still have in my head that is $250 to fly to New York City probably some kind of a snob when it comes to America shop whenever possible to not have to stop and deal with the transfer and everything on the way back I didn't take the trip I came into Dallas. My connection time from the Dallas flight landing in Dallas and then my next flight Austin is only an hour and a half I was like there's no way I'm making because immigration like the whole thing's against the cupcake like 20 minutes in front of everyone 70 people probably in line took me to the different one and then they just put me on the other years in my point play Abby's ultimate bag on the conveyor on it what do I put my hoodie in March 1st office like she's everything that I felt like I was traveling for the first time 10-second show me really cool I don't think I can get up for work now feel free to call me the only negative that I can make you walk it out slow yeah something some people are stupid safe and complain to that end The Mousetrap video then put his arms down when you said romantic in the city stupid so fucking funny yeah what did you start the emergency room and the ideas that people have for immersion are just like in a nutshell it's like just kill Gavin the most common you think is the most common thing punch me in the face now I think I know it what is it is it jump in the hell are you make it you make it live your life the frame-up Christen press recording that because I think in the reality the internet you can't even tell you that what it was which was molded ridiculously with in the end where can you recycle a sugar glass bottles for one of the actor 11 did you see where I saw it last week office time machine so this guy I made out with someone by himself made a website you did was you go to the website and it's like YouTube player 30 / type in like 1985 and it loads are here to load an iPhone video showing every pop culture reference throughout the entire series of the office that happened in that year and I still I'm sure every reference to happen in 2007 throughout all of the office School I didn't ask for the back of neck in reference to the year of the reference right to the office wasn't around in because I love you that is one thing site where people just did stuff now it's kinda like a lot of like form that you just like put it But realize that like just by having a big site like YouTube it kind of forces everyone to make videos this kind of thing is totally not that it's okay you need words that the combination of like a compendium of look at it in a particular perspective you're like what watch all that I don't know these offices can anyone help me get Play song If you coming you know like stuff like that a Google doc that people can help him figure it out the video and I'm going to correct you change the inner collection of Lincoln Susie is doing one thing and doing it over the top well what do they change them out more than anything like centralization of all that media like you look at a site like YouTube one place to go to end up with like the most commonly like things rising to the top I think it was Wikipedia because that was look up I need to look up and try to find coupling I just look up coupling I saw the Wikipedia entry for it so I can go there and I can know what year it came out but I was 98 when I look at the Battle of I have no idea these guys right but just by virtue of the fact that he made an entire web page about the bass trusted these guys right I wish IMDb okay if I switch back and forth between depending on what I find out about an accident so it's the same Android tablet recently and I took it with me on this trip to Seattle watching Android tablet so I got an Android tablet and I'm back from Seattle was like okay you know I'm going to try this thing out so Play Google Play Store Captain Phillips still watching the movie and I need a little like a list of his other movies you can play store for him the actors that I was playing and pausing it like we're going to see who's going to see this after circle circle circle frame by frame I see you I don't know how to do that Corpus metadata showing the trailer for movie did they just been released and they show the iPad version and it will take the special it was doing that on the Fly and put all that Meadow Circle faces know that but we just saw the thing where a guy did it for no money adult interface for people do things like a big production they hire people I'm going along with Gavin run slow motion photography which is the number one way they shot that you know a five-minute sequence in Sherlock Holmes 2 and Gavin like one of like a thousand or two thousand people to get listed in the credits of the movie cuz I have to work today but like 3 weeks the premiere for a movie now we know what you mean I thought those were working today I didn't go to the time so I went to the cost and crew screening yeah like a baby and a bunch of other people to publicize it Like Donald Trump you know not any of these movies yeah I gave you for your birthday last year the year before holy cow it was okay what am I doing this the body by Squarespace Squarespace is the personal website portfolio or online store 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at squarespace.com offer code rooster Rooster Teeth offer code RoosterTeeth Squarespace.com thank you very much Squarespace for your support but I have a question for you I had something this weekend maybe but I didn't think it was real I thought you might know because you're you wedding Atlanta Jewish I've never heard that in my life by the early trouble backwards Jewish divorce I think there's