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RT Discusses Strange Body Parts

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Recorded: 2014-09-23 17:47:15

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

this episode has brought to you by Squarespace the only one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website portfolio or online store for free trial and 10% off go to squarespace.com and use African true story that's all for true story squarespac on this podcast is brought to you by Hulu Plus watch your favorite shows anytime anywhere with Hulu Plus on your TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet shows like Family Guy Once Upon a Time new girl Scandal and more right now you can try Hulu Plus free for 2 weeks when you go to Hulu plus.com / Rooster Teeth everyone welcome to the receipt podcast 290 this week with Gus Lindsay Michael Jac & extra Destin guy that saw someone else in my chair peace so that I have anything wrong you can talk to the president and I went to put it in and it was normally it's a clear plastic it was yellow it was like this right here so I can put it into a plastic bag for evidence and put it in that case they put bombs in level and then just blow it Google princes thanks for leaving a waxy Pearly Gates old world chamber in my head it was like a tumor extra here so much that it is like the first day since launch that I haven't been playing every much the whole time I've been awake too my handsome doing things other than this I thought it was two weeks straight and I'm at 6 2626 and a half to 2016 and then I have an ALT which is like I think on 947 or not hear from you so I got mang and I hit my head of strange going to get it I think that's it and then it like right around the exact same time I had to I was able to buy my chest please tell him from like 23 to like 25 immediately that was awesome right before we started I was the last one so we did a raid is coming out this week at some point and I think we have one level 26 to level 25 to level 24 then I was 23 and I was the last one of the 23 and we tried that it doesn't go so well Jac wasn't was I play level up guy got over this past weekend I got my first exotic weapon and I turned in my histor Ingram I got my that's weird for my penis on Xbox one I have it all go to my PS4 account on your old console a really really beautiful a long time and there's something or someone who who works at Stonehill who got tired of hearing me talk about it so he sent me Evita turned on my TV to play Destiny in my PS4 a dog's extra constantly on my V Italia bordwell entertainment areas that I've got like my TV and Xbox One everything I setup my Xbox One to turn on my TV when it goes on so I can walk into my house and it's go Xbox on in the in the Night TV show come on I'll walk up there just ready to come home or something yes okay watching this right now Jac farming in that cave where the shooting michae a hurricane I think it was I think it was during the sponsor cut on Friday and you know there's always people over there shooting so as a fan I guess and he made a video of his time farming with us and like him like just get me some Cuts but the funniest part was the end he kept alluding to Ryan and waving around keep trying keep trying and then for like 1 friend :-( crying a penis Ryan Leslie Ryan on the patch and just like the clip and go to the camera footage of Ryan P farming with Achievement Hunter 3 funny Brian spaid on Photoshop then on the Destiny Cover true funny it's funny how many question have you ever see the cryptarch or if you talk if you go to the bounty board you come out you like Jesus Christ man it was fun it's very in on the game let me know parts of a okay but like I can't stop playing it exactly okay it's alright but I just can't stop in so it's like they clearly there's something about this game that I maybe didn't even think about looking like an interesting case study watching Michael for work I got to do want to watch the movie tall enough that I don't feel bad I don't have a form for three hours and I don't have to let me know the first week and a half was just farming over and over and over again trying to get equipment but finally when you hit like 2324 you start leveling up your stuff you can actually keep the equipment you have it's like okay now booking helium filaments online we just do a loop ready for weekend a trip to the legend with 10 I'm pretty good pretty good you legendary mang a legendary engram drop P drunk really high V legendary guy from The Burger King bathroom is playing the game Gavin got like 3 people sharing that location three weapon parts in Scott the only thing I'm screwed with right now is only weekend which is like me when you can and I think I'm doing like shattered Memory or something like that it's for up the pulse rifle as a result because each one give you a specific item if you look it up sewing you know something 8 step process I'm on step like 4 something and I need to get 10 I need to dismantle 10 Fusion rifles AR or high which is blue I've had that fucking bounty for a day and a half I have not gotten 10333 I got the one I got one earlier today right now the step 1 is complete 5 strikes without dying though so I got the first one last night last night I looked out and I went to go do the level 8 strike and the strike loaded and I jumped in and