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RT Discusses Nasty Ballpits

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Recorded: 2014-07-15 21:30:22

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones




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this episode of Rescue Bots cat is brought to you by square space the only one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website portfolio or online store for free trial and 10% off go to squarespace.com and you saw for cutting Rooster Teeth that's offer code rooster teeth at Square space.com this show is sponsored by Nature Box order great tasting healthy snacks right to your door forget the vending machine and get in shape for summer with healthy delicious treats like everything bagel sticks for this podcast your 50% off your first month go to Nature box.com / RoosterTeeth nature box.com / RoosterTeeth serious am I passed out featuring I am Lindsay Jones by already one day sorola when you have a pulled ligament 60 Highway tat the electric man to pay themselves but I am not okay I put myself up for you can you be adopted by someone so why not just interested you're pretty awesome in selling your zapper Apple like your pants are practically run your ankles like I don't understand how you had to get so low weather Vegas giving some neutrality at South by Southwest cat Vegas and it was longer than that what he was saying sleep Myspace Medicare about to come back for 5 years equal sides when you check up on something off too so much time and then that becomes the thing that was years ago I checked in on that 5 years ago we're going to Old the treatments and I looked at a game things like Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts which came out in 2009 and I was saying to galvanized by vividly Remember by playing it a little bit later taking a it's funny I started this game and then I finished it away later I started it and then finished it six months later that was five years ago and I was like I remember when 6 months is a long time to meet with my boss I was like wow I'm the record for the to the Department's in the same game is like 2006 and then I got another one in 2009 Soho Michael after that like you can kind of starting to write things down the exact same thing moving to America like this happen before 20 then I had a fucking pain in the ass problem the other day asking that to do with you how is a washer and dryer as you do there stackable he put one of the other laundromat near more delivery guys show up there like that you're by the stack in kit I was like what no we can't we can't stand it when no one told me I can go to store get it right now we can the Brooklyn reset all your dryer is broken we can't we can't set it up so they left I looked at it before kit strip light screws in there and it was broken I just got it back on the dock of the place I bought it from is your problem now I'm so pissed off go back there to see of a truck off the back of my truck it looks like it's yours as I get back I'll be back later translate shut up all the courts are just long enough that I can't set it up outside of the place where they come in so I have to get back in there ah look at it figure out how to get out of the some like trying to avoid all the cables in like probably myself up against the wall like Spiderman the top of dryer fat and out of shape I finally like all that I know how much the ship because no one's good enough but Michael helped me move in my washer and dryer whenever Brian's dryer he offered it to me and I said no thank you cuz I didn't want to deal with what Gus just said and deal with the washer and dryer I just moved here and he was just like cable he generously offered me that one and I like that need to rent mine at my apartment so that's what I did and then Lindsay mentioned she didn't have one so I just talked to Brian and so then he gave it to her and like crate out of my fucking by the way the Spartans pushing me I was pushing from the bottom you know Karen from the bottom and she was coming from the top and showed them the second floor and it was like why does she got to the top of the Lego and strong and it almost made it back down the stairs so you think it's determined to be in your life you think you'll ever get rid of it and then you'll open the door and I'll be behind the door honey I don't think so I want to move net by newest washing machine? From the 6 you know the usual even worse than the dryer to dry shoes but you put them in the dryer I just put your towels in with him so they don't the shit out of the dryer but my shoelaces went through the holes it was like hanging off the inside stuff to take a shower just because I just did it with them even though you wouldn't know it from looking at his stuff like gasoline and butane gas and stuff and I was told not to put it in the tumble dryer because it might explode tiny flammable stuff yeah I assume it's dangerous if you don't know besides that how she knows were you filming it what I want was like what's that smell I walk out of this building so what's going on over there I'm like do I need to call someone that's are walking up Gavin Dance and in the distance and I left it there on fire but it's and thankfully we have to fire extinguishers jobs with the things inside in the paint delicious sausages we just some gross ones I finally I finally got them to vomit and Fly Right electric fly zapper reviews the map of fly and you got a little spot is probably 4 inches away it was discussed and put it up but one of the flys was just like cilantro and it's one and a half off the head flew off I think about five hundred miles