#295 - RT Podcast

RT Discusses Extra Life

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Recorded: 2014-10-28 22:22:31

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Participants: Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Brandon Farmahini, Jordan Cwiers




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this podcast is brought to you by huluplu what your favorite shows anytime anywhere with Hulu Plus on your TV or on the go with your smartphone or tablet shows like Family Guy Once Upon a Time new girl Scandal and more right now you can try Hulu Plus free for 2 weeks we go to Hulu plus.com / rooster stop wasting your money and time buying expensive razor just a couple bucks a month Dollar Shave club.com whiskey quality razor to your door grade shave time shave money now at Dollar Shave club.com best friend Jordan is a lot like riding a bike once you do it and you feel better for a while it just comes back to you and I try to talk I also went to the bathroom I was washing my hands and something happened when I hit the soap dispenser that likes up went right through my fingers and it squirted in a forceful right down on my shoe and it looks like I just all over my shirt who sings his on shoes that look like a booger where does the saying like at the guy who just go jerking off on stuff free podcasts like Jackie was doing History Podcast pump that's really because I'm going to bed my plane this week rhino it's what he does but he doesn't Brando comes over to my desk at least once a day to talk about how he still mad about it and I think you're he will just say yeah I'm sorry he told Adam kovic that would make the prevailing ID yeah it was due some kind and it's like I can't and then it can't get out of my brain and it's eating me like it's going to destroy me it's like I'm going to be on my bed the last word got him Smite tournament I could have been a champion Academy RT medical and her stupid I had to draw how to draw plane for RT a and I thought I could not figure out how to draw a pair so I had to go to him this morning and take a picture of him like 3/4 View and go back to my desk and use it as a reference and it took the morning like maybe 3 and half hours trying to get his boots Michael yeah I showed it to him he was like oh yeah anyway I can make my arms look online for the arms I like your idea better special your idea before that then what was what was my idea just like once gu the grossest set of muscles ever had to draw for RT it was pretty tough to really crazy hair and beards to be just another thing you have to get right and then getting the shave their head correct to is usually difficult to talk about it but if you go to the Alamo Drafthouse anywhere in the country you might start seeing some more content like it's RT airing and RT a is actually the one that I've submitted the most I don't know if it's going to be in front of interstellar Interstellar I'm not able to use it but that seems perfect 13th NADA parents and MPH that's pretty crazy can you believe they're used to not be a rating system a movie with either good or bad but I was like yeah good or bad they can never really get away with releasing movies have the Hays code that's why all the old movies whenever people kiss they never make out it's always like to do with myself the for kids and you really liked it RT life we're at a bar downtown Montreal and everyone is dancing and like really close to other heat a bottle of beer with him and he was the best a gets weak and like I turned around and hit him at chipped his front tooth so bad I feel terrible that you got it fixed or something they have we got in the car and she was driving and I was in it and we got fun extra days to locked if grade pictures a black eye cartoons for the get like a steak and then put it on a black eye how to make it look like they're from the 2nd Flintstones ID meet with you last week I had a black eye us help it I'm going to fight Rya Buffalo Hunter Rowland RT news here kid you never got no I don't suppose you're going to fight I used to it when I speak Fight Club in 2nd grade I got beat up guy punching and kicking the teachers let you all do this when did and then I could probably live people older than us did you rent it out on the ones especially were like I definitely 11 fight I think I forget the other ones for obvious reasons only God I want to see that movie Dora the Explorer I didn't say it was bad disco when I was in third grade who kind of like a make fun of me a lot and then someone told me all that space she kind of like she was really obvious and I was like that's how it works then I was like we ran into each other and she like oh you in this class and I was like yeah I know that we can do that before double and I walked away I don't like it's smiling also black and it's going to work out and she never talk to me again she was crying so hard when your a kid she was mean to and I just thought that maybe she didn't planes a lot like you guys we've been having a problem Brandon I've ever a problem for several days now where I could send him I am but he can't send any to me Hays back and forth trying to troubleshoot it troubleshoot but now with everything he's put you in close to I wouldn't know and I didn't get anything 410 the wait no cam what's going on I need that stuff I said to you everyone else