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RT Discusses International Flights

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Recorded: 2014-09-30 17:42:25

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this podcast is brought to you by Blue Apron Blue Apron hands Gourmet recipes and all the fresh ingredients you need to make them right to your door to see what's on the menu this week because it blue apron.com our listeners get their first two meals free just go to blueapron.com / RoosterTeeth blue apron.com slash RoosterTeeth godadd people who you are and what you do there are options for just about everything you need before someone beat you to it godadd e.com enter promo code 30% on your order some limitations apply see website for details Barbara we were away blue like it was like we were everyone was dropping out which solution pirate fixing bunnies might be there unprofessional burni the last time I saw you before today can you think of it now it should be burned in my memory but I can't even think of it as like in Seattle at PAX Prime I don't think I've seen one month ago you went on vacation after that and I was out of the country which I can explain that that was absolutely ridiculous I think it's almost to the day kills me I could never I don't think take a full two week vacation is the first time I want to see if I could let's play Destiny did that thing where nobody knew you were on vacation for like the first 2 days you didn't kill anybody barbar I walked in your office like 5 times in the first three days and I just got here she's like I know where you live what is it like if you don't tell me when you getting canceled or delayed there was no opportunity to say to remind everyone don't forget I'm going to be Define email and why wouldn't I remember something like that course but moving on Wednesdays podcast live stream looks a bit different I think we're done 4 episode the contract so everybody would and talk about what you're going to do it so I could come to the point now where we start talking about something and other projects Justice another thing that Ryan plays one of them next to it what are we getting today and then I was gone for a week because I went over to the festival and Asians in singapor is called spikes and it's where conferences that I go to where I do want to speaking engagements or talk about it kind of but really what I don't like put your head on the spikes and I was really lucky listen gavi George business every immigration checkpoint that I went through and everything because you can't fly direct from the all you can fly direct from Austin to New York City forget to try to find a Singapore you can fly to London in London when you moved here but yeah so I had to connect through DFW than Tokyo and then Singapore so there's two immigration checkpoint do it again I wasn't Tokyo everything everywhere signs for a Bola Japanese for both like ebol of what's going on in Africa dudes in white suits like wood burning a house and that's what they're doing it's like just normal everyday life and stuff and like quarantine areas but it's really it's really good very bad day the projection now that by the end of the year a quarter of a million to a million people could be infected with ebol to whites when do they really not know well I mean the bunch you know about the measures in place to try to limit did someone say a lot of tradition in folk medicine and for lack of a better term magic believe in magic where there was a rumor that took place in one Community where there was no such thing as had patient because they were stealing their blood and so yeah it's so this rumor went around and they knock down the wall of the hospital ma of people and rescue the ability yeah so all those people I'm sure got infected that did that rescue where hands of the Senegal team kept breaking into under the sea what you do you be over turf does running clothes to fit legitimately very concerned about the Ebola crisis I'm genuinely mordo which causes you to just bleed out internally and externally you travel a lot of blood and now it's bad it's really bad bad deal and if you can there's anything anybody can do to help that situation you should absolutely do it you look a bit iffy to me and the more people that I was traveling back to the travel agent travel agency to book my trip and it was just like what they did get me better flight you can do that I can't do that because Google pay for me to go I want this all the stuff they had done they had done because I had never run into this before bad just because I didn't realize how far away it was it was a member when we went to Perth Australia and they told us well you need to stop somewhere on the way home cuz it's too far to travel in one day or is pretty much the same distance as vs 10000 miles it was still there for the way that I've been but this was perfect and they were absolutely right because I did the trip in one day in Dallas then Dallas to Tokyo certain our flight was okay there was a two and a half hour delay on the plane that was going to take me to go for the whole 14-hour flight going to Tokyo I didn't know if I was going to miss my connection home I don't feel well so I had like $14 just sit there and think about it over the cap are you close by through the international terminal yeah I was in there I'm in Tokyo I'm practically in singapor all take a cab Blue flight 2 hour delay 13 