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RT Discusses Gav's Retirement

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Recorded: 2014-05-27 23:27:19

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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list of Thrones podcast sponsored by Finders Keepers Creations custom paracord bracelets keychains watches and more customize your colors charm size and styles to fit your personality support this podcast to get 15% off your first order go to Finders Keepers Creations.com and use code podcast 1 at checkout of podcast item number 1 this podcast is Rock You by huluplus what's your favorite shows anytime anywhere with huluplus on your TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet shows like Family Guy Once Upon a Time new girl Scandal and more right now you can try Hulu Plus free for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth this parking is free we are confetti go ahead and keep pressing the parking Austin glasses Kahuna confess I'm also a woman how long since your last message why we're still doing things the way we normally do them was a big countdown in this the pre-roll ads price for Toyota brake run down before the show takes place was a countdown all the stuff get ready quiet on the set they had split into play the whole shebang podcast this is life you crazy you don't see white stuff and then upload it so much easier to go back sometimes you just count down from ten and then you automatically get it on there it says UCI was easier to do it this is a little bit what if you have to put a star know and I don't have anything that makes me sound stupid because that would be important to me I would prefer if you guys at at that out if that should ever happen at anytime whether or not we contradict ourselves or for anything since so much time has passed and then you talk to people off the puck past which means you don't know whether you told on the Park Austin the whole thing I'm so proud I did not pass on the Fly last week and you said that I didn't know things to do in the to it you think I'm pretty I see stupid interesting to you need to be a woman a real woman never interrupt Diane Lane of you look up usually about that to it so I gave up finally sent me a great series of video 30 30 to come to La so I can go to La and they get in the car and they decide to go to drive around and go to 10 fast food burger places OK and then make like an impromptu roulette wheel on the front tire and I think whoever's name is touching the ground when we park that's us to eat a burger at this place speak no English order the most popular combo bring it back to the car and drive to the next one and where his name is touching the ground beef to go in the Moon It's fucking amazing Market in November of last year RT video watching on your computers and this year at least two of them who knows the probability right again getting all of them run across the street with at least 2 info said that wrong achievement 8 somebody's going to eat at least for at least 2 probability so excited and I'm so hungry can I see all of these the first guy he said he's like yeah I got this star for 2 hours before that I went to it breeding like a video camera if they brought in a video camera Japanese to have cameras everywhere and put them up and put it down and they just have like an exterior shot yeah I saw you on Facebook oh yeah that's right I forgot to turn it off and just watch the show you don't need to watch kids when it whenever I watch something on russia.com it shows up I think I'm most religiously watched the rtaa to that's all over my face but honestly like I've never watched rtaa on YouTube ever split the frame rate of animation King Rat of the mouth looks like garbage I to call Jordan at 4 something for you that is it really a law in Japan that camera phones have to make a shutter noise I heard that I don't know that that's probably what you have in the bathroom that is interesting question call Jordan La last weekend we did the RT salute stream or I guess it would be two weekends ago by the time this comes out and we are doing a bunch of trivia questions based on the content and I called her and I said hey what's the first rtaa that have any color in it I have too much fun it's not know what this is what is it the answer would be putting the snake in the pool incorrect that is that is what Jordan told me it was done it was actually either be Omnibus or the New Orleans Story part to you whichever one came first there's a yellow and that we might see my car got egged was on it yellow Austin the flyer on the poster board is yellow because we talked about it being a yellowed newspaper company I wouldn't say I'm glad your car got 8 ISO so what do you want to try you want to Life 3 the fastest something can move is also the short amount of time that it doesn't move I figure it's abandoned that's the way I feel about me to how something to eat Mike my neighborhood every time and it's so funny because it's like I've been living like an H what is it big through here through here and in my street that goes between them that's the most packed with cars usually just left out of my house and go of the other one apartment complex or condo complex where people Park on this side street and a park on this side of the street so it like me roads the streets significantly where you guys come in your butt your butt your butt and then they mad at each other but everytime I go to that stretch of cars that are parked on the side street I just lay on the horn constantly 355 play slide do it so I didn't notice it start if I put up a fake know parking the side of the street sign on one of the sides of the street what's what's the worst that could happen to me impersonation of what we should do your house and the Neighbors red know it's all about doing