#269 - RT Podcast

RT Debuts on the Stage 5 Set

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-269

Recorded: 2014-04-29 21:04:39

Runtime: 01:41:04 (6064.78 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross, Matt Hullum


Transcript (in progress):

list of sushi podcast is brought you by sharis berries order giant freshly dipped strawberries starting at 1999 that's over 40% stable the berries for just $10 more could have berries.com click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and use code teeth that's berries.com and the code to listen to the podcast is also brought to you by ProFlowers of her special day with one dozen assorted color roses with a free glass vase from ProFlowers conference 1999 upgrade to the pink rose or yellow potted rose plant for just 999 was Cody that ProFlowers.com welcome to the Rooster Teeth podcast first podcast with asset in our new beautiful Stage 5 no longer have and no longer in the van operation of the launch of Red vs. blue season 12 congratulations asshole this week in the past we have Gus Gavin Kerry miles and Gus in order to you know this is a Monumental occasion were moving the stage for I forgot all the setup I thought you meant it's Monumental I bought special beer for everyone moments over here the grocery store down the street so I got everyone a growler beer what kind of beer is it drunk and how are you going to drive home yes you can okay if you drink it with the label facing out does your left hand have the strength to do that I want to see you looking so well so in the way accurate Texas the heritage of making beer goes bad drinking on the way home open container law WhatsApp so then how did they know Sushi Madrid previously opened are currently open you could look at their helmets so I can kind of relate to that subject it was a really fucked-up story that happened this past weekend here in Austin speaking of drinking and driving there was a 9:35 I was walking down the street and a drunk driver hit them till the cops came over the legal limit drive through the crime scene cop have to dive out of the way and then go running after costing him when I talk to him they're like taking him into custody wizard drunk drag racing going on jackpot it's like they don't want to arrest people they have to do no I didn't and I guess the person who killed was a what high-profile Twitter user Lego TX hipsters I guess they like Chronicles like 123 I get that every month it's like something sweet to me he's like okay I have like a small world technically the other day with you yeah I love conversation with American Airlines at 12 but in the picture on my phone then I was in the front row of class because I have so many miles I can do that and then I was like United was because United had orders for the 787 and American didn't want to be just like all these blue lights look like on the inside well that's in the place we came back RT were already swollen from bug and walking like idiots when they saw that I actually could not put my shoe on my foot and I couldn't now they're okay I'm stuck with drunk and running the worst was no equipment workout Studio over at 3:50. Studio was downtown at the intersection of 7th and Congress and what was Peter Peter restaurant the worst was there was one battle one of them was like this or Chinese but the worst band ever play blow within the Pita Pit was a band called 4 on the floor 4 guys need to the bass drum yeah let me know bass drops that we get a report online yeah cuz I was on my foot I first played drums on head supposed to but that's your foot waiting for Dad to give you back problems why would you always Buffalo Bandits play fascinated by play no I do not want to be learning about them black boxes all day air crashes is that like the gliders show like you need to break the speed limit to avoid an accident right like that's where I come in that's what you need to floor it let's have a proposal to make little attitude medical PC 31st Gavin cheated landed Gus crying as a passenger on the flight I'm going to be healthy 201 of Utah crashing people live in Russia everyone's obliterated if you can split the difference I want to play I couldn't compensate for it feels like positive done this better and I think that with a female journalist Reddit completely painted like a month ago she was probably because the operation she was interviewing some woman that was trying to get them some build a pass or something that will help to True kidnappings or something like that I should just try to get information out the bill out and it told me to keep going so what was it like for you 14 locked in the basement something something something she was terrible I talked about in previous interviews but tonight I'm just here to talk about the bill just right right I understand RT I can see how you might misconstrue my words another Jiro for the u.s. Bode Miller it was a pretty shitty Sensational journalism and how like ridiculous 24-hour news has gotten anything see the movie Just For That Grace yes I think so we have to pay Bolton on Twitter so you can be divided into an apple it's like the ground is everything just like we got along and this roof trusses WV dreams of you playing in New Orleans in the past the thunderstorm and hail got into a Vengeance and made a book turn off 17000 the devil in the plane and the engines turned off and it was just a little weak it's like a waterfall driver Chevy in that song American Pie American Pie until then I just didn't know what they were driving the Chevy it's amazing Gavin so hard what happened that the levees broke that's why I just keep forgetting that people who own car dealerships are