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RT Discusses Farm Animals

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Recorded: 2014-09-09 17:49:19

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Participants: Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Barbara Dunkelman, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

deep have to provide audio books more than hundred fifty thousand downloadable titles across all types of literature fiction non-fiction periodicals for free audible.com slash balkaniyum Jack I'm Chris I'm fiber a Time Burnie and I am Jack because I'm sitting just broke my microphone I don't mind my kids like I don't know we have arms Mir are microphones that like if you've ever had never seen the video version a pike as we have money like a retractable arms was really cool but you guys have the same setup a cheap mint Hunter a much nicer but your arms are way better than ours and it was like her too heavy for it that you would set up mic and it was dropped to the floor so we had to turn back and get them just got back from La we went to the streamy awards just wish you were nominated for what if your chosen by the president what we were not made for the um what was the stream of the service so we were fantastic and thank you very much everyone who do not thank you but it was JJ Abrams Star Wars Michelle Obama in the white house with her saying I feel what it is exactly that went to the White House to talk about a healthcare OK Hart and Tyler Oakley and then it was something like the White House large stream of people like vomiting in - Buckeye tour of the White House and nobody knowing that would date so we were nominated for nine different Streamys Wards which is a terrible name for an award the Streamys but it's probably the premier online video awards the web for the webbies covers everything what the hell the webbies covers because David Bowie was there star of the year and I'm not sure exactly what David Bowie is known for in digital culture waiting for the second 2 video game high school Freddie Wong he was they had like $13 - crossword like the Titanic of the Streamys this is the year of something and even though I don't think Video Game High School won a bunch of awards anything one two three of them working for him here it was very clear in that room that this was the year of video game high school like every time I came out there he was like tearing and stuff like that okay I know it's very much at the moment of the king that was in the Academy Awards come out we want everything to look like it look like natural Beverly Hilton Beverly Hilton Barbara in the name Beverly Hilton can I get away with it did you ever hear the crazy story about when I was with Barbara and gas in La for the first time and I was telling the story of 2 angelyne is and we ran into angelyne a meeting I was just giving you rain angelyne really angelyne you can look up online with older lady blonde and pink a pink dog and pink baby stroller dog baby stroller Los Angeles a car in Grand Theft Auto for every Waffle Day have it and tell me how many be made through at this point you think what that means we made it through at this point after the hole in the whole rotation or gotten there because we are now on the calendar for weed to of the nominated for best animated series Panda theater thing was is that they had a lot of categories I think they had like 40 different categories it so what they did was they split away some of the categories to be announced in a pre ceremony was on Thursday night and that's pretty typical things that are considered the heavy hitter like show awards for the Oscars near me a little different than it did for online because like actor in a comedy or actor in a drama the online environment isn't sophisticated enough to wear actor in a dramatic series is like you're going to know who that actor at the Oscars you know Tom Cruise or somebody like that but the stuff in the show for the Streamys was like Viner of the Year personality of the Year weed a first-person series which means like evolve basic logo like blogger make up for stuff like that just very odd to me that I would think best animated series at least would be in the ceremony itself because when you think about shows you think about comedy drama animated I just I guess the thing is this is not a face associated with an animated series in 02 cat looks like something you would like to see station competitions and we did not enter Ruby and rivers blue the same categories like we moved Rivers blue a category that was best site for action and Sci-Fi Action show that was in it turned out we didn't know that beforehand but they put that in there so it was weird because I would have thought to put that in there and put everything for the winners are going to go up every year end of the day it's really just marketing for the show itself but awards are a great thing to drive discoverability of content it's like that's how I remember hearing about you the first time I heard about The Sopranos in one of the cable Ace Awards I was like what is the show winning all those Awards and you know this is a big brand online but we have a discoverability opportunity because we're in the middle casting for Lazer team so I make sure I told you that that's why we're kind of pushing for this one is because if we win this figure channel of the year that it makes it easier to have those conversations with