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Participants: Gus Sorola, Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross, Jack Pattillo




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Transcript (in progress):

search for provider of audio books and more than 250,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature including fiction non-fiction periodicals for free on your choice go to audible.com slash hey everyone I'm looking for 292 Live Oak Hollow time I still gotta get back up so this week we got mile Harry Jac and God's children I'm a little scared this week before we went live I could like 5 minutes before taking my pre podcast dump and I'm walking out the front door and I feel like I stumbled across Kerr doing something but I can of Redbull and I turned and looked at me while jogging like that is really going to make sure I'm understanding you walked in on someone masturbating while I was masturbating I walked in on someone for your showing someone around the comic for the phrase keep it clean Berry Patch Ultima cancion too gentle standing up anybody anybody the whole time are you saying like do you have to buy Kleenex at the ready you're like we do like top it off I can what are you doing you look like spread over the toilet of fishies australi and so technically she's upside down so you walked in on someone Jac in it so that we know they know I was with my friend and he had a friend who was staying with us and I just walked in the bathroom one day and do sitting bare-assed naked on the floor and yes praise the Lord on the rug just like going at it like a laptop right there works perfectly fine all the rest of the time except for you know but you time to shower or anything or just strip down to the floor Elizabeth I'm surfing the web right sure everything's going great and also I hear they're like the picture boxes over their bathroom door way over there she should be coming in any second I'm so mad I can't do this so I really like just go cash it. And I'm just I tried to go in the winter I'm pretty sure he sat on the edge of my bed I think I think I played it off maybe not I don't know are you playing off to the office that's of you I like that shit I like that shit yeah yeah yeah my greatest fear I forgot something Kerr Psychology today for auditioning for roles he's working for his holy shit they like they're bringing in 12 year old to go to college you don't verbalize it stays inside that's like what I see when you get this can I say I had to go to campus to a store I just walked out I like rolling my eyes I'm 23 and I just like I just fucking everybody I was driving down the Guadalupe the other day I just like them like that kid looks like your old Jonah Hill Loop in Chicago twin Vic time to accelerate then it said all your kids are gone I feel so if I can I will be around in college now we're on duty it's so weird that when I was going to school there there's like one and the one the one I was until they're all gone now like a Daytona Speedway so I guess I was the first to get Street Fighter 4 in America they're like 8 places in America the same week that came out in Japan like he's really really fast in the right places in America is actually pinballz Kingdom that looks like a castle the mechanism of the gun the flight or going over it was great I was when I was younger was it might have been like operation wolf I really I really liked it too I played a lot of humor that shit ton of that we had the 8-player Daytona Daytona would like the hydraulic cars actually move with you it was always so much fun but it was always fun arcade Mario Kart yeah that's right those are pretty cool when I was a kid my parents like randomly took me to the mall and as a wife I'm going to the mall now popular collect everything really came through with Double Dash and it set up 8 stations where you can play Double Dash arcade though it was the best thing of my entire fucking while that was the best thing and they had a Pikachu beetle you do anything today I went to the tournament stuff when you popular Man 2 years and one day we doing with them on my birthday like I did when he was born gave me a present that was a sign from him and it was like like your baby brother is going to your going to meet tomorrow I got you a present for birthday and I think that was what that and so I was like okay this is going to be alright but the Cowboys football temperature something was happening something that's already done before we started for the three people it is now and I miss you I just followed him where I was thinking about it and I just want and then you got and you show me Destiny I like talking to you and I got it right down the street I was going Too Short stuck with an extra copy and I didn't want to go to GameStop down the road and on the drive over I was like okay if they have the Vita Borderlands 2 bundle get one and I got to take like a week later that I can when I was younger I would work a lot too I was working I wasn't spending money and I hear you stop for lunch and in my mind like it's great that you guys have us now but the problem with him getting his IV computer tech support around here search everybody's like hey I know you got Remote Play to work on yours but it doesn't work on my for that describe your home network to me 8030 Kerr Drug and I said no but and then and then you can you give me some advice and I'll handle emotions like a day later I'll figure something out but then you would have you didn't work and I was like what kind of shit at work seemingly everywhere but at his office so I gotta figure out what his office is terrible so I don't know Street don't let you know that the hard way Persona how many days is persona for always but yeah totally I thought it was for