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RT Discusses Working Out

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Recorded: 2014-08-12 17:29:13

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross




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this show is sponsored by Nature Box order great tasting healthy snacks right to your door or get the vending machine to get in shape for summer with healthy delicious treats like everything bagel sticks for does podcast get 50% off your first month go to Nature box.com / RoosterTeeth nature box.com / RoosterTeeth stop wasting your money and time buying expensive rate for just a couple bucks a month Dollar Shave club.com with amazing quality razors right to your door come on join the hundreds of thousands of Guy 2 upgraded to the smarter way to shave time shave money toilet Dollar Shave club.com / 3:50 why hello and welcome to the rich Teeth podcast coming to you live from Stage 5 beer City Studios the Moon is down this week featuring Gus Gavin miles all day all day long you're supposed to film this short on Friday and then like last week but I was like wait we can try to come by Monday don't work very long try to start the morning as soon as confused and with p.m. overall of course I had to take them last of us so 4 minutes till after Gavin a cruise allegedly plays Ryan Michael you and me and we played a few minutes today without red of Michael and they did not go well we didn't have to we just the original shall we talk about your 2 Micronor like halfway through filming it's a comedy obviously everybody Barbara Watson hey guys I just want you to know a Robin Williams died it was like well thanks honey to be impressed I don't understand the hill something I wasn't Brandon's been shining a light on say quite upset last old I would truly terrifying thing is that we try to think recently Wilmington 2 let's play time what time cause I don't have to explain cloudy about Robin Williams hang out with a few hundred other little things so what's up with you do right okay so when crunch time for our baby and for Ruby hey dude TV does not in this industry boys crunch crunch is when you never see your loved ones I have no life outside of it plot of a say in this week a lot of people here all the time I can get my haircut that takes we had a bit of a spat with Kyle the other day considering the gym oh yeah so it's over Kerry myself in and out of military going to gym I can make it up dead or talking with Kyle and then we have to look at his puppy dog eyes and we don't have time to myself I would really like to go with anyone that I know you see me like straining and sweating you are a say I would much rather do that with strangers they make fun of me thinking it was a gym you can go to that was totally empty it was just you what I would not do that just by your in gym and like build it out but you would get like 10 treadmill Apartments gym you know I can use this you know whenever I'm too busy to go to the other gym said in that we help each other love each other except for the noises and faces alright I'm looking to say because like I'm going to be like I'm sorry does that mean hey girl it's your life so that you don't like benching stuff and yeah I'm not good at the lifts I have no upper body strength milessaurus in Jurassic Park what gym and do different stuff usually spoil each other lifts in a group feel like a fool struggling so hard and you woke up what you doing how serious is Bruce Lee and Jet Lee related red remember why I can play with someone else is that you get to know that person so well he's also really good at translating weird britishisms and sometimes even just noises Hill will be able to translate the rest of the group Gavin today and let's what this is like protect mr. Burns Community Boulevard to take trash out without even in the US that first week I know the amazing oh yes we're trying to have a really big oh yeah that was some very fabulous Lee awesome day you told me how to do squats today was your what was your butt to be firmer for a reason so I can just pick it up pick it up off the ground if you're beer break your back to in this guy comes up what you doing this wrong what you got to do gym ask and he told me not to fuck my back of us thank you kind stranger Robin and just break my back to go to the gym W really fun game with me to set up big rooms of stuff but it's pitch-black and yeah just have people walk in and see if I can figure out what's going on in Pitch Black flying the treadmill in the dog will be harder than staying on it King with the in the dark gym all the machines are always running Clayton automatic bench machine easily get under it and then like start going every day 2 something that treadmill and elliptical as well 25 honey Couture house hamster Adelaide the gym I go to has like it's like a king what you doing buddy broken up me and start doing sit-ups old is Jonah Hill at the bar for the bench press like and donuts hanging from strings on it everything is dead treadmill service group meeting and greeting ice cream do you want YouTube