#266 - RT Podcast

RT discuss Immersion and the premiere of Game of Thrones

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-266

Recorded: 2014-04-08 21:02:29

Runtime: 01:41:11 (6071.57 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jon Risinger, Michael Jones


Transcript (in progress):

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5 where to get a lot of the increase the I could see more of the field and we raise the antennas and they stopped working like they were over the course I make with the MMA very specific ever made first iguana screen using they wanted you guys to fight a female champion who probably would have beat the shit out of you but I tips on having the other one was I said don't want it yep pretty much that's where the whole thing kind of like baby want me to train MMA fighter is going to want to be seen beating up a bunch of go Ed catmull I think you're talking about are you out of the movies I never saw the light of day using years ago met somebody who every directory I thought I woke up to just go hey man I'm a big fan of the movie what was that I don't know the guy she's talking to what time I got so mad at Caleb before he work shut your mouth like a percentage Forest ranger Lego table who can remove warts could you just said this fucking Starkey I think about between season 5 and season 6 which I think was like 4 months break between those two things and Caleb just one time does you doing these days do not doing anything on your laurels and living off your hat Gus Presby Dallas I like it was more than that I can that you can write someone off the house you can invite I had to do I don't know I want to get this straightened out and he was and we had a man-to-man about it you are range for Halo quit it's just that it's such an easy to appreciate that it's just you still throwing a frisbee I hate people on crutches you are suspect he is completely horizontal at 90 degrees reaching out for that person would be we should get it he told me six of our guys and get just three of those guys who know how to play I want to break up but I can guarantee not miss that one I think a decent Chris I don't have the patience for 18 holes way too much golf is too much for everything I give me back to Michael golf is one of the few sports that I think translate it's more fun to play on the console that is deployed reality AAA on and walk off talking to I'm always here forever cause I go out of my friends and I won't sit there and be like you know wherever my friends balls go that sounds horrible for me I noticed that when I bring like for TBH my friends are. Club soldiers part one of his clubs and the groundskeeper was like to play golf without back and I was out Budget Car Rental racquet club would you still have to get the bag play with one club we need a putter lions and stuff Michael crazy pants come down preciate it there's something's works like I just don't recognize and I even like there give me the friends and the guy that I know what he's like really good at air hockey horseshoe game things throwing the ball again friend is a coffee table football listen I never understood it football is doesn't make sense that the novelty level 2 what's @ subbuteo is the envelope was on the mat and you put him in a little tiny boy like a bowl game for football never heard of that what's wrong with the kid back in the 1950s and they would sit on the field in the field will just do it and the lights in Cleveland Rebecca Robertson the tournament and I keep thinking of you virtual GTA V addition to that too in a murder simulator you gotta work for 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got $5 off your first order over $10 to go to GrubHub.com / Rooster Teeth and use code podcast it's free money its like $45 to eat you got to eat anyway so thanks used coach podcast to show your support I am all about getting food efficiently and not having to talk to someone they have any air with starting already David at the airport they have a Schlotzsky's and you can order via key I can I think we talked about biggest third top on the computer because I have to talk to anyone right you're right there's no translation it's I am at home game I like him cuz you sweat because it's like hey this is the last time do it again it's like one but again I wish food interactions or via computer and I didn't talk to him too restaurant I want this or I want this like I want the all he tuna sandwich or at the Cobb salad I want one of those tanks are so who are you and how are you would you ever ask the waiter hey which one of these is better when they recommend no never I was a good Berry go what style of beer what's up what do you think about it is that what you fucking prick finding their local craft beer ask for a beer but your day goes well we have the lighthouse we have the orange listen to this is horseshit I was here the way you QuickPic in the novel off the shelf the author will you read all the books by the author Yumi Yumi a place that isn't fair play right there we go thank you yeah do you want to talk to the beaches on the or in the words of the immediately like I said so many HBO GO where do not work I can watch it I guarantee it won't be too bad it doesn't actually subscribe HBO who recorded sandor Clegane is the Gus what it was it was it in Great depth in that one where somebody thought somebody else had that nice there 87 strong in terms of over-the-top violence and pointless nudity they start Runtastic did you see her Ulysses or next season or contract silicon contract up this season to currently online and didn't bother looking for all the time the next time as soon as come over cuz I have a fucking TV I have HBO you really tell me that where you are now could you go it was my father-in-law's birthday okay Middletown black knight Monty came and paid for the episode well then just leave pretty fucking awesome 32nd Humana Grill and blue eyes like your mind I just had to go to the screen I go in the garage come out the fucking gril is I'm talking 4 feet above the