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RT Discusses Tech Bugs

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Recorded: 2014-06-03 21:35:17

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

Christopher audiobooks more than 50,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature fiction non-fiction periodicals for Family Guy Once Upon a Time new girl Scandal and more hey everyone opening welcome to Rip City Podcast number 270 6 minute or ten minutes on 5 minutes where the past I was like I'm not going to make it so we'll see you will see how far I can make it to the color on my color and the white man I'm sitting here going to live stream 7:31 know I'm giving you look good I'll give you a game at 8 o'clock know I don't make it that long Gavin Jack Burnie WP Gus yeah I think I got are you still sick are you feeling better Dragon 2 or 3 days ago and it's all just a little overtime and now we're good when I went to the thing I got 48 allergy shots in 6 weeks now 8 weeks ago and it is terrifying Austin we have seasons did you let everybody eventually you would have it I probably have it to some extent I probably got something going on right now it's annoying as hell look like a massive cold or the flu the flu University cat house recently you know you got a bunch of trees my property Levar come over and I was like this when I was like what kind of trees have no idea cedar tree mother fucker Austin Chilli from know know that was enough and if you were throwing things at you the shot a picture right now of the pollen you can look it up online like guys shakes pollen from trees or finder the backyard and I was Mac still getting sniffly and my bunch shots are just wearing off let me know so I can get me shots and she's not doing it I'm just being lame about it the whole thing again I'm sure you're not wearing your retainer Mac sea Pride the point that I can do 6 more weeks of me Kara not a fucking EpiPen did you have in my leg if I go into anaphylactic shock I didn't do it but I'm so you should do it it was in the time the shots were no big deal they were trying to leave when I was a kid I used to get allergy shots 3 times a week for 5 years I really like a full-time job I was allergic to cats dogs grass every kind of tree friend service in sunlight air food Godzilla look grass is still one of the worst allergies I have chlorine in my new tuna chlorine pool I can get in a pool make it like that you like that we were in college together too much information he would like to get out the shower or whatever and like walk around the place before you like I'm fully dressed and he would be ready to beat because they think I might need a medic chlorine in tap water make a bread that's not so the most different kind of skin you got musk in a special Elvis Kentucky dif good lord it's mode skin right or some like that were like you can pitch in as hard to Candy morefield dif I wish the sensitivity of my hands look your hands are controllable like you can feel stuff so I can run my hands of the table feel the grain of the wood but the same time I can pick up look super-hot stuff for whatever like if I'm picking up something like super hot if you took that same thing if I can hang with my hand touched it to my side or my neck it would Burnie would be too hot but at the same time I split skin on my hand is the most sensitive and also the toughest skin on my body it's the weirdest thing it's not as if the bottom of your foot you can put on the bottom of your foot like that it wouldn't yeah it doesn't you're handsome you're basically the don't more evolution Dry Dock Alice ensure the ability to like feel like Braille bumps going to go out and do anything the sense of your hand is like it huge Royal device off the headlines and you probably won't feel like your hands your feet your thing with that is my big toe is sensitive like is like the same as my index finger immersion new Melo X you're here for me anyway like I can feel my head dry I think it would be pretty good 44 Henry the best Joe Budden big is your face swollen forehead across the bread determine the different but now only sell never go to the place where the hot water system way too hot new air and it's like you realize dif sensitivities of the dif your butt scream of hot water I had that this week when we win and we filmed immersion in Atlanta last year you know we stayed at the hotel in the middle of nowhere by the the racetrack that was the first time I'd ever encountered that type of shower like that toggle to get the water to go from the bottom spout up to the shower head do remember that when you push down on the cat you pulled out like this like a little water comes out on the bottom it's like right around there there's a ring and you pull on that and that makes the water go up to the shower I was in there for like 15 minutes trying to take a God damn shower I had to do it I learned that from a shower in Virginia which is right flat reading stories are your showers like know you can in your closet shower creases the water pressure you want one of those I was away for a few days and the shower there that's where I can basically pull my elbows and touch any side like I said both sides of the shower just by pulling my arm the continent is not made for someone or something over the toilet in the shower Burnie in real life is there with you guys a little bit at least Gavin do they have know Blaine there that like they had to say one thing the hotel's older than television know what to tell them is a roof mounted to the wall allergy Wong X science of the whole nation was okay with that because we live in the split in the South and heading to town I grew up in New York and then move to Texas for high school basically I'm just the Middle School I would like everytime I say something is racist itself to Super 8 it didn't like we were in Utah this weekend and someone was talking about them the Mexican problem in Utah with Evan reading light text Progressive is Europe is impressive I never heard the n-word in conversation until I was in France for 5 minutes what is like casually dropped in car totally casually dropped it was years ago