us all about your a beer right here so juicy longest a call about it and don't celebrate work exactly how you wanted it to dreams perfectly masks to look at the house I got a beer explode I saw that shows them like all the stuff that failed them and just pretend you're a karate master and a can of beer is your weapon last me like I'm still with you how to make it look even bigger recreational the commission that video on the commercial happy old have YouTube channel is it doesn't work okay it's the crunch effect it's really out of control because I haven't too long to wear one but it's also too short to look good down just like anything Ace Ventura of formation to Austin ask me if there was an electrical storm outside when I got home but hands down my favorite Patrick told me Extinction gay equivalate to do like super windy guy but yeah I don't know I just give me the simulator they are so weirdly okay I have a does where the right thing to do that are you the way you said it was weird I don't know if you just say a normal person's name with different inflections and emphasis suddenly sounds like a foreign person's name Zachary 2 Kerry my friend Mike I called that is honey a third grade teacher or some shit I don't remember it was cool a lot of people I told me that there's always somebody out there that's better than you someone has already thought about that earlier today I was trying to buy this domain it's always a part of me that nothing that's why I forgot to text on it yeah I was like alright I'm going to email whoever owns this because I thought I was going to do that right now but it's not for developer how much how much months are your friend in Alpharetta does trying to dry hey buddy 425 box Old Milwaukee no guy ever drinking Old Milwaukee I never had watery beer Coors Light of Coors Light 2 RT exes ago I had great need to put the apple pie that you want it's not like I just went to pick up again not like I said whatever happens we will find one or two YouTube videos that we watch on 2 last year it was it was out with the fox what Does the Fox Say year before that was Gangnam Style I will forget that we're still working upstairs office at the old building and Austin just send it to me I'm watching it are you doing that 200000 years and it's really good this guy the hill Pokemon hey Kerry check this out if you would like show me the video Kerry bubble butt by Major Lazer which is the most horrifying an incredible music video I've ever seen it's a lot of cellulite butt explodes with the power kept tripping and people wouldn't reset it when the power gets tripped in the Honey Wagon the ventilation system Netscape people in the stairs like butt with some story about I think it was a career something I don't know it was overseas there was Ace in the Hole I don't want to type it and some young attractive attractive girl dropped her cell phone down in the pillow and I was like I'll get that for you went down into it he said he suffocated down there and then people died Red perfume I got the magic 3 people 63 Littleton bike electricity shave and let each one is getting messed up in a different way like a head rolls out then isn't that awful woman dropped cell phone in toilet 2 diet recipes is China in China people died trying to overcome by stench of death because a brand new cell phone similar to that party I think there's a party in Mexico where somebody decided to throw dry ice in a swimming pool to make like a fog effect but instead the fog affect its just all carbon dioxide was in the pool pass customizing of people do but you can breathe helium and it makes your voice get funny it looks like after you complete the makes your voice get deeper I really didn't so then I told her something but I don't think you can pull this gas into the container and then like dropped a paper bow on it and it flew like it some more this stuff if you'd like him of this their heads out of their mouth and nose whatever the fuck Gavin does helium the with everything Sulphur something something hexafluoride Sulphur helicopter a helium antihelium if you had like this amount of helium and this amount of anti Hill and what your wishes are normal I just be an asshole like that works like that okay Polk's Drugs me Toma just got both of them what's going to happen a beer ice to explain whatever I'm tired bubble butt the other guys I want to talk about this week was the one about the color hyper hyper lapse but I guess it's this algorithm data a researcher at Microsoft developed in order to Time Lapse and Steadicam bike POV time footage is always really long and boring like everything Windows Phone app do that with the camera on Windows phones so you could use he's like walk around with your phone armband Moon Reader Frozen Ally Clayton and what not to do when does hyper way through your colon gay ask the wife off by 7 in your heart somewhere the stomach that is pool post that year when you lock lips and kiss someone you're sexually just to A mrs. tingle old are conjoined in this with you make me feel weird essentially it's just 2 holes for the most part they're in