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RT Discusses Plan B Husbands

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Recorded: 2014-10-21 19:06:56

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson, Brandon Farmahini




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Transcript (in progress):

this podcast is brought to you by Blue Apron Blue Apron sends Gourmet recipes and all the fresh ingredients you need to make them right to your door to see what's on the menu this week is it blue apron.com are losers get their first two meals free is go to blueapron.com / RoosterTeeth blue apron.com slash RoosterTeeth go to people who you are and what you do there are options for just about everything you need for someone to enter promo code 30% on your order Eli from beautiful Austin Texas this week featuring Gus sorola that's your fucking count Corolla ready for me honey barbar da Blain Gibson and restaurant I know what to do I think I will have to 94294 Blue for 300EX to start talking about $300 to try to figure out what your underwear and red cape and it's like I'll be Leonidas it would be just 330 don't usually come in some kind of like underwear 300 what are you hung up on this distressing up idea I think it's funny 300 podcast wild outdoor Blain looks for any opportunity to show off his abs you can give me a lot of shit about that today tweet about signing autographs and nobody cares cuz you could you get us something like this weird Crow charm where nobody cares about stuff like that you get some kind of broke ass and I don't understand it I did before you play the game of smite and I got to take off drinking out of a protein shake also time for getting protein is like a story about one of the princesse is known as a bitch in high school and nobody cared no problem with it I don't get it fur people like that character go through I still like him and walked in my earlier of course before we can live on the podcast my new tattoo started thinking I was sitting over here on my desk and I could hear like Count Dooku Count Dooku was really good at the letter d Forza 4 guitar Wars patients have the sensation I need a ride over here I was like I didn't want to interfere I didn't end up going to watch the fight and I think we should be a Star Wars sponsor blue string Blues is alright tour up so I can defend myself there's no absolute here I guess that was happening originally Chris Jordan are scheduled to go up against I don't know what team and Blain was supposed to go up against the Adams and Chris Martin are by far the favorite to win fur Shawn Blain played in the Shawn I think it supposed to play the background on that Blain was originally going to be on our team but he told Chris and I to fuck off with using go beyond Chris Martin's team and then Chris told him to fuck off and then playing came back to us I got so if you don't want me on your team you like go fuck you fast-forward a week and apparently at the brackets come out Blain goes to Jack and cries about it and then all of a sudden the brackets are changed and we're going up against the atoms and then Blain has like a cupcake match not at all that would happen in the end no don't try to distract me I will be there by like 120 or so okay so anyway what happened was Jack was going around had a piece of paper and he said hey I got the Smite bracket so cool he said sorry to say anything this is this is him but right now it's looking like you're going to be funny I don't know I was just like I was like I said I know that you guys were so I understand if you need to make the brackets where the most Talent will be there for most of the time so I was saying like if you need to put like the big face is RoosterTeeth up you know like Josh but they're not very well known in the community was like did you put me off he was walking away and I was jokingly like hahaha and then he changed it and was like well yeah up last week will okay so apparently that's teething rumor that's going around it's like Blain did it Blain lost with Jack or something okay sorry barbar so he was saying he was saying like full disclosure he said to me right now but I guess it had to do with scheduling or something but something didn't work out he decided to change it we put in to make sure we're still in it you guys lost city sits are you before you help them move no it was after I hope to move like over some or something I don't know I just like whatever after the podcast last week when I talk about this we can find a Blain about it the next day and he denied everything and then we would mention something specific about him going up and talking and then be like well yeah but. And then we would mention that he's like yeah yeah yeah but eventually the whole thing I didn't like people started bitching me out on Twitter you put like a Witch Hunt um if you still feel like I use my powers for good okay I helped move anything if she wants to you know change the bracket that his decision I didn't you know that's just that's all on back are your powers and I have 3 super powers AR strength super charm and super humility 1/3 words I think it's yours and random matchmaking and we destroyed it was going to come down but we are missing one of her teammates is Josh make me the villain here and it was also I was testing a new gone and whatever guys is like he was kind of shooting pushing I'm going to just settle this we've been playing you meet Jordan Chris with all them playing Smite I've been playing with guy's dick M&J weather you guys if you guys might the team then what we were going to play you and I think that's