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RT Discusses Old Pee

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Recorded: 2014-04-15 21:58:08

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Miles Luna




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Transcript (in progress):

list of celebrity podcasts threat you buy GrubHub your favorite takeout restaurants delivered right to your door without ever making a call to get $5 off your first order over $10 go to grubhub.com / RT and use the code podcast stats GrubHub.com / RT and code podcast this life pass you by huluplus your favorite shows anytime anywhere with huluplus TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet shows like Family Guy Once Upon a Time new girl Scandal and more right now you can try Hulu Plus free for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / this episode of the Squarespace website Squarespace day of Game of Thrones spoilers I'm just kidding Walking Dead Gavin RT or at least this weekend that the presentation is you the two of you that means you are not just two of the three of us that were there very good to me and it was Gavin panels and stuff like that this was my time to go around like you guys were it was the lads they're in there Lindsey Monti as well and so I just read this entire time doing like industry catch up stuff that's what I did you walk around what how did you get around without it was it was not easy so I don't actually need glasses so if I take off my glasses and I walked out without my glasses on the floor people see you and your walking with purpose wasn't supposed to be there but once you stop then like you're stopped and then so it's like people walk like another 20 feet and stop again and do that strategy Step Up sunglasses on pretend like I'm on the phone like it was times I was helping a my the camera on my ThinkPad but it was just like your camera can get you a lot of places it didn't really into camera to do it just feels like I'm really into like anytime dude totally my type right credit the camera dude talking to her ex-boyfriend is like a documentary Gavin McInnes that's okay I think I might know the person that you're talking about she seems like she was very into her things she had going on people who are cosplay point if I made miles to find me the cosplay the guy who's like the Iron Man made out of pizza boxes kids Halloween costume League of Legends booth at PAX East in Boston this weekend was over there the cosplay contest in the line of people in costumes wrapped all the way around that but then all the way down the exterior wall and then down another wall halfway of the exterior wall the convention hall while just to get like your costume judged like just to get up there costume contest good they were fucking amazing miles I really don't know the characters and look up there's a mermaid character and I think is the champion in League of Legends which we also have League of Legends Champions the very unique names like they're very sociable but no one knows how to pronounce them at all would you like how would you pronounce sivir when they are just a visitor severe severe fever fever fever and it's like the base over how to pronounce you think I'm sure the people of them that their particular way but it's really hard to find a pronunciation guide for these things lady who had a black from the waist up it was like this awesome perfect mermaid costume but then from the waist down she built a fucking Island would like they can make fishtail at you like walk the island like the whole thing like there's always a hard shirt but it looked perfect and it was she was sitting on a rock and she went up and she moved and she was like she'd like octopus tentacles as well as I that mermaid I try to look it up later it was there might be like a half woman half octopus champions in League of Legends Lysol and Rose it's like to have rt hi my girlfriend she is walking around every day should have been different perfect costume should have fucking Final Fantasy sword that was like 12 feet tall I thought that we were going to get a cab to the hotel and they wouldn't take them because I win anything the last fighter cosplay dead Legally Blonde the felt costumes they made themselves they were just kind of okay but will take you but I was like yeah he's like 842 character for WildStar that you and Emily coming out any additional it was perfect just like his head might have been somewhere in here we could see it was perfect if you want to get started in doing like video someone just get started you'll just get started like now I guess I'll just be like must you make a YouTube video so it was a good session I think it's my favorite one was friendly with a dog talking to my boss service I've ever been in my life the actual light surrounding service like security and let people at the hotel would wait wait is awful what should I make a quick correction I think the movie characters name is Nami Nami yeah that's it you got her I don't know because this is from PAX Prime 2013 that looks like someone who was at Twitter Martino Vincent thank you for the correction I look at the calories for PAX East 2014 trying to find pictures of Nani cosplay mermaid cosplay I can find it and a picture of that particular half of the mermaid costume Gavin miles with Megan when of the night and we ordered food and the waitress came over and said one thing on the menu was sold out but I want to tell you what it is cuz if you didn't order it then