sepiks Prime was down to like 5% healthy I don't think there's like no death thing but he has to complete 25 strike yeah I think Jeff has the next to the next one is get a 25k lady spread in the strike and Crucible so that means basically a striker in Crucible in Crucible so basically you have to go and get positive enough to get 25 feel like if you go let me know if you get 10 kills and deaths you get to see it up to 12:25 pot player stops I'm like well that's it for me like I'll make it there and never get past all of them 3550 do it just like to kill someone right away and then go in like the vehicles on solid with but I like sitting in the butterfly man rapes several times like just playing or doing whatever he's like to know what's 22 + old I can okay so just text me I got three Exotic Bounties for exotic weapons you know I got so fucking lucky it was but I mean when we respond Scott on Friday you just get hit in PvP you don't have to do well it's actually annoying when you do well like you strive to win and get first or second place and fucking last place gets an exotic or legendary whatever just no Rhyme or Reason to it when I'm playing you know I'm playing and try to win but if I'm not doing shit I will actually still just playing with you again to jump up and down while I'm in the kitchen you don't run around in taking baths I could still get a blue or purple I did that exactly it was like the Monday I'm just talking to Jeff and I'm standing at his desk is like push the button push the button push the button I walk back to the game the first place had like 23 hundred points over 2,500 I get three kills the game ends I got an exotic I got an exotic Fusion rifle that's like saying I don't have it like Stacks up against other rifles but it's crazy cuz the thing with Fusion rifles are kinda like shotguns you know they fire that Plazma Burst what is Scott like double or triple the range of a normal Fusion rifle so it works like it works like a Scout rifle like an automatic rifle and then I upgraded it so it fires in like 1 second or something I don't like this such an open and then I finally got to help me cuz I bought it from the dude on the weekend was the perfect amount of ma mixed with a shooter like it's sort of like building up characters like that remind me like a part of our lives and now we're all good we're all meeting at least 26 AR Jefferson 25826 P did 2326 and Rangeline or 27 so he's going to try to finish the other night I guess he was at the last boss with some friends started 23 in Blac scratches on the back in the day Ma they're not just got home about the same time there's something on Destin by the way there has been none something to bring it up I saw today a story about a woman who came from Florida to visit the plastic surgeon to get a third breast installed installed Total Recall three breasted woman my kind true p 3 old Haswell a thing for like Total Recall 2 or some bullshit like there's no way that's recal P Valley California grows something else on the wood chipper accident cuz I want that I'm sure you can can you you can't wait to see this one don't worry about the right Lee Bridal sorry maybe someone three in one on the podcast 50 longest time I've been away in 11 and a half I didn't do anything also if you podcast I talked about how I had some neighbors who live like a little down for me Hulu who did not have curtains on their bedroom window and I saw them make it a couple of times during my during my vacation I'm glad about that I was like my dog do their business I pick it up I go to the trash can to throw it away and there's a butthole some kind of brown I have to speak button I had a dinner a couple weeks ago for my nose my anniversary so for my anniversary when I had dinner at boo Chico And in the or like I was sitting down with my wife and in this couple walked in and I had my back to the door my wife is watching them walk in she look good in those people or somebody and I turned I looked at them and I was like who is it that guy he's like a tennis player or something Brooklyn Decker ma man like in the booth right next to as soon as like this like that like that woman is really beautiful someone like he does something none of us would ever be recognized this is one of the local Austin celebrities probably one of those damn ads AR we got lady crap is mang Austin Lady Lake Harry Knowles in there in like a Robert Earl keen's in there and who is the you know that we're talking about who's the main guy who's talking to camera and see the country singer not right now but there's some improving Austin being very much Dazed and Confused style v a badass it like me nobody going home to your roots and it's in drive front of you so I think it was Conan did they get a record of that taken dialogue from True detectiv felt like I couldn't get into my P McConaughey driving the car commercial out of it true detectiv but you're on the phone already others came out with the first having started having asked for before the show premiere like that so stupid another you know cartoon family fox now next month in October be like next week so that's why he didn't show I really like that Drunk History is well and watch them Hulu that's a really good drunk histor watch the first season 2 Edison never saw them when they were on YouTube with the lyrics I started watching it nowhere to on YouTube