going to be a pretty interesting so I was kinda sketched out about it but then again like he go to Ellis is office and smite how to turn off the monitor for the first time and actually make some really good podcast 300 reference yeah I've been playing a lot I actually have gotten carpal tunnel syndrome on my left hand from playing so much Shawn is nice I've been trying I've been trying so hopefully tomorrow goes well it didn't even came in today and I've been thinking it was like it's nice to see everybody like how we progressed and how good we are at this game like we have our company to another company call tournamen things that are like involve going outside go to Colton hey Greg Miller and/or Adam kovic hopefully hopefully they play the game as well back to when we played it on the gauntlet and actually like be prepared to come back and watch the footage I think I can maybe chill the minions say it was terrible it really good though it was the only person actually that's the longest we've been at it in any game because I mean move is like I was surprised how much fun that game was when I started playing it and I recommend anybody to play it but it's hard to watch if you don't know what's going on so apparently the Adams and Christine in Dark Souls they had like all these strategies if we play this team we're going to use these characters with least favorite character strategies and team builds how many ways you could go about that game you try to stick together and just kind of like you know Target one person at a time or just like all spread out one person gets the crap one person starts killing I don't know if you saw there was that study that may land survey where I think Maryland's server 2000 real married women wear mail mail mail services email and I think half of them had said that they have a back up husban in mind like basically if things go south with their marriage they kind of know what guy they might go back with like either a past lover like a friend that they new note do you like a plan do you think it's going to go through and see if she has one I wouldn't worry about that do you feel like if there was like a solid when you feel like you have a little leverage can come here you know that plan B is the name call Plan B the morning-after pill I thought this is like the street term that's like when you have the switch to become are both put it on the bodies of brand name is the plan b I will not married and I don't have a boyfriend so plan A would be great but I want to give a shout out to whoever someone sent us in this position so does this make you uncomfortable so early I'm sure Michaels go through is like she's done a lot of nice boys are going to see if I'm a plan be for anybody and I'm not a nice man it's funny cuz I was talking about how her ex-boyfriends and she was saying like yeah he was just like really super nice I would but I'm really not oh no she didn't mean that she said angrily like that because I think it was just like he was like super early I guess how do you feel about your current girlfriend talking about like it like it like it like what you like I don't care but you asking about it. I feel like your history relationship or sex or whatever there's so many great stories still a lot of times when I tell stories about me and my ex because is a lot interesting ones I just say my friend and I don't want to like bother her but that's a huge part of like what you've been through it's important to the story it was like to find out what not to do you figure out what the other guy did in fact up on and learn from his behavior NRC put it on your laptop. Surger Michaels Alan table is a tablecloth for my mouth the same way I don't give a shit what other people have experienced in past relationships it's funny because I actually was like I don't care if I do here text but I don't get it like I was dating someone recently and they had a bowl that their ex-girlfriend had made for them with like her name in it and I was like home and he was at work or something and I found the bowl and I like eating cereal out of it and I was just like I found it and I used it for cereal and he's just like if you were any of my ex-girlfriends you would have been like you need to come home right now we need to know funny to me that anyone would care about that but some people are just really insecure that's what it is you should grow out of it you live a life before other people and I think some people just don't get that have you ever asked about a girlfriend like previous sex life or sex with a guy that she is today I'm pretty like I'm really trying to talk about it and I don't feel like would you trust her if she talked about her ex-boyfriends penis size I wouldn't ask and I don't think I would listen to never talk about her ex-boyfriends penis size unless you saying that yours is bigger 2014 story I had an ex-girlfriend and I get a lot of shit for talking about ex-girlfriends and past relationships on Twitter but it's like it's whatever so anyway so I don't know how it came out but it was like it was just kind of weird because I'm like down there in there so it was kind of weird doing stuff with it was like penis reduction surgery the last thing you want my love it's heartening just kind of had fur I was like how am I supposed to bounce back from Ashley go big health issues and it was just like her twin dear friend John for like the longest time I'm sorry that our relationship remote starter someone actually getting that before you had a funny experience at the gym so I forgot my login only bring a lock to lock your locker put all your stuff in