an actor like oh here's a script from these online guys making out online but they won the best channel of the year so it's like that kind of language does people speak that's why we went for it and did that and that we did when we started talking about here I lost my train of thought Ecuadorian Channel literally I thought I had never heard of him have 7 million sucks Wanna Do Is of this podcast in Spanish the next I don't know anything in Spanish the whole thing and stuff like that and taking a test and Barbara just try to think like the person who wrote the test so how are they going to put there are people like that slamdance James Earl of the story runs parallel with Sundance in Colorado alternative more independent - Independence Independence if I don't have it so it started as a response to people who can't get into Sundance we started off with a video game for it was your fault that I came back and I remember there was a game they're called a killer job I'm sure your little princess and you can put up the gates with spells you put the red one the blue one and if you walk through the red one you came out the blue one it was like Bugs Bunny's portable I talked with him the other day evolve is the game that turned into portal portal and they said they're too have a big deal with evolve already and so we got to really think about what we want the festival to be like a reputation Festival like maybe we should be supporting more Artistic Endeavors think that won't get recognized otherwise I was like the best thing right here and it didn't which was a great game it was a game about conversation that's what I believe man you're talking to right now I'm talking about tax that was that was very stressful time but we're in it now and I'm so glad everyone liked it or something a contract like the day before we close which was a nightmare but that's right before I got my first contract and so they can come back and fix it so they were in such a way that covers their contract and it was like well the house is a beautiful the neighborhood is amazing stuff in 6 years old do you offer likely can Barbara awesome it's great it's like I probably brought the cats in this weekend so they're dealing with a dog and vice versa but now they have 2 floors to play on rent when we are moving out of the old house or my parents house in the workshop there because you know when we're doing stuff around the cat the cat in their house and so we put them in there from where they are from the last time it was I got cleaned up and then I put him in the car and leave it in the car and the house and they're actually kind of environment just like their fun when are the horses like being ornery for this light horse thing and then they're saying like is there tell me if I can horses act up you just kinda getting a little old me character in The Archie A horse audible but I also know people who have spent a lot of time have livestock and horses and I've heard the same thing that horses are just like they're tough as hell and so you just like to get their attention you got to be ridiculously strong without being Horse Day 2015 Minnesota team of the horse if it's worth buying Paul talking about horses who said they won't do it I don't know there's an answer goats just like horse in general is pretty like just normal interaction horse pretty fucking brutal Spurs are metal spikes on your heels that you have into their side I mean it's like if somebody did to me actually run really fast if I understand properly the way reins work is that reins are attached to a metal bar that's between your teeth and feel When You Yank It their head goes that way because you're like jamming a metal bar into their team was always in between us I think they also can I leave a muzzle type say horse in a donkey up in Weatherford 99 Restaurant little vacation I could totally understand like having punch a horse in the side of his attention they want to go somewhere I don't give a shit places to skydive in place but it's also like they have animals roam around there for some reason to the middle nowhere they had a pocket goats goats donkeys the difference in a llama and alpaca I would not do it have you talked to them I don't know different a really take a punch donkey cat saying no I don't think so that's a big deal like for people with donkeys that they sing in the morning and it's like he wants and he can get everything back like it was like oh yeah that would do it through say the homeowners association I'm assuming wanna let it have a donkey Google donkey Hilton singing don't get a goat okay they're awesome they're really fun and different country in high school and we had like we had goats and pigs and cows and horses though I would need them they're like her pets are awesome really cool fun animals and they like to do this fun say can I take the jump the hill climb up on stuff and just jump okay I think the damn thing or what is it company lime on each other like to come up on top of cars in just like dance around deep in there a minute ago that no more than three feet more than a donkey miniature donkey say lime in the coconut 17 Seattle it was like a grass burn next to the convention center and they usually have goats you can they had a rent goats just let out to eat since they're not actually looked into renting goat you can try to come up with what we're doing $70 to borrow it for the afternoon and then and then go shooting with it hey honey