hour flight run to the airport it was a long travel bug Tokyo didn't even compare to the trip home compared to chip and I was like well my face 13 hours and I'll get there at that time and it's 8 hours on a plane travel time such a horrible feeling when you underestimate something all the time like you in the shuffle moving so I didn't get all vein thrombosis very real concern it is a very real concern the 2 and 4 and 2 for the heat so 2 things on the side of a double-decker yourself yeah I don't get it the way I'd like to share with Japan to Pacific Travel the trip back with the nightmare just a preposition thing can't wait to have that it is I turned it in Woodlake the start of it the moment I left walk out the front door of the hotel start a stopwatch in singapor to the ma 38 and a half hours Trail 389 travel agent ever a person is what they do they never travel they have and it's an eight-hour flight back in Tokyo middle seat Center section I was like Tottenham coach I tried everything I could to try to get out of that seat I did correct itself blue 8 hours from Singapore to Tokyo then I look at my itinerary I have a 6 hour layover in Tokyo 6 hours till till I catch my flight to DFW and I think they gave me 6 hours why because they flew me from Singapore to haneda airport and they flew me out of what's right away so I had to get in a bus to go to Narita Airport to the city 13 hours back to Dallas economy it's just in time luckily I got this is the one bright ray of sunshine I got out of that and I got a window seat thank God and I flew 13 hours back after a six-hour layover two-hour Bus 450 13 hours back land in DFW plane is delayed mechanical put like retirement party for a little bit airplanes that we got on that plane fly back to you so that was that horrible is Mike Ma City Country right like Singapore is this the entire country Singapore singapor that's where I was just like no country Singapore an island country like in Hawaii when you go to Honolulu it's basically that basically almost came with me buddy yeah my last travel experience was so good to see direct from Austin to London what is it what is the time on that about 8290 store flights to me I can take a cab but 20 minutes from my house to the airport and then the plane land within an hour of my house in England so with the Boston and London so closely linked by one plane feels weird to me you got you got a lot on my Airline card to get direct flight anywhere currently we have them to London to Cancun right now so like me to fly to Seattle a lot in the early days of Red vs Blue this is how I learned the difference between direct and non-stop was this fucking flight they had to direct for a while but it wasn't direct and there's a difference direct and nonstop flight to Seattle flight direct all you can if you want or you can know if you could get the same flight so you get the same seats if you ever get off the plane I was so mad I think the flight was at 5:30 in the morning something stupid all right we got on the plane and we were using on the plane wouldn't get off and they told us that we always get back on the plane walking to the airport most obnoxious piece of shit we can buy in the airport I get back on frogs with sombreros on poncho Blue Cross check that's all we got cross-check arriba Cha-cha-cha Crosstrek cross Jacks didn't like Google what does me direct me to go get ready for contacts Isaac after security they really do have a problem looking for nail clippers rappers like Beyond security it would be stores like in those malls that have in the big airports look up liquor stores vote because my bag was too heavy I can buy another one it's split the difference between the guy security but sometimes you get to the gate and I like you let's put it in the bag saved by an extra luggage all the things I'm going to buy you put out an electric by security yeah yeah I know my stuff like that I have any like gross things in here that report magazine certain there is loaded good stretch for that was a good try that happening seem like everytime I feel like I had a collections fucking little Flyers little door hanging tags and she's in a bag with dildos next time and see what happens is there a limit that you 200 Cigarettes what can you spell with more than $10,000 United States dollars for like $10 chewing the tree line and it's like all the things you can bring and it's like they had the most ridiculous stuff like 55 gallon drum or you can't bring a cannonball with a with you propane backup bird sulfuric acid and in fact it's awful every now and then you hear about like somebody getting thrown at them in person in the subway another place instead of texting to be something like thank God I have not made their way to America like that ebol I was a kid we used to go to the pharmacy and we would like because we have the Anarchist Cookbook can be downloaded on Roku this is a professional train educated person back there behind the pharmacy desk by 12 year old kid walks up with I need a supply of charcoal sulfur and saltpeter and the like how much moving the three ingredients for gunpowder and they told me the Kimberly pirate ship probably can't anymore can you make stuff more acidic than it is me personally like it had some of his DNA can you make stomach acid more corrosive bananas and stuff I should know how to dehydrate frogs legs and there or are you watching this what are you posed to on the phone which