#271 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses Normal Humans

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Recorded: 2014-05-13 21:43:00

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of Squarespace the only one that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website portfolio online store for free trial and 10% off go to squarespace.com and you saw for cutting Rooster Teeth that's offer code RoosterTeeth Squarespace.com this episode of the rescue podcast sponsored by NatureBox order great tasting healthy snacks right to your door forget the vending machine and get in shape for summer with healthy delicious treats like everything bagel sticks support this podcast to get 50% off your first or go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth hey everyone welcome to the rest of podcast app on ticket Monumental day it is uninterrupted weekly Rooster Teeth podcast per week for 5 years straight if we could sell the actual anniversary was May 8th but we changed the podcast release dates so now this is this is it in your phone so we had an affair podcast in a row but how many of those have you been on the last time I looked at the number it was like 97% really think you care if your cast is retiring what's 3% of 26257.8 through all the decades indicator podcast in Decatur podcast 5 years going strong two decades of podcast think that's the Revolutionary the correct Puck the other day I got held hostage by technology and social media in the worst way imaginable so I'm putting I'm going to be moving soon so I had to go to storage unit and I had to take a bunch of shit and put in the storage unit temporarily so I One Direction he is I don't know I told this kid don't know it's overrated how to show the house or sell it you gotta make it look pretty and the closer it gets right there somebody came in the room with all of that life cycle I was like yeah he's like what do I do a quick survey for me it's not okay okay fine whatever time I phone the right I'm just like whatever Google Maps Google writing something personal about your experience with me in that box public okay great alright I walked out the door and walk out to the way you said you got you got held hostage by your own inability to say no to Shirley end of the road I might come back to drop the card off to get my ID user ID what is something weird that happened like what happened to you and I look for your review on Google earlier today and I couldn't find it I will have my guy that's weird let me put it on there not everything is alright I don't know if this problem isn't Gus is Wood Creek 9416 Calvin Avenue place so that when they tell me to do it I'll just go one star what else to do residue part was when I was looking for the place before I drove up there I was like one apart I'm going to go to so I put the address in Google maps on my phone 104.91 Stars 120 review this place must be the storage place and let's turn this place upside down one star this place so bad idea to start a Revolt is it's life and that you can no big deal there today slow and whatever no no in a bit about the survey when you walk out and I'll let you know in 2 weeks you can get a survey in the mail if you can't Mark excellent on anything come back talk to me and get that way beinecke RT 6 hours every day because you're forever don't you want the warranty with that insurance so it's like there's like it's okay we're going to take the car and get it ready for you I have no idea 370 RT no additional I don't call that I want it now that's all that will take 4 hours after day sailor the stuff and I have to wait and do it tonight but you can skip it if you know that number already there's no equivalent to that was real life you can just be like wood you next week like my car in for service a couple weeks ago and the car dealership and my inspection was due and I never do my the dealership I got my car back and put a piece of paper to all of them from the sticker fell right into the grates of my speaker don't you know you can get away from us so if you give me a text of the day my fucking straight yeah that's really terrible you're right I don't know the big deal for this week like your passenger seat was broken and you took it in to get repaired and they like they're like oh yeah it's office but they didn't touch it the driver seat I just hit the dealership is a fucking pain in the ass if you can go to like a private third-party come here this picture absolutely do when you buy a car if you buy it off someone else is that quicker than buying it from a dealer or private party then take the car down to the city and you have to tell him how much it was you will have never signed your name more times than you will when you sign for the house there will be a stack of papers this big in front of you and it's like it's more formal process than anything I'm just really drunk and he said to tell you to read it you're just like so that when I see something that I have to keep if you can't listen if you don't want your house I found out about the storage place at 4 Points storage unit Place find the person that didn't give it 5 stars and that person is honest on Yahoo or Google or whatever I would follow that you all have to do to look at your driving way it just looks around too much kind of thing Yelp scores to small businesses to help to remove bad reviews for if you don't pay you they promote the bad reviews more than the good reviews for the way you solicited them like that's a big deal to you but it's like why would like to work good reviews I mean like why wouldn't you do that but I know a guy who has a small business and get a couple of good reviews and they were removed and he wrote them and said why why would you like as well it was like they were using it didn't have any reviews because what I told people to review me on Yelp the place that I can do that Riverview on Yahoo if I had some unsolicited reviews that are some low review count users reviewing you then that would be okay is that the sound of a door that was that was his story of how it went down with a storage unit how do they stop people from living in them my