and I was getting driven somewhere I can pick up at the airport to the hotel I'm in the car from the airport and they had all the World Cup winners up and I did I just woke up I said it so you guys have to be really proud of your teachers everyone is super proud she was but there's a little bit of a controversy on the kind of all the niggers and I said you are what okay and she goes she's half the team is Algerian and it's very it's a very big problem in this country it was like ever dropped the n-word joke Cleveland Boom Boom Card in look up nice to meet you hey let me take some stuff Barrymore of me is very much more PC than most other countries in the world like you would like to talk with Katie about this kind of stuff like it she'll say something like some people might find that offensive ad know just a heads up when I should really in like a future know some more stuff like to be like I would like like like I got jipped out of some money yeah that's actually a bad thing that's like that's a negative connotation for a group of people didn't like it so he will realize that and so I don't know maybe I've just been I've been on the internet too long it's okay I never really rip I thought it was like it was like really really Infiniti SUV up so she will probably call you on Twitter love you honey actually use sister's wedding this weekend but I'll the Mormons lovely wedding and I will drop the hard at work what are the things is that when Ashley was living in San Francisco she got the Siamese cat and then she move to Australia and live in Australia for 4 years so she could take the cat with her what is a Siamese cat it's Siamese cat by the name change right Siamese triple icon changer the Ottoman Empire stuff like that yesterday what does the two countries know the Czech Republic and Slovakia body sea Striker mad Publix west of Philadelphia Kara is Czech Republic on the thing is built into the landscape that be great Burnie because it is live with their dad before your sea live in Australia the cat named nutmeg and this is different Gavin cat from Australia past away unfortunately said one of the first one of the first date that I went on with Ashley I would have visited San Francisco in the cat died that day that I showed up like literally took the drunkest I've ever been dry to have a company Christmas party that you work today LOL he went completely drunk I'll try to get that from her dad not Meg and we're smart we planned ahead we got her mom got sedative to give the cat to get on the plane and go but the cat just like pro at like take him a sedative and everything's great hope it's not supposed to come in it's all right let it go cat Wong Fu when you can relate to do is to wait until we got on the plane and then it's shit it was like we're flying along and all the sudden everything to fix a chicken the cat house it's great being sea falcons on it nobody get up turbulence Decline and have a hawk have a salad on the side the flight the flying cross-country in a service animal to cash it twice in the oil and the smell was so bad that to divert the plane and they clean it and make the play Czech the service animal and the owner so that I could imagine being the cause of a plane diversion Korean first class World War II with the people that were sitting next to Ashley to flight and so I traded back on both lights everything Alice take your first class seat so I traded back from first class to literally turkey need to cook the cat look in your family had to divert in Missouri I don't know where but reading the scream of the dog in a couple of people threw up the first time with bad the second time people said you've got to get us out of here chicken up and just get worse and worse probably hot in there too because the middle of summer and of those planes is not much cloud cover so sea life MN Catherine up made the travel man your know and I love that dog loves being in the car was there so I sit in the back with his head out the window bouncing around but I put my cat I put my two cats in my car I am I from my house my parents house just to move them out of the way while we're trying to sell our house they shoot twice and peed on the wall all right that's great travel with my wife and my two dogs one of my dogs like the other know he's like kind of weird of the car he's he's OK when I'm driving but if my wife's driving he like tries to take the steering wheel from her to try to take control so whenever we drive somewhere I have to make my wife sit in the back seat and I put the dog in the flat the doctor up front with you like you just like series called yes just walked in on a situation is House Bill last week when I came into work an hour late is quite large dogs air the pointed head dog game down to his Roomba cleaning the house cleaning the house it had just driven over ahead and submit it compression the world and it push it live it as well that's all I came in the room with upside down the kitchen in about 19 PC the text on the screen to send rent is a genius so things are the best thing ever because there's a robot poop scooper that for a long time sea slug lines and it just hit a button and will mow your yard for you the same as the lawn mower tied to a pole the same thing set alarm clock it starts when you like I have to fucking get out of bed and stop this thing and it's it's it's the best I could to stop it know I would down then I get up to stop me like I'm already up the room and clean your floor look perfectly like it looks pristine hit the Roomba Let It Go for 30 minutes and I'll have a full bin full of trash 5 if I was invisible. It's awesome that's great I just wanted to say hello remind sorry I was just came out last week Eid party she got so drunk she came back after the cat died at Sheetz supposed to come see you every time I saw her she would order everything she got to drink you also get a shot with it that's dedicated to what it was like way too drunk and she was like talking feeling like I need to get you out here is likely ready to go because you're too drunk okay we're going out and she runs and she has a conversation she throws up in the bush 80 most of those people I'm