the most evil people in the world are you listening or watching now some guy owns it so windy outside Southpoint and had like a giant banner up with his name egomaniacal that wasn't bad enough there's a giant fucking face next to it the dealership I'm going to go buy a car from commercial I'm crazy Carl from crazy car ridiculous radio ad they have like an ongoing series with these commercials like whoever the first guy was he was like you'll see me at the Yellow Rose that's like me know say the first one the second one was like you'll see me at the Yellow Rose and you'll see me okay great and then the next episode like there was one that was seriously it was you at the Yellow Rose yellow rose and then go see you who was that commercial Google who can I sell my commute I have to go and like right when that like it enjoy the ride sharis crystals, rocks with my dad I saw her sitting like he's doing a portrait it's like this like cut out with dimensional portal around here 3D Crystal and I want to make fun of that place to that place is always fucking packed really I walked in there was I was still I'm convinced that places like shady you walked in there once and it's cool you know this and ship and whatever customer was totally off what do you put in the middle of room and you are like your father and it charges it 102 okay go to do number 3 have a 3 at work now I thought about it silently Mission Impossible real toast to you have to be like 3 o'clock for Mission Impossible I mean it depends on really really bad I think I could be dead silent for beginning to end okay we're just talking about that means we don't want any of you guys were drunk is it because we know each other the table at 11 of them getting jacked off on the table one of them isn't and you couldn't figure out who is not being said you what you want to think the Pentagon Costa Rica any black Felix you know I'm doing right now my table tablecloths and the police what are your friends like it was me sex sounds anyways turn into the most disgusting part True Religion store in Las Vegas coffee from there lotro what's your question yes I can which stores do they really should have lined paper Filipino Spaghetti Bender for a while that's all of us now I spit all over. I think it's because of the stage I don't know I think the person with the other like this is here so there is working it was a nice place I've ever seen before is a terrible idea corner miter One Piece episode RT Podcast is brought to you by ProFlowers you gotta see it why not go to some ProFlowers it was Mother's Day coming up you can feel her special day with one dozen assorted color ProFlowers.com for just 1999 mom has a green thumb you can upgrade to the pink potted Rose or yellow potted rose plant produce 999 more use code to get a special Mother's Day to your dad I'll call supplies last ProFlowers are guaranteed to last a full week or your money back they got free shipping bouquets perfect for Mother's Day ordering is easy you just pick your delivery date and it's guaranteed not to mention every time their sponsor I've been using ProFlowers myself for 4 years and highly recommend them always had a great experience I always get things delivered on time so the only way to get this amazing Mother's Day deal if you go to ProFlowers.com click on the blue microphone in the top right corner and type teeth ProFlowers. Click on the blue microphone to type this deal expires Friday at midnight Mother's Day is just around the corner she got to get on it anyway show your siblings while your mom's favorite child this Mother's Day with a wedding bouquet from ProFlowers.com the competition has intended you got brothers and sisters you know make him feel like a piece of shit show me your better just chugging when of the pilot of the lead pilot only had one eye he was so he was like a small-plane pilot in El Salvador during the Civil War and one time when he was taking off his plane got shot it and a bullet hit him in the side of the face and lie to me at the very beginning of the lady that was like a stone wall get some stuff did you know that I just found out if you like take off your glasses for example and you really need to see something if you just make a little pin hole and cover your I like that you can see no matter how play originally like him self-portraits today now typically a normal self portrait owner and a half by 11 sheet of paper as the ones in front of you you don't want something besides of your hand and every person in the class and put their hands when everything was becoming very clear the I forgot to take a picture and it kind of remember what the message said dear Kerry suck a big fat knob Gavin as well when people give me showtimes to sign my name and he would sign bunny Robert Downey jr. I don't know if you can have any legit there are certain stretches of flight Highway across the United States that are designed to go in a straight line for a certain length so that if we need to make an emergency landing they can land on the highway with it was it was real for me but I want to see one out of every five miles it has to be straight to keep warm true or part of the government sold the package to build interstate highway we can also do true what is Kerry yelling at you I was talking shit about Gladiator and about how much I hated it the worst movie ever made it to work but to God it stinks like continue the tradition come from Minecraft Crash Bandicoot crash LA Clippers owner in the way of trying to me I really didn't understand the problems that I think it's incredibly incorrect owner the older dude and his young girlfriend recording him while they were fighting so that he