mind when I first got there 4.9 stars or whatever hundred twenty reviews I'm pretty sure the guy in front of me was paying his rent really let me know that you know that right the low-budget sci-fi feature that came out of Dallas call primer I think about you everytime I go to that store toward their time machine to the storage unit and I'm wondering did they tell the storage unit people they were filming in their place or do you think they just fill them to the storage unit rented the storage York filmed 24-hour access no the one I have I don't know where the other ones like the ones with the environmental control environmental controls everything in there even proof that you are let me know if you keep a bed Carmike veers all storage units Japanese action to take a bunch of stuff that I don't and it's like I think I might need some for the future I put it in the storage unit then two years later I'm thinking I have this under what in there anymore I don't want me to stop so I have to clear it out and then like selling over the way that you use it ticket confirmation that I don't want any of this stuff now I have to take that stuff out + about 4 pounds of shit we please do it on your computer sort of Ashley has one from Australia that she pays on still does like to skip everything is going to be a ridiculous amount of money to ship it from Australia as he keeps paying the monthly fee and are one of the way it's like it's like 10 times the amount to ship it just action office have a contest on the nose feel like the win against my storage unit in Australia should in your storage unit nerd we are officially nothing that Michael and Lindsay will be attending the Joneses the Joneses selfie which Mo happy wedding day first one of which is in Sydney and Perth I really need to go see that Michael Anthony pending on how you say I think hanabee house what's the correct way to set Jackson Hanabi and it pisses me off every time I just had to be adjusted says I said it I use my mouth to talk and parts never everyone was asking me who's going out really hard yesterday everyone or at least Miss Cass on Twitter I don't like it when you have time would like to meet you Brad sue someone I respect for me and I tweeted that I was like yeah open again but I didn't mention it because you life the cold one AC Williams telling me that is she was like she was like I like you Spanish Slow Mo Guys really funny the First Youtube channel I subscribe to all the guys Austin Nokia tweet something about you talking about RT Stark and then he proceeded to Hound her about being against his podcast I think I was given you should just because it's like one of the things for you now if you would like to do a party and say I'm friends helper what's that she said that she followed me so I life all about in the message I apologize if I did anything or said anything that would make you feel like you can't celebrate the moments of your life it was the coolest thing that happened to me on Twitter with a 16 year old girl really 3107 Piers Morgan Pierce Brosnan Bob Mortimer Mortimer Bob Moore true cap true that Barbara Barbara the US watch Game of Thrones last night after his meeting up next time they set up a fight between two people that should have said he was going to fight that's what I should get to find out Last of Us haven't read the books here someone can't read that's why we're here it was funny what she plays Tywin he said like he's big and tall and big present I just watch the Ali G movie and in that movie he dances around in a mini skirt deltalina in Houston the rise in leadership on film from the eighties and he's an alien three very accomplished myself somebody who the fuck you want some villain in the Last Crusade the Last Crusade old man do you want you detective you want you to the house I want you to watch the whole thing they're trying to get into it and it's hard it's a slow burning man the people who fucking much as I so fucking good it's what I keep hearing about this right now we need the word with the word that means I trust and somebody else more than me is working on the problem with this all that by the time it's actually issue for me is it weird to like what's the Tipping Point life all right I've heard about this enough I'm going to watch it that's Italian with most things Breaking Bad Game of Thrones just like that like to go back and forth like a new Game of Thrones was in the first season of the way you try to remember what you initially thought about it right when you said all you should watch Game of Thrones winter is coming Yahoo and I'm watching like Ned Stark that's the guy from the fucking meme in all that you do the same thing what you detective and I keep people seeing people treat like pairs of people think True Detective season 2 whatever that means that's going on I don't understand because I was in the shower so I felt like the first episode of slow but I thought it ended well and really want to watch more the next couple of them so they get progressively slower and Stark meme when people say ma'am I've heard people say MiMi because current generation reasons I just told was we kind of adapted and meme is an original what is it for meme is an element of a culture or system of behavior by non-genetic means especially imitation of a great definition of that sucks want to see something here real fast according to tell Gram on Twitter the actor played by cell is also General veers Empire Strikes Back last all he's got in there I think I should report to better myself for some stuff Hertz egg white that's how we got back there all the cap General veers masshole video for one of them he's a picture Japanese out of here without getting reports the whole thing in there the additional work for which it is I haven't got myself and how proud I am of this I had the ability to show somebody an animated gif right as it looks like I have no time in getting some things right like turn it on the last frame is how many times you watch it before you do that and you have to let go do you not way to still watch in the middle yeah yeah you don't want them to start watching them what do we get back around