the guy bringing the way to drunk girl poem for getting her in a cab we partying like we didn't Kara please tell me about it I guess I don't know the problem was she in San Francisco where she lives so she had three roommates and a the place I think I think it would place it was for people all living together and they each paid $1,000 and it was not $4,000 a month in rent nice but I'm guessing it was on the first floor right no problem taking her home and she was kind of a wreck at that point but you don't up again and maybe got some on herself a little bit so I'm trying to like the situation but that's why she was getting out of her clothes and get in the shower and just turn the shower on the Roomba if so I'll try to get her because she's going know don't talk to me Cedar room it was great body. It was know she did that for years everybody in Australian didn't make it all the same stuff dick the moment I got back from Australia that's over 7 years I got them the week after they got killed in cat years Joe no lights or anything the cat indoor outdoor cat now but we go out of town we put it in time that's fucking that drives me crazy so if we were going to all of two and a half days actually went really good she was the maid of honor so I was gone for Friday to Sunday to days I was gone but then we come home and Joe the house and he said scream and take it out and let him out and then you shall leave the back door open because he just goes in and out meowing non-stop up like X he's pretty but he says that freedom that there's an internship assuming we had white and White 2 down at the airport the cat it's not typical Joe the cat was a traumatic experience for cat yeah that's what we were the cat big car ride then took two plane flights together they crapped all over it sounds like if we watch it it's in tuna steak new place doesn't have another cat if we made it we might as well just put a bullet Utah take it away so that means I'm looking at her like how long does it take a cat to eat a tuna fish like a hole so big I can't believe it compression into account and make it super dense heavy stuff before big machine like a love big it's like bug right the machine what kind of machine can you get stuff big YouTube channel it's a big rush 5010 Preston depressing stuff for you look like a very new and it's like that Place early down if you eating there a bread roll and it just put it in that fucking Panini presses like fish it's a big the first big role out of a box on the president stay out of it melting the exact rip the French Press dry and you put it down and squish the ones that you guys Utah Thrones with no bottom know like really finally machine steel what is no gaps cant I wouldn't you would be at the school for some water to boil how to get air out of water compression far less than air but I don't know if water is perfectly compressed you can't compress water on any level I think so you think of last night's Silicon Valley dick joke ever dick joke down the hill and he doesn't talk about it Zach go ahead with this whole set-up work they were trying to figure out the fastest way to jack off 400 to 800 800 jack it off for them at once I got like if you make them face each other you can get away if you make them. Can you go back in for it and try to figure out like the floor and the angle competition is like to go in there and jack off of 800 of guys I will do it was like well we only have 10 minutes okay we have ten minutes we break that down so I can give you one of the times and take this much dick how long is it taking them then they started breaking down the best compression method to get that many people jerk off every time I've ever had because it stinks Dragon the one the man that are one of the sort of main Side characters actually passed away like halfway through the film after the second episode and then it was doing the scenes for the show to do it he's also in there is that as Jared is name a character up I forget his name but he's easy on the water water compression of Norma's amount of pressure to compress a little bit and therefore it is classified as an incompressible material so it can be compressed but so little it's just not worth it NXT bayley specific examples of the bottom of the ocean the water the bottom of shoes dance with the water the top has been compressed my little water that's why I hate caves in future your head is water that works like 10 feet of material of anything else on top of your head you would feel in the middle of the ocean the pope and like to be contained in your skin like we're like 80% water or some shit right away what it is one of those down even harder when you in when you go underwater you drowning water gets into you right and it kind of feels up musk drowning is insecure stomach the right turkey around like that right turkey squad the 5 heard that they had a really good know ring Street the turkey Zach In this River for hundreds of years I'm looking I'm looking at the know scream look is true the domesticated turkeys are sold faults but that but it is true as the pigs car look up dogs cant look up the dog thing with Nick Frost wrong dog look up he was getting Frost better not hear about that on the common tree for space and that ended up becoming a joke and she one of the Dead like this cant look up know anyone look up to see you 100 the sea what am I doing this up so they receive podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books of more than $150,000 total titles across all types of literature future audio versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service what are you books I just can't trust him right here when are you considered as a Clash of Kings A Song of Ice and Fire this is a book one that's books by George RR Martin for free audiobook of your choice go to auto audible.com / RoosterTeeth that's audible.com / RoosterTeeth what the fuck is wrong with you guys know the look I was going to I was going to recommend I never want to do it out of the recommendation normally Patrick and I will look on the front page of audible sea something is popular and try to pick something that people will be interested in the book by