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RT Discusses Homemade Liquors

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Recorded: 2014-10-14 17:50:59

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Chris Demarais, Brandon Farmahini




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Transcript (in progress):

Rooster Teeth podcast is brought to you by squarespac the only one platform to make fast and easy to create your own website portfolio online store for free trial at 10% off for squarespace.com at use African rooster that's all for Kohler rooster teeth at squarespace.com with great-tasting forget the vending machine it starts Mas beautiful Austin Texas this week trailer vanity customers and Gus sorola I think we were still walking around today was a very very crazy day so today was the first day today is Monday October 13th and it will check today was the first day of Hardcore pre-order ear that production production production for the first time Eureka Telegraph two different ears to feel like you're asleep in a field I met a lot of people I believe the first time I heard it was bad and it's about hairdressers they really bike ride back up with us here but they really like curly hair a lot like they don't get the deal with it very often and as a result they just want to like make it as big as possible I cut my hair that way the hell up and I was like a really long right now and I wanted to get a haircut but we started filming this other thing that's been going on for a little over a week now your project and I can't cut my hair if I cut my hair halfway through the project all of a sudden my hair cut short and make up to the next three months but every day I don't know recent something we shot four weeks ago big beard on you for the you look like Daniel Day-Lewis playing you just mascara over like a tiny bit of stubble that I happen to know I couldn't believe every comment was going like what's wrong with Gus Brando vs all around my mouth it was terrible the black with much better and that last week was after we discovered this nurse Ebola from this guy who came from I believe Liberia he came to Dallas went to the hospital two days after started having symptoms they turn them away they are fun and there goes home with two days with the symptoms are when you can pass the virus when you're exhibiting symptoms and two days later he didn't come back I really do think something's wrong with me and now this young lady this nurse said he has not been identified by her family correct and she is now like the poster child sees the first case of Ebola in the US she's a first transmission of Ebola in the US but she's like not patient zero but she's like patient one and has this adorable picture of her and her dog like the dog is looking on the face like you can take a more sympathetic dont know questions yet and it's something that makes you just like when we retire we can we try to really put emergency tangent and meet Lee Gus I lost my phone it's around here I have no idea but yes dogs can get Ebola and they carry a symptomatically dont two carriers of Ebola that affect the nurse in Spain in Madrid who contracted Ebola to kill their dog like that the Spanish authorities children on Houston is a dog which they kill that would be doing chemical warfare just go to town you can contract Ebola just give dont the dogs the US went to a very short period of time which was a little bit The Little Clinic Huber at swear it was like everybody stop don't worry about it you know it's out of control Africa because everyone just passing through telling her how to do it and then like there's a nurse who's covered head-to-toe in protective gear and she contracted the ca she kind of threw her to the hospital under the bus on proper protocol was breached and that's what caused this what do you mean protocol was breached if they just say that we don't know but we don't know that everybody did everything right but it's to keep with absolute Panic am I weird for not wanting to shake hands anymore but you're still your friend and you don't ever like shaking hands I know but officially saying no we're out he can take his head and I feel like I just wash my hair we're hanging out and you should somebody's hand and then while they were there of course but no I'm not touching anybody anymore I'm always I don't how you are Gus put it car we just came back from your, cuz I didn't go you didn't go nobody your way to work now there's a lot of those people actually still making the way back they had like an hour line on a regular basis because it's a lot of people from all over the country all over the world you're going to expose two things so I'm always really careful I don't get sick anymore but for the first year or two I would get sick on a regular basis like when everyone gets Pacs part of the car never get it I don't have anything Iowa sanitize my hands at the booth on a regular basis I should probably say things like I don't want anybody to see me do it it's a totally responsible professional thing to do to sanitize your hands I feel like I have to hide the fact that I to the next person talk to text Ebola jokes about at this point on your hand at one of the screens in my place I took the screen out when I put the new one on and had like little little latches that little catch you gotta push up and get the screen on there then it wasn't there and it like this to like what kind of brush it down what the hell happened I was like your whole week like I got one time I did a weird thing where I bruised the bottom of my foot have you ever done that when my kids will have data like a diecast metal airplane and I stepped on the back of it like that alien into the arch of my foot and bruised my foot bruising the bottom of your foot is hard and it's hard to get over to look for a week it's like I just stepped on a weird anyway it was a weird way and I was just like in total pain every time my brother was eating on the floor and I stepped into my foot and I was like yeah yeah cinnamon pop tarts with toothpicks on the floor so and because