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RT live from RTX 2014

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Recorded: 2014-07-08 20:57:34

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Jack Pattillo




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responsible for more than a hundred fifty thousand downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction periodicals for free on your money and buy expensive Rey Dollar Shave club.com irrepressible I don't know what that means mr. Jack pattillo easy one guy who was allowed to clap for You Gavin this one dude right now Jack Hembree and his girlfriend so all we have to do so as you guys know about a month ago we launched a campaign on Indiegogo to fund a dream that we had a reason RoosterTeeth first feature film Lazer team from Indiegogo Master John Vasquez hey John how are you doing so as you guys might have heard thanks to all of your incredible support not only do we meet our goal in 10 hours not only did we deliver in 50 hours not only raised 200 but yesterday at about 4 o'clock we broke the record for the number one yeah absolutely drink on the cat Corolla thank you thank you Google for all your support we still have about 12 hours left in the campaign so who knows where to go from here thank you for everything you done for us I'm having us and everyone thank you to the community as well Macho Man Randy two Soliloquy Hunter Harrison who has G question why don't I have a drink all of you have a beer or as we plan for ourselves it's just I don't have a drink I like to drink of some kind hey everybody how are you guys doing any different response yeah how are you so I got up for the first time for the first RTX really well for the first time at RTX and I've been tracking how much I exactly walk oh yeah how many steps are in a false alarm 6000 steps roughly two and a half miles maybe 3 spacing the circle be the best person ever 6 olds back is turned it's great to meet you love her everyday Frank I'm glad that I forgot your name papers lice Salon that day on Friday I walked over 20000 steps while she says it was a long day I just got like 4 or 5 months of working it was a around the commissioner in a Segway does a great job setting up the event and running a lot of our stuff and every year they offer me get around I'm going to walk somebody off you are not yellow ones like Industrial Electric slipping around warehouses and stuff so what is what is the policy if you go to like Walmart or Target electric scooters for cards there's no standard test for you just can get in those things go my foot hurts how to get Oreos I'll just drive so we talked about this the other week I think in the podcast but it started is when starting to please don't break that table that's expensive table rental Fusion it's whatever the most restrictive parking spot ever who is at the HEB there next to our studio the handicap electric car only parking spot Department that spot so you can walk and it's electric lice wiping essentially most awesome place to put on my comfy clothes the closest what is a specific spot at HEB I just like to park in it there's a charger and all that but I will just forget it even though I'm charging I feel like I'm like that's against the rules but because you're charging it for please and used two outlets at the airport you are the devil you are you are you are you have you ever seen that person who has who prints out stickers that look like a electric airports that's that's evil best bucking awesome electricity better to troll people with the defibrillator would be pretty bad in there like a tornado shelter stickers troll people like that with just scene Melia nocuous things just placed in a public scenario it just totally totally change the contact at home fuck about your plugs in your house never used and I don't like this one doesn't work no further investigation of that I moved into a new place and I just covered up a light switch network switch down the hall both sides ability glitch on and off yeah doesn't open till 7 so then you only get it from the other side it's just such a pain in the ass like a master switch that in hotel rooms that we have to put your room key in two you don't talk about snap the cover of Life as if your house was like that when you were home you had to take your house key and put it in your thermostat to make your air conditioner turn on I put my office is so freaking old it seems like I've been having a lot of different things if you have a house what happened in the North Austin cat the keys everything but on the Sunday beforehand we went our final walk-through so the whole house is empty it's just be like this is what will be when you get the keys so we walked into the house everything was okay and there's like a little sunroom in the back we go back there and there's a puddle of dirty water up against the house so I guess it's like I smell mold so we had a mold Guy come out the next day and take a look at it back the baseboard in his black ass is covered in mold and so the day before closing we pulled the contract so yeah my parents right now what's up Burnie head no be Randy ask for a beer in it showed up Savage Axis please deliver mold please do it again your house that are types of mold I don't know how prevalent is I know it's at least here in Central Texas that is toxic enough that it will kill you again just clean it with bleach it's like a special because of the amount that you have to have a specialist come in he's like $10,000 sunroom you're about to hear all about your mad cuz he just has a question you answered he's going