and you like get rid of the other anytime we have a coffee machine in my office or we don't have any way to fill it with water so I usually like every other morning I have to go to the kitchen like a giant glass of water and I feel like everytime I'm in the kitchen I'm going to take is there a sweetheart like stuff gets converted that way I've recently gotten it was very small about this big bag of cat food butt and thighs bigger Tony of the empty bag you can just fill that bag with poop the next one and how much how much of the food came out what percentage of food is absorbed Sky vs. create pool this is bike life what percent of kitty cat don't be lost when they like and like and us because if you can smell it it's losing food pretending that you fed the coffee machine water and then it cut out coffee to drink the coffee pass moonshine Dollar Shave Club Bishop year automatic deliveries will never forget to buy plates again you don't have to squeeze shave out of dirty Hill old razor blades you get to shave with a fresh bladed a week absolutely mandatory for anybody wants a great shave you deserve better than old old old lady no more really good shave tech make the Smart Choice gym Dollar Shave club.com last week that's Dollar Shave club.com slash Rooster Teeth the other week on the pass were talking about this was already out of Dollar Shave Club and you don't really have anything when I was in high school I have to shave before and then you can shave the vice principal's office and was like they use disposable razor guy that was sitting on the edge of the counter of the sink and then you go to class like hey does your razor hundred yards allowed facial hair there's no absolutely not I told you before all of your friends do you know when your when you can tell her what I told you before hey there right now what's the question sophomore food that happened but I like I had peach fuzz forever last what it is and I feel like my hair is so course that I have to throw away my bed sheets and my blanket every so often because it's not like just moving my face across it send it down to shave my face Tip Top with my dreams recently dreams about to do something really important and then I'll just pulled out a whole of someone will get the jump on me and came up with them know about it I came up with it by the way there's like 17 hey it's so much smaller than your whole dream but you are very unimportant in your dreams sometimes sometimes my dream is like a movie about me and I'll be me in the dream I don't like the camera of my dreams are just my life I have a the guy was like mad at me for no reason I had a had a dream I was also like real life a few nights ago it was the opposite it wasn't that me and Aaron were just playing Grand Theft Auto hey you weren't dreaming that you were in the game lifts dreaming you 2 just on the couch playing again Kerry join the game and fluid me with God respond with Robin the armored car and I want to play Falling in your dreams can come with Last of Us and helicopter crashes but I can never find the video on my phone in the car ask where it was right here I just found it and I can see my camera roll from real life but I can't see the latest in a shot I guess but you can't read and write and dreams to you also dreams a train that I didn't want to be on for no reason and it was like a train I never get to be on train this must be a dream that was like what are new the dream and I was so inclined I need you all to just clap clap clap I think old and dreamlike with pull-out a beer politely excuse me everyone attention people say like a dream in your subconscious whatever bubble butt of my family was a bunch of my friends always different I was abducted by the dead from The Munsters another one and another one bike watch Old Republic hey remember we have to get a pontoon boat a week ago and my mom was like miles going to go down on me and we like everybody that I know and love Is Just cloudy the trees from Mortal Kombat 2 on that Wednesday that I talk like that in starting me home Grover was on the edge of the boat was like watching me I honestly the tides like the compositing dreams I don't remember most of my dreams until they find with I don't care about time travel only had a lucid dream once and it was like when I was in Middle School and it was like I remember like I was being chased and trying to hide it was a nightmare and I closed the door and I was hiding it was someone looking for me a minute I dreamt that I slept with that I like science lab partner like it it it was it was great dreams next day I have 5 classes that girl on the entire time I was like I couldn't even look her in the face butt look like oh really so soon again I mean really really dreams distance me a lot when you get rejected in dreams you may have a thing for in your dream it's your dream you can do it hyper motivating a lack of competition trap like you like to have sex with everybody like an Adam's apple Kerry hey I'm tired so if it happens it happen to me again I walked in on someone in the bathroom again really honey I was over at The Bungalow