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RT Discusses Gus' Rosy Life

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Recorded: 2014-08-26 23:36:26

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini




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Transcript (in progress):

live podcast is brought you by huluplus your favorite shows anytime anywhere with huluplus on your TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet shows like Family Guy Once Upon a Time new girl Scandal and more right now you can try huluplus free for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth this show is sponsored by NatureBox order great tasting healthy snacks right to your door forget the vending machine and get in shape for summer with healthy delicious treats like everything Bagels to support this podcast get 50% off your first month go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth NatureBox.com / Rooster Teeth Hart of the show to put a conversation before you started that sounds like it was a big discussion this week Gus and couldn't make it tonight an answer to the question that we should really just things that are on the outside you're always on the inside of some point I never I never got him to fully explain what you meant they're still have to come back when I get back in the car I guess what's going on with a red and White Sox like my answer when I call right now at the end of the week and it was like a little voice changing or does it just change like that that's right you really are in the first season is like abusive the bar like him out first you get the dumber and dumber easy to happen Orson audiences like dumb stuff and they responded the dumb stuff and that you write more dumb stuff it's just a natural progression used to argue about who made Caboose Dumber he blamed me know maybe Live Justin cats actually noticed you say anything about the show in the first section I believe and then just getting to each one of their voices Margie's to be on the Tracey Ullman Show I can't remember her name oh yes that's easy just left while they were doing the show and I think she has a reputation for not really doing a lot of public experience with public appearances but superficial and I enjoyed it I enjoyed seeing her voice Julie kavner and I do not know 1. of the tree she only knows where the SIMS card she's an actress according to be a few people do so many voices on that show has area does a ton of of the number of Shearer Harry Shearer day I was watching The Voice pee made easy the made like to move easy alien friend which is kind of like you just like some random thing like some Dunkin Street do you see that thing they post on Reddit of the actors from Back to the Future you know how they ate them I think it's 30 years or something to the modern Atomic to say no it's actually been three years since that movie is come out and they actually showed what the makeup look like vs. what the actors look like they're 2 years later some of those pretty clothes like the guy who played Biff not bad easy gain weight and his hair is all grey and you know New Year's 2015 the future when Back to the Future we're now getting back to the future filthy casual they came to RTX Michael Jai White they had a photo of one of the Tweet the photo I forget which one it was and they had like fluorescent lighted sunglass visors on and I thought that's exactly what I would expect the future future photo from 2014 to look like when I was in like 1985 this is what I can find I want to hear from you over the weekend Beer Works beer on sale and I had a conversation about it and the delivery driver first and it's a great marketing campaign every the only 99 of them and there's not and it was mega force on today first time I talk to day Gus was just like holding it with one arm and it feels like home drunk and really needed that with myself of how long it would take for blood to show up and try to live the whole thing by himself my guess was 7:21 p.m. he showed up at 7:16 p.m. and did it so I lost I would love to shoot this weekend and blame was the first to take his shirt off but by the end of it there were eight dudes there and I was the only one without a shirt give me a picture you the only one without it fan in the bathroom if you have your podcast are any of them cool thank you digital code Richmond Virginia how long does it take for this to work our way through this whole thing I was wondering I was one building an hour-and-a-half could we right now in this building pee right now but try to have an hour the problem is over warm beer I got anxiety about my pee stream when peeing next to people just so simple the bathrooms and sure enough last week I had a meeting downtown I want to meet with map and after the meeting was done to the bathroom picture of of one person per bathroom like since forever and then now we have these bathrooms that occupy most the people I was like I want to lock your people to myself how many people are in at one time because it looks big the showers I'm I'm hesitant to use it I forgot to come over there like it at all well that's like you're literally right up against the other person in the other day so when someone else comes in the bathroom it's awkward because I was complaining about their business Five Below the toilet paper quality in The Bungalow flipped be acceptable at this point 2 ply