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RT Discusses Dirty Water

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Recorded: 2014-08-05 17:30:52

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the podcast is brought to you by Squarespace the only one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website portfolio or online store for free trial and 10% off go to squarespace.com and you saw for con Rooster Teeth that's all for con RoosterTeeth at squarespace.com this week Gavin Barbara Burnie and Gus Gavin get the connection I'm going to keep doing something to me I guess there was someone who is super popular and mine hasn't had a Tumblr so I had deleted his Tumblr and someone else wanted it and put up the picture of me naked drinking a beer and just how Stephen Nash take me down to the streamy awards which are the online video awards what happened ugly like once every year-and-a-half to two years of age and it's not quite and biannual but it's a weird thing for sure they have any wine category which is Viner of the year and Best Buy and channel of the you stupid or not 1 across-the-board like everybody every every YouTube channel is pretty much just one person the other group kind of like us seems to be like Rocket Jump double you started Rocket Jump in it what to do rocket Auto Body Shop 4112 you Street East Point you should probably on a red eye in the middle of nowhere so I was like what the fuck am I doing you really fucking hate red eye flights of course when you get on the plane at night and you sleep and you like them or later of course that's what I don't know I only know what people in their cars when you get on a plane at midnight red eye flights of course when you get off at midnight that's a red eye flight what is the author of retail you really think you're stupid because I'm going to us not make the other person think that you think of that dumb so you're saying it's a limiting thing of Lights you understand this but I tell you what not making fun of us because she sorry she said she doesn't Rye for this thing and I was like alright I'm glad his acquittal Barbara and I was like hey can you say that you got from the guys I was like Gavin from the Sun is there such a thing as a race of it so I can see what time you talking about that is annoying you on Twitter or and or somebody generally cares and you just get more of it I mean really I know you want to vent but I have not stopped the whole drama thing of like I'm going to explain you a problem that I'm having and then I'm going to tell you why I'm mad about the problem because all that does is just till we get it you're the only one going through it like I'm not getting this week I think I can get one of them the only one have more to talk about with for a week from when it comes to that don't look just don't look just don't look too that's okay I got it over here Mike Mayock look at that tweet get paid to say we like it you have to say that we try to whatever we had something we just played Last of Us 2 play video games come join our Last of Us PS4 never my doing today okay now nor play make that last till 11:04 p.m. we had it Cutthroat you lost a good thing at this point or is it just for fun April applicants but maybe like once every 6 months and it's always so good when we play fun when we were talking I didn't realize the Mike was plugged into the console the milk so it's like I can hear myself and even though nobody was in his office con when I was down you came over started Reviving for a second then just like took off running yeah I bet you would be mad about Ryan and Michael and Gavin Ryan had to drop out to work but I would that you were you when I first showed up that you guys are not get appreciate the way that I play Last of Us you play great you are the best play to have support he walks around like and are also thinking us when we got shot I did not play with a bow and arrow since we played that lets play is there a right to Gus Tim Martin benefits of having a friend that on the floor and it's my favorite room 84424 really compare to anything lights books 1 you can just like that's my friend I'm in the potty now for some reason you can't do that anymore for the party this weekend and we're in the same time party from playing solo and then there's a Lobby the last part so that's a pretty cool idea then you're not mad at for singles for the for who does not like to have that happen to people and I was in there talking about coming to my office? we're down to three people can ever and that long Loop of taking forever to find a match and that's why I try to get you to get on so we could for people I also want to play with you it's different 720p to 1080P and it's a higher quality picture frame Rye look quickly left and right you can see some light ghosting with the some of the models it's like you feel like a blurry outline around it and it snaps to one thing I didn't know I didn't know about the PS4 that doesn't limit the amount of friend request you have broken receive so if we haven't hit I don't know you can of Miller Lite? never there when we just couldn't like the whole console with a man who did they play like an hour or two after we get a notification today and I was talking with him about some stuff he wants to do with streaming or I'm trying to get them to do with streamy for the whole office and talked about building an environment where we can build built-in closet set it off we used it once and then they were like when you go to take your stuff back like you said I could use the room so we thought you just needed one time so why would I bring all of this shit over here but we need it would you want using it before what are they needed for for