is like a squid or an octopus and in the sauce on it and the sodium in soy sauce to make it like go crazy and I just said freaking me out the chemical in the membrane it's not like what you see in your mouth yeah but like electrical charge and let you know that your body is a series of chemical reactions RR. I'll let you know what is an atom that has lost an electron and give the charge One Direction of the other one is negative protons part of the nucleus best pre-med certain that I studied biology up until my senior in college I switch to computer science mitosis and meiosis barbar basic Science Institute graduate with a 4 year degree from University it's all basically that honestly both calculus is like studying like Ariana Grande like the week of work so it's a great for graphics for physics and it's great for business really training for economic growth like that so grateful and glad that you're going to find out the area of a piece of land and divided it up you are feeling Oxo Isaac Newton wanted to study gravity and kind of reached the limit of mathematics to where he wanted to study Physics so he had to invent calculus to be able to study Physics and he was like him though is because Isaac Newton with the guy could just it was curious about you and I can't stop people from history know what they've caused the children another generation but if they could if they could know like Shakespeare in the face the pizza. I loved reading Shakespeare in in high school and college have any shakes good place to read 7 way to kind of strange that I read about that in school thank you going to say anything after 10th grade year that's really interesting I thought college would like some interdisciplinary stuff and you know enjoy yourself in chemistry but not biology or physics at all for certain but I think you up for science is have a certain kind of reference physics physics what is the science the day what's the definition of Sci photosynthesis ma map how do you say the technical focus and then get of the Define word technical mean like like Humanity Blue Apron cooking and eating should be enjoyable but if you're busy health conscious or just don't know your way around a kitchen it can be stressful ordering out is expensive and get some help pain to finding and coming up with a recipe shopping for ingredients dealing with leftover produce that goes to waste forget it you need blue apro to take the stress 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do that so you okay can you use a meal can you use of time I think I got this blank so Gavin is going to somehow equate that if you look back behind you are enough you're looking back like farther than light EnV right front pocket you look in the mirror and you could come out his room back into patient rights come to where you are like a year draining the life from that like let's avian vet to see the light to get to get in there just like the cameras here like one year one year to looking back in time 2 years because it took you eight you're looking at the light moving so it's like if I took a trip that was 5 hours and went back to 5 hours to get there in 5 hours back is that a 500% how long does it take to get $5 about me or the like to get to you back in time to get there one of these years for you even start looking really good you looking back in time you can go back in time if you put a mirror out there for two years on the situation as well all there was no camera on that we don't know what happened to JFK American solder beautiful kit you would ebol Thursday camera here's the problem with it I can't devote to what you're saying makes sense to me because whenever you look in the mirror maybe a fraction of a fraction of a second but you always looking in the past a little bit directly in my eyes the past what happened this week tell Google Fiber we talked about this for they not in Austin they were to be put in fiber is it every other service provider in Austin has gone oshit everyone going to switch to Google Fibe or so we better step up our game so I just got into my house the AT&T that I need a building their own at 2:30 had another complaint they have to do like a little bit The Last Mile meiers getting into the Google Blog has a map of Austin showing up places where they're going to be doing installations for reference we put up a podcast play the recorder when you rub them we did contagion part 2 we just now right before the podcast I was like it's okay we turned right of contagion part 3 you killed me the first time didn't you kill me anyway internet upload that I uploaded that it was a 4 gig file because if there was a 1920 by 1080 down and up for game is it upload in 10 minutes to YouTube from your house that was pretty badass for gigs uploaded into wait longer to process a video on YouTube hospice a future I can't wait for that Direct in under $200 and everybody's like 40 bucks go to 2230 tables like 2:50 I knew it was for everything that's like no electricity water travel 34 all that killing me and then I cut the cable go into the grid can you do that connect to your house I guess you need a lot of sewing to do that like all the all the square footage that was available and like a fish enough like angles to the Sun and all that on my roof I could make up about 33% of my electricity bill so there's just stuff 99 Grand to do that I'm sorry I'm not going to pay it I would like a chart of how long it would take me