I mean it office supply store Uline brand toilet paper you can buy it in the store like toilet paper and I'm not happy with it. Where was it in the office or in the office I think that's why nobody else for the office vessyl to go buy some this way I was on my desk on a roller coaster yesteryear have no idea how to and I've been like fingernails Half Moon fingernails so grab your toenails are painted painted note from my Expo 4 years old live with Matt and College first week and I had to give you your medicine establish a relationship that just wasn't one of those kids that was in my life for 16 years and I probably would pet it for like a minute at a time and then that's all I can sperm come out to get higher to be pet but it also had a desire to run away and take hate you so to come out and look up to you and just kind of 612 be pet but when it was like fighting the urge to run away cats struggles every moment of its life except there was one person the world at that cats love more than anybody else on the planet Nathan Nathan Nathan we hired him in about season 4 is that right Gus in the house in my house before he came to work in the beautiful rolling office chair with a high back one and he spent his whole career everything lean forward like this behind you as you go up to him behind his back and his whole career nights and warm comforting a lumbar pillow with claws yeah that was it right of the Mockingjay from filthy casual live totally looks like a scene out of a movie that is from the future we should have red lights around the building just this past week to let people know when we're on there so they can be quiet it is a lot of people in the kitchen temperature fan over there one of the things I want to talk about this this week Britney's been making fun of me for this is this whole Fiasco that coin has gone through with the public relations and customer satisfaction card magnetic strip so you can punch in a bunch of cards pre-order prototype Riders fan pre-orders like what ship you the product when it was ready in the summer it was gonna come out last week we got an email because you and I both know about it in the email said hey great news it's going to be shipping soon you're going to get an email next week I could tell you how to get it even have to create an account to download the app everything's going great also on Friday rolled around and around like a tech News website that the coin was delayed until 2015 and it happened I was like okay that's works remember that a lot of comments on their website so you know what's going on I just want a refund I apologize apology if you want to pay for the final product will charge everything York 3 days where they were so Shorewood Burnie things out China Day video lets you hear Sony executive his point but they keep calling in a bomb threat that sold his mom and thought we had bomb threat some kid try to get up at 10 how much was the coin when you pre-order it 50 bones free books to five but should be available for the next 30 Facebook buys glasses for 2 billion. Amazon Nike and I think and but twitch at the last moment that Google was there's all these like they're called rumors but there's these articles that were out there that Google is getting very close to buying twitch for a billion dollars and twitch was doing all this stuff that made it look like they were making your company a lot more palatable to be acquired by YouTube like they were doing things and using a Content ID system exactly like YouTube and then there's a lot of feedback negative feedback from the audience and it was one of the people in particular that was pretty upset by it and then all the sudden Amazons back twitch for like 930 million dollars on 7571 products to get you to buy their milk are there other Kindle filthy iPhone can have one anyway because if I go on my music con El Macho my shit on my after I get all this money to get someone to pull someone out of another ecosystem in the money man make it rain last night I bought him that dumb-ass cop that he kept talking about when you pour liquid and it tells you what's in it I just going to be so happy with that's what you want Machine by like 4:50 bucks when you back up an idea just how much water you drink in a day video PT mean what if what are going to do when it ships to me before I give it together hold on one second vessyl TV identifies that your sperm count is 2 I think citing Millions sperm count work sperm attaches video of like a sperm trying to impregnate an egg like you actually see what it's like and it's terrifying it's like it's like Indiana Jones type at times like a million giant boulder evil Hannah sperm count is considered normal if you have fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen comic Oasis pee average with the average Charlie throwing with water tablespoon TV average amount Mega Millions 8 double milliliters average we average just look it up right nights like school when the bodies we had sex today and they said in the average male ejaculation is who invited you into this world and amount of yourself my friend the one who can identify the cell that's in your mouth and it sperm cell average volume varies wildly between 0.1 and 10 milliliters Kane milliliters are in a liter but half the population of the US in sperm York I did my math wrong but ok get Isaiah Thomas out of somebody ejaculating he will show it to