they were finishing up and they were washing their hands so it was like the best possible today what did Megan and Chris walked him if I wanted someone I think they were locked in the world 6650 does force your way into the handle live lifts in the old in the old office when you would set it down mid pool and you realize that the thing wasn't pushed and it's like someone should have like 1 o'clock you're not sure you like when I stand up then you know what I like make a mess can I live by myself years ago this is that I need to look up north end apartment by the Arboretum before Rooster Teeth guy and I live by myself in this big one bedroom apartment that was carpeted and I went to the bathroom and I was dropping a deuce go back to the toilet finish up there and then I walked out portable Wi-Fi Whitefish it out when ice cream hey didn't get your deposit Golden Nugget it all depends on the consistency of a solid came before I take him out and Hill like squat down to drop a load and then sometimes to pick him up and then like it will break off but then the other half is connected to butt 2013 Silverado disconnect then let me just run away like a little box if it's just walked out. voice of this differently like the clumping kind of really tiny kittens butt a week in the middle of the room hello fresh company 2 a lot right now okay how bad is it for a dog to eat it's own poop eating shit it's good come like a dog in of people pool I love dogs I don't know of anything with dogs I'm wrong there are some who will do that more than ever he looks over shoulder with a little cheerleader Hello Kitty 2 Herndon she was hoping it and then bike oh my God this dick is stuck in the dollar Sulphur a picture of my phone and I was like that's fucked up the dogs apparently here a dog have Watson off camera hey how's it going to storm Ferguson 2 male cats hump hump hump anything I have me there with the worst fucking noises old female cat to that old Jessica what my cat does the same what me out as it is like is on Highway 80 you can let you in Buffalo Food Shelf Ace with elbows on the dish what do you think he's saying I'm going to turn this into poop anything like us I have a hypothetical situation for you guy favorite one guy who took $1 from every person in America the Hill the town was like $301 and everyone if they sent it in to get my $1 back from him just for the principle it doesn't get my dollar like your the other one the first like for London directions to have it was before Fan Expo 2011 we're going to go get me a passport ask for it it was in the car with you all right first time with one of the main guy's probably going to take a while say alright let's go of your small toe I got some questions I hate them do you like rap song to listen to when you're doing that and you I want to talk a lot today and I was like yeah we moved into a condo and I'm getting with new neighbors are starting a moving around me and I told him to have these interactions honey my barbecue grill in like fuck you white people psychosis time if you want to see my hands are dirty directions to me in one of my neighbors but get a wrap if I think one of my neighbors is a sexual deviant say they live like a little down from Me OK and a couple separated and live in another building building building so they have been living in that place for window treatments over the big sliding glass door in their bedroom and put curtains and blinds on almost every other window in their bedroom in their underwear fortunately Jesus Christ went to me first one that you want to put up when I moved in with a giant fucking sliding glass door just put a move the first blackout curtains in my bedroom I don't know I just don't like to wake up with the TV conscious life of me a while to get you got me like break into my apartment and like I wouldn't hear him so I didn't hear them they're really quiet with your eyes open free like everybody lying there like I can't do not normally lie with your eyes closed sometimes star of the TV a lot but I just watched the TV and then pass out Douglas Apple Valley what if I'm asleep like my eyes are open what are the guy pass out everything 20 minutes lightly they're just like ours are just like my eyes are closed and it is a boring was it for his important 2 minutes Always Sunny like 4 times now just like I just have an order. Watch it every night last with stuff in your hair someone Strokes someone else's hat and I was like Switzerland people like looking straight at camera videos and my wife sent me this video last week I don't know if you seen it on YouTube if this woman demonstrating how to give yourself a Brazilian wax Sulphur directions a lot of what time shots of put the last year put the wax here and do this and I shouldn't like to sleep on their own sexual at all it looks like a VHS camera and of course she's like first she taking her clothes off it's like giving the sexy look to the camera Liverpool military not listening to it does seem like I feel like this isn't like your pain I remember 13 minute long video continually somebody having their hair wax in