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Recorded: 2009-09-30 21:01:12

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo




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    "Compilation of RC jets crashing (watch it on mute, the music is annoying)" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL7upK2kUqQ"
    "Fringe episode Jack was talking about" => "http://www.hulu.com/watch/96337/fringe-a-new-day-in-the-old-town"
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    "Confessions of a Superhero" => "http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1016164/"
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    "Mega64's Madden rap" => "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lniX2qsdMTU"


Transcript (in progress):

I got I got fucked by Knuckles Dawson and AI challenge RC Dela Hoya fights sex on the ceiling New Buffalo MI the pressure that we've been stuck now after that I don't know what's AKA I have like in the hopper I need to refill the hopper have a bunch in my email box 1762 from the guy who's mr. negativity Left 4 Dead or whatever what example when we never been negative Left 4 Dead you were mad about the new achievement to get another 5000 kills with bow yeah because it took away 100% again Bioshock put in the achievement that I am never going to get which is the finish the game on whatever like super difficult was it to you already Fringe mr. positivity in u geof for being so negative about his achievement abilities and then about yelling about the phone the tell him to stop pumping mission accomplished talking about was the band long series of a podcast I loved it burni was talking about how many weekdays are there in a year 260 hundred and twenty five days a week 52 weeks a year I was down on my foot thinking I'm glad I'm not in school anymore from you was surprised that I knew somewhere and I have a piece of a cab you Larry but I made up for it in school by being it actually retarded when it comes to mat like I was in like Advanced reading and retard mat at the same time I failed out of a what comes after algebra algebra 2 you know think I know what's the one that's like you promised and that was it for me in this world new it sale I did I did I did General math in the 9th grade rights Wild Force was high school graduated physical science grade 11 chemistry guy to use mat di store when I can read good what percentage of your the graduating class of a cigarette dead center and everything I've ever done in my entire life there's no when you say graduating class already whittling down the can last absolute 356 people in of that how many graduated 100 that's 306 graduated that we started at the senior with 1300 no it was probably 450 High School in Houston and my graduating class was 1100 people already crazy I think I have like 700 and mine we graduated like 6:50 graduate out of class about like 7:10 with the kids or something I'm not joking when I say this my graduating class had like a 54% dropout rate she really it was amazing because there's a lot from the top 10% you automatically accepted to any public college in Texas I was very focused on staying in like that 65 or whatever it was I think AI all of my academic career in high school towards going to Notre Dame really got into Notre Dame and I was fine then found out about five months before I went to college that much and we can't afford to send another day carpet in my dorm room Jesus still I went to Texas that went to UT temperature in an automatic head an in so I didn't even apply and I got to go to Texas I apply to one school it was taxes in I know that was the only thing I want to do I don't know what it's like in Texas what are you guys all went to school but like an Alabama I took a sex ed class in 8th grade with a dude he was 15 he sat next to me rental cabins in Montana driver's ed an sex anyway we just about had it was too much classwork in the sex ed class High gu knows and he was like soon as I turn 16 to work at the Chrome and factor and that was 11 he turns 16 years old dropped out of high school and started Chrome and bumpers with was happy I was that I was over there I'm sure it's that there's a lot of paper on the Army After High School I went into basic training 3 months after that I got married F1 calendar it at times and in the 10th grade or whatever when you take it when your 15 and it was some old basketball coach you didn't give a fuck if you know he was probably like 10 or 5 years from retirement just did not give a shit right and I think it with a bunch of like a mother fucker is needed to get car as high school and go was really cool he would just pick an afro in class all day long it was awesome people horse you one morning and printed pulled up in his Lincoln Continental and I look over to my right and I noticed our head coach was there that High School driver's ed and pretty confessions hey what's up and was waving at my coach you ran into a car like TiVo in the car and then it stopped for something to it looks it up and drove away what is the can I know who it was it has ever been in a car wreck U me knows I was in a car wreck about 2 months after I got my driver's license actually I think it's a week after I got my physical license a 1976 Chevy Nova this thing is like a tank was this giant as car I bought it for a hundred bucks me my dad work on his like 8 months fixing up the U like