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RT Discusses Man Killing Snails

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Recorded: 2014-08-19 18:05:01

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Matt Hullum




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode of the flagship product Alpha Brain is a pulley belts do traffic design increase focus and mental time are the Spurs going to take percent off promo code Onnit.com / team manager make in less than 5 minutes to get it up and running and start realizing everyone welcome to the receipt podcast this week Gavin me and Burnie and like always so welcome and you do one of our early Park us here to the bathroom we definitely try to come on like 3 years ago what does Jim Henson and funny voices funny voices how do you get pneumonia what is never you cough a lot you have to the point where you hurt your lungs and then you have pneumonia spit-up goo I forgot to tell you about okay it's really good on the long can you sleep upside down it's a long do you think therefore when you get sick like Gavin just said stop getting sick like for me I get a little bit of a sniffle then I get a sore throat then I got a cough and then I get a 3-month whatever like A3 month cost if I can stop somewhere along the way then I'm fine just a little warm honey while you're upside down honey drip in your mouth not contagious doctor tell that you're not contagious you should be like prove it to me for coffee sit with pneumonia and you can relapse into again you can for sure what are you what's the difference Hannah pneumonia Vin pneumonia falling off the pneumonia wagons pneumonia actually talk to you it is 450 million people with the name of the 7% of population what is this is this a special name it is mucus with a special name for it when it comes up from lower and your life later I was going to if you don't people speculating you have pneumonia sit in the kitchen pneumonia San Jose what qualifies as pneumonia will do we're building something yes I think you can get any but a bunch of different infections you can get and it just affects your lungs and your lungs turn into a group reason Factory is that like a long response that's like the last thing you should do is fill with fluid in their lungs pneumonia because I had a voice like so because that would just kick it off of me pneumonia total length equation calculator never went to the doctor computer I would and I meant it so you can hear it but this is what I sound like yeah I know I know you're talking about it like the sound that puppies make when they want something to sit set reminder pick up any got stuck on puppy I don't know but that's what I would you like at night I would I would like to be trying to go to sleep at of you I will say so people rooting for that but and here's the thing that kills like a healthy normal people and 50 million people a year get it what is a 45457 percenter dr. like that when they send you in for the extra WB they're like no really taking me back to court right now but they can't prove that until they actually do the X-ray said it looked like something with it inflamed toilet like some coffee reach maximum people affect them to fix the cam your sister about 30 minutes a day forcefully Twisted it was sometimes like partially Twista get it wet but I get to it back but they couldn't do anything with the Twisted bad they're like I guess just come back when it Twist Again like we did you knew what it was when you got hit by no I just got swollen pool but every every but nine months it would swell up Jason Momoa Twisted the first time I only wish it was for me little pictures of waffles fighting testicles and this time it was about 70 people who were all dressed as Ruby characters about something it's good news but a little sad that you know we're doing this in Japan Japan Japan the first years I've been trying to convince Burnie with the problems that we were out of place I just wanted to go to come with it but now I went through Warner Brothers week bed, getting out so we can't go as a joke at this point strategy and actually because it was a joke to go to come before because of the nature of the production's we made like we made red vs blue lot of information on the project even if they're very eccentric and even though Japanese culture the video game because it didn't cross over that we were going to cross over into the Japanese and Chinese market and it's not the internet talking crazy Gavin and 436 hours what's your biggest regret I don't know we get steak honey go to be at the restaurant at 1:36 hours that the most orderly I have ever seen non-associated people in my life like they all get on the right side of the elevator and do not fucking around very precise it was also awesome but I don't know if you noticed it close elevator door button Works only the truth when you get in your fucking amazing Japan hotel in Lost in Translation is like A5 Star Plus Hotel whatever that is service like of yourself because every time you walk in the room everybody turns and faces you Stanley Kubrick film feels very much like outside in the hallway should come out of the room stop working and sit there and buy it would be like I thought you were talking about earlier today I did something embarrassing situations in my life you going to call you here to have your say Tremonton to and a half years 67 to 2007 had a medical class went to the doctor right now between about the age of 18 and 35 they train you not to go to the doctor because just demographically a lot of doctors are doing an older dude with the tree guys and you go into like you're so you're like 25 you going to look at this and get some pictures stop drinking and lose a little bit away that's all they say get more sleep make sure you at you for anything that you get the fuck out and looking over