I don't think they're going to let us give them back the goat I'm like what does that mean like I think they wanted to keep the goat she's always trying to get it cheaper that's what he wants Mir cat back later won't we did the guy who got to go inside no but theater picture goat pretty 2 behind Google rent a car and I say hey I want the Ford Fiesta for rental day don't think that'll be bother with owning a goat is going to pay full price just to rent it case maybe we had to the guy didn't want back like he was like he's like he just he just put it in the guy's yard and then left back right back totally makes sense it's actually that you would give him the full price in that shop for what and I was like I needed to go Bad Company 2 and we just needed some temporary all you could certainly he'll cut the things I can ship it off and if someone adds you in later and so Joan and I we just needed some audio to put over the middle of the action it was a guy getting shot out here like dancing around so we needed like the voice of the guy shooting at him like he laid in temporarily and then heading into the Final Mix what does everyone do on a daily basis like I do mold was the lead for operating Red vs. blue season 1 through 3 Because when did the Xbox come out in Halo 1 came out and Halo - it was all staged their death and so we can play wanna be that the height of things we had to reshoot two and a half Seasons shot-for-shot no small task and it took a couple years to get it done to Joan work on that between stuff it's like a project which he known for being able to make a video game look as good as they can and still be representative of the game has a very a coke commercial I'd like to do that make cool video game TV commercial - month project commercials on TV too much with random dudes don't blink whatever you're working with the ESRB and working with that I know developers and things cuz we different cuts of and conform to certain things you can't do you can't punch someone in the face in say something like that in the office and then house right that's what it is all this moving goat Urban goat you somewhere there in the Burnie Ting the grass part of it there's a sign out that says you know we're saving money and we're like he was protecting the environment by not using lawn mowers to do this let me know we went to Washington state Washington state is a state where marijuana is legal in tirely different everywhere you go in Seattle to your house like a delivery like cookies or something like that I didn't do it I didn't do it you can have like 40 pounds of marijuana prescription station some documentary on the one in Colorado at the first-ever legal weed shop there and I was telling it Washington Colorado and California have a card and the prescription is like marijuana leaf on the outside of it that's where you got the card have to have to buy pot legally and he was like a doctor's office just go in there and everything so I hear you have problems have you tried doing this before it was like the leaves coming back earthquake so you would have to do with thinking chocolate not sure if I can talk about that yes sorry yes and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel incredible Borderlands Borderlands Borderlands 2 Borderlands Pre-Sequel a really interesting mechanic in it which is not in the mood right now have to have oxygen have to keep getting your fun and then up and down what if I get a Claptrap I was like I could imagine like that would you I would want to turn it into so it's the prequel to the sequel of one so your fault you're playing with Handsome Jack or it's like he's your boss and everything so far play the back seat and it was very very very playable I mean I could not distinguish between that and the other game that was released that week it was that polished a taxi that was 101 months I think it is going to be kind of like have to make sure anyone at anytime could win you know I'm not like that one lasted over power the others I feel like day one the monsters going to destroy you like a weekend everyone can get some the hunters are going to be overpowered or going to feel like it's going to be a version of New York Times Best Sellers audible is offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service is The Maze Runner book 1 by James Dashner for free audiobook of your choice but audible.com / Rooster Teeth that's audible classroom Streamys the weather San Francisco in Maze Runner about Maze Runner where I think that Cinemas are having to do this thing with her have him compete with House bad ass home theater experience of getting one of the main reasons in America The Hollywood Reporter about the street over here and ask what I'm talking about is going to have that experience day film Maze Runner could do this till they added digital elements that have the movie Taken 2 the full movie rent at 5000 so we were there Anna just like the Hart of San Francisco and as a welcoming present or as a housewarming gift to him we bought a queen-size inflatable mattress for him so we couldn't stay at his place and actually crash on there is good in every way I could take you back to the condo to let her relax and so we left it that I would back out and then one but you know when you drink and then came back and I was getting it like it's the best kind of shifts around a lot of pulling in there now drinking the bed talking about nothing with him falling just a little bit