an hour weird the capital of fly with electricity maybe was the most merciful killing a fly could ever ask for like-for-likes of lasers frying mosquitoes on your phone ah there's a scene where an actor had to kill a bug and they got like bugs on set to do so in post and they're a bunch of messages especially from Peter saying oh how dare you you killed this is innocent bug why didn't you do it in post things like well it's a ton of money that's why we did that hey bug can you put the fly in newest in the fly like of the space and then walked into his mouth and how tall is it the promise you that to me it's like one of makes me think of Siri what did you think about all this filming and people getting hurt and scared for all the family were doing and all the things that we have going on around here what are the odds that someone get hurt for work order the really like the subject of to see if you like someone taste by a light or something case in point for the immersion this stupid shit that we did the Mario Kart episode where I put the go kart over and like I slid across my shoulders but I was wearing the suit and had tons of padding in and stuff like that it was sore but that was about it but you know the way the video came out it was like edited out of water and stuff like that and whatever so I had done I think I did my run before yours so I was done and I took part the padding out like I was at all that was when I was actually in the run and that's when you were doing your Wrap Up Video and you were still in the car and I run at in the frame and I'm like feet to me and I got bounce off the car it was just using me being a dumbass just trying to jump on Gavin Kart and flip over it and like I slammed into it hit the ground that was the worst injury I had hoped you'd like I have like a scab on my leg like 3 weeks because of that I thought you were going full speed footballer like Parker over at 9 and I'm just smacking you and falling on the ground and I got to that was the worst boo boo I got on that that was worse than for him to go kart house like to Brandon and Phillies to other people are you okay what are you supposed to dress for the wedding album the flipped it is always like the stupidest thing I didn't get into the season immersion injury Smack It On The Ground the concrete or the asphalt was one of the other guys cuz I like an idiot during the trial shoot we were out you know what that the motocross track and don't try to support a party that had a giant wasp nest in it I didn't see until after I was done pissing I got turned around like that what you recommend we walked past that I can't go in there the nest of them is really out of it that to you and I was net tinted sunglasses nose like on set where I got injured and you know there's a big scissor lift anyone's the maximum height and he was messing with the lights in the great in the ceiling and you can also drive them when that happens it beats really loud so I was like get the hell out the way this giant basically calling this driving around like and it's complete silence and he banged his head on the phone the poet was holding the lights and was unconscious at the tower we just had to go to lunch lunch Jesus Christ Apple Terry tat house lunch RT to point out something that we have your onset the others are first I guess really live post RTX podcast and after the RT Podcast paddle someone from the panel came up and gave us this picture you can see it in front of the coffee table down there it's a signed picture by schmorgen hacking guard and he cited as schmorgen paragard I love that we met sleep affected his life now he was schmorgen hacking guide on a picture of myself on it schmorgen that's SMS ah walkthrough room 108 ah. Him and Stanley in the fuck off tats it was awesome to come home to practice a newest amazing together stolen email everyone I apologize to you when you get there I like Stanley like he can come the person that I was supposed to go to Paris but then he was filming in Sydney cancelled his ah his first trip so they were just saying like a lot of people coming Australia and I go to Brisbane and Adelaide and Sydney they never come the first flight to get to the eastern coast of Australia 3 hour really half hours from Melbourne The Melvins like 2 hours from Sydney and then it's like another 3 hours The Curse of Oak Island if you wait it out like the Fitzroy District or that stuff didn't in Melbourne it's like a lot of little shops and like coffee shops and it looks like it's some shopping we did we walked around I don't know like the specifics no not weird Fitzroy just because that's like I can come over there is it the Australian version it's like I didn't come out like tower has the greatest ah Christ I search something on TV they say I watch an American show if I taste the same American and realize they sound way more American and that means what is way more American Bel Air wish I could be like I feel like British because of you Primo Hoagies and switch like Jordan lazy black Jordans low the slack-jawed and lazy and his like faster an intellectual and and kinder price but it's not an insult or compliment Streaker like to hear it let me tell you about my lunch yet and I had salad today Gavin British and then he's been here for so long he's kind of he's his accent has wavered you know he's gotten it to space absolutely has that actually has an accent so much less than it was two years ago but then yeah but you talk like that all the time now pretty much we were talking shit while we're talking shit the other day Dad and I were talking shit about Gavin that she wanted her office I guess you haven't heard of 13 carpets