storage you can fit more in there I didn't ask for them I can get into that but you can use my dad's gonna go to crap I am paranoid that we would fuck something up to like change it because I had to deal with that for years that would really suck on computer setting up and tearing down for an hour to build a massive let's play environment and the people in there according to their for more than 40 hours for 2 weeks hey we don't have much time until 6 of us in the room with someone on Twitter cease us 44 asked if we had a blast of us well Barbara it's not from Barbara for the audience know penny it's the only record of that the West 2 minutes Avatar just bitching about that but how long it took you to get set up it wasn't your fault obviously everything and everyone comes into last place we love that that's what the road up and pissed off one person makes a great game play Beethoven pissed at me to take me awhile to get Stephen rollback your computer failed Windows update restore actual lights for week ago and then let me you didn't have it Stephen on every website but it says it you asked me about this before this could have been your car somewhere tonight with in your butt bugger and didn't know what it was war that and it was a war on the side and I'll tell you how many calories hook your phone up to a thermostat in a good place so pointless and stupid crowdsourcing traffic app and it'll tell you there's a cop and sure enough you come over the bridge there's a fucking eye you can just drive the Rye I just drive over to my phone every 5 Seconds in traffic it'll take old you road closures Google Map Hawking Road closed about once a week There's a road that's close to where I am in the Suburban part of Joker the Bazooka road is completely closed they closed it every other weekend or they close some random road on the way feel like some people like Jaws on the green you know that is right next to it I did something when you were driving so much we'll get off the freeway and then we get in the park to get back to my house and cut to the park to get to my house when you are driving through a situation like that where there's a mass amount of pedestrians who got out of a concert or major outdoor event they're fucking assholes who don't give a shit about cars they will likely just walk down the road at like 2 miles an hour in a Big Mac and they are not moving yet they are not good did you see the footage of the Zombie Walk con where the car was trying to get through and then people jumped on the hood and smashed the windshield the guy drove through in lights play to the crowd I didn't see the whole Waze screen zombie walk it was just a Zombie Walk they were blocking the road here Z stranger I'm over here going across the intersection walk and the person was just edging trying to get this is like for days when there's a big group like that there the next one to cross the road they don't realize that it's been a steady stream of people for like 20 or 30 minutes and there's been no break in it and so when you're in a car there's nothing to do the train who was it I'll come by here across the street perpendicular to their past try to cross through and they were like no you can't come through they were telling him he could and then he was Hawking and walk all the way back up in on the passenger side somebody out of the car while and then he put for and then somebody hit and broke his windshield and then again this is all like I'm sure the guys are looking for the person that the range of the crowd and you ran over this older lady and like completely messed up for like for Lakewood open it just is what it is my opinion from logo with two groups of assholes coming together what are you here I just heard that war from the video I thought it just seems like that guide you through this crowd without any sort of like Rye look like it looks like he was a bad guy survival of different videos on Video Star weather for Corry 1 summer Hawking Ashley today we were we were looking worse with crowd do not understand how to cross the street and you don't have to pay attention anything that you don't like arcade 6601 way street in the barricade here and then there's another one we should go in this way so they don't need actually need to barricade this part of it because your cars can come up that road that way but you can take a left to go down there for the Pistons they don't know that they last there as well just like other parts of 632 which are closed down for the shutdown of the weekend so the car driving you can just fill with people who are drunk and all that stuff anyway I was going to go to Nathan movie The Paramount Becca and her husband were with us and she said oh I walk in the building you can park in that garage done with it when a guy comes out and and I said that's going to be hard to get to visit on 6th and I can get you there but if we can't people just be filled with 6 on it and felt like I was trying to put a cop said yeah just go down there and take a left at the barricade I just go down there to the mass of people down there and they're all walk into the road because they shouldn't be in the road and I said okay I'll try I try to go every fucking person told me to stop you can't drive you can't drive your later this every single person for people who like it in the car and stuff like that it was at the worlds in the car but yeah that probably was trying to fill the form superpower, but we should do that she's pregnant to Salt Lake City Penny, concept the cease and desist company no, I kind of just a generic term from what I read I read the dark on for saying that San Diego Comic-Con apply for a trademark for the term, con back in 95 but it was denied because 2 