when I turned sixteen I could be driving it and as I pulled away from my school with a buddy of mine and a woman was actually following a car like telling them really close and then he slammed on his brakes he slammed on her Brakes in my car this a break but I still it is hit her bumper and it was one of those things where your brain just doesn't comprehend like two cars colliding like that and I literally left I put my foot off the brake and hit her again helicopter hit the building and they can't head to that wave like it wasn't sure what they do and then it exploded it was the exact same thing going through my head like Jesus Christ and then pulled off the side of an ambulance fire truck and it was it was rough I mean there's like crying over my car that it's been all this time working on I feel like an idiot it was one of my friends moms so I don't know you rear-ended this guy's mom this like a little bit I broke the front end and I literally look like my card a black eye because like the room around the light was gone so it looks giant like Mark on the front it was horrible that sucks they're actually have been in any kind of collision that one time I did drive I was looking at some chick some trailer park girl in short shorts walk across the street when I drop my friend off in high school and she was hot and I was checking out her ass and I wasn't thinking I would was going on in the other lane and I made of and swerve into a ditch and it was on two wheels and the like no she's not was Hazel driver's ed mean I don't know if they let you graduate but he said that was like a tank Jackson I watch this video that was posted on /time and celebrate national International Institute of insurance for the highway or whatever this organization 1959 and so to show how much they have helped safety standards in the last 50 years 1959 Chevy Bel Air and crashed into a 2009 Chevy Nova Chevy Chevy Malibu Malibu and the left side the driver side again Malibu no way mat nothing was like swiss cheese that fucking Malibu cut right through that Bel Air like nothing really when the Bel Air with the way it crash was to take every piece of the engine and put it in the cockpit essentially what and what would have been the driver's lap you know they did an analysis of the dummy the driver of the Malibu would have had a minor knee injury wow internet word had to cut away and it looks like the owner of the Malibu just decided to go and sit in a wreck car like to take a picture and the cut away from the Bel Air be is up and getting behind the wheel this during can eating and left it in the car back in those days when your kids web in the front seat of the be jumping around in the backseat playing basket the way in the back window of the car we had like there's that sort of like gap between the back seat and actual window you can get up in there and lay down there as kids while probably not safe not totally safe that way that no people know if you're in car crashing 1959 in pristine condition it looks awesome so we can totally horse and a 2009 car go to go head to head hit YouTube horse for my airplane crashes into a house new might blue there's a cooling I swear a company has developed a you know why nobody thought of this earlier they developed a front wheel for a bike like a kid's bike geof you this but your daughter and I think she did her first like it's got a gyroscope in the front wheel so the wheel doesn't tip over instead of training wheels you just have a gyroscope for a front wheel is really hard to remember about using not turning is the Leaning that would be hard but that should be fine the train will be of cool inventions with vehicles I was looking an infield this morning and they're talking about how this company in Oshkosh Wisconsin just developed a new kind of a Humvee called an m-80 vs think for troops in Afghanistan that is like a physical factor that when you were on the plane we talked about a couple weeks ago with a guy and it's like 20 pounds so if there's an explosion under it disperses out all the trapped in a little forced to the sides of the of it and because of the wait you didn't go up in the air so it's a it's essentially like totally safe from any kind of 100 doors in the Middle East oil again for this thing give me the power of the alphabet for Humanity horse in the podcast by the Alabama school geometry new math in schools it doesn't make sense to me that we should high schoolers like why would U geometry and algebra but you don't learn Finance like hardcore percentages you have a personal finance class as our basic entry-level well word Mathematics High School in in general math studies in the ninth grade they did teach me about the checkbook did you is annoying part of like there's something like that in for like 2 days personal finance class and a typing class should be mandatory it is gone now so Chris of Deeds the letter you are and like they replace what they say with that makes me want to punch a baby I hate when people do web site that if you type them do it they're not to do it spells things in a very dumb way that automatically and you for a certain amount of time with the grammar Hammer instead of because I don't understand understand that I mean at least right now is changing could of could ' E2 could space so it could and it's driving me insane Define people Della Reese I thought they were girls but they were girls that were