watching the beginning and it's going to be so fucking funny like idea of the six second Loop exactly what you can't think of what the word is you need a word to describe what you're talking about signing define hero last Friday all way we just forget about buying the two weeks we will have for 2 weeks now all we're going to go to LA to take out of soda midnight which airs that day that night okay. There's another episode that Taping that day I think they're better the next day the next day it's over. They're not going to replace it with the first one that wood the way around as the first one oh you real quick first okay the world that night so if I can I think I have I might have plans already I'm going to bed I would like to which is 630 and I'm heading to my meeting Austin the Sweet Little Willy way too far away to action what is that where is the puck if you're wearing one of his guys is Geoff Ramsey Jack pattillo Ryan Haywood Michael Jones Gavin Free Ray Narvaez jr. from Achievement Hunter and he got a little button there deficit definition see them because of this all right a word describing new items are available in the store today do we have a week straight year podcast about 5 years is 51 phone cases based on the podcast there's people like grapes Gavin someone in our subreddit made a two-hour-long compilation of the video podcast ever since podcast 100 I thought that was pretty cool it was interesting to go back and see the different things one of them to drive me nuts that I push for a person a lot even though I have one of the shooter might right now is when we went to Mike's for a while I fucking hated that I'm really sad because I complained about it so much off camera but I'm so glad we have like these lights back now he was a total bitch I was I was actually great now yeah we need some for the the stream go the week before the all releases at 12 lunch it was sitting on the great question about problem and I remembered you first hear about read it I heard about it when digg was dying I heard about it on digg like you would like to talk about it talk about it because I was like this isn't over and fell off the map the route of the rumor was that an offer on the table to be purchased by Google for 198 million dollars and less than three years later they sold for $500,000 with a little bit of everything probably podcast and I'm starting to see the exact same things happen on Reddit where the user base is fighting with itself like they just deleted a bunch of stuff Brad it's like technology atheism politics could never have a problem with the moderators going back and forth I was going to put a bunch of subreddits as default descriptions and all those are a lot of those subreddits are like revolting because I don't want to be exposed the front page because there's all these like it's actually late adopters that are showing up that are just like it just think it's so popular kind of like starts to crumble under its own weight and it was like the first place I ever heard of Tumblr Boys on Reddit and like feel like I don't post about Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr sucks but you can definitely feel like you're just starting to see it and it's so crazy that happened again and again and again before the Fark which was a different animal that was supposed to life Fark stuck to his guns and it didn't try to like I didn't try to change too much didn't try to like follow you know whatever the flavor of the month was and it still Dan Fark is still going strong you're still has a really hard core drunk I still have a total Fark account I still do it so that's what I first heard about digg from Matt hullum we really just crazy to me I heard about that from the first time I tried to go to digg digg.com is this totally different things like this that website when you get ready to come to do you get to read it just like seems like a new flavor they're hot Yahoo touch Yahoo all over the internet what's the lifespan of Twitter because like they did you twist it for a while before everything changed anything really it seems your profile page startled to find out last week that I had been on Twitter for six years that I've been up to it I was on Twitter that a year longer than we've been doing this podcast but I really like the Congress office in the back room Gus like I know what you talk about when you first start using usually like what is Twitter Los Angeles hashtag what the fuck is a hashtag Pizza the course like a last few months but if you're putting in it so I really forgot I think the. Way too like there's somebody says something so he replies it's something you can reply back to the person and like everybody can read the conversation every day can jump in on it and you could do so much more detail you got the right stuff where am I going to make this illiterate punctuation or grammar I remove now do with that you like how many days apart can I take out the Batman and I don't think so I have eye be interesting like what stripped out like just basic human Mo to be like wood table crap get rid of a kidney in a long story right yeah just to function normally still okay function arms disrespectful for one on people somebody with missing both arms that's not a normal condition for a human that is his condition for yeah I guess I just wanna internally but yeah you can pick you up you really appendix and one kidney kidney 110 eye where the longer you can still breathe you better run Call Me to Life crash of the day to have 20/20 vision my flight to Houston in Honduras flag small planes and there's a civil war going out of the time during the take-off one someone shooting at the plane that was shot along his cheekbone and shot his eye out how to find a place to land in London and then later to find a brand new 737 from South America to the US and not the way they just went out and he managed to land a plane on 1102 Crestway when I cannot all function but why was it relevant to your story meme without the protection you still being able to do things you said he didn't lose his eye in a flight you lost another flight from to 801 eye Indiana George Bush Barbara telling a story