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RT Discusses Dinosaur Ears

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-278

Recorded: 2014-07-01 20:39:30

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the wrist Teeth podcast brought you by Onnit and their Flagship product algebraic algebraic is a first fully bones new traffic design increase focus and mental for our listeners get a 10% off promo code restaurant.com class day at school and then I t.com /url to the Rescue by World of Tanks do not miss some of the game the best online game of the year two years in a row will of tanks available for download on your PC for free new plays in the US can sign up now and it's a good rooster for awesome in-game item World of Tanks download now and play for free at Play tanks that you wouldn't I didn't see you there what test I was right over here half an hour ago All Stage to the direction where my arm is Point ABC and I could hear the control room control room guy speaking Lazer some to make a weaving tapestries in their guy was over here and they were doing the rehearsal that half an hour before we go live and then they went alright okay countdown 30 alright real fronts but alright 10 seconds before run the intro in 5432 live every moment 1270 face electricity slowly Gavin lately and I know this the podcast Gavin lately has been complaining about the rundown in the count you as pic some said about the countdown you don't like the County Recorder know he doesn't like it was last week you said that yes at 11 I just thought it would be cast RT trans Phil if we never started a podcast with someone missing we almost started one without you I think last week or two weeks ago when we were when you were Burnie was it was like 7:29 how to tell how long you been some of the couch it is Stars and with it sometimes it's like 30 seconds sometimes like 5 minutes I could be here for like half an hour before we're trying to get it all figured out I think the person who gets the most like stressed about it is Kara that people should start like this all stressed around me like that the people we have a few people up here who are absolutely freaking slide Caleb freaks out of everything relaxes me when you when you're in an app when you're not in a hurry and you see someone who isn't her ear I liking it it's like I'm finally relaxing on the shoulder when someone is going on the shoulder or like going out of their way to avoid traffic how do you feel about that person that's an emergency there's an emergency so impatient that they can't wait in traffic once we saw a truck barreling down the shoulder and one to the judge to try and skip over to the next to the road and then he got out of the truck like that and then tried to steal an 18-wheeler really think you had a gun to Jeff and I told him I would like face off in the distance of my iPhone under the steering wheel your eyes over this assholes every day exactly that perspective I am in my car I assume that person run every what the fuck does this person do fuck is this person out here at like 1 p.m. running table job like ball like at lunch or something and of the parking lot as Phil then I went to my couch assholes that are coming on Wednesday so I got that old-school every person in the world fit tongue and then there's no reason for 14 year old girls Blake Advertising really yeah it just because it's all these like young La girls who are usually pretty fashionable and like pretty teens wearing no clothes because that's a pretty some ideas like to play a game couch British vlogger get arrested or jailed from VidCon 50% of requirements probably how to tell if I have a lot of love war get some one in the bedroom looking into a webcam gone like the background and focus on the next set the bedroom set every guys hey guys today heads director YouTube videos local Drive-In tip just to tip the thing they're most upset about is that all the Justin tip jokes that we're going to hear I mean I did it right off the bat we would not expect any less of you it was and how could you possibly avoid it was like you were made for it was the person for the time they also have another video I always feel like an idiot talking to Dustin I would like you to bring his down somehow so I'm like that's really interesting but I have nothing that I can give back to you no I have no information for you I don't know he didn't mention a fish fish fish on the ball dinosaurs push down on the spine to activate of spray is poison to them why they were doing it seem like a really a professional there with him who is helping to deal with the professional fish ears and everything things happen and like every so often if you just accidentally liked Jam your finger stuck doing something interest on that level like I can do something stupid your hands all the time Flame Broiler some again you keep doing it you know repeatedly and then just one day it's gone and you don't even realize that you like what is it like you make that turn and you don't know them like I passed you I was just biting that in the first place you did this your stuff somewhere with face your foot of your hand you keep hitting it on stuff or into things either you just notice it at that point but it's like no I don't think it's that I think it's like you're overly consciously realize you still you still breaking when you break a finger your finger really bad and I keep hitting into people you know leak slowly Phil and I don't know how I did it but like I thought I had to put the food down at the floor instead of just a weird way to wear my insides on my top and bottom collide hurts so fucking bad ass over I don't like to eat with somebody who does that on a regular basis that's the way to cleaner for cough is a biting every time to take a fish face with any piece of the Civil ad touching my teeth how to get all the app solutely biting a chalkboard test like your nail to get to clip your teeth every two weeks or just like you and the boy Onnit your cheek fight what clipping YouTube ear teeth have never had a problem with biting into ice cream call things are nothing but I