rescued from a fake big brother are we doing the women some as young as 9:16 in the district of Istanbul and videos of them in the house or sold over the internet organizers of the fake Showplace hour Times newspaper that called for Kentucky can a reality show like big brother that will be broadcast on FX TV and interviewed dozens of would-be contenders thing like that you know we're going to be there actually broadcasting on TV I think like they were requested without them knowing and then wouldn't let them talk to any other family or leave if they wanted to if you want to leave I'm sure the for my imprisonment there's a very fine line between fake reality show and reality show that just didn't get their TV deal for sure in the reality show Solitary Fox reality is on Hulu actually I think it's the most interesting idea 4 reality game show I've ever seen basically they have 9 people in a octagon an octagonal that he said an octagonal room and all of them by themselves and there's a TV monitor that has like a little robot voice high voice and when they compete they just compete with themselves and then they go as long as they can and they choose to quit and still only you can say when you stop but you don't know when your opponents quit so the not so like basically you're trying to think that they have I gone longer than one other person who dropped out it is a really really good idea and I suggest you check it out if you get a chance if you like that kind of stuff when the show is going to end in people not one person probably a day or two and a mat it at all after it's done people like them like that until then I've been asleep for 8 hours like it like that exactly like Scientology should I stay inside all the time if you slept like at work U Get If U get to work at a wristwatch like guy with recorder black in 12 hours red camera in the elevator people up in the floor can a gallon in the Box in the back room I high five Gavin today so hard he himself in the face I just want to say that so you put on the link. Hopefully with his camera video crazy crazy that is all downhill Jack is camera as a phone gu make sure we have all this a cell phone that the camera is actually left his phone in the 4 800 thanks for thinking of an LG knows think it's okay if I switch carriers in the UK to get the iPhone now and trying to deal where they have broken away from the exclusive carrier for the iPhone and orange and 02 will have it I think it's all due to Medical oxygen but now he'll be able to because he is an orange customer he will now be able to get an iPhone that's awesome for him to enable MMS this week I use it constantly and then I'm glad we have it cuz AI a pain in the ass if your phone doesn't support it many web sites I got a fucking drop out an email it to her through my phone right now I can just click on it and send to this phone number you must never is it's the same it like when you click on the photo it on your phone email photo and send via MMS to like her Yahoo mail the check to go in your Yahoo mail that she can get them also I want to thank you Jack I would hit the mail but if you can no I'm saying to get them this is this is great content for The Last of Us I will have a sleep test when I get off at 10 tonight it on on a Galaxy camera that is also phone when they do introduce during that will be a big feature available now if you if you have your phone unlocked like if you if you have the black market app store. That sounds nothing legally guy that kind of stuff is just it I like to read about it and read that other people are doing it I just don't care I love it I mean before before the App Store that was kind of cool now that the App Store is out of like anything you really want you can probably find in the App Store for free description in two days and I'm already from Netflix that you don't want to go out I don't spend on might a bit torrenting and applying patches or like at the ship online and break up with Michael red encryption being broken as usual for is for a like backing up and ripping your own physical media that's about it that's great I'm not can do that I do that sometimes like if I don't want to take a DVD with me on a trip and I want to watch a movie on my hard drive and that's about it AI tunes and get it for 24 hour rights of is a digital copy of any of your meteorite legally allowed legally to have a backup copy of your for your physical sorry I forgot your 50 just gave me Metal Gear Solid for some of that platinum trophy in Uncharted I just don't think I'm going to do it I just let me sit down with in Charter for about 45 minutes it was a blast LSU like this really is like another level of voice acting really guy was completely and totally immersed if you don't with it 12 Monkeys on Blu-ray today if you know what I mean remember being a very good movie and everyone seemed to like it a lot would you think I it wasn't everyone seems like a very good movie like the story turns back on itself but it was to me was fairly straightforward but it was weird because I didn't fill my entire screen the Blu-ray I was really sided blue and transfer to the Dead movie on HD DVD actually and it's a mediocre transfer energy DVD I have Batman on a DVD to and it's the first Batman Tim Burton 100 where they just they come out with a for mat comes out of was The Fifth Element sided HD magazine episode a home a picture of colorful an rights