about that my voice like a girl and the shark bit off her arm surfing with one arm it's the one that's the relevant story that the second-story his engine without you the Main Street Austin Tom selfie she called this now he way but she was selfie but that wasn't the time she was here the way that you did the lesson before that I was lazy eye if it's one eye that works the other one just doesn't follow it said this was lazy yesterday glass eye what is from Tennessee right now what is the definition of everyone that Dan likes directly at what you're trying to focus the direction that your other eye is looking that's that's what that's what I think of glass eye you know too much Columbo every time never been able to notice like if somebody has a fake eye look up glass eye that is dead but it started pretty good did Columbo actually have a glass eye Sandy Duncan the person that really understands when you lose your phone glass eye patch New York Brad new the new one way ticket eye patch off remember what the reason was for a different all right now you're no no we stayed so derisively which is the first if you cover one eye new to the site directions Eye Society slow in the middle the way more discreet like way more scars and stuff he was not even in the car and left I don't usually mentally affected by grenade blast and World War II has over the decades resulted in a 95% loss of vision in this eye was it a grenade filled with bears no sorry but there it is the eye yesterday Curie fought in World War 2 and buy it every comic book character is from the war than it really is between being blind and deaf I wood love you so so why would you think that 211 way you would have to choose that's way too hyper what popular drugs UW in the room the theaters a guy with a knife they could really happen you asked me a question what if I could be given $10 every time I spent there how was your day it's the time of the office I need a lawyer what kind of Texas in Austin was impossible it was really good what was it your wife and your mother your wife that side by side that might switch bodies let you be living with us to your Mom's party I guess you can return them to know what state you just have to sleep with one of them put to sleep with your mom inside esta what do you sleep in I like I don't like her but I just commit suicide to breathe Seabreeze anyway hope you knock out your life right that's right now you telling a bunch of York you ever fix the situation I'm pushing my wife with the with the mother my wife with another Castor in the face knocking my mom out and I'm sleeping with my wife with my mother inside the house without no I got you that's good I'm sure he's fine he's got to go to a movie for a while like this go to imagine having sex with your sleeping mother inside at this party situation Yaz Mother's Day weather is perfect right now the weather is absolutely great my first summer swim New Jersey for Mother's Day the way he wasn't Mother's Day much is it Mother's Day Mother's Day Mother's Day Mother's Day people stop wearing clothes are done just like this is like May 1st on people just like you have promised he was like I'm done at 11 o'clock and I have to live I live by the river it was like having a good time on the river this weekend went canoeing I recreate a picture of me holding million times so that was cool I'm crazy so what we going to do Millie suggested this we gotta go there every five years and we take a picture smart lady every five years she was for in the first one that she is going to be 9 so I was like everybody changed drastically changed in the back of head title get that but I mean she was a grown-up look like a different person and you look very similar I thought picture of Austin phone put the other day where was the skyline in 2004 vs Skyline in 2014 it was crazy very very the 2004 we were outside Congress and I was like modeling or Russia to shut the photo you took it yet I do it before the true that building down how many she is 5 years old would have been like candy but I just discovered I forgot I had that camera is your phone how to shut the 5 ds what we used to do a lot of the shorts that I bought that camera that's the most used camera in this fucking building I can never for 3 years I have not been able to get my camera back until later cause it's okay that's my camera lenses because everybody everyday needs it so I feel like a jackass for taking my own camera back either Jake James got it now just got a ton of them buy a suitcase of them or not but it's what you say new episode your missions next harder to get in shape by summer your enemy the vending machine way just stopping at 3 p.m. all cranky lightheaded the evil vending machine can seem like your only friend don't give in Hanover the NatureBox.com NatureBox it's great tasty snacks right to your door and they're great for you two were talking healthy snacks like barbecue kernels everything bagel sticks South Pacific plantain chips and over a hundred more hero trans fats or high fructose corn syrup nothing artificial even snacks that are gluten conscious and non-GMO with free shipping anywhere in the US NatureBox busting up the vending machines Monopoly true NatureBox right now get 50% off your first order to go to naturebox.com forward slash RoosterTeeth Let's NatureBox.com / RoosterTeeth faithful stay strong go to naturebox.com / Rooster Teeth that's NatureBox.com / RoosterTeeth 50% off so I don't know what you can do in life and anyone the president where to rent for office Wright contract with the government will you have like that big America and the eye last time the Olympics was in his life United whoever nobody from Denmark one of us have to deal with to get to that point where he's competing in the Olympics the whole thing like an application and then like another thing not you want to Olympics 70s Network your least favorite thing I hate it so much go get a car eventually I seen you a lot of people were going to you I don't know how to avoid it and then green card the about the visa to find a lot of stuff that's just as bad as them people that like country all the emails at least every single