it totally real properly put an intimate nicely I don't think anyone would do anything about it I think they would never know the track of you seemed but I suspect to be shitty fake signs in my neighborhood I feel good right you can do this know parking somewhere else you think there's more know parking signs in there are actually parking spaces in the city of Austin probably probably pretty fucking clothes and other shit like car2go spots and things like that you like that I do but it still takes away my parking know we don't really have a ton of this and Austin super conditional parking signs we were in La last week and I park if I go camping to see if I can park here shit okay today's Wednesday if not after 6 p.m. but its before 4 p.m. I think I can park your compact cars only app we can see where I'm standing it is can I park here right now absolutely at a time when you've been at a parking lot or a garage door guy asking for money till I pay for parking and you're thinking to yourself it's not actually charging or is that the guy that just came to this land we don't pay you don't pay the parking attendant but I feel like it's like big festivals like South by Southwest or something and Austin I feel like people would go to these popular areas and pretend to be parking at 10 just leave the street I mean it's free but for some reason there is this guy that was taking money because it was like some he's like yes parking charge this time but he was just a guy standing there like taking cash there is a very famous urban legend which I believe we talked about on the podcast was the guy at the Bristol Zoo guy and that was it was up parking machine there at the Bristol Zoo and there was this nice old man that never really works the Bristol Zoo and he retired after 25 years you just stop coming to work I'm retired and so the Bristol Zoo called the city and said hey we need a new parking attendant and he said there's no parking attendant at your property there's no parking attendant the zoo and they figured the guy over the years by the number of cars and that's what he charged you make something like 2.4 million pounds and just disappeared but it's an urban legend goes along with what you're saying squatting basically it's like people just assume they see the time and the signs there long enough if I put up no parking the side of the street sign they are wonderful keep there long enough if that would actually like be designated by the city like how do they know that they ground the truck call and ticketed for your inside house like images of line and I got to go to prison previously that you should put it in your life Street the street over from me but it's a treat I have to take that one of the nightmare your house once a week for Game of Thrones to things can't see shit in the street either know I have a fucking hurricane coming right at me to you know what I got I moved into that house after they close the Alamo that they are reconstructing their head and it took him about two years to reconstruct at Alamo when that thing goes back up that could be a freaking nightmare I'm really happy because I get to walk to an Alamo Drafthouse theater that's okay same idea hipster fucking article didn't things in Austin that are just gone and will never get back and every time I feel like I want a cup of coffee a lot in the last couple decades it's been in the last 5 years it's fucking gone nuts you've been here about 5 years at this point right on and off like 6 is it pretty much just leveling and rebuilding them oh my God they found it where house Olive Garden lets dead Leslie one thing they said that you'll never see again in Austin is the Alamo South Lamar at the commons Life play out like they're building it right now and they can have the real thing but it looks like a Jetsons theater and also part of the charm of it is not being able to park there and having a parking the neighborhood like to write in this God damn thing I absolutely want you to also know by Tex TV scale the moon to the Alamo if you can find out when Patrick and some belong to the house and put on the internet 528 that it was a guy who ran a place called The Tamale House like really close to our new studio how is the closest theater discount it turns out that they're closed ma Ya Head the of the guy who ran a place at Tamale House he died I didn't like the restaurant to shut down like that's like such a small thing but the owner of the restaurant I saw you just the other day we were talking about 8 x big I went to lunch Barbara I went when I took Burger Tex out there an airport know know if you've ever been there but it's like the kind of like Cold Austin like weirdness like the kind of place people fell in love with Austin overlooking the late eighties know this of that place and they never changed it I saw a recent thing where they updated that for Robert Rodriguez's new Dusk Till Dawn TV series that they turn that into a Big Kahuna Burger it actually wasn't the burger Tex at was the 06 napkins plates which is over there across the street on your Tex Korean BBQ Beef that they make you do a hamburger. It's one of the place where you build your own Burger recall I hate I just wish we could be done with it and I wish there was a situation and then food went in my stomach I can give you the real thing that you just drink the drink and that's it it's all your nutrients and I saw Vice documentary about ever have a solid shit again for the rest of your life I don't know cuz I'm not going to drink and you're still there aren't you know that I'm still thinking line play the way choke on that because we've said the couple times were you recording this so it happened on Wednesday at midnight so you were you were sick when we take that know that without that next day which was a week ago asteroid to take a piss at was like so I took the cat