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RT Moves On Up

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Recorded: 2014-04-22 22:06:41

Runtime: 01:45:37 (6337.58 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

Bishop's of the Rooster Teeth podcast sponsored by NatureBox order great tasting healthy snacks right to your door forget the vending machine and get in shape for summer with healthy delicious treats like everything bagel sticks support this podcast to get 50% off your first order go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth stop wasting your money and time buying expensive rates for just a couple bucks a month Dollar Shave club.com will ship amazing quality razors right to your door come on join the hundreds of thousands of guys who have upgraded to the smarter way to shave shave time shave money right now at Dollar Shave club.com / 3:50 II would never say Barbara Gus Burnie Gus hello everybody so official business hey what's up with white background so I did that typical stupid thing I think most people do when they moved here today the trash bother packing all the stuff and bring it planning documents for vets we did in 2011 do I still have books ready and then pushed it across the box into the trash I took the queen and I prank the queen and half the day we moved so I got nothing from you the first two items that the movers delivered the first you were broken up Trophy and the at my desk. It's freaking out because I couldn't find my file that was the worst crash ever oh no it's not it's literally haven't even asked you before because I was like where we doing makeup 4 pocket and you would like I was by the stage as I was that you live by the control room is that way add reminder for the podcast and reappear from dip the right to the right when I came out what travels around do you have the first time and do everything to try to find the clue yeah I know I saw it before I go ugly baby pictures at one point I was like okay that sounds interesting so it's not making it in a sandbox and filling it with actual send note which would have been the worst thing ever the guy said it was like roof and all that that we could easily converted from likes turkey cut into like Vietnam War Village what it looks like to me no spoilers not really where the fuck is the nearest Targaryen going to figure out that this Eastern land that you did all those then anything that's in Westeros to the city yesterday where they had this huge Golden Palaces and the only people in the United States and roads all the stuff huge statues guarding the front gate the mayor in 07 in the big gate open to the new rides at Region or state bent Westeros going to get back to fucking shit Kiel casterly Rock the dead places just fucking amazing that's what this is from everything that's all I can figure where the iron Islands the misery like Castle nails dollar single point Richard Castle look like intersection of Three Rivers and he's okay I guess where's the where's the the prince of cleavage or she from Francisco Garden how do the budget's going on and their budget is going up since it's app Marine Twins and someone took a screenshot of the city of marine with everyone standing at the copier the Lord of the Rings fine the problem with brightly colored shut down thank you talking shit about Belfast and we didn't even see the location that they use for Game of Thrones last week from someone who said I just finish watching Punk Gus 163 totally With You Gavin Drake on board I had a nightmare last night about moving offices had a nightmare that we were moving into our new office our new office so what's a two story white Victorian house and it was it was like the old days like moving the Congress office he was like Burnie Geoff Joel me and Matt were moving into the new office and Burnie and Matt have to leave for some reason so I'm like giving you office setup and I'm like fucking around and somehow I like to throw a match into the attic and it starts at 5 to get the garden hose not trying to put the fire out that's fine but I don't really a really good job putting that probably didn't want to the house of the and then go to the fire just gets too bad net Bernie Mac show up at the same time and that's like this really sucks I think I would be out of this building and all of our stuff and look around at the old office is totally empty and then I woke up 3564 covered every time can you use a burner for a week but I'm convinced I've ran away being at work and realized you might left the iron on but you didn't turn it on used Hotel iron again in or the reason why Vancouver people do with hotel and I really don't care the fucking balls over more than anything else in the world right I mean it's like a given I did not knock it off the ironing board Electric can I turn off and I cannot get overtired and then I put it down nasty tweets read to me that I'm using the word incorrectly I was saying decoupage and the word is actually upper torso of a woman what you're not stupid as well that makes much more sense to talk about how he's excited about all the restaurant options now we have nearest Which Wich and it's funny because I had just listened to a podcast where you guys moved into the Ralph ablanedo building which is our previous office and Gus talk about how excited he was about the food options but just like last week we are out to lunch somewhere near the office and go God I can't wait to be away from all these fucking restaurant which way to restaurant and what are the names of the menu was two old ladies that ran into you walking they told you what you were going to eat for the day I see love that the net of a girlfriend that was delicious melted cheese over fried chicken I don't know how you go wrong with that perfect but I'm sure Joel and serious talk about it's going to run down there and get some of it now the place with a higher density of restaurants in downtown