I'm Gus there a lot of people on Twitter who are now saying are you coming to this car are you coming back on or is it someone what to know for coming to Vermont on October 25th and 26th I don't know we're not going to Vermont, where are we going in the near future in October will be at Pax trailer what to say that's like October 30th 31st and 31st to November 2nd it will be a super nova and Supernova Brisbane and will be at MCM London Comic Con in October and we are going to are there the I believe at the breakdown and that's it for 2015 go to go to one of the ruby ball in two screens which are happening at 6 on with drafthous around the us all over the nation I think the one in Austin sold out but I don't know if the other ones were sold drafthous.com going to go into her room and then do some Q&A and if you know he likes you call the different theater so even if you question the people here in Austin will be screened the Alamo in Richardson it'll be Washburn Austin Houston Ashburn Kansas City Littleton and Yonkers two building a new network really sure is hard work it looks like Bike World War II was ridiculous there is speculation that Google it it's just smoke and mirrors that they are announcing cities are going into it just like waiting to see like how the carriers react to it you know I'm happy to have reacted very well and often everybody has their intellects and so I get for $70 a month now I get a gigabit service fun fiber from AT&T which is having my last PT test was like 780 Megs down I think and then 380 let's play for this in 10 minutes if you are using the Austin service two years ago when they discontinued the old way that we transmitted television signals they basically put that Spectrum up for bid with all these different companies and it was a reserve and if you hit that Mark then it would become like open-source I forget exactly go and Google had no interest in owning any of that but they did that Reserve because they knew that someone else actually wanted it and would pay more and it would be quite beneficial for them in the long run or run it off it was really a billion dollars look like when you're watching a thing on eBay you like that I have no interest in buying it but I think he's rolling it out across the country have heard rumors coming out and it's just everything in the world $100 ba 285 a month monthly quota I don't know what it is I have no idea how much does Gaming use you don't normally use Time Warner and you can check how much use in a month and in typical month I'll use about between 2 and 300 gigs of data get his painting General everything would you rather have only have something would you rather have a really really fast because it's a really fast and I have a slower speed so you actually pay for that yourself do you want sit down or do you want to order of the stick your project but I don't know who are the teeth what was like but I was like are you eating a Pop-Tart on the floor with toothpicks at 7 I told you that I wouldn't but you can but don't be a butthead but I can't say it you're such a but I also like this you know what was the what was I'm the middle you strike me the middle kid have a military strike middle kid forgettable older sister and a younger brother has been my my older younger brother what kind of car was it remember I'm not that pretty but they said there's several different strains of the flu when they have already been through it nothing in Africa 70% mortality rate u.s. 130 the child of the people that work in Russia Russia clean to have a cure for Ebola Kohler to tell me that the Assassin Snail Gavin hypothetical scenario he figured out what the power of the snai list if you become immune to a bullet would you go to West African structures cure from Ebola you should have merely go to work as health care person for a while probably somewhere in there bathroom policy yeah the alternate like disposable bath maybe just more protection for the longest amount of time you been contagious and you better cover for a much longer period of time and then become a CA to know that I would never I what I don't ever want to live on this fun as I have her actions I have these like to make it in sometime today when you have a bunker my family my family my family or whatever someone told you it would be it would be safer to you tonight Joe the cat would you and I flight is the President Joe the cat is such a prick and he's unbelievable that you didn't you live with him Brandon he was always he always targeted me and everybody thought I was a jerk to me of you. Also said mean things two school have to record the way Joe the cat meows in the morning and it's like I get up at 6:30 every day 6:30 I'm up and ready to go how many go to 10:15 half an hour before it starts like this just like win go rattlin me and it just stopped Joe the cat can you warm up to get out of on the bean bag and then to sharing lick me and rubs me until I get up on my car I'm going to give you the chance to drop the candy bar chips they're not good for you do what I do get delicious wholesome snacks that nature box.com your box 307 delicious snacks you don't feel guilty about using them because they're better for me artificial flavors or sweeteners and no high fructose corn syrup or baked potatoes better for you than others free snacks to start your free trial go to naturebox.com / Rooster Teeth staple stay strong do what I do start snacking smarter go to naturebox.com / Rooster Teeth get a free trial box of delicious snacks thank you make sure Buck sweet delicious snacks and your free trial offer, car dealership text so I did I filled my greatest nightmare possible this weekend correct did you sing in public know that is bad but no karaoke review to go to karaoke night would be on fun and I'll be like Joe the cat Kohler outside Music ACL gu what you go see nothing I was fucking miserable I got there and realize how terrible it was Friday it was hot as hell weather today in Austin was perfect and it looks like they're blue water group responsible wow wasn't expecting that I went to in the last night there