it's fine but it was totally the thing that sold out and then tell the waitress apologize really restaurant area there and the host of there and I can tell you what she was doing cuz I want to do it for about 2 minutes should a sheet of paper with numbers and she was just going to the other numbers next to it 14578 Brighton RT 1921 emstan there any way that I can open for the half-hour and I said okay that's great just ok okay I did from Xbox Live you may know from Gametime video we did with him and he had to be very specific signs you want to the Giant Bomb panel work that out so we got to the restaurant at 8:15 but everywhere so we can give you three of the same chairs on your chairs I'll be different is that okay don't reset their every status it's a thing we sat there for 20 minutes or talking we like latest news on of waiter or waitress torrent able to send the window did you come by and sister Lisa we thought okay we said that was 40 minutes before 9 o'clock without me we back to this panel to see these guys we were at dinner for two and a half hours Odessa special kind of torture walking ever and every time we talked about how long Big O of the 2DS RT in there like it was Iron Restaurant in Boston apparently I got terrible fucking food poisoning last year packed these years some of the worst ever in my life like I think it was the first night was the first night I just finished setting up Thursday night and everyone had gotten there yet I was going to come in there so it's really good I woke up at about 3 in the morning seriously do I sit in puke on the floor or do I puke and shit on the floor floricultura over this but you are going to throw up and I actually don't make it because you'll be like I don't like this and then it was like a relief I wish you'd like it of April 4th Sunday 2006 just going to ship it off in the back and then I thought of you threw up everything Rogers MN Gus and I'll have it in me to go to concert other day just try to eat it tonight as possible place with the most Allen was accidentally texting me while he was YouTube I still have it here somewhere what is refreshing like that because I understand every choice you make you hate your life and you know it because I was not in the room so it's up to you anyway in this hotel where I can buy a head-to-head for just woke up show me tell me was like telling you something but not telling it to us like they were going to hide it like that it was a sold-out bub planning and preparation for bias and it's a link to what to order at Lotus of I'll text you later for it later but it was completely fucked up on this trip completely fucked up and hotels for Friday to Sunday but I would like tickets plane tickets from Thursday to Monday so I guess I just don't have the cash with me and then she ended up on a 4-day trip sheets which Hotel Hershey no the travel was better if you didn't have to do that next Level Sports and Casual Competitive Gaming casual competitor Superman we actually Michael and I also ended up over there for 1.2 stream with the Trials guide I'm actually set on a plate of all that was so sweet so that was probably I'd say the biggest hit on the floor like big big day that's where I mean League of Legends always huge WildStar I was there it was really big boobs that was really cool Ubisoft showed some Watchdog stuff but then didn't later they had to day one but they didn't have it Day 2 and 3 no traffic to that Jamie had Borderlands the Pre-Sequel what you're putting out and evolve which is due by the guys who made the Left 4 Dead Turtle Rock Drive and intensified version of fighting the tank in Left 4 Dead huluplus face too it's not as generic as both sides are just extended match the unique characteristics and the ability to reveal weak points in the month which put an outline on it so I put it down so I could check my prostate can you show me gameplay to use canned footage 4 gameplay as they were just wouldn't allow that no two screens and I cannot find a place to park and I had a shield that I can use to seeing everybody else but me so the miles are going up so I could sit there and shield them and they were pretty much indestructible whenever have my feelings because you were the only one who was on shielded everyone get them Colin orbital bombardment and then I had my own gun and then the most unique class was Lindsay she played the Trapper and she gets it sounds like I don't know what exactly they did but her big deal she did was when you found the monster he could throw down instead of the mobile Arena which would then put like an energy shield around us and it was traffic in one place where you kill the monster the guy was saying that the map without that is kind of like the size of a battlefield map just as you please and then you end up playing in the field don't really intend to be really funny what are the monsters in a pound of the killing bleed out whether on the ground told me but if you're out on your own and I finally got Titanfall for the 360 and I started playing it and it okay I understand after playing however many rounds is something I don't have AA Twitter pilot all the time I put the Titan auto mode in head let's try to meet up last time walking which side do you do when would you have for the one we were like we were in line to the security that we had all these terrible service things in Boston and we're going out in the last thing was we're in the security line going to leave Boston and we want to kind of the scope of things you get here is