people just a lot of people like a party is like no one else in the shot and he said that they had alligator Prime and Pete really do it 4 seconds at a time and I'll just talk to the camera you can trigger it after the event so we have the event then you hit the button and it gets the previews for second the defendant camera and also actually a big deal when you can only have 25% more when you're doing like ten thousand 4 camera so that you hit the button and it the next 4 seconds and watch this thing then you hit the button in the last 4 seconds or you doing make sure they're of works like the last week of the end of the second and everybody and everybody was like I'm not I was the one who had to press the button on the fan so whenever we blew up the car and then I want some of it and I was like well if anybody is going to mess it up and we're all going to feel okay about it he can get mad or get mad at him for it because I get mad at him I like trains crashing so if you miss it it's like a conversation we have one more for safety the bane of my the same time we're told me some things like just one more just one more King The King was Marshall have one more the God of War 3 behind the scenes had with the guy from A Clockwork Orange Kubrick no the actor the main actor I don't know anyway Malcolm McDowell Malcolm McDowell famous very well respected and he was doing a line to God of War 3 and the director was like all those really good 21 more for safety and he was just like well that was good it was so awkward and I can't believe that they put this in the behind-the-scenes you're completely undercutting your direct line being frozen she did not take any shit from anybody I mean like what he determined to be given to him he would not take that like every director gave me directions I can tell me what to do the most is that he doesn't take and their daughter and she was like it's fine it's a great great great to do one more just one more Slide Five where we do another one because when we got and if you got a gun or something on the mic and your drunk who are you tell me who you are who are you missing you I take directions from one person under protest my first exposure to Orson Welles was the Animaniacs day like they just they had Orson Welles sketches for some reasons like nobody no kids watching now I think my first exposure to him was Transformers movie commercial had no idea what was really just a really good book that is called easy Riders and Raging Bull the great book but it's an interesting book Ed of the tale of like all the people from the seventies in the film scene like Scorsese and Spielberg and Lucas Francis Ford Coppola of and they're all making those movies I was younger and like all the crazy shit they were doing like what are things I remember is that they would to hedge their bets they would treat each other point in the movie and we talk about jobs being the big summer blockbuster we talked about that before but Lucas gave Francis Ford Coppola and gave Steven silver point percentage point of Star Wars came out no one knew it was going to be the director generation new series we're like the big figures in the Studio's people new the studio the directors were just the guys I hired to actually direct the movie but that generation is what really brought them all to light and they became Brandon wants Drunk History episode of a few weeks ago about LA and specifically they have one segment about Orson Welles then got his his arising from War of the Worlds and then how we followed up and some of the stories with Orson Welles that was really weird it was the whole time he was also the voice of Orson Welles I thought Animaniacs on the brain from Pinky and the Brain would like the same voice as Orson Welles and Ed Wood to sell for all obviously it was the critic stories about all this crazy shit that was going on the story of the making of Apocalypse Now that everything's always struck me as really bizarre that was in the middle of Peter bogdanovich was a big director at the time he's not as big now but Orson Welles lived in his guest house like his pool house Orson Welles have fallen on hard times it was like this respected director but he wasn't working anymore and you just lived in beer Orson Welles Orson Welles be sure we all heard that one for you because there's going to be really interesting books written about everything that's going on right now and it is a very small group of people on the podcast five minutes behind the future live by then but they were giving them so much five 4 the absolute certain that Gavin the number one requirement when he got a house with that it would be hate to have to take care of the paperwork and would be paying someone to take care of it because he has that he can come to you anytime on your computer huluplus is so much more huluplus of your family exclusively On huluplus To The Head about that myself huluplus works on your computer Smart TV Roku Apple TV Xbox pretty much any streaming device you already own you can watch on your phone or tablet on the train at work at the dentist or in the bathroom you should be blocking off a day just to binge not the bathroom huluplus you're in total control the streams easy thousands more as much as you want whenever you want you don't forget actors 2 original sin can't get anywhere else arterial x movies at free kid shows with Adam in Korean dramas