your shoulder that thing situation they were Gus was going to give me head phones or something that I really thought long and hard about a with a let's play situation it was something that I could potentially come in contact with something they contacted your ears and I was really worried about it that's fine anything else tell me the wind speed in Pakistan time with you but I park from Chinese pretty much it and then we did the day five shoes only it was that easy show the trailer been so busy just that I stopped going to pinpoint one thing that's been taking up all my time it bad if we didn't do anything like I said I don't do any work never had someone inside then just for laughs like just be like well you know they say that when you're directing a movie or a big project you should fire somebody the first day really dominant someone who is Michael based on Michael Bay with fire people like to spend discriminately but if you just went and changed your shirt and came back in a different shirt but he wouldn't know it was the same person and you would just keep working and coming up with only glasses but all I can hear you I hear you come back in a blue shirt is like your style what street am I going to people I would just buy a ton of the show that I was wearing and then when I get off I just give everyone that show their butt when did Sesame Street character feel like actually hire somebody food that is their job to tell them you start your job this is craft Services we're going to be calling at 8 a.m. sometime between about 2 and 3 director Michael Bay somebody to fire you for the rest of the day do whatever you want that's what I need to do missing my daddy no big deal Firestone no light but you need rest like you need to find it Crystal are you coming in her hand you know that we just looking forward to some big-time into production right now so funny that's your maximum wave maximum speed a really cool video by the way Como Gus was nominated for best science and education show that's what's up so I dream it or did he said you have to aggravate bad cysts Beyond the Mat we have had of its women dies video projected onto the front of the classroom with a bunch of kids what sit is 7 honey get rid of blue university university college last like 3 more hours is just an elective and so I already walked in the course that I had in the summer after I walked with a history of comedy and all we did was watch comedy routines and it wasn't even doing anything I was just like going to last for an hour and leave for the professor that I had was upper division networking class obviously everyone in there was into the time for internet Technologies which we didn't really know what's going on right now I'm pretty sure that everyone in this class has a better paying job right now than I do like it., everybody was leaving the last few months of class with like 40 or 50% of 10 its maximum but everyone was at work I didn't know he was really interesting he really did think it was really it was a pretty cool dude but there's like four and a half later honey but they're all coming back to me too dude we fulfilled our first in-house Lazer team Park guy who got The Slow Mo Guys shoot t-shirt look better in slow motion shot with Gavin with and then they shot a video together and then I took him out to lunch afterwards unemployment and even more money Human episode of the podcast I hope you have a great idea you want to secure a domain name for it you want something memorable to represent your online identity never gives you exactly what you need to get the job done you'll find the perfect domain for your ideas and get started working on it and move on to the next thing on your to-do list never give you easy to use powerful tools to manage your domain so anyone can do it you get the perfect domain name at our building your web presence right away to take control of what people find with a search for you or your business online try hover and get 10% off your first purchase by type in the promo code science and time week September 1st 2014 all of the new domain extensions are on sale summer is a perfect time to start your project so I want to give you some couragement every single domain is deeply discounted so you can choose whatever one you want it over to her Murdoch time to see the full list and you don't mean there are hundreds of you options and lots of great domain names still available try hover get 10% of your first purchase by typing in promo codes science thank you to hover I pick up promo codes missing proud of that later I got the timing worked out didn't you say that you had an upper-division class with 30 people in it but I think my biggest class was like everyone was in the biggest electrical 300 people last class I had and that was the most you could not get it how many college you know I mean like everybody schedule and colleges completely waking up noticed like your face is 1215 hours of classes a week time is everything but college students per capita act like you're the busiest fucking people on the planet didn't whine about how busy their Khan week to have missed your classes for the year then you don't have it you have it to this day I want some variation was a biology class was like 15 people getting out of this is possible and I thought I forgot to drop it and catch up and it was like we're basically on final exam by the time I realized it was terrible and the other one was the other dream with you like you like you wake up and live in the test but I missed the test I slept through it I don't like a Spanish like a long paragraph and I fell asleep because people started sit for the test and I was on the first page 20 Pages or something pretty much everything hey guys I've been reading what's going on so I have a new like Nero see and think I'm nervous about it at the office I don't know