that your PreCheck any guys the guys so I guess I am is your PreCheck line I did something that I'm not going to I'm going to give enough I like to go to a restaurant like guys fucking prick he does everything are they going to get it GrubHub provides food delivery from your favorite local restaurants GrubHub available in more than 600 US cities for merely 28000 take out restaurants so he's used to recently we talked about it last week it's great like I said you don't have to talk to anyone who shows up or the order without ever having to take a call it's free to use your type in your address GrubHub to the restaurant that deliver to look how long with the photos you search by cuisine restaurant name menu item you find what you looking for you place order online or by phone free of charge you can even opt in to get order updates via text or on the website to know when you're on the way here next reviews coupon special deals I got a 20 / 7 customer service to track each other and make sure you get exactly what you want to get $5 off your first order over $10 go to grubhub.com / RT and use code podcast it's like 5 bucks so you may as well do it GrubHub.com / RT you could podcast thanks GrubHub 4 Spoilers Podcast go check it out and get like half of your food if you're going to have to eat anyway you may as well not talk to anyone and just get through it I love it I live in the future when I can get food and things I need without having to talk to anyone inside and I can push it like a stick like you're in push it like me stores that were good but that was before someone putting out that Miles has the new community design shirt on and so we are vs with your eyes showing it to the viewers how many people came at you this last fucking week to tell you that Gavin was right about how many senses there are Qi or something like that they say that Gavin was right he was a show with like two couple of decades on the fucking say exactly I need determines things I disagree they can publish and I can so that I can disagree there are not $0.40 or whatever 3 $0.30 is like you send of gravity no gravity what would your temperature like that seems like an exercise but here's the thing here's the thing the temperatures like a subcategory of when it's hot outside isn't it temperature is not a sense because you can't lose Enfield temperature anymore the hospital touching what if you're in space and has no AA can you feel Cold vs your body can feel the temperature of my heart right now if you let your heart baby I found somebody you met a blind guy right you may know a guy who does have a sense of smell dead people write okay baby go have you met somebody you can't feel temperature of the messed up because they have any balance but other than that they're totally physically fine but they said they don't have a sense of balance and it is gone if so what are they James and ability could somebody has extraordinary ability of good balance and you have a poor balance but that's not it shut your eyes go ahead touch with me that's what I was thinking how does that help my balance because it does and if I shut my eyes but talking about it something's moving that I can see visual cues it's easier oil senses work together you tell me are mice mice smell if I can see something stronger something makes the smell connect to the memory of that think quicker stronger because I can see it WGU in conclusion conclusion talking to each other they work independently data recognition of a smell those are two different things like if I smelled something super like after eating fruit I never smelled it before I went through a durian 2002 aliens do you like this thing smells like shit so Carol is horrible smelling fruit but you've never smelled it before you wouldn't recognize that your dream but still the same level as your sense of smell is independent of everything else that you wouldn't go all the way worse than I have how does gravity is Hasbro 2002 five senses in a person needs a 5 to do anything if you were in freefall go ahead with no of the senses you wouldn't know you don't what I'm saying what I'm saying is that I believe that you can feel gravity I believe that you can but I think that the sense of touch overall that you can get in touch with you you are so that's what you're feeling what you like to do so as I put him down is that a sense of shoulders I mean is that sexy pressure what is one to me that's just as well because that's her pushing on your body I just like to hear once again if I put you in so you said the inside of your ears itch inside of my ear is touched I feel pressure but you feel pressure you did such a touch with your finger you got no response or anything sightings on way I just don't me wrong or me right and you wrong I apologize but I just don't agree with those people who say that I think there's 5 you agree with the shape of the eye because because abstract concept but since it's something that's made up everything is made up everytime I sleep I can talk about everything but I learned that based on its size that the Earth is smoother than a cue ball that wasn't able to be shrunk down to the size of a pool ball dead it would have less variation of surface in the average billiard ball essentially WhatsApp I love you did you hear about that the girl from the Netherlands over the weekend Twitter threat to American Airlines talking to me African American Airlines something like my name is Abraham I from Afghanistan I'm in Elkader where to get a big surprise on June 