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RT Discusses Faking It

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Recorded: 2014-05-20 22:53:49

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Kumail Nanjiani, Freddie Wong




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Transcript (in progress):

list of audiobooks The more than $150,000 across all types of literature fiction non-fiction periodicals hey everyone The Walking Dead countdown 90 seconds it was kind of mumbled so this was always welcome back to you old the first anniversary is that okay because technically correct that is a first anniversary taste annual first annual because there's no first annual first annual would be if we had it at the first episode of the Patrick annual pet makes no sense yes now that we've had more than one on an annual basis can you never afraid that one of the first annual you going to podcast I'm still pretty loaded with stuff just so much stuff has happened this week that I know there's a couple different discussions that could become heated and/or completely disgusted I think that's like the signature the RT Podcast and or completely disgusting Gavin was a wreck for The Rock in La he's telling the story when you at lunch if you shoot yourself how do I set myself and Elway the first one was I shipped my pants o why would you question that now because most of the pool has been that he really couldn't come to something I'm no longer a human or something but the plane when you were we tried to forget it happened so I don't know what it was I think I had food poisoning no I didn't I didn't oyster and tomato juice hot sauce how does a restaurant having breakfast at this what you were saying and I kept like that he's moved out of the chair I was in like that 8 plate in front of his anus fish no matter what your name and take the eggs and bacon O Sullivan it wasn't it wasn't like he suppose you can gamble on the phone and you can bet the wrong way on it you're separated doesn't work just leave who is like the table pool blue didn't lock my guys and I Mac pulled it down absolute astrophe throw it away spend about 20 minutes cleaning just the Swampy trailer I can lie about what happened and I thought it was obvious how many people were there just men Titan even sit down and watch it myself Freeman would love to change that cheese machine I just felt really out of it for a while the rest of the day while you're in the bathroom did you all look for Windows to climb out of there anything table drive myself if someone tried to get in while I was doing that so just like I've been here for 25 minutes terrible decision on easy the same day before everything problem it's just water Kinect repeat exactly what I've done in the restaurant except in a 1 foot by 1 foot plane bathroom which wasn't easy so no underwear on and I'm in jeans is about 40 minutes of the flight left even Zoe when you shoot yourself on the plane were you sleeping you said yourself that woke you up or did you wake up it was so really what you're saying you saw a lot of people plain 20 minutes if you're in that you want to build a rock on the thing and say is there a problem like that for you in the making yes I'm in there like 10 lab the toilet paper in the bottom of my jeans that was my new underwear and then I went to sleep did you take a beating Brandon and the span of twenty-four hours I shitmyself about 5 times I don't think it's what's right is right on the verge 2 did they survive 2 wedding strong way to keep them but it really seems like a pressure it's a little far you taking anything like Pepto or Imodium pic for you to have straight but you have stream of it doesn't fix that and I had to I had to make a plan for your Mike take something that's meat in retrospect analysis I told you drink more I think you'll ever change Gavin is always like going on about how he never showed himself and in twenty-four hours he's become the king of 0 times 5/3 the nightmare the nightmare side of the achievement hunter office ear been like a thousand o and as far as outside of that office about it what are nothing compared to what you did what University pic you're at the end what is it when I woke up I was holding Geoff hack you know I was back in my face listen to yourself on a plane o spanking yourself on a play they're all really if you kill yourself on a plane people are going to know by the way your feeling cotton stuffing 2014 navigate to 2 million dollars 2 million dollars cashew walk out of here table to mine. But for the next 20 years any time you have to take a poo you just have to hold someone's both your hands I think I got a contact with them the whole time otherwise you can go to find someone in public that will hold both your hands and make eye contact with you while you go poop every time anybody you have to hold their hand and I say I'll pay a hundred grand a year to hold my hand while I pull your money right now 2 million 10 years fish store all you have to do is hold someone have a 20 minutes today and shooter what they have when he's drinking oyster shooter three squeezes car I'll be right there with you on the the lot of doctors don't say anything liability liability they just don't say anything the too much pressure on it like a pilot is responsible I can get arrested and jailed for his job if he does it will carry lot of people can do that at my job got me arrested that's the way it was immediately Lenny Bruce silicon Hills Community o you know like a comedian Colin Quinn Amy Kaufman no series is one that ever talks about early part of last century that was like the 1956 blue guys got a couple different times the trailer for people do it before the internet or the reason why you could not attend you guys did a live stream with Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto it wasn't me why are you on the same home laid up from pooping I come to your office the whole time that's why you think they should have somebody else somebody gets so fucking sick as you were here because I food getting sick and pool so that's the day he's just like I'm more than just serving set the fox with you and just wait for the let's play like 2 hours here the story so we got going and he's like myself she's going on and on about it and it was either before it was in the middle of his pants does that mean he checked his Chris Hansen Eminem lyrics Titan ship chew the blue jeans inside your jeans and sit inside with no containment facilities at all it's just like you weren't you were expecting to find book YouTube ear pads do you need to know it I'm pretty sure I would know it I'm pretty sure I would think about it is there it was only liquid it was never any pieces of pool is just bug meat like Chris but it was body temperature so I didn't know how weird from the Cold War I want more water than Adam is water that's in water that in the history and Zoe image of the podcast I've never heard the controller fin official directions to take a blade to by the time I know what stop us now we gotta work it out thanks that's that's fucking awesome and we're all glad to hear we're all rooting for you and hope you have a speedy recovery Mike jump interesting that's for sure D-Link jump what's the problem is a fucking bug bug it's like it's not there then you get to in terminal but it's like you just can't open up Macintosh HD you just can't see the users folder that would be your user folder while you told him that users there's a folder called users that all of the user directories have any to get in there if you just said 0.0 Mac ever see you tonight NOAA weather the person who made the the Simmons Master Chief it's behind me updated it and made a new version it's actually fell over and stick it back in the wrong way on GTA one of them one of them with things to do we just did I think it comes out it comes out this week Juggernaut spring but when we did it a little bit of a preview the first plane with other people like a challenge when they were quiet everyone the rumor going 2 you just like I'm just going to