know there's a lot of people who'd like to see me like this can you do that doesn't hurt like it some time right now and you could just with your front teeth just got into it with anybody else eating ice cream with other people because eating and silverware I hate the way other people believe ice cream spoon scoop of ice cream Tip Top Waze from the mouth hello to you that you can you set me up for a longer time Gavin heads like it has the confidence to say things as though the rules even though they're not in any way who is completely improper etiquette to every switch your fork and your knife in your hand while you're eating so it has come as I don't think this is ever happened you absolutely told me this and I told me was where can I see that shit I put Michaels at any table president across the table all night first to switch but I don't think it's either British people don't do it or don't do it and I'm ready because you eat with your right here is eating local cut get my knife down and then it's with somebody weird eating with a fork in your left hand literally told me it was improper ad lets a motion as this is pretty much toilet no it's not even close Precision Electric Motors skull till I get it in there just right now my mother was a great day get to eat like this with the 4th rather than when you cut your hands like this so it's going like that Barbara was like this like this with with silverware lets smash it on my food pic and it's not a bad idea we have pizza in the springs and pizza every Monday before the podcast amariel amariel Barbara came in like everybody all at once with the pizza came and they were all patiently waiting and she said it like 3 pizza boxes on the table and everything they're watching and he was like this moment like it was taking a little bit longer than it should but every once your patient I was so tempted to walk up and take out the pizza well I got it okay Gus a stupid conversation earlier he said he likes to take to slice of pizza put them on top of each other because that way it's quick it was my first time ever doing this I like doing that I was in Nevada Pizza sandwich and then eat it Waze first one piece yes now so if your sandwich and you two slices of bread of peanut butter was one of the times that take just the same time as eating a peanut butter sandwich which of the national heads 608 Forest are you at all upset that the iPhone 6 with leak today did you see the habits of the people in the planes that they got rid of one of them it's just one of those things in there as well what Phil just put their Burnie yeah that's it I think maybe it's more control it is completely thawed I keep making regular phone calls now that you've spoiled me now I am learning FaceTime thing the problem is that when you answer a FaceTime call it takes a little while and I was really like I heard that it was like oh well I did the dumbest thing ever move to the weekend before so I thought it would be okay RT Phil now we haven't even started earlier Barbara get supplies from the grocery store that we work next to you like you want anything for our kids I said listen we sound like an old man by Neil Young Amber ships and now my foot my heel hurts like an old fucking man you are out of shape and so I can deal with that for days now I feel insane already every single person looking for you he's not here he's moving into the same thing air inside Bayside NY 77442 honey as addictive toilet a joke to make his penis with it so another another problem I had with this move some foot 4K iPhone move in this place last night and taking a dump sitting on the toilet and I hear bubbling good what the fuck is that so I kind of like it looks like air bubbles coming up toilet flush your not you have a condo manager so you just go call that guy toilet from the outside okay if we see what it is apparently when they build places like when they tanks with the plumbers will use I don't know what it's called he called it a test ball it's like a balloon they put down the pipe to make sure the pipe is fully genotyped iPhone works and it looks like they lost it and they just left it down there the end of a snake and see if we can pop it but to do it this is the new thing of the Russian feces was supposed to give you a choice of coming back in of anything your next life maybe that balloon test ball would be like without my list of things I would want to be babied never does anything business is in the ground is the gram to wax ring just like there's like there but that's where the water comes to build the Titanic crazies goes down I will come so I can put in the tank with every flush lets gravity working on it if you drink the water toilet chain list the stopper and the water just drains out and then runs everything away accomplishments running the system in the arm and completely fucked up there's a train in there so when it gets up to that's what you want to hear a toilet running lets the water getting up to the level of that dream and falling into it but if you ever hear running water don't ignore it absolutely if you hear running water find out where the running water it and stop it from doing that because it's one of the things works like an hour your house inside the house first time hearing move gas service division FaceTime Metropolitan Austin Well since I'm moving I had to call the gas company to transfer my service to my new address so I call him like okay if I want to transfer my service this a great what's the password your account password for my account and I'm sorry I have a note that says know what the password I don't know what it is it's very explicit instruction I can not doing your account password so I have no fucking idea that first time New York out because you do not change any of this without the password I've never seen this before every field every page of your couch ask for the password what did with all the passwords and stuff second angry I used to somebody to work today stock market call center to work for a broker of gout of the big ones special ad pages and pages of notes to leave on customers personally called him and