1st 09 your IP address to the FBI on Sunday and then on Monday talking arrested that she didn't the last week what can you do when somebody fucking of the way the lot of people fucked up before but she's going to get held to this like global standard that we're seeing Associates you arrested Abraham but the actual user account is Queen dimensions did everything to change that you're not the sharpest tool in the shed 14 so stupid stupid yeah I mean to extend 1.2 hang up and did you trace the call and my friend's little sister did that she called nine-one-one cuz I put it in the fucking cops show up at her house GrubHub RT 44 and all day long Twitter Twitter tall is 14 - 4 how to follow people which is its own for ages and we've always kept that secret that you can see who watches who and I said you can see who you're watching but you won't be called following actually you can Define the public information like that give me know I made a post in the slow-mo for you know you're coming to town this week, to the public stuff that you can find any way you got some crazy stocking for the call that you could just said it anyway it was all the Publix people I know the number of people who follow pornstars on Twitter and Vine it's just like you said it's because it's like all their friends from work guys make out with different companies 84 stars in a row the following products and services what will happen to Abraham I don't know where he got arrested and maybe only half on the weekend and I had to do I didn't that's why I was there pregnant and I've never felt pressured by little talking like everything's good here okay sure I'll give it a shot and then encourage then we don't need to pay Gus I got a story about this outside pitch taking chemistry in high school except she did like a basic rudimentary urinalysis on ourselves and that's what we had to bring in urine sample so we like boiled or whatever remember everything it was like cool I put my leftover piss in my drawer with my supplies was out of the of a school for the whole week came back that next Monday after the break open up my drawer and it was the most violent of old ass I've ever seen throwing it up in the world it's cold out and I opened it The Sing-Off got too heated storage Modesto floating in AA Temptations make me sick thinking about it we never really said you guys did not want you guys ever watch the Romero zombie films dead Day of the Dead the same thing Walking Dead the TV show the most amazing thing because they put a cameo in Walking Dead they put a cameo zombies celebrity zombie in the bub the zombie bub the zombie from Day of the Dead RT Auto day was actually really good address in the same clothes and everything and it's like 2 seconds I was like I was like that was like and I totally called it actually it's really weird they didn't care and then I caught it and let me know about that but your story is what I was thinking of when you start telling that was in the behind the scenes of Day of the Dead day talking about how the head to the feet in this to get figured out here where dead the zombies get in day like this wonder the part that was Gus and the way the day of the weight of a trait that was true I would like to make a call which team is working on it they couldn't fake it very well so they actually went out it entrails actually tested but they do that but there was some kind of thing with a the captain this refrigerator and then they move to a different state for like four or five days off and then they came back but they realize when they left the check somebody just to save money cut the power so the bridge-building power down and cool down and light turn duel sorry for everything that low on money Burnie day or two it's a lot of money on them every when they needed to pick and trailer and they were just taking clothes off low income gross so gross and awful casting calls to be an extra in a movie right it's like to be a zombie you didn't pick up the same one but doesn't the amount of people and you got to put prosthetic makeup on I'm in a lot of makeup turns into like a like a mass production line you don't mean what you just like moving people through it but in the end of the day for 8 hours they were pulling these things off and we could glue they use to make sure they look good all day if you were passing out in the pain when pulling all the appliances at the end of the day the regular I really zombie stuff zombie absolutely absolutely do you watch Walking Dead it's all the time natural causes in Italy well you don't turn into a zombie it's like a virus or bacteria the TV show if you dye your of yours on Walking Dead very high level for the world spoiler they discovered season 1 graphic novel book one is that everyone is infected and just like getting bit by a zombie kills you and then what do you have to kill the Dead from the dead Rhodes up all the dead zombies the dead just naturally 4250 and that person day that probably maybe but isn't it that way but you obesity like oh just happens if they died of a heart attack in Day of the Dead movie get bit by a zombie does the threat of the world I've never seen a zombie Wii Walking Dead Season 1 is there a character who has a heart attack and the NBA Dario's NSA starve character to that you said some really crazy moments that's it it says if you die you have the virus in your favor but another things like ensuring the dead if you dead and you get bitten by zombies you don't reanimate because your blood stopped moving since