grill it was beautiful and it was pretty amazing it was a lot it was too many yeah the weather was yesterday so I'm not sure so I don't think I got enough food but everything to be okay it was it Winchester Camellia sushi restaurant give me the brussel sprouts are there really fucking good I made The Hobbit taste good with you tell you that pretty well sums up over here comes up look at what we should talk about that once you get it set up we should talk about the rides McGovern's about his life what does it mean if you can smell his feet and like an annoying person on the way out like I don't want the first time I overbite Gavin which is more than I'm done are you used to know so what would you like for Gavin like well we went to the movies and then you and then you left I just heading over there already you are preparing for me to come over here and then while I'm waiting over here you bring up the subject of made a poster of the surgeon simulator the two days specifically it's been like 15 minutes over here anytime 7000 photos what that the fan was necessary a broken body and allergies gummy songs do it oh well now I got to go when did you realize I realized it when I was young but I kept it a secret that I was probably about 11 how was it how young is Young look like or like when you're Gavin and you make a weird like logic about stuff like I thought at first you had to learn how to smell rides I just I probably got it and then once I figured out that like everyone else you have that fear being different when you're young and just kept quiet what that smell like yeah I agree just you can fake it really easily smelling describe the smell that you would go along with it but you didn't understand I like things like like deodorant stuff make no sense to me other than I'm told that I should be wearing like showering in your defense you are not a stinky person so good job you're here I bet she could be asking you but you would never know Yahoo my friends all the time and I would be driving a car and lock the windows and I fart interview fun in the hot box racquetball who bought the last 2 hours what's your initial reaction you have to find you Michael absolutely Gavin really smell bad you should probably go home and take a shower cuz you usually smell bad hey John you can go take a shower happy that someone told me, even more better that you don't ever sit in the studio because you don't know what it smells bad and you don't know air freshener to use someone like that scared I don't know I feel like something's not right Gus dancing like an air freshener interview I smell that you wouldn't understand it I don't know everybody's like I do return that you're coming out to you level like government officials are like celebrities that are going to come out and like I can't smell like Brad Pitt you like I never could no no the leader of the Free World has insomnia and nausea no but I will say that I was got pissed when people said when you taking medicine to plug your nose and you won't you won't taste it I taste it every single time really you're super strong I don't know how many go right like spatial awareness special awareness okay the clothes you know where notices to temperature if you have a temperature where you are in relation what is real sensitive we're coming up to you said it's way more than 5 what are the five basic ones are the five basic split to touch temperature what are you going I don't know but this look just like you the other one totally smell food when you don't Drew League Iowa I can't remember who I know I do have a story about how I was vacuuming one side of my house so good I was vacuuming and I was that was top back to me and I'm like what I just turned on the vacuum it was on fire inside the vacuum like something with shirts are getting and there's like smoke and I was like whatever this is great I could have slow scene in the kitchen if you can tell and I would like some school project or something whatever and he was talking about it old house paint smell in room to pay it so I was like what miracle you won't get anything now maybe you can't smell engrossing really fucked up because he went back to basically before electricity was a thing and he wasn't used to something being thrown into a non-electric world where it's like all of those that he was there and he was like No just general him to the world Got7 world with no electronics or about the temperature is not touch you morons have a computer with internet in front of you Google it 5/3 questions on does pepper make you sneeze I actually forgot because it's so weird you know like whenever you talk to John occasionally we can we made it are you right pretty much beautiful feeling it is really just like stealing food with your tongue Amanda piece of heaven I was just filling out a lot of grains like wheat and barley and pearl barley what we made it a thing Gavin ever since that team Lads Action News great it became the thing that I talked with John's desk so now that there's 800 million go upstairs to the bathroom use the potty because the two bodies found yeah well so um I got to go upstairs every time it is just like because you can even mess with you I know you can be so boring I like to work like that for Brees and I hose down is that for like 30 seconds that I don't get them totally fucking better not even know that it's all falling apart better mind Dollar Shave Club why are razors so damn those are so darn expensive because Billy Dollar Shave companies cheetah racing with a vibrating handle back 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Brings it up ferry to Ellis Island fucking coaster ride over to go to Costa Rica are good friends Chris Hardwick invited to go on his show @ midnight Comedy Central show we're going to be there but it's going to take before going out to LA to talk about we knew as soon as you like as far away as you can Australia we just booked tickets just for the fun of it and it wouldn't go in the winter you know empty studio audience do people in la interview