told him his password and it took a while to load the profile because the customer was like 6 pages long and it really get hold of your manager and have them out of the call and then it said like that your priorities in order and the highest was that the person went into the local branch didn't get the information that they wanted so they pulled out their pants down on the floor and then your name would not like they're like answering all the questions when we worked we worked at the call center we definitely had some customers that became well-known nothing on the level of walking into an office and pissing all over it on the phone but I know there was one and one customer who called who I talk to who was convinced her to go she would help desk for people with dial-up internet some people who had tripped and help them get the computer connect to the Internet so I'm helping this woman she starts going on this tangent about how do whales sneaks in her house at night and changes her TV to CBS and she knows it because she never watches CBS for when she wakes up in the morning the team is always on CBS and I will have to get her and that she can sometimes see the black helicopters circling over her house later people will say crazy you know where that guy's crazy RT this girl she was crazy day at some point your life you run into like legit disconnected from reality Michaels neighbor if you feel like you're the one who claimed she was having trouble connecting to the internet and she said that her family got to me I remember water quote was I remember perfect okay listen buddy I know the Conley family and if we got to Kennedy we can get to you that's what she said the family was telling John Connolly with the guy that was riding in the limo with John Kennedy with the front Texas with somebody - Texas John Conlee real weirdos and crazy people when you work at a call center the calls they're just normal nice people who just need to help with their internet people interact with so many people it's just over the course of three or four years working there I probably have like 5 with a text I talk to you in the grand scheme of things small numbers not that many do you think you the most in the world members of society when they get around methods of transportation Lazer fucking shit because it's probably going to be an everyday thing but your commute to work and people get sick of the people and so I have to do with this every day looks like of mental some normal people on planes lose your fucking mind what is it traveling if you ever get upgraded to fly a lot they give you upgrade to First Class People In First Class are the biggest fucking dicks on the planet have solutely are without a doubt the biggest fucking dick Spurs Capital that you ever run into lets you your proof of like the 99% the 1% thing didn't first class one time and here's the thing if you're traveling with somebody else and you get a pretty first class and have his receipt available that happens you're almost always you being apart People In First Class 95% the time will not tweet your seat with you do you think if we class it's always either wind or are you think well of course all the same the specific spot on the plane they want to sit on it's not just the wind or oil it's how many rows back on the road face eating people in first class for the biggest planet ever I was pic of the front because the food options probably run out by the time they get to you if in the back of people and maybe one of each would you like the chicken parmesan or would you like to snail face see it's like all the slide to snail faces thank you you don't want the slow-roasted brisket or do you want the kitchen salad yeah I got it first I did have a nice to you though I look like shit that day like I did not look like the most fun of looking like you don't belong warm nuts but they gave you warm every once in a little business document it is always like that yeah that's always rough not going to read this while you're Google Business document episode of the podcast Onnit a nike.com And Its Flagship product Alpha Brain all natural supplement to First fully balanced nootropic designed to raise levels of all major neurotransmitters and clear up mental fog what that means to you in games faster mental speed quicker Reaction Time increase focus in life increase motivation and metal Drive improving word recall a conversation flow in a burst in your physical health Onnit has a bunch of great other products remove immunity energy and even have these protein shakes tongue Taylor AKA t squared race with the products go to Onnit.com / gaming and your plan to go to IKEA this weekend stop by the Onnit boots for a free sample of Alpha Brain though so you're going to be there as we the second time at RTX so go check them out we talked about him pretty frequently I'm a big believer in the Alpha Brain product and if you've been curious to try free this weekend did you find the stereotypical fight get up and I'll just send it to Patrick but it's just like it's exactly what you have been talking about it look at everything I've ever seen anyone else looking I think what I told him first class tweet I realize I was one of those assholes calling from other table meter probe the terrible decision that no it's not it's not the guy to do it just like I probably get really into something like Hank didn't Breaking Bad minerals minerals I started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix it looks really good I know the streaming it in 4k if you have a 4K television but I think you have enough bad with a different message Phil DeFranco 20 call television couch and watching TV in the world yes they had they had a couple key nuts and I was the one on Thursday to talk about it I talked about I talk a lot about the Indiegogo campaign and just about in general the engagement of fans like everyone focuses on views and subscribers count of everybody focuses on scale that we go to VidCon it's like you know they should have a networking maker and fullscreen Delta your partner we have a combined hundred million subscribers then we get a