a pornstar that came out I guess like last week or two weeks ago that Paris Hilton's love her just finished up books comes up as one of the saddest things for me about the fact that our studio is so close to my house is that I really have no time in my car to listen to audiobooks anymore I got plenty time right now my life is hard and look we usually series of spoilers Icon movie atmidnight for more than 2 weeks you don't talk about at the table and it's like we were at a party actually just woke up we were talking last season finale and I can't believe that didn't show this and it's like all right the next season and they still haven't what year was Xmen the new Xmen and we were there and ask you for the books not for the books and know it's all Godzilla Godzilla and we were talking and his wife Kayla was there and I was up with him and he's on Game of Thrones Alice Hawk OK was when this happens is West Coast he goes to go I thought you knew that cuz you need this year oh my God pretty big things for me on the shower Brady just to clear the last in Galaxy Quest with a good time Scream movies again recently haven't seen him since I came out of the Killer Jack and remember I'm going to be like don't think about that then like it looks like start to creep in like a something about the show me like you don't think about that right swipe your thoughts I don't think about that show at all then we can try to watch it and not have something spoiled do something like you have to watch that one too know to be spoiled by somebody like I had to watch Game of Thrones last night because I absolutely knew Sam was going to ruin for me I don't even like are you have to watch this episode Waiting for the End does the big Thrones event that happens in like last season the big event to do you know the name of it very well I have noticed a trend that I do a lot of planes above the bus go down to reread them sometimes I really read Game of Thrones books and Cormac McCarthy novel that's about it and The Game of Thrones books and some of them capture them in the show every time I read the Game of Thrones books I get hungry the way he described in those fucking amazing that's awesome it's incredible Lake shots on let me take Zach Brown sausage with fried bread I think it's around the actual X the vagina and stuff I'm talking about the first one when he was talking about vagina like he is Scream is the wetness between her legs is cool but soccer team days they hate certain like terms in reference to General like let me take you take you there they're all very different about Frankel Richard Hawk Utah is when you work on your first two vagina as her sex and I hate that I just like to say anything everybody describe the penis stay away from vagina like it's rubbing penis into a sex Utah bad to work alone so I had something kind of growth happening here the other day do you remember up drinking new member house at the old location at the annex I remember you do you remember how sometimes you would smell bad why my fucking feet go ahead I found it I know I know exactly I could smell it but I wasn't sure what was coming from well one of the things we had on that you never can see it when you're watching the Pod Cat the video podcasts be used to keep a fridge back but kind of behind for Jack is sitting days of your fridge back over there and after we move the fridge that over here all set for a while and I saw it was in the fridge we don't have an outlet for it here at the house I'm going to put in my office to look at my office and it's like a month-and-a-half though it was one of the things I've ever smelled like the inside of the fridge good cleaning it out you know just like cleaning everything up and then that weekend was the weekend that was really bad thunderstorms power shower the next day and work Norfolk the motors tried you know that was a power surge or something so I unplugged it and I got my flashlight out and I'm like tracing wires I try to look at the mode or see if there's anything obviously wrong and I got my face like to Ocean the motor and I'm like moving the flashlight around dick fucking mouth squished inside the motor look like it's heading toward it and like that's why the fat fucking stink there's a goddamn dead mouse in the back of the fridge mode we were coming in the door and like we we open the door and there's Blaine with them like a dustpan and a baggie on top of it and he goes out of dirt bike up for you Blaine to carry the fridge for me from over here to my office Blaine to be stronger so she must have had his hands on please bro I'll be like yeah I'm going to be really give me the big strong guy for Gus I can't believe I don't know how long that now it was dead in there cuz we were smelling it for so long dry just died the week we smelled it what bad bad food smells bad and bad? Bad apples bad the morning it is an interpretation determine is bad it's not an actual bad smell that smells smelly have bunch but it's not as a reference for what is good in bed but it doesn't smell bad new treatments know delicious what is cooked only with the train up the stuff because I didn't make that switch women evolutionary standpoint that's fucking stupid Mac bring your food right now so it's like you have to make the fire you cant just like kill something like alright great I really want to eat that like know what wait wait I just kill this thing give me give me a couple hours I'm going to cook them food that actually we have voided it and then the smell of that came a bad smell to the brain of the human Tony pro pro I think that's parasitic you get like look for me something was wrong pigs in the wild everything there's any fucking thing that like good food cow Joe hell yeah like how we were pigs Czech Republic ready to pick okay well I would love to eat a pig 5 cow what if you cook the pigs like all you did was ever V2 cow Bacon Ball mad cow cow cow I think they were just like growing up even like disease part of the animal the whole thing right protein disease a prion is a kind of protein that slightly malformed listen to me listen to me the chemical structure the molecular structure the way it just went the