to tell you why you're here is where you have like solar glass and you can go as anything but a Solarium it's like I look up sunroom expose the outside of the conservatory as far as I know is a music room Network is that new territory is winter Conservatory sunroom Victorious dating and that's what is right then just answer very welcome Conservatory going to be or the piano you got something coming up here tomorrow see everybody comfortable aspects of RTX is since were staff members we get assigned people that help us my assistant over there she said her name's Michelle thank you Michelle Macho and he's British guilty asking for anything you know I saw it on the dock or something and Michelle just like me about oh yeah I didn't that thank you yeah like that's really nice It's All Right Mowers is nice what is this emotion I'm feeling gratitude that's what I thought was unusual to have someone walking with you who so helpful yeah. As always it was awesome El more like willing to kind of like you to give you space so you have to get somewhere and you know you like you feel bad scene and stop taking photos whatever you understand that we have places we have to be and so for the most part everyone just stop and block everything around and then I'll be 5 minutes behind El Rey frequently leave Michelle behind like we're coming up here and we started walking out and act like I'm leaving like right right right just wondering about it actually it was and you hoes about to happen that we were about to have to take care of this and Jack says 75 to dealing with one age for a second and he comes back he's back in his phone starts beeping as I have to take this left again and the alarms went off and you walk back if we have to leave it was crazy Gavin goes out 6:06 I'm sorry punch out it happened but it happened like 15 minutes after the hole closed everything and I can do some events but every yeah I just had to reschedule to the evening events but yeah we reschedule them and hopefully people show up we will make it out for the evening event last night what I said Gus but I have to help bring your couple years ago I love it I love Turney and stuff like that in my face no no no that should give his flag drink a beer Iowa 204 Lazer team peeing El Rey Network you should tell that story it's funny story mold network is TV network and they're in the office like I know she's like a block away from of the older officers crazy coincidence and I stop Sushi cosplay Dizzy Wright she was talking actually did x-ray Hunter what's that I should have been a horse puncher dresses Rey even weirder smirk and laughter hahaha Utah not just asking questions that I don't feel guilty about mine because they already fucked me over strangerhood two selfie so you're here now wait till it comes out if you cheered you have to watch what you doing right right going to play every time he got everything right from selfie when you wouldn't be mad at it out overdrive director editor actor pictures when you develop that stretch goal you came up to me and you said you were to do this to .25 million will never have that right it was when I went to everybody because I need a wall between me and Matt because Matt was like it was a really good shot and I was like I texted Matt about to break number 1 with the treasure I'd like okay I sent a text message there's a way you can read a text message doesn't show as read and I did it that way TV and he'll never find out now can we cross the goal didn't show enough to display has no luck and you don't actually open the message right now hiding from everyone you might get out of it though and you guys all do it to Gavin and I that leave on read receipts the two everyone to do I don't know what's the point I don't know when I read it why why do I want them know in case they don't have to respond and even though you saw it you know people need to respond back so you have a bone to pick with you don't head during the evacuation on Friday you left your laptop here I did 201 Florida get my god did you take the laptop was here yes so then you're you're I have to go take care of some stuff in the building I'll make sure I grab it on my way out your phone and then I gotta tell you I have it and then you send me a text saying can I come meet you so I can get it I said don't worry I'm getting my car right now or are you at are you at your house read no reply that's not the way it's done and then I said I'll check right now I'm driving to your house no reply about to get into you want me to take it to you please I would really appreciate that house have a 10:03 then 5 minutes later I am driving to your house probably how that went if you want please somewhere else and worst part about it was I met you age is Gus like it done with the fire alarm and all that stuff you got so we meet again my Nemesis booty back here head Joe of course I can assholes like this fleas disgusting pimple popping head dog fleas on the couch it did this like 3 times 9 fleas on the couch Tribeca can you imagine can you imagine if something happened right now we're sitting here you cat likes cooped up in his face back to Earth wasn't I just made a huge mistake I read before RTX started I read that there's been an increase in the incidence of head lice selfie where people put their heads together and it's cool kids except for those of you who you are you're kind of gross have to be sorry you have to hear this way but everything was great I guess people just going to stop by and hang out for selfie selfie shave what is the network but it's got the whole shower caddy head lice you are riddled with bad license