had a problem with any other person on and I didn't figure we starting it would work his place is the problem with you wish you would like it if she was his computer he has problems like this restart a new kind of ignored me and I am I Minecraft pretty much dead and gone and we still use this fucking everyone in the company twist at about 4 feet away from her before 3:01 Justice podcast us like messaging each other and then we'll the stream that in the chat room to chat with us going to be like in 30 years and that's it no one else apparently daylight savings happened in Europe already some people are very happy because it's an hour earlier for them watching the podcast this evening so we'll compare our European friends we change our time this coming weekend so yeah fuck yeah it's actually am which is when the bars closed for some reason it doesn't start at 1 and then you get an extra hour if you're on the toilet to turn it off over 6 years a podcast that is so I guess daylight savings happen in Australia the different countries different depending on everybody will be there and then the time will change savings because I came back here in the United States that it needed any more depressing when you leave work no more depressing and completely pitch black and you like ID the drive to work it's still dark outside but right now I'm black and I hate it file taxes for free time you say you're cold plane about being cold here Canadians will be like in Canada a week on it folder I love the cold weather like the hot weather jacket everyday dress for the weather you want nothing whether you have steak at work no I'm really hot if you want the air conditioning rhino 0 week old the air conditioner is crazy and is building pretty awesome now it's just so Random like it's super hot and all that the thing that drives me crazy is we don't we just have like random event but I'm not even there yet and there's one right on top of the table in our kitchen so whenever you try to you know take sugar out of like the sugar coat it just flies everywhere this is like no no just talking funny I don't understand the Russia now it's like we need but we need it right here sometimes there's a tube coming out like the animation and they have to like daylight put an umbrella to stop it cam so what just chilling really clever and I shouldn't really 24 hours download Kindle app for Wii ba da ba go the fuc to sleep barbar and red all over the news for my Dollar Shave Club razors from Dollar Shave club.com stor a couple dollars a month I can't imagine being without them I wouldn't question why isn't everyone a dollar shave club.com member you don't need to worry about commitment Dollar Shave Club has no contract you don't want razor a month or two they won't send any and you don't pay it no hidden fees in fact there's no fees at all just pay for the stuff you ordered that even have free shipping gets there for blade razor and four replacement blades sent to your door each month for 6 bucks including shipping this razor I've ever tried if you aren't a hundred percent happy Dollar Shave club.com will refund your money no questions asked there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be a member of Dollar Shave club.com stop hesitating go sign up or shave club.com Black Rooster Teeth right now so be happy you did that's Dollar Shave club.com slash rooster teeth at 1:06 or seriously if you go to shave it so much cheaper to buy it this way and easier than go to the store I hate Ryan razor stor at 2nd reformed locked up so weird that the number one thing that you think they profile and I was like walking down one of the Isles and one of the employees came along with the keys to unlock something for no the customers that I guy buy you something like that to get locked up up like big Burton nothing was ID to make sure they remember it that's like a hundred pass like the Simplicity vs overseas the guy fell through I don't know why you would think it would but it would look at the extra life stream this past weekend 24 hours and it seemed like it went really well I was here for 3 hours here at the same time as the LeVar Burton here for his reading of his own book Rhino stor rent in Russia chees and listening to Levar Burton read his own book and go the fuc to sleep there's like there's a lot of people pointing out my at Crystal Palace time it and I just looked up to a monitor screen to the screen that shows us what's going on and I saw Jack and friends of mine other people's walls on Facebook and then doing there search for like 24 yeah I think I had like people people I went to HighSchool with like we're telling me you're not on Facebook like you like at 20 years old was doing when we first when I read the first book of his own book The Rhino swallowed the storm I was able to track my phone through having some technical issues and so I was like trying to trying to figure out what was going on with that and I think you're like paying attention it was kind of like that 20% of those problems knowing which is pretty impressive and I really mean that switching record nothing 24220 hours 22 hours over there gets me when I came in Peyton was the only one in there and he was twitching and was like where is everybody I came in at about 11 o'clock because I was on the 12 o'clock shift we got shifted a little bit but they're