try to get this over as quickly as possible I'm going to let them I'm going to help them kill me remember that vs between rate and Ryan and I went on for like 9 minutes and rate is beat the shit out of him it was a Fuzion frenzy on your tuna something the first five or six vs episodes that set up the rules and it was like a series of mini-games and it's like okay this will do and it's raining right at 2 but and it was like 9 mini-games and by like the 3rd or 4th one redhead fucking one every single I pray God first and in the computers or second and third in line was like 9 million points behind them so they would just add that half of the episode was just insulting Ryan waiting for at the end it was great I had that I suspect the first time we sat down to play Mario Kart together I was playing with the controller that we can soda Mario Kart 8 and actually had the GamePad and she fucking destroyed me the first generation but absolutely killed me and I have a feeling she chew the last two races I haven't heard yeah that's sad sad moment a relationship with orgasms haven't you in my life yes very quietly spent because of o that word about life Gavin with everything like that like about levels all you see is this Brandon a dildo that squirts MO Manhattan Canal was that Gavin trailer 2 times with this person and that person probably doesn't seem like a foreign concept to me Supply extending stuff and after a while you like British flag list the windows past what did he do should I fake it I think I have body fluid for the because in your head you're thinking this is going nowhere I've got to stop this I just faking what's a WCW little bit better find me before he was Rift no no but it sounds awful what was Security office and those three Kinect filming every side of him and protect the stuff around it and it was so realistic that he would sit down on a chair and it be a fake 3D table and he could stick his legs out and like spin around in the chair and his legs would walk through the leg of the table to the table doesn't exist but he said it was so realistic twitch brain that whenever he would spend his legs and so we didn't we just do that Zoe is the show me some polygon looks like getting that information in the quote far away so it's not really very high resolution here it's cool he got pulled himself out of his body a second that's pretty cool so how was it different just like a normal Oculus Lincoln that his body his legs arms and his legs okay and it makes him like you're talking about it was not ring and it was like Faking It sounds like a picture of repenting and I can't let any of that walking melting ice go to waste okay so we did this we did this summer is going to that was here for a good Gus and I were both traveling so we weren't here for it I was thinking this weekend it was done Michael you were here Gavin operation Supply stream 2 benefit guys off operation pleasure they provide video games to other soldiers that are in a combat Arena or an act of service for a recovering from wounds in the big on the battlefield which is a really great service to go out and give those guys something when and where did the head like happened in the middle of it is that I guess our community started tweeting at celebrity say hey can you retweet this and I'll pool list of celebrities online on Twitter or commenting and posting about this RT salute and one of them was Blaine graduated that day is commencement ceremony was that day it's okay to post a photo on Twitter of him flexing with his cap and gown on a hack account on and tweet at the Rock and then the rock retweet and it basically replied to him publicly which I understand it when that happens when you like ring around the entire office he was slipping on 2 cups at 1 710 Shaffer today the goo cheese pendulum self great cause you have no idea how amazing this is good check it out sweet of him flexing in front of UT Tower now that's the rock retweet and bring your ass in here and it would be just like the Tweet about the bug people doing glad I'm so glad that I can talk about it GIF on Twitter and look at which is he tweeted that we got retweet and by the Rock and guys I can't believe the drop retweet Andres cheese my eleven-year-old self will be so excited by that Andres candy like you cared about your not cool enough for me to care yeah when you're around let's hear it let's go I just bug the shit out of me we know who are really test and 9 year and what's your excuse really weird but I was super super butt hurt and pissed off at the Rock tweeted blue never think of rock planes that big of a fan so I sat there and I was like maybe if I appeal to the Rock emotions and he's like hey there any other guy he's a huge fan maybe he would retweet me but he did not show you the whole by 11 year old cell phone but excited by a tweet by The Rock just to point out the fact that you been a fan since you were eleven yeah I guess I should have said and now you can just say it I thought I had to get something out and it didn't work as opposed to I give a shit about no no no you said by 11 give it to meat judge of the Tweet where is it data at the Rock retweet at the Gibble's my 11 year old self just died so busy but I'd look at the first part I'm on believably 11 year old self would be unbelievably jealous exactly headaches it's so insulting people like that are the Rock and murdering 11 year olds cancel out the and my portion lime I like inner child be so happy that you're happy I do feel bad but my heart was in the right place but we did indeed it was probably that 12 year old alright friend after all that was a lot of fun I really wish I could come down for it so that was fine the jump in the popcorn with the school was fine later on in the night while John was playing I guess I'll and Titan Fall we decided to have a real life Titan fight during them playing Titan Fall so until he pointed it out so John was riding on my shoulders and I was pretty sore in the morning for that he only spoke to Ted on these like multiple times cashew by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books and more than $150,000 table titles across all types of literature and featuring audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audio book three test Tractor Service what are you book consider is a Game of Thrones A Song of Ice and Fire book 1 by George RR Martin for free RT book your choice go to audible.com / RoosterTeeth that's audible.com / RoosterTeeth driving around in La this past week I really appreciate it the books all over again just like every single fucking meeting we had was like okay whatever I gotta be back in 40 minutes that you sound like Los Angeles like in the car as well be listening to an audiobook guys seriously fucked-up in the Game of Thrones thing I really met some friends we went soda Godzilla one of the guys was there with his wife and she has not read the books but he has and so we were talking about something that I'm really looking forward I'm not going to work I'm looking for something to happen the season and he got a and he gets put the next season for and I think that you're talking about it is towards the end of this season and book and this is the end of the third book season and he can he said no actually book the last one what I mean when you say I was like and I have but I had heard that I was dangerous I then went home and finished up all the books and I feel it when you read the book tweet that and really II just start talking about I just run out of the office it's the combination of it and then he's got the eye of the book that is embedded in the book the corner over there for the smoke tricks ear by the book to the library shut the fuck up okay we don't do anything Game of Thrones for like 10 months we want you to shut up about it melon different the books are very closely followed by two years after the episode it was like two people in the room talking about it and they don't want to spoil it but the smugness still raining early in the same thing you know where the nearest Red Book different