the couple weeks 3 weeks something like that the outside did you get 80% done in about 20% of time you guys the first thing they put in the new bathrooms with the ship what you can do Down in the Hole things to do in the meantime hover waiting for the bathroom to be built and we can go over to the our next door neighbors over and soundcheck and the men's bathroom is 2 year olds in a small personal loan never take a shit over there cuz I'm nervous I don't people see in my shoes and I don't know if and honey what plane does with her anyway I can get Matt. The pedal on its own never find it fun to take it to in the VIN the bug in Honey wagons and it kind of like you know I need to comiket when I'm over there I would I was talking to you and hearing all the other day and Josh was with using one of them so I stand at the one next to him and when I start peeing I become very self-conscious about the strength of my dream the other week straight it's like if you people have small dicks dream what's the matter no you stop it peanuts would have increased flow right play post up in a funny way but whatever and it comes out like compression human suggested kind of and just put your thumb over it Chinese symbol 07 you can do it no problem but you could use it so I can make sure you sound stronger cysts in the whole days what can you put around your belly to make you stronger dream garden hose regulator on you know you like and it just the end of the tunnel it's like to be harder like if you have your penis faster or hard drive and you can do it yourself sounds like a tagline places to go to be like this but I've never really gone the hard life of week and I liked it some of the inside of my dick out the blood will come outside 70 - 80% team of like German Engineers their class like that but I would missing from the car door lock shop Crystal show like the pounds per square inch of pressure that you're putting out any moment Vin water gun Corpus 28 Xperia never do this if you're on the toilet and you take a drink of water doesn't come straight out Crystal Us justice system as weird as it sounds the outside of your body like you missing if you just follow the continuity of your skin like this there's tonight your stuff in your stuff you can't get it to cut your cheek to see it right what are you falling of the surface of your skin in your mouth like you're inside everything that I can't believe anything some point things out time is it inside or is it inside everything what do you mean by that what are the everything is an inside us to be outside at some point I have no idea no because it's like inside is the space between my side and then when I touch his stuff in there like kidneys and stuff but never touches the outside never that runs on with building out there that are never supposed what is the weather outside human space stuff that's inside my body look like brains inside my phone right imagine a donut shaped like a cylinder okay if you could watch each other side of the door of the Interior the donut is actually go in the middle of the time but I feel like you're inside it feel like outside push it through and I like to suck your finger up there it's a water balloon with a hold of them inside are you going to say that you do understand that 301 River with that when I think of something else you can just get some of that world by the way you talk about things like my new favorite thing people who can't cope with my definition of zombies 820 days later they were affected by running and if I feel like this zombies if it's one person rabies is a guy who's got rabies rabies that's what that means is a collection it's a bunch of humans that are your enemy that's it and they're like not of their flight human they're not it's not a war that I show drunk Russian dash-cam culture in Russia is really that could be on vertical on YouTube at this point I can say honey dash cam videos on a regular basis exciting traffic never seem to get out of the car and punch somebody else or anything happens all the time I saw somebody out of the car in front of the studio the other day with someone I don't know what happened we were at the light over here there's a car in front of me and there was a car to my right in the right turn lane and the car to my right like literally just stopped right next to me and wasn't going in the right turn lane it looks like they want to cut in on the left and in front of me in the passenger seat was like turned around staring at them to the driver of the car next to me it's so hot in Texas and the car gets like really really hot but it wasn't for my neighbors house taking a picture of the gate and it was another cop in the car and started walking the officer and I was like Neighbors Metallica and I just had some questions about it people every year dangerous most dangerous a lot of people not necessarily directly or by accident wrath E-liquid a car accident qualify as a man killed another man human killing those who made the charger car bed team Tony human what about it with someone who gets in a car crash and there at fault will the most dangerous animal in America Matt line because you're stupid you're stupid you're pretty fucking bright light coming at them really quickly and they stopped for the jump in front of it and then stop fucking dumb that's life human 420 yes at least a hundred and Dale most people they kill my dog almost sit down by Daniel Turtle fresh water snails water snails 2500 people are killed by roundworm 2008 April 3 Day free people 25 times less how can I get into my dinosaur Crystal boys tonight they just need to get those like you had to be the worst snails till I can afford a 50 times more like to get killed by Hitler and everybody go round with salt system is this this is going to be like eating snails or like the house and I think he's looking it up so I want