cracked everything I got I got everything podcast I do have to read it out for you yeah what am I doing this of my Dollar Shave Club the big razor companies shave bad feelings for you really need a razor with vibrating handle roller pivot ball and I know I know I know I don't we were saving just fine before anything you're sick of being treated like a champ during the hundreds of thousands of more people to join Dollar Shave club.com Dollar Shave Club delivery service please apply for just a few bucks a month their plates are better than the big ship companies for a fraction of the price get the best day of your life for the four x-rays are you gotta try it with us and get started now at Dollar Shave club.com slash RoosterTeeth you're already a member check out the new dr. Carver's post shave lotion don't even know but that's the way to me stop getting ripped off by the big ship companies join Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth that's Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth we have lost Burnie problem Dollar Shave Club saving all these lovely people British like with my grandpa goes crazy and walks away from the family what's the most personal story even told the person most personal story I know what Jack says but we won't bring it up cuz he gets mad at you anything you try to eat right and Jack in an aquarium or something public sex but the planetarium in New Zealand it turns out planetarium New Zealand and saying that we're trying to go did you lie down and look at the ceiling kind of looking for the person who is grossed out by me to print out for captured dimensions smaller angle with scale and like concentrate like a black hole of social anxiety Missouri in its life what can make a horrible voodoo doll in my house what's your personal story you're the one asking questions you don't know shit myself also your ball surgery I guess what you been talking about that for so long it's not like before I wasn't Jack would you say your most personal story is weird Minecraft block function there's a few words you can say to me and without it and say anything else was merely block you and that's one of them challenge accepted unfollow Jack all the time Halo are you up sweetie right now we're down swinging when you have a dream that you lost a lot of followers on Twitter this week just like Indiegogo and RTX like that's it that was the one thing I most likely follow them on Twitter people dropping old man with photos of everybody hugs and smiling as long as I'm not hurry trying to get somewhere you never actually had a chance to talk to you when I drink a beer with you it's amazing usually around your head's on fire just forget you ever sit around and talk with Gus and drink a beer with Gus what does that ever happen not to somebody I've no idea what he's doing which about this is Barbara's Dad we're all going to call him mr. dunkelmans Adam dunkelmans he may be a please know that I'm making it thank you so much for making the papers really Joe the barber is not here right now she's on the in right to call directions can you think about how are you going to go to be a little bit alone two guys do we have the ability to actually use this thing but when I got this thing before I saw this okay Joe those of you who are not familiar the way we played Gavin or Google it I take her to the four-word phrase I feed it into the popular search engine Google and I return I possibly can for searches made by people all over the world we get the dumbest possible phrase coming back out of Gavin and then we try to figure it out together who said it Gavin or Google you guys know the theme song scene with me Gavin are you Saturday let's find out I'm feeling lucky never thought just saying those words were good ideas and 4000 people scream and cheer I'm feeling lucky did you give yourself up does the word bird in two people there it was really early El WhatsApp part of one of our new shows and the broadcast eviction procedure working on a gameshow this is a unit will be using for that game show these Graphics are not our final cracked accessory temporary ones that's white last week on the podcast I got up to make sure the couch you got up got in my seat you left your beer on my side table I drink it if you were treating me you're drinking day you lied about the couch I did lie about the couch what was right but you age two inches wider than your couch or reason why we got in the dimensions of a website when you order it that's man you look it up boobs which one should I buy alright forget about it Gavin or Google these phrases you gave me this week were pretty damn generic sometimes directions of this is that it is there is there is there and we also told Gavin that begins with is there one of their Gavin or Google head what is one third the second response who everybody is in first in an answer to that would destroy what other Gavin or Google said is there a right way to wipe is there a right way to wipe windows the other one can recognize by their Gavin or Google head is there an old Zealand Jack demick old zealanders Gavin Gus is incorrect how do I get in black booty strangerhood 08 record text me before you get there how do you watch I realized when I was about 25 but nobody really need about 25 minutes out that nobody really told me how to wipe my ass papers wipe my ass can't wait to do it so I practice with slight difference treasure now so I just change the way I do about you dress black white what are some experimenting with my asshole if you actually if you do one that would wipe followed by output wives that have more efficient is it