with the TV show bucked up his wife told me so Just Like Music three story laying down on the couch like in a blanket telling the story so you know it goes back to the story The reenactments up and in a cup wait we should take my pants off for summer Scott okay nevermind Scott nevermind but I sure on the drunk side of my cheesy bread down there I know I seen that just filming or whatever I'm not just a drunk person spell the drink behind you to your breaking like shit Scott I stream the bathroom incorporate that stuff and 3 I had a dog with her and total like this good like guy that can make a bar lady talking a bar the bartender start barking Crispin Glover's Tesla pot the way to destruction loard's or 20 test lady was like what like what the fuck script at all like Jac Blac AR Johnson drunk in like manner without having to listen to that audio what is she was just thanking him for the speech that you made and she was like he would have fucking love that awesome ghost Blac Sleepy Hollow Bobs Burgers and Brooklyn Nine-Nine I swear to God if you're not caught up on your shows to catch up now and Hulu Plus you're probably watch Hulu on your computer Hulu gu part that you watch every episode of shows like South Park Family Guy Fortuna computer Smart TV Roku Apple TV Xbox or Playstation pretty much any streaming device you already own for 799 a month watch your phone shows anytime anywhere but for our subscribers to get or far listen there's a two-week free trial when you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth 2 weeks is better than one makes you go to Hulu plus.com / true to keep to get the extra free week and they know we sent you one more time that's Hulu plus.com / 464 your 2 week free trial that's really creepy the Brooklyn Bobs Burger you guys had no idea but I was coming up I like Hulu are we on the way too much I think animated Adventure finally came out of us and our bathroom counter accurate no God please no I was the side on Earth side right when you walk in and someone sitting you to their left side okay good luck you can do it inside you thought a lot but you lock the door the outside door handle it illuminates red crap wow that's awesome technology ultimate life before tax so I went to Washington State prepare where weed is legal recreational marijuana into another country like their version of the Austin Chronicle the stranger and you look at the back page and it's just pot delivery services in Blac or just like you know each other recommend like whatever total or you can actually go to and legally buy marijuana Market delivery service guy hopped up on the market a little money I was waiting to cross it this car pulled up to the red light Crock-Pot in their front they sell those they sell crock pots that you can plug into your cigarette lighter trouble with my phone while I'm driving City I mean aside from you no no no not at all but I mean like they just called me I think legally you're not supposed to like smoking on the street okay but I mean rib joints and even home so I can horn as much as they can realize that recreational marijuana do you think that's going to be something else because I know what happened like they're making a lot of money on taxes and your aunt right in the street like people are predicting that Colorado seem less significant greater Revenue than expected yeah and like you said no there's really no negative consequences see more widespread adoption although I wasn't one story that there was a woman who was being she'd been arrested because he caused the car accident because she was drunk with the kids smoke too much marijuana or like there's no hope for them so she was involved in a wreck someone to do a blood draw on her and determined that her THC level was over the legal limit when there is it's not like someone like drunk what is the most conservative Republicans in Texas which are very much like some of them can smoke this or take this and it's like kind of you're going to get yourself but I mean it's guy tells what everyone else does eventually you know actually but I mean it this is one of them it's going to be fucking a long time I don't see it being like the first 10 states and because of that they see this money driving away from Texas like there are huge Gamblin the casino because there's an Indian reservation and I think it's the only Casino in Eagle Pass three things that go in order is like the first Casino when they go there all the time I've been to Lake Charles a number X and Louisiana I think even if you're down on the coast like in Corpus or Galveston cruise ships that you can get on the drunk baby likes a lot like 20 miles from the coast and Gamblin way it could have been legal like as a kid I'm like this this is shouldn't be here but I use it all the time there was an arcade in the mall near my house and I was I was probably like a teenager like 14th and 1314 or whatever and yeah I was just like your standard arcade because you know not too small but not huge and it's too early virtual you know you like to think that one over no one ever was with this tiny little slot machine right but it took real pot ma machine and put in I would I swear to God like out of every dollar I get like $2 back to you everywhere in the room dark a big on them in times like this it's a game is it Russo's we're doing like this free money come out of this bar and