sale cheap on PS3 1 week or something so I downloaded it played it got stuck on the boss but I really enjoyed it told you about it Persona is and I just heard it's a RPG game is like a social to me later when you go around making friends in high school and like trying to go on dates and stuff and then depending on how strong your Social Links are with people the real world when you go into this other world where it in the real world in the game in the world Monsters make the turn based strategy game it's not the strength of your monster is dependent on the strength of your friendship back in Persona real world have pla become stronger how to be bestfriends Kerr shooting for I'm going to have sex with me and it makes me sad now they say that that's right Jim Carrey oh my God no way that's cool in your household could you show me this was your thing here okay whatever whenever we doing whatever I'm thinking about me like going out and we'll know you don't I'll always wonder who it was really really great to be an outsider looking in on this same problem up to me when he wants to buy something but feels like he shouldn't even know they're coming by to do it yeah yeah yeah double in your pocket today he's very comfortable actually Michael check email five really important emails apparently your phone doesn't tell you because I was at 8:30 2 Xbox candor Buck's Library I've been offering to filter Gmail for like a year now I said that I was too afraid that you're going to miss something really important from the Xbox email recovery Canal you can be the hacker hack into your Xbox Live account so I can watch out the planet Overlord interview with the director of the FBI on the internet about the internet and in their basements mile tracker 2 the videogame stereotypes like other university know they live in their parents basement playing video games all day or hacking apparently it's not no it's actually organized crime in a big the Enterprise this man but the old who are working very diligently and very professionally yet that's not necessarily the casualties at the keyboard the first organized crime what you said that what is Live Free Die Hard of the Kevin Smith one or the Justin long one or second one? Yeah just like that movie right now too long a good day today son but is like the guy in the car with them like hang out with when there's another that was too bad he was like a good hacker is like a wizard what can Hollywood isn't even on right side bullshit I'm going to remember this and what am I doing this episode of the podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet provider of audio books and more than 250,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature and for three other versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for listeners audibl of offering a free audiobook to give you a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook consider is Gone Girl for a free audiobook of your choice go to audible.com / with you that's audible.com / RoosterTeeth and girl in the theaters this weekend and then I guess soon as I was done watching the movie I went ahead and went straight and download of the audio book I really like I don't remember it's okay I'll let her know they're not just okay now I miss you I feel like I can for every trailer gyro Buster and then explosions building action and then title and then there's like this morning at the end alright telephone I don't know traction control off prize for completing to the kingdom like these guys mentioned earlier we do have a couple of it I don't know if we're ready to show them what they want if they want to talk it out we have a couple of our people who donated to the lazer team Indiegogo. Studio Washington north of money on a cruise we had one hang out with us to see her all day today now we're going to come up today no no no will one line if you'd like one person's name one person's name 4 people games at GameStop camera UIC Chicago Portland for coming out you know we really appreciate the support in making the movie and making the film I can do without you guys the podcast everything you hope so far so 4 more screen nevermind we're just starting to see the people who works at the producers in his various levels of indigo rewards card to come in but I think this is the first time we have people sit in the pocket the first time I'm actually in Australia when I was there and I was like ginger don't you guys sit down again so thanks again I really appreciate it and to all you suckers who didn't support the Indiegogo you suck of the film you can't stop us we're working on it now as we speak they're not you want to see what's going to happen too long title but you know I think I can train on cable channel is on channel some Wesley Snipes movies Money Train soap okay and what's the name Woody from cheers on the New York Subway takes a lot of money in 4 people ride the subway one trait that collects all the money for all the different subway station and then takes it from the subway to the bank money trai but I don't know anything about me or anything I love movie party I mean like you know Cartoon Network the biggest idiot so I'm going to be a screen play this week so if you know if you've never seen it and you will like me who doesn't you can watch screen play I was to meet Tuesday at 4 p.m. and then of course it goes up 4 video review and download the next day so that way to be on there were going to be some new promotional social stuff you said before you should tune in for some interesting social engagement out of touch I am with everything about this you said yeah that movie as well out of my brain when I search for when I search the in Wesley Snipe my brain my brain came up with I think he's black Sacramento blade or a White