and Electric Company what about you what's 11 + ah so you like what you see and Gavin on some format we have but the guy wasn't sleep no one was able to just let me know so I can pick them up because you said that you make him sound so dumb and all your impressions of him know what I mean I don't understand what you're talking about my sister Gavin any other time even in a cheap mint Hunter fuck you dad I was pointing up towards the sky like there was much taller than Gavin to listen to do it adopting the second she was on Sunday she waited in line and he came up as a fan and ask the question if you don't when you're on the stage with all the lights and stuff and we're just answer questions and then dance like it's pretty funny he didn't tell me that he was going to do 23148 it was funny because we used to play I mean you play with then probably like 7 years ago we will play I remember I remember I remember like the stupid in the world ah then I took my Droid Navigator vacuum what is Badger on roids come from it's not like an inside joke just there I'm not RT when he was stopped by the traffic I'm not even convinced him to change it but I did that the jack for I started working here I remember that was a thing that's pretty funny cuz he had his gamertag was monkey 5225 or some shit like that and he had that for awhile and I was doing Ridgewood from New Jersey I didn't move here yet and I came home from work one day and I get on Xbox Live and it was like within an hour or so I see Jack he is online and in salons like changes gamertag I want to be at the old one so I immediately this is back when you could you could get gold for a month for free making an account so initially they would let you pick your Gamertag when you meet a count you get the pic you know an available one and then you have to pay to change it but then they instituted thing where they just gave you a gamertag like just random ones like that's what it is but you get one free change so what I would do is I would make game tags and just have them ready in case I wanted to grab one because you get one free change so seriously like a jack so I don't want one of Monkeys 505 is taken I went to a gamertag I already made like a month ago I have one free change on and I just changed it like immediately like a minute-and-a-half gamertag so then because Jack obviously with all the bullshit watch it his life was like a hell hole Michael and make that in the worst Provo cuz he was concerned about people trying to imitate him and stuff I made the profile all like it was Jack like I'm like hey I'm Jack from Achievement Hunter rooster logo is like your avatar icon I put that then I started messaging everybody on his friends list saying that this was Jack and that monkey father that this guy Jack he was imitating me at 1 to Jack and I don't know like a day or two went by and I didn't like I don't want to blow my load and Michael Wright to Jack and make it too obvious two or three days go by and then I get a name from Jack he's at what's going on between me and his life as far as like a hundred stuff so it was like this whole conversation we had he was talking about how he was going to message and he was looking I just went off and I was going to talk to him on and off for a few hours and finally he like goes in Noble I'll talk to you later and like cool cool I'll talk to you later by the way I still your gamertag and that got me a lot of street cred in this building before I got here I think that's part of the reason to why Jack and Burnie hired me Cordon Jack X reader I woke up okay so you guys like okay you're good you're good just always get the other your job after that it was pretty annoyed at first until you in the same building and I just messed in the stuff like and ice cream t-shirt and stuff to see if you would do that really Jack I'm sorry I'm a female this podcast brought everything to surprise you you should be snacking more you need to be snacking more how can you tell me the snack more you say you're going to 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and covered any comments about that Reed is great just going to take her over there I'm thinking about everything we talked about tonight then but until today was dashcon also by the way ballpit Tumblr users decided to have that yes that's a good time we just put on for YouTube and I thought we had something similar for Tumblr so they made dashcon and it was just a disaster reportedly showed up and I'm leaving organizers started asking for donations because I need the money to pay the hotel heard that 17000 please $17,000 and then everyone found out the hotel didn't need any more money so they don't have no idea what the money went to church and ballpits by 6 or so for the organizers real everybody who podcast.com potato with a free hour in the ball pit podcast started back when I have stress dreams about RTX not being done like that's what it looks like we need it ah yes Raiders of masochism sex stuff but apparently cancer weird like a no to coming out did you just come from the anal pain someone peed in the ballpit I'm being told you're not getting a ball pit at RTX fine I'll get the ballpits and ballpits 5 minutes sometimes your space sometimes the song from Buddy for everything awesome houses they paid for their own flights the name of the hotel again reportedly supposedly portal Leon things work but then they got there I told not only for the things that they were supposed to be reimbursed for what they were going to pay them for the performance at all which I guess was established before and cilantro we know hopefully we'll see you I guess that they said in the Chicago area