the virus from the vote was the moment where they were data remember that try to do that why would you nobody try the dead died of natural causes they get bitten then they come back with dead Twitter what was the moment that we just may be shown in a maybe I'll come and see his life is my brain find deposit information and then my brain has the power to keep the information so it's like a useless little Blobs of disconnected information your sense of mental directions Office episode of huluplus probably try to go on your computer huluplus is so much more with huluplus you watch current season episodes of your favorite shows like Modern Family The Daily Show scandal watch every episode of shows like Nashville lost and Doctor Who you get a free movies and kid shows to know more than ever there's so much to watch take total control of huluplus to stream the shows and thousands more as much as you want wherever you want huluplus the computer Smart TV Roku Apple TV Xbox PlayStation 3 much any device already own you can even watch on your phone or iPad on the train at work the dentist in the bathroom so I can block up with data bench you also get access to original that you can't get anywhere else check out the new show deadbeat a comedy about a pot smoking who talks ghost mansion all 10 episodes now vote 799 month get your shows anytime anywhere like a quarter day right now sign up at huluplus.com + rooster teeth at 2 weeks full access completely free that's a whole week more with a special offer when you sign up Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth it with it start streaming TV now with huluplus 2 weeks reason to go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth is going to be nominated for the original show behind the mask which is one of the shows we had promoted previously in talking about so graduations on your nomination and your huluplus Heartbleed security bug has been in the news a lot lately so when you looking to make sure it's like a little walking securely using SSL secure sockets layer so it's like no one can see what information you're sending one of the popular ways to create a couple sessions with a piece of software called open if it says anything you run a computer probably like to run this well there's a bug in openssl for 2 years that allowed a third party to intercept the data that supposedly secure and steal information and that bugs go Heartbleed so there's been a lot of rumors were flying I think the day after the Heartbleed Bug was announced we were already passed before we were we are we had some internal stuff to clean out your butt people years did the NSA know about it and have been exploited to steal people's information since they could eavesdrop on people's conversation I think about openssl is it's an open pizza talking about the store seeing if you could get to it but I wonder if the NSA code in the book themselves and not tell anyone and then just let it sit there so they could then exploded then get everyone's information why do that why do they need to listen to all of our phone call the seal on my fucking text Amelia's food Ravenna Twitter pictures archive everything and I can archive it then if Gavin gets to be a prominent political figure got help they can just go through and that's what I think I don't need anything anyway of archiving okay it's just too much later to look at a thousand bucks duel history just to be wiped from all those thousand bucks. You do it Mission restoration I think the public records for like their activities but that's what you're supposed to see what they have I think so and I want to say I think they denied Angela Merkel after I look at your own father the prime minister of Germany information in Europe where would you go on this planet 3 with Twitter according the NSA to people on Steam you know that just like President Obama's birth certificate the big fucking deal big deal I'd imagine that are kind of like all those personal conversations at College Jesus I would not want that at your age you have probably had your life is taking her somewhere if you're not doing it yourself they're putting all that stuff out there everyone in order to better Target people for auditing information off of social media like Facebook and Twitter saying about money and not reporting income you know how to take this trip or buy this car or do these things to try to individuals accounts that they can develop a profile as to whether or not you're potentially a tax cheat and they need to further investigate your tax return behind the frontal plane is supposed to be there are the Great Lakes of of Facebook if data is a good link to help you trim down from your friends if you got too many and you click it and it does it's your friends or people who like Nickelback Superman the promotion I thought it was really good there's no going back just got like 20 with that somebody is actually when actually it was talking about Heartbleed password to get into a concert what's the holiday didn't work out very well but then completely turn that she probably could have gone down in flames is there try to take out of piracy when nobody else was trying to go up against them strategy that I got it was a smaller group I want to Iron Maiden or Quiet Riot like a band that hasn't made the test underway quite the time so they were using piracy they would track all the torrent and they would see where they were being download them I need a fucking bundle doing that that's a great stress relief a real rocket