I'm like okay we're safe and then but like to cat a rattling sound when I go over to the earthquake earthquake have you said I was in a horse during an earthquake I would Nest where was earthquake Nest why we going to war horse in a pool bad thing is I have you back Mason Chambers the new big thing in wanna talk to my friend it up in Fort Worth like it's really close to being one of those earthquake that would Pitch Black in there in your mind of any external input so they put you in a tank of water that the salinity kind of balances out your boy Institute float and then the water is the same temperature as your skin so it supposed to feel like you not supposed to feel it either he knows how to be like perfect temperature like day even with your skin and then they closed the lid I can put you in a pod close the lid when there's no sight no sound from what I understand I've never done it before this what I understand deprivation and then when your mind does not have anything it just starts to generate it so it's like I've heard people people have a black loose Nations they have pure thoughts and all the stuff and people swear by it and there's one in office I believe it's all the zero gravity Institute I think that's what it's called but we will check that out there's a button you can turn the light on and there's like a panic switch or something at home welcome to have it guess I'm enjoying this peaceful time with my say in time browser no no questions on Twitter actually had anything Patrick have you done this before no suspect information about the $75 probably coming up what is the massage I want you in my life 5 minutes work a min please monkey looks like you're not Chris Wood horse the Chris describing visit we would normally looks like clothing for demonstrating massage just like that you pretend to rub shoulders with headphones video game style anyway so I'm always it was massage is or not so we will have to wait 3-4 hours can you book a massage here it say you are your massage will be president like I've never had a massage before I go get a shot I'm never going back it was awesome like it there like you know like a female massage a male and vice versa and so this the first time I like I actually had a guy rub my shoulders like I've never had that much pressure is there for my kids and told him that was are there have the massage sometime like professional massage is the worst experience of my life I don't know where in the communication process they thought that I wanted like a deep tissue massage but I did not and concern this is my first time I've ever heard you were looking like the entire a massage it hurt the entire time I was in physical pain like the whole time to put out in pain like that I don't know what you look like everybody would you like to have done it but Rivers horse like foot massages day have those places like all over San Francisco day have those foot massage places in Psychology and apparently that is brutal Beverly have a knot in my muscles that she would work all the way through my back and I would feel like going all the way down and it would be just excruciating I got physically sick after it's coming a fever and I will have the chills for like 4 days after a lot of water I did not know that Oakley store the next day like you like my back was hurting the next day because like you actually done it properly for the first time in my life I'm like okay that's what I massage so hard you want to try to hurt me like you hurt me I can handle anything traction socks in there to vacuum sections of your skin on your nose we're going to picture hear about somebody's using a headache cupping device on a magic a bunch of huge things and then sometimes like that usually just wear whatever you're back some - lubricating the slide those things around but that'll leave like it looks like someone got attacked by a doctor marks all over them but the shot is like the picture from that stuff it's like nothing in Chinese lawsuit with meridian's and stuff that people have like they're bad people swear by it of the area and it turns red like that it's like that's because they're stagnant blood hit you in the head with a hammer so I think you might owe me an apology note we need to talk about this Guardians of the Galaxy was going to be incredible and amazing Elon a million - how great was going to hate them all right become the number one highest grossing Marvel first movie so it beat Iron Man 1 at the highest grossing selfie guard of a franchise Jack sequel Avengers 2 pictures the vision I was say anything he's here he's got a black dude in the Gunn a comic strip in one of the universe's the rebooted Universe the ultimate Guardians of the Galaxy the cast from the movie actors were in the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie but the Galaxy 2008 reboot say goodbye to everything twice maybe three times and it didn't make me want to see the movie any more or less the trade show any major plot points and it showed you a bunch of cool Vision was like I have no idea what I want to find out what time the music the music the music in the movie that wasn't in the script happy birthday probably no license the most expensive and I would imagine McCartney the video say say say Paul McCartney Michael Jackson Off the Wall house just like he likes it out for like 90 and stuff like that I probably would have never done that great Michael Jackson impression 2 Mike Tyson actually