there and safe and secure I forgot my lock so I had my phone in my gym bag in my locker unlocked so I purposely got a shower that's face the lost her so you should with the curtains open my gym locker up there and there's people walking by looking at me to make eye contact with them gu Ali just stare at your dick just now yeah but I myself what gym do you go to peni tell the guys if you go to an Austin gym you have a chance of thing and give them the people are nice but they use them I just want to shut everything off and then I remember there's this one guy who just like I would just be watching it he like looking at me like I'm comfortable because I felt like I was going to come with me 16th and Jim Slater the locker room you don't go to the gym I don't workout have because one time I was in Middle School and I have to take to eat and I said something or you have your locker you put your you lock your shit up you go to the shower except it was Middle School don't like individual stalls or just like a big room with a bunch of shower heads and let me know divided week another dude so you like that was like my first time taking a shower is like a room full of doo doo this time thank you guys I mention it's also really like a long time ago but things like drinking dick syndrome no no okay so apparently I'm going in this apparently was a big problem and it's like it's actually kind of like this in Africa where it's like these guys think that their dicks can drink honesty Bo we're basically your penis will just Retreat into his body I don't know anything but being in high school football there was there's a couple of guys that would happen to them on a regular basis they were just so timid in the shower that is it was weird is nothing and I play I play football when you have a fun time with a micropenis sounds like that is it I don't know the signs you can tell me more about Michaels Alan what about actors in Lazer team was in an episode of new girl where he played like this really douchey guy with micropenis what you're talking about that's why it was like penis I didn't I didn't even Alan is a fucking man he's tall and handsome the chance to go out and I was upset all day over the weekend and it's really cool to hang out with yeah super nice and down-to-earth is a well-crafted man I don't know what it is he's just I'm not going to say sad about I'm very sad that he's married with children have a brother the story from from the set for the gone from over the weekend so we were standing out there and lost and there was some of the cast and I want one of our cast members is a woman who's done a lot of work her name is the arena and this dude this friendship or just walks up because he wants to the set and bring his friend walks out the door to Saint Pauli Girl shirt and everyone looks at him and says why did you wear that shirt and he was like oh I just really like beer Lake blue your mind note to see what it says on the lazer team IMDb she plays a science report is in your Saint Pauli Girl Spears she is a beautiful and I will be sure to visit those are his are going to do Alan are you okay we break them up okay I don't know who you go for Alan AR girl and output Alan though right now I was in a green leotard for reasons is that full body green leotard and I just walked out from behind a curtain and Britney is giving Alan a tour of the office and I'm just in this life full nude green leotard suit and he looks at me and I look at him in Britney is like Blain super humility will let you talk with some optimism going right there that's the best way to do it he and some other people from the cast are here for that table read and I was talking to him in the kitchen and then like I started to walk into the studio and I was like oh yes we're starting and that's why he's like I'm going to follow you should be enjoyable but if you're busy are health conscious or just don't know your way around a kitchen it can be stressful 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slash RoosterTeeth eat your free food so talking about food Brandon ate a slice of pepperoni pizza and then he said I looked up and I don't want to eat so they would like to spend like a whole conversation about why do we eat the animal that we eat we talked way too much about it before the podcast with a lot of the conversation but I think we left off and stop talking why don't we eat dogs I feel like the only reason you don't like it. Really we have an issue with it but I feel like pigs are just too smart maybe smarter than dogs so it's not necessarily a issue if we don't want to eat intelligent life as it is so much pigs are extremely delicious and culturally we're just so attached to the dogs I don't know if pigs are completely are so sweet and they're so nice okay I know but it's still like it when it during the slaughterhouse there like forcing these pigs cages and they're trying to like get away like I don't have my eyes examined and they don't know Rico Love live if you don't make me feel like shit for eating food now you're not going to feel like you're going to work you're going to know I'm not no I'm not trying to tell anybody they shouldn't eat pork I'm not saying it's wrong I'm just saying I don't want to do it because you're smart and have feelings and all that stuff the different degrees here so I can learn you don't know this so I just looked up that thing barbar just saw the picture it's actually called buried penis and they had a picture there definitely I really don't want to do this but I have to eat it electromagnetic are go go show this week in Vegas you can get I feel like