doctor Gavin Free methodology Nano for a little over an hour 10 minutes the positive yeah we had to redo a bunch of times Santa Rita recall all right now your feet are fucking with me or I'm going to start fucking with you since you're fucking with the crew and I am shocked that they left in your intro to anal question at of all the things you could cut they left an analytical at work become a Hitler joke at the cafe I said I cannot to watch try not to watch things are good I'll get to watch at some point I try not to watch things that are edited that I intended to have me and I'm sorry haven't seen at midnight I will get frustrated know you talk to me about that and come up with that on the podcast was that before he said he always watches because he wants to see how things work or don't work but I have a feeling how they work or don't work as we at 11 know you don't like stuff the other people at it I will like that part of the editorial process to an interview or a podcast with somebody else yet I cannot to go back and listen to it cuz I just like I don't like when other people let me know how much everything can change what you say and spell I just tend just not to do it but I'll watch it in a couple we also had a minor glitch like I guess during 1 year after your mic without them out so I can write out my of my mind can I have to give the answer to life and everything big of a whole category that I had to like somebody getting know what the exact time they were jokes like friends as we knew it was going to be something about Beyonce and Jay-Z we knew that was going to be one of the topics but it's like we don't know what it was going to be we had like react on the fly but we can pre-load like I just learned about this the shit I like 1 yes by God I only talk to pirates in my life it's automatic so I'm going talk about it super giant leopard play on a PC and then I decided to come here instead so I play my PS4 things to you and you can set it so that it said of talking to the TV speakers to talk to the controller speaker I don't know that's really cool when it talks to the speaker but you have to go into the settings and enable that maybe not everybody has their speakers on their know pets like controllers speakers along with everything practical I still can't believe that all going all the way back to the Sega Dreamcast they had an LCD on the controller you still don't have that to know what you really utilize that the only game take care of your Chao over that you would like it you can take it out and like it yeah it was kind of the today come up because I had a dream where what's the other thing it wasn't homicide Yeah Yeah Yeahs was allowed to have one other people got a man 2554 Whitmore Nano to that was an adult that's why they want to have fun whatever and it came up and it was like beep beep beep how much should a liver the skin peeling after a day of having it New York around it I'd rather be specific so that's why you weren't allowed to get a real pet I didn't know that predates our internet technology that the other game that I love that use the vmu was the football game the NFL 2K3 music was awesome car games with maps and stuff High Point saying we could actually do with it press release that I guess there's any singstar game would you like to karaoke game on the PlayStation play for the new singstar game coming out on the PS4 later this year but now they're finally doing away with the microphone so what you do if you get a singstar app on your iPhone and you sing into your phone and use your phone as your microphone wow how crazy is that they have that device is so ubiquitous that they can program it and I just know you're going to have this device that can integrate with your microphone on your iPhone why did Flavor Flav make one because that was what happened in the Flappy Bird things Flappy everything Bird multiplayer to understand go to tell that he had a multiplayer too much attention and he was getting like a lot of people getting negative feedback to people telling me you ruined my life with your addicted game but that was back when but he really to screenshot for how many was yes is an impression so if you guys like what if you look at the analyzing that when I was playing Flappy Bird there's only two or three advertisers a day was like Clash of Clans at Facebook game and then I want to say it was Candy Crush as well was being advertised and then she's like well they obviously have the budget to spend $50,000 a day which was freaking amazing you know you have to work a couple billion dollars or whatever entertainment in Clash of Clans Supercell they also supposed to make a lot of money off of Clash of Clans I've heard some pretty rumors about how much money they make off of that of Creations makes custom paracord bracelets keychains and More Everything is to your color charms sizes and styles the perfect match any personality life event and they're also great gifts with 10,000 combinations you make a bracelet that is really special for yourself or a loved one that the u.s. is only three blocks and they do ship internationally like them on Facebook for exclusive giveaway sales and new products Sports podcast and get 15% off your first order go to Finders Keepers Creations.com used Cold podcast 1 at the checkout podcast in the number one Finders Keepers will be at RTX 2014 they're going to be nearly two hundred lounge and it's a few products here and if it goes this bracelet has a 32 gig SD card 32 gig flash storage on it actually gave me last year in celebration of yet they gave each of the Ruby girls I think they're color bracelet materials like some sort of was possible there to see if you were worried this thing is Rusted perfectly still so did you did you see what King value 5.15 billion is our current market from where life 19 and 16 and a quarter right now they