shipping point I went looking for Chris because I had to work with him on something and then when I came back was about 4 a.m. the entire set was full of people like there was no place for me to go and I was like alright I guess I'm done so it was supposed to cool thing by this might be like the 4th 24 hours time we've done and more more people the company are like to try to come in as as as much as I can't think of the third 24-hour stream but we've also done the 12-hour Lazer Team Stream who did the mini stream for this before so. A couple but I think the third one last time it's just like 5 or 6 of us in that last shift and then when I came in it was like okay mac and cheese anything I can do I saw Michael's giant bruise on his face that night I texted Doreen who's the other main producer of Lazer team and I was like I actually got a text from her anything like what the hell happened to Michael what happened white at see if I saw his face right now Michael giant container of mac and cheese trying to get it to break a picture that I want to at some point don't Naomi from the community and she just posted something recently I don't know if we have a kid shave the fucking mac and cheese too fast yeah going to come time for Halloween that she's just like cod 44 cost extra phone booth around here I gotta change my favorite was when Alan ritchso cam on man he was there's a mac and cheese I think that's the only Remnant left there's a piece it's a car that won't come out and he wasn't afraid to make a fool out of himself but you know you wouldn't like and I think at one point he's like all right who wants to help on next and where I should put my r evolve can't take this on the podcast but up about a year ago we went to Vegas and two girls in the pool got really drunk and started making out and we're just like all and then Chris is looking at it and he's really really drunk and you just like I can't I can't I can't do it and he just left awkward like I can't believe this is happening I mean every minute of it was so much fun and like just being surrounded by everybody here and having the support of the community the whole time was like no words can describe the feeling a lot of energy for us but it's what energy for the people who are watching and engaging you know it's not something that you can casually put on in the background while you work out like the people were really into it yet we trying to worldwide on Twitter as well there for a long time for like 4 hours and then at the bar and then we made worldwide news website page CNN story about LeVar Burton no traffic outside of an Angry Bird video but they didn't know what it was like how hard is it for you to Google this Rooster Teeth the stupid rooster and if you figure it out I think next year we should all 24 hours I think it's going to be big we can be the one to post it because in the past it didn't work so people who put the effort to do that thank you appreciate it Dallas organelle responsible fix a really cool heading off to like the total updated every time it was up to him to have it live updating and costly in the corner the problems it didn't update frequently enough that if we need to change I think about the changes that we have from now to then the other day about them 20 breaking get another one then two and a half years later I feel that we should we should do it right and we should like like a Viking death put it out on the boat and like push it out of the water in the microwave in your own problems iPhone supposed to be designed what looks like an iPad and then put a little hole for Alan razor and then you can we don't have them where for sale pricing ID look like the type that would just like a little lens on the front and you met him that's awesome my favorite thing was intentionally went with the Nikon cameras and at the cannon was because he knew that we use Canon cameras and live action and if you guys use Nikon's we can never like steel Alan I like the way you think there was a. Getting ready to go live on the black us feel like we're missing three lenses all of this stuff hopefully we'll have that up from 7 to 1080 so we can see how ugly I am in a little bit text whatever they're called and they can just like doing this coordinated dance moves on Michael it's like and it looks like they're just like riding on air and then they do a lot I think the single Take One Shot thing and it's all operated by a drone so they started time they come out and then eventually the camera goes up and look down on them and I'll have these umbrellas maybe we'll just take the night off and all these people come in and they would do all this cool stuff or other videos one shot we have a shot but there's no better person for pointing it out last night I was at HEB this is a grocery store down here and if you ever been to that one over here they have like the security guard to like right around on This little light and I walked out and we bumped into someone we knew so we turn around and talk to the 2nd right behind you a security guard and he was getting the tricycle up and then it started going over it 749 bill the shock on her face like it was real French or Sony will try to get a reaction painful the Fallen everything the whole my God could you imagine if his head smashed in a watermelon so stupid all the time in public videos of people