Men Can't Jump when he was black nearest and what would happen when you said you have my associate him with the and everything things the Threes Company double for company or Problem Child and exploded there's an episode of Threes Company where this wasn't caught it was in syndication for your time and assistance to the kitchen over 10 years there's an episode where Jac where he's wearing Jac stripper yeah it's kind of a little bit every night I watched Nick at Nite Dobie Gillis I've seen every episode of Cosby Show Mash Threes Company cheers Frasier what's your degree in Kerr synopsis for Money Train it's on IMDb Money Train is a 5.5 inch hole New York Transit Subway fares to protect them money trai and killed 1994 people clearly his PR agent didn't know what the hell they were getting themselves into and out in Tucson yeah I guess not it was really really really watch the Godzilla movies what I want now I want no I watch password I watch the shit out a password for das and I will watch it like a starter too much black and white shit you said big book story about the guy who figured out how to work I have a big screen there was a pattern to the way the lights moved and that you just have to wait a certain number of money or money so we always be here and most of time controversy just one millionair? Somebody called like oh yeah I remember slow down 7801 Carpenter I remember watching the first you know what is the name of the John Carpenter really need to use his phone a friend to call his dad to think about that years from now probably just because I've been sitting on the bathroom floor toy flat top in the movie are you watching I feel good Kerr 2 started back up too excited about that Brooklyn Nine-Nine started out as a comic I just bought it that's cool I'm watching house of cards I never I never got a Twin Peaks coming back 2016 Twitter was it last week or the week before he said some damn good coffee or something up from where they left off Electro from black closet Kirkland or Bellevue destroy Beast like another 30-40 minutes and like the big loss with the waterfall it like all that shit there I went there and I was like can light shining Hotel in San Francisco look like I was walking down the hallway to my hotel room in London England smaller than this state like look at the size of the carpet and the only thing in there is a bed and John are more of the clothes are just like yeah when I was like time to the bathroom started me out man that's one direction if you would even you go to be there even if they tear down the place and go to sleep angry air conditioning the house I was thinking about it like this house is built like you know in 91 so it's like our in 2001 unlike anyone died in this house because I'm not bothering the real owners will they tell you at the house what are they supposed to tell you someone died in the house I think within the last 5 years they have to disclose it to the house and get more than 5 years ago someone in there with them video I missed out on minimize every Thursday Bill Cosby like pop up in them WWE pudding my arms and it was in your hands double Frozen and putting those guys Antarctica the true purpose will be revealed nearest and of course I know that made me think about this but I saw that the search for that Malaysia 370 started back up again if the season when it was really bad weather and it sure who's going to pay for the continued so they had to work out our chances complete lower and by stopping like that money Blown Away box then have like a GPS on it like independent of whatever else like in this is like in the system like that to me there's no sense in it 200 of the play so well there's that was sometimes I just worry that it's more kind of thing where they search and out for it and it comes back on iPhone CNN inappropriate too soon Halloween costume for this year dress up like a cloud and then hand out pictures oh my God what are ethical of my favorite one of my favorite ones that I read was Halloween 2015 too soon Williams things are there in the Tiger on the shoulders I felt like a little baby white tiger dependent 2 it was covered myself in blood sounds like high five 2 people don't like walking Kingdom you imagine if you went to a Halloween party and sigfried was there a restaurant Bill I'm going to be in Australia for Halloween this year and I'm going to Pax australi again and Halloween Falls during Pax australi and I'm like should I dress up as something ultimate time for an event posted something on Halloween we talk we first started it's already having something over there too late. I need to figure out that I need to decide whether or not a difference between Jesus and australi in jingle too bad you have to know I was I was on a podcast back we're still the old office it was it was myself you Bernie you and I think Dave and I thank you and I was pretty quiet for most bit and afterwards brings like a conversation sit there and try to fucking moment too bad you talk over someone in a box 50 minutes rental time when you're going there for PAX australi end of October and I'm going back for supanova in Adelaide in Brisbane that's what the end of November I'll be missing you think you'll be spending Thanksgiving down there an American holiday too I was in Paris 2 years ago and that was also like Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day closet Paris I had a salad with it of like normal salad dressing with Dijon mustard Street Dijon mustard no it was like this feels like this is a hamburger what are Thanksgiving in Australia too excited time Afrikaans over your tired as hell and you want to play give me specifically specifically Pandora tired but you know we're here in ecstasy when I hear very often you want to go out and like England