was like crazy shit like I forget exactly what he said he said something like I don't want you bringing black people to watch Clippers games I want you to unfriend all of the black people who follow you or who you're friends with on Instagram and you can have sex with him you can do whatever you want just don't be friends with him on Instagram brand new modern instance like a half Hispanic half black so then piece of leather feels like a wax statue when he stopped at a big box and kind of messed up it has missing and if he looks like that in real life now Motion Lab Tuning why so a couple months ago like a month ago I got my wisdom teeth taken out right taking out and when they do the surgery you know they wore me like hey you know when the bottom one is there I did a terrible thing kids getting wisdom teeth out I waited so they were like super like Justin are all that I still have a whole bunch of bad here is an x-ray on back does this of you don't hit the bottom of one it possible to go too deep to get it out you know you might have a nerve damage or something like you're blessed I feel to be numb for a while and we go on top the right ones were too deep we might break in your sinus and I was like how much charge do I have when people try to avoid the camera it's like a mission impossible movie Reddit if I lost everything when I can feel my face everything's fine a week later I woke up in the morning and went really bad last night you know what the hell's going on mother's Matt my sinuses opened up so I had a great trip going from them somewhere that's close to down into my mouth itches all night long I'm just like swallowing it raise this by the way yeah I can taste it like like 3 weeks straight just straight up and boogie the store he might try to run away drunk now I can smell it too Gavin Dance happiness Gavin true that was my life for about a month whatever whatever filbeck of hey so you know it's terrible they're like come back in a couple weeks will be with you I don't like putting get the skin on it did you hang up on me and Aaron to Erin love Cartwright Kerry blue Terrier I'm a real one here to save me from this to Aaron by the way I really air right now for disgusting holes the thing Aaron loves Aaron loves you are are cringe TX cringe videos no see I can't I can't do it I can't growing up in the animated cartoon character getting a slightly awkward I don't watch shows like the office specifically because of Michael Scott I can't do it I tried watching British comedy just 90% of it like Kobe Scott scene I want to know the person you realize what you doing recent emotions today Ethiopian kid connect cringe I think so either surround object our generation is not like the last twenty Generations maybe but why would you cringe if you have all these fasting for that person is cringe Jiro 257 nothing I think that I think that there are instances of cringe that I must transcend when the cringe Channel Tim Healy he said with the gym equipment but he said that the office Mid-American what do you think he said that show me the office for the 2:03 is that I made that totally ruin his career for like a year or two it's because he would constantly just nailed the camera because it is Kerry cringe from Middle English sometime later cringe encryption or fall in battle meaning change indoor crowd social equivalent of falling about when does cringe mean cringe that the friend or specially enforceability Tower the cringe is the physical no just the emotion restaurant if it was really fun like join a game and just pretend you never know pretend of the year in the weather like at 100 Chenal aluminum poisoning sorry people get mad that you can't understand I want to play with like a few people gray was like it was yesterday so we decided pretend to be policemen people from a cup coffee with pretended that we go so that we would look like detectives we drove around Rover I think it is maybe I don't thing we like you just woke up and I'm like you're hallucinating I've been running around in gun fights with each other till we go in from the country club miles driver Matt stonie I went to the golf course hey man coming you go and I hear ya sorry I need guys are messing with me and I'm doing donuts in the parking lot kinda bored waiting and your car's clutch Burger King people that advertise that games I feel like bah of the game trailers totally out of it I put it on the fridge they just showed clips of that kind of thing with the idea of you guys play let me the best trailer for GTA online what would it look like no doubt we got the place how do you say it shows the fun I just cool footage of game is it something up and do it for me anymore pens on the type of game that would be a really store have a game I love that stuff I love Red Dead Redemption is my favorite game gameplay is ok but the store was fantastic never trailer on the cover of the cover of the Phil Collins song Excuse me on the cover space before but the original song for that is really I didn't really show what kind of gameplay or anything it was just a found the right song and I just well I think that the move but the game is really not like that at all that sounds like so what miles to the cover of The Beatles song they did on the worst wreck love like like people post about him reading a play about these days which is like the great I like how many of the songs I've heard I didn't know they were it's pretty sick that Kanye West song with a very simple and then the originals playing in some shopping centers like special situations when you can check it today phone or anything I heard this song Quadzilla Daft Punk mashup on YouTube Like Remix that's really