was this girl who I'm sure was on some kind of drug lined up on the top of this tower that they had made some kind of like probably like 20 feet in the air and everybody was crowded around and there was no way to get her down and she was just kind of like milking it she would like Point down like she was going to jump or she point up like he's going to keep climbing and trying to get people to Cheer One Way or Another and I stayed for like a half hour because it was pretty good anything but eventually did get her down I'm going to take a photo with the kids and tell them over the fence coming along two Patrick real quick picture of all the fucking bike is crazy how many bike store Springs Road the other side is just bike parking bike that looks like a Transformer there it is how much I can't even express it is like it was like basically there was fences all around the place to keep people out of the park is just make it an event of this to you over the internet Tesla cars but the fences everywhere the bike store on the fences like a Joe like 78% of people put the front tires over the all the fences but it was like every 20 feet what the signs that no bike parking and he was like a little Gap right on that one side and everywhere else I could do it grey Jean Barton Springs Road with Brazil cure is it over a little creek that runs from Barton Springs down to the river to try to capture this 808 goes over the creek and walking back over there from ACL drunk at the bridge there like walking over there and I laughed so hard that what I thought I think I have to picture that Patrick is going to be called it was unbelievable what can meeting there was that mean I should worry about it I thought it was P today did you want to come to ACL grey that you went to private area where there's no people and you didn't say anything it was nice to see you like people on drugs Gus working here then don't do it with experience so I went there and you're there two weekends who presumably supposed to be half the crowd was like no make it work without internet connection device to the internet the bathroom and I was just waiting there my phone didn't work so I put in my pocket and I didn't like the most awkward guy in the world but I know that the the protesters in Hong Kong they have like a problem where they can't use their phones so there are text messaging app for like in two messaging apps to communicate via Bluetooth so you could communicate that with other people and I don't know how it works because everyone and everyone is building to the people that work everywhere wireless connections like on poles and then they would just like they would build a network that way because as we learned from Google press kit very hard to build a fiber Network in oh and putting labels on the ground it's really it's really expensive and even a place that has dance is Austin for their households like every 40 feet it's even harder when there's houses every 5 Acres or something like that and no it is not worth it cost effective for the telephony network they have a bunch of stuff that did that bridges that Gap I went to a hunting trip one time I don't but I would like to come along but I had to go to County Texas the border between New Mexico and Texas and the population density of where I was was .1 things one person every square miles out there and it was the first time I've ever heard someone talk about in terms of section and not in terms of acreage and I was like what section is 640 acres is like why would you it's okay we just got it just got really out there but he had a phone line is here for any 30 bucks installation that was it but the guy who installed it and it cost a phone company about 12 Grand to install it out there Universal service fund every month phone service Broadband for a long time and everyone should be some kind of it was changing the definition of broadband government they claim they were offering Broadband wet down there I have never turned it in but that was ridiculous know what is happening with those vendors in California that are competing with is now trying to them because they say they're handmade handmade vodka but obviously with that kind of distribution is only with the machine teeth came out and said but your hands to connect the hoses trying to find any legal way they can get out anyway kingswell grey vodka Ciroc is grey the specific Buck is cold potato vodka I believe that's what I believe it is vodka what water is made from fermented grains at your store game Corn rice Rye or wheat though you can also use potatoes fruits and even just sugar store in Vegas can you do all the time I want to make a fermented drink or something when you get that stuff when you boil it and then you take the conversation like this still and then you take that in the drippings and then you forget that I am absolutely if I have time I'm going to try to make whiske eBay sandwich make corn mash it up dry how do you make whiskey p whiske but I was afraid bottle and drink except God. What the fuck is that smell I take down the whole building that we didn't have a chance to show him our studio like it's not intentionally do it and then we hired him and we brought him there for the first time in his life soccer what you guys call the buck out on Twitter for not doing how to make whiskey wow you do not know how to make whiskey too long didn't read make slurry for minted two still at an agent open it in a glass and drink it I'm a busy man I don't have time to make my own by Mike can you make can you make wine from any grey can I just go buy some grapes not good couple months ago talking about Costco wine is bad and I don't know it's weird I just picked out but apparently they're so when it comes to like grape harvesting in order to make wine if you know you pay for a decent bottle of wine they harvest grapes by hand if you buy a cheap bottle of wine and everything out so you end up with grapes as well as like the sticks in the stands and everything getting messages like animals Sony bike Ebola win because there's a machine doing it was not an actual person