from the books can I watch it and we've never read the books or seen it we have the books now she put them on or wedding registry probably never read them too much of a reader I don't care about reading and actually pretty fast just like I cannot commit the time to sitting there just reading and I've always rather do something else it's like I read but I just never fight like 3 hours if you want to really analyze a series of soda different from book to screen is The Walking Dead series on AMC you go back and read those first 70 rate of those I mean that would by like 2:34 season like okay that guy is actually this guy this guy is not alive in the books that guys dead friend she's been tortured beyond belief it's like it's it's similar characters but they are the test they take her just so different than the book because some people's hands or something like that supply drop getting tweet if you were like oh my God guys going to be so pissed there was fucking up your set with going out with the set and I was like oh my God that fucking up the fucking up the trash I was so worried when I came back into town Sunday afternoon I came by the studio if I'm going to clean the place up surprisingly guys I'm going to have to clean up a shitstorm I was cleaning it as we're fucking it up like like a minute behind us so I can not working with popcorn dice El and it's like everywhere and then Gavin felt like they were sitting down so I can review it sounds like old clean it up Cotton Eye Joe scam calling for the right behind it really on the Fly cleaning actually the circus coming to Austin and I asked Ashley what her moral opinion was a boy Google play The Lion Freddie the trainer they did all that stuff at the Elephant still kinda fucked up but they shouldn't do it but if you the world it's nothing nothing at all like a circus she was the runt source that should be put the fucking jail really is almost as bad as SeaWorld okay but I think I would be run humanely I don't think it's possible you cannot give that kind of animal and the amount of space that needs traveling city the city doing stupid shit he shows making it on a God damn ball or whatever the fuck they do they come men sometimes from the after years of torture just go anyway remorse we were on that show that was a rousing good time that was really fun I was nervous about it was kind of scary to be doing live jokes in front of an audience on the fly out there and it was really fun during the commercial break ever comes out like you guys are doing great everything so good everything and you're still confident or whatever the oldest so good they lost everything that was made with zero weather Normal studio audience then he had like an additional overflow area that they just fill with tears guys were doing their thing but watching it in the studio and kicked out the person to get on the stage Burnie Burnie 20 yeah but about to turn away quite a few people who who showed up yep yep and California is I mean a geographical region that seems connected but it's really just a huge sprawling it's like 2 hours away and they didn't make it and it wasn't there 248 willing to send me topics over there was in the top of the iPhone me and Gavin touch you like I was having a bad day so that was like a super day crab things like my grandmother had just had a stroke my dog was sick my realtor was like telling you that shit about the condo I'm trying to but it was like I was having to paint and clean I just can't do all of this at once I keep thinking that you're going to get your appointment for you all this shit settled like you're just going to be able to check some things off the list we doing that apparently their house and pool the O ring in the top of the filter thing and then doing everything in the pool small towns in pet fucking planning a wedding new it regulation for this is your first candy wedding thank you it was great all the work talking about it for you just like I did she was getting more more excited as it was coming closer and closer and then you know within the last 2-3 weeks it was excitement and then a little bit of like sadness it was ending because it's occupied so much of her time while planning it and she was like it's kind of sad that is ending right and like I could not be more fucking happy that it's going to be over I can't tell you live but let's just get it over with women get pregnant quite quickly off the wedding because it's like the next project what is your status Freddie way you didn't the women's rights with Gavin with dr. Gavin Free get no kids there they got married o Candy Boy everybody gets married the song at the wedding in like you know his wife is ready to pop out a baby they got married was like baby right away it's cuz they need a life goal after they were planning the wedding pic YouTube that lets do it done not only for a career or anything else from planet the wedding 2 getting knocked up I need something to do cuz you're like all right the lady gets married she got nothing to do baby I know that but I mean I think there is maybe there's something else having a baby treating faking constantly cut off big Goldie ticked off National Television fish referred to as a comedian get me wrong it's not like leaving a man that would be awesome then my life will be complete or calling you I know it wasn't bad call the next week so Michael live 46 + the by your house is it go that's a good one I'm a resident we don't get moving the thing that means the most to me like most part things are the most important physical thing with something I on whatever dogs are in a dog to dog season Olivier and what happens when you give someone a puppy you're giving them an incredible amount of sadness like in 12 years touch 2 for like a pic of your life + 50 chew Mo gets to eat your face every time we can we dead baby possum in my driveway tear up my back the car was under the car and it's gotten it maybe was Jose not sure if I got a little blood there and I noticed the same thing we came back later I didn't park the car over it partner Kinect back away from it and we try to get some stuff at the store real quick and I'm just kidding there's a possum sleeping in the driveway and Jerry dead possum is dead sorry I didn't know you'd seen it I was going to get out of there once I get settled first moving its breathing breathing and I said no I saw that you the first moving but it's and I took a look at it it's dead and it looks like bundled up back to health over the course of the weekend and didn't like the kids don't know this my possum story of the fight test for Baby series 1 how can you do that here is the problem Gavin the whole time I'm guessing this possum back to health the whole time in the back of my head chew the kids are really you know concerned about and ring to it to her like you're going to do it and be able to made like a little box a little bit and all that stuff and transfer it over carefully that and worm sugar water and a whole time thinking this thing is if you possum best case scenario long to bake about like it doesn't make it are we just kind of like extending this you know is it like a bad thing and then I guess the other day we just realized it's like you know I would let you tell your kids as adults and like you know it's better to give something a fighting chance and just don't just give up on it now I'm like 40 years can be making decisions about me shooter was only practical if we were and I couldn't touch it or anything like that but they were definitely like to the farm or something I'm more worried about the lack of a blue CK some the cynicism of thinking that I should have tried you know I mean that's all I'm worried about that I just figured a way to like talking about that and talk about how we shouldn't 2 adults when they get off the island after that meal I didn't and I know you didn't she has never met his father he went to the gym went to the bathroom like a normal person I was going to go to that we got tied up doing something else out and Burbank and I wasn't able to make it