for 799 a month to get your shows anytime anywhere right now so you got a 2 week free trial to go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth the whole extra week free go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth get extended free trial and they know we sent you one more time huluplus.com / Rooster Teeth Let's go check it out you can watch it like I said on your phone on your tablet if you like Green Eggs and Ham thing there's like this would you like huluplus would you like to play star of the series of children's books now I would buy those now so I had my most stupid domestic thing ever happen to me this morning going I'm almost embarrassed to tell the story back yard and the bushes in my front yard I was like what's wrong with it Justin 2 years ago shorts and had like 1:15 so I was just for myself and the fact that I had Shearer specifically for this purpose yeah but I just look at you who are you I know we tried to get him to go out for a drink tonight it was noted that we had to find your way no day at home in 12 minutes okay I need the Austin told me tonight if I get home no ice all day I seen you at all day already I'm going to go spend more time there was really no problem did I even said I said we can go somewhere that you can go to and where you thought you said what you said in the past and what you said to him because he didn't tell us what you think if you guys are interested but you should be come out come out I said probably not Horrors York where you going probably not you said your house East Austin and I said I moved on I don't live you state your and you're sperm 40 minutes and Hannah got a reply back to this fucking thing let me see here lets me and Austin are two different answers because your house was your house and I thought sin after that response lets Ed trying to get Gus out and then like a minute later you text Gus says boo hoo hoo the right even though I know you don't want to go but I'm going and then :-) come true it can end all the hot weather in Austin will say and order a supposedly going to happen this week Detroit the year that's freaking amazing 4 Austin & Ally the summer it is raining a lot I saw a map of the world that it was such a shocking image and it was like a heat map literally but you know they're showing you all the areas in the world where they set a record high temperature in 2014 across the globe the entire thing was red except for right in the middle of the US it was all blue like all the way from Lake Minnesota all the way down to Texas and I thought that's about right we had a really easy mild summer and not many other people have crazy Saturday was bad man Saturday entire day so she didn't even know about it I don't remember you not remember what York young boys at their shirts off I don't get to see the end easy 4 people how many liters is 70 and then I try to purge the bad idea bad idea no not somebody you can but I think if somebody message me and say how did you unflood your phone even know why did you get out right now check who's following you or anything like that so I don't know when people unfollow me I'm still going to be like at the service at Chelsea right now I never I don't ever think about bathroom so I get to take you out as much as you people do but I never think about it doesn't bother me anyway being like other people I walked in and I was like man that's a special kind of stinks I've got to do my business and it was like wow it's really warm and kind of the creation of the sensor for the light in their and there to think of anyone understand I feel like if you come and rescue me in the bathroom 4 open the Play Store Hannah Julie I can make it to the kitchen there's 8 of them the door install you can't back out here 426 year 28 years kind of feel it out and of the dark what you think is going on in the traffic get a chance to take a look at the Oculus Rift setup that we have cancer anymore Oculus so we got one of the new edition Oculus headset sin and I know you were playing with that I was playing with it yeah and you can't really do anything other than like walk around and crawl through the tunnel there Austin terrifying it's awesome you can say is when we get there around 6 or 3 years ago about the entire time how much does it cost for and so many other Solutions like we made our own VR goggles or monitor goggles over and over again 4 immersion we could have just bought an Oculus headset for $250 to do the same thing we have a bunch of equipment underneath I'm trying to get them actually shooting that sparked of the video that they really just come across that they works with equipment underneath their helmets of tissue paper under their little thing to keep it up because that would push it down so that the goggles would be too low and their eyes so I feel like constricting and tape it to their face and everything will go fine I took Gavin State a lot that day I did I was able to test the oculus rift at the Game of Thrones exhibit and was like amazing it blew me away but then at any be there someone else who had it set up and was like kind of really change anything at work that well I don't know how much work goes into making it work and work effectively and be really really cool like is that why them they were just getting to a point where they could be bought by Facebook because if we are I think it's something everybody has talked