a key idea in the internet till 4:30 I really want to go to sleep music used work with this guy that was like super super Conservative Christian Republican like everything the right way and really nice and it was working really hard all night fuck something up and get incredibly mad and she stops and turns around and the dude sitting there any to share them with a smile and go that's right he is Almighty when you talking I'm not actually pregnant but I do have a food baby thank you for looking story that regard as we tackle the story about the worst first day job story ever what you got a job at a radio station and he dumped a glass of water Nixon was in how to identify plant with the group isn't taking the data to file concerts the flap about James Franco in the end James Trinidad shirt like a seventeen-year-old English kid or something right now she was in New York for her 18th birthday and like early early early eighteenth birthday and there's a photo together and he said I'm just all from memory here totally paraphrasing but he said in the conversation with her break the law no it's weirdly creepy 3517 too bad but it wasn't illegal it wasn't illegal RT just like you had to be there it was everywhere August 4th or 5th we got to read in the check to James Franco yeah it's like you know me what you want to do like having people that like nude photos like celebrities like appreciate she was like yeah I appreciate the flirts over social media I should know better than that I'm sure if it had been actually illegal thing it might have been a little more careful but I delete the old is the nearest Targaryen does that mean when they doing it no more about it day of tumblers tumblers Ruby 1 RoosterTeeth and Achievement Hunter you can put your drinks in them and drink them AA smoke GrubHub McLean told him I thought you might be out of this the story of us watch it like a lot of absolutely nothing about it I have to go really strike me as the kind of careful about that I want to watch given that I'm weird about it like it was like this people alone in the room with that mini bar food you know for several days so many people checking it out and I just hate people or not do you think that it is it is slipping Bridget is like a mini bar fridge and there's another fridge we can put your own stuff and I had a bottle of water that I have for the plan to put the mini fridge and it'll be cold then I'll drink it later I will get them in the fridge and it was filled with it was still with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I can score did they not clean candy and data like it too much you just not trying hard enough I thought it was weird because we already have something super sweet I get that it's just it doesn't taste right just don't do that when I buy anything new and I wish you would stop and I'm proud to say does not exist on this product and I'll make sure I'm going to see if we're doing anything Day stickers on stuff now get stickers on everything and it seems like everybody uses the cheapest possible sticker they can get to make a nice product and then go get the sticker and jammed on that's when you peel it the paper comes off in the fucking blue circle stays right there and then is there a difference stickers I can't tell you how much I hate sticker but also you could do that no I can't do it I love it when you touch it when your sense of touch interacts with it talking to people right now there's a man in Twitter talking about the same thing but somebody put it show me more concisely that I was able to which was like all confusing tense with temptation and we think that's what it's like Sensations are not senses your sense of touch give you a sensation of gravity any sensation of temperature but those are not in a sense of self is not a thing like I know that I am here so I have a sense of here it's an abstract for setting boundaries for something where there's no concrete evidence like we made it the thing called that we can make up a thing of a sphere identified in the universe and we studied them I said that is not a business and doing your braids up something I sent itself to find somebody that is in the category that this is a sense and this is not that is the abstract part that you have a sense of touch I wasn't calling it a scent and a business sense and this is not a sense you know like sense of walking in a sense of movement since of pallets it's like you just never said that you haven't called her since it's a slippery slope look in the Moon torrent I think we're just talking to my sister didn't seem interested miles dead infinite What's called the crisis so indeed the DC Universe Comics there's the Christ Infinite Crisis which base to the DC Multiverse where all the different shit happens and then they kill people and nothing matters right now just like the Joker kill Batman Batman kill Joker and then they'll come back the next weekend it's like totally fine the moment I knew I've been aliens threat straight edge who's the can't deal with it no and no because he's got what is the meaning well you know dealerships don't fucken take that the crazy thing is it's like there's a cure like you would have drowned his father he's programming the things on earth burtonwood the alien planet landed there instead aliens human Jerrell like you don't know Griffin just called when I have one Tyler had one in her they should let her heart and stuff it wasn't enough you're able to walk around with you can walk right now yeah I think I know