something word for step 7 time backwards and forwards over a fish what's wrong Andrew Fisher on first and then backwards the other wedding traditions Amelia after the religious turmoil of the newly wedded Japanese Jewish couple fresh fish or over a vessel continue life assur step 7 times backwards and then forwards over a fish what am I Jewish wedding traditions at Jewish wedding traditions Rocky by Jimmy Kimmel 73 terrible I should be offended or just a friend you don't want to know is it now you backwards divorce I'm trying to ever Jewish divorce wedding Lazarus for Marion the game with the fish what is it this time if the Japanese Jewish tradition of the basket of hit not interested is this what you find a requisite divorce your short of backwards wedding undo a backwards wedding alright talk to play who is Krampus 11 best thing if you're really interesting thread I gotta read it like humans vanished and Haley should have tomorrow with no humans on the planet what would be the weirdest thing they would find it would have to describe anything that I voted thing was it was completely not understand why some animals in the wild and in some of them have like Gavin are black in diesel Play Store that would be weird wedding yeah my money back down to the mountain animals in the zoo photos on Reddit come up occasionally sometimes in places where that place is like a crashed UFO in to the side of the building shop in the top of the roof it was loads of sharks in the building was one of the street I used to work on it really take me inside you Us in Vegas yes I do for exercise that's what I should really like site that had abandoned places that will take photos of it like a band in high school and like coffee and stuff like that like you were talking about this earlier with the Metropolis apartment complex religion how it was just really cool like artistic modern thing and then it just kind of fell off didn't matter after all now I'm just kind of sad about that kind of stuff we're like he was as big as ever and like when they go to the high school to the high school now it's like a building that just like people what was wrong with that it just seems weird to me like that is somebody's during the build that thing that thing that thing Vice on HBO DVD scrap in urban centers like Detroit and Cleveland where years are giant normally manufacturing cities that have closed down hospitals in school they just abandon them and they follow around these people going to just take all the metal they can scrap yards in its like the 28th just like everything down the high school from Detroit came down to think mail ru coming up YouTube we are doing some shopping center of it happen they should not do that he's upset about that because between is it does sound a bit when he was speaking about do people change in which section greater BBQ hunting stuff from are hashtags RT Podcast but I think I hit the wall for interaction for a little while because a guy called me out on that and he said hey I'm looking at this is actually started list because I'm driving you call your text that you were what would I say that is that a maybe said they were prototypes download the whole talking about Nico that's impossible that you are with a live in the eighties remind people that the Twitter feed we checked is people who are tweeting with the hashtag RT Podcast yes I don't check my personal Twitter feed I feel like a lot of times we're doing the podcast 200 and I don't see any of the hostess the block people right how would you deal with a situation I'm on the I'm watching that Ben Stiller movie license back is Ben Stiller with the really long hair cut like half an hour and I can just I can't touching someone's head and half with or I can actually talk to her fly to Vegas we do whatever no screen and I was on the flight I was just sitting there and there was like I was in the window seat I guess and it was like this really old guy in the middle seat front of me and I'm part way through the flight was to be back and it's like this hamster less than a foot in front of my face Lexus I was between like both of her feet wet in between the cracks like right there on the window the whole plan 367 our play and taking pictures the whole flight I like him next to the nail polish Jeff eat with a fork Romero there was there was when I was play practice today you Musta been like really really on the plane and he's sitting like sitting across the aisle from you bro but I'm either side of the aisle and She's Like the Wind Metuchen early Flatbush early flight in the morning you gotta be at the airport at 4:30 which means you gotta get up at 3:30 in the morning to get ready orbiting is there an app that also has a time where you have a couple of beers you like I don't have to sleep in the airport ideal whatever mrs. white was when I got out I have no idea Treeline hit trouble there just wasn't enough for the the watch list as well so I had to check in at the counter and it's a gloomy the only one I got turned out the check to the in the airport are they just going to take office photo that I wasn't avoiding patent time and then I just end up but I don't care I show up at the airport now about 40 minutes before my flight takes off on parking my car today if I don't check a bag and I have my boarding pass on my phone have no idea if I'm not here put it under control up here I'm just saying something to make me miss your flight but it's really pretty True Blood appreciate being able to get through security today finish one of my time to be able to text I was just saying honestly like being 2 hours early before an international flight I like to watch stuff