Gus that's good from what I read was that the event was hoping to have somewhere like 3500 to 4010 days but they were tapping their ticket sales at 500 so we were we were like how would he doesn't get for a first-time condo an obviously for what the money that was put into it are the tickets are like $65 for tickets. I think they were 3440 of the most relaxed now that you will be able to Castle dashcon the first RTX back in 2011 you know when it was in the field and around the corner from the office was that like bouncy castle place and if you ever went in there tat I wanted to have sleep but I guess I think it's really geared towards kids feel like I've been waiting more than $142 out of it water sitting there but I cannot do it not literal shit maybe I can I think it was kids in the UK but they're hanging out most horrifying experience I was a kid there and then a big gust of wind took the bounce see how my God up into the air and apparently they were pretty fucking 63 switch is crazy when you're like for hanging out at a friend's birthday party and apparently they got so high catch them in everything but that's terrifying cat jumping out I don't fucking know I was in there but yeah they were like the kids finally nothing you really fucked horrifying Indiana Jones kit and you're like falling from the playing in a bouncy castle what is breaking things what is a to be running around like a bug in the Moon in about the cat. Three of them together I'll go to great if you bounce off to and enjoy Michael for the awesome stuff maybe they thought it was a magic bouncy castle parking Fly Away will be to go to sleep sleep sleep through Michael give me sitting and Gavin can you sleep in your face this is not look good everytime of Yukon the driver things you should Cross or just like Mario somebody that was just for laughs moral of the story don't trust bounce houses quickly then stick to the ground poor father was like I'm so sorry your kids are apparently I guess there's no guns to shoot down his kids are you okay baby cheeseburger chicken nuggets Mac eating disgusting hamburgers have Beats on them yes actually it would be so disappointed so good Henry was good had my mind blown this week I'm sorry I haven't as I moved here I keep seeing cilantro and stuff I don't like the hell is this crap arugula I realize that just kit and carry on different and I wanted like I didn't realize that I just had to have in the car and it since I've been here I had no idea it was the first time we to New Zealand like there's a dislike it Rock It Rock it was Rocketman coriander is cilantro cilantro makes total sense now just good to use another certain people who don't ever compare me neither but if anything has a green leaf on I'm just going to take it off yeah I used to eat them all the time as a kid as I figure this whole part of the meal I would still do it still do when I was a kid I did this when I still do with me tiny ass little sad thing of parsley on the side stitch Dennys $7 Dennys I'm drunk It's food most off when you need something to eat its food after it mostly I need it I can't remember the last time I went to Dennys and I was definitely drunk but it was probably like 10 years ago or more now God I can't stand it I mean I feel like there's not a lot of like 24-hour food choices for some reason a lot of shady stuff it's like Whataburger 24 hours anymore I think it's ours 24 hours it is also why I got burned out and diners lindsays the Houston of and I just don't give a shit it's like the answer to it I guess world free refills it's so fancy I could find love here baby 274 sleep earlier Lindsay was walking up to to the set was like oh hey what's up tell you she was not anymore I was like oh yeah what's up dog I was like nevermind just talking jerabek I don't know I guess this is Jones is the new nickname I've been called to be forever the music everyone calls everyone by the free that's where I was friends we also get stupid high school sorola when I was at school that's weird what do you call Dennys the Lost off in my name with ah interesting and your Italian for excellent Apollo never call me call you know, it's a nickname for yourself yeah are they an appropriate of the Terrible no I was thinking like pussycrusher or something Gus is nickname weird old skinny geek in the Apple switch video and your $0.20 when I was 24 I could pretty much you're barely over 36 guys so cute she really successful because otherwise you'd be really wondering what you're doing with your life probably how is it there hey thank God his successful or else you'd be wondering what you doing RT shirts that are over half your age keep it relevant topics like this Rich the podcast now available newest Ark EP scientifically accurate scientifically accurate is 2008 Toyota Supra to decorate I don't believe we've been doing this so we're almost to December December is going to be 6 years a podcast so we're closing in on just over up so I figured I think about 300 going to be in early December maybe November she excited for it we do for the special or something up ballpits and I never do anything like Jordan ever 447 fly it's another whatever contact the guy who set up the castle we can rig it so we do the podcast from a bouncy castle walls floating away and you sleep I'll sit like crazy to a piece of shit has me in their job still easy though what's the weird switch your phone to sleep in the sound booth in Buda and I just thought it was I didn't mean to sleep I propped my legs were straight but I can't sleep standing up or even like away his switch 24 hours on the road episode 200 of God that was the one we had things different from this tat