Different Strokes but you don't have it sometimes too much if you just got One Direction so when you grab toilet paper do you punch it up or do you fold it like a roll like a sausage across who wants to pull a fire alarm what is the smelliest Fremont grossed out you all have experienced this if you put it down which bus you going to smell ass up your ass next next the next one is why can't a dog why can't I dog a dog either Gavin or why can't a dog just relax with a doorbell rings that's Gavin why can't a dog and cat breed does your father know why they can't breathe why can't you get a call or a that alright dogs day and we're about to find out the answers quiz master Adam little but that's cuz you you now have a dog right now just chill out with that one I just moved it like I just woke I have a doorbells I walked outside went away for a few minutes came back and don't freak out of someone knocks at the door I rang the doorbell didn't even acknowledge it with and put it in and see which dogs ding dong Gus you have a grizzly bear you can still try to answer Gus I want remind you you are mathematically eliminated eliminated what's the best kind of how do I how do I how do I Gus Gavin can I know comes from Google this is one of my favorite Google searches ever had this was in the top 3 how do I Google something God damn it Adam is the fucking world how do I Google something I wouldn't answer was get up look up on your phone let me Google that for you Gavin two directions sometimes what how did that happen do you have to have like a full episode Fortress that you would you wake up in the morning and good twelve hours or so I just kind of sealed when are wait wait wait I think I know where this is coming from I was going down I wanna make you uncomfortable for you circumcised or uncircumcised there you go that's what it is got to tell you where the lights and the cameras are yep it's late notice but put it back in two directions sometimes it's just a straight like normal one and sometimes y straight on the side sometimes you can put a glass of water day 3 or 4 times I just don't like that around the back lice look like the house itself in other lice here's the way I was introduced to them by Gavin Dan was Gavin's friend who pees really hard silver any please and Gavin's house Gavin has to turn up the stereo because he's too uncomfortable here and how hard day head my toilet then whatever the joke if you're that upset Gavin he took an iPhone video of himself peeing in a urinal at a public you're only laughing but you just did the know that underneath the bar with the record button it still record so he said Gavin a dick pic of a video on my phone of Dan's head well congratulations Jack pattillo so I understand you better than I do I take exception to that we have a special bond the Catholic who was the Zellner short Nathan Nathan Zellner age to work for the cat the bomb give me the short with him and his brother at the end and pushed their parents because one of them was uncut and one was cut yeah they circumcise the older brother but they're not the younger brother and they were they were really wanted to know so they sat down with their parents and interview them as to why that was I've never seen that short as it was really dramatic short haircut the other in their parents house asking this question end of the line going to post about to die in like covered in blood and I was like I just want to talk about something and in a car wreck it's a really cool story it's based on an urban legend have you guys seen Fargo the movie so Fargo the Coen Brothers movie they put at the beginning of it this is based on a true story the Coen brothers that's actually not true they put that the beginning of Fargo to make people more invested in the story there's no law that you have to like that has to be a true statement but when you tell people these are based on actual events like Lazer team based on true story there was a woman in Japan who saw Fargo and thought it was a true story so she got upset with the money that gets buried in the snow by Steve Buscemi's character before he gets killed his money in the movie to get so lost because the only person who knows where he gets killed and buried it in the middle of the Wasteland no landmarks at all except for this one the fence and as women Japan came over to the US to find the money from the documentary Fargo and she end up wandering into the Minnesota waste Lands End freezing and Joe Nathan and David made a movie about that about that character and her obsession with money in it I'd intended. Just picked up for distributions Kumiko and she watching that movie is the Japanese word for Pacific Rim that is correct most of the movie she's awesome I still haven't seen anything but it's based on a true story 10 years yeah he's been talking about it for a long while even Hunter back to the Congress office a car you know he would talk about it you know we can't sit around for 5 years like waiting to get this moving getting nervous because you were talking about Lazer team format here are getting nervous because we have Lazer team concept art up in the conference room and I started worrying that we were making videos and archaea lice and that they might show up so if you watch some old Archie lice that were filmed at the old Studio you'll see the walls blurred out in the conference room cuz there's concept art up there yeah that's true for that in for break room two the only art we would ever show was the old animated RV be stuffed like me like that could be the convert to do when you see on the wall that was up there bit of trivia for