wrong way if you're right-handed you find your immune look to the left and then you can normal protein because those are all the wrong way for you very simple thing that is also scary as shit it's like such a such a low-level fundamental things icon the protein level that you wouldn't think it could harm you but it just causes so much destruction a prion is an infectious agent composed of a protein and a miss full the form I thought it split down the rabbit hole mad cow disease in humans that causes felt Jakob disease cjd cjd is that mad cow people that's terrible what human the human untreatable and universally fatal that's never want to read that is universally fatal that means you get the disease even give the fucking Pluto you're going alright a little different when you're looking at it right now what was the religion that is the structure of Italy as small as you can get it all right anyway the atoms can bond with one another they bond ensuring patients because of their polarity essentially and if they get locked up a certain way they can we go this way that way like it was about water water is a hydrogen atom are tuna me an oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms and the way the days for the polarity of that makes it so it water kill Elon of It's Always what you want water freezes it expands because the lattice that forms you can only line up in certain ways so what would walk the other way look like what is it I know I can only go one way but there's no place for such Sinister water sea water holy water I can I can look it up and remember from college classes and years ago I think people are amazed on Twitter that it's like we're actually in the same score to the podcast and got something right for this is like days and got some incorrect at the same time like okay too how many days is bad I might be off at 1 William don't know it just started making that noise is there any man sitting right here grinding what is jelly like the dragon V2 unveiling it was pretty interesting pretty damn cool man but it's like you look at it and this is the new SpaceX capsule sending people in the whole up to Seven astronauts so it's like that you know I saw the comparison of Apollo control panel the space shuttle in the dragon it's like you look at stuff like you're right and it's like hard mechanical switch you flip a switch and it does something like some shit happens if you actually activated and doing something look at the dragon it's like how do you know that's actually controlling something analog like to Kinect just begun to computer that I got here it was like I was like a lot more manual activated the stuff where they said it Monday meeting there's a very specific problem with Mac Pros type of future Hardware we have an Adobe Premiere if you have all these three things don't update it has up with know it also affects the way you can access website and then it breaks your computer stressful it must be to do a firmware update on that stuff you have to do everything Kara 5 updates do you have to stop the first time it came up and said hey there's an update for your car you can schedule it to go at like 2 a.m. and I'll let us know why I'm doing this on the way to couple days and see if about his problems and know what she's like I think I told you about this but we're an electric car when you put it in drive and you take your foot off the gas nothing happens like the car just sits there and then they the people sitting in my car like my gas car when I took my foot off the brake the car had like an idle speed that would like to push it forward it like a mile or two miles an hour so if you're a red light take a right you think it would up the breaking is forward and just kind of like creep up and look around the cards that are next to you to see if you can go right on red illegal know they told that the engineer said okay we'll just add that in there wrote that feature they called it the creep future and you can turn it on your dashboard and so down when you turn on creep and you take your foot off the brake the car creep forward and then they just the engineers have pushed the all the cars in the driveway scream mode doesn't give your car a little Pencil Thin Mustache it was a cooler the last future I thought I was going to fucking break everything up but then later iMessage mode in my car new patch notes that the first thing like look up they are mostly hello him but sometimes like he's like tell me against the world thing is too much presenter to ease a little bit kind of you know I'm nervous on stage still Dragon 2 and Valley was really fast it was the apple one was like 2 hours ago already knows I tried watching that for a little while and when he started going on about how thin you always had new beautiful icon Zach fuck this Buckner pile of shit and I want these assholes cant fucking put together an update that will not crash a computer that sits over there and read this whole scream but they have new flat icons congratulations body stupid piece of shit icon and the fucking operating system doesn't work reading a green with you the company's falling off big X of 14 power chip the biggest oh my God is in this would drive Steve Jobs crazy I know she's down there August know the shift button on that thing always looks like it's on or off if it is perfectly what does that mean what's wrong with you make it look like for smart bread that'll happen to me again I mean up to six months because your mail probably have I mean it 5 times the fucking operating system came out still didn't work something out if you want to find out all the information about what happened at WWDC W 1st up or she didn't know it was today the shift key on a Mac that's one of things that goes into a Turney Nick look at the finder now the smile on its finder has always smiled at Mac know my way around it around instead of just turkey look up there's always a picture of boobs somewhere and it always always you can put it on the screen look for it know that I mean it seems to be the best right now for today called that they give us a new name Yosemite 4 syllable OS X snow leopard wasn't too many syllables is love X