in a see-through bag or take it out you going to have it in case you might Noah emmerich welcome to the US after I first got my work visa and I I should have the airport 3 hours early because I was so paranoid of something going wrong for them like not allowing me to the country the wind gust for sale booking travel for stupid reasons he was such Force did not you I fell for you absolutely where nobody wants play with Jeff because he was so about the way flight and cancel flights his flight he stayed in York an extra 3 days and it's got fucked up by a snowstorm big like it to the back of the throat Burnie book Jason's travel on that trip and book them in and out I did about an hour and a half cab ride in but this is even today I was delayed with Matt in Chicago and it's been traveling for kids in a while and I need a hotel what can I do kids like talking to me instead of you just see me Vancouver American Airlines just recently bought US Airways out of US Airways and American Eagle really weird flight path really weird but that's the US Airways hubs in Phoenix so we go and I'm like I don't think I can 4282 s heard that story before but it was just like the first time I heard it according to Twitter you're told that story before good so we call Jeff Allen can I machine the mystery map of JFK now I want to do is take my Mac Pro my new in shape maybe years and give it to someone RT nothing that would make sense this is what you I get to be surprised rated years away from being up to do that you question what date tomorrow my friend tomorrow you wake up and you're in the middle of a field in England yeah he's going back 500 years go back a thousand years ago back in the Middle Ages right you know everything you know everything you've game from modern technology and absorb the office in the first day or you can or are you kill but I would die immediately immediately right I wouldn't have Sam time machine wake up your melee punched to death the word pretentious even existed but probably not tomorrow cameras that it exists I do I used even more specialized to make stuff fly and they just smack me today origin 1835 to 1845 first of all cooking I feel like I could make something pretty amazing and it looks like a really amazing that I can FaceTime you like peanut butter cups let me make you some right now but I can do it I know how to make chocolate cocoa in Europe I just go buy some extra land there that you can take over and it's all yours both delicious thing . you have to wear all the same and then it was fine human describe your animal activities like if a dog chews up anything is not me yeah I guess I mean I can triple during competition tried to remove ourselves and that I'm not justified 90 where did people first basically and even more pretty I'm a black and white person how does it look anybody else that is the the Clone Wars thing that's the way the world works for millions of who the fuck I was thinking if you could go back in time with them pretty much Google Now are you in 5 x 40 right now I'm showing someone you wouldn't be able to show them what it is they would just be like a Time 20 years ago and like 20 years did USB 6:28 or 2 why did the US become it photos DaVinci the internet come around the first time I used the internet was like 93 wedding the graphical interface for the way it was like 93 or 94 but like midnight do you like RT and go for it Kentucky 11929 what's the office Intel Microsoft NEC and North Hill Los Angeles we still have the same plug for it why would I feel like I could go back to that but they do have history Jewish people have to stop killing other people that's like the only historical racism I think you thinking like everyone was happy and then they decided we don't like these people as opposed to everybody become an Uber driver Evolution I mean I think that kind of thing is this you see it was a competition of evolution except that one group would try to find another and kill Lord you know barbarians were invading other areas would do Gus late for that purpose I need someone like you modern population can trace its genetic Roots back to Genghis Khan it's a really high number Michael to be like you're correct I'm looking it up just to verify but I think it is 10% genetic Legacy of Genghis Khan the one in two hundred men direct descendants of Genghis Khan wine 200 sells way less than 10% successful men probably not like getting a water heater like we had a normal happy study where everyone got along dick decided to be racist I don't think that's that that's the process by which that happened was a moment which it happened eating like who's that hit each other what are continue to hate these people that racism is but they didn't take you long what does Andrew Ryan this more or something it wasn't triple point where I can be civil Tennessee solid liquid freezing I've never seen that before I guess every material has a triple point pressure and temperature likely to receive a high pressure can boil water in school I really want to film it and she likes to ice the ice and then into the video explain how to do it school School the Burnie or mad about a cupcake shop being a robot was it Seattle or Portland okay I'm not 30 cupcake stuff doesn't mean you're a good cook Jewish shop feels like a little shopping mall yes that was cupcake shop which is hopefully point the way people will attack you and you can respond and like try to defend yourself the worst thing that can happen the process is all the people that jump to your defense is like trying to help things that you would want to go back and change right before you do something then do something to become like running