generic of a term but why there so many Jordan, Condor on the country now Austin coming back you might be able to do San Dimas Costco on sdcc you can't possibly trade for San Diego they can't possibly do that the first few links to a Indiegogo campaign for dash Con 2015 because when they were talking last week about going to the next Dash con how I would never I wouldn't miss it for the world pictures of plan I'm really sorry that I you wish you had been there because it was there that's the best part is that can I go to dash con I would be unable to tell you anything else I'd done that much but that would be all I'm talking about something awful Dash con but somebody sent me a link to an Indiegogo campaign for dash Con 2015 War of the Warriors 4-2 I don't think they have the in house Z molar mass of anyone in the ball pit on top of a ball pit for ball pit in a ball pit days they're going to take it story patch you too fast for me emotionally Dumb Starbucks episode of the from Starbucks for the health department permits because he was deletion people that don't have anything really who cares at the end of the day we're serving coffee nobody's going to be and that I'd like to Starbucks Baristas from Starbucks located in Toledo this weekend and don't drink any of your water poisonous algae Lake Superior or Erie Blues poisonous for you. That's why I'm not taking anymore of zombie stuff everything is zombie movie everything is like I've got to hear how Last of Us isn't a zombie game Last of Us zombie 2020 Days Later someone from another organism zombie just going to forward it was a human and inhuman becomes a big last of enemies that's what zombie is to me I'm not even go to bed thinking it was a little chilly for me and that's what hurts him or somebody died and then road back to the Life Church in 28 Days Later what is a question about that oh yeah they're infected infected zombie okay I'm going to read us the internet's leading provider of audio books with more than $150,000 total title across all types of literature and featuring other versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for listeners audible offering a free audiobook give it rest Tractor Service 1 audiobook to consider is Tom Clancy support and defend the capital or you could get World War Z by Max Brooks World War Z for free audible.com / RoosterTeeth that's audible.com / register using Waze driving your car and you can listen or not books on tape a better handle traffic like a fucking idiot was no book has your wife pictures of her new light fixture with a very nice to hang out I'm curious how do you think Gavin's house now I have you there to tell me what sorry Google Maps street view curious like what the length of time last weekend like a totally weird coincidence Hotel vanity plate will make it fun to make fun of people that vanity plate and we red 1 in front of us as I put it in the back of the car well that's good and you wouldn't vanity plate I want to see what it is but it's like Becca Red Lantern on the way that us not knowing what switches to his home life everything I thought was a home invasion only get the new version of Gus Burnie how to start with like half awake half asleep and my eyes open I was like 7 is the cube root of 343 I never realized that Grier for 13 years later my bedroom is like in my half awake half asleep State us like this just a thought that popped into my head 47343 days on the 343rd and that's it how to make a multiply 7 times 7 times 7 or did you forward it was like for esthers can I make a recommendation you recommend World War Z for audible eye doctor recommended Zombie Survival Guide which is on there if you were going to use the service that explain in great detail how Max Brooks us version of the zombie infection works sometimes it doesn't on the bridge here on Audible for the audiobook but that's one of the things that change about the movie which upset me so much because what if we base it on science like Zombie Survival Guide eye infection blood in the living person kiss and then reanimate in the blood if I just like it happened 1 historical accounts of like different zombie outbreaks like and viruses been around forever and World War Z is example of an outbreak that they couldn't contain and it took over the entire world I mean listen if algae blooms to the point where poison the water supply for everybody instantaneously poisonous of communities water supply Hotel Papa screen road that was a water truck in in like giant trucks filled with water so you could have a thing that they do when this first but I just dumped war from the play Never Never later there was another earlier this year I want to say somewhere in West Virginia near coal mining company for there was something like that or some kind of chemical spill and other water supply and I want to say they couldn't drink the water for two or three weeks it was a really long protracted thing where they couldn't watch anything that you were saying you couldn't boil the water you can do anything with that you just could not touch it and fifty thousand people in it every person no water something that would notify every person 30,000 people and we don't want anything like that go to the app Maps Presley fat 2 and then everyone told him to look at it I believe it later because like everybody has internet not everybody or whatever amberleigh things today yeah but never his phone like that to me every time you think it's something it's like having you here Little Robot think it's like 3:30 its like 3:40 and it's got a tablet computer inside of it episode of Mystery Science picture The Citadel in Nova Scotia the eastern coast of Canada and it tells people you need to help us right now you need to