I was like what's around what in the guy that had like slot machines behind the bar let me let you know right around the corner from the office I guess it's only legally that's kind of cool Gamblin Mike & Molly guy Campbell did when we were out there for PAX and I'll have it we both need some money actually I know it's legal in Gold Coast this weekend so I'm staying guy like I've got a flight but don't have my room yet exactly so don't know where I'm going to stay but there football stuff do you have friends out there so I'm pretty mad I was just saying justification about you watch college football all day on Saturday a game we play some crap that had some bro bonding bonding what I got out of the crap you tried you tried to give me a crap first yeah but I've never been to Vegas with you everything okay and then they went I have to be there without the GameStop managers Expo last year and that was Alan and Chris were there at a friend's yard or trim LG and like we all went out and I had one of my foot long strawberry daiquiri things whatever it looks like we all went out and then I was like I gotta leave guy so we go back to my hotel then went and played crap they all or a thousand bucks apiece and Lincoln if I have like a frozen margarita a tummy ache because it's so sweet Guy drinking sundanc man I want to start drinking whiskey histor likes it there but every time I watch it fuck that I can do if I have friend in college who drink Scotch all the time same thing disgusting I want no part of it but I'll drink whiskey and bourbon but I can't do Scott penis when it seemed that one time wanted to try to go to Every Bar in Austin any place that sold liquor we were going to go to and we've been to tons of things to be a place downtown a 6 to call the Daiquiri Factory or have you just had like walls of Daiquiri machines you get all different kinds or somewhere around there in fact we'll have one drink will leave so I can boo daquiri factor and we sit down and a waitress comes over to take our order and we tell her whatever stupid daquiri then she leaves and in another way to come to take our order we don't know where you are with the first comes back with our drinks anyway Scott Strait you look Splendid on Ma what team cheers what is the pi Paradox found V in Lake out of Trinity I thought it was on 431 Block Street 18 and up dance clubs or old ones like 22 or 23 I walked in and it was like a foam party tonight I'm not a good idea to cover myself in so many other people I think it's like hot and sweaty friend three deserve this she went in like a a bikini top I guess and I guess some people I need to do the foam part everyone gets 15 minutes in the fire extinguisher he is now can it spread understanding of diseases orchids and Ivy although you can be born with the disease is a mother's breast milk change STI it could be something that is out of your control and infection could be something that hote in what change does Gavin's Here There and every time someone has STDs what about it that's what she said STI ice to say because it's like I'm American fuck you guys and I say what I want when we have that there's some stuff I was supposed to work but I forgot that someone sent me this Crystal Palace Jersey nice Brian thank you Brian I thought it was a Metro or do you know player the other than any professional forward to having some crazy stuff about it that's a lot of value in that shirt each of those things could be its own shirt with like all those things dollars there's an abstract in STI on willingly just cuz like people's bodies AR you make it like a pool of STI is for you to wait until it's like a standing a hot tub guy guy doesn't even work out somehow that sounds gross Total Hockey three years ago not supposed to drink in them it was years ago when we went to Sundance it's the time that I put on that a Snowman and or if you know that's right which time we went out to Sundance and if it's a really small town so you have to stay at someone's contact Airbnb your home away so we rented a condo with a bunch of people were staying there 15 of us in this little 3 bedroom condo and in the condo complex there was a hot tub so I need January in a ski resort to the sons of Norway you know it's pretty cold weather and just get in the hot tub and drink a bottle of vodka wasn't very far from the condo maybe fifty feet and I couldn't does smoking destroy those days and the reaction is how dare you I created that you know elbow back in so I went to the couch in the living room passed out on the couch and I woke up at 7 a.m. and David woke up at 7 a.m. so I could hear that you spit Austin I just don't think you understood that snowman AR or we just sit there like in a hang on the pool like you no like me no like mid-level or Direction you are because the water is helping you up annihilated three steps of the pool water is like three drunk like you already slug mang we go swimming at our complex and we make the right ones like I have absolutely one or two times I like being awake I just don't remember it because it's just like hey passing out if there's like a false sense of security there because it's only like 4 feet deep so hopefully you wouldn't like to fall in and drown with someone pull your ass out and you know he just walked back to her apartment today and then you add p no I got out of a pool a bill I got to the top step