you can really get anything that you wanted to bring his apparently a big Vega and I'm trying to get a group to go to go Britney takes 3 months off for like 2 months and then another month and a half probably I think so Penny Taylor Blue Parrot has been there for 20 years ago don't care anything around that terrifies him and I know him he's like jacked up on Mountain Dew Code Red Michaels is to make it in Vegas and it was really trashed try to sing like Freddie Mercury nobody can sing like Freddie hear nobody so it's like I know we can measure up so it's like I'm not going to be that bad plus I really love queen go to my favorite band so I'm going to do it or not do it right and you just get drunk and everybody drunk is going to go to the gym get naked and your balls are out for everybody so that everybody one of those songs that you can gu you know why I take a lot of country songs by Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash in that kind of shape I hate it so much because everytime karaoke it's been a group of people sitting in a room watching someone do this not being able to talk because it's so loud so just like is really awkward situation where one person singing really badly enough to hear each other whenever we make it like the first three lines Shake It Off funny thing like drunk girls go up and see my house because there's like a bit of a rap in there so then they just get lost and I lose the lyrics and I know all of my music sorry my antibiotics are kicking in and I feel like I should go get it now because there's no competition for resources in the hospital waiting on me but if it becomes super big and there's more people that need treatment that's available then you're in trouble I'll be like you know the names of the people the first two patients what are the names Blain I don't know what are the names Brandon are you didn't I don't know I know my friend text me the other day he works in company with another friend who will come into play later he text me said he just came into her office crying because she just found out she lives in the same apartment complex as Ebola patient to in as a holy shit man be careful be safe let you know I'm scared for you like I hope you're alright and he said look I just got from my apartment complex and he took a picture of a sign that said notice in the city Dallas is like someone in your apartment complex has contracted Ebola no reason to worry about 2 friends and one day someone notice you have nothing to fear everything is okay so calm down hun I don't I think people are you know your mom going to go to actually was bad for a lot of people like 3 people before people had it in you need to be reported damn well if you want to Blue if you live in the country and that's what your country is known for country FM princesse Kazakhstan for of his fucking Bora ruin their whole thing the worst is over if you remember that movie I think it was at the Olympics is like another worldwide sporting competition in Kazakhstan athletes won and they play the Borat theme instead of the Kazakhstan national anthem the music just like Google search Nobody Knows the guys I've ever met are playing Blain Canada from South Park Super arbitrary decision on Sacha Baron Cohen hard to pick Kazakhstan keep right at the time it was just probably just your country that no one has heard of you so I can get away with this if I really like playing Ali G show all the episodes of the UK from the surgeon was really just finished work I guess I thought about it and I think was my favorite I wish I could do more but I opened it and there was just in shock and I thought that's actually how they made it look like a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo American version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the same thing and then they had to stop doing it back to the store for an exchange or refund disc look normal bootleg copy disc in Gone Girl had a weird interaction in the bathroom I was in the bathroom it was like all the people and then I came in opening week and I never go to the theater and I was like yeah I saw it opening weekend I really want to go back and see it again I feel like it I'll talk about this kind of the Vietnam World War II German to like that fucked up some of that stuff was a lot of it was the last one in the world Sony Xplod speaking of their specific vehicles I was reading like trivia about Raiders of Lost Ark earlier today what's Raiders it was Raiders are there and they said that the Nazi uniforms used in Raiders or actual Nazi uniforms then. I guess they had recently found a cache of this like Nazi paraphernalia surrounding the AR Department making them the diffuser weird if you were an actor and he didn't know that the actual dead bodies during the pool scene where she's like in the pool there's no way those bodies in Hollywood I don't think that's true tickets audience please look it up seriously speaking of Raiders of the Lost Ark I've decided what I thought it was friends are making fun of me for it I did make fun of you well I did try to pay me off like this trying to turn the tables on you to be Indiana Jones again but it'll be like the first time and enjoy the quality mean is it when was Indiana Jones 2 years ago I didn't have nearly as many Twitter followers so it's as if it didn't exist see anything you like cataldi the Boulder and afternoon cleaning the Temple of Doom Indiana I guess the difference is because originally I was Raiders and now between Raiders of Doom has his sleeve ripped off and it sure is pretty much on button to show off its course and I'll dream