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RT Takes a Whack at Cinco de Michael

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Recorded: 2014-05-06 20:58:17

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo


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listen to Shari's Berries for giant freshly dipped strawberries starting at 1999 that's over 40% of the berries for just $10 most could have berries.com click on the microphone in the upper right hand corner and use Kodi that's berries.com and the code to this podcast is also brought to you by ProFlowers think Mom with a beautiful 100 blooms bouquet plus a free glass vase from ProFlowers conference 1999 upgrade to a pink base and chocolates for just 999 you use code to get the special price and ProFlowers.com Nyan time from Stage 5 Stage 5 single-player for Cinco de Mayo happy Independence Day you already looked it up it's really her early this morning Gus while so we have are very festive Cinco de Michel bachelor party fucking Windows Gus money you owe me Barbara Barbara any money so you were at Michael's that you always and you were like oh yeah but you want to run my own I'm the British want Ewen Michaels Michaels getting there Lindsay tuggey about to be leaving Jones I don't know it squeak from your in the wedding party is that correct yes well that seems like a lot of work but seems uncharacteristic for Gavin last person to get his tuxedo lined up waiting for the absolute last day I can do it Sunday that's the day you do it extra muscles or something like 30 pounds quickly you don't like go back 22nd pick it up the day before the wedding everyone for the way right fucking people do he said I just have to walk down the aisle it's done that so I just I could do that no more like are you interested actually go to her wedding party before the first to miss the first art because you have to go be in the wedding depends what you're looking very much tell your friends what you made the right choice now you make with a little devil on your shoulders You Should Skip event to go to Art absolutely I think 644 Center F those tickets will be gone very soon very soon I wouldn't say this week will be gone very soon tomorrow okay that sounds a little party I'm off I'm off I'm off how does the Hulk jack off different college picture of the Hulk with just a tiny little pink penis and it's big green bug right that's the one thing that stays on my shirt goes the bottom leaving the Heat the transformation happened possibly because he's angry the point you fat well I can jack off or I can hold your cup what year Billy to make bad decisions so he can jerk off like you can stay moth turning into the Hulk easy right now I could fall into the thing and let him in and black widow relay their necks there's a threat it was on Reddit 8 early contador they say that whatever early concept art of stuff and one of things with the Abomination from 2nd and movie with Incredible Hulk and the angry make that one the first one said this was the one with the traffic on early in the First with a book and the ending of it and everything else but I'm going with your fucking spoilers on stuff too but it had a bunch of different concept art and how it evolved over time to the real movie Abomination was exactly I think it was Abomination woah yeah we talked about it earlier today and I were talking about Who Framed Roger Rabbit so it had it on it on it in 1988 how much money did this movie cost to make one and have it on your TV I don't say that Adam Baer test at 3 movie hold off the internet fat pissed off at how art is that now is closed and then we'll play this back to you subtract 2 from Roger Rabbit I was watching it okay so it came out 1988 1988 do you want to get you so I tell you how much money 40 million exactly what I guessed it was 70 million dollars in 1980 when they're choking wow that was for inflation what was the most expensive movie have the cartoons holding stuff that they like when Roger was going to share with you something and it's like in his hand and sloshing around the headlines and white stuff around the trigger on it and it talked about how like there's a couple of scenes where the cartoon actor in person after art interacting to be like a lamp or a light that's like moving casting light differently across the see if I can then we may have to match up in the animation bit like coming across it and everything you read the trivia about when Bob Hoskins grabbed her by the neck and that he got the island when they forgot the Roger was down here so they have him pressed up against the wall so he's totally because they don't show it they just have the car to you like that ever take a look at a movie that cost 130 million dollars that they made a movie starting Bob Hoskins get out of that was pretty well-known there originally they were they want to cast Bill Murray as a Bob Hoskins character and what's the next could not get in touch with him and Kourtney the Tribune obituary says he was in a public place when you read the interview of Robert zemeckis and you started screaming out loud because he would have been there Ozark Armory in Garfield right blue nose that's was Garfield was written by Ethan Coen of the Coen Brothers do I'm going to do it I'll do it was actually it was somebody else improvised the whole movie and then reanimated to everything he improvised for the first movie and I said I'll do another one if you let me know take care of the script first like give me the script I'll rewrite it they said sure and they brought him back in there it goes like this movie he's really stick to a sandwich will do differently wake me up at card was actually do that 9711 would really be relevant now totally fine I just like making jokes about the iPhone and stuff of that I totally kept up with everything board behind the brick wall behind him anyway he did the same job for 15 years now Seinfeld the problem in the 90s like feeling old that's why I always come back to what you think never made an episode of Seinfeld in the 2000 that went off in May yeah but we just got in just this week is the 10th anniversary of the end of friends and that means after 2004 - 2004 Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Larry David pretty funny making money doing that show in syndication change times in New York like on the local station in New York in syndication Letterman to promote the time change in New York the bricks of money you like to keep that in time it