Franklin the for like 3 hours ago so we'll be there for MCM 2014 Eastern London within the document area near Baker Street listen to Sherlock too much sometimes so if you ever been to the UK the first time I've been in any other International too and I was in Mexico for 4 hours or 4 hours In Spanish say 4 hours at a time Mexican flag and we were right we were like right on the border of Mexico or something and my dad needed to go to Mexico because he specifically wanted Mexican vanilla which in hindsight it sounds like code for drug naomis we go 2 we went to a Spanish Market to specifically go bye bye I think it was a family go to Mexico for no fucking reason there's a picture of us if I can find it of me and my like 18000 cousins all lined up waiting for a bus in Mexico where you think we should we take a tourist bus into the country remember I was young maybe full movies and TV shows and I remember I wanted to buy everything because everyone was telling me how they were going to cut me specifically bit short with different City Style. It is only 5 pesos now too late to go too far a few hours outside of Texas or something on the border on the border tourist bus drops off the place to be back at 5 o'clock whatever come pick you up it leaves we do our Mexico thing and then there's we're all waiting and the bus never come like of us and never came back to pick up my mother to wait just like fair-skinned Ginger white woman we just terrified she thought for sure we were going to get raped or stabbed or sold to a drug cartel with anyone that Mexican witch hat how to get like and yes we had to take a normal Bud back which is just at school but by the way it's been repainted it was that I don't remember there are a few little handheld thing used and my mother was coming to it and cleaning to me because she thought for sure you're going to die flying through Alleyways and it was like that scene of the fourth Harry Potter movie the third Harry Potter movie order all the New Mexico periodontal are all going to die that's all I really remember about my family except for this one like it strange uncle that was kind of weird I could try to talk to me strange strange strange strange strange longer lasting memories The Roots Questlove in The Roots so I can get on a hotel lobby with and cool yeah I should have a room for you and then and then we were drinking and got a hotel room because I never going to and then came home search for middle schoolers Michael Jordan want to go to Yahoo mail yes every intention Direction and headed to you know gaming about the GameCube that came out I read like a bit actually but I can watch it yet interesting the dolphin ba yeah I remember when you came out really disappointed in it and not like you were going through and talking about it and I'm waiting for mile I can hear the podcast makes it easy to create your own professional website or online store for nine years and improve their 4 features new designs even better support their beautiful to start with and the style options 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difficult place to try you don't need a credit card to start building your website when you decide to sign up us offer code Rooster Teeth 2 get 10% off and show support for her street that squarespace.com offer code Rooster Teeth thanks squarespac for their support so in the one minute it took me to read what the fuck were you guys doing over there mile access again again going back to the listen to do's and persona it's ba Empire nothing to lose what's the new Transformers movie time with age of Extinction no Roman Transformers rolling start terraforming Earth and no like that you know the Dinobots going to be in this once you're thinking oh it's 65 million years ago some of them involve Dinobots you up later totally different story had nothing to do with fucking the dinosaurs on earth they're just like their old soon now that turn into dinosaurs and fight and Optimus Prime fight with her one of them Grimlock it's one block north of Austin Austin Michael Bay is a terrible awesome director she makes movies look incredibly beautiful there's a bug on me of Michael Bay is a terrible director that makes Incredible movies and has some of the worst acting ever seen in my life Mark Wahlberg Mentor that's what I do that's it and then his daughter is she she's Seventeen and she has a boyfriend that she didn't tell him about that she was to protect him and any meat that he's a driver because I have to get away from the government so he ends up like showing up at his rally car and take him away and TJ Miller in the movie love TJ Miller Transformers he was in the valley company whatever I'll be out till like the Heat how do I spell arigato anyway and he's out of it 10 minutes to kill of the kill the best actor out of the money how bad Kelsey Grammer in this movie if you have to watch we don't know too bad sorry to hear that what's up mile to learn this about you today give me the head writer on one of her shows in the co-writer on another for entertainment knowledge that their knowledge and videos of the video game so well I want my character to bang her Porsche Tucson anyway tell Kelsey Grammer as beast in that shitty shitty X-Men movie so bad and then everything Tarawa Michael really good to for a little while he was also really great threes better in the last three movies on the theater the theater White Lake 2 of The Last 3 part of Guardians of the Galaxy movie I don't remember I forgot in the Galaxy what are the movies that have come out oh my Christ oh my God I heard about that twin Wind Rises time 76 months ago really really bad girl I was after I saw it was great what's the theater I think the last movie I saw that might have been her last year and then I think her or that