and realize I can't walk so I crawled where can I throw up when he pointed out that his grass as far as I could in his AR Jac & Spa bathroom the next day you know midday and I was like what happened I thought you were gone total Michael Bisping drunk that I realize the reset point in the pool and they're all find out that I have to go I'm going to go but I don't want to make it weird and be the person the part of the pool I open the gate and I threw up but because I was so damned determined to get back I was like no I just shoved it back in P class a word which is like so absolutely drunk at the pool I'd like barely remember it and Gavin are having a conversation and like I'm standing talking to him and probably like falling over while I'm just standing because we were about to in like drying off after we got out of the pool and we're talking about something whatever Extra Billy's beer all over the other shut up Michael and I'm so then I was talking to him creative lodging getting beer poured all over them like what are you doing Walking Man what you're talking about precum if I'm not mistaken that was the conversation postcard Jac is there a difference alright I mean it's the same thing but my point goodbye and then you get dribble and then it's like the rest comes out to clean it out next time that the noise it makes actually guy was supposed to come is like Snot I'm so glad you want to put things where you just grab everything to walk around like I had to keep myself up right so I just grab on to anything I don't know a lot of people that I literally was sort of like podcast or anything he was screaming at his fucking cat like he says like he's like to check it out stand there like you knows I don't mean he was started one way and then went another way but he thought it was like a vampire and then turned into he was invisible so he kept taking the coat and just being like you can't see me he was holding the coat to cover his face and he kept running up to people going I'm invisible I'm invisible and it's like 1 a.m. never give me the character which didn't show up drunk Michael was like bad drunk Mike Fisher drunk drunk arm wrestling old is to have you around drunk words like they drink Ma sorry I was a drunk is the moral of this story maybe I won't but thanks how's the car doing it again to fight you are smiling it's just like the vinegar that we all have liked it that pisses us off you don't even like car that Quincy comes out like a thousand percent she's like that fucking cunt was looking at that's our waitress so I sometimes like we will bit of an uncomfortable truth Burger better over here this person is totally different money I could drunk Jac drunk at the beginning means you're like fucking wasted Blac 7 drinks in drunk no one has two beers Norfolk drunk Austin drunk with drunk dad usually like negative drunk drunk AR friend Andrew sometime drunk and he's like the most ridiculous fucking thing ever if I've never laughed more my life every time I can't wait for him to come over just so I can feed him liquor and Film It Like a Knife in the whole fucking ridiculous thing at PAX East we are hanging out with him and I ended up showing it actually at the last AR TX or put a video together and I showed it a door panel he's like stumbling down the longest hallway in history of the hotel we're like all that the other end and he was rubbing his head like against the wall but there's part or the wall dips and comes back over and over again in his floor and he's crawling around on his knees imagine an animated version of me with a dick on my elbow and getting angry at your part Bronwyn music pot easier to draw dick or you just put a sensor bar over it take content that we make this is working AR TX that like Halo party thing we did was a Saturday night or someone dressed you know and but it's it's not like a sweater Cameron text me with it beautiful handcrafted must have taken hours and hours days I guarantee you and beautifully stitched into the front of it in like cursive writing was bitches ain't shit but she's the one that wears a jacket all the time just because like even when it's 95 degrees out it's one of them where in Austin Texas for this convention you will never get more appreciation for this dress then tonight so I'm just saying you should wear it so she wore it and like every 2 minutes someone stopping or like that dress is amazing Minecraft characters and their she made it look on the tag or something I think though a dry cleaners that or should we play we all share and play video games for a living easy level 20 from fully up anytime mailed it out the company that sort of runs alongside of the Alamo Drafthouse to be like Blac exclusive posters in them doing finals and toys and things we should talk about talented artists statistician holes in the theater for panels and then had this giant like mondoco outside over there selling some merchandise and they had like food trucks all over it was really really bad so they had Shaun of the Dead thing where they're selling that the vinyl soundtrack of Shaun of the Dead and if you bought it you got a chance to go to at least a shooting gallery with a view three vinyl records and the zombie set up everything not the heads off 3 Zombies you'd like I'd like a really premium version of zombie guy alcohol-free so you think in practicing for holy shit artists