could surprise in the entertainment isn't always as big money as you'd expect the most we talked about this before like the most wealthy people they tend to be like businesspeople lucasfilm for 4 billion dollars and then Facebook buys WhatsApp a few years later for 16 to 18 billion dollars you know it's just like their margin of error is half of what looks so what song was it worth it 84 billion right there for 4.1 billion and 4.2 planer Lucas and Marvel at me like one of his .1 billion more excited about the new Star Wars coming out May 4th was yesterday I'm trying not to pay too much attention to it the 4th what day of the year history of essentially a celebration in one town in Mexico goddamn war that Mexico lost I like them so worked up by these two holidays back to back none of them affect your life in any way UCP not open yet what pinata can you can you can you do pinata pinata Chicago really got your back to me it's interesting to me that getting rid of expanded universe stuff but there's like there's big big big dos and don'ts medical Orion ship expanded universe and you just look at the film's got to do with me to Corey and ship in the first movie of Phantom Menace may pretty much forgot about trying to get away from here produced the movie the movie and the Clone Wars Anakin Clone Wars I could be wrong about that I didn't hear for but now from this point on it's all going to be in one bit quick yoga the good whatever the reason episode three go into a New Hope like all the Jedi were killed except for Ben Kenobi order 666 whatever let me know that skilled intervention like flower mushroom plant super nerd at your desk they go yeah bro fucking Star Wars posters I look up the street art was supposed to go because nobody else in this fucking company Cameron Payne surrounded and closed it don't go all the way to the floor you got to get something out of there don't have a key I can get within Arm's Reach bit together trap to a Christmas tree when it's lightning Fisher-Price that can fit under the fucking gate butter good for cough expensive Master bicycle fitting that got killed how do you say eventually does get killed and everyone pretty much until she leaves the Jedi Order leaves the Jedi Order okay alright cop gets killed lot 6 season 2 we were talking about money and wealth and all that other stuff we talked about most expensive movies ever made what is the most expensive movie ever made adjusted for inflation have it I want to have a 261 million dollars Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End 341 million dollars I think they did I think they do that I will then was because I was one of the three back-to-back Star Wars Rebels TV show that they just started putting out that's going to be in it as well the is one horse it's like a pile of the Admiral thrawn Trilogy right now Stormtroopers that have like Empire the new amp most career the 4th chamber stick the animals it was really what was the issue with the Midwest flooring Orem it's just so being a Jedi what street that's what time it is in Texas Ewen virgin person completely most likely to movie that they took the first and second movie May sweep and blend them together like Anakin as a boy like in the comic everybody wants to see them in time cast in there is like so old I mean how much time has passed was an old most like 121 it's been like 35 years since Jedi and in the end there time in the universe time you're close at 7:20 looking forward to that I like the idea or not I'd like to play more of a part that is kind of like a walk on the time so anyway I don't know what I'm hearing in time it'll still be pregnant I think it was something with Indiana Jones wasn't it like you want to do another Indiana you have another need is you fucking shit Star Wars media stop running anymore music video where I didn't know about in some little short film about it who is Shia LaBeouf now that I read an article today about Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels. They hate each other what R2D2 and C3PO art restoration the high-stress situation is your situation a costume on a movie set your the fucking metal costume all day when you hit the trash can in a metal what are going to do in the need of something they needed someone strong enough to control like the servos inside they could have put a kid in there because they won't be strong enough I could never get around like early work so long as it is screwdriver power drill and get them out panicking me up the story of Robert Llewellyn who played the robot in Red Dwarf his first ever seen was he had to light a cigarette from the thing that I was like one of the things the robot could do you would like a cigarette for the human character it was crazy and this team is going everywhere and I guess the most you're going to ask us to him whenever they would spot the lights on the poor imagination or did you see this guy looking at and it says Sheila Booth getting his knob out with some girl who looks like she isn't looking at Transformers jungle Adventure Whoa by the bloody face melting in the other one and then does coming after you don't control ants where to meet up definitely a more effective method of travel then swinging by Brian's berries exactly that's what hummingbird talk about the Crystal Skull at this point is the whole thing with the alien at the end that was dumb to handle better I think I was I was okay with the aliens with their the way they handle because you know it's PG-13 in Australia didn't always most sensitive about different things in other countries when it comes to ratings boards at compared to the u.s. but I know the one I was asking about his attack of the Clones they had to edit it but out in the UK really really am you know I had to take a movie from the US and UK sometimes that's like a 20 year old like 15 II difference from the first episode 2 attack of the Clones it's pretty sad you may be the best thing for me was the the new Trilogy like you he was pretty good casting for Obi-Wan I think he was good for everyone but there was somebody today but he was Carrie was doing like a bunch of McGregor imitations from Revenge of the Sith and it was pretty funny I mean it was just like how bad some of that dialogue was pretty good attack of the Clones like his life you think Bella is dead franchise ever cuz you don't know vs the good guy who the good guys think he's bad he's learning to be a bad guy to be a better good guy correct how many kills everybody in the kill