funny I listen to that song over and over over Random Access Memories phhhoto.com owner I like that song Georgia something like doodoo doodoo 90 seconds of crap at the beginning Traxxas you can go into iTunes in PA someone's asking Gavin what were you going to say before miles talk about being sad in GTA GTA 5 not working I forgot to mention is that I was told to wear this week's t-shirt Tuesday on the pockets just realize I'm not wearing it Solon really dark yeah it was elected chairman and the poster is a like a map of sunrise black guys. Could use because episode 100 was a scavenger hunt but we know that nobody knows where anything is so we had this where we're going to print out the map I made in the achievements it all but she was already welcomed this Matt so I can finish it by 100 and it looks really good this is one of the coolest things I've seen in the past 1270 x 3 Cash 1 when you got to say is basically the six main houses are cheaper Safeway or Michael in the middle at the very end Ryan has like built this Labyrinth and I am taking a full diamond armor with a diamond sword and I thought he said something like come with me or stay as you like a lot smaller I was using my Xbox was on the arm of the chair and I'm in the middle of flagstone like a Starbucks and it was kind of like a movie where you can see someone run past the camera you trying to say that you guys get here and I was taken for vomiting everywhere top 40 2000 look up pool of like boogers in my stomach twice and it was just you know for the show up for the game back what I said Kerry you are terrible please don't throw up on it because you're hearing me talk about police what was the tour of achievement City you something like we talked about trying to like physically at one point last year we talked about trying to physically build everyone's houses from Achievement City 2782 pretty of the backdrop for photo ops and we talked about like how could we build Jeff's house do not be like the size of like a box cutter but everything else against it and then line it with clouds around it so you can't really see it like having a bunch of like that's awesome it really expensive true time building a gigantic building history pimp from RT I can hear me with your point wasn't talking Titanic in its Collapse full it was cool that is really cool that the scale there was like realizing all the way to the top on the inside 232 first every episode like how about we do it this way before so we weren't sure what the scripts how long how many pages you need to write her a really store the paste a minute can't wait so we were like we just the two of us recording all of the voices for every single character for the entire episode we have that are some where we going I was using the track on the DVD it was mechanics Connecticut plane crash in Italy flying vehicle type into Minecraft I was want to hurt you I just want a parachute for hang glider show all the Gladiator the lighting in Minecraft but in real life they Store The Villages true show is heavy why didn't you catch the shuttle more than a dozen hang glider I don't usually go to the ocean weather requirement when they landed in the head back up sights for landing astronauts in space like the weather's good tell about one of the weather is good I just looked out the window now this crap on America is it good to me how the ISS has like 10 sunsets and sunrises today because it just pulled it off and that's what they can go around the other way I think they just like to speed up the old style single cut j-mac if you want to play in a straight line in Minecraft how to get to the end 358 on it make a poster like exact quote from Forrest Gump so much better than he's ever walked in this real life probably the number one thing I can hope for when we all die if we get some cheap KD ratio you get like miles hopefully or maybe you killed someone come on didn't you pooped the biggest weight loss you ever had in the day sometimes you just feel like you when you sit down you pull a lot you can handle a dispute with the biggest pool in the world oh man that's what I know I think it's really important and I want to shake his hand longest time with an erection would be a good one recently is that we want to having an erection ok the weather like all the Bloods try not to worry about discovered that I need to pay is only mental but you don't Today Show the tunnel before the fight and I peed right before I boarded the flight I need to pee was like no way because it's not enough liquid in my bladder for me to need to pee right now I need for a half an hour weather in first class so I was it's not like part of the experience isn't working properly it was in the middle of sex you're not really haven't like an urge to pee like of your life especially for what I do to piss really bad like jacking off call you don't pick up the phone cuz you people who like to get off to that how does NPR mean when you be like halfway through it's dreams of a dog like today very carefully about it because I don't want to inadvertently the URL and I don't want to send them traffic that comes to claim what was the name of that it's a website where there's no nudity but it's all women whose cars have broken down on the side of the road while and and it's like there's lots of pedal pressing and high heels slipping on ice it's like a combination like foot fetish Tumblr ability will ship you DVDs here forever and yes if you're in Germany quick here I mean it's like a block of text in German is like what is a translator Air Buddies videos to get delivered to your home file an alias with the post office and this and that what the fuck is this