Michelle go but somehow somebody so we had like really quickly all of us over here like right so as soon as I saw it tonight I would like to see it on May 14th you can get tickets to the touch and we will be touching but please do not think that because I was doing earlier conversation character like most every part of the body you can adjust the size of it and the length of proportions that too much freedom for a guy to have a valley girl character I don't know what stinks in like wavy hair go up and down the strands of hair who are the four that video is the part where they get to the point where they put a heart tattoo and it's like it's on the right side of Gmail character and you know how when you have a tattoo and gain weight for the left leg and go to the back and then you just take it the tattoo exactly on the character model that's so simple why is that in every video game-like why do I have to have my tattoo in the east Michael and designs in the people also Gavin you could set it so that I can get the word photography but you can set the shape of the reflection that in the I the light reflected off the point that reflection a heart shaped star star reflection in the eye you can set that for them would be a game by itself is like meet yourself in this character generator call Black Desert beta in Korea I don't know that I even got us lunch I think they're only doing the poster in Russia and I work on a Russian localization and I still don't have a North American publisher so I may not even come out creation gameplay footage of the game looks gorgeous really really beautiful look crazy to think that this template or something like that finish it everyone who looks totally sent you exactly probably problem did it rain during all of this different about it I said give me an expansion pack in the future beautiful women at a red light a huge like giant Golem looking the base top models that have made it to give me the all the female characters when you were creating them horse look super tough and super buff guys food like totally playing up to the stereotypes but I look buff guy Gavin just like Marcus Fenix in Gears of War Marcus Fenix do to wear high heels I feel like they walk like AG men United I mean from the bastard alien from I know the Boston area I am deeply sorry to say but the beginning of do you know it's so bad like this how much I know about Gavin from sitting next to him like all day everyday for like 2 years where even things I will let you know Jackson and just saw it before it gets to Gavin just cuz case in point with stones and I was like we need you to get brown shoes to have brown shoes and I don't have any just looking for a response to this off to you whatever and she's like I'm trying I'm on site right now and she's I got Gavin too and I'm like already I'm look for him because I know he's going to complain I thought you wasn't getting shoes and shoes I came over to the studio to try mon so she asked me if I could go get Gavin to come back and try them on him like he's never going to come back give me the shoes I'll bring Gavin Charlie shoes I couldn't do it I'm trying to fucking shoot I can take them out of the box but the next day he should go take your fucking see when you try it on brown shoes with a white sole fits the exactions or wherever in the payroll immersion what shoes was I wearing an exact I want to get it was for Gavin shut up how long how long we wear like a set of clothing before you go shopping for new clothes look like this palette of clothes I've got right now it's like it's like in the nearest see stuff like 7 years old until it tears or is stained and then some t-shirts that are almost 20 years old the one I'm wearing with it work lesson 54 jeans now that you're fucking worthless and left them what am I doing this your mission next NatureBox Martin summer you're so cranky lightheaded evil vending machine that seem like your only friend don't give in head over the NatureBox.com NatureBox it's great tasty snacks right to your door and they're great for you two were talking healthy snacks at BBQ character knows everything bagel 6 South Pacific plantain chips in over a hundred more 0 trans fats there high fructose corn syrup nothing artificial even snacks that are gluten conscious for you John and non-GMO with free shipping anywhere in the US NatureBox is busting up the vending machines Monopoly go do that right now the microphone NatureBox look up the vending machine Monopoly on your midday hunger NatureBox right now get 50% off your first box by go to naturebox.com forward slash Rooster Teeth that's NatureBox.com + 33. Go to naturebox.com / Rooster Teeth that's NatureBox.com / 350 so Gavin decided to try to share the snacks with Jon who was sitting right upset he tossed the bag at him and it went right into the fucking life what unit I look at the most recent City it is like going to the last night after Game of Thrones did you by any chance watch Silicon Valley I had to take but I have not yet whatever shut the fuck up we are motion to delay the weather and I got to record the cable box the show right here I have it dvr'd look when you watch it like you have it taped because you don't want to deal with HBO GO cuz you know what's going to fucking crash HBO GO account through Lisa I batting for the Blu-ray player Gavin I pulled the plug for my Xbox the frame rate is really bad watch the movie Get the frame rate was Gus and then I thought about halfway through the movie I just got an update and I press update I forgot where I was in the movie how to frame a problem have I can do it maybe that maybe that everything except for Java I will stop everything I'm doing for a long time I haven't been in the Blu-ray player play 3D Blu-rays I just come back at 4:12 hour yes that seems like a Game of Thrones episodes for something else to do anything I've been up since 3 of Game of Thrones in I was like for the next to the menu and then I said okay because it seems to have a controller on the split from TV to Blu-ray and stuff like that sometimes