you think of her I love her character does video game would let her talk to me Too come out of her was the SNL skit with the was it Michael wol Michael Cera and Jonah Hill no cell service and he was good and that person only a person so you know it made me feel better about myself that TJ Miller's also the cameraman and Cloverfield he's really like her hangers only thing I do you know who John Ritter is being stupid I know like because you the heads-up that the guy that controls everything in the movie The Killer too that's like I normally don't get in the morning I think I had to look down really stretch that movie I can watch the actually I'm right here like the first Hunger Games movie very very shaky cam I watched myself for clothes because that's all I heard was all your emotions again to that for Supremacy and almost threw up Kerr really worth it patient was Jeremy Renner and Renner screen for backing up bit words like what mile snow this and this I don't even pictures from Forrest Gump almost okay time for anyone in the movie Transformers time I'm not going to let you know cause I can give you a nickname or the characters he interacts with like an actual real-life person they didn't fix and there was I remember that Kerr chocolate a real character Notre Dame JFK at 1 we got it nailed it online in John Marston I'm ready I'm not doing it just so happens that she took a picture Kerr mile Harrison the secrets time head in the game for an evening party on the roof the roof the roof the roof last weekend was really good it was like perfect for 5 days a week absolutely sleep so you got a New York in like 2 a.m. and everything shut down bigots bit doesn't stop at nothing and mothers what is Vegas is pretty cool though I mean that I love that place we had a little get-together like you know we're going to be over at Caesar's Palace and we were thinking maybe 3 or 4 people to show up like 40 people showed up I just think it's like all these other guys and like what's going on thank you how do I know what the first thing I did when I first checked in I got there early so I can get to my hotel yet I was wondering on the street and there's McDonald's on my chemistry of a quick bite to eat or whatever I walk in there was a quickscoping in McDonald's okay I'm going to shut down are you should have commercials this is really straight out of line of it actually looks like that's weird you buy a 20 piece nugget and give them each one Dave McDonald you like looked over and saw me and was too far with this kid is like tomorrow and that was it probably true as crazy and so so real but you can't stay there for more than two nights to walk around with I hate those giant like yard-long margaritas in that shit again time I'm going to get one this walking down the street the place is right here I'm going to buy one of those stupid Walmart and I'm going to walk around drinking it so I start walking and drinking it's going to this little place I like to go out to the street the too the one the one of the reason why we bring up the biggest was I got a new tattoo so I got to do is of my my tattoos tattoos of this of this one Debian Too Close cuz it's still fresh on my 2 week old leave it out there for them so they don't get along like the shops or whatever and I was like I should get one and price it out there like whatever like I don't know yet cuz I got the first one I don't know if she wants to know you'll be there when I get the second one so I'm like alright so that night she showed me that she sent me a text about me saying anything to her about that she sent me a text with a photo of her getting a tattoo in Austin are you kidding me Michael Trice you got a tattoo in Planet Hollywood I swear to God Planet Hollywood smells like a fucking soon mile fucking serious that play miracle Barstool time I walk into that place it stinks and so it was like a one-time occurrence time like I was at the flick the front and the front Kerr which is like a light on the window and saw all these people walking by would stop and look at me at one point I looked over there was like these for grandmothers who stop this bickering I mean I was like this is kind of awkward okay I don't know it was pretty fun though so I'll be getting more bud about that before that you can cram of STDs at nursing homes are like a really big deal yeah yeah lamiglas like powdered milk Jac Beaver Vic closet Bill officially yes that's very true people give up their survival NFL ended the conversation YouTube wild Smiles broken bill holy shit where to stay when you're in Vegas actually 2 Hera and rebuilt it is really really nice and it's like the cheapest room I can find I get that and it's like San Antonio in Assassin's Creed eventually put it up in the parish and so I say to parents for like half the time I was there and it but the weird thing was it so I said it. But the event was at the SLS back to us at last what is capital of us at the actually when you walk in the main entrance they have a bar that's kind of a little bit further away but they have this crazy display that's on an angle and they do that 3D perspective stuff where it looks like it's a 3D image face looking down above the bar if you're sitting at the bar looks like distorted but from like the main entrance it looks like this crazy like face looking down and moving around and stuff for them walk and realize it's screen but the truck driving tickets to me is what the future it's going to look a little like soon like a Minnie Mouse costume Pax on the side of the road and that's not really on the Strip like the address of entertainers you feel like one of the shows like a girl to be better dressed than like Chippendales guys are standing on the street trying to take tips and I know that's what you like old