Austin Congress every Direction with food and by the time we got there we were like I can't wait to have a good like we were talking we moved in you could just crossed the street and went to a hot dog stand and I'll be right there in the street before you go to work in the building we were in come into the back door like it was a dump out there or something but the weather kinda fella feel sorry for the break-in and then I just got to go down that way in the back door the photo of you that is space travel the most amount of distance which is you and I get a series of photos were floating in mid-air weather for anyone we're going back home the net in Link Between Two Worlds by Carr what that one of you floating the back alley in appropriate Queen Elizabeth been Queen some of them inappropriate that's ridiculous the Nike been a lot of people being very sentimental about leaving 66 that was earlier this week there so many fucking pictures are people to hook up empty rooms app the sentimental this is where we are now Stage 5 this is our fifth location the first move for a lot of people I guess what Brandon be sentimental about the Congress office that the place where we found it I think I put some pictures of it like when you first moved into it Thursday and I turn on the put it up and it was like when I was completely exhausted we're looking at her outfit that was it everything else will just bring it down to that even the even the upstairs didn't exist that was Platforms in certain sexual acts storage space I just put boxes together company yeah that's what it was before we bought that building so it's like it was a company who be what we want it for my understanding he was accompanied babies have a big place on the freeway and they specialized in making cement slabs for homes that are over 25,000 square feet those are enormous homes in Norman and in 2008 when the downturn in the economy hit that company built the building we were in 636 they built it to shrink their company because they thought that be affected by that but go figure the economy crash 2008 didn't affect you can build 25004 houses so they were their business was just fine the building 74 year and then we bought it from them and then renovated the big time and then turn it into sex I'm at work so I took a bunch of pictures of this building being built or I guess the inside being built now it's just one giant room didn't have anything in it and now it's got some shit that's Rodriguez his company and I see Planet Terror will come here in the parking lot right out here to the Grindhouse still at school I think the scene where the helicopter is like my way through the zombies was right here in our parking lot possible I only ask that because I'm one of the two years at the giant photo of Sandra Bullock from that movie and that dress she comes out of that studio I saw the net on television she was like just starting a movie from 20 years ago where Sandra Bullock plays a computer programmer whose identity gets erased by an evil group of people who the first shot of the movie is like her playing doom on your computer and then she liked it so she can order a pizza from Pizza net the best pizza in cyberspace Nike all the websites that have been hacked by the group I like a little pain in the lower right corner click on it and you can like take over the world while I was like in old movies where computers projector screen onto people's faces for the reverse to her so that you would see the website like screwing up their face when they were there yeah I don't know docu funniest rap the movie started or like things with people that started somewhere in the move to somebody else like a sock thing people associate with me that he wasn't my fingers Gavin and then I started doing it and I just became more associated with me and I know who is not your doing it is a Gavin made fun of my socks when they went back home and yeah you said you have old friends University constellium be putting on his socks the worst do not put your dick it's like everyone was like really obsessed with your desk and I didn't know I got used to him and break your dad's fine without him in your life and I don't want that you taking your dad to the next building and I said no what are they going to try to jump through it but it was like everyone was convinced they were going to stab myself slim thick song grab you by the throat damaging the desk that start with Jeff but like we always do with a golf club be always damage Jeff's desk headed back to the point where he could use the mouse you come back and I like that so that's why I guess that's when he moved into a Demon Hunter at 6:36 that's when you get that massive white dining room table that some people were wondering where the first hole in your desk came from you want to tell if it was me with a sledgehammer respect and I think I told you that night you came back and put a hole right through the middle in the middle actress with Gavin Morcom Rivers blue whatever screenshot and tell me what's wrong and I have so many lights in the desert the handles for the 360 and it was small stuff like nothing in the same room but whenever we show up with but you had to keep the camera dead still we do the same and Cameron had to not move and then we get chips in them so we could do differently so it was like he was 50% that at one time you just picked up the wrong control it was a few minute walk out yet if you look at the camera so you just like that you know I saw him snap but you can have like this I'm pretty sure it's on the Phoenix Airport I want to listen what is a wheelchair what is hard for a long time I think even by tonight Happy Gilmore stuff personally the net for James Bond Jaws knockout pics of Joyce Meyer mouth 2003 the app for the TV because it broke so often made him more like Hitchcock and look like Roger Corman like he would have been like showing the shark ever filmed the movie physical