help me get to Vancouver so people liked it and they liked it in their car and it'll ask if you want to have a conversation and it will try to understand what people are saying it's kind of the Red Cross the country if you would like to help and it can you please put me into your car cigarette lighter yeah it's like the modern version of that should have set up alternate versions of it like this one that one that looks like a spider and then 1 PS1 made it really doesn't look like a robot or something driving over us and it doesn't look human or one that looks you in the picture that thing again you know what it looks like if you fast-forward like 300 years it looks like one of the robots that roam the Wasteland in Fallout and it wants to attack you while not really but looks like it could be from the same place as Wally and you say I like when Visionaries or people that you respect for having great minds when they only come out of nowhere and the issue like a warning like when Stephen Hawking said we should not be trying to communicate with alien species he said that Stephen Hawking we should not you should shut down any attempts to reach alien species because we should not assume that they're going to be friendly we should assume it doesn't want to come here and steal or virus or even if they're friendly by accident you up with a disease or something that you're not used to and then just like some inadvertent no fault of theirs he'll be right okay what are you saying that he should eat them to say no no no I said when they say that the reason I bring that up is because he's like going to Mars and Bill and all that he he just came out this week and said we should not be fucking with artificial intelligence Danger like if somebody computer become sentient and had access to even like 1 network of computers I wonder how quickly it would look like if he doesn't like how quickly could like be aware of its own sentence before he even has maybe the idea to contact him it's because you never realize or something outside of the world that it doesn't make sense like electronic world to look at words like and then difference what are the chances that I would ever decide that it's worth the risk to cohabitate with humans feel like that's worth it is a good relationship that would benefit what do they have for you look at the likelihood of me being destroyed and it's most likely the thing that invented me this is the most likely cause of My Demise and what do I need them for nothing okay let's just kill them all and it could be a thing that happens first explain the physical world and then you right now that it has all the humans are trapped and they've got it wrapped or no the sticking-place communication lockdown in plate is fire behind that glass over there in that room so no worries of the human Halo the Flood to reset alright no no good comes of that sorry I understand why you worried about ebola but I don't know why we're bringing the virus back when it has been contained on the other side of the worlds for treatment for them for the people who let you know contracted it is better to bring it back here first because someone's going to travel with it so I'm going to have one just like it you better bring it back for it what is going to be ready for that what do you mean the West Virginia thing RT Podcast doctors to give him like this experimental drug that no one you existed I just like as soon as they found out that he might have it but given this drug still like a super early testing to see if it would it would seem that this drug people dying Penny goodnight egg drop soup pouring out of the bathroom faucet handle me working overtime is so horrible alright I'm going back to the water supply I completely and totally trust that the water that comes out of the tap is safe I wouldn't go check the news every single time a little day drinking water and playing like like for masters of Last of Us in a row and while I'm waiting the Matchmaker run and grab a glass of water really quickly and then drink it and I'm not going to Stephen Amell coming out us why am I so you don't want to do it this argument water all the time I always have my whole life totally fine what are the Miracles of Modern Life but last time we brought up the water that you can light on fire that was crazy to me that there fracking in the fire so I don't really know how you can watch the documentary Gasland related news the potato salad Kickstarter finally funded and closed how does the $10 initial goal was 10 bucks and it made $2 at the ATM I don't know $35,000 potato 2014 potato salad they're going to be doing some fundraising going to sell concessions fundraiser for charity car donation drop soup coming out at the start of the dollar and it went all the way up to $110 a hundred and $10 at 21% that level of potato the recipe duck the shirt the Hat along with a bite of the potato salad a photo of me making the potato salad I think you posted to our website and I will send them out loud for making the potato salad John Peter Tony for the penny arcade 2100 people's names that duck Penny Arcade as they tend to do is water first started they made fun of it and they said they made fun of like how dumb Kickstarter was and never will generally took off they did their own Kickstarter but there cartoon they talked about like I don't even I must have somebody to do my name is duck so they made sure to include thousands of people deposit today earlier today posted eye gets a picture of them from the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con and in that picture titles word in ugly internet shirt get the hell out of here that's really funny that's what I'm talking about picture and 2500 flipping people