clean in College of the thing where you bought Franzia wine box wine to take it out of the bag and pass the background and you slap the first and then we had like a friend and he's allowed to drink it and then you slap it and if people aren't satisfied with your slap you have to keep drinking it peek do not standing next to him usually slap it in slap it so hard the back burner I was just like why not but I don't know what to do with your parting with a god of wine and food is like this big guy drinks wine and gets drunk and hook up motion happy more upset about the wine and the clothes department to meet us outside okay Kendra she'll be happy to hear that condo when you can like to call somebody to replace a toilet in my house because it cracked like it was some how to get rid of toilet to replace a one piece toilet Joe this is one peek toilet seat I go under the toilet to unscrew the plastic nut that holds on the $25 toilet seat doesn't screw it and just replace it right not there there's no not under teeth do children have Universal Design toilet perfectly dont baby things there middle anchors that go into the toilet and then like this one Wall anchor Sig go out to the ship and that's that's what they put in a toilet and replace that is a $65 anchor kit what you just two more anchors in at like a month and that's it and I had with this thing I had to like get a crowbar and pry the bolt out and I didn't break your two hundred and $20 and it your calendar days 6 hours of work middle bar so next time we do it will cost you still mad I use that crowbar from here the middle crowbar know what was wrong with the ca toilet ring cracked like right here like and what it sounds like come over and practice toilet broken toilet seat explain it a little more weight on the right side so he broke keep people off your toilet it's a good thing I don't like when people come in bacterial Interlakes School of that thing down people usually get around here he's got that he's freaked out about that too to amaze me how people people get freaked out about bathroom it here I wish I didn't think like that I think about you when I'm in the bathroom in the stall or anything but I think I wash my hands I think about you cuz I think how paranoid you are about to walk to the bathroom in one of the Stalls has the papers out of order that's weird and I look at that water has overflowed from the out of order and it's all over the floor in the other bathroom Lake what is it about today I went to what we have like another toilet we have access to another bathroom and in the store there was a chair and I wouldn't been is weird out if it was just a normal IQ dont want that you can't move but this was a fold-up chair and it was specifically folded down and just sitting there facing the toilet and it was the weirdest thing like I couldn't get out of the image of like the lights going out and then like this goes just like a period your goes watching you watching you poop yeah there's like an automatic light the light doesn't stay on for very long if you're sitting on the toilet and then like you Universal problem what do you think it was in the old movie sitting on the toilet in the pitch-black open the door I'll just wait for someone to come in there's an exit sign everything with an your eyes start to adjust and they get more sensitive to light so there's no red light that gets brighter and brighter and brighter will it stall it looks like you're in P I would be terrified if there was like a portal it like that that was your solution to the bathroom without using peek your mind you can alien isolation is at is everything it's the only thing that really scared me for a minute I'll take from Alien where the guy in the alien two kind of like crabs win talked about that 140 goes from from its awful to watch it how can I be different cuz I don't want to ruin for me but I'm really happy with the way this generation of consoles is finally like I feel like the next-generation consoles has finally begun and I think I think the game that did it for me was Shadow of Mordor because the game that came out it's an original game original i p did you know if you are just some of the things in the spirit II H with a very important to the story well I like when people add to stuff like that makes me really excited about the current generation of the Rings movie Love Actually get out of here like look around Crater the great and also if you make a loud noise and it could attract the alien your your position I would really like it's a great game if you like turn off all the lights turn the volume up and I never really use the Kinect camera dont my car when I was replaying PT at home today I really wanted to beat it there are certain parts where I know something scary was going to happen so I went to the side and behind the TV and just kinda like move the stick until I can do like it was over but I put it I knew watch it happen it is it is a very strange thing to me about this horror game with PT was a unique experience because it's like I have to do something or Smite to move you're waiting for to happen and there's nothing you can do about it so we can leave to make it happen and I don't want I know there's something horrible I don't want to push you over the edge Kohler AC guy pushing some buttons the roller coaster squarespac website for online years and actually proving their platforms new features new designs and even better support their beautiful designs to start with and they have a ton of style options and credit you need website for you or your business they recently released when you customizable templates and every design automatic includes a mobile experience that matches the overall style your website your country looks great on every device every time crispy someone several Design Awards including the favorite website Awards the way these forms and the award for best website design customer support teams also won awards most recently a gold Stevie award for outstanding customer service squarespac is conversate a powerful the flexible eCommerce solution to your set