back supplementary audible audio podcast Zoe listen to other vs podcast at the end of it you'll get an additional 45 minutes we sat down and talked with Freddie Wong from Rocket Jump always a treat good to always chat with him and Kumail nanjiani from Silicon Valley Indoor kids podcast tends to be a little more resistant Mo made you guess stuff but it's one of those things like not trying to be trying new stuff and it's like it doesn't work out it first was watching The Gauntlet today in the different Gauntlet season 1 of Gauntlet season 2 is fucking amazing the guys he was like I think it's one of my favorite things are my favorite but I keep trying and trying and I think this is really great it was fun and I think it's very much and we were talking about the next level he is so nice and so can we come by your studio come back and talk to you the night before you want to do this I just swing by the office and will do this was like okay I show up to the office to come in what are you doing that season 2 beach volleyball now I know what is conscripted because they limited the will book fish come out but I got it was fun I had a lot of fun shooting it was he talked about yet but I know where we started like the stuff in the spirit of Gauntlet is actually almost sold out we have is definitely going on is actually also almost filled up we have a few spots left so I should be exhibiting contact number 58 over 50 as awesome as you know we're inviting lots of people to come out as well that do you I'm going to be when gaming but should be really cool we're just talking with him being out there guys we're meeting with him Friday to be there but I don't remember I don't think we will rumor tweet buying Twitch. TV for 1 billion dollars what you think about that Gus I don't understand it like the twitch is a great platform for streaming video games but I've always thought that the live stream arcade abilities on YouTube or better like the functionality on YouTube with more robust and functionality you get a twitch the damn thing was supposed to track it to me would be integrated streaming you know on the new console platforms yet but if I feel like if you think she was really function as well as an excuse because twitch might have a little bit they're outside and they're not really a competitor for anything either Microsoft or Sony dice but Microsoft annual high enough Xbox to Microsoft YouTube the Google Microsoft and Google are massive competitor but there's YouTube apps that Microsoft develops and publishes for the shooter and YouTube features on Xbox team play for the Xbox and Titan fight I don't know I don't really understand I feel like she's better but twitch channels on YouTube three of them were gaming and SkyDoesMinecraft were in the top four channels from last year gaming is a huge presence on YouTube and other thing that's really YouTube really talks about it that much so would you see the growth of twitch it could be a long one Facebook deal with WhatsApp when they paid that ridiculous amount of money for WhatsApp but it's really I mean at that point you've got the market locked up you should do just about everything your power to keep it that way it's only YouTube Source interest like a defensive move absolutely okay 1 billion dollar defensive move I could see that if the rumor comes true and you know YouTube office blue box for twitch at the end of this week it's weird that the rumor broke on a Sunday really the market I mean it's a wonder how this takes place when somebody shows up and try to offer twitch a bunch of money YouTube sold for 1.7 billion dollars and they're offering twitch on over half that yeah well no one really got video at the time Google bought YouTube video will still definitely in its infancy on the end of that and it's crazy out there now so could be the same thing with stream talking about the opportunity the growth there me know if they realize how big is going to be moving forward you guys making you feel it stream mark Chris kart YouTube crossword lab Pacific's it just happens when it happens more Arkansas there's no denying you're definitely leaning towards Jen give me a kiss, I'm keeping them in the lab season 4 live Generation The Boys the boys have you put this I didn't put my YouTube big cut on @midnight pic of 5 minutes to Gavin about his penis the full broadcast just like you guys watching the little bit National immersion coming out give me pizza comes up like writing it but you brought it up what is riding a bike I ride a bike all the time I did never come in for him at the special situation that comes up no I mean do this and I'm like well I finish my penis my second in the most recent immersion I totally forgot about I think it was Mario Kart Mario Kart like it had a life where I was at work one of us I think hated it so much every take I made a couple of jokes about it that we got everything immersion and the One Direction he gives us that I hate more than anything else is what I got more energy no energy but this time we'll hopefully we'll put that out I was cracking up so bad it takes for the season at RTX Michael bonidie bar vs immersion by far the most in the beginning 5 minutes we like 10 minutes in the middle of it trailer 5 minute about Gavin penis actually giving me anything to work with anybody I mean anybody the three of us were just like shoot the shit that matter at all the first candy list I wish I was operating it at a time when I was at potentially in a little bit of danger cuz I was like right for the Gavin if he was doing something and then after I feel the high-speed think thank you it was like so are you nervous did you think that I was gonna hit you are not the camera over and I said no it's just one person I would not be nervous about it would be you I know you would murder yourself rather than let anything happen to that camera I knew I was perfectly the safest place I could possibly be doing immersion right next to them because we have another 2 or 3 months weight it's in a Gavin I'll be doing it separately you know so it's like I'm feeling their feeling mean I'm doing a bunch of runs and shit and then we'll swap out and he'll go in the whole bunch of runs or whatever do whatever Gavin is going to operate the camera whenever I'm going Kart immersion widow vs lighting your agents or take a little bit here Mike this is fucking awesome I just watch clips of that okay that's cool I don't like that in the background of every episode of immersion you can keep me off right in the friends and whatever cost you men where are you when he flipped the go-kart in Mario because right before I was stream in up on that coin out I'm going to track him as he came around because I'm pretty sure he was going to flip the door cuz I'm going to put the screen on my MO bollocks what is coming up so just like I just put it where I thought the coin was and he went by and I just well I don't want to call because obviously you can create it consists of a lot of like $0.08 for that camera explosion stuff like 3 times exposed well before the explosion and during this place was I just don't understand how you're able to pull that off but everything sometimes sometimes it looks a little bit before it rains on this camera is just terrible the bug ear bug at Gavin list like it's it's it's really impressive stuff but I think I'll let you hack blue liquid at the same time that's like another my favorite thing about that video with the bug it's the bug is the sound effect used for the budgeting the bug crunch also my favorite thing that you were done with that millimeters matter commercial how to take care of the dogs so much and snacks in Spanish human reactions so much slow Mike tweet and 13 hours later he was excited and I was like stop filming it was like being funny that solutely twitch I told him to have it signed on so probably would have died but even if I did I would have had it probably Wong floating glass jars that was running away from exploding next to it salak yeah yeah yeah operation part of it too yeah but look how lucky we are