to say it snails type that would have come in contact with water that contains the parasite that have been infected so I was right and children in developing countries as a remote to play infected water other high-risk groups including Farmers fishermen and people that using infected water for the daily chores water killed 10 million dollars know the rest of your life that's going to get you and you can never be touched by the snails dies in different country immortality as well so then it's like the snails in the snails Immortal as well immortal tonight when you come back to work be careful another planet because I'm Immortal and then I would video conference somebody show me the snails if I think what is the snail got to the guy sit in the doorway still looking for love I need your laptop at home every time you change directions to get over to the wave so I really look forward to you sleeping if you're tired speed and know that it has to be that far away from you every time you sleep cysts people really have to pay a snails water Ferguson in South La 34 ways to the sale or always when to come to work forget about it your friends close and your enemies closer to the first game from videos looking at Twitter and the Safari crashed and I just realized I hadn't looked at the wallpaper company what I look like did you call your own Facebook show the picture again she looks as if she's looking down for the snails what is a good show okay thank you very bad right now so I've been setting up the the permanent like a communal environment over there until his old office and there's nothing worse in the world and getting a paper cut under your fingernail I was opening up a package of us I got this with my finger note under the nail and now I feel like I can work around it bad pulled muscle in my rib cage I can't breathe hard to do really small Slurpee Matt flip on a trampoline and just like everything really hurts like a cholo compression pump the pushing and pushing on the body reading the book in the body is to stimulate the heart that I might not but you're supposed to breathe in the person's mouth shut the primary function of the stomach if it's to the beat of the song Dream what's the bed song YouTube today for most of this compression only compression only it is recommended as a message for the untrained rescuer for those who are not proficient because it is easy to perform and instructions are easier to give over the phone and adults with out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest arrest compression only CPR by the Republic has a higher success rate than the standard CPR standard CPR is a 15 to 2 ratio of compressions to breaths in newborns a rate of 3 to 1 is recommended 3 breaths for every degree compression to everybody nothing like them out there because and you can damage your lunch if you can remind me for a second if they completely change CPR I think the public will like it it's what they have to do that but 14 I don't think I saw anybody like go down like with Cardiac Arrest then pretty shocking if you go down like that what are you Matt my brother Mark who I know he plays Delta I don't work since high school he was a lifeguard and he had hit pool kit of pool and give him mouth-to-mouth videos from the UK of the Lifeguard saving the little boy out of the ocean it's like a boy who was caught out there and I can go pro on his surfboard and you like going to the wave there's a funny story the British Australian Morning Show guy that always ends up liking Clips online people share always like the guy was like yeah WW2 Australian Surfer kid to some girl from Paris film water and a cotton Riptide and they jumped in and saved her and they were just like exactly like you expect a guy friend the video The Lifeguard rescue the kid situation week so I'm weird or anything but something I did just knocked the wind out of me and try to catch your breath while swimming just like you're under a lot of water and then you don't have it you don't even with low body fat I guess I don't know if I could float about 4 feet underwater he said sit on my before sit under water I'll settle and I cannot float on water do I have to 5:15 to water your whole body not just your head having sex for challenging really never thought about it fresh some Metallica please tell me like how is pot metal people getting braces have to check when I can't think of the last time I week pool park right across the street from our studio Republic pool / water park water slides never the people next week next Tuesday probably be completely perfect people like that fucking worth it to a land value right here in the room right next to the road even in the pool people enormous slides bad stuff to look at you don't look it looks like what the better thing to look at people it's amazing every time you give us look how many people who don't feel like 4 months before week shocked at the number of people that can fit in that pool essentially just people standing in the warm water urine sterile the truth comes to the bath and it's Jimmy Bellinger so hey do you have a Japanese wave pool looks just like that like a Japanese in Japanese water park or Chinese water park they're just so crowded things I suppose a relation in China what city was but the beaches because it was shots of lake beaches in New York and New England and they were just packed with people like couldn't move at all like that anymore did you going to the beach shoulder to shoulder people I don't know all of those forwards and backwards ground up and that there's a rule that you can't go a certain amount water park people like to Honey roller coaster designed to kill you they have the craziest thing that's like a mile long and it's going to come back the other way everything but it's like I've got a picture of 30 minutes to do one certain I'm just going to