you high Gus but I gave him so I jack day I'm so happy with you guys for pulling it off on Gavin I thought somebody for sure with the cat all of these guys did a great job everyone Olympic gardens around me two text messages one said it was like let's go we we got your team I hear her say it but I'm sorry I thought you were doing that that's going baby how's your day RTX that we didn't do this year that I've always loved alot are the big shoes that would do it we weren't sure how to coordinate something with 30,000 people this year but you did the big water balloon two last year with Freddie Wong who was that to throw balloons that done and I will return it tomorrow early for that too right how many of you were here last year 4 as well right now how many were the very first RTX there are you serious well so this two guys like raise his hand for the last one did you I believe you jack ass that's really nice that we did two years ago was the big Hornet shoot for day 5 where we did that like really choreographed circle around Joe or he's hallucinating and you know everyone to live on the streets and in his who rotate around them their black dropped it on the ground that scene we don't actually have any sound for in the final shot we pulled all the sound out but I would love to release a version of that actually has the sound in it because the way we choreographed it was we went around in a circle with the camera around Joe and then the people as we rotated the people behind us all laid flat on the ground like they were dead and then we have this really cool shot of 8 blocks on Congress eight blocks of just people like dead in the streets but the weird thing about it is they were all like laying down behind me so as the cameras rotate around here the production assistant saying all right section to get down Section 3 get down the sound of 202 100 people falling to the ground haunts me to this day that is like the grossest like music like that it's just so gross like white bread head in the floor can we can we borrow a page from Penny Arcade experience what that's like because I know so we can do that just like it what of you guys again one two three one two three go every once in two cracked their knuckles trigger warning it's really gross right now one two three 4 times ago what you doing 1234 cat I'm doing alright here's my Jack one two three and would like that then Gus ok 12323 holy who called 874-4000 people making noises we need you didn't did you ever have you ever popped your knuckles are you liking Uncle Kracker I ask you did you ever get in trouble when you were younger and your parents are telling you don't ever ask me to get arthritis how late is bullshit right dude I got all that stuff all the time are you like you guys wondering how the screen the cops will take you away I'm really bad at making a story medical the cops Tarantino like the ones that complete bullshit can be true like if you watch too much TV your eyes with a square head that one you believe that Joe the British Charles and recently too he has so I was just like your eyes go to Cuba or not I guess that would have to go Rey windchase directions to found what I was looking through a box of stuff the other day I found a box of old blank report cards and stuff that my mom had packed up for me and I found some stuff from college I found the Ken Griffey baseball Nintendo 64 cartridge that Matt and I would play when we go out and I found it I thought it would be really cool so I thought man 264 in his office because man is like the weirdest video game who played on the easiest setting at the time it was the best team with the Braves versus the Dodgers in the game he would sit there and just hit home runs like he's OCD like 4 hours watching baseball game two hundred and and nothing turned up the difficult things like I got this it's all I got of his office but it has the old yellow video plug that's it and it's hard to find a TV that has that like to stay home is it a composite and so I got him an old tube TV please help rub my hand across Fargo Pinole ecstatic they're staring into those things for hours at a time what's an electron gun fires electrons and right in their face that's it do that did you ever wonder if you're going down by the 343 Booth here at RTX they have Halo 2 Anniversary Xbox setup with old CRT televisions and before the show but I saw him sending that stuff up and I said did you find CRT televisions it was actually really difficult to do it and I said you can go to Goodwill Goodwill accept CRT anymore we had to really hunt to try to find CRT stand man cuz it's easy enough to find one but then to find a couple that look more or less the same is that it's really like a bizarre did technology now Craigslist that I will die from that you let me have you ever used Craigslist for anything really I removed a bunch of wood off when I replace my fence so I just like a giant pile of wood in my backyard and I was moving head to get rid of it I can put in my front driveway in the safe free wood and sure enough like I got word I like 80 Picketts of wood and I got home and it was all gone the free section however the first person takes away the wood the pile of wood Bend NE day so I feel like it wouldn't be taken like that I just can I safely mold sure why not come pick it up at some truck free demolition project cat is so gross the mold guy pushed on the wall of his fingers went right into it but I was also so bad that I feel bad bill now they actually have to report it like they have to say right here until there was mold in the house so it sucks for those guys but hopefully they