just hurt themselves and break arms and like it's it's it's it's not normal people like bounce like a skateboarding up I can't I know something's going to get broken in half or like Twisted though you know they're going to know it's going to be the people around them their trampoline but you can just basically if you and your other friends and these kids like trampoline and then basketbal next to it Adam McKay who was dunking it took like the biggest bounce of everything in my life and then his leg went through The Who and then held back and like you just said broken just going to hang in there and you like all this really horrible and you think the videos over but then his friend just start laughing and kind of like we're all out for the trampoline and he's just screaming I need a man kid on the skateboard was trying to jump over like it's out of this rope and then his friend as a kid was jumping over hold it just a little prick and the kid fell over and broke his leg and his friends were just standing there laughing and he was like why aren't you doing anything she's going to go home and start celebrating and he did a flip and they did another flip but he didn't like do it completely later on this and I could have ended up dying really fucked up I'm sorry I never Broken Arrow soccer players dying time if you don't like my face there's a there's like celebrating getting a sack and then like jumped in the air and landed awkwardly and Lake toys the second time this season isn't that something this is quarterback for Tennessee and he didn't like yourself like 22 and all he does is like take selfies everyday of and so is that okay and like before the game he's like daylight who is really good like back to the guy and just like drove him into the ground and then part of the celebration was like mining itself for yourself the guy fuck you too the quarterback yeah he was businesslike not a little while yeah we should but yeah it's getting colder and I want to play football if you have time to drop the past again and I want to play football just two of us and I just us on offense like when will quarterback and receiver and when I got on the field and I'm like I could do it he missed it he threw it I missed it through it again missed it would like to kind of force that we need to get a completion and I get it again so we turn the ball over on Downs to nobody's a nobody and everybody are you going to play football with a GoPro close to just playing flag football with me we had an agreement when I was drunk my girlfriend was doing a ballet class and she wanted her to join and after that I'm going to do it if you do that I'll play flag football because I was already and that's funny I should give up but I remember once after inviting me to go to South Korea with you guys so and then like you gave her like the worst election and why did you do that 2nd at the Tivoli plane together Rafa Benitez voted last week? I can't Canadian politics zero-turn not yet I'm going to I'm actually going to do it up right there and then you see the line like I can do this so when the presidential elections an hour and a half waiting in line longest line ever paper Punch Cards never know it was cute even though it's all computerized you just like literally poop poop poop poop so if I can on every type of weird like at the most advanced voting machine with the touch screen and then the fucking like punch hole or something up here on the screen actually work a 10,000 invites to the Evolve big Alpha which is this weekend so if you want to put the registration code is good for 10,000 years so if you're watching the video go to the Evolve game put in that registration code put in the referral code will you be mad if I did not the first 10,000 people to do it will be guaranteed a spot in the Evolve big alph at this weekend Sony cam thousand dollars really cool of them to do that that's on the patch mxr mxr game you almost missed the beginning of this podcast did you win at 7:20 little fight but she belong a nice weekend Ryan Infamous pictures. A lot of people were waiting for it the more disappointed because they expected something else better snowboarder pictures about him asking out a girl completely fake weddin Alaskan Sony is that not what happened with you do you know it Alan Richards appropriate to have your ovaries quivering she wasn't in the office every day 34 baby my mom sent me that the other way and when I was in college I was like before I didn't play anything Ryan has a scab and so instead of marching band is gets on the field and plays music those people who go out and put on shows are called fight on Showtime for show dancing around what percent I know there's like 48012 fans out there as well but there's always a huge parking lot and that I can get the money for that or something on time but R Us and everything in the football players that went the next year they represent notable alumni on the real windowless and I believe that's where the term coming of age I was I think someone removed me the other one who heard the same high school is Jim Zorn he was a football player GoPro Grey's Anatomy the code work for you right someone said that the code didn't work for them because we understand that I'm not notable in any way but I still have locked on that page but I like looking at like what it takes to be a notable