billion views a month there's somebody across your home network for just happens to be in the network at that particular month and you know for someone who's going to VidCon and seeing his YouTube channel that has a thousand subscribers for 10000 subscribers even know if that are 10000 views and 1000 subscribers get there like those numbers don't make any sense and people throw those numbers around based on the aggregation of like eighty thousand different channels in one network and it's like that's don't think the people in so I said if you look at the use look at her couch your not getting a full picture for an audience I talk about all the things we thought it was your teeth and I should a picture of a ruby in particular which was a year after we launched Ruby season one was still going on it was a picture of katsucon of 30 people cosplay as all the different Ruby characters ad a major anime convention and they had identified Ruby and there was 30 different people all dresses as different movie characters and I said this is like this isn't really excited about this leak about the spreadsheet it would look like 30 DVD sold by the way that would appear on your business spreadsheet and there's no way you can't quantify that people in this exciting time celebrating Star Wars Day some of the first Star Wars made your some what you second one made me look better in sewer meter nowhere in any kind of Box Office Mojo that is how long people spent camped out in tents and that's the difference it's like how many times an individual saw the light and that's why my kids are playing with the same toilet of the picture that's a picture that was taken like what season was still going on I think you guys know Gavin Michael linzey Rae like you don't want to come in the costume contest dressed as me yeah I thought I had to bring a picture with him it looks like Seth Rogen at least try to kid with you today to close out basically what I said United gagement level that stuff and I said take a look at it as a big story right now is the Indiegogo campaign to talk to us but the Indiegogo Lazer team cuz you broke all these records and 1.8 million right now we broke a million dollars in 40 hours with breaking our goal in 10 hours and it's like it's like it when you talk about the campaign the first thing you talk about is the total the grand total of the amount of money raised and that's what's Breaking All the records and that's what the whole thing is measured anything people that's like $1 your money because it is a huge amount of money but it seems unattainable and insurmountable but you're looking at the wrong number if that's what you're looking at if you look at the number of funders at that point time when I did the speech 23000 people anybody talks about 23000 years they were they wouldn't talk about it but it is 23008 people to drive content that you know we have 12 million subscribers cross a rooster TV channels they owned and operated 125 thousand of that is a fraction of a percentage that are participating there breaking records and we broke the record for a million it was it was only 12,000 people that point in time it's like it's not even like that kind of thing with people like that they throw it all works out and people are engaged where you can get a thousand fans I think everyone can wrap their mind around that and that's definitely an achievable thing for somebody even just starting out it is interesting how a number is an impressive compared to the seeing the actual people I was talking to the some member of my family about the video look up this many views my call a few million views but it wasn't until I saw the video RTX 500 or so people who came to throw War balloon to me and that with to them it's like really that's 500 it's totally different right crazy for that you got to have to see it to be lets see any engagements are just remember sometimes it's not the same thing at all it really isn't that's why I think it's so cool I totally agree we're going to be living that the rest of this week Barbara I fill my schedule for Saturday practice time but have like two seconds to myself I know you have your ad on the podcast page so even if you're not going to the event you can download on your Android device and keep up with the schedule and if you want to watch it watch it on of the LifeStream public posted online somewhere eventually Indiegogo campaign does end at RTX that's what I'm trying to figure out 25000 people how do we get get maybe not at the same level but how do I get another 25,000 people to get you to go from .2% out of 2.4 United make some levels or something maybe this week where people can contribute but on the Travel Channel roller coaster show last night and then I was on the thing every time we had a live stream a couple weeks ago for Indiegogo and we have RTX as well and he's alive events bone Network show first second which is we should have the network shows going on its 7 p.m. and whatever you post that it used to be the question was times I was like what time is it on for me or whatever now the question is will you record it and watch it later it will be posted online and I hope that you understand like more promoting like a network of men I guess I hope you are not my people that's good to know because if we're doing like a live event or something like that or we're doing something like when we were atmidnight it was very important to people how how how how many people tuned into that you know we're just that and it'll probably be posted online later for you to view that we wanted to look at your posting about this is doing a lot of that cuz we want people to watch it yet so I can we talk about the live stream with Indiegogo I like we're going to show up for crazies patreon absolutely will record it and put online absolutely the case will make it available but we probably the answer but will probably use it just like I don't know a problem maybe now they will see exactly what you can to make this whole thing work if you're really interested in having a 12 hour 24 Hour Fitness on with the three most profitable hours so you're