slow motion don't understand just how is it going Solon follicles and he was not happy about it and pool what time is dropped helicopter on him if it's educational you can I don't need to write it like that and then just inside the penis gym YouTube channel where was born on the internet from Newsweek because when I was what I mean it's like they're just it just wasn't meant like that I think the first time I use the web browser was like 93 may be 94 but it was like before Netscape Hill NC Ace a movie and I was looking through the internet and it was like even pornographic websites such as this one take a screenshot butt like the Playboy website and it had the URL bar and it was like I could go to that URL girl the first time I downloaded porn on the Internet probably was no no no I bet you a white girlfriend like this I could download Bike a minute one of my friends I went to school with you can hello people take Gap years between University and in the school another thing he was raising money and he just downloaded a ton of pool and butt at the Disco selling pool in for like 5 with a disk provide that so much money is because everyone was like brave enough to do it yet they just like it was old free download excited it came out looking like number 3 sleeping like some version of it like he was starting to feel like making poor and it's like jelly it was great going to start Detroit weather want to talk about it was that he was like the 4th or 5th grade and at that time I hung out with the wrong crowd they sometimes skip school and they do drugs know this thing tomorrow cigarette what it sounds like don't think with his fight hey what's up we were all upstairs and it started off like Carmen Sandiego is like that at one point always she got the Cleveland hey you guys want to see some naked girls in real life find the stuff online that would like we just like ask Jeeves and of Netscape and of us dreams he comes back and the butler's there hello hey here's your fish commercial DVD when it first got started they would sure like like him as an actual Butler in the Gavin hey, I forgot Sunny it up so it so we we started out we were just like in 5th grade old man upstairs let me a picture of them some point so it's out of the shower looking at the situation now life just let me close out of us at one point I was like we're not going to make it so I wanted you guys I'm going to open the door hey what's up 52 just staring at a desktop wallpaper lyrics like who's going to make the first move what do you what why you making so much noise and everyone sits quietly looking for each other I'm just like well you see sir I found a website where people are putting up codes for Pokemon and not believing it it's hilarious they could be making so much please note with just enough like kids stuff that he didn't like you like what the fuck of the Pokemon I don't know how true this is but he's like okay we'll keep it down and close the door more like college yeah then when we went home to check the web browser Monaco GP find pornography Florida dry of you by the way that's amazing of the work outside your mouth is doing exactly that he's doing to support him honestly I actually like to you and like I don't know you give me the white I dry them what am I doing this episode of the podcast is also brought you by nature box that is Ace I was going to surprise you you should be snacking more you need to be snacking more what's wrong with you Gus you how can you tell me the snack more I'm going to get that serious why OfficeMax and I don't feel guilty about eating that because they're better for their natural with 0 trans fat 0 hyper does corn syrup even find snacks that are low in sugar non-GMO and without gluten and they ship for free you know that cranky moment around 3 p.m. to return anything here's what I do have a PB&J vanilla from nature box or bake sweet potato fries or sweet blueberry almonds no more hungriness no more crankiness not going to make you really happy dry nature box right now you can get 50% off your first box go to Nature box.com / RoosterTeeth you should be snacking butt Epic Sax martyr staple stay strong butt a nature box.com / RoosterTeeth get 50% off your first box nature box.com / RoosterTeeth Let's nature box.com / RoosterTeeth I totally come over here every day I got the snacks over there on the patch that I've been eating more than the patch 2 Us Part you were correcting you I was here for the 2003 thinking of you hey let me shave in the trunk say things like he was about to tell a joke over one shoulder checked over the fucking bitch they pulled up and act like a fucking bitches that shit and that's how you doing just pick shit fuck bitch take a bitch Pizza growing I can I feel like throwing butt in the chance to say a time last of the gym without my cholesterol dry cough gym chance Fox you taught everything if you're back in town for The Voice tonight what happens what I said they're all sold out the first rose me to Ivar's on the internet with a dude who was like doing like a dead lifts his leg but old just came out what do you mean they were