went down but it they're doing well first stock symbol bttt how much trials fusion review play to go back in achievement know you unlock tracks in like you progressed unlocked everything yet there's an achievement for doing a 20000 Point trick to know but I don't know I'm on a FedEx Tracking so parking pet groomers 18000 17025 achievement and I did the most ridiculous run at the park off 50000 Point tree play asteroid Rock on the Range recap play trials when it came out how long do it the new one over a year ago now there's a new one that you did trials paid for a while now it's just that you guys put out but you did all this trials game just came out I think it was 2009 at was what I was in the room where to park house was one where I was like play me like that I'm was literally just three rooms and a kitchen bathroom like the back room the big room the conference room and one of them is always empty he's such a know it just wait for the conference know camera with the most amount of Windows 1 this way because I'll be in the back from always doing all baby or Demon Hunter and Debbie like a big discussion going on in the main room is usually about politics or something and then you would have time just come in with you lets up we'll just sit on the couch behind me and feel like La Jolla distracted Zoo admission question okay it'll be more like you think like the rest of the company will just for scale believe what they could you loud and of the entire office is it love you guys play the game the other day in our office it was the PlayStation sportsfriends play in it I don't know if that was him RT life Michael was doing some RT life recording but to be was talking loud it was pretty good working in the office next to where him and to record those know thank you sound transfers everywhere like we can almost hear you guys do the walls of achievement that's what happens when it comes down to life in the Moon sportsfriends lets play I love that game the microphones. Come up with anything I do now I started it yesterday and I missed but every every single week while you guys were cleaning the patch I'm going to try and hit Ryan with something and yesterday so I'm going to stop and I'm at the TV every time I hit him I asked away the object to a big object and I'm going to go down there again next week if he catches me what do I get to do to you you can either in size or bigger in math big line size how to make a soft object of my mind Gavin of this is that we take a rock and you break it in half you don't have two halves of a rock you have two rocks that boggles my mind that at all Rock like rock is not a unit it says I guess when you would do that with anything else like cookies how to break a rock in half if you don't get yeah I feel like if it was a shape like it was a circle well I got it right down into the to hospital what if millions of years ago to Natural reasons a lightning bolt came and struck that rock it split in half and creating to have her security to rock it was just like a river head like a row did the bird say that Cliff is cut in half if you would say that but that's not the half of to say that Everest is 1 Rock I was just wondering what would cause the left side is a half of Rock to rock but the fact that you can actually see where it split how close together do something big before they can sit at to what part of 1 rock is resting together look at look at app with that I wouldn't describe the left side is half the rock did you ever as a kid pick up a rock and things never 1 to how fast and loud I had Nano pets and rocks are off limits for me sorry go ahead pick up a rock and think I wonder how far this rock is away from where it started what can I do for Christ what happened to Africa on YouTube I came on at 2 but the wrong and everything is different to try to get back by just sitting in different metal tubes and is lets something doesn't work it's okay Austin from one continent and left it in another 1 people that would charge them at the other the same and I took it back he's pulling my king on it that would be a crazy circumstance tooth natural Tex event split up around the world and then brought back really close together what you like with Pangea when all the continents were together if you got the cleft and it's like you brought back a rock after millions of years 12 million I would really like with all the continents almost together in our current configuration with the world is when the continents were like here and they were and they went away that our version of Pangea there's been like dozens of them play like this in the back in This Together around the world to come back together the process happens over and over African South America see you in like millions of years ago and it is time for the play things your balls on a pool table Thrones each other like each other again one of them's like going under the other really I believe that I was in England and we had a ride in New York or something 30 for the right we've tried continents placed together never I don't think so can we do that with machines how many people are pulling at least 3 with a text like like anything I mean we have earthquakes of tectonic plates but has flipped over or anything like that calamities one day someone drilled out and they say later La 8 app or whatever duction yeah that's what was 1 play subduction under another one because I feel that pressure than a joke big joke and that is like nothing it's just like how long until everything is just 1 was really like what the Matrix was it that he wasn't the one he was like the 7th one that started Pangea was in one area and then like the rest of the planet was Pangea was right the planet that came back to that without you saying you're separating from bit and then she going to come back around and then really sad was in existence or 1 and North