welcome first available alteration that's totally reasonable to say that we're doing anything we hope that people tune in and out is it there's no point of making an announcement of saying hey we're recording something like you guys should watch it but we just able to post it online later after we recorded a short or Phil short and we told people about it but they can actually watch it live right with the roller coaster understand like that there's a fish get up soon as I get some more things and we're trying to like jump up you know the name for Richard YouTube fish name a word you hear what TV channel YouTube head has a bunch of videos on there it has our video and then a little segment here and there but our video has I think 70000 fuse the next highest viewed video on their channel is 1000 and then it goes to like 50 60 70 views so it shows the power of our brand I can tie you up absolutely does for online what is speaking local television network executive well then what are we to make clips and post it on the website for those guys and let's not put anything on television that's more people the number one rated show of the month we would probably have 3 other people ready bad night and it did really really well on Twitter and online because that's where we will know it's you know someone your own this coaster show me get out I knew it was last night so I got bombarded with tweets about it what would you like to of course I guess we did do it I've never done fight all the time I'm following the Republic and I have a international TV channel the same everywhere because it's actually very protective over everything and it would just sell their ads and play them all of the world may be fine with that and then just some more International campaigns but actually is to the benefit your local economy your local businesses if you know the rest of the heads dog with a face like shouting they're not very creative and it's just like blah blah blah crappy Christmas joke hey come down to my ugly face by copperhead look like nuts every way come down to see so I don't know Patrick I emailed you something I don't know if you you got it somewhere there's a someone call Waze tweet of pictures that she draws during the clock at 7 your name is Lauren Crozier and she drew a picture and I said to Patrick I want to do a doctor write you up for this week's discussion new couch while I wanted to say did you see that United flight that got diverted because the emergency slide deployed mid-air hello God how did it come up into the galley to the rear pictures of it like that it's just delivered something there then turned around and slide all the oxygen masks dropped and he said that was the last time the planets like every one of the little old lady in front of himself all over his shoes and then they took a plane straight down to 10,000 feet from like 35,000 feet and of the flood the rest of the way which is very bumpy a 10000 a TV show that I watched the episode with that ValuJet crash and remember it crashed into the office because oxygen generators in the cargo hold your decorated like he started producing Austin that was the one and it was just the way they were shipping these things and they were group sorry there were machines that create oxygen and one of them got stuck on it or something like that activated the card without knowing the problem is that they get really hot when they create oxygen is the chemical reaction water crystal get really hot and the person who was shipping them thought they were empty and inactive but they have just never been used so he was like through a cardboard box they got really hot and with a cardboard box up and that everything was fine and then into a tight space so if there was a fire just burned out but they don't lets first class snail heads I think they have the X's For Eyes what was that what was that lets Austin patients like a skull City give me with King couch RT Community I think I could hear all the people who are more talented than us can come until next week we're going to have on Monday we're going to have to report a podcast so we're going to actually have our Life podcast on Sunday at RTX probe and anyone can watch it it'll be on the twitch stream and then that stream will be rebroadcast Monday evening for our regular podcast since we will still be in recovery mode from RTX call class it sounds totally different air podcast center furniture for that stage yet I'm going to do that how much is couch I don't know you bought it I paid for it like it like it is expensive it's not like we have to hurry up and buy new couch Burnie threatened to destroy the old couch if we didn't replace it actually coaster look up close Gus and I are compared to how we normally do you going to measure or measuring the couch right now 8585 inches on a new couch that accurate second couch couch this is this is going to be I feel it well Gavin snail 10 inches in a foot a foot that's pretty good but it's good to Gavin what is a foot called in to do we end up with these fucking arbitrary numbers that was the assholes like this is an inch foot 12 inches in measurement of the speed of light or something else gram to kilogram Phil Wickham you're still the arbitrator's that with you would have meter is the distance light travels in light but I never changed you just do that and figure out the definition for the kilogram gram and then they said we need to come up with a standard because of the things you're saying and I look up the definition needs to be the mass of this particular element they protected the kilograms is 1 and then they made a lot of copies of them buried them deep underground because if someone broke in and Central Phil the group they would just change the kilogram in theory that's what the kilogram is is that based on that one someone smashed it they would be changing a kilogram is gram was originally defined in 1795 as the mass of one cubic centimeter of water at 4 degrees Celsius Phil FaceTime Lazer TV on I don't know what you think in the water meter water in 1795 if it is the length of the path traveled by light in a vacuum