bad ever been in the United States every entry and exit are you at better get some money comes on paper so it's a lot to a lot of paperwork but even though I step down as CEO it's like just like the board of directors ownership the level of stuff I still have time I just I'm like 18 things today I was just like I'm going out just enjoy your constant your to see if your financial information the constant its content but you're life but I feel like every dollar in my life exactly where it is a great service you may already know this existed as part of it so I'm going to do I had to get something notarized that's like to find a notary notary service I didn't know that but okay will be there in 10 minutes but showed up as I was this done did you hear that she recently that's an awesome thing what do you have to get notarized you know what time what kind of things do you need that for things notarized charge per Sandy the person you show me your ID they look at your name and look at the document that has a name like all right sign up and I think in in Texas there's like the selfie that they can charge at most for the notary services like 7 Bucks or something what you just come in as well try to get something notarized one stamp Patrick pulled up visit the Stampede videos on picture can you notarize yourself I don't know I don't know if you could notarize your own document be too much power for a notary are any identity right yeah my favorite thing in contract says stuff that I don't know how they would proof pre shampoo buying this house is like this your primary residence residence are you going to live here or is it one where you have to spend at least 15 days out of the year that or is it just an investment how do they proof that you spend 50 I saw a story about a few months ago about a guy who lived in Pennsylvania but he works so frequently in New York that instead of commuting sometimes he just bought a house there and what state is Houston York like a week or two then go back to Pennsylvania and then alternate back and forth and he knew that someone was going to make this a pain in his ass but if you stay too long though they would charge in tax if you didn't stay at his house in York long enough it wouldn't be declared as residence every day that he goes there and he takes a picture in front of his house with that day's newspaper and proof that you know you spend too much time every one of these days digg the taxes are still coming right so I don't you text your residence take me to Citizen in one country but not so according to moroney 1029 no you cannot notarize your own documents and you have to charge a dollar for every stamp so you only $4 I haven't noticed a lot of Twitter is blowing up but you know that the documents were like you've got to ticket to notarize that like every other thing ticket speeding ticket when you make an animated venture hell yeah that's what I'm saying about the time you ratted me out to the Canadian police ticket 35 miles an hour and I was going by 4540 the actual real thing responsible weird timing that would see Mo get sponsored it's not sponsor that's about it personality over looks like it's one to buy that like Mentos and Coke looks like Coke pay me to make sure I did it just now eye drops swim cap on Dan said but the way it lands it comes down to speeding swim cap not supposed to be speeding someone else is it he has like lumps all over his chest because the day before I waxed is chest inflammation paraprofessional waxed he said he would do it just to get close to my bed so when you pay drive me to the part of the way good it was talking to everybody survived it was a nightmare that one it was a nightmare the last one the last cuz my Columbo start and then in the next one of those days. This one coming up but I wasn't there for that late I was at home later man had threatened to hire me an assistant because I've been like that ever since we moved I've been late or missed like 4 different meetings I just been like I've been fucked up or something hour late to an emergency for pickups and then I was like I straight-up miss the lunch because I was okay how close you inside Los Angeles what is flat out the other day Shannon showed up he's like that was the breathing tell you I was like no he's not even here you told me to be here at 10 a.m. after midnight for the shutdown detective Gavin you fucked up this time oh my dis side and I would see people like using calendars are like trying to manage your schedule like what the fuck is this person important or busy this particular Shoot Straight in my head like I even means I will have to do is just be by the phone when it rings and I'm always surprised when someone calls me and who the hell is this 911 my recent searches people fighting meme proof what would I have to make conference calls all the time it's like we do like RT ex calls and it's like this would be like 10 different people calling if he just can't wait for the call the ring as a gift violin we did at our calendar we forgot the email that's like they were online with a few guys and I'm like well Gus is out of town terribly unprofessional people States like the game developers or Publishers and we feel like they're meeting rooms were just feel like Microsoft they have LCDs monitors at the conference room so if you can schedule them digitally it's pretty freaking awesome actually and then there's the meetings all day long you're feeling but I'm in meetings from 8 a.m. to about 1 and then I have A2 hour break I'm going to meeting at the end of the day like 3 to 6 today flight with all the directions we have going on it's like a Monday I am the podcast the eye wall to wall meetings there you were so bad you and I try to plan everything TX conference call and I was just walking the a course like this but just going back and forth and you meeting the guys were doing most of the talking on the speakerphone and one guy at the studio and one guy at this company we were talking the other room and I know it sounds a life just like to hear that you guys there at 3 and then after that will be like this a different conversation Austin Business way everyone has