#289 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses Being Fashionably Late

Link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/rt-podcast-season-1-rt-podcast-289

Recorded: 2014-09-16 19:13:32

Runtime: 01:28:27 (5307.8 seconds)

Participants: Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson, Brandon Farmahini


Transcript (in progress):

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I show up early to put t-shirt Bernie came back and it was like still very early and you can help me unload my car and all the groceries and I never anything but I don't want to I don't want a one-on-one conversation with one person and you have to if you're early so I'm worried about trying to put your mind because that will be a time where there's just one other person and I can't be fashionably late to my own party with personality late one extra person that he's not really a surprise party though just feel like I never have surprise party is why don't you just tell the people who actually liked a certain time the people you like with your brother could call me like Italian God come to be please God come to bring it as soon as you can I should have like an hour early You're Something social hang out with what I was telling you about the company I think we can make Lincoln year and the other link that I really have a business can I get in I got one and I just did not like old high school and college review for me on my LinkedIn expert in sales and was very handy just late and I don't take anything seriously Lincoln's on those things and I endorse Chris Martin for Beard like I just don't give a shit but you haven't seen a couple times anal what that means just checking anal like oh she's really anal about it or text about it anal sex basically when you're a kid your rifle and your anal retentive or the other one in order to and then the other one I think they like that this attentive retentive anal it time to shoot yourself into the adult face on if you should happen you guys don't know about probation about me before this podcast started it was so basically if you're like anal retentive you like holding in the shit and you like like you're moving Baby Lips review the tapes weekend weather so did they used to say that you should have so that way it doesn't how much it is but I was lazy and just like go with the flow and don't care about times and stuff then I would have been the other anal and I was just kidding myself everything the kid baby baby baby I'm on kind of like that about anything but yourself become one of those things and you're just hurting yourself console you're holding it in like all the time and feel better anal retentive what does it look like you know what's going to become your couch right now but jr. jr. Twitter is not tender Barbara retentive Chef retentive it was the other one only anal licking snot anal expulsive that sounds like xxplosive spell from your body what happens when Mommy and Daddy are not here to Barbara Billingsley anal only I don't know to pull it Debra Winger for the rest of the time like you can send people window hanging in the wind could you can't use it anymore especially like now it's like qualified good point it's kind of stick to that point the only guy that would like Gavin Hood told us that he's had girlfriends that suck their fingers in his butt as a text to different girls I am kind of broke up with a chick because like she said we weren't anal retentive we were hanging out and she was like hey I'll be right back if she gets up and she goes into what I thought was another just kinda hanging out and I hear noises in the bathroom with the door open I really like she didn't I'm already comfortable with it okay where's the mirror I'm sure if I wanted to I didn't want to but I'm sure if I wanted so you can see how long are you dating we were really wasn't exactly what you guys doing I have to still be here every other time wasn't sure what she was cool it would have been the only reason to get rid of it you must like not like to another late I was just the thing that money will like make breakfast away from you as well she makes breakfast now I'm guessing I just was like a little bit more late I don't know if it's a private thing that I don't want to see or hear them like how long have to be with someone until they could pee with the door open and I love you and I wouldn't know because I've never been with anybody Blaine 2424 things that bother you that much so much more because there's so many other things out there that could be a real problem 1st November okay please remind me on Twitter remind him know the day before because you have to get a present if you wanted NASCAR she's peed in front of me is going to find that they're going to find her Twitter handle every time I'm in the bathroom I go through so many steps to make it so people can't hear me like that close the door I turn on the same as a porcelain put on the shower like it say something about somebody peeing and I can hear them I have to I have to do something different 3 seconds of just like pods in the back out and close the door I don't like walk is better than someone coming in and hitting while your shift and I don't care really but I'm assuming it was like 3 or 10 are you going to miss the honey why you want to come talk to him the only thing I know 49 Howard 2 hours ago