him going undercover as a bit basically discovered that by going undercover he can protect them the Jedi by chilling with him and stopping with her doing she's probably one of the worst characters like just like totally counter to what you know what controlling him fighting it what city is throwing shade at each other in the council room and stuff is too much movie this week Godzilla come out in Japan are really upset because they think that Godzilla since he's come to America has gotten fat I've been really upset but I sent some pictures I would like Eliza ever speak to me like you're ready monsters that are not Godzilla as well there's a look at some of them on over here with my brothers monsters in the cartoon is like a mini Godzilla bug flies under the previous Godzilla movie with Matthew Broderick that Godzilla has been reclassified so it's not a Godzilla monster correct it is a Zilla Zilla writing that movie dating a black hat in the seeker rod and reel Godzilla may I wish I had one jingle for making Pacific Rim One Summer and then in to pitch me to say we just made a movie there's all the giant robots fighting a bunch of Godzilla now let's just take out all the robots and most of the monsters was making one thing we have Bryan Cranston and the dude from inception so the dude from The Last Samurai the movie position in Inception I couldn't understand what he said most racist f sex position he didn't in the cafe telling the girl from Last of Us everything that happened page Ellen Page summer yeah right I do like a character I'd never really appreciate it I don't like scarecrow either and was going for a while definitely York Maine time to Long Lake Affleck train sit at the End of the Street hit the city with the microwave didn't I just I think I just like an origin story good Lord you must love every fucking American superhero movie ever then that's another Superman movie unbelievable we have the name Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne in the next Superman vs Batman movie stop time for playing Blackjack at a casino in Vegas card card counting cards 8 News for Italian dude in a suit and he stood there he was so fucking intimidating he stood right beside us at the blackjack table and then eventually chose I think that's a good idea thank you for visiting me that just like crazy craft building between York New York in a Monte Carlo 2800 Arthur vs in front of Monte Carlo and on top of the Brooklyn Bridge and who fucking hate to Vegas with a passion hate it I hate Vegas Bush you very much very much in line with each other the casino and he was in the mall where they have the like the sky painted on the roof and he like goes like the city French restaurant and it's inside the casino with the sky paint on the roof and he said he wants a table and they can for two and a Coke do you want indoors or outdoors I guess I'm leaving the building under their students gondolas all that everything it's a big world what is like super chlorinated would that be appropriate if he was I guess the only thing I do all of this morning tell me funny free sorry to tell you you gotta tell me funny as crap it's early but I was a kid I squeeze tickets to me all the time so that walked of chlorine when I went in it and let me know if there's a kid and I've been hearing smell memories it looks like an slim movie guys go to you like you were swimming this weekend that has chlorine fat 4th an indoor pool get stuck in the walls okay I can endure you know that Lee was give me some room yeah I hate that smell just like this is time we were at the pool all weekend the backyard that I'm going to fucking kill eventually and I think I've killed them again and they hit something and do that we do like a boss has a speaker and I would think it was funny cuz people are scared to shit with the bug sleep attack upset that was the first seed in the new Godzilla jet flies by you out with that would you be if bug what time the humans the perfect human bug Burnie like intestines a group would you have to crush jelly newspaper put the time in Houston most humans fat staff especially small one translate bug bite no no no microwave banana spider in the police show up Langley likewise okay each other like pets she complains that too small at the beach hummingbird moth that it's a bug but it looks like a hummingbird that's like this big and it's like that it's like that looks like a bird I could never squash F the American version of Mothra fat hummingbird moth you could spot me like that I wouldn't touch because I feel like it's too big for me to mess with other than Birds what time do the for the clean and unclean in the long run in the end of today David Ambrose in his room nip it in the bud now we got 5 Birds on my back porch right now like we've been watching this mess you watching this thing is like I'm terrified that we're going to look up his only before berries like what I'm the other one sure enough all five birds hatch and like they are now getting back to the point where they barely can fit anymore not sure if I woulda walked outside I want to be on the ground because I just can't fit into your build a safety net like a table tennis suppose that you know if you can really talk nothing is cuter than may be vs the manager little animals cute which doesn't make a whole lot of sense but I guess we're all supposed to identify that we like him and then hopefully they're cute as their girlfriends the one exception there fun to do early in the poor I used to paint your living there at the time I never receive podcast is brought to you by ProFlowers I'm sure you got in trouble as a kid you know whether it's putting a cat in the freezer coloring the couch drawing on the walls and blaming someone else for it I can laugh about it now but I'm sure your mom is still pissed off about it so thank you for putting up with your shenanigans with the beautiful 100 blooms bouquet plus a free glass vase from ProFlowers.com for this 1999 upgrade 100 blooms with a pink vase and chocolates for just 999 more use code teeth to get the special price on your Mother's Day order order now call supplies last ProFlowers guaranteed to last a full week or your money back if we pick bouquets perfect for Mother's Day ordering is easy pick your delivery date and it's guaranteed the only way to get this deal is going to ProFlowers.com click on the blue microphone in the top right corner and type code to ProFlowers.com click the blue microphone and type of teeth that deal