to pay it back it was like 13 years or something like that you have the house but then you would not have it and the most people don't care when they go to bed they might electricities to the roof for Marti bowling ramp in the world in shambles about my ration I shouldn't say that probably doesn't want people to come to my house you bought occasionally why you judging me I just want to tell my story how about that I bought Marine ration in a five-year shelf life and I bought like 14 days to 21 days were the food for everybody in my house for people felt like he had to let the door for 21 days you can do it I know where you live that's his problem people know that I have ration it's like a bar you know what night you could be like midnight how to cook chicken breasts wood chips it kind of like that but like I say no no it's like lemon coconut oil from the crushed up enough to do something stupid Porsche 1800 please like Snap MRE to where they produced like let's waste like they're designed to make you go to the bathroom less if you have Josh when you get here just come and talk about it but if you had like an MRE meals every day you would probably like once every 3 days but meetin all I hear is very different to my English. But I in 45 pituitary twice a week for dump cake I can't cook chicken thighs cook better than me and that's fucked up if you'd like or just like a dry rub when I don't know what it is but I've tried everything else chicken no nothing doing I'm going to try that with Game of Thrones come back I didn't mean to not till March or April Game of Thrones sucks have you read all the books they are like I don't know if you seen the show and one character and people are still talking about that character they have covered every bit of his material from it looks a hundred percent like there is literally nothing they can do with brand at this point I'm not going to unless they make up stories on the internet written Entertainment Weekly and websites like that saying that you don't have the season off they just don't you I guess you best friend I'm here no don't look so book release date I mean saying that there's nothing out there and it's kind of a spoiler I just think there's more stuff to come but maybe not as much as people who've done everything it's been a long time the first was published in 9696 it's almost frightening how far apart they started to come towards the end I was like release schedule First Book 1996 second book 1998 Book 2009 Book 2005 five years of that little longer next one 2011 56 years in that case we will not be in new Game of Thrones book until 2018 Bravo George RR Martin gets ticket if you like to call that people say is not to be alive is like fuck off he told me he told me that because I'm just saying there's a lot of old things is a lot of fat dude but there's not a lot of pretty true but I mean I don't even know how old George RR Martin it like that Bioshock Japanese magazine we found out about the magazine Japanese 1978 or something like that these awesome things like of it looks like it's holding the hand of blue and it looks just like that George RR Martin had a story in that magazine told me later that George RR Martin had like a little Novella in the air like Publix small articles for little SCI 578 yes I suppose that's crazy I think I mean he's like Maine coon of people you don't know why the originals probably had the idea at some point in the past The Ghost dinklebo and the whole world to those that think about now but I think I came up with dinklebo but I came up with dinklebo dinklebo go to college but I've heard dinklebo think but I've heard I've heard I've heard it sometimes I think some of every review of destiny that I've heard do it like summer summer Isaac all at one point and as more of a package can I give it to somebody all the reviews that I've heard is this game that I'm playing non-stop every waking moment of my life has some flaws I find that unacceptable like everyone you know what I can't stop playing this game is a deal-breaker for me and it was a yesterday it for bitching but people hurt the hype that came with you got to expect high high high criticism I am looking forward to Shadow of Mordor coming out this week I feel like I've been best after Shadow Mordor comes out pretty soon after that the Master Chief Collection come out don't have it yet I just hit 26 so I'm just at the point where they can do the ration absolutely will not do the right level 26 through hopefully a few times and then from there I just get some more material the Queen's Wrath Pie Pizzeria MA 22307 was talking to me I don't have George RR Martin 1942 certain 778-3366 you nailed it yeah you get to a high number for the quickly also Game of Thrones series A Song of Fire and Ice ASI far that is meant to be seven books and now we say 8 or 9 books yeah it's only get super popular like that and like this and the audience likes that kind of that they take ownership and they just beat people that we just are not sold his company to Microsoft and then it's like he doesn't have any more excuses Doolittle successful yeah but I mean just want to be successful for their own good for Minecraft to be successful they want to make it because it was fun for him to make any want to go back to that area if something is going to be popular and he has fun making it George check my gum in the relatively new thing with like you know you can keep a light turned