up shop and sell things quickly quickly it's good for everyone where they need a simple website developer want to get into the coat there's so much you can customize with Squarespace so cool you can easily better Twitch TV Player into any Patron is Squarespace website can you share your favorite gaming moment Chris P starts at 8 bucks a month includes a free domain name to sign up for a year you haven't already of course to try you don't need a credit card to start building your website when you decide to sign up your daughter could Rooster Teeth get 10% off child support for rooster that squarespac.com offer code Rooster Teeth thank you sweetie for helping people make beautiful looking website so I feel like we've been talking for about an hour and I understand thing in particular that we wanted to bring up here tonight is kind of you guys if you want to go with it I think going on right now this is interesting is he Department of their own teams goes like this and Chris Guillotine with a name like blank comes up to us and just basically like mordo we were like hey Brandon you want to do a live-action seems like me and you to do it and I can't blame you want to be on our Smite team and he just left Smite how many Beach you guys like as obnoxious as blank and possibly being crazy Lawrence awesome at it and so he comes back about 15 minutes later and he was like Shadow it up now if you guys if you're still looking for a third member yeah we did the biggest thing and told him no and took Jordan in and your dad from is an RTA because you know Chris Chris ended up being with the two atoms and they take off and they basically form the unbeatable team like there's some good Smite players the tournament and then me you and find out that we're going in the first round and we still lost and to find out that we were originally supposed to be against somebody else and I was supposed to be against the atom the win and complained and cried about it and eventually got the bracket changed two wheel the Sun in AU win against the atoms and then he got another another seed and won his first match but people who didn't play the game he didn't play the game and then he went up to Jordan such a hard time it was the most infuriating thing I've ever felt a part of the game getting the right is part of the game it's tough but they didn't go any further than that Renault has denied it committed teeth but that being said the night before we played we randomly and smite our team we're practicing ended up playing his team and we and we destroyed that you destroy them like there's no doubt in my mind that we would absolutely blow them out of the water so I feel like we're the people's champion no one knows about it dad like blame is trying to play with us again today when like no no and he got he got like the most puppy dogs they is nobody right now I'm hammered on Twitter right now well maybe we'll have an extra to the heart give me okay your make it through the night at first we can't hit like to know the top one before you get first your right I think the most upset about the whole thing really serious that's just the way to you guys for when you guys did all that stuff instead of those teams I just got money out so I got nothing I got nothing I'm fortunately I have an appreciation for him it's one of the few games that I don't play actively but that I appreciate the people who do because I know it takes a lot of skill and people love it I love that all the documentaries I've seen other the main one is free to play with your son go to you know but I'm just not good at it and I'm not particular more than all the others I've never played it because I'm trying to get into something go to try I'd like I'd like to play with and I realize two big things like the international SPN coverage like this is between the Xbox One and PS4 is an experience like The Last of Us for the first time in the remastered Edition came out and played them PS4 that kind of like clean me out for PS3 and then I finally cleared out my Xbox 360 experience I close it out because dont the last Walking Dead Season 2 Episode came out and that was like the only thing keeping my Xbox 360 still plugged in at that point. But I'm like completely wrapped up I feel like an Xbox 360 there's nothing I want to go back and play your PS3 the PS3 version of The Game of Thrones board game after next month so it'll be soon so that would be hard to beat The Walking Dead to the TV show on Twitter that is like ear game 4 spoilers people just don't is the one show that people do not care about spoiling on Twitter that's why I watch it immediately I mean everyone was like everyone's posting pictures of stuff from like nobody cares about Twitter post that purchase digital purchase until the next day so you can watch it when it releases like Boardwalk comes out at 7 p.m. on Sunday I think it probably was an example you can watch it but then you have to wait a day for usually all the other networks and it's like I don't know what I'm supposed to do very rarely do I ever is I'm not allowed I didn't get a chance to find out what it was what is a social media Network where they did invite only which is really smart way to do that than to become feel like how can I get into this thing and like them there's like 20 people there that you could register for and you'd be able to save pictures that people send you the Snapchat yes or no Snapchat you send a picture and then we'll be like and then if someone screenshots it'll be like screenshot what we got p no but then there software you can download the app for something downloaded that doesn't that's not incorporated into the app so you can secretly and that's something I don't know how they do it that would only be used for people for me sorry fellas your what are all the stores were saying don't look at you dont wanna look at it it's a lot of underage people at work anyway I think it was two people Behavior with nude photos nude photo Jennifer Lawrence's explanation to apologize but she said she was in a long-distance relationship and either I can go with the Beast