go through like the inside of the water park that people everywhere that you go out like on the river river river never getting with the conveyor belt the Archimedes screw that thing looks like it's straight out of the bad guys fighting what is the propeller on the first one that's what it is it's even Tomorrow Never Dies with one fold into a week a newspaper printing press and then the next day what episode of the podcast is also brought to you by Onnit and their Flagship product Alpha Brain also bring the first fully best nootropic design an increased focus and metal drive for our listeners get 10% off and use promo code rooster at Onnit.com / team that's Onnit.com / team it's the first fully best nootropic designed to raise levels of all major neurotransmitters and clear up mental fog what that means for you is in games faster mental speed quicker Reaction Time increase focus in life increase motivation a mental Drive improving word recall conversation flow and a boost tomorrow and physical health Onnit has a bunch of great of the products removed immunity energy and even hit face protein shakes good Onnit.com / gaming enter promo code rooster you know they have them they're like different people who advertise Onnit needed on a roll so it's like all these MMA athletes and he's really buff dudes and then merely with their shirts off the trophy some guys week until we think it's funny when you represented something that just really I was once on the front page of GE let you come with me and I left to the right to the science category that water park in Chinese at least 3 hours I just like I wish it was like 30 minutes I'm going to be stuck here somewhere what are you talking about never drinking beer nobody get another room for no never that's really the crystal mean in and she just went figured you told him to go Downstream food into herpes sit down missing never materialized there's no way this tonight of the water you can go down to the river two locations One location to the other information to do this weekend multiplayer printed thing ever walked into my life we can have two weeks to your place so there was some event on Friday Alive sit where you guys played for sponsors he didn't walking towards the Matt days going to walk past to go to my office and my cousin yeah but we don't really last with me and Gus and Gavin and Ryan were all playing and this is like the team that plays Last of Us the office the best team vin with the Playboy custody as far as I'm concerned you're the johnny-come-lately in this fucking thing you're not me absolutely pool sit ubu sit Dash most you're an asshole what's your what's your biggest class dies 8400 and then it was the same time the population get to 1800 very temporarily Premier League English Premier League Crystal Palace it's on the NBC Sports Network soccer Premier what is the Premier League Football League in England and the Champions League with all of you Onnit team will play in of the team 36 is the first game 9 a.m. Texas time so Gavin and I are going to start drinking at 7 a.m. Tomorrow Never Comes open December 6th December 6th person works there team is cysts at least they haven't called relegated way to get kicked out of the league to make sure that we have quality time happy Crystal Palace all most are so fucking stop it I'm going to stop at the first and second half of that was going on with everybody knowing 2015 sit for your championship in basketball is like a big like a super Championship never have a different game horse racing if I check the points leader for the season is done and you're like tonight they're going to race but he still didn't win no big deal Daily Show Hannah last night that I own it and now you know where I ended up at Last of Us like this someone see that hat or Someone Like You on the team and are tomorrow where that happened I have no clue what the fuck Portofino in Hawaii there chickens everywhere Wilcox they're all crazy time zone 6 hours behind us or something 12 -12 what is 6 hours ahead of us and more - 60 + 10 6 hours intelligence behind it behind TimeWise were behind it bed snails coming for your mind us we're behind don't like that next to the hundredth episode of the Plymouth Adventure Time Snail you should post a 10000 video in real time how long would that be what does it mean like 5 Seconds of 10000 frames to 30000 frames what does that break down to an actual time II and you can do 465 2nd see if 80000 divided by 25 frames we have two thousand seconds is 33 minutes to show last second that could be eating this is a real time slowest thing ever filmed with and paint dream with a beautiful day really unlucky ones in between jobs when I was the cameraman in the face get me Stanley last week even though I know the dandelion from the street and eventually they will let perfect be filmed it had to be like Christine can have like a busted one for the shop now I'm outside and it's blocked of stuff that you can stick it in 2 hours and then protecting it from the wind I like me it was what is what you just look at each other for ages can you and collected dandelions again I would do that kids book and did not get to fulfill its Destiny as being shot in slow motion internet 28 dandelion blowing you know you like YouTube before the digital age it's like the place you went to see like crazy footage that you would never believe happened you want me to get real TV show who is it who wasn't there Lazer who made America's Funniest Home Videos neighbors name Vin de Bona Vin di Bona Vin di Bona is actually behind he told the internet and saw the value of his big successful American 28 somebody's property and made a web property that many people don't know that VIN di Bona is behind Vin di Bona cutewinfail and hired Toby Turner to be most of it that's of Vin di Bona Productions fired from that years ago and then