as a side effect of preparation you make your own right like you can set yourself up for good luck you can make out of lucky son of a bitch the next next Thursday Mario came out last week that was what I was talking about the Mario immersion that was not sponsored in any way that was good timing then it ended up like a literally two weeks before the release of Mario Kart and when we got like the Embargo lifted of like all Mario Kart footage that was just super weird timing but was not a sponsor but you're talking about a couple weeks on the podcast upcoming immersion that's going to seem like it's super cool because we did several runs in the car and every sure you put your seatbelt on Gavin in and out of that fucking Kart and his like in the kart in and out of the carton in the carton out of the car forgot to put it on that one time so there were comments on the vs arcade I turn the lab so it tips over I hit my right shoulder and the Kart slides and I'm just kind of laying there and then I just put my phone up so people knew I wasn't dead and people start running over and grab the car and I'll call you ready in like at like 1 2 3 and list the car and I was like oh come on the ground I guess I wasn't attached to it so I just fell the fuck out and I was a Kart around you I was like sitting in the car just dragging with it I was just laying on the ground what the hell man I had the pet saver on the corner into the wheel to keep it up you just see his foot like come off the accelerator but you like it here so here's a shot of him coming around in slow motion Baby It's Cold Outside what come up Holodeck mother dead Gavin Michael I like you gave it the thumbs-up that you were okay but less than what 2 weeks later when we shot the next one you have to fake your own death during a similar incident I was going to do it ahead of time if you forgot people the producer of Brandon okay I told Erin I was like listen if this happens I'm going to do this just don't freak out because I'm going to do it I'm just fucking around from the game is from the game from the game and then everyone I just forgot I forgot walking heart at the end of there at the end of the shooter or doing the wrap up my Facebook it's under and I still worry about you just like dehydrated like red but not sweating when someone gets like so super hot to do the like the kind of like Titan Eren scam yes I was worried about your missions next Mark by your enemy the vending machine when you're starving at 3 p.m. all cranky lightheaded the evil that new machine could seem like your only friend don't give in head over to naturebox.com NatureBox ins great tasty snacks right to your door and they're great for you too you got your talking healthy snacks like barbecue kernels everything bagel chips at over a hundred more 0 trans fats there high fructose corn syrup and nothing artificial either sex or gluten conscious and non GMO free shipping anywhere in the US NatureBox is busting up the vending machines Monopoly Andres 800 fried NatureBox right now get 50% off your first box by go to naturebox.com forward slash RoosterTeeth Let's NatureBox.com / RoosterTeeth table strong go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth NatureBox.com / 3:50 so a little something I think we lost in the movement when you said here is you can easily reach into the camera like you could previously where can I get the kids Worm baby on the speak text so it was I don't want to sound like all those people complain all the time about it but when we're in La that's the hardest I've ever been that I've ever experienced in Los Angeles like hot weather and it for her and has hot weather Seattle was the worst when I had like a hundred and four degrees and people started dropping dead because it's not that much is it hot in the fourth quarter $50 never been more acutely aware of the temperature difference in different parts of LA it's like you're from LA and then you like drive on the ocean guys like taking off from La if you take off when you go the wrong way over there the biggest longer I swear I was like 20 minutes over the ocean I can see it's like this weird Island Distributors fight with Asia it's so funny you say that I think about it the exact same way myself I guess you miss your made to make that but there's a tanker right there and then who is going to communicate with you find a much leaner much smaller scale I was I went out to the Santa Monica pier and I wasn't walking down the pier I got to the end of the spectrum that looking for miles from there once I didn't I didn't die I lived it so I tried to fight it for a long time and then you realize you're currently under a bridge Wonder ever I got to go with it at one point I was holding on to a crab trap John Ball Zoo the town if you like I got Jose for the next day or two crab people fishing if you run into a girl who says she wants to practice English and just identified ring girls in Eastern Europe candy very pretty and it down and then $900 bar tab it illegal to record something like that something they would have young women come around to talk to the customers and if you bought them a drink their drinks like 20 bucks each 33 Waterdown and they work for the bar yeah right in the town Japan 2 with the conversation Club I went to bed I told that story where the girl comes up tuna bar tweet let's go to a different book is my Facebook you can still buy vs ring when you married your next goal don't help her return the crab bag crab bag crab bag the crab legs you don't want to Gavin my favorite things ever from the judge ever watch a jackass no 2.5 Jose Zoe clamp is like super hard clamp that you was going to be purchased at the Asheville NC clamp clamp most cocoa fight what are they called I don't know what's going on here this is the clamp for on the Johnny Knoxville attach a crab buffet crab of it and he would walk up to people in need like walking on my brother lab puppies shooter clamp 06 heart do it do it doesn't mean that that that somebody give you a $10 for your bottom lip ear nose the pressure out over such a large surface area I put these in several places on my body you so funny but I Chris Kresser weird animals cuz you're fucking funny the way he was he's there is something comedic about watching the way a crab walk sideways and I mean I know there's like every now and then I go whenever I would go to the beach in Puerto Rico there were some crab don't look at you that I put your pictures that you like your guns Wicked Blue Crabs silicon for the walking the fastest way to walking the whole animal is based on which direction One Direction that's for worms everything walking sideways YouTube Godzilla no I haven't yet I really want to see you by 10 did you watch the Godzilla movies growing up Toho company was bad it was bad it was bad this movie is really good for durian touch with nature YouTube book of people but when he fucks up monsters he will totally fucked-up people there in the way we didn't grapes chew the Godzilla movies that we grew up watching agree with that but I can also see why some people didn't like it it's too long it takes way too long to get them the First Act with the title car that tells you you're at a Godzilla there's a set up in the first 10 minutes of the movie and it's like something happens and it's 15 years later and then you're like okay this could be the movie but then like another okay now you're in the movie saw that beginning it was kind of pointless to do something I know that movie is that Americans and probably every character 2 characters for every possible part of the Japanese guy can't Wong town and he has an assistant the woman it's like a big sweeping introduction of the Admiral on the ship and I was like it's not on his hand he was talking and it was like you hear him for like a minute or so before you talking and it's all like a slow reveal of the character in series guys like 2 seconds of just like I'm sorry 2 minutes long job which is usually the first 20 minutes of the movie just pull up the biggest potholes it just annoyed me