during a time interval of 1 / 299792458 of the second who's going to measure that read the definition of a second I know right light travels on this accident something coming out of gram 86400 of a solar day lets 1 / 86400 definition of second generation of 9190631070. Of the radiation corresponding the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of calcium 133 a specific type of Austin Melvin coaster how many times it radiates around itself starts bitching about a foot and it's cuz I was measuring the FaceTime we have the kilogram prototype kilogram that you realize it was losing Adams for some reason they moved in together and some of them off 50 microns right there like a more thorough definition of definition of Patrick foot don't ruin the new carpet new carpet you know what I gotta say I gotta say that if I'm stuck and everything in the world is destroyed and I want to figure out how big of foot is it a lot more likely that I can find Barleycorn then I'm going to be able to measure the levels in war orderly Charlemagne foot I mean if you know it's it's one of those things where it's like you know that your system is because we can convert the end of the day this standard that we choose for things are just like that some meter we gotta figure out of standardized thing for this thing that we all already accepted being a meter long first started it started on something like that and then they came up with a rationale for why this thing is that we do we have anything on our bodies the every is the same for everyone your eyes your eyes change like everyone equally a long number atoms of gold 1000 / 196.96 65687 X 6.02 to 14179 x 10 to the 23rd atoms of gold get one of the weight of one atom just measure the one that you want to delete the mass which would be accelerated a precise me two times 10 - 7 m/s^2 with subjected to the probe meter force between two straight parallel conductors of infinitely of negligible circular cross-section Place one meter apart in a vacuum there which flew across the current of Elementary charges per second while yet we still headache some good probe the crash some Mars cuz some guy at Nasa didn't convert meters to feet there are no two objects that are the same length right of course you can what does that mean 4K to MacBook Air to another MacBook Air that's exactly was that in the world to one person real precise Google what is usually different from each other proper like bones and then and then real Precision but I'm wondering which two objects man-made all the Civil arrest in size there's two things that are not the same type of logic for the same size as yours probably like a mountain range universe is infinite this alien planet that looks just like my face Shaklee did there's a rock that looks exactly like your skull there's an infinite number of rocks that look exactly like your skull with you I just want to find a powerful concept but it's crazy powerful would you recognize your own skull do you think we could like people who take bones and make a dinosaur bones look like based on their bone Gavin shut up never seen a human real life building bones in the human skeleton skeleton skeleton show me a fully-formed skeleton give it to someone who's never seen like an alien and day what is this animal look like with all the meat and skins like somebody get that like some kind of forensic pathologist artist they took the skull tequila bottle and they built the human face that the skull represents the with it looks good look a bit uncanny valley some to hear anything about super realistic but a photo of it Crystal Skull Vodka of the skin and everything is also brought to you by World of Tanks have you played World of Tanks it's the free-to-play game with over 85 million players worldwide got a massive high-powered authentic tanks blessingway an intense strategic armored Warfare strategized Victory on history's most epic tank encounters including Maps FaceTime face Miley World War two team up and technically limited and we compete online against players worldwide World of Tanks is free to play on your PC if you haven't played yet you've been missing out go to play tanks that us and you could rooster for awesome in-game items rated T for teen Xbox One really really enjoy that game and Patrick and Patrick crystal skull or without wondering what the person's face look like when they were among the living and it's no better test a human being if they went through and skin back to the doc in Back to the skull for the Crystal Skull so definitely never real person I don't know because I wasn't real it looks a little right precise real precise real precise public debt limit 2014 what is fucking War the skull head the skull in the skull of its own bone to the answer the question how many bones of the skull one with all the bones different than the skull bone all of them go to the jogging skull when you hold the skull holding the heads - the lower teeth and jar see you ears eliminating the teeth and the blood of the Lord can you sing it's the head part but why would you get a job while you're on the way I think the reason that I better check on gas we have I think the reason you draw the line there is because the job the lower jar is only connected through connective tissue so if you lose that tissue and just go down to Bone the blower jar Falls away all your teeth second largest in the bone of the skull on the door I believe he is correct but they are in there but they're like hell they're held in place connected to the roots of the teeth hold me Define this little better I'm trying to help you out if you have a skull for holding the teeth and the rest of the head how many bones are in the skull your head has a cold lets get ahead Paradise voice only how do I know if you want shoes a day in the heads and give me all the little bones in your inner ear Stirrup so you can wonder how many others did and then I was like it's the skull to your joy as well that's what I'm wondering skull in person and you just pick up the check right then and you come back in like 3 years and it's just sitting there and the little bones in the ear 