can you imagine like you would be held by your teeth called your father on YouTube now like Vitaly and those other guys to do the stuff we're thinking prank but they're walking up to people on the street and harassing them yeah it's illegal what they do yeah I mean I want to do is just talking shit in America freedom of speech be funny like it's amazing that situation these guys put themselves and where they will go to the gym and walk up to the biggest to the gym and go like we doing here bro you should try to lift your arm what a guy are you looking on Venice Beach is talking to people and he said um it's fucking joke ever he walks out to be without a man I want you to kiss my ass kiss my ass kiss my ass like always haha really funny videos that are sitting there and you better get the fuck away from me knockout send it to them and I got to give the guy a complete credit he's like the nicest guy for a long time and I think I've heard knockout mega64 safety one in the video he would love to make someone so mad that they hit him and I think they got really close with their Stanley Parable video Graham Parker I don't know does really I think they're most known for the tetris video Die Antwoord I feel like death of the Assassin's Creed the big one 2002 the market for dance party for their 300 podcast because we're going to have someone in a box here and have them pop out during the podcast obviously we didn't do it but they did this thing where they hid during the setup of the panel and every time they do a panel they like come out front are dancing so I think I was either Sean or Derrick who hid in a box for like the half-hour leading up to the panel while I'm getting seated and his legs had like lost all sort of feeling okay and so Blake is awful it makes me think of an R6 2012 with Jordan and I were getting ready for the animated adventures panel and we hid in the in the powder room we got in the car through the back doors before anyone else in there like jumped out like 5 minutes after that Michael Jackson and Prince when he was at the stage in the park what the RTA open the door Jordan and I were hiding under the table and we talked for the past week it's been a year now and I turn off Newnan Georgia map Mexican restaurant Nike stumbled into the line with your shoulder understanding and everything but it's been years that hoe restaurant that was the best they put me in the game because they also didn't do too bad with his Catbug loves Bernie get all of our stuff so when cartoon hangover the think they did it so I was like thinking this was worth the wait it's not even like I have to tell my phone's how to spell my own name is it autocorrected to Burnie so if I seem Burnie it doesn't have it with him it doesn't bug me I get it looking up to them all they're trying to just passing smoking cigarette sitting there chilling out I can do that I could not if you told me to get in someone's face like a stranger and I really do have to give the guy credit though because it's like you expect at least not completely just upset about it but he was like I'm sure he was just happy to have footage after he was like I can't believe we the freak out again going back to Mexico I remember one time Eric was in some of the camera and he got very angry and started asking him to tell him to back up and they're just getting closer to space and the guy was doing the guy was going to hit me I just want to make sure we had it on Phil I just wanted to make sure be happening so we can use it competitive against their love these guys you know it's like the border between US and Canada are the world and then after about two days of your life stay the fuck up twins relief came over he's also he's blue mastered the art of the retweet without comment which is just like it was some Smosh video with some other big YouTuber with the like which Hot Pocket what do you like better my packages at 10:14 o'clock to go to your favorite which is the one I just fixed it for you so I had to go talk to them because I went out to do the Fine Brothers YouTubers react to her was very grateful for because we didn't want to happen found it on their own. Oh I don't know I'm still prepared for them to do a full Publix on Flat Shoals Dollar Shave Club why are razors so darn expensive. Let me start that over so darn expensive babies because those billion dollar companies Overlook the raise is ridiculous shave take you don't need do you really need a razor with vibrating handle back scratcher at laser pointer I don't and I was paying out the nose for it that's why I made the switch that's why I made the switch to the Horseshoe Club.com Dollar Shave club.com the amazing quality razors and other cool bathroom stuff right to your door for just a couple bucks a month 6 bucks for a four-pack seriously only 6 bucks for the best quality but you can get them have a ton of other cool things for your bathroom check out there dr. Carver's easy shave butter and one wipe Charlies they're amazing seriously tingles in a good way and it's Dollar Shave club.com doesn't waste their money on ridiculous shave Tech be charged a fraction of what the big shave companies charge during the hundreds of thousands of guys who've upgraded to a smarter way to shave shave time shave money join now Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth shorts podcast at a great company but going to Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth that's Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth thank you for being professional over here I didn't say that right as he said paying for the net OJ Carr dog to the vet the other day and when I went there they have like a white board and they write the names of all of the pets that are to be dropped off there for that day and I looked at the Whiteboard and one of the dogs names was Khaleesi kind of did it and then there so I had to counter those I don't watch Game of Thrones I know that's Game