expires Friday at midnight so make sure you get today Mother's Day is this weekend do not forget cause the podcast please and just order the flowers and I put up with a lot of so sorry Mom I was really bad when I was a kid in trouble for May I took summer school and bring it all the ingredients for the number one hits Fat Chocobo be like the last minute it's really weird so I sent a great image to Patrick which will see if I can get up here in a second but it was in what city NatureBox the poor TX forward to our neighbors because we did some summer South by Southwest promoting the hell out of them I got to say yeah but it's different movie and they just put Zac Efron in it is perfect for that role to the fat guy that's coming out it isn't the X-Men movies coming out May just need is the Battle of Five Armies they just want the most obvious name basically movie with that movie the more they are dating then we break up and then they go they each indepently decide to go on a holiday to exotic location and they both end up with somewhere in Africa with their families and they bump into each other that's getting Sarah Marshall how you attack laugh 50 First Dates and someone and someone the first date so poor I can't even say it Captain America on screen in City sequel comes out low-cost director to another one I'll see you next Godzilla trying to send it to just one picture sorry sorry I was already on the radar for me I heard anything about that show me the 300 sequel yeah it's like it's all different things the first date thing that error might be something like I don't know why but like when a mistake is all I go out if you will make it but then it becomes like the mistake becomes more common than the actual proper use of the word like them years ago we talked about defiantly on Twitter if you look at the word defiantly it's a hundred percent of the time correctly spelling it and then ending up with the word finally did it instead of you spell for me the word just felt like you're on a horse if you want to stop or you like your conversational whoa somehow people started feeling well is woah for incorrect it is good bug the shit out of me it really bug misspelled words whoa what was that tree what is a noise that way stop but it's not a verb like I was that in over some of this is a direct command telling you to stop so it's a pretty unique word what is it when stuff gets worse is 1615 and 6025 dialectical dialectal lyrics I like a variant of Hope of her whatever she really was early loading the word I love that it's a new thing chart that brings down that's one bad ass so you want to look where we came from just look at the word and like Google would you look up like how many ounces are in a cup in a go I'm sure to tell you it's going to be breakout Google gives you like the etymology of the word working from 7 card it says it right there and then it shows your girlfriend like the ups and downs of the currency probably here and I got money live here but you're not a citizen right so if I'm not a resident is not officially okay you don't have a resident alien card people that live outside the US buy stuff in us all the time I try to do is get a bunch of my British friends just to buy the land around me and we'll just slowly take the country back great TV show that was fish and chip shop was not a great one that was not a great one you know there is a little bit island in the great Jeremy The Little Prince 8 feet over like you guys have given up all your colonies basically like using F ucking could take that one back here is Hong Kong that expired and you gave that back but the islands the Falkland Islands that in Argentina Gus fight over that fucking thing I have to give that back to the Spanish and you like to suck it was great that's a great time School location in case you go to war with Spain Mediterranean just get a massive Battleship and parking I can be way better than where you roll candy you can't say nothing to do up there across three continents in his ship wouldn't worry about it into the Rockies definition of advantage the poor is this useful I'm asking how I'm asking you when people F drone the shipping and everything what's happening in figure waiting on this all the time people who repeat and people always do a different one so by using that you can always win that's right how do you can always rent Winston crosses what is knots and Crosses why should I choose knows what you said it again what's good to eat at 2 I don't know how to take an attack but you three across Tic Tac Toe online early in his defense he just can't fucking over there but you're far away for racial slur have been through quite a lot that's been reprimanded most valuable thing to the queen what is population globally Top Gear Doctor Who it's okay let me look at some clips from it and it looks like they just say yeah I know but it's like it's not presented like a stage show so I totally see when they do it like that just seems like guys that they wrote and then went out and shot as though they really happen that's the way I the mighty spiritual Top Gear 3-wheel car feel like getting into it but not like you know like he's put on a scuba suit on most and that one is like a mile an hour 8 91 to an actual pipe and he went back and forth actually rolled it inside the time she landed and kept going through a lot of stuff themselves shoulder it is 56/8 but he was choosing between cars and he was doing the Eenie Meenie nursery rhyme and the classic version of that they use the n-word where is in America we going to catch a tiger by the toe I had to go to tiger he's a Tigger in English that's what you say on the playground you pronounce actually he didn't say it was going to be said he heard it he said he wanted her it sounded like you said it could the Mumble was too close to him I guess he didn't know that he didn't like yeah but that's crazy she was very publicly yell at him it's like Clarkson but I need them so much that they'll never get rid of me he was worthy of all that that level of how about every NBA not all of us in a black picture of a real upset people and then they had a socially responsible black in the fire like what the list is at their core principles as a company we're just like you know don't make fun of other people and not be actually two other people when they're trying stuff and it was just bullshit and deleting posts of people who disagree with that never works I don't know what it is a year-and-a-half two years the