was dead I killed a monster right now it wasn't this stuff at the beginning so original Godzilla as the atomic age came about with all the trailer all the nuclear testing there's the testing of the Pacific atoll or whatever where they get all the nuclear testing in the French Polynesian Islands with every purchase original series Godzilla that's what woke up the monsters that stuff but the kind of change that a little bit but has nothing to do with you yeah but then it like tweet list kill it with a new to get a talk about that though it was just a fight it makes a difference why don't you ask him to explain it this is probably the best way to do a big Blockbuster version of Godzilla and have it be true that the problem is I don't think people know she always wants to the way it was when they were a kid what they want if they want the way they remember it not the way I actually was we can't ever do that with people to go back and reference material when you're like a drug and you like always just like the people of its right but it's not right you know the correct interpretation of you can't you can't ever figure out what that is collosus right and if you look up it seems like the easiest way to tell you it's wrong like you looks 2 shiny what to do with metal but there's mac metal to look different than to know that he's getting right now with the glass front candy comic you're like super like late eighties looking things they almost think of him as a the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer come out today visually the movie was fucking incredible like there was way more visuals in this trailer Chris Pratt that ripped I don't know what to do it that was fucking shit Mark Pratt normal he was like fucking ears Chris Pratt wasn't fucking Parks and Rec last season and then he's on the guards Galaxy the fucking hot yes it was it was his name. Collosus and the comic then we're going to draw him reflected in every god-damned pain all the comic made of silver or matte silver can we can realistically be like that T1000 looks like liquid bug Chris Pratt don't forget he was also yesterday morning he was he was pretty bad tonight as well so he was probably still riding on that over it from realistic human Badass 2 comic book stupid why I travel with a Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy what Solomon was one of them and visuals all the space stuff with amazing picture it looks really cool. There's a space station is built out of this if you ever seen the trailer yet crab Chris except now it's awesome that it's good transformation trailer Zoe Saldana never the comic the absolutely dead today the voice the sky is it in stream weather next 45 minutes I'm sorry I can't see it right now if you want to come back and actually get the kind of feel that we stop by real quick while you're wrapping up season 8 guys talk about or Wong Wednesday with an episode yeah and next Monday with another episode of RT Podcast hey everyone thanks for joining us last year we're going to sit down with a couple friends mark our friend you are tweet to get Burnie hey Freddie Freddie Wong I'm sorry for Rocket Jump yo-yo nanjiani from many many things so much stuff first thing I saw him and he was well I thought YouTube videos and that's how I became aware Kumail rate and then Mike Ricci grapes with Valley that was fast Tylenol PM and hair well that was one of the first things that I have a dead something people soda o made from Dead or the banker it's so small like I know you meet someone and then you find out that you have all the same for the Wii I play video games with some of your friends from Austin men is completely random but National Guard made but I drop these guys more than talk to my parents and I don't know what the 20th we met those people the same way you did North Michael 2 playing with people like you know it's otherwise it's a kind of handle it like I love Titan Fall now but only because I get to hang out with my friends and like talk and goof around I used to my voice. Was when I was playing Halo 3 hack believe I just move to New York and I would just play all day all night I have no money I'm super depressed and I just play this fucking people who would like to yell at me all the time and it was just this horrible cycle of Life Louis self-esteem I know it was because people start speaking in Chinese are the world to me and I never got good at it on the hardest difficulty no cheating no no do overs feed it and then you see the money you know you like it just cuts right to the title screen you are the winner and it's like you can't you can't win Pac-Man you can only remove slow her down right you're trying to National Piano Tiles it's a 10 second game and you just play it and try to beat your time which is YouTube like 15 seconds you like complete the cycle coin touch a black tiles and then you get it done like 10 seconds so you're playing this game trying to beat your 9 to 10 second time you're always 10 seconds away from your desk or super frustrating I wanted to break my fucking phone in my hand so many times playing this game how many how many sections can you have that can you get like while taking a dump oh my God game all time for I just can't stop guys let's do another one list to another four in the morning or at night in one corner with the shotgun hammer Peter Griffin sports game type that we made for Halo and it's now they include it now in Halo after but hello yeah and for what it was it was a game-time made super Farmers menu looking forward to it we had it so it's like we were trying to figure soda made like this dumb game type and it just took off and the great thing about that is it's like a million monkeys right Mike we made this first Mac was super primitive so as soon as you release all the stupid exploits breaking up and you fly out of the balance today in the mo put online you get 10 million people playing it and in it we just don't care SimCity how you got so I can also leave for Houston here it is broken as hell thanks for your $60 sucka only now have they have they fixed it Pool Hack the game and made offline play liquid in them true fault I'm just saying that like it's like rocket best of shit I hate when you like it a lot of grapes and when you get the downloading the used but this game and it's on that and you've already made it it's done but just to play it the order that and the First Avenger at dice earlier this year where they had two people up here like original like coin op people who made you know coin op arcade games back in the day and they talked about how they viewed coin op arcade as a original microtransaction it's like you didn't the quarter gets by this much of game time and if you want more you put another quarter so you just microtransactions your way through a game and one of the guys was the person who made Defender 2 and he was super happy I could go through a quarter and 37 seconds arcade slow this machine because it's a cash cow it's all about return on investment how quickly can afford to pay for the machine and then jump kick and then we realize you probably spent like 200 bucks beat Andres tweet and do it cuz you ran out of money now because you couldn't do it like Gauntlet there's no end and you thought well if you keep talking like this doesn't just keep Bazaar do you have like an arcade game that was a game and I look it up on the archive it's like the videogame Museum the video game arcade arcade cabinet and how many are in the marketplace website catchy name it's on like and they use an acronym for but the one I was not pleased there was an ankle John Elway quarterback in football game and it had a very specific controller for passing which was a spring loaded joystick you pulled that was a tiny little ones from an old old arcade games with a metal stick with the area where you can put like when he was the most precise mechanism that great at it and I can't find it anywhere I Would by One of those cabinets today was a new story a couple weeks ago spring loaded football yeah I guess it's been sitting