are amazing I'm at the dude you made Howard the Duck which is pretty cool Mike mignola and Hellboy he was there and it's like all these really bad I thought it Scott see who's more tomorrow morning for artist buddies I guess he was there he was sober at the time it was guy gets like mondoco the time I may be moving today because a lot of people like you want to go to Fantastic Fest but you don't like we're at Fantastic Fest to make it a reminder that the vice a versa so it was kind of random or in parallel Austin on Guadalupe or like north of Tampa still like 40 V something like that oh you know where the other the gym is with a big arm they got that right now but I really really had the first elbow Alex Ross prints an Iron Giant Alex Ross print which is pretty kick ass so I got that and they do provide like gold bricks but I guess she's a really cool stuff in it feels like I will spend so much money at this place wallet out of her apartment in in the I just like put up tons of AR work in the living room I hung like 20 25 things you tweeted about it too right happy birthday I just decided to redecorate the living room so I bought like guns I bought all them on the prince of your favorite movies so we already had the Jurassic Park about years ago like when I first moved here but then I got I got a lion king friend I got a Terminator alien and Back to the Future so it's like I have all 5 in a row in the living room and dick so fucking good luck with that. Like I was when I was in college like down in the lobby area they did that like tons of posters and you go and buy like 10 bucks or whatever it's like this is the adult version of that baby's life and high-quality stuff and not liking City marijuana 20 that was the in are still obviously using video games as I am now but that was like 19 or 20 phase of like I love you again because my wife it was just like you get the poster inside all posters.com in and said they were like 12 $15 posters and even frame on my way just get them and take them on the wall and a 10-day had like a super limited selection like only huge games like Halo and Gears of War and Assassin's Creed and I got a lot shit and my whole my old room I just covered where my brother he's nice like it only has like he was in Maryland but we're like in both of our rooms the only place left for posters a ceiling and we go to put make sure you take that you're not that I went on like on YouTube AR expensive are Blac the Mandos are cheap because it's so one of the ones I have the most a raise is like 500 of them most of them for like 250 only and it's really cool to have something Warframe dick pics of like smaller video game prints like over the door that leads to my balcony that they sell at a game over videogames super awesome 11 by 17 prints and it's like one artist makes them all the time lindsa birthday you got well hung Butterfly by Squarespace Squarespace is the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your professional website portfolio or online store squishies squishies has been around for nine years and actually improving their platform with new features new design that even better support their beautiful designs for you to start with and they have a ton of style options and Credit Union website for you or your business they recently released when you customizable templates and every design automatically include the mobile experience that matches the overall style their website or contact great on every device every time or if they want several Design Awards including favorite website Awards the way these forms and the awards for best website design the customer support team has also won awards most recently a gold Stevie award for outstanding customer service squarespac is converse ready to provide a powerful and flexible eCommerce solution so we set up shop and sell things quickly a square face good for everyone where they need a simple website solution or developer and want to get into the coach there's so much you can customize a website with Squarespace squarespac website you show your favorite game woman squarespac AR three bucks a month includes a free domain name if you sign up for a year so we have already dick squarespac to try you don't need a credit card to start building your website when you decide to sign up yourself a good RoosterTeeth get 10% off Harry support for his teeth at squarespace.com offer code RoosterTeeth things to Squarespace for their support and for making me making the creation a website easy thanks Guy I used to say to me like I was a virgin for information for a wedding for no Dairy very helpful the navigation is fantastic so AR drugs are good notice or promo code try to get into it so we're doing extra life again this year for those of you who don't know extra life is or basic raising money to help kids who are in children's hospital all over the country not think I don't know if they're doing all of the world again this year but they're working on it so 24-hour stream will be doing a live far from here and maybe some other sites I'm still working on the final details of that but like our other streams we done in the past with your operation supply drop in last year's extra life we're doing another exclusive thing where you can only buy it during that 24 hour. This year's a little different though instead of doing a poster like we have left to or