school like the street lights were out of control very large woman with pasties on taking photos place to go on this trip if you want to learn to play craps us to do it so Lauren Kroeger made a drawing of the closet wanke too much clothes Ariel bit so it was last time you going to gambling I think the last time I went gambling was the last time was in Vegas which was in March or April to go out once a year to try them more often Brandon Christopher like every other big biggest guys in there and bring another kick your ask - Joel Vegas trip 2014 short natural I guess ba age whatever was going on it never twin actors actually #fhf MJ VT 2014 muted forever Michael get to save money to buy is incredibly expensive car that he wants to buy and it's like do anything he wants to say it out loud like we're trying and apparently like it was working on Monday he was telling me to go to Vegas like being busy and Lycoming 420 always feel like you're going to be happy when he has to break the atmosphere and is about to kill everyone he likes and then I'll be happy and it'll die but other than that like the only time I've ever seen you happy is in Las Vegas and so Michael come to Vegas with us and he would not like to go to Vegas you should move to Vegas and it's just play Blackjack for leaving someone something they only made a plushie snai from the snail animated Adventure the Kerr hypothetical situations that's right I learned that I love him I've I've learned that you hate when people ask you are you excited for something for like 2 weeks I just see you rolling your eyes of people but still being nice because they're still new bill that are you search for a text and I think it was RTX one I like us too excited again tickets on sale and then like the 15-minute span I've got that on video somewhere on my iPhone iCloud pictures good now we shall have to watch myself when I was a little program it wasn't me when did the band and I have no idea what that show was I remember being like a little kid watching the funniest in the world yeah it was a really cool idea to me but my memories of Threes Company now because of John Ritter because of John ritte was an asshole to me and yeah and then shortly thereafter I was working at Disney World I had a day off and they did this peak thing we're promoting all the new shows on you know the new ABC fall line-up for whatever it was it was like it was like John Ritter and Katey Sagal were there Drew Carey was there Holly Hunter or Helen Hunt who everyone of them and they're all over the country and every country obit section off of their own like you know side by side and then it was like a roll of of like plants and like a little ticked off Ariana Grande like an employee's right to know bit later can I have your autograph and your in park and people I'm sorry I can't do it on the thing and then he was like people throwing him like he was signing in my drawing mustaches on and things like that and then and then and then and then and then and then and then hey bro can I go get lunch and come back and then never came back and then Drew Carey skip lunch and still there for an hour and signed every single autograph he could even like you like that mean by me and I was a man we going bowling tonight if you want to go he goes outside and I'll be there in like in my heart I believe he would have gone bowling with us if you would have been in town you know I'm here this is incredible I have heard nothing but amazing and awesome John Ritter died on the set of a pencil real story that's where he had his heart of hearts that and then we go or whatever your name she was on that show she was the teenage daughter and I don't want to do Big Bang Theory so she's not Kaley Cuoco so she is famous in her own right and Katie Segal's office Bill Katey Sagal can you 2 nights future imma quit school bit and probably anything with Jason Segel did David Faustino never heard it before no condom in Bud what was Marcy Marcy Darcy and then the other thing weather I don't know the other one was Batman with George Clooney Batman when you need the collector in Guardians of Galaxy is Nigeria located Peak Tea and Other Things I'm sure Trader of PTL with the collector coronita trailer for the new of Anderson movie before Gone Girl nothing but it's inherent Vice looks it looks pretty it looks pretty directed There Will Be Blood Philip Seymour Hoffman the master master things about 20 minutes 2001 there will they release the 2001 alternate soundtrack alternate score because I actually had a score produced for the movie and then Stanley Kubrick came in and got rid of it like it was like three-quarters finished they went in and actually show that a panel where they're talking about like the creation of in what happened and why they got it completely removed and how they kind of found it again and remastered it and they showed the movie with the remastered score and it's weird it's like to be like and stuff like that where your bones are doing too inherent like hearing a different score on it looks like that's such a classic stuff from The Natural movie playing at the drive-in theater right next to her and the way that it goes I don't like I can never point in the right direction right next to hear and a code off of a building I wonder if I take you for watching make sure you check out screen tomorrow 4 p.m. for extra cash on Wednesday at 4 p.m. again and then next Monday for another episode of RT Podcast of a stream on Friday we're doing the extra life sign up streams or trying to get more people signed up for extra life and don't forget October 25th which is Saturday we're doing 8 a.m. until Sunday at 8 a.m. the 26th 24 hour extra life stream we're going to a lot of crazy stuff you see it before or do again and again the back door