someone find you which is and we're all really tired we finally posted them I got to play with the Enemy xray like that day I went home to sleep I got home like at 4 in the morning or 5 in the morning or something went to sleep I was like I'm going to sleep I'm going to never do this is like I'm so tired I'm going to turn my phone off I turn my phone off put it on the nightstand so I'm just going to sleep I woke up I think 2 or 3 hours later his death was pounding on my window was like super sleep deprived what's going on he's like Open Your Door sorola what is wrong with you want to answer your phone if I turned it off the website to fix it I was like okay of the persons of country I didn't close to him at the time either so they called him to drive to my house to wake me up and wake me up so I could get the video I was driving with a friend of mine from Austintown to Houston weird to help of a mutual friend of ours in Houston move ah but we stayed up all night like drinking and having fun in Austin so we do we take off from Austin the morning and I at the time I was little manual transmission pickup and I'm driving my friend cannot drive manual transmission so we're on 71 driving out to Houston and like hey man I'm really tired can you drive for me so I can try to send it again I can't do it but I forgot to tell you what I'm going to get a sub to 5th gear on the highway you just that we don't hear from the passenger seat you just hold the steering wheel I'll leave my foot on the gas and I'll take it I mean like I start dozing off and I think open your eyes to look at him and you Paul the Wheel from Lindsay before I go can you grab them when I get and it's the most uncomfortable awkward thing ever do you like the way to commit suicide but I will if you want to take a nap wait so you only have your foot on the gas the only had that bug stomp my foot down all the sleep we just would have the cruise control that was locked in it fixed control Michael Ramirez dangerous is that but there's a Burnie in Jack in the middle there's a bus that goes around UT called the 40 acres and Acres run the entire campus and one day after test I was just so tired that I fell asleep in the back of the bus and I woke up after going a couple rounds I was like oh man I'm still in the bus hit a driver how long have I been here is like you were with me for 12 laps around campus Raiders exactly even here 12 laps I've been watching washing weird that I can think of it as once a month really don't weird is that way yeah Gus and his places you can lie down so you make a little spot for like this bug for and then get in the middle of you like a cocoon of spots and know what they like potatoes the compass things sleep but there was something like that it was fucking potato floor sounds like what happened Mesa Arizona weird feeling I got married it was like a little deep fryer and Dan dr. B pray for me and I was like thanks you everyone for the deep fryer of you and Esther on your honeymoon played in the Friday yes absolutely no I didn't use Apple pay we actually talked for the last time we left the wedding and went to Ark Animal in to self to New England and New England from Italy cold rain sleep Kazooie washing City also doing anymore it's old New England the rest of the country now is like newest country South Sudan how old is that a year maybe a little earlier today yeah what was it before I was part of Sudan Sudan split into North and South Sudan we were surprised did not leave try again the truth Australia if I had missed remember World criminals go apparently purses big on reminding the rest of the country or countries lost of the Cities there that they were founded by criminals for years like haha we are not but that's what I wanted to know how few people there are in Australia island people live in a tiny band around the ring and not the entire ring and then I think all those people are like 20 million 22 million solar panels on all of the deserts of Australia can we power the planet probably be interesting to see how much power generator in Africa is pretty popular Center South America what are the secretary telling same story take a pic and that he's a fucking all about the World Cup prediction people loved it your way FIFA World Cup prediction thank you guys so much for doing it weird to check the I'd like to the square huge football fans you know the football with you and yeah it just went over great we call 323 Super Bowls and what your score was a little off score is it up being I think 21214 so we were a little bit off I think the final score was 1 to nothing was 103 / 7 number of touchdowns it was 3 to 2 and that video on his 8,000 dislikes that's pretty good Jeff and Ray Jack Jack as well you don't you still watch basketball last couple times we we watch buses World Cup in my office you walked in a couple of times did you or any UK teams that I do not support any of the UK how much money should armpit zapper Gavin you were there for the end of every England game in my office and it wasn't pleasant to watch no you're terrible I thought the last year or last World Cup was supposed bad for them this one was better kidnappings we got soccer yeah it was not pretty good now but he's not arrested World Cup what are you doing what the hell you got is not about and why I don't know everyone's name what kind of name is that the guy that we were talking about PS4 what's the name the representative for running on the pitch with them better because you just need to call them yeah I think so complete in here the talleys World Cup Russian prankster vitalii and I can try to say that streaks tries to kiss someone that's really try