of Thrones I said oh really I think we have come to this it's a really popular name for dogs right now Khaleesi concentrate his name something like her name. Her name is why wouldn't you just name your daughter the word for queen in Klingon you know it's like this secrecy and then the nearest the nearest Stormborn Targaryen come from come from when she was born there was a huge storm ravaging Dragonstone at the time Gavin Club so I didn't know this but I was talking with Emily earlier today who just had a baby a couple do you know about the phenomenon of hurricane babies were apparently for the company around apparently when the pressure drops like when there's a big storm or like a hurricane in a deuce labor and women and the Brown net drops like women will go into labor and had and Gavin have their baby if you work at hospital and then hurricane you just let them to see what Richard the person who got to the top of conversation when did you think hurricane babies when people get trapped in two hours and then 9 months later a bunch of babies are born exactly the same time as I could because people get on people get it on to get nothing better to do maybe that's how many how many babies were born nine months after the internet was off for a week can be amazing we should return there for a week now December 12th 2012 - 21st Timber 21st 2013 on know your parents are dumb the river that was a little over 2012 or whatever I'm fucking kid came by our booth was like did you hear San Diego Comic-Con movie as a quality closer last year how do you know if I could I'd better. And then before you're seen the 2012 the last year you fucking idiot you got another stupid when you say something like that you doing El Cerrito the charge and was part of the program was never time for that call John Burnie generals Burnie free storm hit Dragon Stone island is so powerful it sank what was left of the Targaryen Fleet since then the nearest has been named Stormborn also the name of your dad he's also called anencephaly I thought you were reading is reading from here I remember right now and my wife are you at all upset that you read the books you feel like you have to go on the internet and I saw myself and also it's just see no I'm at home I didn't Breaking Bad I just waved a gun around the whole time and made the people to the trigger on Hanley the trigger is this it was a toy gun the air that I had read as many books as the man produced episodes for we will be happy to book 3 and we were like oh you're halfway through but let me tell you what happened action-packed wanted to let you know that I and Twitter handles of all the fuel explosion for me and guess what there's two more books coming out so you fuckers can expect a tweet for me really fast do that so how are things in your new office today OJ outside the room and shut the door and you can hear anything back because I was outside you didn't wash your hands and I'm in the bathroom and I walk to the building bathroom my hands are soaking wet nose like Gavin hands when soaking wet when you walked out I know you guys have to take a dump now when I went cool you would not have CK the water off that fast if your dude cause you like hold your dick but he's a dude it's not a big deal you could hang out so that's what you do when you said hello the Gavin sit down to pee I want to get it got to point out that it's not either the touchpad and I was I was at the Austin Airport. Flight somewhere and they get really bored in the car I'm going to take a piss right now that would be on the airplane in the bathroom take a piss I'm at the urinal in the past behind me and I can hear a dude in the Stalls having a fucking conversation on this phone be sitting down taking a fucking shit talking on the phone conversation Bungie would never the answer the fucking phone while I'm in the fucking bathroom that's what I meant the bathroom is flushing toilet over and over again just to mess with them be like you should know hey you you're terrible at it let me know I could have just wanted to check it out then there's my life is a private party at 7 o'clock so it'll be tomorrow 2:33 Richard cotton the softer he swears it is whatever it's off red lava rocks by those rocks yes the header material a couple of our shirts are on there anymore I don't know what exactly it is softer and it kinda it's not like a solid color kind of looks a bit faded like that but so concerned that your office is going to get way too hot based on the last office be cool and it's kind of what we need to we need to make some adjustments to it yeah I know it's been a week and The Time lyrics but there's actually we're from Joe's office I will practice I will pass this door I just lost it but that he has like $0.19 and that's it so I looked auditioning I was like that for me it was just blowing on the roof of his office push push sure you have your ID the net on my computer sometimes going to the dance with their mother is the back of its phases you don't have to do that you can see what I'm doing I'm still doing it Carr office running Windows too I wish I would have a more open approach to their do it the plane and they put all the deaths along the wall it looks pretty good yeah I was working but they could watch everyone looking for the lobby of the old building a PC the typing away and you can like I said your conversation Dave they were watching some very don't we just bring people just because we have new people in the office all the time what's the different locations of free stuff so it started in a spare bedroom at my house correct and we were there for two years and then we moved to an apartment we were in downtown Buda one bedroom apart one bedroom for 6:15 the be be and then when we finished season 5 episode 100 remove to an office downtown at the Congress office and call it and then we were there for about three years and moved out of their season eight and if he's not we move