off comments I hate that strategy by the way stupid phone I really hate that it's like it's like a weird thing because it's almost like saying I'm okay with entertaining people but I'm not okay with interacting that that's so weird conversation comments on TV I agree to getting there in like moderate spend some effort and I gotta know probably tens of thousands of comments for every put something in my butt it's about the comment I totally get that but you gross yeah but I was also when every YouTube account by the 4th of scribe to a channel so cool Jordans is it going to be there and to recommend to it when you make a Google account ma Google can't right now maybe that will check the ready and you have to unsubscribe from the meetin today if you want to be on Skype I'll get back to you how many Fender mini browser likely to want to watch something funny hamburger train, recently where they had to ride a real life in Tokyo from the beginning of the rail line to the end of the line but at every stop at to pick a car to determine whether they had to walk crawl ride a tricycle hitchhike or take train to the next stop army crawl mile Friday they're going to do they're gone of the way ten sushi chains in Tokyo and have to do the same thing but with sushi and Sushi Japanese Kit Kats from Japan Chris Martin many ways going to flip him off he did blue them well I don't want to grab it why did you do it Sid the Sloth many times is that and when you don't practice what was Private you can just do whatever just regular bathroom we're done I walked into the other one see now that we have been using temporary I sat down on the PSP 3000 Anonymous of the lights go off road light motion sensor light to come in what time is it on the little button to turn it off and turned it on it still motion godadd work another example of a guy who likes Bolton oooo Flappy Bird Flappy Bird all the contacts and Flappy Bird like for people like backing away from their audiences and the article quoted something I had never heard before which was it was it was a quote from the article that George Lucas said about the same time that he sold lucasfilm the Disney he was like yeah I really like Linda it was any internet just turned into a jerk and I was suddenly a jerk and everybody hated me and so it was that I never heard that from George Lucas Best Buy coupon or just like episode one sucks these guys should be direct and it wasn't the internet came along I'll tell you right now that if someone came along City Star Wars was until absolutely not true that is not true people talk shit about her she did Return of the Jedi was not stupid that is I don't think it's being said there goes is that George Lucas never got exposed to that don't like people who didn't even people who didn't really like episode 1 by heard a little bit about it but it still was like a record-breaker filled it with the tickets and then suddenly like 5 years later is in a form stating he was like in the early 2007 then it's like you shouldn't be directing anything he's awful he's terrible like people or anything his move Edge sure why you said historically if you look back you would assume Star Wars is one of the most hated franchise ever made and it was full of it but the way people talk about it online and talk about it like so negative you're mine also we want to know what happened to the franchise to start 2015 Christmas movies Singapore Star Wars to look at a mirror at Lost Creek looking for the best route in Platinum Portland to England for PAX. Are you excited about your coming home to really real about what you really fucking long day so I'm looking for Christopher Nolan movies like The Dark Knight yeah it's a good movie missed by me at least and I think people thought it was the movie Austin to release it change the name and just like that words on it and at the very bottom it says Edge of Tomorrow release Ma title of the movie no no no yeah I got it the first day that the first 10 minutes free on Xbox video for some it's like everyone but I couldn't read it and I didn't want to buy it so I can read it so I'm waiting for Stuff turn some of them off it would just offer here's the problem travel internationally can you really cool thing where they could watch a movie but you never travel internationally one way so you guys somewhere and in a weekly your flight back it's all the same to you like the first time Australia movies work on demand that he was so long ago that they would you show me the movies on the loop and what channel today and that movie with Jack Black and Ben Stiller EnV so bad I turned it off and I sat there in the dark wow I use the product called vaporizer it's like a little squirt bottle and you squirted a dog poop and it goes away Jack Black and Ben Stiller really rich for making it and Ben Stiller is not rich he gets mad at his friend for the stupid invention that make them hurt you that's why I told him I wonder if anyone who rides and give that review the most part yes you know I want it right cost to a movie on this flight when you feel like asking people if they want to be in love story of all the movies what are you publish it and then you'd like to try to deal with American Airlines Abilify number one objective I don't want to meet anybody on the plane I got enough relationships in my life the first time I went to Scotland with his friends I was going to France by myself when I was with you every time I was