of you make it a little kid Showtime is horrible matter never mind barbar Empire State Building lost real cursed skeletons go to the Dallas quarterback at are Dallas Cowboys running back who got arrested for shoplifting underwear big black guy follow you around forever but then he just signed a deal marketing an underwear company the now is the official sponsor of this brand of underwear in the public eye like now it's like hard to make randl Joseph randl for that was the guy that is the NFL player that still okay I don't know what their companies but they pay they pay them based on that he wasn't super stupid worthless notification app real estate as a consumer it didn't work because you don't remember your right as an Underwear by is a leather underwear underwear but to be fair I do not buy any my own underwear under my dad's girlfriend what kind of medication Fur Company close at 8 they just buy me a ton of clothes no difference expecting something to happen I swear that I might be in underwear okay thank you um you're like a lucky underwear you're fre Sho underwear right up your ass constantly nothing I just buy the ham that's go to Target to buy the full pack of Hanes underwear best underwear in the workout I had a girlfriend with the ex boyfriend that she saw me in my in my Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs is she wearing a weird relationship nice run where is going to look like an apple in Chinese I remember before me I feel like I remember a time before boxer briefs existed when did you send boxers and then like one day was like the best but it was like I know I always wear boxers and now I do exclusively boxer brief because I'm trying to like preserve myself because I'm afraid hashtag RT Podcast what are you in my ad I'm afraid like my balls are going to hang him I needed to happen anyway women sometimes get like breast lifting surgery so you mentioned the football player who stole underwear it's time you start thinking over the weekend about things getting somewhere up in the Dallas area who he lost his job because he was busted stealing potato chips from a convenience store and they caught him doing it twice the first time then the second time they fired him and he goes up to the counter to pay for one bag of chips then walking out the door with two bags of chips and walk out go is a pack of Smarties to use a package pigs adorable when I was a lot younger we used to go to Jeff and I to go to Lake randl parties around Lake North Campus and and who just do stuff like the club Additionally you could look at it the coolest in by the end of the night oh God is a horrible story about a kid renting thousands of dollars worth of film equipment from UT and just leaving it as living room and having a big party and it was all stolen and there's insurance and he goes to UT and he's like look you know all the stuff was stolen at a party and somebody took it and then you tease like we're discovering that are you serious you just like had a party a bunch of random people you know people because people like you in the world you have to plan for that Madison go to City dental implants is there anything so we still have you ever exchanged it no you should never let a potted plant from one place and exchange it with another and wonder if like the guy notice me two things in my life which one was it was like a CO2 cartridge that you stick in a paintball pistol I stole it because fucking Walmart and it was like one of 8 and 8 pack and I need it for a Han Solo cosplay singing cuz he has a little and it's whatever and then another thing was over is whatever close down there that's when it would start losing money I've never heard that statistic there's something so crazy like they could justify stealing talked to Chris he has another time where I was working and someone and someone and I went to the refrigerator and eat it all the time Super 8 Paducah fre if I work Tuesday night or like a Sunday morning it would be dead and so I just feel like I've been is everything okay for super super super can I tell my shower story I'll try to I never got to tell if I have an adolescent shower story buried penis syndrome playing High School football and I wasn't great and are you I was at defensive end and a receiver while probably so it was after practice and I went to the shower and there was a really good guy I really get a football guy showering next to me and a lot of times guys didn't bring so they just kind of washed off but I had a big bar soap and he asked to borrow it and I'm a weird germophobe but I was like it's like really good he's really popular and maybe help me out or invite me places so I gave it to him and he liked it a lot is just lost his leg and then he just rubbed it all over his dick and balls and it back to me and put it in my significant when you want like a female pheromones on humans when it was built to look like free people in is a late bloomer going to see her class and at one point this guy is very tall and very grown up for his age would like walking past me on a 93 bass lost his like again Saint Brendan had probably I was playing flag football and always play with my friends at the UT intramural field and then one day we don't have enough people in there like these other guys playing but these were the guys who were good in high school football but not good enough in college and we would play tackle and one point I got hit to the ground and then a guy ran past me and literally stepped on my dick has to do with running not in the garage but dick on ground step on it and kept going is is heels and mini mili he stepped on me