32 bone Street bones right and one of them I think so one of them is the smallest bone in the head in the body with three bones in it I think so Google how many bones are in your head it's going to be like people aren't going to take the head off the top of the spine how many your honor I submit that mr. burns from Google search asking how many bones are in the head Crystal killer on Twitter I'm sorry about that I feel bad just leak in my brain to the internet focus 2029 bones in the human head face is going to be a real I'm on his page funtrivia.com because no teeth and put it day consists of 8 cranial bones 421 left 14 facial bones 7 left the hyoid bone 6 and 6 story ear bones I just wanted to really go skull bones face go ahead all I know orbital bone look like in the nose is going to a human if you've built yourself there's no way you would build ears and nose Onnit know what we can dinosaurs we will put a big hunk a cheese just take the bones a little bit of meat wrapped in skin done there's no like what you would look at the hole what size hole for I know you probably think of a pipe leading to the whole show and then you wouldn't have a pretty face like this or not Scarlett Johansson Lucy Lucy where she can use 100% of our human brain how to pretend you're ball every what is home movies based on ball so she can make people's guns magnetically fly out of their hands and then she can look through them through walls and lets you control people and stuff like that you just do everything basically she's essentially essentially human born with two different bone like a bone is made out of different material every human being but there's people who bone ear bones and it's painful it's like to be the most painful in your place I get some pop out of your skin your sexy on the inside get rich food that makes you have a flare up and it's like crystals in your joints it's supposed to be really self conscious about it do you think they're experiencing some form of self gout that's funny when you put it up that I liked it do you think that in some circumstances when if it if these things happened in this order do you think by the way exactly how you're just a skull head how many bones are in a cat about way to get there weirdest way to have a conversation I didn't know this until earlier I think I saw Greg Miller tweeting it but did you know that the person who voices Lee from season 1 of The Walking Dead is also the Hulu guy hate coming home from season 1 of walking Lazer no idea no idea I just finished season 3 episode 5 of The Wolf Among Us coming out soon sometime next week or two I was him I would never make this connection guy from Walking Dead okay it's okay I can talk about it and I'm cleared to talk about it because you're the racist searches and your searches for how many bones are in the skull Flash whenever get gout ever get it seems like the worst thing it had a neighbor who I was when I was a little kid I had a neighbor with gout and it seems like it was the most painful thing like you said you took with pain just like Switzerland Switzerland headache ethical culture it's like suicide headaches I know what that is don't with it in my head that people have come close to killing themselves because of it that much pain people are asking why you're bleeding tweet about it every state is get some of that blood Onnit some of your photos dinosaurs a fucking huge ears are you going to be in the office the rest of the week no I think starting tomorrow afternoon too much after all the way up there tomorrow probably actually do it what has it like Fitbit Best Buy you didn't Google cademy that I just want a good story and get like a business expense that's the part of our church that I hate is that all the fucking expense they came in 4 fucking computers think that just makes sense for computers in a day no big deal we have stirred up by the loading dock you would not believe how many problems for RTX bones were in meetings how many ourselves we'll just throw computer ad lets buy computers slide at of money at it it's like a computer every company of people that skull of spending money that isn't really that much people died nobody per capita day Gus sorola I'm not mad I'll Do Me Now. Adam might protect expenditures include some the other day was like you're going to hate me but I need to spend this much money on Slide comprehend evaluate people like how much money they bring in if I ever wanted to like cut expenditure I got 3 people that it's like I've got him on speed dial and just like come out of the office guys as profitable and probably one of them know Gus and Alan make sure you come I'm going to make it rain they are probably who's the most profitable voice like one of those it's been anything but just make slide some money I don't have anything negative shoes like the office manager who buys like everybody snacks and expenditures for the company I'm so paranoid for this year's RTX because every the planning has been going so smoothly some parent want you to think that I was doing great just missing something what are we forgetting to do or forgetting the plan that's always been your with it like that the fireworks downtown light the ground on fire and just call the day and that's where all the fireworks and then we can have thousands of people there hopefully stop all the Wildfire that's going to start from the dumbest thing ever in the sewer on Fire doesn't work in this situation fireworks by experience and the poor quality when the stress goes up the pun quality goes around also so they're going to charge people parking out there that are good American works like a place you cannot get to anyway but other than driving your car wash fireworks for parking at taxpayer-subsidized facility that we're praying for her I said first was everybody parked down by the river they parked by the restaurant and I do like tow truck showed up in short order with all the cars and we were the last car in the parking lot right away but he could get a good look at us and so as I said he cleaned up the entire parking lot and somebody got caught in the parking lot