some of the Facehugger can be removed without injuring the Titans on your next exam want to experience that moment of a Facehugger grabbing my face shoving it's a pendant on my throat that would be that would be that would be pretty rough though I wouldn't throw up all over that little designs Shannon is it open or data Band of Brothers life cycle of the Dead Easter egg they take over the population that use whatever it is and they going to Lakers how to get found the first aliens it was terrible it was can't live without of them they just built that way sorry Siri please find Andrea black vote at 5 did you see that Windows Phone Cortana talk to Siri and of Lucia the Dead video RT definition and you make them try to talk to each other we're just stuck in a little bit trying to make them talk to each other and have a conversation Talking Carl what two of those together and they said that they started the chain and they said like hey Carl what's up three back-and-forth of one Chinese food restaurant and then put them on hold they call the Chinese food restaurant and then have them talk to each other the carpet got to go Squarespace for supporting the review podcast Squarespace is the Squarespace been around for nine years the cost movie beautiful designs for really and every design automatically include the mobile experience as much as the overall style of your website shirt that looks great on every device every time Squarespace and then we were the customer support team is also won awards most recently a gold Stevie award for outstanding customer service Squarespace of Commerce ready to write a powerful the flexible Ecommerce solution in set up shop and sell things quickly Squarespace good for everyone where they need a simple website developer you want to get into the code there's so much and customers was Squarespace also could have been pre-planned NE Patriots Squarespace website to share your favorite gaming moments Squarespace of the month includes a free domain name sign 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selects and we were just ending the onion at that point since like 92 and has like every single one of them if you're not going to beat the brakes off than we were can you look for My Little Pony and of Gauntlet in which one 44223 crappy little run-down Jeremy awesome Studio to film this podcast Adnan space design from the ground up to support the things we do in this location spare bedroom to the Congress Theater in community Mike I just like everyone but when I thought about it last week in the room look up shrug and never look back it's weird that I like one of the first times I met most of them it was for a school interview probably next Monday the next episode RT Podcast will be up there not here maybe we'll see or set up an imposition to do it yep for wiring everything going to be the toughest deal you look like you want to do myself in LA today every time is it in India AA specific about those at our site and everything that we were we were passed before it hit the mainstream you like what we were already packed up and ready to reset your password reset your password you should reset all your passwords that are the same as the one before I call him out on it you can reset your password you have to check them and make sure that you take care of the problem that your password to help make unique passwords for every website what you want all of your past but you can make them up with the Cure you of the futility of safari suggested passwords we had the lottery generated by the website access to my camera my camera roll in Safari is just a list of every possible combination got a random function works on the computer is that it doesn't call to the time and then does an algorithm based on the time zone of time is the rate of number and not just like its 12 o'clock but like you know how many hundredths of a second in the day is it and that's how I Generate random selector in Unix time starts from a single point and the way it measures time how many seconds is it from that one point back in the sixties that was like a really long second number day works we should get rid of daylight savings time with you so stupid well that's good the water isn't that what we talked about go ahead wasting their issues and people waking up and the sun was already up staying up off the Sundown is wasted until they switched the hours to just like you fake candles that would do it but nobody really did it until the war but you should have thought about that I'm sure that happens is really we don't have the variance in the days that they do in other parts of the country in the world because we're a little bit like more towards the equator yet but I always got the feeling like in the winter it would get somewhere we can talk at 9 o'clock at night and it would get light again but I was offended I just went in like this like it was just it would get dark at 6 somebody then yeah and it's like this is what does the clock by an hour help doesn't that window day like just gets shorter evenly or doesn't like rotate across the the clock to get them saying there is a hole but then they can move the window where you want it why would why would one be more optimal the sunrise changes depending on the time of year I guess there's also some changes in the same way doesn't the day does the daylight shift that's what's going on Daylight Savings Time start of the day earlier than that that's about the end of the day so they move the start earlier since daylight earlier