up for a second US map Batman did you see that photo the City Halloween costume terrible I would and link up but that's a joke how bad you look like Conair Conair hair Nicolas Cage Con Air Pages turn as Superman which never happened do you know what that is guy killed because he was the guy who basically asked the Kevin Smith version of Superman which was a good script I read it way back in the day you know why he killed his main complaint about it he said that in one of the scenes he's getting shot at Superman behind a rock and Superman I really did not like it I have too many words from Alabama somewhere the vineyard Doctor Parnassus Heath Ledger's last film The a Terry Gilliam movie really good really really I mean it's definitely a twisted movie have you ever seen a Terry Gilliam movie he does some weird stuff people love to up what like the last movie I saw of his was Thailand which is a really fucked-up film I thought he peaked at times and that's what this one this one is really good I enjoyed it it's more straightforward than a traditional Gilliam film but like the image again it's really really good that Brothers Grimm movie yeah that's right Michael red head horse so very hot Nicolas Cage as Superman rights device for the give him muscle mat as possible but new ones come out this I know that's not right so that's is AI mean from Warner Brothers not real it on the internet so it has to be real the company that Tom owns Terminator Terminator rights for bankruptcy and now the Terminator rights up for sale again that again that studio Canal that I don't know but it's supposed to come it is the most sold property of multiplication property the bankruptcy the first season in Lawrence in the season 1 finale first season started out really bad and then got very good towards again and I haven't seen any the second season except up Dennis Sho comes back on the air actually succeeded quote unquote Family Guy that what makes if you want a show to be on the air and you like it you've got at the Port it in them in the more traditional manners otherwise just web store season 6 not the first not the second of a roller coaster of good and stuff but that was funny talking up at was the one of the parkour which did you hear about the whole thing with Chris Hardwick Sho web and office parkour thing almost exactly like the office like 3 months ago over and over different on television web Superman Tosh point O which is like The Comedy Central think this shows other Tosh point O in English best best whatever whatever it would have been going for a while now and then the way back in the day we had like a real TV with Ahmad Rashad was how web stuff mat sex midnight on Saturdays or whatever after you at the office it was before before bigboy.com people getting car wrecks or catch fire U turn your TV on way way way back in the day you had to go to this thing called hardcore TV 13 I want you to go to it was like it was something they posted in the IGN forums and I was only five the Luminous that they posted I still haven't seen you don't remember from there driving up the side of the Malaysian to volunteers an instance the other day we're sending videos of miniature planes back and forth of planes exploding like those guys who spend $20,000 on their Jets and in like it's slipping and it's crashing tire shop on the fence like that work so hard just so it looks like a puff of smoke sex on the internet like you run into people that you've never seen before and they have one think it's the most important thing in their life they dedicate their entire existence to it that was them of these people I mean David think that jets flying a deadly jets with a remote control probably 15 feet a picture of RC plane flying lessons it would have on this one I saw was a barrel roll an upside down and it pulled up in the ground swear you can hear it what is it geof everybody learn in editing video is their favorite like Limp Biscuit song you know or it or something and just put it over the top of an actually interesting video on the first the first time I've heard Kenny Loggins put hour burni be watching Fringe yet Fringe so you've never seen the show before before I told you to watch that one clip right now yeah I told burni the one who hasn't seen Fringe is on Hulu right now I just asked you to watch the first episode of the second season leading up to the credit like right before the actual credits sequence starts it's five minutes of incredible 10 sci-fi is really cool I liked it like this like is crying over and a producer who wrote that episode 1 talking about using Mexican equivalent 11 Abrams face pictures of famous people writing stuff that this season's premiere of The Simpsons of written by Seth Rogen and it's only the second time I guess Factor has written an episode of The Simpsons it was knows it up they couldn't get the rights for Michael Jackson to sing on The Simpsons of the Michael Jackson episode of The Simpsons is actually something with somebody else really it wasn't that Michael Jackson at least your birthday I had a Michael Jackson the hardest thing ever but I did not know that I was talking a little more or less Michael Jackson impersonator is now I don't know more 4 I don't think is as big as it used to be I was going to get like a Billy Crystal impersonator like to party is Billy Crystal personal from today get drunk and as far as the poor Billy Crystal