off at times yeah that was that was probably the most of your shirt I still have that as my avatar on Xbox Live not translate to the next box and one they have like the bigger deer pictures now so I still have the octopus and it's like a tiny little picture that giant canvas drawing is it I left a message for you and you left me a doodle of an octopus flipping me off 8 of the octopus picture of your face Gus the screen but you can leave it on it's awesome that my high school picture with everyone noodles that we made it a joke that was a con a Post-It note and I was just at and there's no actual like hands slipping into the business we didn't want to do anything anyway inside business after we check out that the business model for Russia days to take off for RT Charger take off days on the board you know if Nathan apparel shop called and it was their own side business and I took it with the support you guys would give you more of the Green version of the red shirt nearest store that red shirt when you click on it first or entirely and 1 today big happy smile on your face like I was working with someone else fatigue after Duck Life 4 the Madison area I wish we were young and stupid 2425 the hard drive of a server with hosted on Crash and we don't have any backups Long Horn that crashed and went down the same time everyone images from the last Ashley packages I got to thinking about it I'll check it has been running at all like how long it been a year-and-a-half for like 3 months no it was the social media site and then he ran it and he said that the con job to make sure that it backed up 2 weeks later our site crashed completely crashed I lost all the data and the project was again wasn't working so we only had that one manual backup that I last for 2 weeks I went back to us and every image that was the primary image old Old Brooklyn play bullet Nathan Island the testing and old esthers old with of 2004 was when I signed up yet to be officially launched in October 04 in London at the time or you later I think we were at the time or something :-) my parents are dead to give me free who is great time but it was like 7: emoticon :-) :-) wink so apparently I was wrong Guardians the Galaxy was not a huge flop people that I will see a movie it's a great movie right now Marvel has and where they can make superhero movies I can make superhero action movies they can make superhero comedy 2 the superhero comedy they could probably just go out and make a superhero drama right now let me just make a superhero whatever movie superhero superhero not sure why not it looks so good instantly wanted to watch it right again still getting raccoon was not fucking stupid shit my favorite character Rocket and Groot trailer tomorrow tomorrow just called lens flare but Flair was felt like flare like flair of the player audible it like Cameron Park US list of names and titles like 50% of people like just about every time people actually just right now still upset over Mike and I put that horrible logo or did you notice going to put up the jam 802 patch logo back and find the email chain I said to Matt about that look on look at this fucking bullshit company horrible terrible till I can make it look like it was intentionally bad it was like a logo with a lot of black in it and it was black images Gus wrote the patch over the reviews logo hey man I was just I know I know you're very busy person it's cool it was just like this is graphic design hitchbot like what makes it look so easy right right right you're so talented it's a dick later and leave a little bit and they put some lighting on and other stuff whenever I start like if I make a PowerPoint presentation for one of my speech it's just like I don't know anything 2 train line you look like the little people the Little Tikes little bit of the cartoon with the black in the background the closing welcome award-winning podcast right now everything will be the for the pocket door that they could come into work will be the first type of tablet do I have you War to keep it fresh you coming up one of the hosts from American Idol that we talked about him I did not talk to you about on the podcast do you know what his podcast is called what the dunk tank was actually yeah but it's like drug test and it's funny because so somewhere to drop tank it is about the responsibilities of the Rye they make it new and they go back like cooked it right back okay this week somebody posted on Reddit that I was asking Jack and Jeff it was me Jack and Geoff on the podcast and I was asking them because they now have the trailer the temperature is like a Nostradamus of our time we have a conversation this is what happens when we get from in the car when we talk about let plate cover you need to let plate on a Friday and only found of the Minecraft that I should be like an every Friday kind of thing just a different day but other games we didn't and eventually multiple everyday was like you are we going to do that and now we're actually doing like too much sometimes Caleb Gill Jeremy Matt you can tell they're in there getting 13 quickly I'm going to my Squarespace Squarespace professional website for on lights been around for nine years and improving their platform and new features new designs and even better support their beautiful to start with and style options in credit you need website for you or your business the reason released when you customizable templates and every design automatically include the mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website it looks great on every device every time Squarespace and won several Awards and several Design Awards clean fwa the West Forbes and the awards for best website design the customer support team