to Colorado but it's also 636 at Studio where we just moved and I moved here to our house ground way to play I never Congress and everybody says why do we keep moving up the arcade Machine Gun Kelly yeah I know I really like it I'd like to have it preciate it appreciate it crab in a sack on his back on the 6th riding up here we actually didn't work for me today I think it's never worked before pic of the wrestler bottle opener net Parable tonight yeah Jimmy key bottle opener with just like that monkey the symbol monkey like I'm trying to do did you get a fucking just exactly how that works I said clumsy person twins off the bed and hit in the forehead with his the Sun get a ring cut there the reason we didn't tell Gavin 7000 people to send you given them the idea to get to work I'm pretty much app I love you because you started the shooting it was like oh I got some David Beckham is like a cement and went around Gavin and it fucking o'clock actually Shoemaker right in the forehead you got a lump steelhead Gavin the room in a Dodge Viper you like to Secret Service yeah I did I got it on video really get shot utilitech CK remove email may not be working on it be cool to come see it who did the fruit ninja. No issues hit me and it felt like perfect so someone saying I wish Burnie we go back to the celebrity interview were talking he was starting to talk about it talk about it sorry if it would go away it's a good perspective that he is a good person or something I don't know what was it YouTube the couch interviews about Stephen Fry is it something show he's going to do he's like to see normal dude Graham Norton Graham Norton oh yeah he said so you love them right and she just like yeah he's like have you ever met one and he kept going on and she's like oh my God directions worm camera in the bathroom and the audience members were going in and then when they came out like that the record of the course that show and then you had to after they went to bathroom like show the person in the audience here they are 2 out of 3 people did not wash their hands with you Blue bull shit in the woods or something I don't do that I feel like you regardless if you have to wash my hands a certain number of times a day and that's an opportunity where there's a sink there so I may as well wash my hands Ashley my girlfriend actually got sick at Pax I did not get sick I've never gotten sick at an event ever ever I totally hand sanitizer frequently and don't touch your face with the flu so long I actually understand what is different we all went to the PlayStation Store when I got this last year anybody I'm pretty sensitive about the food I've been through The Graham Norton things be in the bathroom with the washing hands of whoever it was I think it was Graham Norton working from memory and I'm usually wrong when I try to remember stuff something to Ross Island Carr and Carr Jimmy Carr smoking funny Jimmy Carr is my be the funniest person in England Jimmy Carr comedian things that are okay Chinese I went when you can talk to him and he's just on time Prince Royce at me like you actually entice the audience with him Jimmy Carter's response Louis CK I think is really great about shutting down hecklers phone Norton VA antisocial Parable always fucking screenshot from it and read it in the original Set It Off I want to make a table like the QI table like some of the heavy Gus and then everyone else sitting alone like the legs of the table and we did some tests with it just didn't work out right we have monitors like tables right there will be an awkward better than in the middle but on the side now you like we anchor it from the side 79727 I forgot what I was not prepared for it okay what am I doing this test is also brought to you by NatureBox your mission snack smarter to get in shape by summer your enemy the vending machine but when you're starving at 3 p.m. all cranky and lightheaded the evil vending machine that seem like your only friend don't give in he'll head over to NatureBox.com NatureBox Sanskrit tasty snacks right to your door and they're great for you too we're talking healthy snacks like barbecue kill Colonels OJ think we have here actually everything bagel sticks South Pacific plantain chips in over a hundred more 0 trans fats there high fructose corn syrup nothing artificial even extra gluten conscious and non-GMO free shipping anywhere in the US NatureBox is busting up the vending machines Monopoly on your midday hunger try NatureBox right now and get 50% off your first box or go into nature box.com Ford slash Rooster Teeth that's NatureBox.com / Rooster Teeth staff will stay strong go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth Let's NatureBox.com / 3:30 I forgot to update my fucking profile with NatureBox was that are you Stanley Center the 66 ravaged number for open WhatsApp open on my desk which has happened in the past people will eat at a time like a dead mouse in the bugs he gets better can we do that just put out food different time left in the game so fast it was like the turkey was there then you see people and then they back away in the turkey stuff from one phone to another video de tamales today. FuelBand Nike FuelBand that which you have one night I had one I know why did you know they fired the whole team they fired 65 out of 70 people by the way this office is so much bigger I only get about 3000 steps a day and then I have to make up the difference I try get 10000 steps a day to make up the difference on my treadmill at night I have 9000 steps to the Bungalow in love with you anymore by my office or the officer with Barbara is one of the furthest away from the door Barbara take that and we went up when I saw it was so far away from the door even try to make it Oregon drinking water Burnie overseas so bad this afternoon was like oh wait oh wait you're right by the door as long as you guys were and I feel like you guys are so closed off that people