I said Xbox play music update screen so you activated the name of console Xbox Xbox to try and get this figured out you just have to play the intro from that screen Denver plane and I think I said do you like I tried to turn your Xbox off and I got Xbox off and it went for both of ours and immediately started panicking controller things about your very specific problems on the Blu-ray player what time is it somewhere I can play like 2 weeks ago so I'm a plan that and has been on for like 10 days. Just leave I just don't give a shit so I went to play there do you like the background kept black it tells me that there I never I need console restarts and then it's got to install it to start installing I think maybe takes like 4 or 5 minutes get the 7 to 73% and then it freezes and it's stuck at 10% then I get an error code and then a countdown from 60 seconds and says over going to restart try again restart it stalls again 70% sales again and my mother fucker I think it did one more time and then it just says call okay here's your error code try turn your console off and then unplug it for a couple minutes I'll get back in I do that like 3 times still doesn't work so now all it says is basically here's your error code go fucken call customer service I think I found the solution I don't want you to fucking shave upper stomach @ The Ed from 2010 where someone has restaurant that look like devices plugged in charger so I unplug it and I restarted delivery like the internet's fucking me forever on the phone I'd like calling somebody PS3 is broken from a fucking update and now I can't even get to the home screen so I just checked and double-checked I open the cover is a fucking SD card plugged into mother fucker it's like 7 years I have I hit something in the front 4 in 20 minutes I left I moved on and I picked out and I came back and I get like a bitch method does that you can just dodging reflexes but there's also one specific spot where like when you run over it it will always try or like Drake so you know that act like before you can see it you don't even like me I fucking doubt it and yeah long fucking game there's one thing you get these weapons that let you catch monsters so you need to look after them for the monster arena to do a bunch of other shit and you need to catch 10 monsters of every single Monster in the game so I'm like revisiting it's such a waste of time but it's true 4 trophies in @ everything back to a remake of a birth trophies and now I have them so I might have to fucking do everything was done everything before trophy existed fun I like it but I'm glad you didn't lose your save PS3 is by far the best-looking Madoff Ed Mann I can call later this morning when I was for last month and I just had to like flight through that it just shut off and I was like PS3 to finish out that game remember II PS1 dancing with the PS1 I just want a white custom PS4 controller girl who's the hottest chick in Game of Thrones Margaery Tyrell I'm telling you can you can if you like Amelia Catherine Emilia Clarke Daenerys motion here's the problem I don't like when someone is on camera they play character I don't like it when you're hotter than a character like we're in a movie or a TV show you should reach your maximum height is potential you should be hotter real life and you are happy she's not she's not name the most expressive eyebrows I've ever seen what's your name princess decoupage wooden laundry tomorrow or Thursday it's hot and then realize you worked with her shut up you weren't there I just told her I was like and he's talking about the Michael Jackson married five months as a possible way that this is going too fast settle down I don't know right and backwards eyebrows that much what is happening with is like playing in there yes you do caterpillar 443 like Jon Snow Megalodon I would I would think about that I was just out with a pen and a piece of paper and write stuff out now Chris dimino the relatives know how can you how can you be I just blew her she should be in the military if your fiance was like no way interview the berry Kendrick good looking he's the blacksmith I take a shot with 2 hours 3 how you can never get with a woman ever again and then they have the other than the last episode was like it if we kicked out everyone had someone for the Nights Watch it it's on the Headless better up here there's a good life if it was the other one you gotta do did you notice what he did and then 2005 I went into the Hobbit became the CG person who became a Hobbit the bad guy I don't know how come over the bloody hell but that was Ed what who is the girl in The Hobbit he left the film The Hobbit is like an orca character but then by the time the movie came out they ended up using CD for his face anyway what are you stupid the station today Stephen Curry birthday human they recast another guy too that's one of the words that was going on with you two heads of his other trucks I never was like oh he's so dreamy that you kidding me Bobby I be worried at all the guys in the show he's excited about Jon Snow this slow. climb up and get me high cooked white in him what he has done for people already Club I got a good Breaking Bad at the end because waiting a week to see the next hour just too fucking much 20 years Star Wars movies Kim Possible we had this conversation just cuz is actually quite a stir fry in a disaster but that's the guy that the villain from the Last Crusade you get a chance I had no idea I was like holy I use that take I don't remember what it was did you measure your go to take at the end of Star Wars episode 3 right after spoiler alert right after Anakin gets his arms cut off and his legs if you haven't seen them Screamin Diesel Driving in slow he spits out of his mouth Texas population deaths in Game of Thrones from the show that happens in like 3 minutes Michigan in the ass in Ali G movie did you see the I haven't seen it so thank her for watching her back on Wednesday weather I am grateful to be able to text this weekend Friday @ noon afternoon Ray Allen