before I got out of here at like 2 a.m. to 10 today like go back over just like not even tell you when I left it was just in Austin just relaxing at home there was an awesome nap early streaming the game to it the screen if they're playing a pressing the R3 whatever but it's really crazy the internet to level 22 level 20 you can just level of you have to wait for me to drop in a specific way with like it like that it's not complicated I still haven't got this is what's going to make me get internet in my apartment I don't know no not on the internet surfing or whatever so I'm like I really clean my apartment cooking or going out and working out hiking and I feel like it so I didn't waste time I don't watch TV just to have it on me if I was doing something I don't even have to quickly do something are you going to go to bed so you can get the hundred dollar Apple watch 301 that's golden AG on the first version of an Apple product okay this is such a huge Improvement of the absolute I didn't do anything like that but that's on the floor is the first iPhone ever got I'm going to be working on it for years so hopefully it'll be better but I had that Fitbit the Fitbit Force for a hundred you remember but like I started to get like a little rash here and then burning is so protective and burning ugly and he's like oh you got something right there was like it's probably fine he's like I was like yeah and then like 2 days later it turned into this like giant chemical burn think it was his eye like I had to move it to the other hand it's eleven-thirty now realize what it was and they didn't call so it's like I feel like if I don't get something like a replacement and I feel like I quit like I feel like they got me like I'm I don't think you quit I think your skin quit the thing is with the new iPhone is it they obviously made way more of the normal size iPhone 6 you can still get it on the day of delivery I would like to buy the big one and I was crying and stuff and when I refresh the page it already split from the delivery date of the 19th of September whatever it comes out to like mid November I thought she has more people ordered it I think we underestimated how many people one of the biggest challenges I mean they've been making the same like size of ice this device probably needs a little bit more I guess battery could I sell my 64 gig iPhone only once a week yeah you keep your phone in your pocket though how are you going to do with the likes of a person so sometimes I swear you're one of the problems that apple had while they were announcing it it's like they're waiting and then there's something we can make hold on and then as soon as I came up there like are you okay I have my iPod or my iPod on my music on shuffle on my iPhone in a fucking U2 song came on at 8:01 yeah you can disable it but the fact that I was going to shuffle and then David I can do it because they know they made the first one but it's so annoying to be like forced into 11.281 yeah he doesn't even know it would make sense on the other platforms that thing like you have stuff that you didn't realize that other people have control and access to your phone it's like a few other people having access iPhone camera edited why would they be listening to your conversation like I am so boring compared to tell me people in the world why would you care to 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his accent that you got me through the weekend what happened haunted ghost of that it's bad but once the time changes when you leave work it's dark outside that's the most depressing that we don't really know what it looks like out here there's no wind outside anywhere anywhere this is a building in a building like if you can go and you see that there's two different doors cuz we have the interior building and then it's like packed into like a bigger surprise was Trapped In The Bungalow today just outside the back door for some reason I know that we're not actually there but someone told me that we're going to be in one of the other Bungalows for production on their team and that turned out to be not true we're using a different building now so I was like oh I want to check out this Bungalow so I like go out the back door and I'm on the porch area and I open the door and let cool I guess try using this it's completely and I closed the door and I go back and the back door is locked but there's no way of getting back to the front from that area so I like step down onto the ground area and I go like over pipes and stuff and I realize there's no like building that we're supposed to be apart and then you crunch them together and you're just like well I don't know where this thing goes I gotta climb a wall to get people to stop disappearing from work and we just found a bunch of skeletons over there lacassine Park simulator whatever just like Molly girl call my stomach and like her like her like that and I think I saw people walking so much I don't want to do this because of the roof so I just kept walking around the backyard and eventually I found like a tiny little passageway out but it took it seriously took me 15 minutes to get out of there it's pretty big space we were doing something we're doing donuts for recappers and Erin's car or just like burning tires going like crazy and they're driving back and then I spot then I'm turning the camera