America and Antarctica Daily Show this view of it from the other side it's of water Planet cuz you know lets big speak continuous at that how many ocean planets are there without at without land I don't of the water still continue as yesterday but I'm things like there were small island that got abducted is that what you're asking about earlier if they were smaller pieces of land that these other larger land bodies hiding on the other side for 24 hours yeah did you see that episode where they talk about the galaxies I should watch TV but it's just like it blows your mind Scale of the Universe like you know the scale the universe you don't really know until you watch the video Carl Sagan Cosmos then I'm done watching this one show that to somebody I do that because I love the scale tell me all about it and it's really the first four planets like Mercury Venus and Mars in relation to Jupiter how much bigger than Jupiter and it goes to a bunch of different stuff so much about something people who don't believe in aliens or the fact that there could be aliens somewhere in the universe to me those people are idiots believe in aliens it's like fucking huge order and we know that people die your ghost is a ghost in there that I've met people who believe in ghosts more than I believe in people who believe in aliens should I say what I say do you believe in aliens what does that means life that is not what we know life is not was outside of her life outside of her show are people like if we're not was we live in Canada the people who live in India are they foreigners to that point at me like if I said you were an alien a lot of USA aliens visiting Earth play their trailer asteroid meteor so you can asteroid when it's out of space but it's a meteor when it lands on the planet Extinction of asteroid is The Rock in space and a meteor is at asteroid asteroids are bigger meteor in space in a meteorite for the entire atmosphere and some of them know the difference was that meteor is an asteroid that has entered our atmosphere meteorite meteor meteorite Earth that we mine and get back to your from and make size finders what is the Moon called when it's at meteor what is it meteor star meteorite it says for some reason it ended meteor in in is the Moon made of us or is it know there's speculation that it is a giant like some animated piece of you stay there Pangea was the original even bigger and there was light USA meteor Odessa trying to use this week asteroid a meteorite is a small rocky or metallic body traveling through space meteoroids are significantly smaller than asteroid and range in size from small grains who the fuck count know someone meteor line on Raines 1 what was know nothing if it lands on head you should be definitely something when it came to tow the car in Illinois I'm on the Pike as anybody that I always thought of meteor was an asteroid that landed on Earth and other to meteor was 880 hundred and 2nd meteor asteroid ever landed on asteroid may have hit Earth at some point but I think if that happened everything would be that interested back to the taking asteroid things somewhere else they kill all the dinosaurs meteor Whitehall the dinosaurs here item in Asteroid what's the smallest asteroid possible over the country between a lot of horrible things came up and asteroid was shaking and we can pay the net what was the name of that space show Cosmos how much can we pay the network to replace an episode of that with this post Ben asteroid questions from Gavin Free I like it a hundred percent of broadcasting burger place by people looking dumb shit up on asteroid I guess we've discovered is 20 feet 6 meters across the deathly was an asteroid that hit I just had a thought asteroid the dinosaurs meteor I just had to talk to someone and someone in New York and it was really tight on the road with the pets in New York full at how long would it take for the earth to go lets it's beautiful it's right that you have to pull lets meteorite it's just a matter of perspective is the absence of any kind of place video Someone bit it was supposed to New York full anything will be tough to have a rope that would stay hot over that distance because it's a lot of weight pulling down before you think of floating row that's why I noticed it was play and win what is the road went all the way around the world inside your belt when you go would you like to work twice as fast cuz you're fooling yourself Castrol company more than 10 feet long because then stalls there was maybe that's just at the office maybe roads going to the right when you pull roads happy to pull in the Rope before it like before I thought you didn't like it so much 6000 Mile Road before it stretched out there open up to where the rest of it was through a ring I mean that says your flooring that you have to pull it but they would have to like a rise out of water Wing down the Rope USA trials life so great got another fucking currently ride that formed the Creator with at least six miles in diameter but that's pretty big smile that's the crater the object the greater the creator of the scale this is one of my favorite things Riverside the podcast was we should the scale of the earth versus the size of the asteroid that wiped out all life on Earth is nothing released into the air object that created a crater that's a hundred ten miles in diameter and 12 Mile speak the 1 and twice as self the size of the Earth compared to a six mile wide object not that's not that big if you're watching something 6 miles wide fall on you that's fucking huge put it he just compared to the state of Texas is it from here to our old office how was the terminal velocity count in space can even have that it wouldn't cover part of Austin Austin wipe out all life in Siberia know it's just crazy to think about Australia classes of Troopers is like the others she was