website it's called like a we have some really bad news we're not going car broke down a lot but it wasn't full and I'm mentally get rid of the need to piss fuck you I know you're glad it wasn't for some paper no way what's a 3000 is pay what you want to pay them the bathroom for the same thing I have been of some international flights better really once and I was in business class and the bathroom was huge and what time I wanted to come to it if you can but we're getting ready to do this morning so they're going to go brush my teeth in the bathroom the ultimate you know how there are some people that have video games that people like to add little touches like of realism into a video game-like artist that work on the game or what game you could climb up you could climb around through vent at the end when he would approach the duck cover the cigarettes push through and I was like people would stick cigarettes on a plane 5880 again okay, no thank you I'm scene 2 thing and it in the stick it was a prime example of something you would never be able to come up with with your brain you have to experience a real life and then at it again he's always been a special occasion make sure you're the sweetest of all mothers day Sunday May 11th we can order giant strawberries sharis berries starting at 1999 that's over 40% savings or you can double the berries for just $10 more click on the mic in the upper right hand corner at berries.com and use promo code teeth they got enormous fresh juicy mouth-watering berries the different white milk and dark chocolate cup of chocolate chips decorative Swizzle or nuts just type in codes when you order we always get them since we just moved we didn't get our berries this week they went to the building so we didn't get them in time so they're great they're moving berries berries you can order them at the top right corner and type teeth I said it before they told us that our listeners are the worst at finding that microphone you click on it to go to berries.com look for the microphone at the top right corner and type teeth then you'll see the special deal their deal expires Friday midnight Sushi order now you can have to get Mom something for Mother's Day anyway so just passed the podcast right now go to berries.com do it get it over with I got some for my mom recently she loved them she thinks I'm the best thing that my sister I'm terrible but she told is Mother's Day in England is for some reason in the middle of March yeah we would you get from Gavin same day in both countries but it's just my mother's day so I have no idea what you think I'm not going to have a talk show for Father's Day I want you to leave me the fuck alone just try and stay alive from the internet when I do have kids and I make you the Godfather so you can like I could be like a Godfather that I was I'm going to the kids are going to die is of most people receive you be one of the other ones I think are you walking out but I still love you Kerry or whatever and you pack it in for us okay I'm actually rolling sky scene with contractions and on the side it says do not touch emotion and every single thing looks like it's going to kill me navigate to this is my choice would be a long time when I was a kid to learn how to tie shoes you're taking me a long time to learn how to tie my shoes I think I was saying before I was on my own and I always wear velcro shoes and other kids feel bad about it because I couldn't tie my shoes tie my shoes just let me know when I get them I told them that I can the first time that I slip them on and off in trouble for doing that when I was a kid Talking Tom 924 on when I turn 24 - 30 + 10 + 22 from school hey hello I don't know I mean most probably hated me before any of us that's weird Gavin do you cook yourself a message from someone High School Illinois old shit right I got a message from someone I went to school with the other day I was like oh hey I saw you in a promo for a contest and it is running while I was like that's funny that's work for them around the corner what are you doing I just had lunch what are you doing I'm about to go eat lunch I'll head back to the old home town small talk is a fucking joke all the time work I know that that's fucking it I can't stand it anymore but the thing is if you are uncertain whether you don't want to talk about your job probably my friends accuse me of humble bragging cartoon I'm finally getting to do it I love this opportunity me know thanks everybody that supported us at the first comment on that is fucking humblebrag drunk and they just make fun of me for it like that I've gotten some fanart for and and as much as I appreciate that like I had a lot like me I could keep it you're moving out we're moving into a new place we could really use some Walmart they they made the elite selected a few Choice pieces of fan art that they display in their kitchen and they always show it to me whenever I come over there part where they put it weird like awkward smolder bad bad miles and they always say there's not really hate about myself I fucking hate myself for that I don't know like super straight over here I received last year TX someone came up and I had painted paintings of my wife and I think it's one of my life one of them to a great wonderful paintings and frame them and put them in my dining room and after I put in my dining room for my in-laws came over and they're like what's that me and your daughter feel like taking them what do I realize we were taking them took them and they hung in there documentary about The Sushi Guy Jiro Dreams I could watch macro shots like it's so serious I was hungry but I'm not really hungry like a Matt tasting