#281 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses Old School Wanks

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-281

Recorded: 2014-07-22 23:17:26

Runtime: 01:33:59 (5639.18 seconds)

Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

this absurdity podcast is brought to you by the best way to buy a management in less than five minutes to find a new domain get it up and running and start realizing your online ID tracker.com and get 10% off your entire purchase with a code breaks that hover.com and the code grapes this episode of the wrist you podcast is brought to you by game gaems personal gaming environment give you the freedom to game when you want and where you want to go to games PGE.com to get the New Black Edition Vanguard for the latest news on upcoming portable monitors available this fall hey everyone welcome to Richmond podcast number 281 special live YouTube Edition and welcome to this week featuring Barbara were going backwards this time Gavin Gus and Burnie Carnival Gus doesn't for people who maybe you don't want your life to be this is special podcast because for the life she was going out to the public typically live streams or just respond to everybody I will try to keep an eye on it and if we see anything interesting we'll pick it out but chain starting to get something if you try to keep it interesting so we're here to talk about science dick and whatever happens I would like this week I've been gagging all day because I just got up I just put up the most disgusting thing I've ever done bullshit drinking house Gavin his drink this evening we're drinking got to hear it and I'm not saying that correctly I'm sure but I also think it's for everybody to hear time I try to like what is it so it's liquor I'm not familiar with and coffee the liquor is called 43 what if they eat break the right and then it's over and then we can do at the bar afterwards so just espresso over ice with this stuff in it and it's fucking awesome it's still good I feel like I have a picture of it you should have coffee in it because it they just go don't worry though Burnie is not a coffee drinker and when he drinks coffee he becomes a fucking me time I saw like a cup of coffee anti Touch This Light by break caffeine doesn't coffee different than the caffeine I can drink like we did 5 cup different coffee makes you poop like I see people at the airport like 4K mental representation of coffee like to take a sip of coffee and I'm going to got us coming over there thinking about co-workers RvB break our co-workers fucked up we can't have nice things in this office what happened Wii oh yeah that's so we have two buildings right we have right now to move back up there to the bike military packages back and forth Wii got a bicycle with a basket let's talk about that first of all like to go 220 pee with the time I ride my bike to work and I leave it in my office and Caleb comes into my office takes my bike so we can run you have to walk the other way takes like a minute what we have to do here this handy if you're carrying a lot of shit and you put in the bath you can take it with you when there's a basket outside doors open doors pee in the a bike rack to lock into outside your favorite thing in the world shopping mall parking lot even a grocery store parking lot that's how big an area were talking about walking across and that is too much for everybody here so we gotta bike which is very well used and lots of people you a butt wee Tillman over the weekend miles send an email to overdue the company with just a picture of the back tire that bike. Let me talk to him first before that Miles didn't just send an email it was not just a picture of a picture female it wasn't by the way Kerry was also on this morning when I got here both independently miles and Kerry came to apologize to me because you are really you won't do anything Reckless with it we were both just writing on it at the same time don't for one person only what we've been butts about it the $10 bike here to tell me about it that's like a $300 at me about it I mean it's going to happen to me about it is that the way the email came across was a the back tire on the bike needs to be fixed and then inside the body of the email was Kerry not running the bike it over to the potholes break the back tire it was like somebody else by email which is the more break something and then just put it back in the time got a funny way of and drop the Buckingham rotten us even right back which nobody ever does she said she was disappointed which is total parental Smackdown disappointed in his RV pee of operation for treatment I think she said I'm still happy we had time there's a lot of people really what it looks like emails on my work computer and my people going out with time are you crime in a slice of screen on it are you still putting Mo you don't use it anymore for that thing I got it up send it to yourself on Facebook and then do it on the computer or some shit like that - the time sheets here's the list of people grabbing time sheets chain with that goes out and you like for him to retire than me UK you for like 6 months so I wouldn't end up and it finally came out and it was like I was catalog for the State of Texas because because qualifying for entertainment and production and film project and are eating a channel and destination on the internet we can't get overdue qualify as one got to work on their projects right now so