like it's like your angles and it's there I played girls touch football in high school there's a lot of touching accidental to hold on hold on hold on touching and you know if you get a handful of it or something or vagina was there ever a squeeze okay now you're talking about playing football and did you ever hear about that UT player last season who was on the football team and in the band common dadd my mom not too much what you just did that totally bullshit that I would never be able to do I know they are amazing at that it was his girl you teach you throw it about 30 feet in the air and then she would do flips I like cartwheels and in as she was cartwheeling she would grab it in the air for me to watch them only for the Vega family is full of athletes and I'm just going to lay here no you're not you're a big guy apro picture on his Twitter whenever he was a kid he's been working out and I looked at it and I was like oh my God that's amazing because he's only been doing it for like a month and I gone through like longer. And I've never been in that good shape so I was talking to Chris and Erin about it I was like what you see you like Michaels in such good shape like those pictures are amazing in their life but whatever it's like acting like they got super super but heard it and like you know sensitive about it yeah I was like I look at that it's like they go out every day but I guess like nobody's talking about it tell the definition of the talking and I was talking about the other day I know whenever Michael is going to the gym because he might tweet about it and then everybody treats me about it play you know anything about being the fitness guide RoosterTeeth is people to me like pictures of themselves flexing and it's weird and not really one that gets their thing people send me everything that has a pun in it or a dick in it if anybody needs for this advice I'm happy to help them on the receipt you know like you know they want to message me and I can tell them you know stuff but like I don't know it's weird getting pictures of people tell me that I is that pigs Brando I like you but we're talking the nicest thing you've ever said you brought them here all right we're talking about Dixon stepping on Dixon & Dixon things a sleepover sleepover just think about everything everything that point on and never been in the picture wishing you be attractive with her mrs. Robinson Bo was not bad looking 13 Alan Illinois go out I have to just give her first and last name no no okay just lost yeah I don't know I can't remember Ages was held back I can color within the lines now it's going to be a late bloomer so they help me back so I don't know a relationship is also people who you are and what you do for tography and menu options for just about everything into getting the name you want are now better than ever register the domain that helps people find you online for someone beat you to it is it Go daddy.com enter promo code rooster 32 save 30% on your order some limitations apply see website for details about domains like ninja code training. Menu. Today Bridgewater you want a registered Insane Clown Posse. Ninja cuz I thought it was funny I just looked like a single static image on it I want it I want it ICP da Ninja sorry I jump on that while you can for so long you were limited like you if you had an idea yet to try to find like AR or button and now it's like fuck it and told her a bunch of money I think the guy who is famous for domain would have called domain spotting or domain camping gu registered Ebola.com squatting and he's trying to sell it like you're trying to make a lot of money like I can't remember his name but I mean it's it's a little far is the target audience go to Cheyenne ICP album no I don't know but I've heard the one about magnets how do they work when I was in 6th grade I think I bought one because they were in wrestling they started in like they went to the WWF and the WCW or whatever I forget which one I was watching and still like the wrestling companies were marketing their albums and I don't think they'd ever to listen to it before I think parents are really aware that much of like you know the adult mature like that and it's somewhat like the worst most filthy horrible things I've ever heard but I have that I have them come out and they said they're like a Christian band or something yeah something is like they came out and said everything that they said is motivated by God it was at the end of there they call it the Carnival of Carnage this whole like idea that all of these clowns are going to the cards are going to visit her and at the end there's going to be a reckoning and at the end of that Reckoning is they realize it's like God's ultimate Judgment of God is like the ultimate Juggalo clown I've always confuse Douglas J go to be different that's weird something Carnival not going to kill him all night long search for one of those completed Violet to a point where there's something embarrassing about you that's the most common thing that people ask about your name Google - Gus sorola wife thank you in Turkish real before of after your first thing is Brandon farmahini age and then birthday and then Instagram and Tumblr and gifts and is waiting for them Fallout the Disney thing what's the Fallout 4 should I wear today I can see you having an internal struggle I may or may not of got in touch with one of the princesses and I can't really think about princesse she's a princess to me about one of them I have no idea turn out and stuff and then it just going to take it off so nothing to report gambling so much I want to