don't have to be inspected and pick up on anything soft walls and mold it was loaded with Furniture when you came in so I like it a little bit and then we got in there that we can otherwise we were running three times a week and now it's back to you on Thursday we were in here sorry it's just it's just weird how different is Julia Roberts and I realize that every barber shop close on July 4th right now more than $150,000 audible service out there someone sent me a tweet recently talking about how audible was not a good sponsor for us because they no longer than the cat the cat books my Jack Jack I've been terrified of that moment all week last year but I was waiting for Joe to do something which water distribution warehouse in Akron it's not like I'm a drunk so they would work warehouse and the Tower of pimps is being stored there we have Joe with tape like electrical tape sign his name all over it and so I am I covered for the blocks and I his name is covered all over and I'll even sign into it so I could call on Thursday afternoon so where are you going to man I'm going to my chair even I'm running it was like can you come back to catch them like no dude I'm doing the same okay and I and so anyway so just freaking out day of April so we went and broke in two amplifiers Warehouse in two amplifiers Warehouse with 600 square feet of black electrical tape and started covering it 3 hours and like it's a hundred for employees from everybody help me cover cover cover 3 hours and they were like cosplay funny joke on Jack and he's going to pull up to the convention center loading dock accept Jack fucking left the loading dock in square feet of black book Joe the Tower of pimps so that was another scrubbing with goop and fumes to get that fucking all that shit off so that was 6 hours of manual labor that I put into a Joe Cafe it's actually a little more to the story to La Jolla dimensions the story so I don't know if it was Wednesday or Thursday we're moving the convention center gilby comes up to me and goes hey who hates being called gilby disorder two or more so gilby comes up to me gilby head says hey Jack wants the Tower of pimps here in Achievement Hunter area I said well did you order it you know he forgot to order it from amplifier I go well it's kind of late we're running out of time I really can't get it in your in time yes Joe and I kind of did something to the Tower of pimps if you could find a way to get it here it would actually be really awesome as I am able I will work on getting the Terrapins from amplifier over here and tell him so if he hadn't been to lice to make sure it gets here in time to help Joe texted me a photo of it signed and I was like oh okay that's funny and then I get to the hall the next morning and it's clean I'm like why did you take it all off I think I'm going to leave it up and he's like I don't know we don't care anymore what's the height of 600 square feet of electrical tape Fusion Joe Hammontree of 600 feet right to have that in your trunk Meg Ryan photos of the downstairs looks really awesome very proud of it Studio door and I can spot between the Ruby animator Dog store team one column that I don't respect what they call themselves apparently no smoking also it's Jeremy 401 of years no matter what ever it is axiomatic to everyone that she even Hunter Community other guys and so we brought him in about a month ago and can't have them sitting with Michael Lindsay were out of town and I worked out really well and so will we have a job so we brought them up on stage Southern eleven of us now 12:11 and there is well did you see the dress that someone made for Lindsay she was wearing at the party yesterday now someone it did you see it her address it's all right then at the bottom two it's like submitted at the bottom it just says bitches ain't shit in huge letter that's awesome it's fucking understand it was absolutely that's cool any people today or yesterday we shot an intro for YouTube Hunter panel day Gavin shot and I kind of like put it together and it turned out really really good we knew it would be something that if we put forth any effort everyone to be surprised because when it comes to live action stuff an actual production stuff working of the last guys do that so I have a question with the shoelaces for the show where the latest chalk or something I just really the issue would have so much more than that the extra stuff in so I'm sorry I'm going to do a little bit here yesterday the Oakland Burnie Network sign down in the hallway what are you can talk about this bring your shoes not sign these couple of teenage girls came up with can you shine our shoes like this and I'm really sorry it's the one thing outside and she said we knew you were going to say that so we brought your gloves the brought me surgical glue Sharpie with which to sign the shoes they got you that you have to wow well then that's awesome so I put the gloves on use the Sharpie signed the shoe still holding the gloves I threw the Sharpie away and it took the gloves off and that's the only time it ever going to work it's never going to work again it was screwed gloves on there look again now I'm going to fucking shoes and gloves I'm not doing that shit again jack I gotta say I was a little freaked out there handing the gloves because okay then the rubber latex gloves put them on so quick what's like you do it 10 times a day have you been in 7 a.m. I got gloves I've got 600 square feet there are things you can buy just 5 over the counter that was really a unique way to ask for this year we don't have to dance I noticed you guys come from one that