filming because I was like yeah Lake lifts his ass turned inside out Believix dolls come out 1 Lake fifth grade and I came home like maybe like 730 of grade and my mom was like I had to call the vet today and I was like what the fuck happened it was like butt Kerry lucid hey can I call you what was time but it apparently like that you like because you know this business and do too hard so I walked out and was like hey you should call the vet and if really she doesn't like it with like a cold no beer shirt combo bike on balance is like sucked back up treadmill I know what to do the fridgerator sandwich combo just in case gay with her as well bubble houses the capital of bauble a bauble you put the bars in there will have to phone differently how do you spell baublebar the bubble is not over me correctly it's gonna be a good day Hemorrhage Hemorrhage us another HD yeah well there's a lot of like visual imagery and like style ice things and Ruby with the spell the word silhouette a lot the hitch of the second age there will not still there 40 Clinton Ave trinket butt some trouble I've never I've never liked her I've heard bauble in like bubble head bubble bubble 4 wheeler was asking about was it summer 14 picture time with friends because we're all in the meeting and depending on you know that meeting every Monday morning and by the way the peanut gallery during the meeting he really wanted to put camp cost hey I know it's a riddle dr. Richard episode of Ruby way you both don't sleep for 3 days and then write an episode 24 season 1 6 in the morning for the first DVD junk in the NBA I would like to listen to that haven't happened was a fun what time you want to come to this year would you like multiple comments about white people things like a really good the three of us and then we did like the for girls I think this year I plan on doing a couple more to the lake more likely Chance of Meatballs you didn't know cool another like you like each other except for they both include meatballs falling from the sky but yeah I remember I saw the trailer for does a great another like things in my childhood that he wouldn't feel like rehashing make money say I never saw it but then one night I just decide to go and red box so that nothing better to do in San Antonio for a week dollar price 2 years ago for instance like like it will be like oh hey by the way the shot like something crazy happens you never know if I can get 2 Pokemon trading the actual countries I don't like it when like the main actor is doing a bit and he's trying to be funny old being tied down with things 2 commentary I've ever heard was Cameron Crowe a commentary for Vanilla Sky us like he did the directors come he talked to the director for the movie he had his wife there for some reason why I think with his wife to play guitar as she was inspired throughout the film just to have like a bit of a cruise right now how do you watch the whole thing revolver Guy Ritchie movies honey that that conversation so I feel like you're trying to make everything apply to checks and how everything is like a game of chess really really in the chest some reason that's what we did when we were on says play chess what time is really stupid 2 in the commentary should try to call Tom Cruise tell you right now we're going to try to call you Ventura County right now helicopter medical answering it doesn't happen I'll be living what do it again does that thing is fucking each other in the eye and say it is there a super super smart and I don't know when the first time like the first week he was in the office in the morning and I like when you take like the meds I take in the morning Adderall XR everyday all dropped high school and I was just like Call of the toilet yeah I mean I like people be talking I be like yeah and then I'll feel like I've done this but I did alright what he's telling you right now it's very important whatever you do what the fuck is he talking about I'm thinking about something about a deadline what day was that Gap year me treadmill it's like I can't focus where they got that email I just start I just start thinking about random shit that has no significance anything whatsoever it's bad I really have anything to do with names when people in say my name and I'm thinking I'm going to say hi to me and I was like that was like that's the neighbor I'm sorry I just didn't think I was like nervous about it I actually just did the same thing every single time they do the same thing I'm not doing anything hey Gavin and you like hey pass even if I know it 2 me at Dustin's house is like hey man you totally don't know dead nothing I guess it's cuz I see a buddy every day now like I used to be like if I pass somebody in the halls of hey what's going on now I just make a weird face and I don't know what I do and I was freaking out the other day I don't know why dubsmash like that 2 early like they should have here the first week and I was like barely knows me and now everything is weird fucking face everytime I see her now it's pretty good I like it you always say my name hey miles do you like say my