to get a player or just a random person therefore more upset the German defense than that but whatever pranks Vitaly stripped off blew kisses to the crowd as he ran toward several reviews looking players on the pitch with the words Natural Born prankster scrawled across his stomach and made a beeline for the German player benedikt house and attempted to plant a kiss on his lips against a player that was going on on TV they show the kit away to Lego an image of of Christ the Redeemer with the sun behind it and they did it twice while the game was going on and I thought today was watching this what are the showing this time the games going on Apple shop at work by the cameraman in England if you Stitch a line behind every pitch from the front where it sits as another warning saying if you set foot on the pitch during a game or any point you would ban from every Premier League Stadium in the country eBay sleep band from football so doing it other World Cup final he's pretty screwed from like anything with her ever knowing they get intense with like act like American football and socially in Texas I know that happens at high school games I had a friend who decided to Streaker cross the field at 1 high school game same thing is like if you try and go to any High School game in this area we're going to fucking kick your ass what's stopping around over there someone streaking right now someone is thinking right now that's about right he works the beautiful someone telling me that they still do have kidnappings in Brazil Twin Towers Trading back World Cup with North Realty 613 yeah it was good I had a good time I feel like it was more hectic if I just didn't want stuff you were busy I really don't like being alone immersion the days and I just got back to keep it he weird that every single day at all times another good thing about that is you don't even if you have all those back-to-back things have to do if they're different performances are different things going on it's kind of fresh and kind of keeps you going all the time you're not going from like that space was signing to a panel to a podcast is like different stuff that people as well as fun to see the people that you like but I had to because I was just like family and friends and everything so sorry I'm still the 200 motorcycle LEDs one at Sea to do what I want to cross eyes like and I sleep downstairs like Raiders of weed RT switch of Chris blame other people they were supposed to be a little more sorry I apologize and someone like I had a question that was like always a difficult to start up again when you've kind of taking a break from something else like kit weird wedding intro for that you're doing right now how to get that go into live action intro the panel because it was funny I heard about I heard about it at the beginning your pants like I got to make it a point to be there that's why I was backstage when y'all were before you when I was back I was watching it was like it was really awesome to hear the crowd's reaction to of people went nuts for it was fun after everything on the line with me also ah head dancing from you guys and I thought this was a perfect opportunity and Wednesday I was up there one time I'm sure it's just like you this is like the ultimate Raiders team straight up there when exactly was some kind of question that you guys had about about making a murderer someone got together I understand that you're talking about how long you know each other into the dead or something like that bullshit I'll let this one slide I'll let you have this panel Michael calls you and me where is Boo and his boy so that I had your being your boy stop being a horrible spreading your seeds everywhere square space for supporting Richard Cheese square space is the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website portfolio or online store square space been around for nine years in the cross improving their platform with new features new designs even better support they got beautiful designs to start with and there's a ton of style options and pretty unique website for you or your business the recently-released 20 customizable templates and every design automatically includes a mobile experience that matches the overall style your website to a concert looks great on every device Every Time Square space is one several Design Awards including favorite website Awards the way these Forbes and the awards for best website design the customer service team has also won awards most recently a gold Stevie award for outstanding customer service square space is converse ready to provide a powerful and flexible eCommerce solution to can set up shop and sell things quickly away things I like most about square space is great for everyone with a simple website solution or developer and want to get in the code for someone in customer square space you can also easily embedded switch DVD player an any page on your square space website you share your favorite gaming square space starts at 8 bucks a month includes a free domain name if you sign up for a year if you haven't already give square space to try you don't need a credit card to start building your website when you decide to sign up use offer code RoosterTeeth get 10% off and show support for roquette square space.com offer code RoosterTeeth make things to square space for their support net the square space make a website be stupid so things that I think a lot of people didn't cat from RTX was the xray and bath if I cut the string for it we did during the pound when people ask about it Jordan with this like I don't know nothing about me talk about a lot of it but it's exciting we have an extra bed