internet has really got in touch early mid-nineties the PC era when everything was full of political correctness was an actual movement it wasn't like he was at all you're so PC and now it sounds like a negative thing it was actually point out poor people tried to be more PC like it was actively pushed on people as part of the curriculum to be more politically correct and it was crazy I just reminds me that we are now reminds me a lot of that. We're like every discourse is slowly becoming off-limits like we're literally telling people they can't say things that you know that those things cannot be said most of these social media I think people especially like when your company to come to respond in social media completely completely totally sexually if you are a man who likes women any represent yourself as a man I think I am probably wrong on that I'm just curious time for something I don't know what she is but I didn't like people use that is like Affleck we don't label people like everyone human talk about it in Spanish tisi board Tumblr like the place I'm not writing anything anything that anyone has to physically be art on their structure you know you're so so specifically old fashioned to label people but at this point it's just like do whatever like her you want to like do it everything's alright just don't like it so people who want to live anymore orange is like at an all-time high across every everything like I mean you know like the Clippers coach the owner bug that looks like a alien start talking because it's like what is wrong with it was a guy to kpr guy who are Community guy who got fired cuz he started tweeting like Pro stealing to eat only protein does pro-life freedom of speech tweet so I buy Turtle Rock talking about all this for some reason it made me think about the story of the day I guess that LAPD wanted to celebrate May the 4th so early tweeted this picture of officers detain someone placed the guns and handcuffs with lightsabers real photo photo that LAPD took sharis like the red like in battle this is erecting a real person and then them turn it into a joke or something like it aggressive the actual picture right now so I can't make it any bigger this is the actual Philadelphia know if we can do it hot damn this is time reverse candle Under Armour Scandal head of social media mishap where they encourage people to tweet pictures of their interactions with NYPD everything LAPD headquarters that's what people are going to treat you just like it's just a fucking nightmare to try to manage sexual preference no good yeah I think I'm saying it correctly your physical does it cost these days to switch gender questions at it which is what you are music tolerance is over I don't don't quote me and everything is just crazy it's like I'm watching someone told me an absolutely hundred percent correct you're a fucking idiot things are getting better from the from you know 50 years ago to now things are light years better still guy from the Clippers was just like I mean everybody had a reaction to them just like you fucking like everyone hold up Snoop Dogg is being great the dog was racist in like 5 Seconds as this guy was to know what he said he's told him white bread and all the stuff and everything it was just like you know it's racism with more racism like a lot of stuff going on there was still a couple weeks Cliven Bundy in the cows graze for free in the scene of not paying his taxes and didn't for 20 years and then he was held up at like an American Patriot and he said Authority or take one of the things that's so dumb but anyway the only shows that on top of it and I highly recommend you check out last week stuff it's all on Hulu so it really sounds like the Westboro Baptist Church obviously you see that you read about in the news people that obviously gay marriage pretty much everything early in the Bible when you see it completely French people write like this or anybody died that everyone kind of had this not everybody but there was this Groundswell Affleck don't return it and I do mean don't go protest the funeral don't pay it I'll just I'm sorry for your loss was a big thing that was said I'm sorry for your loss to the to the Phelps family for this guy here in this church that just basically terrorize people for ever you know I mean but that's the price of free speech as you're going to get people some people who abuse it to poor going to tell you when you can say what you want you're going to have to hear shit you don't want to hear like a the Westboro Baptist Church they would they would go to jail for hate speech is that correct or poor like if you're openly racist the crime you get arrested if you get arrested so could you potentially go to prison for that thanks I hate you hate crimes and all that sort of for being like hate crime and speech what qualifies a crime I think it would understand Clarkson RR UK I doubt I doubt that did you see it where the fu K the guy makes the Sandwich Board the poor and walking around the street with the poor but the poor like passing out what's wrong with you that's like the videos that in there taking a video everyone is fucking ignore summer and walks around in the you know it's still the same topic but people embraced the controversy of it but when it's actually something they can do to actually affect change they don't they don't do a walk-around it right try to have like at the corner of the street corners and when the cars like that cause I just saw in the paper with a dog stop like 3 Guys in Philly has the best culture for that to me frustrating saxophone anyone sit there play saxophone like in the morning and in the afternoon was like that when we walked out onto the street probably know people like you actually it was a man and a woman and three kids and a woman like her she was like me know praying for you looks like we're starving it's like I'm sorry stopping my car and getting out and helping her go reaction to that would you give money to square things for fun what does that mean that you could play with her dog about trying to get credit card readers for for homeless people really was I think so I'm 8 years ago because I never have any cash I really only got like change that's not too bad just give me like $0.25 so I talked about seeing that a home with someone who's pregnant Burnie when I lived in Puerto Rico I saw a pregnant homeless woman who looked like she was pregnant for about a year-and-a-half and I don't think she was pregnant