doing a t-shirt so that's pretty Kick-Ass so are you doing t-shirts and the proceeds from now we'll be going towards our donation Rooster Teeth donation to The a to extra life so yeah keep an eye on is when is October 25th is when it starts going to be 8 a.m. until 8 a.m. on October 26th and the same deal as last year is going to be crazy a lot of fun and really get as many people involved as we can so I will be here this year I will not be traveling somewhere we can have a party here Rooster Teeth and everyone's invited to come and watch and hang out with us for the 24 hour. So I mean really watch at home now so you can check out the website if you have no income as well and I can join our team we're still or you'll join us and I'll raise some money in so it could be a lot of fun and I'm really excited Jones working on some stuff for it we can Farm Fresh michae for 24 hours. P purple purple draw anywhere not even the treasure cave man on the moon still here in Austin last year I'm going to try to update it so we raise my head the one you had before the wedding so last year we raised about $360,000 and our goal for this year's I got me in my in my dream goal would be to hit half a million will see if that happens but that would be insane if we get anywhere near that so I think everyone who came out last time and so we are I am working on some stuff for my fan interaction like I'm talking to one of my favorite places in Austin about doing like an off-site thing ever to be raising money and kind of like doing something we love hello I'm talking to you I'm talking to K1 Speed about doing some go-karting Waukesha love charity and beat the shit out of people while doing Jerry but it is not coming up so keep an eye on that and I'm sorry help other people and it's really tore that causes recal leifheit sort of the impression of people have any say during the game on your in your parents basement of a million dollars last year thank you everyone who supports us and please if you can can you please do and I listen to spread the word of it so what are you going to eat this year I don't know I don't want to plan it happen naturally organically if people want to get here a little bit tougher or something to happen I can't feel my guy throwing up crap something else you can tell me no I mean we can't do it again is she saying and I'm throwing up in the bowl but listening what you think you like you want me to she wasn't finished with her sentence then I was like guy p a rainbow filled with a lot of fun too I remember you guys doing the a drunk Titanfall Blaine Medical on his back or something I think that sounds about right guy smashes head crap also Clayton ATT you tripped over something he was on a platform YouTube or a drink of some kind in his hand he went full Facebook or just like his arm was straight up maybe it was like Friday or something it had to be Friday Saturday also claims not to like I like to use operation supply drop that overhead can I make a large area to hang out and then like a gaming area I kind of like that we're still kind of working out exactly PLU extra life this year's Australian Open foam and do not the big grows family that's all we are lad Liberty Lake wa crazy shit was this person into your life University V guy can say that your family anyways 4 billion three points really total Blake utter friend and I was just over the Toto toilet to okay it's a toilet hold butterfly tattoo tramp stamp tribal shirt over the back water lake with the boys and see what they all think hote drinks in front of her pull one ball back in your a foam blocks or two places for you if she had anything like what the reasoning behind that was that wanted to become more unattractive to men my bad I didn't read any more the store duration of prepubescent boys to watch Total recal boobed lady and have been fantasizing about it for 25 years did the show Total Recall mondoco and then maybe like Boo supposed for it's really really bad and have a three headed woman three types of 3 posters and put them together with the one big thing you can I forgot about those fucking rule of Mad Magazine my favorite thing in the world to go to the store and not pay for the magazine three I got my rocks off later cracke magazine right like right I like the cheaper version of mad for somewhere somehow I never got into that hole, generation never got in the car floor but sometimes it gets very frustrating because things that are supposed to be canon in certain Lord or sir in comics is like well never do anything so you took it like a man these universes are so massive that is sad school but I like a dark person like I want to story I want like something to happen and it goes somewhere not really like a never-ending episodic kind of thing Marvel Cinematic Universe kind of works out so much better because it's like these stories that are like they have that you know the a story would you like the individual movies but there's this giant overarching Story 2 Ferrell everything so that was my thing but going up wat I mean most of Austin my watch like Dragon Ball Z guy penis just like 280 I started work because there's like fucking 500 episodes and Naruto isn't even done yet there's like 800 or something nachos maybe like 5 601 peace is like seven or eight hundred legitimately huge I think they're going to end the show around 1000 or so yeah but I want