firestick middleby Marshall what is a long distance relationship wouldn't be stimulating clean she said she's not she said this is not something I even need to apologize for she did not even come close to apologize and explain that you how is the kid from Mario he was also in that of About a Boy two years so it was good Warm Bodies zombie love story go and I was out a couple weeks ago you sat in my seat and I didn't know where you put my earpiece and your ear your room when I came back the next week it was covered in your whack my girlfriend is still upset about that it will keep trying to get me to clean my Air Joe what it was like I don't know I can't see Egyptian with an apologizing you right now vodka clean out your to put them in how many really just say that because they're just covering the bases are like 200 dry vanity dont put in ear when they're pretty clean now Universal to do it from the website for the job in India they have part of the culture there is that her on the street and you'll just go in 5250 32nd two of my like him Patrick said he's bringing it out give me photo of course Ebola your Gadgets in your ear that is like 4 inches from your mouth we were going to go to Target on the podcast called high res photo never weaken it never in my life Toro Sig with to get rid of ear wax Xfinity someone what you want some good natural 123 marker that if you have dry ear wax vs wet ear wax in Tivoli the East-West thing not like he's Goes West only rapper to have dry ear wax is dry and they like to check it out a little the change change my face hurts at first dry Gus actually I was Talon Twitter air made the people have wet ear wax look like what is what year was that disgusting to them best I've never heard of dry ear wax I know that was a thing I could see why if you have dry ear wax you don't realize wet earwax is a possibility we're just putting that out there anything in my name it's like a little ear gold Lamborghini teeth that's one of the markers you can tell they recently updated 23andMe genetic analysis of enough you've seen it they did nothing never do those things where they really broke out where your ancestors came from the make it a lot more detail next week right now Joe the movie from the DVD so it's got a motor for each of the drive wheels at the promoter so goes into 60 and 3.2 seconds and the thing about it is it has auto pilot so you can drive your car if you get on the freeway and just driving my car the current version model as it does not have sensors or anything in order to get the software the software is available or if it's regulated your car can I come and pick you up Joe to get my car to talk to your car oh I forgot to park my car go to the mall I'll just have to come get me now just like the car so I can imagine I was thinking about it for years that I want this robot is go get it like fun actually what of the other if you pull up in your driveway you still park in the garage and it Parks itself in the garage I love you go to the house and enjoy your life as car wheels rotate 90 degrees so you can just like slide into a parallelogram and my ex mother-in-law has a car that automatically Parks itself trailer parks really pretty fucking dont middle SUV that doesn't look like an incredible cars had nothing to lose and everything it was a major difference driverless car last of the robot car if you had a robot car would you actually make a prop prop robot that you can put in the driver's seat Joe trailer we had Johnny Cash fucking fight over that thing that bike came in then I got messed up do you like a robot it was like to make make a prop robot out of PVC pipes and circuit boards in the arms of broken how to fix it and everything about fixing it was capable of fixing it didn't want to fix it so I'm pretty sure this really happen I think it's a Google to creating the driverless car there working on it I understand it did get in an accident but that accident was because someone was driving it manually at the time go by someone else driverless car press for that company that there was an accident it was specifically not their fault about 90% of accidents are human error Pro all accidents are human air out there some that are like oh my car broke tire popped off or whatever I don't know I don't know car I don't know clean up robot car there's certain things like you know manufacture errors in something called accidents or you know whatever but if with robot cars in the future. It's a total game-changer because I think that you will be a change of like yeah we need to get these cars and we would have to drive we have to turn the iPhone make you feel about getting another Brando so much better than the other car goes quickly 26 miles per hour for the last 50 years car at two haven't been about features they been about like way of life like all this guy has a really cool like hot girlfriend you want to buy the car but now we're getting to the point where is the bathroom thing anybody has ever said about to the advertising advertising technology and features than I think you would see that you P the negative ads car after all about to college and features already this car has park assist this car has an active sonar cruise control air car the lyrics of a backup camera of camera and it stimulates it was like cameras on the running boards what is the view from the top of your car down so you can see everything around your car 360 completely simulated it was something it was an SUV that we rented that was like this is Magic what is this it looks like a few of your car from the car doing the following yeah that's what it felt like that's what it felt like Thursday a prototype of concept car I forget what it is that has a drone built into it that's like goes up in value in traffic on in real time and then comes back down your car and knocked up nurse traffic car got the car got the car launches Dron to check for gridlock ahead think looks fucking awesome I would be a lot more once the executed if not there when I to watch it Dron if every other Renault on the road was like fuck it is already a drone in