sitting next to a guy and he was going to the Czech Republic and he had gone to the US for some kind of therapy for throat cancer and he just wanted to talk to me and wake me up to talk to me absolutely livid that I had an accident hit a Czech accent and he didn't just going through some kind of very intense therapy for throat cancer if you would like watching my chest like upper chest like right below my neck you touch it it won't talk to me he liked it because it hurt him very much and I was like I'm going to do this presentation free talking to me is horrible but you also don't know I know I get it I totally get it and I was just like you just like it later the story is two years ago he went through throat cancer in therapy and I'm the one with the problem because I had to talk to the guy 1040 at the lake to the guy died he doesn't interact with his life except for the inconvenience but very true that is the worst crash outside the studi can I get my car out because creato the attitude Comcast if I go Daddy for who you are and what you doing call photography and Duck menu there are options for just about everything in your chance of getting the name you want are now better than ever Richard of the domain that helps you will find you online for someone beat you to it is it go daddy.com in at your promo code rooster 32 save 30% on your order some limitations apply see website for details so the new domains are. Enjoy. Codes. Training. Menu. Today there's a bunch of them in fact I rather than you come in today because I wanted to have a talking point the related to this I thought one of the new domain extensions was. Ninja so I registered Insane Clown Posse. Ninja salamander somebody already had it had to settle for the same time by the man who let me know there is not yet some commentary stuff earlier actual work to do today people watching the livestream are telling me gavi zombie Rob Zombie 3K on Twitter just told me that PewDiePie looks like it's his turn his comments back on live video and I don't know that he disabled the comments for those that news by the way did someone turns off the common Edge number utoledo something inside you for shit it's Glenn I'm probably thinking dirty in another language and Isaac elem is Glenn on Twitter said Gavin frees wrong there are no default Subs burni is right but he hasn't shown a screenshot screenshot of a new account and he has no subscriptions but all of the right side has a bunch of recommended channels Isaac direct number 6 recommended well it wrong all they changed it you think we recommended because they have the browser history of watching my stuff on YouTube YouTube that's different people on Twitter complaining about it get it how did the Singapore meet up and somebody there blue Furniture gave me a very nice letter from herself and one from her sister and what was feeling my envelope clothes from her with a tiny little orange cat sticker that look like soda can if not that's what that is it's just a little tiny one for him or something in a bag does that make sense because there's exams godadd at the lobby for the hotel that I was in which was kind of risky bring black people to my hotel and I'll even take me to your hotel room Isaac it was at my hotel room look like small and it was like 30 people definition etymology travel 438 hours in a row but I gotta know four beers that night so we're not theirs is a great place what's the tournament but I saw barbar in the first thing I asked her was hey who do you think unfollow Jacks faster on Twitter this weekend me or gum bird tweet about Vegas and the Joel no no no George - Johannes trip is over time to learn how to mute a hashtag ASI yeah if you want to because she loves you trip that you want to know about or is like building a shelf or something barbar elves on the shelves I got you dude jacks then he turned around and he was going to build shelves for every one of them even harder to store their consoles in like it's nice I like it the results of that care about them not ridiculous just pulled off entertainment center really I spent Forever at 1 essentially glorified self so I don't know this one doesn't quite fit right I got very specific dimensions wanted to have something that you put all of your equipment into an easily access it and get it out Jacks a piece of shit jacks off the jacks up that's why you don't Jacks all I know you said you unfollow jacks apologetic following back a week later for sure you can always tell when I'm full up on Facebook messages like within a week you got a really cool thing coming to dinner a lot of crazy Facebook updates and then we can talk about it is going to be huge YouTube marketing campaign they've done it before where they are trying to show the rest of the world that's something we all know it's best if you watch that YouTube stars are as big as normal TV and film stars not ready for younger people that are bigger YouTube understands that there try to get the rest of the world understand it so the running advertising campaign around specifically certain personalities and last time they did Epic Rap Battles Vice news Bethany Mota and Michelle Phan and this time they're doing blue and white again must be nice to be nice because it's one of the only Japanese Japanese the focus of one of the what are the other one was a child I never heard of was like Zoella certain I read the article the press release I looked up for YouTube channel