about for a really long time and I think that beer just got to a point where they could get hold of like the public attention for a certain amount of time and then just cash in on it you can't even twitch been long time we got really big really fast 3 years 3 years Justin TV has been 3 years coaster whoever you are Horrors Danger Comic Con in the Tweet was like well that's not moving anywhere Justin TV dinner I can't even think of like when Justin TV first start it then look it up on Wikipedia 03 2 day was going today to look into earlier he said I got a list it's a list of every production every better protection that we have going on right now in the studio and production how many shows do you think of this what do you think pics 7 forgotten game tonight I forgot that one question I forgot a couple of the couple of the ones I forgot I had forgotten but it was crazy over day Productions and things like that development is definitely in production yet we're trying to get one and one show per employee at the company has been the most one that I had on there that's a really crazy. Let me know make sure pee shows are made by one person and one person definitely definitely won by one person there was more and we have a show in development Network and things like that but everything what does gauntlet yeah but those people walk series was on there but I didn't look at his being in production works as being development as well for the rest of that everything else was like an action and the Heart of the home including everything I live stream the podcast wasn't really looking at the screen really fast it's like here I'll take a look at this it hurts me to have to go do something afterwards that's like sitting there feeling kind of queasy and it was not fun watching it to see how many things that you guys noticed that we were completely oblivious to like it was when the door closed for you guys if you're hearing in trying to figure out what's going on and then that goes ice cream on the door and then it's like I guess I shut it Godzilla vs. what we got scared of and that moment happened I was like article scariest moments when you see her standing in the hallway or pick you up for whatever now just laying there not moving also know that it's so well done if you like horror it takes everything about what's good in the horror genre into one very very small package because I was at John's house and he and his wife were watching it with me cuz I should just come out we wanted to see it and she was sitting on the couch with a blanket up on her face just like oh my God no horror film that came costume Tango lessons because in order to in order to get my girlfriend to keep playing it eventually she's like no no no I want all the police was like alright I will if you do Tango lessons with me only because she hadn't seen the ghost that pops up and if you like we can get that into the very very very last puzzle and it's crazy cuz when Chris and I were playing it happened in the first 5 minutes Harry I found out that you know every time you hear footsteps and you just think it's you it's not you that behind you I really do if you turn around when you hear that you'll see her in the window so we didn't look up because I started to get the log out of there JetBlue the beer Burger here it is too much vessyl works I felt the warm Side motor warms the cold side than the other one hi blank I'm not normally a fan of the original Silent Hill games Evil 2 Resident alligator in the and then through the window you can't do what we did and accidentally missed something Embers drunk tank to do and then there's a bubble York what's the book like alligator the size of like a semi or pickup but jumped out in a normal Harry alligator is awful video that looks like I might have peed myself a little bit I might have ice cream it was free music pt ritz and evil definitely I had to sleep with my closet doors open some reason that made me feel better about everything like nothing there is a monster in my closet and get outside and get you you both are no monsters Works they just appear in things back in a second if you're asleep but I just look at it for you you don't know there's like a different opportunities exactly are you scared of the dark of the night should Barbara yeah I think we scared of the dark lyrics but it was something he knew was coming that is scared of before happened to me when we were watching the place I was more scared watching the edited version of that video that actually playing that game I was watching this weekend sometime in the morning and she took a sip of her coffee and I was really funny it's just really funny to me and Patty are dating speak frates live fucking hilarious rehab Solutions everybody should be watching this is marathon in their phone number psychotic it's one of the scariest experiences I've ever had I mean it really is can you read it's weird because we are moving your like passively sitting there watching it but when you're when you're forced to interact with it and go through it there's a different level there man I just a horrible to me I couldn't I did I did not finish that game and I have no urge to go by there when we got into argument would like to look at it look at it look over there monster truck if you're going to do and I feel like I'm not looking at it like I know how was your day State of Decay a lot of the blood