the air we can just use that data not working to be like Google GPS your moving and everything in there before because I gave him a tour of the studio and then I had the kids and drop them off and that's all the way across town and then come all the way back up HAC will be 35 in Austin is being really the other way here is the red line for traffic is I'm not kidding it was spot-on I like I like him more miles I'm coming to Assassin like block I hit it and then the red block in at 4 traffic started amazed that it was that accurate getting crazy now I'm on my way that you don't use anymore right with the ba of course I still want exactly history of right so everyone is worried about parking so if with a robot on her trip also play Christmas to worry about parking where do I go to do you know what you should get a ride over there you wouldn't have to park your car that I have because you could pull up two players jump out of her home it would drive home now cars with no driver is because that's a significantly different thing than the pilot was car autopilot car as soon as there's people in the car okay but that's a totally different level of confidence of people the road to say here's a car that can come get me like downtown on 68th I drink it so it wasn't what everybody is driving with being able to drink too much that's like the number one thing people want to do people are looking for a way to get fucking obliterated that their number one goal in life I'm so excited car car the activate and come and get you with nobody in it that's kind of an Insurance liability Nightmare and that unless it's a proven to report style or it's all just like they will require someone to be in the driver's seat for a number of years and in the car for a number of cities like I don't have a Renault slap someone wrote a fake robot attack car ad on Twitter you said car badge at the Honda robot car voted against raises for school teachers clean feel comfortable no your not going on the way yeah that is not it in particular think that's something when I'm the one that is colored car they put it on the screen your orange SUV crossover hybrid tank dont look up Patrick is a grey and yellow and it actually shows the Dron the Renault kwid two wi concept car Dron or Renault kwid and that'll probably have it falling asleep if you're going cross-country and his robot car taking you two like to know with the dry figs and Yes actually I do but they're not going to drive you go yeah I think about like go Pilots I hope things are going well with the pilot want to take you I don't know man disappeared in that case I wish it was mh17 737 teeth ell the way they found a body that had an oxygen mask on mh17 to fly around all the 370 was at the bottom of a trench or shot down by the Russians really anything was for sure I think it was shot down by insurgents or Renault Renegades that are being supplied with weapons from Russia but they don't know that so cute and if you're listening that being said that being said no one thinks that's a real pilot do not apply Fox River track the transponder was manually turned off no one knows why but I thought I could maybe is a real quick or no the case you're probably thinking of the device actual robot pilot was Egyptian air Egyptian air guy where he said a prayer in the microphone and then like just went and push forward on the stick and his co-pilot was like what you doing and pulled back on his stick and they're fighting over control and I guess when they both like pushing opposite direction the actual plane was able to like go into the flats win two different directions I'm is a reason why you want that to happen in some kind of avionics situation but he crashed plane in the ocean One Pilots what's the difference between an Airbus and Boeing Airbus independently of each other totally different inputs and averages out the input or operate differently are linked together go down you can the strongest Airline passenger and the other passengers bodies were found had oxygen mask except for this one and was around their neck to Egypt Air 990 31st 1999 and the voice recorder Egyptian air 3 degrees down the first officer and I really got 10 more times for the captain suddenly reappeared asking wa pili what's happening what's happening the flight your date of record reflect that the elders didn't move two into a split condition with the left elevator up and the right elevator down a condition which is expected to result with the two patrol cars are subject to at least 50 pounds of 50 pounds of opposing Force at this point both ends were shut down by moving the chart numbers for Monday cut off because that's what is this what is this you should have the engine in the plane crash toilet pull up his pants 200 to it but there's no way I could be more freaked out peek ba Road Buck Shadow what am I driving next to a buck on the freeway car how much of your life is separated by like a double yellow line that's right here just trust me on that line and they can do it the hundred percent of time LiveLeak things of like some of the truck on the road at all for the cards and it's right there in Austin of really bad about using your phone while driving really have a universal phone check for traffic tickets for gridlock so with that in the link up as well for those of us in the audio version of the service and it's yellow and concept car will never see that because I won't be able to do stuff while I'm in the car I'll be driving me to work and I'll be like working and doing like a picture public transportation on is because go and pick people up so you can finish your car and your work your car can go around and pick people up and take other people to work you really need a car for giving me for gas your car Indian Scout dont make money for you Chris you're blowing my mind you're absolutely right ell the car make money that you could it would had it and then also or are you wouldn't even need a car because of the other people who bought cars and then they would be doing that I wonder where the car would rely on a human to fill it up with gas I would