alumni who has on him and I'm not I don't have to type from my high school cam rights as questionable drunk on camera barbar news I'm still online stuff watch Adam kovic Burton from the guy that you can see we actually called him or Jack called them at 8:30 Central Time which is 6:30 a.m. in LA and they just woke him up and said hello and that he should come and he did he so he bought a plane ticket that day and he was in Austin by like 9 o'clock that night you should come JJ fad yeah Jordan is Fight Club new new members 2nd graders going to come in and talk about my girlfriend was and even now they still don't have that many when we were asking them you know can can we can you let us know when you get something like actually we can't do that against the rules what I can do I was talking to her at the time I can give you my card and then just send me a text in the morning and I'll let you know if we have them in and he just gave her the card and I was just like what the fuck just have to figure the guys like flirting with her right in front of me text me sometime you can call them but please do not the her ovaries ovaries quiver I tell you it was Alan ritchso it matter that I feel like I get it so we were talking earlier this week and has a really bad problem where we don't talk to each other very much at work but if we're going to be on the podcast it's Monday at work he wants to come in and talk about everything we talked about was the windowless plane my gosh somebody is proposing in order to eliminate some of the weight on a plane to take out all the windows and put LCD screen and then they would have had cameras to the actual plane and project that on there and I was like that is the worst idea like I would have a panic attack in the middle of that and it's the worst part of it is like if you would just do it but then you go to sleep and you're like this awkward phase and you cannot like wake up and you don't know where you are you just look and you're just flying through air like I would I would I would die but I would literally die if they swim like someone on that flight I figured out how to hack into that LCD system of a car the dead can talk about it tomorrow liquid on that okay are we going to do something for work and then come back and actually change your mind 6 hours in the car twist plane ticket ID Queen us and Dallas were able to find one that works I was like there's no way that we can actually do something you know whatever and then fly back the same day I'm going to get on the plane with no luggage good form going to backfire tailor 92054 cam underwear real stor and get us 2444 ships and get extended and I were not close and have to go buy some more lights Chicago and none of my luggages with me because it made the trip talk at all this is all there the next day that's when at the airport and getting tackled at the Dallas Airpor it what the hell is wrong with another person in the airport and ranting and raving about how he hated homosexuals and guy who looks just like Paul Rudd who reportedly was Paul Ricard styrofoam Airpor there on that show did you like the ultimate representation of like the American male so happy they were plane I hate people when I go flying what airports on plane everywhere I hate them it's like you've never been more frustrated with humans until you're actually like on a plane pressure with you and every time I drive in the city that take people in LA are much better drivers I'm sorry from Georgia they're crazy but they don't on my way home from work and then there's a at the light keep going the same way again guy said he will drive up there thinking that too late to be driving on a pedestrian bridge downtown it's like on 4th Street you know where the rail is just to the side of it that's like to put the bike lanes and the Prisoner walkway someone with self-doubt a red river and try to turn left on 4th real life they couldn't sell the walkway for pedestrians image of on that went over the bridge and we like her and we like things the wrong way at like 10 o'clock on a Friday and every single person on this a couple years ago she was trying to get away from somebody and she just drove down 6 and they close at all to a vehicle so I didn't know what to do with that they started shooting at her what the fuck away from someone go to people there including them yet from protecting a large group of people so yeah I think I think I lost all those bullet holes around you and you just like trying to grab any of them hit me you don't know if you think you've been shot don't look at it fail and I just explaining and dollar Wylie Coyote 10 years old LIF he's like totally fine and then you have to look down and realize there's nothing there never hurt the one that controls the graphic gets shot or feel gravity cartoon Gravity real Adam ritchso the podcast is also brought to you by Hulu Plus the greatest time and TV is up all your favorite TV shows are coming back with new episodes and new shows are premiering on Hulu Plus is making this phone the best one ever Rhino Hulu Plus has all the current season episodes of your favorite shows like Sleepy Hollow Bob's Burgers and Brooklyn Nine-Nine you're not caught up on your shows catch up now and Hulu plus you probably want you and your computer huluplu plus let you watch every episode of shows like South Park