working the bugs the bugs would just like her last roads in big objects at Earth planet Earth and her colonies and that's how they would they would have missiles or weapons asteroid belt some of their civilization going to say is that you have to factor that really bothers you that there's a street light of the diagram that life a trillion tons of TNT more than a billion times more than the atom bomb that destroyed Hiroshima and how it how much bigger than a million more than a billion times more than the atom 1 billion times the item before sum of 6 miles was crazy if we get to the ISS of two words like a mile long which is huge and it's like we could be putting something in orbit didn't come down to earth the Old Denton Earth apartment and solid any was 6 miles wide when it hit the Earth was before it how much mass does something lose come into the atmosphere is pretty significant human the life I was just putting his face and I fell into the solar bit and fell down was not enough to the point where am I big enough for any little thing much more than you you're bigger than a meter in Asteroid I think if I talk to you like a pen so I can mini beer meteor Indian land that hope you're right Gavin be the cause of Extinction for all candor astronaut goes into space with the space minor planet or play meteorite is any object that has entered the atmosphere of another object and survived to impact on the surface to the atmosphere of the earth and then they survive it was in the atmosphere and it's also the meteorite it's all the same introducing meteorite most famous recap 30 different titles you just choose the one you want whichever one works out to go to the drop I'm a commander would you go to the Moon if they actually go to the Moon you just mean like hamburger star today were going to train you for years if you go to the Moon I feel like I played enough table space program where I could do it I'd like to visit space but I don't movies like gravity in Kerbal Space Program and convince me that it's terrifying dangerous but who was in the last 20 years that's a pretty high incidence Zoo know I still don't know why that's okay between us and very hard thing to do people have been treating you guys about fucking solar roads but have you been getting know know solar roads are the future and of these hexagons play styles that they build roads out of in a digital video to tell you how they're awesome know where how much would a child cost vs know the square foot of blacktop to let you know that that's not good to the right what city did the building roads and they have to build a trench the entire length of the road is it yeah that's it that's it that's a hexagon and it's a whole video like how was in Led them and they have heating elements so that you never have to worry about ice or salt on the roads because it will just like never ever you know it'll never be over because you know there's lots of solar energy in a tub cover winter was great in Russian to me incredible at that time screenshots of orchestrate at the same pictures I think it's as South Korea that you know the reflectors in the road where they have like a little jets in them to shoot at water to help clean the road that's awesome it's like they just like run of the roads and they're just lets it out in the truck comes in every American have to pay for this or that they do that $100 for the 4 also the bill also happens to build a bridge in Westborough Connecticut great did they get stuck in bit doesn't belong with us as we did with taxes and stuff for it in the UK I paid a Tex School National Insurance along with regular Tex and that funded the NHS itself and that's why I had health care in this country I have to pay for Social Security but that's never free healthcare what is social security Social Security retirement and also there's a Medicare like it so I can get the population life is working right now funded for people retiring as life expectancy goes up but doesn't go up or is it a check from the government people get their social security check for Medicare free health care in the country but something that life often doesn't enter the debate is how much other countries pay in additional taxes in order to get free healthcare but basically it's like another month of taxes of your salary that you pay your taxes up front they they have somebody some Foundation has a service like in what country you live in how many days you have to dedicate for the year to pay your taxes and what day in the year are you then pass that burden like in the US like April 19th and then if all your money went to taxes by the time he at April 20th to pay all your taxes you can finally take at home by yourself and Canada May 19th know what is true that you at you earn more money at the end of the year what are more like your pain like you hit limit something things in this life you have more in your pocket does my health insurance that I had to pay my private health insurance that I have to have in the US or maybe not him or you can go on Obamacare does that Private health insurance is that TV on that is that like what I have to do to get another month of my salary to pay my health care premiums as well I could Social Security does a cat how much she paid right and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs you pay into it Soylent was in that you might be at the cabin in app answers security do you pay at a certain level and then you get to participate and make your own money that's that's the theory behind security depends on the population for younger people are paying more when they win the program was started life expectancy was 65 years and that's when you can start cleaning it and now expect he's like she's probably almost 20 years further than that they haven't really moved that age so that doesn't hold up between 6 and if you want to