back I bought them in my dad stop the car so we're doing donuts in the back or should I just stop them but I walked up and watch the whole thing that's right there was a lot less awkward than a body bag video that we just shot or that we just released a couple months ago I don't think we released a video for a new show called social disorder did Chris and Erin are dragging a body bag around Austin and it's funny when you're watching it but when you're actually following them it was like one of the most awkward experience is your own the camera guys were here yeah one of the camera guys and then people come talk to you then what are you doing whatever I'm just standing here sing on the street yeah we were just like Jason I was just standing around with cameras and most people don't notice for a while and some shots you can actually see Colbert with like his iPhone just like holding it like kind of like the Giants 6 surprising what you can get away with when you're trying to record people secretly see the people just don't notice they're so used to seeing cameras hidden camera stuff like that people in public and every now and then if they're doing something in a restaurant or something and they're filming I was like why are you feeling like are you with this guy and it's like this if you saw this in public because I'm crazy and it's a good point what are they using to shoot like try to do my favorite thing ever though I won't Point Chris got into a pedicab and I didn't know he was going to do that was like shit how my going to I'm going to shoot it so I got into another pedicab and help like following a petty cash yeah yeah I'm about to pull up I don't know they had a lot of social issues since then they have coming up in this world but I am shopping for things for social store today to take out like a lot of weird looks like they got some coming out how many how many homes are and I think it's probably going to be between six and eight School the last couple of days I've been running audio in a camera and I've just been looking into why guys are just watching them but I can hear everything that's going on and I'm just like I'm just like I heard that someone said something to Aaron at that point you took my earphones off is like that I was like okay we'll just work it out and the next episode will be out in 2 weeks or alternator issue and then alternating with social disorder it's kind of like Artie life is kind of a change for everybody to try to do things like that it's just like an actual shows yeah because I heard you and Erin yelling come out we took a break is around lunch or taking a break to play Mario Kart and there's like a camera in a snap handcuffs on my hand and it onto a chair and I just put the rest of them with whatever I'll just take them off and I realized in handcuffs so I went around for like ages just trying to get these handcuffs off and finally found my keys because she was so I was saying hello to a chair so I was running around the office chasing Aaron trying to get him to give me the keys and I just had this pair like driving behind me to know I found the keys in the in Branson that give him money or something that comes up to him and while he's noticed it while you're talking to him I can cut them to it to his chair so then he's like freaking out and he chased me around the chair and we'll Chris is it looking I can have him do the same to her how does she do that because I'm looking into this and it was the best friend I ever had and I think I was pretty clear on it whatever to take up to a car and like a big tidal wave coming to was me I was just at my hand into a mush and I could probably keep to my heart yeah I really enjoyed that you and I thought he responded been really awesome I'm sure that's right it's actually showed it or text I think we should have packed so I think we're making is one of the things we like and we think this could be it we think it could be pretty good we didn't even need it but like we actually got stopped by the cops a few times and if it's a kind of concern but eventually they just kind of like they just laugh it off at your place is it in Austin nobody seems to give a crap the other day there was a video on the Austin Fox station about cell phone use in cars and had a lot of like footage of people like using their phone in their car where you could care less your face up to the window and everything and they caught a guy I like smoke it up in his car and they left that footage in the new segment how to make it through I'd like the wrong people checking it that are just so oblivious to the only one I can think of all the places where I be likely to run into a cop it would be a while I'm in a car because this car is going by the time people break the law and public is amazing to me people doing drugs that require a lighter Woody driving at the time because that will cause a lot of coordination he was stopped because it was like a joint it wasn't like it if anybody's trying to call marijuana cigarettes report where they play this nine-one-one call and if this guy who he and his wife had hair where would I do that I think I think we're dead we're dead right now tripping balls and I went to Dallas last week and how long was your sister in for like 2 weeks ago Blaine like hey my my sisters at the hospital and she's done it is dilated the crack