get them in trouble whoever it was more upset about it than you were upset about it tapering off because she wanted you guys to get married in the kids workout search people on Twitter peni I'll be your plan A workout Heights OH so I know that he can live happily ever after and I want to stop at the store on the tender gone Center in Brandon Met his girlfriend on Tinder and we talked about how efficient in their is hang on to it and I've been are you renewed my interest in it was like when I first showed him he was like on the computer like doing work with one hand and the left hand he was wiping it was actually pretty impressed with the time and she goes that's fine things work out between us I really like this car so whenever you want to go to the bar what I do is like going to Tender and I check her profile and it says how many miles away that person is so if it says less than a mile away I do not go to the bar but it was like 2 or 3 miles away AR yes she was there a lot like we can do that or I don't know if we really work together whatever for that long but she we weave when we were like hanging out we went there like 3 or 4 to be awkward with her she was supposed to come in for something to the guys is weird that would have been for a work thing that ended up not happening all the time like she came by in like Crow I kiss and how awkward it is to be with that person but I like I like I was making out with a girl who didn't know how to kiss and get them like packing she was like it wasn't like a kid like you used to it was she was just kept on going like but you're trying to feed but you just like on time I don't know he was going on around me for making out and then at one point I was doing that she could open her eyes a little the first the first one I was young and I the first time I kissed a girl I my eyes open the whole time like it was naturally nothing of my eyes closed it was like so many other mechanical things I was like a lot of gold or is it just relationship stuff and you tell me about a girl who was just like medical she did there's no story there's nothing it was just like I just feel like kissing her but she would just be like some kind of weird alien thunder so loud Mountain barbar hell were you when you had your lapki I never had anything like you RT 22 and fuck you for bringing that up second of all you guys okay so we have a makeup artist come in recently and teaches how to do makeup and then I think his brain in her hair was like sitting there just like is this a bar dating are just like well I don't know he was just thinking suck it sold out listen are you get a little weird kissing on the first date 3 days the typical amount of time traffic is terrible doesn't go any farther right all right so it was a way that you could tell somebody something without hurting their feelings and it won't point I don't know probably went there it was probably that would be the worst in the world and it would drive me crazy or I could go to her and tell her problem they don't want to hurt your feelings but you don't want her to be the girl who has smelly feet is not just me who's going to notice so I feel like that's the best solution Texas Direct Auto is like this is like because it's just you can't tell somebody that it's going to crush them to find a solution and I remember telling something to my best friend dude you gotta do this over something that I didn't want to tell him in person but I told him about people based on their IP addresses so you can cross-reference the person's actual name on MySpace and that IP address and then Anonymous IP address and you can figure out who was what so I just remember being there he was like oh my God like let's go through and we're just looking through and he was like oh that's okay if we kept on going on the list and he got some on his life and I do not remember it was something to do with girls and I was like fed up with it and up inside of me and I told him we had each other thanks but she didn't push it through a the shoes it didn't work very long and very important things like George Costanza are you just fine like this one little thing you like I can't be with this person a long relationship what are go but I'm going to I'm so glad I have to do with any of that shit and yeah it's been so long it's like AR parts and things I can tell her 10 x 4 parts super windy right now princesse in all these are usually on around here? And do you hang out with friends and Sho your feet that is because it's like maybe when I was like usual you're at a bar or restaurant near Publix um where are you at it's always different cuz you're always hanging out with people all the time like it's either at their house differently but like you say I'm not married but being in a relationship because being single is awful I don't know why people like they always so great it's awesome I hated it I'm not a guy that just enjoys being single and going to bars and stuff is pretty shitty is not helping the sucky thing is like I work a lot so it's like my only other opportunities to go to bars and then or maybe just leave me like a really drunk and then how's that going to go try doing this thing now I'll go to grocery shop at HEB because it's like you know anything whatever but I'll go shopping at Whole Foods Fall in Love on every island Whole Foods beautiful walking around downtown and we decided to eat lunch at HEB are sorry Whole Foods and I went in there and actually talk to her for a little bit I should come here more often they have a clown G laptop stuff in whatever yeah I went there the other day to buy Ginger Beer to make