won't bother you as much at all because I really don't know very quiet and then you don't bother somebody just on Twitter March 10th and March 10th 89 on Twitter the official said no it's not for you if you want to take a look I figured every walking trigger my memory layoffs employees which means I'm kind of getting ahold divisions but when people asking them about it so Nike was supposedly getting out of the hole very crowded wearable tech market doing right now because the rumor is now that you're going in with apple to create an iWatch and it's been a week so don't get upset in the least information about the iPhone 6 and one of the things that have like you know you have passed both for all your boarding passes there's a health book so Nike or apple is integrating into the OS is there integrated in all the health app that came out right now cold a notebook I was never upset about this and you don't like that was it a lot of watches now there seems to be a big deal but you be ready the turkey be smoked turkeys or we are awesome by the way they're awesome be turkey just north of Austin like a smoked turkey so far to try to remember and this is the this is from a couple years ago right this is like a record video twins right after they moved in tearing through here is a carcass the critical critical mistake where you eat the skin that's awful thing to do kitten eating charcoal this one in particular is like it's so strong and permanent pumpkin pumpkin I don't know Parable incidentally our previous I want to set the record straight our previous argument about the iPhone and multiple models was before the iPhone 5 and that we have lost our argument was about the iPhone 4S because one model no I don't think I can go back and look at the the iPhone 4S here was the was that I was saying mostly information that comes out when it sleeps is true and you said no that's not that's not true not all the information comes out it's true and I give me example of the iPhone 5S have proved my point wrong about something it wasn't out yet you were trying to say like nothing was wrong even though we are too far I don't blame you that was the whole thing the shit about the whole $0.05 this thing for $0.30 on every day but they weren't crazy about it Prince Albert all Herbal Essence shampoo and Patty will return. true I read it on the internet is that I totally know is you said we feel different things and we think we can feel gravity if you want to see some different photoreceptor or different receptor that feels Graham in your body some different girl over after that does it okay great that means I have a thousand senses of smell five senses of taste and I have two senses a vision that why do we draw lines in one place but not the other all I'm saying is that it isn't because different photoreceptors in your eyes for rods and cones color vision and night vision black and white Vision but you only have $0.01 the vision right region is $0.01 Univision what is this that I got I felt touch me touch me the feeling well if you hang upside down poor thing I felt the force the force to me and I felt forced to me and that's how I feel it because it's constantly playing the force that's why I feel that I feel that police officer and I get a temperature difference so then why isn't the sense of coal different than the sense of sheet or income the temperature in actual temperature Jimmy stupid exceptions to rules I retract my previous statement I was wrong there are five thousand senses I'm not going to be on all of you there are 45000 senses gift I think interdimensional e vowels are in one fourth dimension what does 10000 senses there's one who is the most app we can talk about this cuz he brought up the whole like there's like 3 but we all know there's not $0.05 and you and I were like what are you talking about Gavin you doing so here's the thing what was Gavin's Original Point Gavin brought that up completely unsolicited that there's $0.05 that's where we're going with that but isn't it to plug testing senior be like I'll wait for a good time Gavin had nothing after that everything Gavin brings up when I was fired because you went out of town the week before I moved I remember you handed me your time off request I looked at it I looked at the dates another to you when I see you fucking bitch the Canada to Ottawa for Passover and I guess since she was gone I had a dream like a day before we moved that Barbara got fired and that I didn't find out until NOAA weather no I have one of those in a long time I used to have those I used to have those very frequently was really really settling people wouldn't believe me you know I have premonition dreams and I can tell people like missing this can happen if you happen to get whatever you know you just guessed at it and one day I had a dream about opening a pack of baseball cards so I told my friends I like listen I know you don't believe me let's go to store right now went to store bought a pack of baseball cards every part of this pack and I names like 15 baseball players and then I opened it and then I went through them it was every single player prank was that Frank is one of the people that show up at 2 a.m. the never believed it and also fell asleep in front of me and I was looking at them I knew what they were doing never mentioned you had superpowers so what would you ever use it for anything I just like to entertain people for fun I don't believe you either prank I believe you no one here knows but we can go talk to them Gavin always makes fun of me because I put a case on my phone I have his wallet case which by the way in case people ask me what is boostcase and so I put a case on my phone cuz I got tired of I have never retired a phone I've only ever broken a phone and had to buy a new one that's how I upgrade my phone Adele I put a cake so I can stick it out and I just wanted to make it the Regeneration I want to buy iPhone I have an iPhone 