something to talk to a speaker phone that you just talking a certain time you have to like them none C8 and talk kind of slowly and louder the amount of times that we will meet it and then just be like Ned doing now Austin Stone biggest waste of time ever get directions get wood conference call in real life and have everybody sitting at home we have somebody there appreciate your conversation when you learn to get an appreciation for conference calls when you do enough business travel because traveling all the way to a different city to have a meeting with somebody after all you said I looked really comfortable and you like you make sure that you show up and get things done and all that stuff his business travels Jeff the Killer what's the way to the end of the week I have Wednesday and Thursday at super happy about it and some dinner Wednesday night I know I know I got to stay over till Friday for Thursday was that can be done can't be done so you stay an extra day on Friday I probably MO something from the waffle the waffle the place where we go eat in LA and I'm staying right by the anus what you want to red velvet waffle with cream cheese icing yes please it's delicious I really Gavin special every time for three different waffle Dan all three things across the life the waffle and a regular waffle the all the different color and I have like an 8-3 H&M do you have a regular waffle basically trying to add to the menu for the next week from each other that's played in LA and I completely still out yeah I just go to La way more than he does so I go there little bummed out that I spend at a restaurant to get something named after you you think I'm crazy eye contact eye contact lens no doubt that Cena one true friend she would definitely not be a thousand different kinds like some kind of like make a baby laugh you're just we were just he was in Last Action Hero glass eye with all these different like interchangeable things on it right here on those all contacts :-) and a bull's-eye and all that other stuff like that was a character who was a phenomenal flop at the box office Last Action Hero it was a movie about Arnold Schwarzenegger played Action Hero in the in the world he's like a fictional character like to see him all the time and the action hero makes his way out of the real world from the movie screen and so it supposed to be like April info movie action hero came to the real world like she shoots the back of cars and doesn't hang with them blow up and stuff and like tries to jump off buildings on the roof of cars and hurts himself is a difference the moment he became a superhero that is like it was a toy or something did you fly around in them the he was looking for those jingle all the way I never saw the movie I know they were looking forward to that movie that's all I know need 50 million dollars in the US on a budget of 85 million 2142 63rd saying you're switching to something your insurance at the time of 50 minutes to save you 15% alcohol the same a shitload of money drunk and got ticket 3 years ago about the guy who does the voice of the Geico Gecko no 110 can I look at everyone in England knows this guy for the Geico Gecko but he's an extended season like a really crappy sitcom endings in Red Dwarf as well but I think he's most famous for a voice in a different country in America it's just weird that he hasn't cried most people know him for voicing a lizard somewhere else All American charts You commercials in Japan there's a bunch of never seen anything like Brad Pitt commercial from Japan used to be a bigger deal before like YouTube and shorts and put your money into something in translation restaurants like no one's ever going to believe you is that true just shows up at a college party picture on Facebook I guess Tom Hanks found someone passed out drunk on the table and then the phone was that so he let them up and Life to Go selfie with him like this while he was passed out and then we got posted it is likely that Tom Hanks was puck picture of people looking up to the podcast is also brought to you by Squarespace say thanks to the Squarespace for supporting Rooster Teeth Squarespace is the all the one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your professional website portfolio or online store Squarespace been around for nine years and are constantly improving their platform with new features new designs and even better support their beautiful designs to start with and have a ton of style options seem pretty unique website for you or your business the 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Squarespace for their support we have found the picture of Tom Hanks in the past Squarespace for their wedding but I'm sure it was fast and easy website the way to do it you know for some reason I was good I just got like a really close up view of the way you actually did that seems out of character for you my perspective I keep having to do with being publicly commit suicide in the middle of real life with a group of my brain situations way all eyes on me at the event because usually if people I've never met before because every single person all those people I know it's just like and maybe you just suck and get over that and just do it today maybe next time before you said that you had been practicing holding your hands together I had to hold my hands left over right like this she said that she noticed when you like walk down the aisle instead there you like Lookout security practicing over and over but to most people on the planet but Michael is my boy both of you ask me this I was Pitt that beer out of the bottle 315 chest it's about I be that would be in the wedding you wouldn't want to be there not married I would have one here's the problem you can get married to somebody and they're going to have I don't the inconvenience to anyone on their side you can have for bridesmaids and just the digg room and no no proof but you have to come up with 4 for like the next month 34 month it was always on my mind I can get it up and then use the stuff that's about Gavin Michael life that was the whole reason animated Venture the store Michaels podcast about he need