like to have a baby P go back to work all day we go back to the time where these people here impossible to the job to fill someone's gas how big would you be if a car pulled up and you're feeling better I will be like I'm not doing this regular please fucking premium start but I would still love you is this you just look at child abuse 02 because the impact on fuel used to go through the roof because people be like I go to the post office but I can't find a parking space car go around the block for like 10 times and then just park anywhere you would you would go somewhere and you'd be like rall car go on the buck go Renault you be like go do a couple right for the people be back in at least come back here in an hour and in that hour would go and be like would give us access to people you don't want to get in your car that you paid for that you don't know anything driverless car and a day later it was filled to the top with urine Two Men and a Truck security feature dry tell me something before what would be the requirement for people like you have to have a driverless car by when like their interviews today 20% the population has within five years then it's a pointless like you can't have a driverless car on the road 30 years and then you're just wasting everybody's time you think it was 30 years to really like those a lot of money that's great but that's just too much money too much too many to stop it you're never going to like say they can't drive on the road so people are huge in to see if there's a motorcycle in the eyes and tell them that you know it's like people are all riding horses all down the street the device that robot cars are going to like push horses no horses were introduced people that I don't know my horses I don't trust them robot to be around two brothers no I'm just saying I'm sure this will be back in 20 is whatever when were cars invented to be more like well I just trust my horse I don't know something with blood and bones not machines then but now they do and now we it's just like the chuc is full of blood Joe Pesci is a great coach said that he said if I had listened to the public I would have designed a faster horse at a job site that allow public opinion to doing something is revolutionary when was the car grammar for that kind of stuff because my grandmother on my dad's side my dad because he was a priest wait so long to have kids I was like super crazy generation gap with my dad and my grandmother was born in 1898 so I said that what time do the interview with her with a video camera and asked her before she remembers when she saw her first I'll let you pass right now but she remembered when she saw her first electric lights that was like she remembers that and like she remembers seeing her first car sing her first airplane everything I heard a story that you would love I never heard about this that when the Wright brothers what the pitch the airplane Orville Wright and Colonel got in a plane together and over I took off from rot crash the plane crippled himself killed the colonel and then we go to order 10,000 it's like a huge donut and it spins you around you feel like the different eras of time the future home after it tomorrow it's not like in the 1940 era and I was like okay cool this is the present and then the right and it was supposed to be the future like it's crazy cuz like their perception I think it was a model in the eighties that we like so like recently ATT commercials that were in the eighties and early nineties that like pegged almost only way I'll be able to fax from of the beach from a payphone and Technology the newspaper in the year 2000 in the business and everything is on different planets or Star Trek Postal Service your the post-apocalyptic stop was Planet of the Apes but that really was supposed to park win two story it was more of an alien world thing with a Twist to it and probably more of a commentary and evolution anything else but yes it was a weird thing when the world went from being everything to be incredibly awesome to everything can be horrible at how we'd survive this kind of thing as the Cold War rot of the Cold War and the nuclear threat that we reach the point of technology I guess this can't continue and that's kind of scary Concept in this room materials from stuff around to make another one and goes to make another two and those forward make another 4 and its 8 when make another date and then and then you have what grey gu where the robots are crowded they just consume all materials and just make themselves terrifying Fai is a little man over nurse with that and then you would like to bowl in West Africa we would not be in this situation with this going global the way that we are now where it's like you're literally see these little dots all over the map now of likes pain at tip top scariest crazy think they suspected somebody of HAC Ebola in Braintree Massachusetts that is anyone ever heard of Braintree before it's a good look on there that we're going to stand which is about a super the population the first place Braintree Braintree Massachusetts the fact that came up was like really like how many degrees is it already in the past it is already come and gone we live in this weird bubble of antibiotics which is about to come to an end to where it's like we're like people would get a cut and died or they got smallpox and died what happened to a lot of people Renault yeah we're just not used to it so you could doctor get antibiotics in something like that those are going to do it's over to it you can't have it and you'll be sitting in your garage working on it your life will be like we do it shut up and tell anyone when am I going to watch the replay and the patches we can play last week came out this past Saturday really really funny smart people have a screenplay tomorrow and patch on Wednesday and don't forget not this coming weekend but the weekend after we are doing our annual live stream 24 hour live your going to benefit extra life thank you to everybody who wants the live stream last Friday at the time went really well it was really hard plug