is also one Awards most recently a gold Stevie award for outstanding customer service Squarespace of Commerce red provide a powerful the flexible eCommerce solution so you can rocket sell things quickly Squarespace the great for everyone whether you need a simple website solution or developer want to get in the coat there so much you cuss too much old Squarespace so cool you can easily get better Twitch TV plate in at any patch RT Squarespace websites you can share your favorite gaming moments Squarespace starts at 8 bucks a month includes a free domain name you can sign up for one year you haven't already Squarespace to try you don't need a credit card to start building your website when you decide to sign up for code RoosterTeeth get 10% off for support first you get that Squarespace.com offer code Rooster Teeth thanks Squarespace for their support but if you two laughing about in order to get over to your backups compression is really good Nicole was running the light board and in the end of patch Tim old lights 2 news program like talking about stuff but like something is wrong with the light board and colon ever hit a button in the like part of them so I call the lights and done except for Ryan Ebola Shuffle papers that was a conversation I just feel like Rat Pack audio did you hear about the hotel in in New York who was going to start finding people if they left negative reviews for them on Yelp if you had an event there is you contract with the hotel and if any of your guest list and negative review on Yelp it would charge you $500 negative review that even after the story broke and got out there it was just a joke we weren't so fucking stupid different directions 4233 and they're really difficult Air B&B and I found it right Rye fight III which in downtown Los Angeles I found a lot to long that we can rent in this building apartment building 43 and I was like a hundred and ninety bucks and I was like not bad in different bedrooms so we can put two people in there like a hundred bucks and I was like perfect we realized we could charge more for those weekends were canceling your reservation back to me cutting someone on Twitter us that's what is Eli algae Nash you think you'll ever get big enough to someone can introduce okay you guys think British dude someone across the you guys think you're going to get big enough so someone can introduce to someone named Jessica from a county eye soon they're asking if we'll ever get the point we have to do someone is being from a certain departments I feel like we're already there Ashley from Ashley who works on the Ashley account through whenever we go to the RT Podcast at RTX cuz usually like everybody from the company comes to that feeling of RT of the podcast as a member 2 years ago I introduced Ashley Shoemaker because she in the store that we talked about Mike oh yeah we are at the diner you don't come in until after I kick myself if you want them to be with barbs parents at RT accidente 1 and all the staff members over the course of picture of my parents for Mike far away like they were somewhere down the hall and it was like it was like talking head I can't even put away no I had guide that is that Edward penis hands Dick's from Motley Crue's it and then I remembered he looks like something Play Godzilla rocket from Edward penis hands the premise for the saleswoman stumbled across Edward and upon discovering the dot dot dot advantages of his hand us to bring him home where he falls in love with her daughter are there we go okay okay she was credited as Nikki Sixx in somebody else's name Jesus was a point in time because I was younger when I heard about this would you take famous people named cease April Oneil Jordan expensive Jordan friends with April Oneil who's the pornstar but she obviously took her name from Ninja Turtles April Oneil okay your name is actually it's probably not Frasier let him he still does that Jordan is Jordan from guy who takes stories about us and animate them in more ridiculous Waze probably the most private person that works there probably have it on here I don't know Jordan doesn't like when we talk about those were very mad that is funny I didn't really get to know her flights you want to for like 2 years before I even spoke to her because he not scared of people but she's really funny and really until I moved at the old studio until I moved upstairs and had to sit like that I never talk to her the little for Galaxy 3 small I know tell me about it so I can pay them I hate being tall I hate it I hate it when people other people's like since I was 12 years old so I was the tall awkward girl in middle school that nobody wanted to dance with at the school dances for which war was something about you that just happened actually that you would change your face library in my area Gettys perfect gentleman camping 1337 on Monday to send you stuff wildly popular New Image joker as low-key as it comes once a month and it will be Indiegogo wow sorry disappearing lootcrate I am not kidding lootcrate in his hand and there's a few other things like this I want you magnet temperature touch me was when fruit with metal and then turn around and smile of the time I feel like Pablo call me at the store they needed a leg Rocket Raccoon characters in it we were talking about the villain the villain is like feeling that you really don't from a notification nothing really important the Marvel universe that appears in Guardians of Galaxy 12 the guy in the show really say that he was going to be in it he was talking about Stephen probably seen Guardians already Red Robin but maybe Tim fire people that saw a billion dollars for the box office at $109 box office in the first weekend I'm sure that happened