there Mike Crazy Climber I'm old dude I played arcade games from day one I think lime when I played I played pong at a pizza place and Valley from machine and I'd never seen him look at it first video game when I was really young my dad work security at nights and one night behind a dumpster he found an old pong cocktail table table is about the size and stuff inside of it and you can find it was broken it didn't work right and a couple days and that was it that was like 5 years old yeah I was using that was pretty difficult like it took me a second to look like I don't know what was happening behind there but it looks like it was actual physical stuff moving but it wasn't right I have no idea it could have been too drunk at 5:50 contraction the day Dead Island everything and John Elway team quarterback is rated three out of a hundred in terms of Rarity 3 out of $100 winner Mike I guess people will drink disgusting things like I was at a bar last night and the bartender was like super to Z Astic he's not serious Mixology cheese like the way you guys I was at the London West Hollywood and espresso martini fine I'll try to say the name of the drink then you just have to get it was it was weird like that right it's like 20 different things put together and in the end some not does not taste like 20 shooter all the colors and everything else and everything you always said was that and we go to those ones with the touch screen did arrests on YouTube Bazaar at the SLS Hotel some like that and they do like Mixology but they also do guys like it was trying to me like Black Op they have these Philly cheesesteak but sandwiches but they're attractive Brandon op the meat is on top of the bread better I went to a fancy restaurant New York team a similar vein once when I was in Chicago and they serve lobster roll sounds delicious it was the size of a quarter best thing I've ever eaten and it's like how much how much money was like fucking fortune the moment that the moment that the plate is like the little like stupid at the Chinese food the same as I was secret Consortium of like fruit grower that's like this year is the year for pomegranates and then they doing there is it whatever the group too much of it we had to put some hack meat at Jackfruit and I kind of had the texture of meat or the other days like these are all great fruit team I also like bananas bananas are the best fruit that one I'm keeping durian Kinect the King of Fruit I hate that food is terrible you have a corpse fruit and everyone will durian actually killed like 6 people a year get the fruit that giant spiny bowling ball-size fruit so in the act of becoming writers and will fall on people's head and kill them my mom loves it and where is Singapore and that's all over the rock or lime on love that every time she got into the garage in the first International Hotel the first time I heard it was like behind the front desk pong we were just and we ate Test new fruit so whenever we traveler trying to eat new fruit snake fruit never had snake fruit know about it before you really fucking delicious what is like like the skin looks like snake skin that's why it's called that but the inside is sort of taste like the middle of the pineapple but softer and like but good it's hard to reach out for cherimoya the King of the Hill episode tweet fruit pie custard you can eat the seeds are poisonous but it's like you just get a spoon and just the restaurants were doing that to you like cherimoya and stuff but there's a rare fruit grower in Los Angeles and he has like all kinds of weird noises and fruit the running Jose California the bar there's no lines because the cartels are like have taken over the lime Farmers have jacked up the prices but you should be like $12 upgrade and now it's a hundred bucks that's really cool Amber Heard interview on NPR talking about the lime shortage and go down to Mexico lime farmers and telling them you know are limes in short supply and prices are up like a 8 times a hundred percent of the u.s. farmers lime shortage lab chocolate Men 2 Netflix for shingles fried chocolate the Great American chocolate is really good but like taste like her she is not the better chocolate chocolate chocolate the ones that they have like their Hershey's Cadbury way better way better actually never had strawberry and then I started strawberry fruit lacrosse in Lexington GTA YouTube nobody told the guys there's a lime shortage the cocoa bean Farmers would never tried chocolate crazy how few people know how their food is grown and prepared like this have you ever seen with cashew looks like in the wild could you guys cashew so much right Freddie you trail mix 101 men it looks like a joke right to see my Burnie of showing at the picture of a yellow pepper upside down the green is the cashew the greatest pic the cashew update NSA supermarket and then they have to cook it in order to make an edible what the fuck is all these things that are like poison cheese that you eat a poisonous plant poisonous the team made from plant poisonous the second Brewing of that tea is ok how the hell did you get this what are you like back in the day if they are hungry I don't have plans I just died made out of it let's keep trying this please just move on I'm not sure I like the idea of people discovering food for the first time like thinking of like back 2 life cave men who like looking at cashew and like okay I'm really hungry I gotta try this and I will know if I die you don't Mac GIF of strawberry growing everything was so gross original why we don't know that we can eat our fruit without thinking about it now I don't know what the chickens before they're in my pineapple bush the one pineapple a year of a pineapple plant look like but here's the thing though you could troll people so hard which is why you should just start taking photos of fruit and like Outdoors touch with a crazy this is how the fruit I just set it up in a bit I just set it up in the garden some oranges grow Underground grapes are the products of the hot men with all kinds of grapes Pratt this grapes to taste like cotton candy in a cotton candy grapes grapes that taste like cotton candy grapes grapple grapes cotton candy grapes and it's like it's like the first fight it's just like really hard like that turns into a grapes I think it's delicious but it doesn't taste like grapes at all but I had a great that was fake grape flavored grapes O It's the Great 2 taste like Rift candy like grapes but it was the best grapple ever had and I took all the artificial flavors and flavored real fruit with the artificial flavor do that we didn't go for it I saw this fruit table trick 388 the artificial flavor with the fruit but it really taste nothing like it came up with the flavor never tasted a banana plastic shopping bags but I'm good blue think I should wear naturally when it says artificial flavors and natural flavor completely dependent on really weird facts of life Mike strawberry the artificial cocoa strawberry flavor is derived from actual charges my chemical and if you create the chemical any other way if you don't like Rush down there it's like okay this is over it was arrived at without killing strawberry slow but it's not the same thing what does the music I make this guy for like really you're selling stuff pretty hard here at the bar where we were in Manhattan for a film festival and we went to a bar in the middle of the day in Manhattan and it was just us and the bartender and you guys make a great Manhattan and you're here in the bar to the other bar I want to let you know that Guy Fieri show which one is the Diners Drive-Ins and Dives you can always tell cuz they cook it how soon like the car after he taste it whether he liked it or not and he said yeah that's good I just thought that was pretty good himself it was like bar Brazilian the capriana audible social anxiety though he just tells a story about how he went to the store and the guys made him fill out a Yelp review in front of them Elway and they were like why don't you just the paperwork in there like