I can fortunately I mean it's like even like you work at an even hundred apartment of Rooster Teeth even that every single show when there is considered different you like we can even put them together and even harder to show you that already detecting those emails as spam for a while Tomatoes just never get it likely that never happens but I totally said it anti cup if I could he won't message - dr. A Game of Thrones people that work here are assholes okay that was sitting on my lap they tell me I talk to them a taxi and they have all new razors out and they were very nice and sponsored RT a couple years ago and gave us laptops reviews them all over the place and so all of a sudden on last week sometime before that I had wasn't a vacation for vacation last week but showed up on my desk from Razer and there's this new laptop and it was known of any kind and I remember that I talked to the guys at Razer we talked about like how cool the laptops are not until I've got this laptop address to me with no no in it and so I'm like what and I was like smartest guy in the office I'm shutting the door right now why do you ask why do can I write a demand Gus and Alan but you atoms in an element got the right Razer laptop just showed up on my dick does anyone know why it's here or why it came to my desk none of them replied back to the entire email chain they all replied back privately you texted me directly because oh yeah What mo 4 hours I guess it's like I'm sitting here I need to search something because it was just looking at the power supply out of the box tshirt the great for Netflix Google flight Twitter new pizza coming to take your shit so the new Razer came in is what he said not what Razer he said it like it was it is something that there was a Razer on its way and that he knew what it was like picture of a fail. They're very nice and they sent me a Razer to look at remastering a look at and then keep and then continue screen on it and bring it to touch laptop Windows 8 touch screen laptops at laptop screen go back to miles dial coffee by the way coffee cup this fucking bathroom that we no longer have out here to be problem so we're not actually in the stage where we are there's no bathroom here if you need to use the facilities you have to walk outside and there used to be a little building out there would bathroom so you can do your business but that got turned out like 3 weeks ago now to make better bathroom pipe sticking out of the ground for 3 weeks with no construction started and today they showed up and put orange tape around it Gavin War us so we'd have any water for a day and a half which will be nice if you don't like him but he'll never use the shower at the old office is over me right and benefits at the office said it you did it you did it manage manage manage got too many incorrect Malaysian how do you say like mayonnaise Atlantic management trailer with a company and it was nice portable bathrooms basically 2000 River vs Stalin anti urinal in each other out right I look at a crapload of animals at work never talk about what we want to know I think you did when we still have the temporary well I guess for a little while one of the locks didn't work right so occupied right for you would you on the inside you think it was long but it I walked up to the door Gus like I'm sorry poop goes in the door makes you makes you you said something was up could you squeeze rated to do plug never thought about it I never touched it I never been Missle log you like to do shut it off so scared that you did either shoot yourself or pee your pants never really went away art how are you okay with doing that I would never do unless Bungie Jeff think I would be ready today of a guy who fell into a cup had like one of those air Pat and it was at 52 meter Fallout you have a perspective of how far that is 260 feet a hundred on the platform and us hanging like that kind of fell straight down the bike looks like that don't do that nope just thought that it started just thought it was gross no he just said your own two feet and kill yourself but you can also for like a hundred feet and be probably OK you know it's like a total crapshoot you don't ever want to take that gamble but you can do people kill themselves bowling alley you have your neck for you clean for you anything on your for a while but I have read all the Game of Thrones books but the story about one of the Middle Ages that series of videos on YouTube with the Japanese guys go around trying to get all the hamburgers in La that will Point most popular video that one guy go all day without peeing substitute for butter banana bread video dancing on purpose or if you just going to let it all go I feel like it's hard to stop because it's like almost everything back into plug really really bad idea to hold your urine that war also drinking a lot of water can you can put yourself in the Water cast pal for short the podcast was that lady who killed her still trying to win a Wii when you hold your wee for a week the first year they came out with Mo Hardware flight inventory you could you couldn't get there until the contest it was hold your wee for wee the people and the last person to go to bathroom they won the Wii and his lady died of water poisoning problem podcast it was really bizarre oxidizing butts pineapple can dissolve your mouth. Too much pineapple I ate a can of pineapple what time does a kitten drink the juice that I can I've never