course he would change the size of the sushi based on gender and also placed it on a different side of the plate and depending whether they were right or left he wouldn't ask them Misty last to be taking them to eat because it would ruin the pacing of his discourse also as one of his sons build a second restaurant but his son was right handed and not left handed so he built the restaurant Mirror Image completely in that page in the magazine but one is one side of one of the other restaurants but it's like the mirror it's working here back and forth about how they like both of the sons are so inferior to that father he's like well I have the other restaurant but I have to really slash my prices because I'm not his father the father 50th still be like my father but I just want to do this anymore I'll take over the business 50 yeah I'm still here what time is the egg sushi place where you have to make Square fried egg on both sides and then presented it everyday for like 4 months but I spot every time I finally after they said yes to that make it like that yeah she anyway apparently for three Michelin stars but I feel like that but I did everything I was supposed to trim guys are the best friend guy it's really cool it's just like sushi I know it's not really any restaurant that gets a 3-star Michelin award that means that you should go to that country just to eat at that restaurant 93300 got a tiny little bit of Lobster on it sound like the perfect little after 11 this is the best day of my life Resco I did not own the proper attire to go to this restaurant I need to see planet of our school once you do that I really want to go to the place and I think if you're not Japanese you have to have someone Japanese go with you to this cuz I don't want to deal with it you know what I did and it was like you wouldn't sushi 50 minute meals to eat lunch sushi Danny leave from the time you spend in that based on the prices it's probably the most expensive place to eat 300 should you eat show 12225 and um he has a heart is the most handsome man royalty writing crap for Red vs. blue show at the pig miles but this guy I don't know if he's working at the same Studio as like the next flight coming directly there but apparently at one point he went to school to do landscaping but there's a school in Japan do you learn to landscape and he was like no I don't think I'm going to Landscaping said and I need to go over there Premier if his father was like we don't we have a studio comic movie but I don't know exactly what happened but the same thing it's like he's like a son to me we are leaving on Mark Moseley going to the bathroom airport April bathroom that's why I like to think that the first class ones are we have like this any time will be last time I show Kerry always been one of them tripped up the stairs of the other one I just washed all my toilet warranty cold mornings like the fancy movie Set term for lack of portable bathroom Jamaica Matt and I could not leave my computer was laughing so much I didn't want to come over well I don't think you want me to bring it up with you because you are Mourinho is technically for their way but I feel like it's closer than the other building was in the annex look like when you're over there we have to go see you know talk to you next week see you at the building between the students Matt from from my office space than 5 feet feel like a pet died you know with the cat the dog and it's like hey how you doing and you feel and you feel like I can ask us about something go out of turn like literally 6 inches turn to my right and there you are and you just feel like suck but the green button is at him like Pikachu and we would talk about stuff and then I will go you know like a quarter marathon happy just to look at them in the mall what kind of laws are in the bathroom how much I come from a different angle I can from my work to the set from behind this and we're trying to get him here if we can find a way I was Wheeling Kerry round 1 of the movie to replace one of those moving boxes because we live 2011 of Kerry how to work out coming out right I'm glad you got to see the 12 every Monday will be releasing new episodes we are Kerry Gavin recipe for people at 5 p.m. for sponsors 7 for everybody else Barbie saying yes I have a real hard time seeing off of the set when was Google made juice press the hypotenuse is like the long side of a triangle right is it shut up miles of trying to partake in the park at 208th a semicircle what are you like when you know in England as you were in math class you take generally Jesus what did you see Alice trigonometry Indonesia we should we should have pop quizzes will be just like everyone has to take black intelligence test people who don't know how to close the fucking door so you took that test today yes by the people at like 10 people with a lot of school I think you would fight everyone is on camera on a regular basis RT Podcast accounting episode that would be great we should definitely get our school actually on the on The Parkers that's right actually 202 Leslie Pool mechanics I thought you meant like why you so stupid yeah I like to put on their hair Matt TX Gus just for the fucking buttons I 25% of the answer deoxyribonucleic acid RNA just driver nucleic acid with Germany what kind of oil to use on a ninja like a rocket now the only scene the mint men women I'm just in the miles situation in 2003 when I really need to poop show me wrap up this mother that we are while I tried telling myself it was Matt I'm not going to get up we're going to do this thing patch patch so thank you for watching we'll see you all then you better buy top 100 Gavin