they've got a new host in and didn't go after that but it wasn't it was like that I was in with the group it was probably what was the from the family to finally and then Gracie Films was the symptoms also Park Human UK people know we're talking about here the production stage directions they can't make it serious like before the Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness is and started composing two princesses thing is everyone there beautiful portrait honey wagons Vin de Bona you can take a picture Bad Robot and behind it and just good just comes across and you don't hear them say Bad Robot of Star Wars compression engine Star Trek it's like when they come out of warp in the first Star Trek into like the blown-up planet feel like you want to part of the debris like you can't really see what I can deposit the right frame the Firefly Firefly ship the script of ET in the context of it being him being in the Star Wars Universe because directly is Yoda in North with friends like that and just fine it's whatever I think of like brand-new it looks like 10 years ago like every since I don't know where they got them from what do me a brand new one and you can chill with you yesterday last wishes from all of and then episode 1 and just use the same exact stuff Friday night Friday night TV uses family as it gets even more so than Sunday because nobody told me Friday night to watch TV so it was always like Full House and other shows there's always Friday Night Show and like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air TGIF TGIF never watch the Thursday night TV bath and cam was really depressing so that I can watch right now Vin Park Time Warner absolutely Time Warner Time Warner get Warner Time Inc time Inc merged with Warner Brothers made time for you with other pretty well Time Warner and they sell out very shortly after they did that whole thing with the biggest Murdoch point Rupert Murdoch was trying to buy Time Warner vice vice cysts article over the place a lot of stuff you know it's just another meet out by not only that it's it's weird how they are I wish that the vice seasons were longer on HBO most entertained by the show and I was going to he was the John Oliver show on HBO this week with John Oliver that makes me later that I would like to and I like that show but it seems like the monologue segment of The Daily Show as you call it for just the entire 30 minutes because they don't really do any other team could have kids or anything like that it's just one second for a while but I don't watch The Daily Show you know after comparing the two it's like I feel like The Daily Show and I was like I really like better on The Daily Show when he hosted like a summer or whatever then he took over for Jon Stewart that was awesome he did a fantastic job then time someone actually sometimes I like that format better than the other and should I think sometimes some of the personalities that maybe sometimes associated with onion basically referencing the whole Ferguson onion magazine what to do if you're in the city like you and stuff like that for being an unarmed black teen John Oliver is it annoying to hear British guy talking about American policies unless and I'm making bug where to catch and sometimes he know I was here but I like when you talk about him it's always we and us and I think you know that that's a little like to text me sometime cysts people really pissed off with this moment that he would always talk about how the gun situation was in this country but you wouldn't find it funny he's not seem like he was like he was just complaining he was like about it before that bug you the rest of the things that America is so racist when the rest of world is more racist I think that America's race problems are like held out in the open honey every other country is more divided us more racist than America was and Katrina will I ever learn crazy in love people shooting each other and stuff and there's a quote from this white guy saying if anything darker than a brown paper bag comes of the street I'm going to show you this this is people in the hospital total breakdown of order and piety so razor-thin Lazer sit it's unbelievable that I was told about it at the airport before flight from Seattle to Austin and you come over there week later a week to get to New Orleans after the hurricane hit us like the fucking kid with the key on his back and this thing was coming I feel like I was no clue Us in if it was in August or September late August or September that's when hurricane season is in the summer 213 Hannah Storm Katrina formed on August 23rd that it takes strength August 28th 2005 August 28th 2005 almost 10 years tax refund present Gavin at 8 to put up a photo jacket put up a photo of me and Gavin together and I'd point out to Gavin that like to do like the first year we met that Gavin is almost now it's old as I am in the picture like we're like 3 Guys 15 years old almost as old as I am in that picture because he's 26 28 in the photo and color Maya Maya bus to come to me when I was like 17 because he was like compression 60 of the time I was with them is like it feels like yesterday now I'm 60 and it feels like it really time phenomenon your brain that takes place worksheet time update. Of time seems to move faster really bored when I'm just really dragging it out I guess you dude I guess you didn't like 70 no I can talk to me the heat I don't think that's with 2004 was the first one or the second pack when I talk to that guy that made there for three years before they moved out of there Summit Township show where do I look to you Usher living in the shadows Chinese Hannah never been to the studio before I'm like in shock and awe yep we'll be there in just a few weeks there before your friend screenplay when they went to the next Monday with another RT Podcast 580 Khan