Family Guy and more and Hulu Plus works on your computer Smart TV Roku Apple TV Xbox PlayStation pretty much any streaming device you already are only 7 99 a month watt your fall shows anytime anywhere but I can get a free week 3 2 week trial when you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth 2 weeks is better than one make sure you go to Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth the extra free week and they know that we sent you Hulu plus.com / RoosterTeeth 2 week free trial watch TV using streaming devices mobile devices computer to get what you want you on my on my phone tomorrow when I'm on my way to Dallas I'll be in there was something about it that Walmart had with their Halloween costumes they have all their Halloween costume on their website and they had a certain section for the womens costume size labels Batgirl costume has to be fake it wasn't actually like apologize for it wasn't that Ryan was not a fat suit it would like plus size costumes I just can't believe that such a big corporation like that would do that like even as a mistake I feel like there's too many passes to go through before you get to that final Rising the guy in Arkansas just being like fat girls like no there's no chance like the guy on the website right labeled it Black Label something on your website there this I feel like that it isn't something that one person does Toys R Us difficulty real Krusty R Toys R Us got in trouble Burton Us Toys R Us generic for toys toys and Breaking Bad figurines we at the store and it had like steak Mac and it and also like your parents were obviously said and their response was well these are only for kids that are 14 and up and it's like they're just there for everybody to imagine it's like the way videos used to work there just like a back room that you go into 1 and 30000 Seymour barbar okay I think I should be able to sell it to people I think people need something over react a kid and you want to bring it is and you get those Figures it's just like one of them has like a little red came in like a little cigarette smoke cigarette holder like open 2014 is nothing like pretty go to light it and you just keep the candy that is so weird to me that that was a thing like that anymore the meaning of the other day I was watching my wife Esther was watching a documentary on the vice website they found the guy who used to be the person who made the most chemically pure meth in the United States and I want to say he was operating out of Alabama and it was Walter White and he did it for 10 years and it's just like this crazy story made a killing when nobody cares I like how you know she did all the cooking a partner who handled the distribution they had a shady lawyer that they all used to kind of get them out of stuff and it's like yeah I mean I guess it's just kind of loosely based off him was that on there but Loosely based on I was going to talk to me well I mean still I mean like Nucky Thompson Levar the real Nucky Thompson but they change all the real people that we were entering the world of 1920 provision through exist but they change Thompson and Thompson so they also asked the guy at the real Walter White he hurt his neck was blue and I was white Boardwalk Empire just and I really was kind of boring doctor says it's like there's always something behind it you know you really well what's the next Generation episode was actually relate to one another but there was one event that was time it was really good I thought it did put a lot of criticism was perfect though I did not like the time that it was actually kind of character at the end of the movie all of them Naomi who plays chalky white Russia he was also on the wire so he was on television for like I guess when you're living your guy 8 years like Matthew Fox up about 11 years Matthew Fox was on TV for like 12 out of 15 years and it's crazy to think that if you just on television a drunk driver mugsho at like I'd like to get my game face on funny or just like cool should I call you mugshots a great mugsho book because he was speeding right yeah he's going like a hundred and twenty miles an hour 20 Kate we have to go back a whole series of pictures that was just one little Beyonce photos removed from the internet so the first three X-Men movies 2nd Big Mac right now like the third one what's wrong with this we got a new director in a different writer has who like people are just doing stuff Lincoln NE comic book movie The Wolverine tell Cyclops he needs to you know get over here dying and then Cyclops turns to him and says we don't heal as fast Hays Walter bill you know there's a scene where Mystique gets shot with the antidote guns no longer a mutant so she tracked out like Magneto's plane and then the president like there's a plan to find out the point of the monitor for telling him everything he's like Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned guy makes fun of it actually love it's Whit storm and Toad is holding onto a railing with his car and he's like you know what happens when a toad gets struck by lightning and in my head I'm thinking what does happen when a toad is just by lightning and she would like the same thing that happens to everything else and she sucks the shit out of them and I was like my favorite terrible and a dialogue Star Wars episode 3 little toys like down