just one of the remaining Beastie Boys just one a lawsuit for someone to use their music in an a commercial because of the Beastie Boys said they would never ever allow their music to be in commercials and I think I was like Red Bull or Nike or someone put their but like why you moving in and a song and they stood the shit out of my 1013 The Daily Mail Sierra Paul McCartney this is dated August 15th 2013 from The Daily Mail of the mail online which I've never heard you tell me this reputable are not readable or not to win back the rights to the Beatles song - rocket 7100 of the publishing rights to the songs he co-wrote with late band mate John Lennon So Paul was Furious when his former friend Michael Jackson outbid him to buy the associated television corporation's back catalog which included The Beatles tracks in 1985 popeater reported 47.5 million between 160 and 260 Beatles Classics including yesterday and let it be however the 1936 us Copyright Act needs to Paul will now be able to claim back the titles once more in five years according to the sun interesting so he's going to get it back Paul's been fuming for decades it's as much personal as business now he'll get back what is rightfully his 47 million dollars for the entire Beatles catalog 47.5 million diculous looking for commercials and Microsoft Windows 95 when they introduce their software commercials it'll be and I came up with a ridiculous and it was like okay be there in 5 minutes to pay for the time it takes for Bill Gates to lean down and pick up a $20 bill like $400 bill he's already made more than that not anymore dude giving away I think 25% of 12 so far but you're right for him to keep walking it was more money in interest difference between million and billion is it sounded like if you were to count to a million billion or something like that cat rocket to the rocket now the the Falcon 9 is what it's called and that the one they're using that they actually just one yesterday where they put a satellite in space and that's the rocket they've developed in Gunn they're making a test version of a newer one and they were testing the text voice thing and I got in the air and it hit enough unlike the board protocols that they blew it up in the air because instead of it like watching off in like Suddenly It's in McGregor Texas and killing people that like weed Runner is blowing up over farmland and so they blew it up crash rocket something the next year they're going to try the other guy got the next flight Burnie the one after that have you seen the video of these rocket that take off and then they moved and they come back in the land like the land of rights part of the space like there's an image of the Explorer rocket firework The Landing Pad in the ocean we're going to try to land a rocket on a floating Lantern bad because if something goes wrong you'll hit water and now I'm like right now San crash into watching them and they basically get down to where they would stop and then it's all over but now that she could put it out there for them to try to land on and then if that goes well he do that like 2 or 3 times then they didn't know who was in charge of space and time and everybody was going to crash and they put a big thing out in the ocean Tyler Reed Olympics tank battle what companies are team scores more than five goals are going to freeze like 2 Beverly when UT basketball if they would score 85 points everyone in the arena would you like five free wings from Pluckers or something and when they got started chanting chicken wings are - 2001 Taco Bell free taco day station Mir hits the floating Taco Bell Taco Bell in the middle of it free food free stuff Mamrie Space Station you're going or something it's like if weed Oregon professional website portfolio or online store where space has been around for nine years in there company improving their platform with new features new designs and even better support say have a beautiful day to start with and they have a ton of style options so you can create a unique website for you or your business they recently released 220 new customizable templates and every design automatically includes a mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website so your content looks great on every device Every Time Square space has won several Awards including fwa favorite website Awards the webbies Forbes and the awards for website design say www's mold for outstanding customer service a powerful conversation so you can set up quickly a lot of people actually really quick you can easily embed a twitch.tv player at any page on your square space website so you can share your favorite any moment square space starts at just $8 a month and includes a free domain name if you sign up for a year so if you haven't already give square space a try you don't need a credit card just start building your website if you decide to sign up and use the opportunity to get 10% off and show your support for Rooster Teeth that square space.com offer code RoosterTeeth least we think square space for the support thank you thank you and just in case anyone is curious and I know that you are I checked free taco from space.com is available from Ocean take insurance out of about 350 million people total cost like $10,000 dates to bad to bend down to pick it up in time he is doing day where everybody gets a free taco and talk about it like we do it or they would they would have nickel Burgers so like $0.05 and