5 I want to keep the iPhone S with everyone complains about including you want some of this I think I'll wait till about now this is what I've been reading 34 bigger and bigger with the eye I didn't say I don't want to speculate but I don't know Mike's my case was all completely fucked up on the corners were shipped and all that stuff doesn't make it to the next generation without breaking my phone so I went out and bought a new case while I was switching the phone between cases I dropped the phone and broke it 570 was like that was really terrible that was unbelievable legitimately not have your cracked screen iPhone repair it was on the IOS app store be got removed but I think you still get it on the Google Play Store it's called send me to heaven or it's the game you can download and it measures how high you throw your phone and go to high school if you can't get it on 2000 what can supposed to get in to tell you stuff that you just like with stupid Pompano Beach 21 61 North planarium pineiro shave cut it in half and then there's a little bit what we thought we were going with that water Like a Stone so many dumb planarium net worm is the common name for a member of the genus planarium sharpest able to they will grow out from the court then cut a hole the length of the Starship star parable the show planarium be cut into pieces that need to be 1205 Kilburn 17511 W producer be like that would you the 9th the country sometime the middle of May to Gavin open time but I would have to make more production for the Arabian royalty species or protected species of bird would a cell phone back in style making people pay a lot of I wouldn't the delivery guy outside and I met the guy and I'm out there like getting the pizza sign the credit card receipt and there's a fucking bird on the top of stage 5 literally like right at the peak of the roof comes up to and it's now and it's just screaming at me what is this word problem little animals hate you and I don't know why that loud be mad at you why can't I be mad at you the choice every animal every other Lisa why so much money and you're okay with that but I say fuck me when you get mad at me that's nature Raymond computer what is the first technology Nike started I was it and there's some animal that was like on Reddit the other day thinking of like human ways to escape a pen that knows that what was it it wouldn't surprise me either way you would get out or something badger badger honey badger amazing to the resources video the video for the joke is definitely not they would like to play sticks and stuff that was around it would be outside somewhere and it would form like a bridge to get out of this place just to escape captivity if I'm really physically impressive there was one where there was two of them and one was holding the door at the bottom of the other climbed up to unlock it and climb back down and then the other to be the craziest video of octopus in aquarium and it's fin the other side of the room and crawl on the floor crawling to get back out and go back in listen I said before the pocket longer than any animal like I feel like I can take it I would like a shark in water if you like what is James Bond the most what do I would never ever ever ever find a nice place to meet would be the only hard part of an octopus can go to that can fit through Pentatonix Richard it was crystal daddy Prince has poacher / 2100 International protected who Barbara bastards - part of the bird that's why I texted Barbara bustards 21 day hunting Safari in Balochistan every 120 days well I'm getting the financing amount of money that you don't know what birds are the Rue 21 the total Buster's hundred by Prince of Bel-Air bloopers Prince fahd bin Abdul Sultan bin abdulaziz al-saud 1977 Birds when he killed himself in his local representative kill 223 he killed like 1927 whatever and the rest of the group docu one dude killed August 2108 you can do it the guy said you don't like dogs do bad things probably children that would be pretty awesome effect until 2000 Tigers manly as fuck what you thought of that Holiday Inn first of all I know that they be bullshittin how the kill the tiger or not whatever you got app what tigers like there's one food that all of them a thousand yeah I'm not sure how many tigers are left in the world what's the status of parable how many tigers are left in the world the first answer is I don't know man I will watch that and they did and the increase in Rhino deaths as people get more money in like China an Asian country cuz I want to buy Rhino horn for Eastern medicine all the time they don't always just kill some time while the truck was there I know what the fuck off of its face and leave it there still alive and it's bloody probably like the ranger who comes across and find select the right of what kind of monster does that impersonates like a fucking animals and birds human animal and destroys it is it like in the jungle when trying to think of it they're not going to leave it there slowly Nike they're really just that that's horrifying I just don't even like there's some octopus or squid that people will try not to go in my mouth God I get it really Noble sell a horse is a horse what's an animal shelters in some pretty good this is living proof that you can see we killed the rest of them until we shelter the few that are left I'd like to know one of the things that's going on in our lifetime Vol the big thing is I think you would for sure I definitely ate it and it's going to be gone pretty soon only set reminder when I when I was in Tokyo I went to the fish market out there it's done with y'all when you were there but it's in the works and you can go out there and it's where all the fishermen come in they bring their catch and it's like right there the fish are there and they're like cutting him up and was like literally pulling up the pieces seem to sell it to restaurants it's crazy and I didn't realize