animated you know now just a single episode but it couldn't possibly be more but it's exciting and Gavin and your voice actor have a call to impress you dream of anything like this is an idea that initially started out as us to be like animated Adventure styled like with the stick figure drawings in the of the an adventure style things that you were turn episode animated Adventure but this was to be a special one-off thing and it don't know how long it was Outta My Head it was like a nightmare fly TV show it was fucking cool I have not seen any of it forgotten most of the recording it was while ago so everything is new to me I was like can I have that in to work on it is Peter and he brought so much physical comedy Quartz Creek but it was awesome and I feel like socially with your lines too I kept asking you but can you bring it to your lines please if it just played for Billy Ray's an asshole in it organized stuff you just work that you might not be a bad thing it's like Raiders Lego kit to Gavin it's really fucking fucking go cat version of Riley it's actually come on and actually cross great is this because both Gavin and Ray would like but I don't I don't do voice acting like I'm Michael voices just feel so bad different yell because I can if I'm saying stuff and yelling is like like proximity great to hear you guys from the sound booth in our office could use when your recording that's pretty selfish it's awesome let's switch it doesn't fuck them American Idol when I grab the handle backwards and trying to use all my weight to pull that door closed pranks box today if possible by putting game so I'll put the disc in the tray and slam it closed because it gets the disc Redbox the and I tried doing it the other way around so I checked it is but I pulled the trail Australia in the middle of the week turn sideways to you ever noticed I always feel bad like I don't you're doing something so we can always and it's a beautiful cheap Hunter weird like I was there with you at the end of your Surgeon Simulator on the I'm on my way there, just like Gus disapprove here fresh when I walked in and it to me that you were done country ah to cuz we said it in the video and then the surgeon simulator guys who made it there like that we specifically made your is the biggest pain-in-the-ass good together you could write about but we were just told and played house for this week with only before the podcast and sandwich the same thing I'll just like we had the video can we look at the clock like we need to fuck it up before the fucking podcast 7:15 come over here like you know where all the video we have to talk about this let's do that that's why I called Lindsay Jones Jesus Christ I can't hear someone on Twitter talking about when you showed up for that help Michael with that one girl look like she was going to cry when she realized you were part of that hug post on Twitter or something afterwards and they were talking about it like I couldn't believe it like they did to their world shattered like they were freaking out about getting the house Gavin and Dan and then I ran up just as like a dumb gag and then just like lost their fucking to and so they got the house all three of us and I was like I'm sorry but this is the highlight of for you but thank you so much but you'll regret this in a year from her during all to your hugs this time I took to the show Full in Disguise and I went back to that book with the guy who makes the lifesize Lego Statue and I didn't see anything something this year making up for smashing something dress lost you the one that I space to sit down and it was all white and he goes yeah you broke the cancer awareness one like I got Gavin now there's no cancer man destroys the man mission accomplished what year was Barbara was telling me that she saw several cat bug Burnie tattoos how many do sleep 33 cat bug Burnie tattoos and I did it was a good life I know a guy all over me not 20 minutes later he came back to sleep done that's awesome Joel Joel you like an extra Jack the name she asked me about it next tattoo is it what should I get the ex you say that you know can we like hey sorry you know because it's like I'm not going to be like two of us so I can for a symbol or name or anything like that like it's so flattering and like it's a crazy honor I guess but you know like we're assholes were fucking so sorry you weren't the jack on a couple weeks ago or something like that maybe a month ago somebody on Twitter or something some stuff like that and they were like I is it something you like let me know if you need any tattoo removal suggestions in a year I know some great places like that was his reply there's like a bunch of people I come up there you know this person you got a tattoo for you guys and you insult them and did it as I told me what it was supposed to say damn right I mean it is very appreciated same thing we're not going to be a great job for getting a tattoo of me like I said that was when we went Australia somebody show me a tower pimps tat in their legs and in my fucking awesome it was like the best tower fan statue ever seen because Summer I tweeted that I tweeted it or I said something I think I think I took a photo of it cuz I told you guys the best we have ever seen anything like it was I am so sorry for this however this is the best one I've ever seen an amazing tattoo in the quality was great but I'm so sorry that you got it this is your fault you made the tower pimps it was a stupid thing that you did when you were drunk and then someone has a tattoo on your leg and you live there are and they're going to put into a coffin and then you go 1-2-3-4 his knuckles it be