I mean it depends on the job you can't be a police officer to be like 70 years old you know they're not gonna let you do that can be a criminologist at work or just walking down the street are not retiring and 3 of those jobs but then there's also the weird like downside of that we don't need as many people to do jobs anymore like everyone's pretty fucking efficiently with more people than ever are people that sometimes right now is a good time that usually 200 e Azure from Dad's going to be this year for Devin but the next couple decades but who cares the other the same episode of the podcast is also brought to you by huluplus you're probably try to learn your computer huluplus is so much more with huluplus you can watch current season episodes of your favorite shows like Modern Family The Daily Show and Scandal watch every episode of shows like Nashville lost and Doctor Who you get app for movies and kid shows to know now more than ever there is so much to watch take total control huluplus to stream the shows and thousands more as much as you want whenever you want huluplus works on your computer Smart TV Roku Apple TV Xbox PlayStation pretty much any streaming device you already own you can even watch on your phone or iPad while on the train or at work and the dentist or in the 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hashtag beautiful name to go back to midnight I thought those displays behind Chris you know where he will get the answers I thought it was I didn't think it was an actual display resolution television by the way do you think big button shirt or whatever Chris Hardwick butt back into the set on Sundays to watch Game of Thrones on the things I would I would spend it on something it would be out of his right on his right but this play that you see on a regular make my life work at you like super huge 4K displays areas by our old office there's a movie theater in Southpark Meadows movie theater and all of their menus for the concession stand them are not signs their street that are high resolution and every day looking at it like that to me in some weird way that makes you feel like I'm living in the future is that line they got these unbelievably high contrast high resolution screen how do know that her Crystal Clear app of the things like well they're about as far away from me and it's Crystal Clear is what I'm saying I pets know how is to work as at a movie theater I can tell you that very high-tech because we still had the life signs that you actually put in your self and take out not the actual video of that Gavin expert testimony right there what today at a restaurant that is like having a soft opening their of the Steal what are the displaced into work so I thought they only had a few items on the menu as I go okay that's where you'll have that Bagel forehead they like their systems off because they just opened I think today I was trying to troubleshoot a credit card or anything the people actually tell the people what the order is be impressive you guys in about .5% of our audience in a very specific geographic region and that is yesterday I went to In-N-Out burger and I went to the drive-thru and I ordered it speaker never get to the point where there's so few people in the line at the drive-thru at In-N-Out that you can get to the speaker and just order like a normal drive for me to come out and they have a person in the sun with a fucking bad and I take your order like we'll have multiple people getting the line things up for any ever been to where there wasn't that person standing Earth burger places Gavin so you think about that but before we get too far away for Social Security the current 2014 maximum amount of taxable earnings is $117,000 so if you make over $170,000 then you no longer have the obligation that what is your favorite place to go eat your favorite burger place I don't really Burger McDonald's to the American food is too big Anna Faris beef and burgers you can take a bite out of it you can do this with it and none of it is on your head in and out was like 3 speak Terry's is Greece like big hungry gone the know whether cleaning has is that like you have a stick or you have pizza the know what it is she's bird has a really interesting thing about it is that the last bite is always the best buy the last bite of a cheeseburger so much better as you get down there first you have said this previously I think even on this podcast how late do you have chances the last bite of a sandwich you got from The Hideout Gavin of sandwich burger from my kids this weekend super flat seed I like it alot how do you sleep app pettiness like garbage I'm also really weird in that it's hard for me to find a place it'll do that is but I like trailer hamburger and nobody Cooks hamburger rare or medium-rare but it's not cinematic ground beef recall 1 pound coli tainted beef coli before they had that big outbreak with Jack in the boxes back in 94 remember that you're just too stupid to notice it was the first I heard of it how to check I think you could just live in India but it's not supposed to get in certain parts of that calendar had to do was not as prevalent as it was in the UK I think it's been isolated 1015 years ago bacon ham or scale I really want at least 6 months star house now your butt bacteria that's why when you get your food so the thing that was happening with me correctly from the science in school isn't my large intestine isn't functioning probably just let her because that was what the large intestine bit thank you trailer bit right now I'm back in control but with still was still entirely life / milkshake and like the house is going like he's in he's got the whole what the 1 training the crew. If there's a really cool place it's actually not too far from here where they the tower that they set on fire and they practiced putting out fires fire