Windows 8 windows Mavericks what about iOS 8 450 sx-f x x 10.10 is 10.1 what is that mean you are correct 11 right now should be up with 11 but then they have to do something mad like you don't want to fucking make me work that's maybe huge enough I want to revolutionize operating system warning light dr. 255 is PennDOT open water Alice Texas the Windows operating system right when they do the different versions of autism X city of Lewiston Maine to go to 11 Google tablet I left your trademark they change the Google logo they didn't like 2 weeks ago what is the Google logo the word Google the know those colors the most recognizable logo what's the cat Elon page AZ in the the day with you all the trouble it is so hard to register a trademark it's I think it's a chance to register the Russia trademark I think it took us like 2 years and something like $8,000 dick ulous because you have to always say like this is the way this logo is going to appear and if you can't modify it in anyway you can change it you can make it work together to make this is the way to look and you always have to put it out there that way they modified the Google one Google all the trouble to move the one to the left and the G like to pick those down or something like that it's literally like a little flat flat know there's like 3 pixels Tony I don't know if anyone wants to let her know if we never talk about this or anyone ever noticed but we had to change whatever we have to do Gavin or Google we have to change that Google logo just slightly because the oil and it is green and would hook up with our air masks for like of the different layers to it to make it yellow I think when we do Google for the musk is really stupid look it's with the handle that so it's like that would be another layer we can't do it over what's going on today in the podcast right now to do a mask over what we're doing that we would transition to wait to wait UCS like Steve Jobs would roll over in his grave over something like the shift button on the iPhone currently but that's a real deal but I mean he gave big shit about that time where he called some of the iPhone you about the iPhone where they had a Google integration with the iPhone and he woke up Tony like 3 in the morning like the day or two before release was like we got to fix this we gotta fix this every big yellow was the wrong yellow button Google in the letter and he was somebody at 3 a.m. and just couldn't sleep he said we got to get this fixed before they would take your products to him for approval a laptop look on the bottom of the laptop along the top it should be like three screws and one side one on the other be like right there so I guess they had a really shiny White surface for the full rip look great as a dragon like the idea the concept was great but as soon as people start walking on it the rubber would just like split off their shoes and pray all these Woods getting of March some kind of slipped out of the stores like old the floor pulled up at me today Jesus the old books that actually have the Apple logo upside down on you for it look as when you would open it you know it would look great from your perspective but then we open it there's a generation of Mac books laptops like old grease of it if I ever have to get on my laptop from a few people I just always have to wipe down I'm so embarrassed I had a meeting this morning with like a business meeting with someone 330 I never touch mine I never touch the sky look like from touching the keyboard on my keyboard for my your scream actually touch the keyboard a little bit in some cases so it will not rub off from there you should bread the pieces clean New York I just touch your phone you clean your floor it looks smallest the Roomba comes by its going to finder Tobin Jewelers Mac sit with a dick cube yeah yeah it looks really girly designs for Steam Machines what was the Cold look the Picton Gazette know there was a manufacturer really want reminding me of that like 5 at the Apple Cube was like it was a good plexiglass cylinder kind of with the cube suspended in the middle of it that's the way I remember that disease you could pull it out and let them know that we have one here the one that's what it's under the mat tomorrow I have to run over and try to make it functional again hopefully just to get to this broadcast highlights up the specs of my iPad is $7,000 the company can transfer anywhere USB drive icon do anything else with the computer everything thousand dollars transferred over night pretty garbage look like a fucking trash can so easy Joe easy joke not been having good experience lately with Apple products a little fresher I don't know if I come across Service Podcast know I'm a little upset my phone right new iPhone 6 the white one or the big one of those things was going know who knows Tony iMessage is a layer of the messaging service like SMS that sits on top of the iPhone so you have your normal SMS texting and when you text somebody it comes up as green unless they have an iPhone and then it goes around the iPad or iPad 4 may have iMessage Facebook bad iMessage installed is there a Mac User and it goes to them and it's blue and I first started I love that because I don't know why I just felt like you said it wasn't charging you that text message because I have a girlfriend the problem is as people move away like the ports are numbers that go to like Android and stuff like that iMessage just let go of their phone number and then once you port your number there's no way to turn that off like you don't have it anymore and it's a known issue if you didn't know about this beforehand you go to very precise steps to turn off iMessaging free up your phone number you would switch to an Android phone and then anyone who has an Apple device to an Apple device that would try to message iMessage they would message you and we're just waiting on the server for the walls on your iPhone again and you would never see messages on my phone since it launched iMessage just had a lawsuit filed against them like 2 weeks ago Brady Beautiful Saturn Vue but yeah I was going to switch to an Android phone for just between generations of iPhones