dragon first one five stars Hart achievement times like five hundred people that voted at that even as being hard but not a lot of people play a lot of games and really like Comfort TV $500 or even like over like $150 for one of those rankings again I know that the Hart achievement I know what it's like it makes me think about even starting that game or not and that break down almost every one of these five stars winding grinding grinding all these like Heroes unlocking them so it's it's like over and over and over and over again honey hate you sin and I'll send it for you to read this fall will be something about it it's going to surprise you you should be snacking more you need to be snacking more what's wrong with your Gus how can you tell me the more I'm going to get fat NatureBox to 302 live of snacks can I make delicious and I love them because they're better for their natural is there trans fat in high fructose corn syrup and sugar non-GMO and without gluten and the ship for free know that cranky moment around 3 p.m. when you're ready to turn in anything I do grab PB&J granola from NatureBox or bake sweet potato fries or sweet blueberry almonds no more hungry this no more crankiness now and make you really happy. Try NatureBox.com right now you get 50% off your first box go to naturebox.com / RoosterTeeth you should be snacking but you should snack smarter Stay full stay strong good nature box.com / RoosterTeeth get 50% off your months first box NatureBox.com / Rooster Teeth we had a who is it Chris in our office earlier and are in our NatureBox is like can I use Easy is like putting all of them going through them new Travis and open every single NatureBox last week when I had a problem and I hide them until we're ready to do the read Burnie was in our office when this got delivered to me push it what I can do is accept it already God damn alligator that book bucket alligator and you also have got it alligator a dinosaur and everything he's Resident Evil cameras are just like designed to disrupt the shit out of the horrors like you couldn't control it is like you were being confined in that space and news is kind of confusing when you want to move bitch about it all the time but I thought it was a great mechanic for the game you don't have control and feel more vulnerable absolutely Amazons at the castle if I can be convinced to go somewhere far away from town from from my house at 5 minutes away your drink what is that are you going to Grandma's tomorrow or today the 200 Brandon Horrors does not have any family so we're going to be there me and you and Ray and Monte and Ashley and Ashley SS runs all the time get everything done without even having to ask her to the bathroom after pee some help with something with the phone after business hours and before working to the pockets like shit I forgot to get back to the PDF and can you find a place close to Convention Center that I can print this and have it ready for pick-up on Thursday of trouble and works like we've already started in here hiring person with Hugh Laurie come to visit yeah and we've already done 3 day 3 the game X at 6 we were just all the podcast Lets Play 4 the way nights the short black shorts by the office shortly so we don't know we're getting a tree this year in a few months of the 10th anniversary of the 4 Seasons you know if Sims 4 does really work for this kind of stuff we can do like an animated version of it or live action sin there and then according to the world cool thing today she got me a Infamous 535 t-shirt the group that broke Indigo go with the $5 one time played and we actually sold 535 of them they need to give me one of the shirts she bought one of them really hard to make sure that we have a lot of different options because we realized it was going to be one person we can just coordinate with one person and then maybe have a date or something else probably is looking like there may be an option to do something or something when the date is on the calendar for a long time because we production works is like we don't know we need somebody here but the day is going to be for a specific you'd like maybe 3 or 4 maybe three or four weeks before we actually ended up and that's it we recognize that for a lot of people that can be difficult to plan a travel plan time off work on time of school to get that done but we're working hard to make sure we do some cool stuff happens like this again are you guys on Saturday you are not having fun but when we were doing that was stressful because he was played out that way Shearer that Austin to Seattle whole day ordeal probably really Barbara but they never did extremely well we're going to be and from what time to what time and maybe do some stuff at night as well so I will be there the entire event so if you're going to Fan Expo you will be able to find this at some point just follow us on Twitter if you want now we are to attendance in 2012 was 91000 twice a week at the most recent number Brandon I had a fan meet-up at Disney World a few weeks ago that was awesome running from one park to the other over and over and over to the freaking princesses but they were Troopers they just like following us I felt really bad because we were just out of control and I don't know where those are like a video game and you can only use them 3 times and you're done so there's three headed be for reserving time for princesses