name and I don't see you here this is like the only time we hang out Kerry says we send each other video links once or twice a week and then miles maybe the same thing 20 minutes and I was like in my head if I turn off the light I couldn't see you at all what I can't figure out my face the interview if you will me like you'll be like and then just like in your window recording sessions time with you where there was one line I couldn't what you do everything you say I just couldn't think of how you a normal person last say so it was recording from the right channels the actor Lake Charles the director you headed out all the bullshit in club converting mono and then from there we filter it through the RT radio filter thing and then like any type of music Yukon autopilot you have to have to make sure to let the readers right out of context exactly and it's like he's done that pretty much been doing you got that shit job and he's done it he's done it for this entire season four episode that we're talking about we got one good take about what to say select select select the worst thing I have with a Chance Alexa looks like she was like super early and like I said it'll actually give me the Bernie and he was like oh yeah he's really good he's like I was like yeah yeah yeah how's it going out there what kind of like Griffin character in like say honey making those noises between always the hardest because it's so much fun I love you guys gay fucking black the bike but why was the bike able to be broken okay that's what I want to know building just like it poor people have it Kerry president with the early trial okay the one day I had to go over the pond right next to me and he's like I'm going to do it yeah right and I dropped them off whatever and I went back to work set with pass and me to go get the mail you need to order to get the mail on Sunday it was like fuck it we'll just like the bike go around the lot and go to the front Hill Club so it so first he starts running like I'm like let me write on the back and we can do this you can do it yeah that's fine what about anyway on the back in and we gotta start losing balance of us which I'll probably stop by with super hot day we made it all the way to like the subway parking lot I don't want to go so far around the dead for whatever reason and as soon as I start writing that we get like 10 feet and there's a nice sweet old lady and she like wave ring the bell and wake hello we made it home and eat it in the bike bike for does like completely bent bring it back either of you can of Us Part say we get back what you know just pushing it along the front wheels turning just find the back was just like ring the bell every Hill tire swing honey what does Kerry the bike Gavin so you had a bike and a skateboard but you both chose to get on the bike because it was more fun if someone didn't want to be on the skateboard getting towed by the butt I need to get on the back of this why are we so it will be over soon so yeah the email thing like hey we were of the bike or a really really messed up 2 instead of really I'm not mad I'm disappointed that you would have some more stuff everyone is well holding your head down so I feel like I look just go will pay for it you go get it fixed take it out of her okay so last weekend we took it to the shop the Peddlers 2 trying to fix it so I had to walk in by myself of this fucked-up bike repair he goes into his neighbor he reverses everything looking hey we can fix that and I was like oh like you can fix it I'll just buy a new tire that I know like the frame is bent as well and we can't tell you this because the state has been compromised or illegally 2 sell us a new time to fix herself because it was now it's safe to run it would be to try to bike with just the tire and say listen dry took it back so I can put up on there like bike lifts over with like it was I don't know what the fuck you us some crazy thing I don't know anything like that he just liked the bike and I was like yeah man we were supposed in his weight this bike and get run over 2 assholes gym the bike here's the text conversation I had with Jon Risinger John breaking the bike and we did it yay me LOL shut up its cuz I'm a little angel made of marshmallows in Cloudy Kerry is Way Down By The Shins of all his unclean and broken 3 weeks to a month 3 to 4 weeks now I'll say it every time I look up the date of that he emailed for 3 weeks bike when we broke up bike everybody have like 20 or 25 but you're right it is 1 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks never ever kept saying like such a nice guy did you guys bring some nice bike we took it to the guy who's like yeah I miss your bike 200 Target we are we are legitimately sorry I missed that bike ever I don't know I don't a fucking Razor scooter book us Reckless with 2 people time driving around looking like an idiot that's why we can do that we're told to fix the bike from from command the bike or Die Tryin alright well hopefully we'll have the bike fixed before you're on the pass RT Podcast say happy birthday 2 grapeshot sat down at a time