impersonator that sounds like a famous star was a very big deal but 100 documentary Netflix a Confessions of a superhero I met that guy yes have you seen it now I can't AI softwash it because the trailer is so sad that I just don't want to feel bad for those people for 2 hours it's it's it's hard to watch at times it's just I don't know it's a documentary that follows the people in La who dress up like superheroes in like in front of men's Chinese Theater and take pictures with tourists it so it's really depressed a little it was because he was going to do the whole thing where can is Buddy's big high wire was doing nothing all day but if you dropped an F-bomb on live what are the can let me know what's going on after it was it was late at night so they're in the safe harbor at the East Coast it wasn't episode my God the world like it on the TiVo when they were on the flight head at what happened it what I mean footage from the the broadcast feed I was over instantly I remember the guy running on the field before the third quarter started no one remembers that there was that there was a Streaker who ran on the field and like it but I guess he was close but he ran around the field for a little bit Street National Speakers at like is done like you know Wimbledon and soccer vs Apple Store the local 415 100 local street fairs and Masons there's a problem I look really hard and I thought they came out of that event that wardrobe malfunction what the first was that TiVo said after that that it was the most renowned event in the history of the TiVo that was scary how they were watching it to make a people watching pretty creepy the other thing about that was that just remember by 3 years University of Illinois University of Illinois one of the speakers that was there was a guy by the name of Kareem and he is the third dude that founded YouTube that you never hear about your dad and Steve and it was a guy who started with them then and roll The Graduate School left YouTube and he talked about just the spot for you to get nothing nothing nothing that couldn't get anyone to post any videos on YouTube they were paying for the fake girls on Craigslist to submit videos I remember that they tried like there's a hundred bucks a pop they had a bad of garages about product six months before the site broke wide open and I made 1.7 billion dollars selling to Google where they're sitting around the like this sucks in the video cuts off like that can happen he said that really help Skyrocket them was two major events and the first was the Super Bowl event because it happened everybody wanted to see it and yet it literally could not be shown on television again so everybody want to you to go see it the other was when Tucker Carlson was ripped apart by John for some reason that video in particular was one that made YouTube Steps in the traffic on Sunday would have been another one of those videos at the same time an original exactly two billion dollars when up to YouTube instead of going the more traditional route that you probably was a big fat check for traditional route on the internet not being up an icon on YouTube swear we've always been a big proponent of making your own web page probably like 2 or 3 web sites Hollywood Slots / 991-9991 I don't know what up surround I'm pretty sure I'll just it was of the Lost World Jurassic Park comedy web site sided made my friends World Park cage which was the biggest an official Lost World page like fan site Dead and Gone October 26th 2009 was only months ago on there new you get your not my friend in the lost world cage and then he went on to dance be 3 Pages like he was actually and the guys that digital and roll here in Austin and word I just saw his page that he did a wing Commander cage and it's all his like hey do you want to do the movie cage and Commander the movie web site I need it and then they pay them and never getting a job Jets or whatever today people eating in restaurant Bel go I wonder if you knew our friend Paul that worked at digital anvil Jack remembers more and tripod are still online I'm really grateful for them if you wanted to create a space on the internet no one will ever find you write out 20 megabytes an account Winter Soldier it was like it was like a parody dogste preferred dogste a friend why dogs are loyal open Facebook open Facebook you I don't know how we can talk search the web for any more information or topics I Sho geof a video the other day with disc I got the necklace called sex drive the movie watch the trailer for remember well that would have been like my point in life would be to write that movie and now it exists so what the fuck am I going to do Sprint with a gun how to tag an ODST rights on I remember there was one time when I was out and I think you were single at the time but I saw a girl Tuck Rule is like you with like a female version of you we were definitely somewhere you would get to meet because when she got her food she clapped which what you always do when you get food you can eat or drink whatever how was your food I miss you too just like you can Mississippi fill trigonometry and geometry through a little bit have you ever in your life have you ever had to figure out what the area under a parabola is just I just you know what that means no no no no no need for that once not too long ago what for condoms are new bow as I figure out how much water it take to fill