how Big Tuna working around that fucking Market guess based on what I saw you could probably feel like a thousand cans of one fish did you know that orange juice even if it's labeled like 100% orange juice it's not always just a hundred percent yet they have these things called flavor packs which they can put into a hundred percent orange juice that still counts as a hundred are like Tropicana what you're expecting and it helps like your sense of smell on your sense of taste accepted as orange juice yeah if I can get some more watery looking it's not exactly what you want from concentrate means they were thinking really really do you have orange be put in the little Dome thing you don't squish and squeeze and get nothing concentrate is basically just like everything everything hydrated water tuna fish no offense the guy Patrick when we were meeting to the space I thought you know Monday is our first full day he will definitely not have the podcast it ready I thought they would be ready for the patch I don't know I still have a long way to go there is that right there a ridiculous amount of money to ship it and it's a pain in the ass to find a truck that can hold it because it is so big you have to make sure you have to find a trailer like an 18-wheeler trailer that doesn't have a roll up top that has like a door that opened barn style doors open because that barely fits in the trailer and it has like that roll up door longtime community members designer podcast of true Martha marine life Community musician what are you saying there something wrong with me Community member for a long time now Rivers blue Richard Cheese be a gig that she had for making music for the show but then she became Super Active in the community are still hunting but I still hurt about as well as you remember that with Jenga and the robot are saying that they're talking about is actually dead and so he was going to make some muscles freak out that is a type of squid but there are also like with everything that I have seen that as well fish off the fish continues to live in a terrible Tilly app refresh ship showing up on Earth is that if aliens showed up here on Earth I would not want them to see the way that we interact with every other species on Earth that makes you think interpret the data they receive about our treatment of it is that of more safe statement to make another occasion is a sense of morality is offended by our sense be you kindness you get what I'm saying how about that you get what I'm saying you don't think they might if you could if it lies you told him that you would understand it talk English and you would understand the old saying believe it or not I think it's pretty above the Influence Tour lineup we wouldn't be able to understand Bing and Google it is a Philosophical Investigation all right where did you go it's all about timing right the right point to Gavin again you said it you said it you know I'm going to find out information vikatan I'm just going to guess that is the correct pronunciation of app did you get that promotion philosophical investigations highly influential work of the twentieth century by philosopher blue the Vincent Vincent discussed the numerous problems and puzzles in the field of semantics logic semantics have some right up your alley philosophy of mathematics philosophy or psychology lots of action and philosophy of the mind and talk about if one could speak we we could not understand them but it was said by someone anyporn possum eating what are the week we met a human from a lake what is Untouched by the horrible things about the untouched ride with him 95% that made me think about sorry shut up something alien showed up tomorrow and show up to help us tomorrow night would probably work too advanced for a species yeah you told me when that why do you seem to have less than we do what is this planet really run by the majority of the planet is microorganisms even 1 billion insects out numbers like crazy images Net Zero layoffs what advantage do we have be in the correct proportion of sides to water as opposed to a whale Blue Advantage do we have versus a whale nevereverland because it would be too small for what I asked what advantage do we have because water is the correct size front tires have the biggest water water would be you are worried about it you need less of it as much but your really In what water but I don't drown in water but its molecules Pokemon would have a club you get stuck in it what will be in Club Utah scientific Club close at 1 it would just be too or it becomes smaller utilities 2 Origins away Agape way that you can don't have Norton because I can carry water that is held together with nothing more than surface tension than right we can imagine if you could just hold like a beer it was a globule of beer feel like out of the middle of it that was the perfect size and arguably more proof that people eat and what percentage of the subject nice of you think is that were the perfect size not intellectual write a note because of the size the water though if you think about it realistically is a matter of perspective on your part that you started you are this size so that seems like a standard for size and everything at 1 and then stopped how much bigger they can get I don't know you can go to the Texas Capitol you can see how big how much bigger humans have gotten there are safety rules in the Texas state capitol to prevent people from falling over it if they were built in the capital was built and they're really fucking love the rail at how did you have to get it because it was such a large prospective house was extremely short like all the doorways are I always liked and I would be very pissed at you for that pronunciation British time will guess what about your philosophy Professor I'm hoping that we have are set up for next week hopefully we will be back in the movie and I next week for the turkey podcast like serial be happy