I just wanted to get out here and he's going to leave and people blocked the parking lot I say that guy had bad fucking day from that point on get me to let me know these families they just got done they probably have some drunken Nightmare Night but I work there I've never I've been told a couple of times I have been told twice and it's my fault that some of these test or driving somewhere and then assholes driving in the city Austin well you can also just wave your hand over to talk to it that also or still driving if you don't use them like a push face as you just pull the information from it will be driving along and like all this a police officer reported a half-mile ahead and then I looked up and it said little cuddly go can you pull over the next overpass there's a cop right there now it's awesome it's always going to make it there too and now that data is incorporated into Google Maps traffic Mars around YouTube and it all will have to go to another that's just as dumb as a speed camera at the sign in front of a speed camera but it would just make everyone slow down for that bit and then speed up going off to it so you don't fucking drive so you don't get to weigh in on this conversation Austin with stupid fucking awesome stupid tweet 5/6 minutes equal as far from my house from the old fucking awesome if somebody missing move before we moved out here in the morning air coming in to Austin with traffic I leave after rush hour a smart smarter voice we have flexibility that you can get here at 9:30 or 10 o'clock so what do you do in the morning from like 8 till 10 I wake up and shower and do all this fish tank lets go to work when I'm awake leave it leave it on your house what are you doing up at 8 works on make breakfast get breakfast every day most days it's fascinating to me because you alone forever your girl live at your place what time you wake up in the morning what time what time do you get this we have to later have passed I passed I passed day until you're in work at work Toilet Time sometimes 939 McCormick off in the morning so he doesn't have to shower and then every night like no one really get it really do that for me atmidnight clock 7:30 in the morning you know it's not a morning person every every go she is not a morning person her and that Catholics say afterwards that was me trying to not be mean yeah we're still really mean it snooze I'm not getting quality sleep Reddit where of the qualities I like in second new a coaster that to me the best sleeping is the little before. Where you just fall asleep just like that the best thing in the world 10 minutes you don't feel anything after I feel really tired I don't do anymore man I'm about to go to sleep it's like to sleep now have fun cosplay with our math in my head and I'm going to hit the snooze button a standard measurement is 8 minutes on all night King Charlemagne history test time Austin specialist snooze of European snooze 9 minutes please add to the end of the thing I never heard of this and iPhone snooze I think it's just become standardized in my lifetime you go back 10 years 15 years nobody had the same time we all have the same time now everybody has the same time on the phone it's all standardized that's a that's a relatively new thing like some people's watches could be off by 10 or 15 minutes from each other and it seems like I remember like what was the standard for some time out and about where would you see a clock that was reliable side of the road but where specifically Bank bank tweet show you the time is just day 1 2 3 what was the service would call on the phone and will tell you what time it was that standardized time test to find out what time it was right on the 13th at the time and it was 5:56 p.m. lets it on the TV at midnight on New Year's yeah that's what the time was also information on anybody like how many call centers are left wondering how many calls are left where they give you like 411 information slide directory assistance like you call them I need the number for the Academy Sports good one cause I left it does that anyway you've never heard of calling information for a number of these different services and eating them we can call for number of different companies like 500 your information information new Cactus City of Austin you can report Lake non-emergency stuff that's important not happy with my life air apparent apparent I found out the answer to why is supposed to be quiet snooze is 9 Minutes how a digital of time before you can a long thing where they would set the gearbox so far for the alarm and it was just like there's two years older than the big ears the one digit snooze to be it was going to be 10 minutes max but there was never precise so it wasn't for being 9 minutes and something to digital which was more precise time is 12 but it's just like a Lucy thing Gavin tanks I missed it we were wondering what Gavin just said time is 12 what time is 12 means that there are 12 hours 12 1 2 3 Works in at 11:12 and also 60 minutes and now British divisible by 12 your breaking down 256 to 12 Gavin Pizza Hut 512 x 12 get 12 minutes 5.1 - 1012 I just saw on the face what are you on about meter wrap up some of that wonderful now we have complained about of a podcast for a little bit World War Z on Netflix the unrated version should totally watch it under a bit better 13/8 way better on way home to unload it I mean like we're a bit better we waited but better we went to was delayed for an hour and a half at that moment but it so I can see it we're going to have our livestream on Sunday at RTX available to everyone and that will be rebroadcast Monday at a normal time come back Wednesday for the patch and check out all of the archaic stuff at our tip summit.com last week of the Indiegogo campaign to We Appreciate everyone's support and we can share it with your friends and let them know supposed to eat meat your Chief and I would appreciate it and also what you want to think before we go a very good friend of ours Ryan Wyatt fwizz on Twitter second surgery today so we wish him the speediest of recoveries Let Me Love You the Simpsons characters