it as your mom okay okay that's awesome did you figure out was the former construction worker mat that's all you know like that's an object you can I deal with everyday life people are you ever going to build a suspension bridge probably not exactly I haven't yet but it may be that a lot of life left in cage have real world experience Building Bridges like a 50 foot long suspension bridge from high school it from one end to the other end of RA training we never too much red like an 4 phone number Madison how was the stores anymore knows the horse gone for good I don't know what's from why do people why do we like was given to the like complaining that I don't really don't need to have a plate of 70 cupcake sued by the end of the day they're going to be 18 cupcake I don't even up to their delicious in addition to Cupcake something yeah that was pretty awesome how many did we need like 36 of them per person at the party and I was at that party it was like 30 or 40 people at the party I think another way more than 36% and we're off a cupcake can get a TI-83 and graph that up for it an application on my TI-83 when I play dungeon dragons I couldn't find my guy I couldn't possibly exist you could roll what's the guy that couldn't possibly 7 sided die that geof not possible I could make a fortune sided die that has the number doubled 8 sided die this is roll again on to this 2601 like all of our games are based on six sided die it just goes our ancestors couldn't figure out how to make not DVD system New Edition Everything 100 it's a golf-ball how to stop rolling your you got to be careful left roll it very far the eventual stop on one of the little bit to look at it for like 2 minutes to figure out which number was can I buy strollers randomizer was their problem and you drop the guy into the top of the car they hit wooden stake inside and put the round AN it come out the bottom that's a good idea to throw them back into machine can pain in vs in the campaign you know what I realize I'm an idiot right now I'm absolutely okay I don't know why I haven't played in a long time I want to be there achievement the math in my head Menards it is really with us there's only three I guess like a campaign achievement yeah and then there's one before there's a lot of both it so it doesn't kill them and the rest are infected achievement yeah there multiplayer achievement didn't have any Belmont like it's to the point where if you play as if you get a Survivor and vs Michelle can I fuck I can't do anything it was already anyway Survivor shoot your teammates and let yourself that you have random you know fucking head shot Master 69 her I never and I have finding Freedom Place exactly at least two you know better than you can just constantly watered down by jumping in the matchmaking and having a bad experience absolutely but you don't want to be you don't want head shot 69 hour on play you know any better because you know it was 12 minutes and you can mute and without using not negatively affecting your gameplay for your long is firefight gameplay guy you know the launch party in the music as recording achievement of you and I try to help out with that man I just wasn't good at it I was out of practice because I have many more Play-Doh Plus word play with her I'm trying to play the PS3 for about 5-6 days left in this it's really hard knows gu 4 which eyeglass faster and better it's not Factor at all the PS3 when you hit the PS3 button it loads every single option to turn loads itself so it takes a much longer time that I showed you when you go not available you can copy and paste in messages so if someone think about that everyone is forwarding messages actually has changed of petition messages in your message box on the PS3 I got one the other day if word this petition to enough people we can get a Halo beta on the PS3 New Mexico can never get a Halo 4 multiplayer maps for Call of Duty stop sending forwarded messages forwarded messages within two or three days ahead like 5 yeah not cool think they're going to finally get Fallout 3 DLC next week I finally finished Mothership Zeta it was good was probably my favorite expansion out of all of them really I try to steal the best you it wasn't it was down there I was not a fan of like in the future those fuckers work tuck is Hell really I'm glad to hear that you have a lot of Alien Blaster in The Last Airbender SHO Blaster ammo left the game when he picked up a weapon you just refusing and he doesn't save it for anything it seems very much like a coral is it is it okay you know 100 anime 4 Fun can swear I'm going to leave my phone here and pick up the AK-47 and I lose this microphone never used any the rounds in it it sucks you can hold some kind of rifle awesome medical review for the PS3 Uncharted was great I never played Killzone where I played it for about 5 or 6 minutes I never really have anything so how much metal gear did you watch about 30 or 40 minutes here's everything I didn't again in 30 minutes I crawled under truck and then I went down to the room and then I'll probably watch them out of some tanks came walking along and jumped around and animations cutscenes in for a couple seconds like hour game for like a week and a half so I knew I had like a good solid to a horse when I can watch the end of the day I just strong the game play together how long would be willing to cut scenes RC like a football game