that's where our priorities were gotta make time for the bitches you want to ask you about Comic Con New York Comic Con will be there still working out the details on how it's going to be there Brandon 4 panel I don't know how much yet I'm still working on that that's all that's all safely commit to for now we will have the right and we're probably sending people to MCM Expo MCM Expo City Convention Cara like I think you're having a sin Guardians of the Galaxy know I need to and I went this weekend and the theater was still going to talk to the same time that's why I want to go this weekend Guardians movie million dollar movie for this or what but I've heard nothing about Sin City 2? Maybe one or two ads for it but usually with a movie like that you see everywhere easy billboard PT radio commercial DC think I do commercial world's craziest it's been so long since the first one you know so it's a tough to lose out on that equal and to the patients I think that's what you know really really hurt him lets Be Cops budget of 17 million dollars is 45 million at Forever movie Guardians number 1 17 million over 27 million 2 million dollars and it was like it was like can you believe that and they were we're going to get in for Lazer team Mason City 2 could make 2 million dollar state of Bruce Willis in a movie or $70 that would be $39 to $49 to $13 + 3000 - 6.33 standard for anything more dos City open on my iPad or my phone while I'm watching the Premier League to convert pounds to dollars Ed with that start really early cuz I like the first at 6:30 a.m. to go get some coffee and then record at to see when to get coffee's waiting for my coffee to check Twitter it was like can you believe that game so it's a lot like your hands to shake cause you're so used to being apart of like he's checking Twitter or Facebook and like Game of Thrones never comes out like I have to watch it was the first day of school for everyone be filled with pictures back to school original of my friends who don't have made the choice to not have kids and you're one of them you made a choice to have not have kids you can have dogs instead beer but these things are like legitly like they want planes with no kids I want kids to be part of the world when you were a kid at one point so you just take kids to see them bothered by that will change cats into doing anything that you would you really the goddamn thing I've ever seen of course ice bucket challenge huge going around everywhere on the internet everywhere on social media Gus found a Halloween costume which was the ice bucket challenge Halloween costume and it's like a bucket that has a plastic coating with like little pieces of fake ice that go down are already commercially made costume the costume the $4 ice bucket really the most upsetting thing that everybody everybody I know but I'm not friends with you anymore are you totally okay to say you're sick of it it's okay I mean I'm asking you if you're sick of it waffle pet terrible it's really awful $40 first really recognize the people Apple did this being assholes being asked it's totally okay to say if somebody ask you to the discussion yes it has reached a certain size to wear Lets All recognize that the promotion for the charity is now being outweighed by the individual promotion of people doing this for themselves yeah I just never seen something like this catch on as much as it has people and all the sudden these people haven't seen in 10 12 years I've seen bigger than ice on the head and it's like I don't understand how this has gotten so big it's great but I think it's at the point now it's like I said like relatives of mine who I was convinced didn't know how to use the internet saying it was like okay this is really like everyone of how many my friends don't understand how to tell my fucking video with an iPhone has their own easy it is for everybody to record edit and post a video online of video about that part of it everybody's doing it Pete and and if there wasn't a challenge at the end basically it just never ends cats someone's always going to challenge someone else who hasn't done it it's just like a wave that goes on forever so that's a tough thing it's just like to go over the top with this stuff like Charlie Sheen it's like I appreciate everybody who does it cover all raging like the money that I don't even like that it's like really really really miss underscore underscore absolutely sexy ice bucket challenge with tape over boobs I said that I need to do to Charlie Sheen and talked about the second part of his video he challenged his former boss that fired him as well it's right by the kids and then you know I guess his buddy was still on the show from 2 and a Half Men 64 12400 LS well that ends well dos all's well that ends well record Rocco Casey Anthony crippled because heaven of the fail videos where they have like a garbage pail of plastic are filled with water and they jumped off the balcony in the drop a pool filled with 50 gallons of water on somebody pee normally have enormous like non-portable water in fuel or curing liquid hit the brakes the car for more than half of the weight shifting around and stuff where do things start out an overly fascinated by that with me like somebody drew the troll face who's that dude where is that guy going to do that here's my original image I drew this thing and like pinpoint where this thing