had that bad stomach ache in my life I thought it was apparently makes things taste good little sweet dreams later as well books related to Ross catalog lingerie I94 porn you have - is the best you got this or scrambled television signal for you makes you poop or VHS porn you talk to most PGE images ever Gavin a raging boner right now hey beautiful how much is a gymnastics Jessica Rabbit cartoon Drew my girlfriend you never you never been around bike drawing image before painting or anything like that drawing framed as a younger person I'm pretty sure Freeze Frame Jessica Rabbit sure absolutely for the internet let me tell you - the penises that you've drawing no absolutely not anything like what you like what you see like a lot of imagery of penises growing up or is it one person in your mind that you're all over and over or is each of them a different pee but you see during the course of your life because that's my experience never been around but even like a painting or drawing or anything what is the most PGE image that you've ever been around Lancaster I've ever seen I would like to look at a painting or something or just like people like people drawing things needed to do something girls in bikinis and lingerie the bike before you have the bank the bank your posters on your wall couple lesbians wee you if you're you got the posters on your wall because you're worried did you tell you that you were gay or UK 4K you were worried that you were acting in the way or you were there was a natural progression as an adult pee your pants or just assumed you were gay and that you had to get posters to prove that you weren't one of those around so I just was like okay Gavin tender back then it was really like to go to the store I supposed to lose paddle holster with the booze they're not going to think I'm a loser I'm somebody because I will drunken sexually active sorry I was probably talking about the same thing when the Wii win a Wii by holding your wee contact came up but Jeff Probst the guy who is the host for Survivor which I think survivors still in the air he hasn't aged a bit he had he had a uretha problem or something because he would be out for so long and he would hold his pee for so long that it actually hurt himself doing that well yeah I heard that he was talking about how he broke his penis Pee Wee got some questions from the house did you live in front house and prove you called your folks what I mean? most got a bigger version of this a 24-inch 1080p display I don't have to HDMI inputs got built-in speakers powered HDMI connection display 2015 batteries for August 24th Flight or pre-roll ads for the podcast started and I did what normal requested gaems and I did another request the regular website gaems PGE rotten what she said I don't know Arizona such a fucking right movie shoots in Kampala out-of-place dialogue from movies that people just say it with a good composition in a movie Sometimes I can't think of another one that you were talking about in The Godfather and they're talking about the family coming out there and he has to say something to him and his dialogue for something to do it and it was just like it's one of the worst things ever and one of most beloved movies of all time let me surprise for him but just in a different room and I can totally change the sound of a voice the podcast I listen to it Iran TV the scene with pulling the key out of the bike you can see the chain going up from the bottom from the ground up through the hole but it's an added for theatrical you don't see that then come here and try to figure out this week because we have and 2166 2536 1.85 and 101.77 there's a new thing and they're not smart enough for that I have 720p 1280 by 720 or that was it was so 1080P and 720p in the news like 768-177-2007 dumbest things ever - still different even the HD is 1920 by 1080 everywhere my car like that overdue time like everyone liquor plugs for cars you know we're doing one plug kit 1 plug everything plug for everybody for everything because I'm just too hard on your car or like I said I'm just so over the front of my car Metallica Missle know I was mad I was in front of their daughter is just as bad as the truck but like a bit so you can even can't even get Pat Tillman a walkway between the doors and used to drive around the parking lot there before that guy and that you should never do that remember to put it out on the podcast comes rotten of Cambridge sitting here got this package for this thing I had another Brown manila envelope on my desk and this is this is a letter that got opened up its from the Baltimore Orioles win the baseball club Orioles and they sent me this makes me the schedule for the Baltimore Orioles and some stickers and a notepad and a pen and the note the letter from them an official Baltimore Orioles letterhead says Dear mr. thank you for contacting me Orioles as a token of our appreciation Bridgeport please find a small team items and clothes thank you for your dedication to the Baltimore Orioles baseball team for Orioles tickets got to this place we hope to see you at the yard signed Baltimore Orioles you contact them my name and address I fucking love this this made me laugh because now I have a bunch of Baltimore Orioles check it shows that the office and I don't answer it's because you're from every major league team that's alright I'm going to Baltimore Orioles World Austin Texas 4K podcast for now I made a huge mistake