and I think that metal gear way back it was like it was like Bionic Commando same style of game and I don't know what I don't care about the story making some kind of fucking 10 Review 4 high reviews on Halo 3 Michigan awesome metal gear I don't like metal gear but I just don't understand these characters in my Japanese storytelling think you I don't understand no one understands anything I that I don't know 45 minutes and then the games and watch the ti-8 play metal gear for 2 hours and I promise you actually play need like 9 tuck and said there for 45 minutes and then apply for 4 minutes tuck a little this morning not really that was like Halo I like Left 4 Dead AI like yours of War you like playing games if you buy the PS button between the two. I'm going to and I just prefer the Xbox 360 and I really did I think I gave it a thought but I had to stick with it for a while the play was really good because I'm definitely going to buy their stuff we're so familiar with bungee right and valve Waco from of those companies and how they work an like they're office is I honestly have never heard of naughty dog before I watch this another bonus feature that was really cool I think they're out in Santa Monica if I remember properly I think you're right because they had on their bonus features when they had a dodgeball game between them and Sony Santa Monica I actually need them because I was back in the day on the PlayStation was a big Crash Bandicoot commercials I remember that Burger King commercial no that was that was a commercial for mega64 exist I installed finally and played home and we'll be coming home I'd really just absolutely do not understand that all the screenshots of it look pretty cool I can the PS3 experience U load it like a game you play it separately and you don't need it but it's just it's all right if you could go if you can walk around there and go to York that would be kind of cool you can wait in line to play bowling and you can go to movie theaters and you can watch like upcoming trailers 4 games left chemical which is kind of cool cuz you the feeling that people around they're all standing there watching can you see people watching it there but you're not going to your dad's and watch the trailer you just watch the trailer for the girl avatar around is almost what it is I think we have a Lobby for the PlayStation store so it's kind of I don't know what to say maybe that's what a bunch of different DLC or music or movies or whatever have you heard of any incoming now I really hurt in beta or is that the fish not it's not because think about it if I never in my life seen Avatar dancing you are at home or in Second Life I really well I don't understand like why you want your avatar dance yeah that was like the worst part of the the stars in the movie The can is it before you people dancing together former I don't think 41 so far not much sorry I'm sorry I have to work no mix it up whatever you can always go for this I don't know why I'm be in Fallout of guns and stuff like that is crashing just woke up some an exclamation head space as well it came out because of the Achievement System I think I'm going to do it on the on the Xbox and today we have you today I was reading about it and a half not bad and getting hard and then rushing to get the platinum trophy I really feel like no one would new that I did that it was original on the Peter percent of the drug packages you found them around the city no one would know you did that 100 point on my profile on PS3 it against a big head about that or let them out online like can you check your information online I have no idea in the PlayStation not coming out looking at looking for something really cool Community Jets blog PlayStation and Xbox is an Xbox is more than for the information and the social aspect into the console for Xbox One whining about the demo not coming out you have to let you know I just came out looking for of it on October 13th I'm pretty sure I'm retarded again Roll by this story if I was so enthralled at your house I can bring mine over and then we can watch it on your TV for 5 minutes was too hard ever since its 8:06 that that I saw that chart I don't reach out to about 2 months ago where it shows like consoles sold vs how many people are actively playing at the end it was destroying everything and like it so far at the bottom of the other listed like everybody who owns one and nobody plays ever that's pretty much the definition of a very very very interested to see what it looks like we do will be one controllers big dildo how to say ice cream cone they're showing the Tokyo game show and it's all playing Katamari Damacy was like one of the first this real applications of the game that Sho outside like the ones that had a 3 to look at photos of moving your hands like as RC controller Park the game in annoying pain as well in resistance if you caught fire I think that's how you put yourself out U on PS3 for the blade on the end of control if you fake your PS3 controller makes her boobs that's a good application motion control in Arkansas are they different really really you know that's people try to argue like a video game starts in the you know it's not just for kids and then I had a bow tied in knots heavy amounts of blood Tire not guy keep asking to borrow it and then up like and you have to tilt your controller to maintain a balance I don't have the patience