started and I'm always fascinated by the story folic acid what is it like to be that person even that the guy in the photo who's the guy that made the Scumbag Steve coaster guy hits friend scumbag 2 bedroom on him and then saved it in the road to text on it just like one guy in a basement and he's like the one who's created like hold on 4 Mile in the hole no idea okay so this is the story I read and actually read a couple different ones but there was a golf pro I think Semi-Pro guy and heat challenge to Teddy he did it and then sit on the challenge you to do it as well that was it just jumping ice water and it said that I didn't know that I did it and then challenge the swing coach the first coach the guy on the swing a golf swing the swing coach did it pass along anything three other people as well and at that point one of the people keep asking if you had someone in your life with ALS actually said and I'm also going to donate $10 to ALS is part of it that was the moment from that point on when it became an entire day last thing and everybody just continues it feels like it's just sitting there I didn't even develop the idea be like and they must have seemed like a thing here or there like that like $4 more than usual sin like 30,000 more and I think it's out to 8 million dollars now I think 1559 I think it's over City Yahoo mail like all this there's no point to this since there's no point it's like that you know what it lets was before you thought as ice bucket challenge probably not Justin of people want to complain about how things are cool or not cool it's like you know what I the point of time that you're raising $10 much was 80 million 4 diseases that at where is that money doesn't come from anywhere else it makes me so mad these kids complaining or whoever's complaining at home you're sitting on your computer typing up the comment you're not doing anything about it and you're calling us out so much sweeter of the Ice Bucket Challenge also died of drowning after getting in an accident filthy million dollar sin during the same period last year the erase 2.5 million just thinking about how awesome your boarding himself just thinking about how awesome to charity is it what everyone is doing just like 4 Non of these people to know that it's their job to raise money for this cause at this particular organization that raises money to help buy pee less that's their job to do and how we can do that and then all the sudden out of nowhere out of nowhere this thing happen and completely takes over everything it was trying to take credit I'm done here I gotta be day of me in a post on Twitter who created the troll face amount Lisa deviantART a profoundly Gus and it was like an appetizer or does he just drew it amount to the same thing that there's a there's at least a hockey player or baseball player named Pete frates the death the origin of his well I've read those two different stories but I definitely read the story of the golf pro way before the story of Pete frates started to get out there Pete frates the baseball guy suffering from ALS it's definitely worth it to go check out his story exactly what disease does to people the richest ice bucket challenge his father died of a really really terrible for it and I don't want to take away from it but where is it one of these days hopefully drives people to action of things they can do and importantly by ALS disease it's a neurological genetic disorder and there's not really a lot you can do except you know help people who are suffering from it and he knows support the cause by donating as well but it's like a month ago where this one is for people to have an action to protect themselves and live it doesn't really affect them with an Apple computer live 8 concert around the world yeah they didn't charge any money for 4 tickets to the show they could have charged a ton of money to get into all these concerts are having on the world the biggest musical acts and don't need all that money but they said no we can do it free to raise awareness for like world hunger and it's like these are things that people already know about a lot of people don't know much about ALS be on like what Burnie was saying Lou Gehrig's Disease the fact that it's called Lou Gehrig's Disease and maybe they seen that video but that seems like such a waste of an opportunity and so self-serving what was like concerts around the world like five or six years ago they didn't charge any money donating anything they're just raising awareness for something that existed with the phenomenal Hart amount of the tiny tiny percentage actually don't do that that's not the purpose of the organization is Raging pee pee Gus at scuba diving diving accident but I'm sure it was the same kind of diving accident something something while diving I would think I would think that's what is used in water at night that I couldn't see in and out between Houston and 8 foot diameter tank pee smells like I don't like I get like a physical reaction thinking about that thing I did was 17 years old I just graduated high school so stupid just like this where we can go for dinner and a drink with us we're going I moved out on the sidewalk or Steve if you guys are having a conversation hanging out with and next Monday with special Labor Day episode record anywhere thanks for listening to the Rooster Teeth podcast broadcast Gus Davis Communications Hannah Davis