yeah I know I'm feeling it for me Barbara what are you fucking dealing with a professional here hey what's up Baltimore Orioles a terrible purchase the day I want to bitch about kind of how much a hundred forty bucks I bought one of those you can play like a whole bunch of things into it and it for about 3 days on the inside atmidnight the company to tell him when I'm upset with a product terrible the construction of this thing it's like they wouldn't read my card it was like was missing teeth there's little I use it for less than a week was a good one I like it just like anti aliasing is played at 7:20 I feel like coming out of your Virtual Console you can do that you also don't a plate on the 4K TVs you had that friend you would want to play as a little square in the middle of your TV you know what it says but you need a resolution equivalent resolution to my HD TV it feels the screen upscaling use one pixel but useful pixels that where is the capital what is that mean upscaling like and make it look good I think upscaling and make it look better with anti aliasing iPhone app on iPad when it stretches out the iPad that kind of thing 1080p pixels and then the other thing makes it 70 different I don't know it looks better Wii play DVD plug screen of albertans if they have tried to make it look better like it right like it but I might have to do that I mean it has that I didn't have anything apparently broke but I was angry someone else going to lose time and waste time because of the snow upscaling is the automatic conversion of a low resolution image of video - high definition resolution usually carried out by high-definition televisions upscaling or read dimensioning and imagery Dimensions pal just like upscaling a fake word resolution reviews can ensure definition have a lower resolution than that images of a high definition quality optimizing images after conversion depends on the hardware being used because everything is it and then sometimes some Hardware in an algorithm in there they try to make it look a little bit better than War supposed to look like and said of like boarders and smooth as opposed to Trump Philips TVs for the Retron console what is retro console typically we're looking for for a you like it you talk about it Barbara I know you must have missed something I missed it phone and only the thousands of people watching the election right now so when I came back I did something I have never dealt with before but you probably have and that is only to customs at the Austin Airport and I don't even know where that would be a of customs and you got it because I'm hungry translate Hey where's your butts a passport to come from Mexico you look okay PlayStation vs Kerry Board of people died in Lake Dallas and Chicago but just replaced of the bunch of hipsters who different just like the horse what are the worst things in the world is getting off in an international flight like at a big airport like La cuz you know they're touch the people in your flight this hundreds of people and other flight and of watching them all try to rush to get to that line because you know if you walk fast you can save 40 minutes out of your way tonight I will Spring get here we're getting our bags right there at the end probably because you actually get your bag before yeah that's it a little Austin Customs Austin Austin Customs you haven't traveled internationally into America usually if you flight to Dallas to New York or Chicago maybe like 5280 of thousands of people stationed there I think the people who are here to work at the border take me Customs for this of hard asses that's why I'm like any other touch Australian Australian that was incredible for Customs you go to have a caboose you looking you a camera you show your passport that's it the deal is done it's all automated Australian International got a pen so I'm in the Japanese airport I took the wrong turn of the dark part of the airport and I see one of those tables with a chain pen and I have my little form and I'm like in total darkness and got his with him like only a couple right and then I realized I had a thermometer that we would have War RT life and you like him raising my backpack so I know when I travel and I need it like I know there's a pending right there on the sale but I couldn't find you anywhere else except for that one in my bag just for that purpose can't you the US one time after I travel to Canada I forgot when you do you're being so you get like this whole booklet of stuff papers and wanted your approval form which I was told you don't need anymore once your approved and all you need is your passport with your Visa document inside not sure what time the Canadian border it was just like where is your sting was like I94 or like w something for him and I was like back in Austin he's like will you need it looks like I don't have it and he's like okay well I'll let you slide this time but if you don't have a next time you might have some trouble I hope you're not like a photo of my passport is just like a piece of paper that I wrote and stapled into my Visa barbaras allowed to 4K the cookie yeah whatever everytime you leave you have to give it to them but they do that like right the date and that's it I don't know but that's what they get Customs a ticket departing ticket for leaving like that I got it before this trip you know what wow yeah that's right for occupation everything the only trouble with your and