in the cave two weeks ago for the longest time which is like I want to see it when people talk about your sisters private you just kind of like bump over the woods and feel like that would you actually picture iPhone for the word for the words I don't even Tina has she had a penis inside her jaculating email we were we were talking about a shoot of the weekend and the guys are sick pregnant in at this point she was pregnant or not pregnant it was going to deliver baby and I was on call and I told him I'm on call so I can't I have to go at any second and shoot shut up Barbara funny getting on the subject of just talking the whole thing but I might have to Laurentian the whole thing but I might have to go to Dallas and he was like what you need French her vagina and then China most of this podcast don't know that says about you baby is adorable I don't want to but I know different because I'm on the Tories Biaggi so I got in really late I was at the office and I got in at like 3 a.m. or something like that I was asleep and you know when your asleep and you forget where you are really going to be like I wake up and I had no idea where I was and I was in my apartment in Austin I see the giant man in my room and my actual words were getting rearing Destiny getting the dog that walked into my room like instantly we didn't see him in like a month hey Dad sorry hey hey hey you are traveling quite the time I take a nap in the day you wake up and it's like I've no idea what's going to happen to me because I never sleep in the bed that I have that even though I always freak out everytime I wake up on a plane to plane because I travel so much it's like when I wake up on my I'm over here like it's never late I probably belong here I never never I'm always just like waiting to find out what your kidnapping victim I would be terrible is a bowl of gruel on the floor push it on me but you are in London and are you a shot but the thing that you didn't happen London England Mac store talking about like flying on planes I was on the flight not too long ago and I had I woke up I woke myself up snoring and I'd also been drooling on myself and I was also I had a head cold feel like I was constantly blowing my nose and sleep next to me I'm on my way out to the bathroom I bumped her to build my drink on it like that so hardcore I feel so bad I would say something and she was very patient woman and I was with Jeff and Griffin and I will get in touch box for food that was doing all this but from the English but they send kid with the fan and I don't want to ruin the picture of a big black guy I told her that I should have stopped drinking I did last time we were out and I was like I remembered sorry Gavin tuck your whole life right now I mean like oh no I've never I think I'll hold off I know it's not like you just you just instinctively can fight somebody got beat up by a girl 1st grade I don't know it's cool I'm almost there so then I would be hanging out at the house your dad was a coach and I'm hanging out after school cuz he was doing t-shirt and I'm hanging out on the playground after school so it's just a thought 6 had some kind of jungle gym I didn't know what it was just getting my ass kicked by this chick and I was like what did you have something it was really sore she thought like an interrogation scene from the TV show the night or something but it's kicking my ass and Go Get It Go Get It terrified now just probably like a little late you know that little Diamond thing that the diamond shape that the all the playgrounds are made up I probably have like a pattern on my face you going to walk out of this building up his podcast he can just see her and she's real tracking you this whole time so you would like 6 is all the first graders that have never been in a fight before I don't know but it constantly so I can take it and I can take him off your crotch you're crazy I mean there's like there's one time I was out with the Erin and Barbara we're at Barbara Ellis and remember that guy came up Rihanna something and he just grabbed my hair just started smashing my face and play with my hair and it Barbara Ellis - I was like yeah I was just looking and I just didn't even have to play them and like 3 people I think I think she has issues I just I don't have a helper that often but yeah I can get mad and too skinny girls were able to hold you back no I just meant you were just work friends this is embarrassing I should stop and then his friend came up to me and like fronted up and was like take it easy I'm not going to do anything just sit there and you think this differently differently everything like I said it's like. It's like I don't know everyone here is saying right now including this one and then yes I'm good really good are you pissed me off t-shirt is tomorrow's t-shirt Tuesday that was on I was only one that was on his desk and I was like oh he's around 1 so I wasn't really hungry t-shirt and I opened it up and it up Patrick showed me that and I was so confused right now search my home with a box to it is not come with the boys but if we have another one convention Brandon walking in on them all according to be like Brandon I don't know what to do human years ago is 4910 minutes thinking of you guys the Monkey Island Gavin I went to eat and I was driving around obviously didn't have a car and a parking lot and