hey Jenny mobile phone fight fight Okay Google Maps Google Maps meltdown personal note about me my name is Jose fight right there the box was like oh okay that's something the next day I come back and I need to get Michael to the bush Kart so I wanted to the office weird thing about your review went to look for 9420 by because I'm helping you now know that's ridiculous I just want to sounds great buddy people that started one starting them and giving like that if you think calling people out by their name I was like I didn't know everyone yeah if you guys in Austin what's the name of the place 2 stars that had in approximately how many reviews it walking storage place in town till I found one that was approximately correct and they found the one review that was in there was somebody else had written one star they're making me write this review of one of them the guy who gets real food like the worst part about the app is that all the reviews are written by the kinds of people who write Yelp Rift in the worst way just go to Andres Steakhouse I really like you yeah but only with an axe to grind like those people those people are just like would you ever want to eat dinner with these people and you were saying was star fruit that I don't want to I don't want this and you could tell right away it's just feels like nothing else you've ever had fruit actually have this sort of was like you know everything who has this power that if he touches food he feels like everything that happens if everything went through like murder that can make him eat a little bit of the dead bodies he gets here meat fruit that people start growing and it's soda based on the Jackson Mike I think a lot alike Asian countries use that is like a cheap meat substitute Services actually know when we're getting close to just calling I'm just lab Lab made in the lab had three like that and come out and then the normal person In and Out Burgers out of this meat the goo new lab and that he's people eat it and the reviews are the people that represent love RT 10 years I think this is really ins Saldana magic $200,000 season properly I think that's what we're going to do we're going meat the lab is going to be the most cost-effective meat protein source is it like worms worms basically Roundup is the most effective like $2 per grams of protein value that you can have an egg meat never got to work a couple extra milk nut juice food source like any like soy milk and almond milk almond milk better than Worm but if you called him you called it Pratt nothing really just a matter of contacting a worm is really no different than eating anything else strawberry list for the worm also was on her. I think it was a whole book about How to Eat Fried Worms I just want to remind you that there is Pratt the right name for it Toho bar coconut must have been like to guys trust me on this rock and I don't like such a weirdo but I feel like the ocean is a giant toilet anything hidden 7 miles into the on Earth and we're just fine with you know that there are that we don't 2 The Middle come up there fight that we haven't seen with the eyes but we see evidence of it like these giant squids where we just mark Mark Ruffalo kill the biggest one they estimate that I bought would be 4 feet long imagine face-to-face with this that's just like the whole thing amazing unbelievable it's awesome that food is our ability to control and and and and trying like exert dominance over monsters touch up Jose made it exactly fish in the ocean Extinction Levels by 2048 or something like that try to do it sooner but there's a problem blue fin spring the pic I guess you should think I'm the problem everyone else so it's going to happen anyway and then things like cycling you don't have to do that because but it was enough that at 4 a.m. we got woken up because there's too guys like fighting like calling out in the street over our bag of you were their territory we were the territories 2 guys are just like each other and from that point with everything else figured out what kind of conservation I don't like trying to be good for another 40 years or so I don't want to be on that please just listen to you talk to NBA and are not to be compared anyways tell you what happened that's why I asked mr. Ola I said what's your retirement plan and he told me to diet for cheap I said well blue pitcher lab it doesn't happen but what's your backup plan and got me right in the face and said shotgun you don't want to be with another thing like you don't ever want to be so old I can't take care of myself like 40 do anything anymore but doesn't move Olympic op your Prime right now I was walking and collapse right now from this too much it is super hot out it is it is and it's heart bar by agent guys realize you have that stage of like I might be able to do this or I'm not doing this to I'll never be opposed to do and when I started new NBA game and it won't let me put my birthday according to cap in the NBA this pic all them Old Men season season Derek Fisher really busy with everything the understand you guys were doing for today yeah I was just crazy shooter in Austin was a great movie scene how it really is we just moved into a new studio and Sound Stage at the Austin film studios so if we got huge amount of space to work with HBO Silicon Valley Mike Judge makes their operation and have everyone be okay we would be out of the promise of getting everyone okay with leaving a challenger heart thing to barbecue Mo rapper long time the New Orleans bug Place Oliver food is fully constructed in actions of any kind soda come out your on Silicon Valley when he left and it's the two-part finale which is really good and then but we're taking a week off between them too they're doing the AIDS movie what's it called the good heart Normal Heart Normal Heart yeah I got it so it's going to be a movie about AIDS and then the third even if you are when they do that when they hit show that's going on they take breaks to Live premiere a new show in the middle of it anyway it's sort of a vote of confidence for our show and that it's like probably maybe can trick people HBO it's so fucking amazing the work for them and so wonderful in every way that everything if it I'd rather have the men back to back but if not small price to pay for being able to you know they got if we do he's been talking about it seems like we said we were soda ring and we sort of did that we want everyone it's so different Weather Network for that in fact this wall between you and them and they have the power and then I can use it all the time and make you like know they have the power with them I had to be the premiere for in Silicon Valley for Silicon Valley and I couldn't do it cuz I was like the next day after be home at 6 a.m. so this blue me back on HBO Geoff unreal so wonderful and it shows a Game of Thrones what was in there Farmers Low Winter Sun that kept pushing it there in Breaking Bad over and over like that cuz they're pushing it doing it and I never saw the show guys doing lime commercial strong is the for five years he was a bad guy and everything like it cashew was the bad guy in the balls guys it's your fault because you're already talked about this just in from having watched the promo list of winter house on 40th close to 7 okay alright good to know just recently @midnight and I didn't use hashtag but and I kept meaning to call out OtterBox and Gus Weird Al was on there now offline what's the format of the show Gaffigan stand-up show but what we did was we approached every shell is this is a documentary of the night rather than let you know presentation stand-up shows at the backstage stuff it back in for the fin to stand up and fax taste like if something goes wrong and I feel like we have an audio cue that one wrong and like it was real bad like that in the episode is not trying to figure this out and it's not like scripted at all it was like a real problem like you see me get like kind of shit he like it and I don't think that I want to see but I haven't seen yet so hopefully people know about it