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Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rooster-teeth-podcast-27

Recorded: 2009-09-24 15:16:42

Runtime: 00:29:51 (1791.65 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey


Transcript (in progress):

I love you Malcolm Stewart call Teresa Bach you're the longest running joke no shit that was all three weeks ago but it was fun launch party in Seattle which was held at till the experience music project Museum ugly building solar panels and the building when possible not to touch everyone and anyone outside the hospital early spring pandemic hospital and in the parking lot at the problem how do you get to be the ones inside shut down the Overflow if you get health care bucket list who won the fight vs Diaz fight through this I stayed up to 1 a.m. he was playing on the TV tonight Geoff what about that Dungeons & Dragons experience in the car this morning and you come back and talked about your little holiday on the phone dragons has really come back into Vogue because I read about it seemingly everywhere on people's blogs and now their Twitters and all that stuff to me like there's something going on 2 years you know when you're too years ago fourth edition came out the way I planned on keeping it real Twitter got big and so everyone has to maybe 5 or so that I stop for a bit and explain it back oh yeah Gavin play getting out interacting with 5 work with social interaction with friends I always think dude reminder that's awesome if you like to do the NFL draft you know you know 2054 Anacapa Facehugger before 20 minutes ago and instantly connect what I didn't think any animal read anything ever in any capacity about your history novel ever written Gavin travel I got a better idea than anyone has ever had the idea to take the headphone plug coming out your mouth we don't want any more on image how many meters are probably close to 10:15 it's the worst ever on the toilet Pikachu to me when I drive around the corner I'm at the doctor's I'll text you and I'm usually the right one so down and didn't fill up the toilet gross biggest zombie apocalypse talking about I read an article that said we are not 20 years away from immortality effective immortality Medical Science make it to that so realistically 120 years away from years did you try the retirement plan terminal happens every 7 years and you have so many seven-year period until your 65 retirement plan literally Geoff live longer than you should remember stuff that happened yesterday on 250 years ago I need a number for Google become your memory what did you do yesterday compare them 32467 campaign but when it first came out first got our hands on it which was what we were working on those commercials commercials we weren't doing it then that's what you're wondering about the headphones I don't know dude there's a lot of videos that week best music Marty O'Donnell who does the music for the Halo games you know that but she also made The Flintstones kids vitamins jingle I don't remember commercial give me the number for Hayden came out meow when he just didn't recognize it you want to give you cannot leave soon enough we got outside I was going to say I'm about in a question that has been definitively announced that the DLCs next week 29th September which is down 100% on his and I did lose another game like in your percentage now doesn't finish game 34-34 finished almost 50 while now literally almost did you finish that I completely understand that the greatest hunter in the world the Park gamerscore Race 2004 you said I wouldn't fucker Dominic Purcell approachable person basically congratulations to the Limit but if I can look it up comic about it Burnie like a secret Club what about it most portable comic the one I don't know you can tell me I have a hundred twenty five thousand what I'm worried about I'm worried about 290 if I had to 50.52 achievements of till I get in the temple with a 2000 F250 finish it Top Pot they all take the battery out of it the podcast Friday FEMA camps The Beatles to hear anything I don't know funniest leaving here not really where I would have stayed 15 amendment we missed you we just had refinishing more it was more that it was it was able to get up level 44 a lot of games we have collected and there's definitely better ways to do that then other ones where you collected stuff where are some place on the map there's two items and only shows you want and what you pick up one of the two I did like them I didn't think about that you can go back and check those rooms? Cinnabon are you allowed to visit him and I have to transfer my stuff over to hang out with me for a whole time I was like I'm going to tell you anything what should a room with Geoff from Achievement Hunter making noise to try to keep me awake Homewood Suites so it's like a hotel room that's big I left the bedroom and put on the couch because that mother fucker so goddamn loud and then again and you know he's totally baby wakes up to do that to everybody but whatever it was good I had it with Jam in the middle what's going on around yeah we might have him back we'll see if we can afford more Normal Life podcast the future I think maybe he was going to Dan was dead until the microphones turn on recording recording the attic secrets that's pretty funny and I can ask him why he was pulled back in a little bit before it will break tomorrow Friday or the FDA bans flavored cigarettes they're gone I did no such thing as a flavored cigarettes on the counter they have Phillies blunt strawberry watermelon flavored tobacco General you can't do it doesn't make sense your body can heal smoke have you tried it in a few packs over the course of my life I'm allowed to drink cigarettes Marty sometimes I smoke cigarettes because it was really odd to me Christmas party my house to Miami I'm a terrible liar drink to get drunk that's the problem I'm going to help you and your wife and you all have something about the mixture of wine whiskey and beer I don't know liquor stores in Amarillo in cab mix very well how many does the planet ever yes without a doubt yes absolutely you can reach multiplayer beta superhero permission about that but you have to be to get into the bathing pool Gus but we try to keep them under ten megabytes so that if you have an iPhone you can download them over the 3G network and original iPhone 5 if you in your player and more episode 1 about two-and-a-half minutes must have been like 9 megabytes unless it was on the people listening on the link that should come to our side and everything