as he was leaving the car did this weird thing where hit like tip forward drove into the ground cause I would like the driveway I was just like oh my gosh it what the right now just you and me just hanging out playing late this is where things change the first time I met you in person and Austin and halleck lackluster it was we were sitting on the couch playing video games and Griffin pick me up the airport and I walked into living room and I'm like visiting through the tunnel like I should take a trip to Austin and like me everybody in Gavin because he's there I've known Gavin at that point I think they like 6 or 7 years I know what I like better than like he stopped the game off early get up and you guys have this like weird Force exchange you know it is a little more natural now well then realize it's off most often he kept poking my face going Barbara Palvin but it went in my Barbara was in Canada and I was video chatting with Barbara and then he was also video chatting with anyone he was sober he grabbed his laptop with him and like positions in front of Joel camera on his on his laptop so it looks like you have in there and Barbara was like so confused I was in the middle I was packing for something I forgot what and I was on Skype with Joel for whatever reason and you're on Skype with Bernie and I look up from packing and Gavin there and it looks like you're stuck with me and I'm just like did I somehow in my call with Joel and get a call from Gavin and accept it without remembering doing that when did I it's pretty funny the funny video thing sometimes was used to find really dirty words on the internet and make me read the definition to the Missus and felt good all the time I think I was just like walking around like he acts like I saw you walking around he saw me walking around there was no effort there's never an introduction each other enough now we can actually be introduced and was interviewed and she didn't say anything to you I offered you water at RTX 2013 at the time you I was packing backpack and I saw you when you came up to me like oh he's coming by my old crate trained and I was like hey the noise was getting around like she turned everything off whatever you want to me I remember what I do for other people other than 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stuff it's right now every podcast have been in a different state so I next one of you did not know about all for me it's because I like this is there a reason you're on camera sometimes only on that camera if you had something like interesting to say or you're scared like I said I have to measure up I'm just waiting actually trying to fight to the death 14 there just like any other Rocky to the rocky rocky OK alright you win this one right here actually trying to survive for the ground as possible if your hand like this and like someone's actually done some pretty bad things trapped like this like choking yourself while you're driving it I think so does it surprise you the guy who's willing to let you think about them Kill Bill Yeah Yeah Yeahs Google founder 2004 the coffin for you I mean that you wouldn't get with the condition that settles in the morning to get your penis out the window not knowing what it was but would you guys like I just remember like I can just misplaced now it's like putting stuff where you at at one point I just remember eating on the toilet to the weird it was a kid my mom told you like to eat on the toilet and it wasn't because the Germans like I just called you at the side deals like maybe it's because he has something to do with like pooping while eating and look through it was straight through me it's bad it was just weird I never ask for explanations I would like a hamburger don't get weird about it but I would do it I think the one place I haven't eaten food fork in a place that is good put one hand to hold both of my wife and you bring it back I gotta love continue the smell just like oh maybe if I U-Haul well they're probably going to say something Dallas strange house that has a DDR machine in your house doing more like Thomas's house in Big Sur why would a DVR machine repair place on the floor flexible today Patrick and Cole fucking thing in there and it was like thousands of dollars she play with style was at me because I said some people like kids are good and I just like I'm bashing but then like someone like money what should I Feel Like Dancin like putting their hands behind their head it's like CRT turning on sound effect what's one arcade game that you would want in your house is like the highest pitch sound you can make I think your pictures got lower through the roof you are fearfully like when you turn but that's the difference dgdg unlike Fargo Mickey Mouse song goes like when you try to do Barbara for the recap Libyan leader is like I go up and wait we get Patrick he's like why are you dressed like that I'm dressed as Barbara still I legitimately watch on the office for like 45 minutes trip to Barbara dress and makeup and everything I don't know if you know this but I was talking to JJ on Saturday night like at his house and he said that while you guys are feeling that he like kept finding himself accidentally looking like under the desk at your crush notice you too and I didn't see it until he said he called but I was just like how do you done this to me address I