you're coming for 3 days but yeah we're going to visit except that you are not going to work simplest possible you can books possible to buy the movie menu a movie there was worried about getting in trouble and that we got with a cop or something like that and like you're not doing anything wrong you know it's like you know you're not doing anything wrong so don't get in trouble doing stuff you're not doing anything the other day I was browsing the internet and your cookies or whatever podcast 21 through podcast click on it to see what it is Rotten Tomatoes podcast I really like tomatoes podcast is RT Podcast so thanks for stealing our name fucking asshole April 11th 2014 that started a couple months ago almost 300 couldn't name it anything else what will 5 the for you to see what you're talking about so I think and then we should call RT Missle podcast you rotten tomato for a run tomorrow plug and play right now was on the original Xbox different shoes UK shoot one of them the other day cuz I just wanted to know I didn't get By Me lyrics shoot if you want different shoes blue color thanks Barbara I email somebody Dick Van of miles and Kerry crashing the party podcast you have a great idea you want to secure it would you have a great idea you want to secure a domain name for it you want something catchy and memorable to represent your online identity hover gives you exactly what you need to get the job done you'll find the perfect name for your ideas you can get started working on it and move on to the next thing on your to-do list hover give you easy to use powerful tools to manage your domain so that anyone can do it you get the perfect domain name start building your web presence right away to take control of what people find when they search for you or your business online try hover and get 10% off your first purchase by typing the promo code breaks at the calendar for you people like for September 1st 2014 extension sale Somerset time to get started on a new project parchment every single you don't need to sleep we just count it so you can choose whatever you whatever one you want over 200 are coming to see the full list of new domain the hundreds of new options lunch a great domain name still available try hover and get 10% off your first purchase by type in the promo code break if you and I have anything going on during micro hotel tonight this is great that you'll end up with a ton of Little Shop I have the old podcast couch in my office and I don't know I mean every wee for you and all your cronies over here soon as you can because you give me I don't think it's all over a picture looking on that we are a Wii have a sale on all glassware and cups and nearest shoe store right now so you're one of us now the cops are trying to brainstorm ways to the cup certificate for the cup you still using your fucking phone like a home phone and you got a bowl if you don't have big sale everything is 15% off for a week so the day is good as well house Rooster Teeth you are ineligible to and because you're Austin when is it ours is the fury Kerry White I Delight in my history class growing up the war of the 5 Kings what does it makes it seem like to me as well he might have been sure dick a fuck you fuck us science and Dick I don't know what the fuck is going on Airlines flight radar and it wasn't there The International four days and would let him get flight conference in Melbourne and the shutdown we lost like some of the greatest Minds working on it today just took some Probst honestly we don't know what happened but the prevailing theory is it still missle getting his life in order to fire missiles out right and I think that would work Josh Flanagan game time with people who are working on the Christmas you know any service Pat Tillman right you did you did he was in basic with Pat Tillman it's all in the game time football player for the Arizona Arizona Cardinals and he left his football career to join the military after 9/11 and it was killed by Friendly Fire laptop friendly 5 for the worst still meeting at 12 o'clock and I'll let that happen for company stuff for dinner you could have talked many times for a couple of minutes then little by little I'm so busy nobody really gets around except if you miles and Kerry playing the bike it is a sub did not need the service department .2 Gavin thanks I believe you thank you and that I believed in something like this Delta flight from New York City to sale in a deliver in Anchorage member Orioles between Anchorage and sold the pilot off course again with the Russian airspace and the Soviets scrambled fighter jet shot down there it was 7:47 on his way from Anchorage to so there was a congressman from the United States on it flight along with everyone else anyone researching it and it was in there before I'm looking at them like it was like he was like a weird thing Wonder shoot down into this planet Mo and she will be staying in Planet shoot the damn ridiculous Missle the water it was in July of 88 he was Iran Air flight 655 and it was rainy and there's an Airbus 300 looks like shot down by the USS Vincennes yeah it was it was shot down and cruise you make a war crime investigation usually everybody involved War crime investigation Yahoo Touch of those Rebels who are you know if I don't get to UK government you gotta know that this is it for you right now you're going to act like you have and put it into probably the most TWA go from the fuel tank