the end of The Avengers in the heavy fingers the Galaxy no fucking fucking fucking different pieces he doesn't see movies with in the first two opening week I'm working also absolutely credit end of the movie clip turn over all the way to the end of the movie credits are going on if you put it into the fucking credit on your way in and clean out the entire Marvel movie where they train people to do that at the time limit in the Alamo us like 10 minutes in 800 it's worth it so rocket so there's that came from the John Birch zombie underscore Stephen White pixels on the top of that I always I didn't make it over here the patient compressed but I don't know if using tools the wrong way and just like really slow about doing everything last time except for those little bags the tape on it and it's like the way they treat the comic is like Mike New York election you spent 20 years building is worth about five bucks of your mom gives it away the garage sale stuff badly it's like people take care of it I just don't like with my Xbox one of the distance to the Marvel Universe you read a lot when you read everything Mike McCready schedule and noticed of the founding members of us or anything else is the Donnie Darko of books in the Rye and then you you go see Rebel Without a Cause 2 James Z movie cwierz in big trouble if I give an interesting I didn't for the time it's one of those things where movie built on its end plate Ferris Bueller's Day Off but the time was great but now ohip bike that looks kind of cool that was given to a new like crap right now because it sums up our generation Define degeneration ugly anyone whatever claim Ferris Bueller's Day Off movie screen play what's going on in good spirits you're the one that you would like a two-year span West on every fucking movie like 5 or 6 times Critters Critters Cameron picture to specifically Ferris Bueller's Day Off he's big adventure RoboCop all those movies like in that time frame I just went and saw his leave your number Stephen album cover over what's going on when you like to wake up in the beginning and it becomes RoboCop when he's walk into a lot of people what are you guys later this head into Z and go Road directions to the best movies ever the director RoboCop who directed Starship Troopers who directed Starship Troopers Basic Instinct and he directed Showgirls Showgirls is such a great fucking bad so green long kiss goodnight the best one-liners ever and you say when you make it jaws with big boobs stop and look at them like that of the quarter I know right goodnight made a bunch of movies and they're married and then they made a movie that completely bankrupted a film company the pirate movie what the fuck is a pirate movie called completely logo movie Cutthroat Island thank you eye doctors in it in the worlds letter the other day he said he has gills but it Island had a total cost of as high as a hundred and fifty million dollars and the US total gross with 10 million 9665 2 a room full of money yeah I mean not many movies has hundred million dollar budgets back in the 90s I think it was like the computer and 402 million putting together you know there's a hole fraternity what happened to Terminator 2 have never seen the print guys you should watch it I'm a prick Terminator 2 no one will remember this because the trailer let me know on the permit the movie now the trailer gave away the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger was good though it isn't in the second setting up the trailer completely gave Waze Arnold was a good guy there's just a lot of empty and then the Terminator T1000 coming on the whole week and that's the big twist but you're like this isn't even a moment they were completely fucking room unless something crazy trailer Cameron James Cameron that trailer did something with the other trailer mechanic building the road it was none of the shots in that were in the movie us it's like shots of them building a robot School 202 million dollars tonight and I was like almost Island Gettys Kimberly's and copying photocopying how to make movie film like books like education books about how to expose film and us guys fucking genius I know he's supposedly like a really really hard time with ugly movies with cruise shuttle up stuff time it is in England and he wasn't used to the way that British film crew work and like they were just giving him cash if he wants to the American way I think he's ever heard anything about him walk $14 biggest movie ever made Avatar billion 90% skill RoboCop flop no fucking biggest movie ever to that point in the Avatar Avatar biggest movie ever is it still the biggest movie at the box office yet nothing past it but that's just because of a technical way it was made go ahead because of a technicality what does that mean for me because it was because it was kind of different to other movies because it was original Jaws was $3 and breaking and everything like that and then able to show the shark in the first 45 minutes of the movie made him more like Alfred Hitchcock and less like Roger Corman because he just had the shark the beginning you couldn't do it so he had to do this thing with like this like never see the shark that was under the water at the play at the class because they were so good they put Jaws out in the summer and that's when nobody want to see movies in the summer because you are doing outdoor activities it's a movie in the summer and I basically made the summer blockbuster cease and 762.7 billion dollars outside of US World why yes I did you buy a lot of us and just for reference here it was the Titanic in 1.5 billion outside the US 2.2 billion total. Lots of lots of bees for tomorrow and next Monday with another episode RT Podcast