wasn't even allowed only when you are in jeans but yeah you have an awkward moment and it was funny but then I thought at one point and that day you putting lipstick on yourself which to me would be the weirdest part like I can get in and drag what URL I did I've watched my girlfriend do it so I know how to go with it what are you woodpecker yeah so is that you over there sorry Jenkins I think it was special effects lipstick well I used it so sorry I just checked it was and make it look like I was just like I won't put you trying to say did feel kind of bad about it and I was like this might be offensive and I did it and I sent the text and I and I saw the little in out of the cold and usually guys typing typing and you're like I'm choking like please do it or something like that Ashley has been used on mens body Pacifica so she cannot name how many places it's not as bad as you accidentally putting your mouth on Brandon belly button with her she shouldn't talk about it screen test for things and at one point I was like what's that thing called when you go on someones belly in that day and it wasn't remember the name so I just did it cuz I thought it would be better to demonstrate Brandon shut up I just went in and it was really disgusting and then I went in and saw something in the belly button but it looks like team in the NFL what was it was good after after the fact Brandon for me yeah I haven't showered in like 3 days I've been up here for is he right we don't have a shower here yet but I like cheese hey the guys are here we can throw any funny looks really close today social there's a social disorder where a guy literally couldn't watch it without gagging after that one we shot so I was literally almost throwing up yeah so you heard something that's okay they've got some good stuff coming up but what is coming out this week because Gavin is coming out in Minecraft and turned out really well I think more than anything between Slappy funny how long you guys been doing that for Minecraft late so long time can Gavin will be the last one I had it anytime I'm free probably faces on the fans what's your favorite type of anal anal seepage we have a Gavin chapter 8 is next week we also just announced that we're going to be at New York Comic Con in October early October going to be me and Monty and carry right now I want you to know I need to I need to make something and I'm sure you can if you want I'm sure if you'll be there or not confirmed yet but it would obviously make sense for us to go. What's the coolest invention like what's the best gym in Yukon aside from the obvious Barbara my favorite commission has always been other than RTX PAX East no I just like the color better and I like the people at PAX East better I don't necessarily like Boston better than Seattle I just like that convention I don't know I just feel better all together everything people it's like we talked about it 1050 how do you say happy birthday. So relevant that superhero I was actually my search history names on his crude but we can actually have the muscle and I'm not like you don't need the money but I don't want to look stupid I just wanted to do something and then I was like if you want to cut because there's a saying that goes right here that you will have to choose one side of the other basically so what are you telling the story about you a little chubby all the time like 20 pounds so I don't think game of throne and X-Men yeah I know I kinda want to do Emma Frost Brandon Professor X Cyclops or who would like to see the Cyclops he should be doing great The Wolverine Sabretooth Wolverine Sabretooth flirty actor in the other guy driver good actor but like he didn't have a recognizable subject look I get to be like a comic book Sabretooth but now I know I know what you can and then not enough for you to take a long time to buy a costume if you want to like make any of it actually actually find peace again so it took forever to make I didn't take enough pictures of a few months to make that sell the coffee that I made like 4 years ago because I made it I don't know water and maybe I'll sell for Breeze Dawn dishwashing detergent Robertson Dynamic poster and even a poster is like the definition to Giant Bolt Tuesday for Spencer's at all I think he did I think I look like LOL yes for a while I think that the lighting in the background messages funny funny messages you can tell from the video where the guy to look up at Jeff that he is quite old like 62 it's always looking to highlight my life kinda ridiculous because I'm supposed to put them on his chest there whenever you like looking at it I'm actually looking at two eyes on her and I messed up so many times you're like a more elaborate but she went on like Camaro look like when I do the other the other the other and then there's like one person that are you looking for somebody that's why I look at people's mouths what if I looked at what I did this Gavin how are you looking at the top of my head I'm like what are you doing can you legitimately remind me tonight to help with the most outgoing late for me and that's okay American and I can I find out how to understand sometimes you make me self-conscious Gavin to wrap up this bitch and go home should write a podcast I think we got we got till 9 to 7:14 to my handy-dandy Gina how we study the past we ran off on the run off