to get different shoes from Michael had to walk him through the process that was it but what's the sense that you think would be that the whole thing I mean like he's out walking dead no he does like if I select them I'm going to have to take your time hope you got something nice wood cut what did Lindsay like Ned one last bridesmaid do you think you'd be gone then who's your best man not some other dude some other guy friend Joe Joe all those other people in there two brothers fuckin Andrew is in there the first cut because he is a friend of Michael chest as a friend I just an x on my car what can I do if you had a hold of pants without needle and way we're still good friends do you think that you would do you think that he would have chosen her over you if that was me all right anything stranger things go to his house and it just keeps going there different the way it used to be I want to take you for telling me about that stereo headset for one text wifey where you control any plug-in piece of headphones that puts all the game audio in Peoria and then you can control the voice audio as well on the same thing so it's like everything and you're right you don't even have the sound on your TV you can use anything you were upset about your television audio wirelessly Tom 110 6 seconds off to the Delight of you hero what is that like 5 seconds before they do any damage does TV sound on the internet with the PS4 and I loved it I loved it it was great premier league right now I'm Xbox One and Assassin's Creed comes with this digital garbage noise like the noise it makes constantly be positive and it makes me sick makes the sound like a shitty I hate that sometimes it is never good but I'm never that far away are you because it's like there's going to be probably 10 feet from my Xbox but it's choppy sometimes just cuts in and out like maybe for like 5 Seconds it was perfect love you crazy lenses Samsung Sunset life there's a green right I can tell it looks kind of like hazel who could have dreamed of me orange beautiful so do we have another one coming up in Pensacola birthdays here like in the first week of May like it seems I knew probably 15 people who had a birthday in the last two weeks early the beginning of Summer born for last week I think I need someone whose birthday was every day of the week I probably 50 people in the company makes it so that is two people in the same day or something yeah I know the odds of being in the same room as someone with the birthday probability problem 37 people in the same room as the two of them of his birthday coming up where to said happy birthday Barbara for your present I got you an empty Convention Center RT July 2nd July 2nd audio packing bags that itself will organize a company that does that stuff all those bags and you get like a list of deliveries like yours all of your bags here some of the shit here someone should hear some of the shit and last year it was like $10,000 it may be I think 3 or 4 hours total to do 10000 budget disheartening knowing that like most people it's got chocolate show what's in the last year we have we gave away but you're holding after 3 days Fark Ned prank RT playing cards you can have like a million we have to stop just gave me wristband a bunch of different inserts our program because our schedule and map and stuff get you something normally disinterested hospitals near me the changes are the way with your checks this year new signings more panels This Time Around everything what you want to see in seeing who you want to see is going to be a lot easier and more manageable this year was the attendance 30033 days like today the first day is 6 and the second that the second or third days are both nice and 996 so if I spend a minute with every person is that possible 6 + 9 + 9424 + 5000 people at a time you're not going to entertain 5000 people podcast to go through take out maybe two or three things maximum that you have to do during RT X or people that you have to meet and that's what you work a schedule around so that they like you have to absolutely go to the 200 so you choose that and that's the one thing that you focus on and then everything else is kind of funny you shouldn't expect is to individually meet every single person it is impossible it might be possible that maybe you know a handful of people but it's just a lot faster just know that I'm sorry in advance if we don't talk we love everyone or do you really want to meet every single person and they're taking everyone a great Monday it's really awesome because it's like hitting on all cylinders like I go from one really awesome project meeting to another project meeting that's really cool I could have went to a new animated production and all the stuff that I did today and it's different for the company and the company family temperature reading I think it may be one of those way to set up inside like to have the company like you know talk about a little bit the company you're welcome Jake as a person makes one person making one show rage quit it just like a normal swim meet one person that works in the truck I know you've guessed it on the cap has become well yeah they're trading off at between rage quit and then play Pals it's hard to say but I had a paper the other day that Lindsay Lindsay is the person the company she works on every single production he's worked on every single thing she's busy working podcast 4101 Rivers blue shorts and Ruby were going to new pain medicine has emerged in every single thing that he's probably the only person the company who can say she works in fact that it's true RT eye and I think everything you don't do way what is it mean for the before and everybody works and everything but now it's like this one person was clearly she's worked on everything maybe I should stop trying to do that and maybe I'll get into accounting last info the wedding go ahead you almost pulled the ultimate prank at that wedding I had it down what the fuck the fucking close to that would have been a couple fucking terrible nicer things I try to do twice one 110 the Gavin forgot there's always remember to turn office phone I thought there's no way