Moscow mules and some bread and while I was there I was like I got like 2 miles from like 4 or 5 different women and I was like this place is great did you get numbers no that's not go up and talk to girls fucking grocery store specifically trying to help people figure out how to pick up people if it doesn't I need those to me thank you did you know that pigs are dead Blain who is the Jesus Christ is health problem don't worry about these girls are smiling but they want you to talk to them you're a good-looking dude you know that okay thanks go and talk to them right now I had like very very authentic advice bro I'm not acceptable and it's funny you are you shopping for with high in protein that was largely eaten by indigenous people and forgotten after Spanish G protein or something you know AR go faster rewind like 4 years I was a bit ritchson listen to podcast hoping one day Alan Park and knowing some day that AR testing Korean acne it went poorly I will say it like that I didn't take it off product organic condoms are those things the landscape of people are allergic to latex and I was allergic to latex so we had to do with the other one but the other one it's weird you out using a lambskin condom dr. weird that will be made if you feel like in modern times you would have another like non-latex alternative the landscape it's a brand you can trust somebody like message for female to use contraceptives yeah but I think if it's like the first day he needs a condom there's no rules count me out back so I can everyday the menu at Chili's right they have Awesome Blossom the most likely just like a bunch of pieces of onion fried into a big pile so we don't even have that wow factor the Montecristo which was a giant and it was like a fried sandwich is that also have the jelly. It was on the site actually on the side and then one time this guy ordered two of them for himself and I hope you're out there still listen are out there listening to this but my Lord how can you do that to yourself to alcoholic beverages in order of fried pickles entire pepperoni myself and I felt like it and I will have her that is a lot of food is it by yourself or something sometime u.s. up the same stomping grounds actually told the story of the podcast before but I start working at Rooster Teeth that the Congress office about 5 years ago and my girlfriend of the time we are at HEB and I ran into Gus and Esther are gone it was like you know something on the wild you know it was the most awkward moment ever and I used to sit next to each other literally sit next to each other at the old office and I remember going back to my girlfriend being like Oh my gosh is here it was the most awkward thing in the world she's like you're just imagining it that's really stupid you guys work together blah blah and then the two of us ran into the two of you and then we are all just like okay and then real the ways down the aisle thing ever and I thought since then we've gone past the awkwardness but apparently not awkward you and then like you not being ok that's the fun part of town or something like that I know my car into the people that work without in the wild go on whatever that thing is gone and you got all mad about it Jackson cuz I'm not feeling it with my fucking phone and posting its thousands of people and I have my headphones on and I was like really like into it you know whatever and then he's building on a vine real ice cream I turned around and I love to smoke when up are you doing I was really mad he was like I'm really over it five seconds and then I was like I was like and I was like no it was like all these people think that I'm such a dick that is true I think for anybody who finds himself in some kind of Limelight if somebody just does get you in your face is just making the wrong face you know or if so you look tired or something like that all the sudden now you're there like your meeting so many people and you have to you know be cheery and happy the entire time because if you're just like blue energy for one person that person to be like man I just told this story before about when he met Charles Barkley as a childhood Idol of his and Barkley was just such a dick and always remember that every time we go someplace interact with fans and it's like no matter how tired you are just push it and if somebody does want to talk to you like that that's amazing like it's a privilege for us to be like dead tired interpretive up with my girlfriend and I went to the football game at the bar is it to me and I'll try to talk to the guys next to me if you need to talk about sports and the guys just kind of being jerks they weren't really talking is kind of shaking their heads going back to the one thing I think this is weird I thought everybody supposed to be you know and I know and I would have thought so too and then I went to get my check I look straight forward and there's a mirror behind the bar and I still had my face paint off up here in this bar in Suburban Austin Disney Day of the Dead face paint when it's not just like a colorful now it's like everywhere in different if it was me but it was me no she didn't know what she was like yeah I need to shower or something and I didn't realize that I thought you know it's like super tired I went I thought I got it all but I just wasn't thinking it was downtown and Halloween festival or whatever and I was like something's wrong with you and that's why they don't like tomorrow I was supposed to be on but I have to do some shit tomorrow okay Jon Risinger Adam Allison G watch the movie to talk about it yeah definitely watch my favorite movie