Joe the web for Galaxy second-hand phones would still receive the iMessage for the people who use it for me and I traded mine in 200 bucks off my 5S so basically that was a $300 phone water I got $200 back for put it towards this and so this is $100 phone I don't know how you can get 200 bucks for another year-and-a-half every generation because I'm traveling a lot by the time the next iPhone comes out the battery the battery is terrible game like gravel of shit I don't know if I'd be able to do it right now but it's like I got these dances sea like that for my top it's like so flat up my nails are very long with my nails are long I can actually hold my phone a little chunk of missing your phone watching it flat dick reading the people like that work at somebody service of you I know people that work at Twitter you know I know people that work at Apple have to work an Xbox reading bread that guy's account know everything about Kinect I'm in front of my Kinect Austin naked besides me in when my milk comes out reading your gamertag for just your dick so that I don't make friends with it and that way Cedar Sinai game will you get homework dick game is going to be know 2 p.m. at four and a half minutes 14 up bug amazing oh my God there's someone who's done that by now I try to sign in with like a different body part or just like Drop face on your stomach not recognize me two times in a row it doesn't happen anymore this is my face I wasn't recognized and then whenever you press it didn't give me an In-N-Out Cedar of his will recognize you better next time that's what it's right why doesn't it doesn't love your face better I've never had to do that really just loads up with the bunch of you actually so I bought this thing put my Kinect on top of the TV and the cover to go over the camera and just leave it on all the time remember look for the Kinect microphone the Kinect plugged into your face in it verts cube sharefactory of the PS4 have a PS4 know if you have one we got our PS4 setup Blackmagic cards Mac PS4 update so that you can record HD from PS4 manually okay great we plug it into a HDMI switcher to have all of our consuls going to ask her why she didn't go into work until up computers and we capture so we can switch between other things 361 PS4 and it was a great did they go to the patch bug in this which I did not work just nothing at all it's like I spent a good day trying to figure out what the hell work and what was going on and finally figured out if you plug PS4 into the Xbox One it will allow you to capture that way but it added like a tenth of a second of lag which is you know I'm in a video game that's brutal and we finally figure out that it works with the Elgato perfectly like it you can plug it in and it works fine so instead of doing the USB into the computer figured out from the split into Blackmagic that works fine the bad house TCP handshake issue there's some things we use here on the podcast set where you have to plug HDMI cables in in a certain order in order for them to work incredibly this isn't working 5 Steps it was like you got to put plug in cables in the right turn on Evan veteran workers at the zoo Power Miner of this episode of the 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smaller body of water EpiPen Islands reading all sides by water take everything parking up what was the smallest measurement of what ocean is the biggest reading it was pretty small and if you were big a globule would be even smaller a goblet a blah blah blah the Royal Gus in Breaking Austin for a while are you excited about the X Games this weekend that's been out there for a long time and then like it was in Philadelphia for a while then with the LA and I think it's made me watch outside loud and annoying Tony was going to be X I'm not a fucking what are the X game I think the X Games are dudes riding motorcycles on a dirt track car trials and it's also mad at the same time but it's also due to a riding skateboards doing tricks on a half-pipe yes it's whatever ocean I'm assuming it's a bunch of those are impressed about BMX bike Sports basically break down what events are the machines we have part of it anymore but they have that anywhere else in the Big Air jump on a skateboard over this giant Gavin go up of the other and it's like 30 feet in the air above the top of the ramp you guys are going like 50 60 feet up in the air from the flat bottom in Australia new he actually fell from the top of those things and landed on the flat bottom Freddie the highest concentration of CO2 Pro days anyone on the plane you are going to come I never seen this before but I've never seen full pipe like this there's a circle around the top of it was like a big ramp down and do a full circle track and not actual pipe size the size of it sea bad as the iPad Tesla I'm just like you don't do it it's like it was like okay Tony Hawk was a verts K turkey like revolutionize that it's cool it's like you know I don't know the terms for skating flips and stuff like that it's like anything like the Supercross motocross bike and the bike is running next to it and then get back on it and laugh thinking body varial turkey lunch at a ramp and then his bike stayed like continued moving he did a flip in the air car and kept going this information from I want to see so I'm in bed and it's only scary Cube trials immersion things so that the Trials of Fusion episode of it was a big debate over that it's like it's like we're doing based on Trials it's almost like we can't do anything that's going to look as impressive as what people do all the time in the X Games and stuff like that but it's actually 6 episode that we lost it it's not like the last episode of the first season where the premises we just took two people have no experience doing this because you guys did it it was limping for a week up to it ride the bikes at all I'm just testing this one but on camera it's a hundred percent Michael Gavin know there was one obstacle obstacle where it was that was up straight and then down like the top of a trapezium with something 11 up straight and down I can afford it I'll tell him myself and I twisted both my ankles and both