he remembers at prominade where they call that perception of their one coming out there doing that Lindsay comes out of that leaves you with beautiful dresses that was Michael and his mother Barbara are just like a cartoon-like tears are flying like this walking Wiki digg married Faith Evans ringtone which is that if you do it put some effort into it what piercing do I hide my text I'm at the beginning of the way don't forget to turn off your phone and I was waiting for the is there anyone who objected in in the house like every other dances like action if you fucking said that she was like not do that so I should all way to the whole thing was over and they were coming out and I sent it and now he has his phone off um probably I think I check to see if my phone was on silent about 10 times before I go down the stairs and in the end I just told my friend completely off I was like I might not get my flash to my pocket so I just done how did you know if you haven't Philippine if you have an alarm set for 1 o'clock in your phone's off at like really 12 ticket last thing you should have done it'll turn York from the lock screen you can access the clock I'm surprised I phone deleted everything like I'm going to a movie so put me on silent forgot to do that before Sunday the death of the other Gavin doesn't respect the wedding because he doesn't just like I'm just emotional audition all the weird stuff he's too busy to care he's like he's already thinking about other stuff it's like I'm just saying like Okay I'm at a wedding but I got to work at some point so I'm eating appetizers 48 QT to cups I would have been okay I'm going to be anyway somebody Cut the Cake I was that close again the front of her she rude all the phone man so I don't get married in front of anyone I know I would just go away some of those to get your cake wedding cakes wedding probably be marrying someone who does care jingle all her family and then me and maybe like a couple of people I can't with this Bermuda Lindsay every single time I thought that the wedding is for the bride which Valenti is like how do I make Lindsey mad so that was why I tried to get everything I got the professional where she like had to yell at someone to shut up because they're like something or doing something but not every mother fucker Mega phone is like a quiet or filming something literally people get quiet to listen to that and then immediately start talking shortest amount of time that he will pay attention to anything earlier and someone tell me if they went for the know and they pulled out the microphone like everyone be quiet feeling like we could hear people talking over here this general area and then be free to make a phone again like please quiet the know and if you still talking to her Barbara Yelp and all I can say is Adam shut up you're going to phone with Adams which had a mistake wild humans nobody but you must understand my work is Miles mother fucker on the planet he is person I've ever met in my life I forget my house Sunday at 10 o'clock at night holy shit dude invite over like a tornado last mother fucker swim normally is not allowed in social situations like this great loss but everytime I hear it I think of you every single day 3 times a day the funniest thing in the world happened to miles all the time moving life of Amazement it's what I always know people like last like like everyone's over last year life I know when you're really laughing you rock like this when you laugh new for whatever reason but you always laughing about something it's a British I'm loving the most I'm just like creased up silent you look like the kind of stats life cut through anything like a rude or offensive joke that will end to me right before the podcast all really all I can take me to Barbara call me names I'm not faking it I'm just laughing cause I can't make any sound Gavin in his personality now and before and after he becomes a homeowner life right now that's not true and it's not the end of the world you're about to get out and get new condo buying if you are confused resident can buy property you at how to show my Visa denied account security like I've never seen an ID that expires on a different day than the birthday the way I explained that was because my Visa expires December and so they could only make my ID last until December of one of your own that's why I said about time from when you got the I didn't tell you when my ID expires text Mike Jake are mine expires December of 2014 my ideas on my video 2016 audio Puck on my birthday with my passport was way up because much as possible is that expire to the month 10 years from when you get them my possible is 10 years and 3 months I don't know we have state inspection in Texas we have your car inspected every year my truck is like 9 months out of date and I gotta get it inspected but I feel like I'm just like just now when I was like 18 bucks that's all I want swim I think two years past the due date and when I finally got pulled over and given the ticket because I'm so I can pull over expired inspection is it okay to write the ticket and everything give it to me anyways I just want to say the police officer long time this is the longest I've ever seen a car expired packing you actually told me you couldn't even think about it registration stickers like a year overdue should you get in more trouble because it's been expired long time it was 10 years ago that we like the same things I wasn't trying to do that so one of them will be back next Monday what's one talk about I don't know what are the kickstarter meeting today for the movie stuff like talking about that but it was something else but I think about it every time I want to see you in 5 years late-night talk-show incident that caused you to leave for a month or something but know what happened but I left it at one time when I left because I wanted to work more behind the camera cuz I thought we were I wanted to sell some technical issues this is one of the microphones back it's like that here at the podcast on the podcast working on it as we do the Stars give it true if you do it right now we're watching and do it do it do it