truck or fire hose repair place just down the street from of the officers very excited about that yes apparently there's some topless firemen working on some fire trucks over there hello there was a farmer had to be working with the hose repair her friend who used to lie about his job and I can see if you have a crappy job life is about what his job is he was an interesting like somebody cut down branches of trees La people so what you don't call at 377 Burlington John Lewis which John Lewis is he working at apartments Thomasville 1 light life big departure from the Department or what I'm outside all day working on trees by me about something better Soylent RT 7 liquor I'm so tired but it's topped off with nitrogen do you ever lie about your job to a girl I like her 30 for line up but you do know hello mr. Burns what you do for living the comedy Life For What Gavin life filmmaker I'm sorry I wasn't ready what is funny incident where the other day or someone tweeted me and said hey I just met you to my student teacher and they said that they knew each other and they said he'd how do you know Barbara and the kids then I'll watch your videos on the internet all the time and I guess the former classmate of mine and it was poor know oh my God yeah I don't think they know differently I think that size could not things that we first started he started in the spare bedroom I house making videos for the internet sound sound I need videos on the internet porn you understand that if I get it if I tell you if I yes I work at YouTube I don't have a high opinion of your intelligence did you lets was like it's like this person is not going to know I have a YouTube channel that's what I tell people that like I don't want explain anything to you that's the closest I get to the know at work on your computer was my kids soccer team in this like what you do Tribeca Film Festival call intramural sound people watch it's about a bunch of like it's like two year college seniors who get together and make it like an intramural sports team like they should to friends at the Comedy Sports movies and I'll put the trailer in the litter box what is your worst timing the interaction with the phone what does that mean when I was telling my story the other day when I put it on the plane and head to move detail I forgot to mention was that as I go onto the plane someone tweeted me saying you just walked past me on the plane know I apologize for my loud family or something like that how was bad timing to USA the other day I was picking up some Thai food at this trailer the other the east side and as I was like pulling away that's like another restaurant across the street they're a bunch of people like waving and motioning and signalling and I didn't see him in my was like I was people waiting at us now looking at someone else human being currently a member of the midnight when those girls were crossing the street and you beef to do so they kind of rushed over here but we knew that most the studio audience was reached beef and then they told us and make sure it had turned a bunch of people and fortunately so we went out to the street we just sit there and like pictures and stuff to everybody and these two girls I remember at the end they had just arrived and they were like camera know each other but something over there, but then we two girls the two friends and they were crossing the road in front of us and so we're just walking right past our car didn't the horn and they look at me so just curious if they would come back out Burnie how do you say I just did it to be fine but I thought it was funny yeah I hope they understand our humor they would hopefully get the second job hopefully funny that's pretty funny I like that one time the problem we're like at a convention at of you talking like a really pretty person like a cost play or something like that of the things that this guy would stand by him play next to me right here by the life I think it was I think it was this play famous actors from Battlestar Galactica that we talked and it was like there and it's like then she walked away and I was like man I'm sorry you're telling me that you're not like you I have the opposite I was talking with somebody that I know in business but I'm talking and this guy walked up because Burnie and I go yeah that's so weird I just watched a video where you just your pants off the person was like positive that happened he was extremely disappointed that's coming out recently and by the way I told him that I wasn't even fazed by was life absolutely do you want to stock up was in my life I think content running content yeah I guess so would you ever the event in that manner I might be way more professional than I did about the future I guess you like breakfast the other day you guys had a good run I can introduce you to to go see if not it's okay because I got him out of there he's fine Tex Keepers Direction ever had was that story I told her if someone came up to me in the bathroom yet totally inappropriate inappropriate use the bathroom star public like private ones when you to figure out the layout of your muscles do that shit we made it look for people who are local I would not fly to Austin hoping for it because it may not happen but if your local to me yeah we will we will talk about it and we're doing probably do the kickstarter between now and then so there might actually be an allotment of RTX tickets with Michael to put in there to reward level or something that small sampling of something it is going to come in tell you everyday what a good guy how do you say about for graduating college is not your fault which is I feel like I've created him because he was my PA and I recommended him to Brandon when he has your figure sweet back on Wednesday with an episode of the patch and the next Monday was another person RT Podcast why I love you