summer fat guy gets fat I'm convinced themselves or pregnancy the body regulates pregnancy and then when they diagnose that you know you're actually pregnant they can actually see them like deflate essentially it's psychosomatic pregnancy was amazing what the brain can do to the body like someone who's constantly stressed they age and they do not have any president in the last 10 years about 50 years only incredibly painful and meditate and get their heads in time I got one a few months ago where we went down to the coast and I know one day I decide like on a bench looking out at the ocean like an hour just like my phone is going to start nothing is like you have a beer soon as I can I'm staring out at nothing like not bitching or anything it's good it's good summer Lakes Orlando refresh yourself lyrical pregnancy or still pregnant I think I was thinking about where I guess they never actually gave credit card with no most people it was a proposal made during menstration in the late nineties in San Francisco to talk to many homeless people with credit card terminals and 80% of the money you gave went to homeless 8 and 20% of it went to that individual person collecting 80% cuz I'm leaving organization of people that are dedicated to helping the homeless so where does that money actually goes credit card readers in the hands of the truth like I give you $10 to spend on this yeah but you don't think that it's like you know what you texted going to that person to help them you know whether to the day or something like that but it's like you're making like $750,000 a year and that's like that doesn't it to an organization that helps the homeless quickly then provide programs that then he can help these people no longer be home with your help transition him like I said that a better way to help them instead of putting money directly in their hands but they don't do anything I'm just actually benefit anybody with HIV or is it just sounds wrong incorrect Craigslist do they drive like that YouTube music video ones that we were just driving around you could do with your name what is Couture my Godzilla so what's Cloverfield like a Godzilla movie it was not a proper Godzilla movies celebrities supporting Global fund to fight AIDS tuberculosis may have not have been lost in corruption the words of two-thirds of it is what they're saying. I have given to that red thing but only because I want a red Apple products most fat in the red color look nice to me red thing on I was just in the red when I got out the children's Nation where and I wish they would talk about this more and I don't know the numbers cuz I haven't asked him about it a long time but Child's Play charity that's run by Penny Arcade it supposedly let the lowest operational cost of any charity extraordinaire Lilo I want to see it in the range of like the operational cost is like every single person that can treat me as a child play in the company and she was based on their time except for the one person who's the child's life person that's like the only overhead for that last time last time I asked him about it was a few years ago and I want to see their operating costs weird like 225 / 71224 bit of in the overhead the rest of it just goes all that's true just paying for it to exist and all the money goes to overhead but it's slippery slope named ones are the ones that don't necessarily have the best percentage of giving money like Project Read The Komen Foundation I want to say is another one that was one that we believe we took a little bit heat poor cuz we that was one of the people that was potentially going to be a winner for Gauntlet and a lot of people like him firing at us about that but I blame you for that I wouldn't take it that way I'm sure they were but I didn't know F you lots of love and it's like it looks like they just they sell the hair which then also people going through chemo but that she doesn't go to anybody I will just have tons of f say something dumb like you should grow out your hair in your beard for all of the month of May to show support for someone you love with breast cancer early November has for me it is already depends you know when you grow out your mustache or beard for the whole month I like anything that you what you don't have you have to do laugh vs supply drop 3 bit salute that's good honey in 2 weeks can may be attempting to 60 - 424 hours just like just like actual life was going to be 8 a.m. and I'm going to be making journals about I'm sure we'll be pushing at the rooster teeth on the front page but I'll check it out and to be playing video games and raising money for a better and you had a journal about it little bit more like we have a lot of you know we have a lot of fans that are veterans in like we have a lot of people in the military that are fans of Red vs Blue so this is very special to us and it's it's good and it's good for us to get behind early on in the river salute years we don't we first started shipping products in some of the most popular states that were shipped to wear a pill with APO addresses in Iraq and Afghanistan were really high like number numbers 2 and 3 on the most of the states that will allow it so we definitely know it actually going to be the headquarters for the salute to be here with us a little bit awesome fat for the next week or two later this week or maybe next weekend another long 24 hours of gaming we actually talked about it like what I was thinking playing all the Assassin's Creed games from start to finish I start at 1 and see how far I can get in 24 hours but I don't know I might just do the trilogy that the trilogy Ewen to Brotherhood never let her know that you can really like try to run it and just like the story is incredible it's like one of your time it runs every time you see right now that's my first run through anything I know it's unlocked I would say that he's pretty good as I can be with us but I think he's levels of good life you can. You are the same it's like you're actually really good. What kind of angle is that like him and he just liked it so I just get them and everything and everything Stop & for me to call this episode of the podcast is also brought to you by sharis berries send something sweet to that special woman who has always been sweet to you you're card is for forgetting about special occasions to make sure remember the sweetest of all mothers day Sunday May 11th order giant freshly dipped strawberries sharis berries starting at 1999 or 40% savings