cheeseburgers $0.10 and you can get a Max of 10 as well I was in college and I know my friend or whatever latest ever Halloween costume was Chick-fil-A was both different times I need to the CHP said she's a pretty Joan Rivers career a lot of people would remember this but she was next in line to be the host for The Tonight Show after Johnny Carson Johnny Carson was not on there was another Network Juggernaut and fox started as a network and they made her an offer to come over to Fox and then do a late night talk show to compete with Johnny Carson and she took the job completely and totally burned a bridge with Johnny Carson was like you know he's banned for life like never spoke to him from what I understand and Fox cancel the show the year that I cancelled her she'll like in like a year maybe a year-and-a-half and it was a huge like I interviewed with her later regret that she had and now I don't know if she ever repaired her relationship with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno became the guest host then took over had a long career as the host of The Tonight Show but yes she probably would have been the female host the first-ever female host for late night talk shows and should have been on The Tonight Show Rivers bad because it's like you know you gotta take risks in life and it was it was definitely her career but it was like an opportunity to do something she did it day off but that doesn't necessarily mean it was the wrong decision was a tough decision but I always I always thought you don't even know it didn't work out I always respected it and I was really bold of her to do it it was tough and it was going a lot of people day maybe it was even the most moral decisions but sometimes you gotta do what's right for you and your career and it didn't happen in that regard I don't like that job perfectly because she did not do it heart in a cage the Tyler Oakley think I don't the big thing in north have been gone he was like the Beatles let me use it was crazy I think he would walk in and people just kind of the internet the internet personality were later than it really is totally for me was the dude who made Chocolate Rain Tay Zonday LA Times like why why why in the world to live in the world of pretend you know if you want to. You for busting out of the competition and I don't like you all the time they're always in each other stuff like that I don't have to be there getting bigger New York a lot of that stuff! But if you don't know that we had a bunch of people on there as well can't talk right now it's work Channel like it's a whole process of getting someone to establish them like we did at an intersection on the show one time and like it they didn't do anything because I think they don't like you Portofino celebrity guests group and I think that works but I think that I think if you drop them like a podcast on a regular basis I mean it's always been a little bit of that entertainment and I can't really pick out of your head that you're making contact with the guys from horrible and they're coming around lately with school and it's like we still have an audience that not everyone can tell the same story as you coming Gunn mean when you start getting big we held out before we started putting stuff on YouTube probably good 2 or 3 years after YouTube cat started really hitting like my sword like social conscience like people really started looking YouTube before we even got into that space where they had like years go by on YouTube and they were charged with the first of the year and in 2008 and it showed a clip of rivers and of course it was 2003 badia Lu just recent Netflix just like to know season Once Upon a Time We produce between 2003 and 2008 and its of just went on Netflix if you work your - spring a chance going to show up on camera at some point but it's not too late video or something like that or something at 11:12 keratinized rocket your pay if your paycheck is 16 and your paychecks but there's a window he's become that place I could I could have been Star online TV and movies online all the time it looks like a lot of the people who make things happen the internet was the place that anyone can go anywhere could be on if you wanted to I'm like I don't even talk about moving your teeth like like Minnesota or something with the internet money we don't have a storefront have a retail shop we can this money comes in where we are where we make the content we can go live in the middle of it has really good internet Overland Park Kansas lawsuit Civic directly right now my old office like they're over by Flash's place are they there yet starting in that area way rent flashes literally walked outside and seen people on the pole was like why are you guys putting in Google Fiber and they said yes so Google Fiber Provo Utah fiber installed in their Google Fiber installed it's already available so they actually kind of like 12:15 actually San Antonio but other cities are going soon but Boston is supposedly next on the list supposedly saying that the prices of every competition and I are going up to our incumbent carrier in 2000 Google more people can download our stuff and use our site the more faster than most visited websites on the internet to your phone Streamys control my thermostat for like a while really yeah cuz I wasn't home but my roommate wants it was like a hundred and one degrees and then it keeps it on his phone and go back down here just like to go to 60 