because we didn't the first time I tried to do it anyone do like this girl we watched it as a lot so I want to show it to my mom it's like trying to find your mom shut down or a picture selfie stick selfies are way better than like pose photo edit right and there's no one else to figure out what I will say and then when I mean to take a selfie lice very high we were we were we were taking that as you like and it was like someone else try to figure out like I've never use the phone is shut off and I felt so bad for him walking through my kids walking with Mike yesterday he wanted to see the Halo and so we went there and saw it gotta get you to your panel you've got to go Burnie and was one guy I like right there he's like can I just take a photo with your absolutely and I'm a guardian to take a photo selfie he doesn't and as soon as it comes up phone call Mom answer decline Indiegogo overtook them oh my God we going to find that guy instead can I admit something that's going to be selfie cam that ship has sailed I probably could have stayed I thought it'd be a better story if I left I love seeing parents who are with their kids who their kids were internet was going to stop so your parents for the kids over there yeah I got a email from a parent whose daughter was coming to RTX with her friends and I was like super heartfelt super thankful like you know I was afraid that my trials going to repel and do all this stuff but you found your contact and she was super fun and I never actually saw her yesterday I think after the emerging powers like to introduce yourself like I know you that's awesome I was growing up when I was a kid I was like five six years old my dad would bring over a chair so I can reach the arcade controls and I would play Arcade games not there my mom like my mom would like to the shop and take care of me and love hearing stories like that like my son watch this I don't get it but I watch it with them because it's fun and so on and so forth so thank you very much all the parents out there the easily the most adorable moment of RTX was doing or signing yesterday when we had the 5 year old come up with a 5 year old girl who was like a huge fan and lights quit but she was just like she was 3 you think like a baby she doesn't feel good her stomach she knew names and she knew what she was talking about it like it was who it was it was really really don't like you have no chance this was the most adorable Day weekend what's up and I said I said I said I said are you super bored and she Gus YouTube and she was awesome and we were very nice as soon as she told us she had been watching the video since she was three years old when your father is a terrible parent really tough week and I like the fact that we can the 4 of us to sit up here and have a normal conversation even though there's all these people that I feel like talking right now just having a chat it's pretty something you would like to get this up to about an hour and a half ago I was like hey I kind of fucked-up I need a couch and a couple of chairs of the podcast Family Guy no problem do you want to just grab you like no problem I kind of expected that we actually have a hundred yards it's a little rough down there where can I watch story with it that we just got hey guys going to warthog and its story car is going to come from the UK where should be anything it was hard to get here than Gavin Thursday night so like 11:45 p.m. Thursday evening 7 months of work to try to get here exactly two receivers think I get a situated in two out of the four people singing and taking pictures this is driveable right there in the world and we have the guy who created a cure for RTX Top Gear street legal thing was a major issue that was but it's not street legal that meant that it was a whole nightmare throw it around and stuff we can employ this has been months of his life I don't know if he's out there but thank you Mike if you are out there it was he's not it was two months of phone calls and paperwork back and forth with the u.s. Customs get it in here and also thanks Mike sunset from Achievement Hunter being the guy who like to process paperwork and everything RTX on the podcast came up where we all had a production job and we had a business job as well in the early years the company and Michael the one that I got this morning and handed me a Sketchbook and they had drawn big penciled-in a passport like for papers please I miss it but give me a red and a green marker and they said you can either accept or deny my passport so I looked at it and expiration date was wrong not right in the game depends sometimes I do sometimes I don't even for the show opening Friday I got to sit with and some that guy's and play Sunset Overdrive almost and they came at the very last minute super appreciate them coming out the game fucking awesome other guys are really cool too I got to play I feel like I got destiny for three people about Halo Master Chief collection day just regulation Blood Gulch is going to be in yesterday well first we played Age of Booty which they actually have Gavin in Age of Booty the for the Free iOS games coming soon coming soon I think there's a Burnie I'm going to be having their of Barbers and who had the best name Fusion Trials Fusion 4 red Lynx yeah I'm team has the coolest business card ever did I have any money it's a coin with the Red Wings logo in the middle and then his email address and name like all around the outside yet but I do want to get my card after that day with this amazing stuff that's going on for next weekend my life ever probably he's really awesome thanks for coming