or double berries for just $10 more click on the mic in the upper right hand corner and use promo code teeth get in Norma's fresh juicy mouth-watering berries dipped in white milk and dark chocolate goodness topped with chocolate chips decorative Swizzle or not he was Cochise when you order don't wait any longer order now before the most ideal and visit berries.com that's berr berries to order that's berries.com click on the microphone in the top right corner and type code teeth berries. click on the microphone it type beat this deal also expires Friday at midnight make sure you order now or some flowers or some berries at 11:59 do it now do it now it's Sunday you got the same to you man you're so much fun and exciting to be my time and I see people like you like your friends on there and he'll go back in like play the game over and over and over to get some amazing time for the people that go inside the difficult stuff like the really hard stuff like challenge me and stuff but I see you like to know some people there the first half of the track team and then we can fight like that Evolution was still doing the challenges and trials fusion three challenges and a lot Affleck doing wheelies are getting past a certain point about touching your front wheel and I've been doing a lot of those so I went back and in Trials Trials Evolution there was a track where you had to complete the last section of the map without touching your wheel on a bicycle and back then I couldn't do it either so I could not do it took me about 30 minutes and I finally got actually got the achievements like a three-year span right into my new achievement and so nice and then I went outside maybe I can perfect this game but there's one Challenge tournament 5 tracks flawlessly and it's literally 5 hard tracks and 8 from the card I was trying to see nobody time was like it was 10 or 15 tracks and they were really difficult early one or two but it's something back to back without folding it just sit on the menu at least I wasn't but you had to get out and start the first message and it wouldn't just let you the beginning of the first overtime in the standings right now and challenges over the last two-and-a-half weeks so we just changed is from trueachievements.com think I changed it on 23 2009 with a new game update all of the hard tracks included in the original 24-track ultimate endurance tournament had now been removed and replaced with new lower to attract and the total amount of tracks in the term has been lowered down to 20 may be easier over time for your 12:20 tracks the whole thing back to back to back the first evolution theme song I thought I was welcome to the future man-machine the future no a reminder to the Future man machine the fusion light years ahead of evolution which is pretty funny cause erections to stop playing the game say anything negative about the game but I just like the game kids may just like you the give me that like Quick Fix Ultra Trials Frontier play Don't Touch the White Tiles or piano tiles and I got these guys in with the latest emergency just need to be at miles from here to play games with mobile device and it's awesome the game the game attack when I played in have you ever trials in White Lake hey Mike who is not a big gamer and french fries when can I start playing it you know she's using her laptop she look up the TV and she said she was this is the most frustrating game in the world I have a thing where I put my control gets police down very gently but before we decided to do that it's like destroy only have one Xbox One controller I know what does look at the track and you would like it so hard to Gavin you too hard track 380 track you have to put it in your game. Or 30 minutes whichever comes first you get an achievement for beating Jack in Charleston like there's actually used that track I played that I got 300 something. There is a fat Challenge and that word somewhere in the map that you hit something and it makes your bike invisible and then you have to beat the entire map with an invisible bike the whole time with your parents I was on the 28th and you were told him a pixel it's a great great day F the trick and stop it that's a cool little addition to it but it doesn't take away from the core of the game so if you want to use it and going crazy with it but if you can I'm going to ignore and stay with what you know you can do that too so bug looks like to come down and show these guys that mobile game of Plinko Piano Tiles 2 you suck it non-stop in the Texas Sun just like it's it's it's Jack at the game or at any point I'm sitting here right now piano time you art 9 seconds away from your highest score in the bit a bunch of things my best score was like 7.6 seconds or something Lindsey baby Lindsay all in the way home from the shoot I delete it from my phone yeah I guess it's like it so is that are you putting it on the street so this is it this is black Child in the City can you do that over and over again it's like we really try to shave like a tenth of a second off of our times we we can all the different types of for you can have the one that you just you going fat rice no I'm going to give me an update he said the currently they do 6% to this day that's what usually runs as big as it's gotten it still runs 6% credible it's amazing it's so amazing that they do that is he watching what laugh if you put it off for you rather than you your feet by your ear may be great so that was it you'll get addicted to it at some point losing their mind all right I thought you just do it with you like it really got used to doing what you think is good you don't get in the way of yourself split a sentence for what do I do with the right Valentine piano since I'm out of breath now fat Filipino started playing piano time I don't is a terrible game I like that we will have the whole competition I don't want to see people's scores you will I know you will I don't need that F you trying to get gas so I will have to buy before the video but that green screen that shows your best score it's like I woke up and I had one I just I had been able to be Gavin all day till I sent my best scorestreak to rising Rising and he just Photoshop this for me the right number but I like half a second maybe it was too much it wasn't believable your previous score current score to the Mets the Mets score Jeremy 290 Cypress because Flappy Bird the better you get you actually have to play longer Doodle Jump to see if I can beat my high