to watch the show but I just like I don't know when that would ever be possible that I let me just sit down and watch the $500,000 of it on Fairy Tail have another anime and I'm super excited about that it's action anime that I never seen before and my character doesn't come in till episode 250 but the show up to English now is that like 130 I can wrap my wow so I can plow through like the longer ones not the most anime perfect start 4 light years Japanese like graphic novels again and a lot of times the biggest most popular ones they're like let's make this show but the production's like a million times faster cuz you get like one long a month generally speaking that's like the right thing come out so they make all the shows they call the show or the continent 20 Morris true that when you start making it or they just are making a filler which everybody hates because they're not to be able to make the show it's just like okay so we don't want to take a show off the air but will be 5 more months is it with did with a Fullmetal Alchemist 2 right about halfway through the show they reach the end of the manga is just made up like the whole end so a couple years later after the finish the show was popular forget what you make it again there's like a cup two main characters are like the teenage boy and adult actor actual kid so he grew up so they had together the first six episodes are basically the first like 20 episodes of the original series they kind of have to go through the same stuff because it's based on the same Source material and then after that just completely different shows are there like all the characters that were in it part of the world was actually they finished it before that the last episode of out of the last book was out really and so they'd shot two different endings so there's two there's one where he gets with Ramona and when he gets with knives it's a shot both of them in their work they weren't sure which one it really is until I like Brian O'Malley guy what does he basically said I would know what he's supposed to get with remote on the DVD or Blu-ray watch the other in a shot create their own part of roll with it and we're just going to MGM St Doral or without you or Harry how to put my favorite in V when Harry uses the cloak to get to hugs me because you're not allowed to do Sirius is his Godfather he's bitching about it and she ate and now she's like crying under the coat and they like here Amanda pull it off whatever ma me so it sounds like she was a friend is there friend and when do you like it soon emo Harry you could have been pretty freaking weird horn from a class and then you do Riley Children Lighthouse walk backwards down every hallway Burger Jac Scott a bottle opener so like I said that he had the governor and a prophet on the table for you crap you pulled the shirt up so it doesn't guy can fix it and put it back in there there's a bleac of the shit out of me studios in La what's Jeff and I we were going to the haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights but we just got to go through it Japanese tourists old people who come out and try to scare you Japanese one of the women in the group got so scared she couldn't walk how protective shelter of a life does she live that Floyd Heard Em over dressed up they work here there's a big house in Austin The House of Torment been in like in Austin for ages they've got it set up Austin weather last year at home but I mean a giant ass line is like interesting but I will not be partaking in that and I'll Hold Your Hand Universal Orlando one year and oddly enough there was the killers and you walk into this house and I had it set up so it looks like this giant house and you look down the hallway and all I can so just walk on walls and walls and doors and they're all cracked open but you can't see in the cracke feel like it's around the corner if you walk past and then looked back and that alone was enough to freak out. Yeah they're all open is like waiting for something to grab you hearing a growing up I'm not sure when it happened because it was like when I was young I just remember hearing like all the stories about it but I live near Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is probably like 30-40 minutes from my house and you know they do the whole Fright Fest thing for Halloween stuff and they had it was like a haunted house /a think like House of mirrors so I can play them as kind of deal and I don't smoke whatever but it got it set on fire and it burned down like a couple people inside people diagnosed but that was just always like I think I remember growing up with like people every single time at the Six Flags that always marketing head like I didn't realize a actually dead man doing a dead body V I'm almost certain that that's a fucking opening on on an episode of CSI extra something worse like the killing guy put them in a haunted house corpse - directions with dead bodies but I will get some funeral homes it's pretty obvious that's a human being what you working with you guys not sure they got power true. You have something like that means like don't touch the strippers detectiv friend in high school actually your father oh good lord that you go to foam parties STI recal fries like well yeah okay on Wednesday and RT Podcast again next Monday so things are watching everyone see you next time in Vegas