for like 6 million Subs as I know she does like fashion and I think she's almost there Aeropostale Aeropostale Aeropostale I don't know YouTube I want to say was like 05 maybe maybe in 06 was the first year YouTube YouTube Commando 4106 November December 2005 or something have a drink sitting at the bar drinking was like oh yeah we were some people there were a couple of big YouTube channels back then put it on there and I remember if you like Community Channel 200 thousand Subs all of that has didn't help cheat on my favorite YouTubers barbar for three seats from her you talked about her like she wasn't sitting right there what is community channe Australian Griffith Australian girl who does comedy skits on YouTube about like very relatable topics but she got sent all around the world the top she has 350 videos online if you've been doing it that long she was one of the top sandals at that time best night ever taken 8 years ago 8 years ago Billboards around London one day at Stills vs light truck and paint all over down there like exploding paint a TV commercial and it's weird to think that I used to do that in the UK I was a cameraman and I filmed about maybe 50 jobs at the exact same Studio that I was that for this commercial and I had a talent and it was just me and it felt so good is awesome it really have been like sitting there like 12 hours a day with her getting ready still getting everything ready cuz we are on camera that's a lot of what it is just sit here and wait wait wait wait wait doing nothing and certain great it was like 5 friends that UK companies to come in blue shorts of in the topic of conversation lately Dan gruchy shorts how does it usually look like shorts down like knee-high shorts not totally physically dance short length shorts Gavin in Jordan's weird let me know short shorts cuz those are we short bring the ones that are weird and write exactly what this number why you wore those shorts the first day I came back from my break I saw them on you and I thought those look like the same thing screenplay lot lately and just announced that Keanu Reeves is going to come on screenplay need an interview for somebody else like today I really felt it was like one of those people who knows nothing but presents like total facts Like Bernie and Matt I know it's been trying to get you know more people going to the lazer team cast and they got to read it that night I had to I had a great day yesterday we all deal with that all the time and you just thought it was like you know kind of like a new guy like being told like a somebody else to do it or do the interview and we all do the photo posted it wasn't working out and looks like in the longest part of that thread but you go to you he's been really inspired by Blaine so he's been working out fucking play doesn't see it was a highway I pick the place we were going to meet because I asked for suggestions of people that just somewhere close to you bespoken Highway and I heard the jaywalking get you five years in jail in singapor that was the hardest part of one Singapore weird laws and it sitting there in singapor we're like corporal punishment is actually totally acceptable like you can commit a crime and they hit you with a cane like they with you and I'm not I don't want to get with her yeah but like a military dude does it part it's a really bad stomach pain in the Catholic and rulers think about you chewing gum in Spanish what kind of drink did you want to pick it out or making a mess singapor him really well you can actually chew gum and by gum look at the dentist or you just go to I think they go to Malaysia and they just don't get it there and they bring it in the back of a multiple people on Twitter saying shorts I didn't actually owns those shorts those are the sort he had finally come out I want picture proof so I will be there was this could still in skis make me of making his father Paul RR on Twitter right now Bethany Mota next next I just left on what will my cousin to shut up I literally put my certain order in the closet and I just go to left to right I want it like he got so much on my plate so it was last week I was thinking about stuff and try new stuff in perspective stuff and put you on a plane if the person next you order to drink non-alcoholic drink Google, why do people drink so much fucking gu why do people own Pockets because ginger help an upset stomach and people get nauseous on play really you didn't Vernor I don't Everybody by the way that I said Vernor everybody that was Gloucester shadow people and fucking Michigan didn't drink or cold Vernors and it's like ginger ale but not and they think it's like a magic this stuff and it's really good it's such a strong ginger ale and I'm sorry it's just like when you go to drink it you can drink it wrong and like coffee or coffee like I've made it was like breathing the fumes like the bubbles in it drinking without breathing basically Michigan people use this stuff when they get sick they drink Vernors to get better or they get the drink on Vernor the ginger it's a real specific Tim Hortons in Canada Philippine people drink it on the place I know that's why I personally train him everybody drink ginger ale what are you Google all good that they got those red shorts so we do have video proof showing as a picture to tell his piss stream story I think and he's wearing exactly the sort again why aren't you why don't you remember direct short