joke stupid which behind me Play 3 chances to go back in time in your life would you have used any of them probably wrapped up in you life was like totally in my life just to fix mistakes you made it I don't know probably don't care tomorrow when I see you not good to me dead probably kill you during a lot of that what's up like you know a lot of mass yet but you can record mathematics you should get to the right you would have to do a lot of people understand that you have more knowledge than 800 people Lincoln time of life what did Galileo he's a time traveler troubleshoot depends on the time you wouldn't tell people that around the machine just remember like when stuff was invented I don't tell people that there are some stuff about your body that you need to maintain like we have to brush your teeth in that you don't what what if we need the outside of your nose or something that right send a life it would be amazing if it was like in there has to be and I think there's something physically like a fundamental understanding of the universe that we the make sense like what we do with that like change the way we approach medicines like we just learn something nobody made this connection Athletics the way the bonds are made in the way that you know Adam the complex indicate Discovery so it's like right in front of us you know we haven't discovered it yet thank you for I have you do it but they really I just run away triple to make it back in time you like the foremost authority on cliff Middle Ages have sex I can get a few pointers from the inside early the triple person in the shower clean pay attention to the clit advice don't bite what do you mean I didn't read the book and cook on kitchen open a file I can take out the inside charcoal saltpetre and Sulphur what causes erectile dysfunction boot camps they wouldn't jerk off in the month to keep people from jacking off spicy food make a big box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes Kellogg was like a very strict religious person he thought that too many young people were masturbating so he wants to make black food to keep them from masturbating I need my cornflakes as a result of that was a blend potassium that's what that's oh geez I hate and you just get to a site that's a bunch of questions but it's not it's not an answer so quick to see the answer Too Short don't fight it who is this one right here but we did some girls like to quit being bit but I do not believe that for a second I'm sure I just passed along before 6 a.m. the podcast for just talking to garbage I think you scheduled our flights directly I've been wrong a the boys coming to the Twitter feed Early Texas Hold'em tell them lots of fingering will help with price beard life force in time it just seemed like Savages it just like they're just terrible they could have lived in the night just like his Gus Rocky disease never have been around Petticoat if I have a clean up shower couple of days like camping trip or some like that have you what is the most liked athletic thing you've done in your life think like a mountain high to run the 1500 meter in the 1500 meter mile what your face right now I'll see you before you see me yes 3 is three and three quarters of the way around the track 3 54 laps Olympics Amaya the 1600 meter relay I don't know the 1500 meter race 1500 Gavin 1500 meter race I guess there is such a thing in the modern Olympic Games The Men's 1500 meter race can you see the record I met someone that this picture is from like a couple minutes like a horse that is a form of middle-distance track event in athletics the distance has been contested the Summer Olympics 1996 and the world championship Athletics since 1983 that the front MN rank 1 worldwide Morocco 1998 Nation Morocco not pronounce the guy's name who ran it in 3:26 3 minutes 26 seconds flat the left not bad at all and then there's early celebration which is like all the people who like celebrating right before they cross the finish line and so many times and passed them really the trait in humans yeah that's like the perfect example of it but they're getting what they deserve and I love you too like with their human emotions sadness happiness contentment and head pain people who want people to know that it's really funny to me did you win Powerball horse okay because Caleb play Frisbee any changes in his shoulder his leg on crutches again for the 9th Time the good thing you do for fun I feel like we should tell him intervention what you just said the frisbee the next week the 20th did nothing to help you I mean if you go by the Frisbee things heart What About Time and every weekend they went out and jumped the state would be morally obligated people School are they doing some crunches every time I School the tension in a car today this morning and a school bus stop and I had to stop for it and I was like watching the school bus and I had this feeling that hadn't had years of thinking like that school bus early as you do when was the last time you you have a great one with your the great do you still have dreams to this day that you're in school and you had a test that you didn't prepare for a class that or anything like that school which is weird cuz I had really is terrible and to this day I still have dreams that I am like in a class and I'm going to file that I didn't study for or something like that I think I'm going to the store 11 great years it has been an honor to be a part of this community for 11 years there is not a single day that goes by that I don't think about it Gus I'm sure you're pretty much the same way especially when I'm putting that toilet bottle Rooster Teeth podcast