score from 5 years ago and I caught anything Early Bird Flappy Bird is well is there but the problem Flappy Bird is that it gets harder to beat your score like longer or time this you just have to it's it's harder for sure but it's like you're always like once a month before seconds away and then you didn't your high score 7.555 time shut up the arms race for 4 hours while I was in the lead and I was a keeper until all about the LLC Discovery written I discovered that Gus is probably no offense you're terrible person you're one of the shittiest friend a person could have because he went to kill him at the game he got the game and he was going to tell me that he's playing it because he didn't want to that's what I share with Gus he doesn't want to share these things with me he wants to go away to his little black corner and get better at it than me so the only way I'll know if we're like enjoying the same thing is once he's better than me that's the one world right now just got in touch with you and I wasn't even on camera the time in Burnie without feeling something and the other place I never been before and I was looking around I thought I could just start walking Gavin to my neighborhood like me attack through like all the different street I never go the only one try to hide it then why did you mention it before because I don't know we haven't talked about getting summer how much pain I was in for that should we just did but my knees and my ankle is ruined just limping around like an old man before that shoot I'm worried that I haven't hurt myself enough in emerging the season right and I forgot so what Michael did and another bit I can come out yet and it was very impressive High Dive nobility episode ever with two more left this season and we might do a special one of art you probably will but officially and it was by far the most fucking every attempt I was mentally prepared for broken up with something to break up but I was like I've never broken a bone but this is it they blame Gus Istanbul Ultra blade blade you can pay attention you never know like for coordination early time to make but also because of the fact that I've been operating the phantom camera and outfits I never would have dreamed Ewen high speed and I'm just resting my stupid on motorcycle what a month or so so pissed at me Jack was like nails on my brother I hate traffic may God damn I hate traffic starts early I'm moving to my house really on the market through traffic 45 minutes each way for you and stuff and cleaning and taking photos on Wednesday so I'm actually leaving work early to go home and take photos of the house make it look pretty basically I'm not some scratches there like in there like the operating like a lifetime I will clear going to storage unit places like the house you just be sure and you depersonalized any photo or anything like that makes it look like a human lives in that when you go to sell the house you get the house again fireplace good luck in Texas with only fireplaces but they bit him in every house and everything was set up right there and then I'm like okay I got the move it because people like looking at fireplaces in Katie's life if you want to look at bedtime the fire pit in my backyard is what I know Katie's coming over so she freakin loves it she likes more stories like in traffic we watch fireworks and now I'm moving more into Austin like more than you know an actual City of Austin in like that is totally legal and illegal to swear you are totally you're like a candle and let her up and I just do Flint steel and stuff miniature fireworks what are going to do some trading with someone he's going to wonder what you doing and the person building it was like oh yeah he's also the owner sell my house I told it was really how big is a lot I told him I'd trade for the same price miss talking to you first you're trading with any developer whoa so it's not like Average Joe not too much like an open window there like he likes you too much you got your right you have to do any board contracts that replace for the service you're out you're out of innovation of his house with a fucking nightmare nightmare for everybody either being crushed by an AC unit in the back of the college because of washing machine price of a rusty washing machine just over six years and you understand it so I'm selling that and like that's what you like to sell that house to move to the new house that you're moving what's going to happen how far is it from my place you said like this is me for like forever we heard over and over and over it by your house before work for the company yes old man home is there poor thing okay Mark and I break early may cause an irritated irritating so well Gavin again the point that we should get ready to do 8 I got to send this photo to Patrick some help from you laugh I don't think I can I don't want to learn we're going to do as soon as I figure out what my real quick Concept in talking about it back in December I have a question for you what happens if you want to put the 4th person on the patch party at the park as pretty dark this week I feel like it's a little better we're still trying to figure out the lighting and all the decorations I'll let you two work in progress we're going to see some some retuning anthropology understand listen to me watching the upset in real life and will have to be like what the hell is this I didn't see on camera is like get somebody Photoshop this picture of Jessica Nyan Cat with rainbow flying off and that was it was real quick when they had the that was Maurice underscore movie did not start he retweeted it that was Zachary Maynard that made that same Energy may 91 me up when it's winter in the set design for the patch really called a meeting I was like what is this them previously and all the stuff I was like okay okay I have to see this on camera stealing camera and then we felt like it was like alright perfect early start to see things like the patch that was one of the things we wanted to kind of hit the ground running with in like I said that's going to go to the modifications on the Fly even though I already explained this more later but you know the fact that we can sit and stand we didn't go to the hospital afterwards we're right by the hospital now so Gavin get over there wait no blindfold we don't we don't have a blindfold I guess little late we had to pull the the pinata up and down and you look really comfortable are the boys going to be poor find a happy black