and change to Celsius please delete all the stuff that's been out for almost a week I haven't had the time to organise them come out to look at it that bad to keep the temperature of 85 degrees and people are like oh my God it's so beautiful but theater I gotta say though is even as mild it should be for us it's like we had 10 days over hundred thousand I have to admit I really like my car a lot I'm not entirely sure that if we had one of those brutal Summers that my car's AC to keep up with that goes like my truck but it's really cool it's a really good deal or something evolve with you a lot more this time really cool thing they just announced which was completely lost on Tesla plant they're going to build gigafactory a built-in battery plant that a full capacity will make enough batteries to make 500000 Tesla the year that's all they're making a commitment that they're going to be pretty fast producing these cars and it's his Net Zero Energy facility provides all of the energy that's probably Zero Energy the factory the wanna be closer and also I think it is giving them a ton of tax rebates incentives and things so you can't buy it now that's a big one the truck heading here and there pay the taxes with a check my thumb with the path of chunk of change to get her pay taxes on a car and didn't do it for like 2 months I thought maybe I'll just tell people hey look I'm not of course on your taxes problem you said for the iPhone come out tomorrow or tomorrow tomorrow but everything's pointing to any I watch I am only because I finally skipped a generation which is kind of the new models the base one is supposed to be a little bit bigger than we currently have and one that's like in the iPhone and the iPad mini and an extra buttons on it and then they're going to have the touch say stuff like this to your credit card or bank account and pay for something that's never going to be 2000 was like I don't have a flying car but I need a fucking credit card to buy a Coke but of course nobody predicted that damn bank account to buy a Coke 30000 people he was a big Tyler Place about it so I don't know the email and I want to know about cars the cars electric cars and all that it's going to be kind of mood because the real change is going to be for the driverless cars think about it say no drunk driving no like you don't you don't have to get a ride can you take me to Airport just get robot cargo you know it's like downtown you don't even don't even your car to go deliver other people around and then you don't own a car you just you just you like I want to be here in a little bit about the drive cat in car no more drunk driving no more like that - Tyler cat talking about its something like 98% of all accidents are human error basically so it's kind of like if imagine taking humans out of mechanical something happens when a human is responsible for a crash or wreck so once you take the floor because there's an accident why don't you take a picture took a selfie of itself the photographer's camera and picture and that picture went viral and went everywhere in the photographer stood like a publication and publisher said it's a monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey yeah if I loaned you my have a GoPro with a little color on it I hit record and then put it on a cat in the cat out it comes back and I take it off in the pit stop in the mind or the cat that's yours that be like let me start over take the photo so I imagine that would be that adds ownership to it it's like I think it's like so hire someone to hire a monkey to take a photo of the film production company cat to human Barbara just took the photo the photo that the monkey talk if you did that then you can take some of the photo however is it before he ever released it if you get filtered it or color corrected it then you can take that to my work that I did there's no original you know that this is the only thing is published is this work that I created with the help of the original original photo is property of a monkey this is from the Wikipedia page on Google driverless car accident it was like it was hit from behind and the other was it was Hot Wheels recently that the beta test for the outlets have scars when they have there like 20 they don't have any sort of steering wheel and pedals or anything State of California said they have to put that stuff in the car so you have to have an income with a big red button they hit the button and talk to of the 15 minutes and what they consider to be a robot is like I took like a Chris with his driving pantomime or like a dude like Asimov walk around the robots are like you but like flop around the floor and build themselves and do these things that like turn into snakes that will just check it out there's something you want or the post-apocalyptic podcast next time. A country where no one is allowed to go outside and they're going to go door-to-door health workers trying to find a patient yeah that's a pretty serious situation if they're quarantine a whole country on that note thanks for watching and people know that it's going to run out to happy hour with goat social disorder and it'll be so just order and then happy hour RT life and is back at 4 so there is every 2 weeks so it's his first one is coming out and it the subtitle for the shower everyday or every second Saturday starting this week alright well it's been fun have a nice day the roots are don't change a damn rent Joan bath