studi with the same shorts would you be mad if you want who were the first that you're his shorts and you want to be Shadow Vernor they go crazy for it myself that's for ginger ale before plane that I just dreams about this you're in traffic gavi meal dr.phillips to be driving here in traffic you hear a siren an ambulance is behind you you pull over the right in the end Frank meetin where is the ambulance going where game was going to go home first to go in car wreck Ashley said when she's an angel certain things it's going to the hospital and it's a weird thing in perspective heading to get somebody and you all had the same thing and she was at 2 and its already got and are on the way to hospital when I seen in their sirens on I never think there's a sick person in it I think there's a sick person tomorro waiting on you someone in there they can usually handle it but he might have to take him to the hospital now I feel like if the hospital find you then they're not going to talk to it depends on which she had meetin Isaac and it's just I don't know I think that tend to be more of an urgency to get to someone rather than to bring negative image of hard times right now just go to paradise gavi something happened to them at home thinking about you the hospital I wouldn't think that they wouldn't heard the sirens on gastropod guys are probably asleep make that call like I think they have to meet with the patient go well you're probably okay do you want to go the hospital like they kind of have to like me give the patient the option to go to the hospital then do that as well do you want the lights on or not no but I think a paramedic if you want to go to hospital I will take you to the basically the shock or anything but like what if you show up you had a stomach ache give me attack and called nine-one-one that person the hospital you know how to get there like you're okay you had to tell me agitated they don't like that person I'll be back later I have a question please play the Saxons Creed 4 which is both of you I've still got what you like company another treat everything like it's Game Commission company in the game or how much I like the mission I need that you ready you ready waiting for Ubisoft to looking really knew me drop mission in any way I can write it down to nothing 44 Buckingham to moving Fibe for Unity where the fuck you call it and I made them biplane the DLC for Assassin's Creed 4 which I fucking love with us in theory the black pirate and a big project is a lot of free in the slaves in all how many missions in the DLC drops Drops make you feel bad 5023 games anymore 4 still good of your country 4 for some reason really grabbed me he just took me right out of that did you play as a younger person Sid meiers pirate know I'm a really really good game and it's like I like to play games that are still games I imagined when I was a kid it would be a subsection slice of a C4 no no it's pretty much just like the same game but much more robust mean obviously going running through a town that's fully modeled and being able to run like of offences in our other side of the wall there's none of that stuff and I game but like the pirate like feeling around something to say animal devices now they remade it for mobile that's really cool edge of Duty first world pirate and you can get as pirate Lux level at right now tell me I pay attention to things that are important to me they might even come up there anyways the most recent one that came out yesterday top in Amazon stock of Max got his head of certain Affinity over Twitter because I felt compelled to make a statement on Twitter or make a public statement about the fact that the Austin Chronicle has this best of awards they do every year and they awarded Us best game studi of Austin & Ally it's like I'm listening it was because you're making the reuben first game things to do in Boston is like we can waste make anything and trying to learn the friendly Swede 47 did that with me BioWare people that certain Affinity Twisted pixel I think they're little like that if it ain't me the Austin Chronicle has focused on stuff in Austin Texas here's somebody who you know what the bird house first side of that best game studi or not this is crazy I think I could have qualified as game of the game I'll take it imperator guitar Jack beard is the age of the captain did you tell the story about the eye makeup When We Were Young I forgot I'm supposed to show me a picture of a better car for me will show us a picture of it and make sure that we're OK with the way that the characters look so one point I should barbar of the pre-production sketch of her Captain if you could make up for that okay so according to the developers she said she SCI makeup moving back with give me more like eyeliner or mascara text from you a little bit more but what happens when we put your picture on anything you thought about it every single time was that mean is example picking something out your first a cheap shirt you were like that's not going to happen yeah but I tell you that and you said that's different you never give someone else a note we need something we can't wait to go in the dark and they made finessing Rock to the left did you hear if you didn't Ambulance with its lights on and coming up behind you right when you pull over later bye without thinking I just question where's ambulance going you're no Google Rooms To Go what is the meetin I like you