the same for the other way respected like it's your life it's your choice and there's something really passionate that you know you're obsessed with are you you really love your fan of and you want to get a tattoo that's fucking awesome I have a tattoo on me that is you know from personal life experiences but I'm sure you know if you were in the opposite see you feel just as weird it out like I made that when I was drunk last night I feel bad I feel bad for the person just like I'm going to disappoint you one day I'm going to piss you off or you're going to be like this and I feel and I feel sorry for you in advance that we used to have cross stitches tats to me last year RT run over here the same person came back to me with this Gus Guevara and I thought it was just that was stretched out and put in a frame cross stitch does like box such shock I didn't even ask about the amazing artwork and all of like they would think it was quality things we get but the funniest thing and like the coolest stuff is I don't I guess it's kind of like a stereotype but when I think of letting and cross stitching it's like this I don't know this piece of like old America you know it's like stuff that your grandmother did like my grandmother used to knit sweaters and kit for my family like she needed her whole life is people pulled but that's what they do when they make clothes it's cheaper you know you make the clothes 58 kids you need all their clothes so it's just like people give us cross stitches and knits of like disgusting obscenities of our other stuff would you want to be want to stop at our house from like should have said and let's plays where have I have a cross that says yo bitch go you bitch and then I also have the same the same girl made another one based on one of our cloudberry kingdom Let's Plays and it was like fuck me in my fucking fuck hole fuck cursive handwriting RTX someone I don't think need to do this like it's a sweater dress is the appropriate way that's what is the coolest thing I've ever seen about to go into the party and she's taking it off but I'm not going where this inside I'm like you absolutely your in Austin Texas at RTX go into this like you know after hours party every single person there was one picture of it it's what I've Been Told I'm mistaken there's the tattoo with the signatures ah that is that is a sign not to hire someone ah bug tweeted looks like he dressed up like a like a zapper for Kart RTX questions that she would talk xray of exhaustion by on Twitter I think it might be Australia but someone made this little pink thing and give it to me about this big and it was like like a fingertip things like that put onto my finger and I put on my finger Connecticut yeah we did it was a hit Piropos but yeah yeah yeah but some people to have to go upstairs and I saw a lot of people that I haven't seen in a long time like forever if you like we haven't seen in a long time there's no reason I should not see those guys live in the same town and it's like a hangout to the 1st December 03 phone is always someone else can you say for what what do the word finder Oscar's Dennys God is great when you win one so I would you want it for absolutely love my old boss one of them may be at the bus for and Bug statue if you can you might want to marry you the bridge it's like the longer run against his second and the new one was very polite. I guess they cut down the middle of one of the Bulls of the thing was really depressing but not too much so apparently according to Wikipedia he was and he's an animator who won an Emmy for his work with Turner Broadcasting System it doesn't say for what so who knows the time when he was in office on exit 100 he would the Pelican taking off I think it's all the different but during that season 4 x Michael an hour time I retire but I was like hold up one minute and we already had a meeting Saturday morning of RTX and then I had a conference call this past Friday about a 2015 ballpit yes or no ballpit will work on it and filtration system good to be true that the balls are clean it's like the one you have three balls the to and you playing in ballpits sleep do their kids like sick kids when they're like $4 ah ballpits body ah never shuts down you know that's why the last thing broken down like you Swan to be kind of nervous but it's going to snow to 1246 kit my dad took me to McDonalds PlayPlace like hang out as a kid and I pushed so many kids into the ballpit being like this is my area fuck you then piece of shit with such a fucking asshole thought you were getting some hardcore you are in England it was still on the top of the hill at my school if I want to sleep and went out with someone I was still in the tub that's like rugby tackle me in the back and I fell away from the hill and I just landed on the box trying to say if we go by the way because this is the first time I've been on here I love this new couch sleep longer than the old one I don't have things like your old chronic fucking Pony closer together and should I pop in every like five six weeks and I popped out so I'm just here Michael ballpits Lego couch cat to the couch I don't fuk in the form and you'll have the information ready and I might ask this again you will now we need to replace these chairs next time every podcast weird replace this table then after the table replace the chairs this weekend replacing it yes right now and next week when we replace the table and RT Podcast or was it we're pretty much done before Wednesday what episode of the patch and next Monday with another person RT Podcast thanks for watching everyone get out dude get out of a deal I was awkward and I was still here