my knees right out from under myself that one was just too fast I just couldn't X I was like oh so I should be off before I go off the side of this is the one right down there myself and watch the episode on him Twisted both my of my leg is like been under me I just love it when Michael fell and he did the of the lip body thing from trials and everyone freaked out but he was actually hurt our producer up to make sure you're okay too small and look giving me blisters that in that shot that we just look that I'm wearing the shoes turkey does the Wardrobe for all of our emergency assistance which air for the cat immersion know immersion Spanish right now right so I'd like to finish we done or is it like just done for now Joe the foreseeable future the deal is that immersion is every contact Evan shower and we need to have good ideas for something we've been dif water bill up soon we have some big ones that we just can't do those are those are in the TV show I'm saying just get them on the roof of the building to see if they can land that dog reality from 800 feet up that sounds good that's alright with the dummy we got you MAC lipstick bail of hay bales in a bucket of hey you've already said of the perfect for this episode of immersion if you like pina coladas let me spoil anything right House of what will be recording this podcast we finally sold out of our text messages we were going to work with the rip Sarah Fire Marshal see if we have any more capacity but as of right now we are officially sold out and I think we maybe have some Sunday passes left out that you were very nice and you gave me for the kickstarter you gave me a few sets of VIP badges to come up and you said we do these exist I said yeah you know we have them and you say well how much are they worth I really don't know we don't sell those speakers and special guests and so yeah you gotta the only one the only information on that all sources come out last podcast we were out we talked to Freddie Wong was Jesus on the kickstarter is and he's like yeah her to give you advice and all that stuff because you know it's really great for doing something new we're doing we're doing a future so we talked a little bit about it very soon I started this week so that would be a lot more information about it will be run through all of June and it's only going to get stuff that we never like packaged in anyway and using that for rewards on Kickstarter to get LeVar Burton somehow involved with it yeah he seems to be doing pretty good on Kickstarter Kickstarter apparently even earlier today days 29 days to go the president Roomba dry 3800 backers the kickstarter for day 5 it is not it is for a movie live action movie we tried the hawk for a long time are you might have heard me mention it before on here at the old car lot of fun there look around the table one day and is going to pitch ideas and of really cool stuff in there that has come out and stuff that maybe we'll come out but I think some of this stuff right now either Friday or Monday like a week now and it's like a lot of people who haven't really seen the benefits of this move yet we've been working behind the scenes on a lot of the stuff I think they're going to benefit from the new location yeah she has a great location to today was awesome they were talking about that today and then next Monday where we have all six of the main talent in the office until basically RTX and then every other other night like it like Gavin could be out this weekend then Lindsay and Michael go in Australia and raise out for a week in the Lions gone for that is like everyone is leaving so there's no point in time we were all together except for today and next Monday so it's like dentists in the dentist Wednesday the last time you was doing 2002 have no issue with that at all know what you want brush them twice a day and I use mouthwash in like crap and I look at my teeth sometimes there's no running past I don't have feelings I'm with you so there any medication immersion TV show was the good work on that you can make for a while and in addition to her for the immersion TV show flash season 2 she had other obligations time she's working Pro Source bad so she couldn't do all the immersion season 2 silicon easier for the online version but she was the host for the immersion TV pilot by the way thanks for introducing me to make that stuff you're very welcome I remember the story correctly I believe she demanded it she demanded it Meg of a few years ago the streamy awards and that's all she wanted people that I knew that they would go out there and tell it every now and then then what kind of went out there with you and I had sent her videos for immersion and just in general the watch like for research of like we should have the stuff that you want Red vs. blue videos yes that's okay you Turney schedule rtaa where you touch your dick to the urinal and then she was like what the fuck going to the party so that I can get them out of there after that in development for now eight months yeah you guys take forever I believe it was literally like actually we're kind of in a way we kind of hooked up but we will do that things can last a long time and we said we're going to go make season 2 of a Show online that you don't know if things are going to work for you what do you call it when you need it so we're on the same level of conversation with I think that's funny you just one funny thing about immersion that I noticed was the intro to little warning at the beginning of the episode I recorded that like 4 years ago exactly from when we were in the office like that was for the pilot of immersion I think my first office 60619 2033 D railroad 203 North Railroad reading dangerous to be giving out what's your address Walter White's house in Albuquerque X of the people live in that house where people go and take photos of other house so what's your name hole in the ground anyway she fell off a cliff right what do you think of the sky diving Brady knobs in a bucket so thanks a lot for watching it we're back on Wednesday when upside of the patch and next Monday with other tickets are sold out Mormons having a that makes Alice in it