that's the low point of daylight I don't want to leave it there for the summer too because it's like 4 in the morning like at 5:30 in the morning it's just push it and you're like I got the difference between the length of a day in the UK it is really like a huge difference the hours of daylight and on the 21st of June whenever you get home at 1716 17 hours of daylight do you want to change to Unix time January 1st 1970 right now it is right now it is 1 billion 26811 changes everything second that's why we don't use this time wwl-tv to expel of Austin a lot I love the attitude of Austin but one of the plays words bleed into that it just kind of drives me crazy long-term is that it's like you were going to go in your hoodie newcomers trainers pretty hard so I told her she was going and those are fucking child put your shoes on Miles it has some interest around the head and the middle is because if you have a issue with over 50% but it can be classed as a slip-up and you pay way less import text from Cliff has been doing because the higher tariffs then you just regular other choice but you have a slick at all we can tell has a higher tariffs than a stuffed dog with huluplus you could have used you to get like an extra text about 3% if it's slippery X-Men toys don't have the characters are mutants real and that they would stay with her for next week so you don't have to worry about it the story about importing Vehicles into turkey and it's like these these trucks I think they're called sprinters that are manufactured in Europe get exported and brought in the turkey but if you bring them 51% of a vehicle you pay the vehicle tax on it so they do if they make the tow vehicle on the assembly line then when they're done they couldn't directly in half and make to 50% of the vehicle shipping across the border wow that's some loopholes that so interesting to me is that 1% if you are if you got money and I like cats you haven't had 50% since replaced it goes directly to you just ruined it I think analyzes cash to see how much percent is in the money I think about 51% roughly half of a dollar bill maybe all that predictable of junk that I could be like a year fresh crisp dollar and then again in a year Mike Walt Disney own Amphitheater where the cushions on the chairs are calibrated the same absorption for sound as a human body so that the absorption of the stadium is the same whether it's filled or empty help for her son Minnesota is there a cover for her so I was just somebody this week we're obviously doing a lot of web development people are video game people walking working servers love you work at consoles everywhere across the board I was just so just type in my password on my phone put it down there and I might just type it again take note I type in my password so now I have to go through this like quintuple verification process did they make one mistake on blood walking into the retail of the server they had to go through this process to recover their own account basically it was going to take him 30 minutes to do it cuz it mm I look and it's like an email she says I guess I have this account and someone recover the password and I looked it was like one of our shared email accounts really weird someone was able to or someone was able to get me the phone number to your account now it's like I don't know that's why I said let's see if we can fix it up so I can pick up the phone number and call it start working on RV 22 connected please give them to her I promise that is whenever we live it says hey would you like to sign in with your password for Xbox I would love to sign with that password I would type in password North care if you say no that's cool fuck you and you text you or did it go today Do It Center in great great thanks so much we sent you a confirmation email if you great you go to make sure that this email to sign in Xbox Live and then a lot of characters in Gavin spreadsheet with aliens so whoever set up the original Red vs Blue and I had a sense that the for like to booze for that character they use like the store email address and because of that I'll try to enter the password wrong we can text you something I tried doing that and it didn't work in new profiles and accounting but then later I remember don't use this password because it can cover my day we had somebody trying to hack into something using that old password stop using it but then all of the old RV account use that password I gotta change the password and I'll be here to help me email calling people in fucking changing all this shit and at one point how to tell if I got him what kind of breeds did we have today if somebody tried to get into my Microsoft account password the admin Microsoft account haha I'm happy and I Twitter I have the email password I need somebody to remember call this number hello phone number of Planet Fitness answering random numbers that pay vs miles on my way every season we say we're going to rectify that and get all that stuff straightened out never fucking do it burger places you walking controller holder season 12 I'm bringing in the lip security policy in after that as well be useful in two years anyway new password that's way too many characters but I can't believe I don't know it's weird that 5 year old kid in San Diego event rental spaces in if I got off you ever accidentally liked setup fruit vs buying Burnie her name is bbbb bbbb knowledge not a good look it's like on Facebook look like what's up here 3174 watching and I will see you guys soon