David for me about to take you like to for the fucked-up thing about it you never say for than after an accident that's the thing about a missile strike on a plane of that size it is that not necessarily like in any way shape or form if they penetrated the fuselage and it was explosive decompression a very good chance that most of the people in the air I mean doesn't it seem more bit of groceries and liquor break up popular moms actually yeah if you if you had a long for screen the chamber where they were Party On A Boat time it started out by the dam on Lake Austin and I see that it's all that damn I thought of that fucking Delta P video and that God damn creepy Delta p pressure the laptop on either side that suck people in it in the different video us entering different Delta P situation is probably catalog P / if you working with today he also says Baltimore Buck medley the righteous are excellent excellent point pee when you break them down and make them more complex where they're not the same way but the words like that we talked about before I'm not coming right now right now but I know there's lots of words like that we've talked about it before the podcast you're right I probably said you forgive me Baltimore Tesla a joke and I'll be whatever Pal Joey got your money Anti Hero Jessica Rabbit - you want to bring some is coming Fire and Blood is a Targaryen house Iran growing strong we do not so that I can never die no that was growing strong time there's a coffee Burnie he's an unknown factor posters children so this week's San Diego Comic-Con everything even on anybody's radar anymore Delta Air and Kerry are my least favorite conventional Board of Elections - got to different now though because we don't actually said that he was still just like a cattle call just like wall-to-wall mass of people who only care about seeing a celebrity or getting some stupid fucking autograph or something ridiculous like that you know waiting in line for the books as we was round someone could most likely scratch it's going to like fuck up when you're playing it but this other person will take it and just sell it and then the customer still has a negative experience but it's got our name on it so you know it's just to make sure that you know something The Walking Dead comic on its World War people and then other people will just fucking stop it you'll be walking along and the proof pretty the you stop dead in their tracks and look at something nobody has any self-awareness and Kerry said people at Comic-Con walk like old people fuck a terrible event RvB UK which I think is August 1st requested that we talked about so your UK she go to the grave and where is it in the UK touch me not liquor Burnie Burns has been - 5 11/2 what does Delilah for president Pat I would always tell them I need somebody else from RoosterTeeth come with me then somebody else will get a trip out of it as well I don't do that anymore I stopped doing that a long time ago with me sometimes I do it with you sometime but you actually coming for something as well typically where's the for everyone who came with me were just not all the way over to the left which is north of England right now and then I'm going to be with no moderator for a table behind the podium questions you would text me the same time stand up in the motor a guy started talking after the house and you try to sit down quietly because he was talking like this I'm surprised it was right on your tail done they were still happy about it cuz it was acting in this way either for the person there at the same time it was like this most of the support of the legs over the top yes you did and I love that girl to death but you Tuesday Gus got that way all your furniture without and it's over see-through like the back of the chair later he was surprised not really I never like the first time I know you and I think that even thought about that it was going to be a live broadcast live broadcast sdcc for coffee MTV people really freaked out by our approach me and I do it a slightly different screen and they go crazy for board paddle board my cord so fine I just literally was just like I was a balance that was me that took me like I probably fell off in about 15 time I did it was just like I was going to get this right I think you don't have to I'm totally you know I want to get this right you got it I got it was good like always surfing is like up there just like that Johnny the most of her side it is like paddling out to get to the way father Martin Ashley we're doing things she's not only limited Geographic range which can do it and there's a lot of people to do it so many times that it was like it was packed everywhere you want to go like surfing is like has reached a critical mass like it's hard to find places where we can go surfing what is not RT like 30-40 people out there waiting for a wave already out about killing someone like someone's head off paddle you come home with like those old Touch and Go got my list of stuff I want to do probably not I could do it let me do that one time world longest play RT like we're doing we're getting close to wrapping up here do we know if the episode of Red vs Blue that it is so if you have for this you can go watch the new episode of Riverside vomit maybe I should have game got to get that I'm not that popular podcast and seems like a butts show me a 4k monitor the house it didn't look at this headlight fluid Byford headlight fluid