there in the chest chicken dinner like funny a bit on that word like that moment and she's lost the will to live locked away hey girl you just had two children that's a very moving into screenplay 4 p.m. to 4 p.m. Central and JJ make and griffith Creek I want to be on it this week but we're going out of town tomorrow so hopefully no where is this coming from Rent dad and he's a very very big strong mexican man you know me who has the last a coffee like insurance company and he doesn't speak any English and I'm not exactly I feel like the ideal strong boyfriend like I can't fix a shelf in a whit to me like you're protecting your cat it's called rent a husband that can fix my door anyway we're all having dinner you been to the husban did you have dinner will having dinner at my girl for myself and then her parents and he doesn't because it's really speak English but every now and then he'll talk to me and you know you're trying a lot of things he asked was what wine do you you know recommend and I know shit about that so just like it was like I really don't eventually I just ordered a Moscato for myself when you like a very sweet wine and the freaking waiter came out with like a desert glad it was like the most feminine thing they could have brought out and when I grabbed it it was like my hand took up the whole thing and I was just staring at him and he just looking at me and he just like closed his eyes and let you know I felt so bad for her I have never seen a sideways I have some sideway the at not drinking did you get the Merlot and Pinot Noir I don't know he would have died even though we ordered as a failure why do you know anything about liquor or beer I only drink liquor I don't really drink beer who had a drink I like mostly gin and vodka drink a lot of rum and coke but I don't really do dark liquor anymore I can't drink whiskey really physically sick that was the first liquor that I drank as a little kid did you know like if you're a kid you sneak in and you know my grandfather just like a big shot and it just makes me feel like and alcoholism GoPro a bottle of Fireball it's just the whole video on black from the Fireballs perspective of everyone dislike going to write it if you could like you're always like the background like going up and if you were drunk watching that if you throw it like one of those people when people drink out of a bottle like they always close their eyes to open eyes looks weird I'm going to close my eyes is awkward don't make eye contact like wine or liquor anything people now not very much not very little kind of right in the middle of Wines & Liquors and what goes well with them and all that stuff but I couldn't tell you about how things are real or what goes well with other things I don't know probably middle of the road as far as I can but I don't know if I remember and I thought I would be ordering a White Russian liquid covers from the higher angle White Russian drink and it's like such a pain in the ass to have to go to like the fridge and put together in time for Christmas his birthday we went out to a bunch of bars and in his honor I was going to order a white Russia and because of that animated Adventure or hit take me to the white Russia could make a White Russian two bartenders make a drink a drink really the last drink Wesley Willis drink the first thing she like how crowded is it stuff like that I never took less than a dollar drinks the purge really know what you can do but drink at home deter vs Shield 6th Street old people who work at bars or out on the street trying to get girls to come into their bar so every single time we step outside like 2 seconds I'll be like a first round's on me if you guys come to this but I'm like okay get her for drinking I'm leaving to go back on the street oh my God that's where we have not had barbar wonder trade agreement that make it possible for the ladies drunk up 6 years ago long time ago before I married I was really drunk on 6th Street and hanging out with some female friends of mine and I need to go to bathroom so bad and try to get to this one Club but they wouldn't let me until I was really drunk but the girls I was with your Christmas party who works for me and we went to the bar and they were like that one time I was going to a bar I met up with a friend of mine and we were going downtown with this girl I was meeting for the first time ID no I did not know this girl so we're walking downtown and walking up to the bar and the girls are meeting for the first time goes if your born March 13th what's your sign if your born March 13th I have a few grade in the class be like oh I forgot to rent one time in third grade school who started yeah well when in the the bell rang we all got in our class we sat down and there's no teacher and you were like no I'm sure she's just outside or something we waited like 5 minutes ago still no teacher and I was like the office kid who when there's like an open book test or like something or the other like look at the map of the world and name the cities of the country's and the teacher leaves a map of accident you like excuse me sir you did not hide the matter to me what you think and you everyone else didn't like it didn't help me at all then they would like to do the things that I want to know where we're going to be really zombien a us to put it out and it's coming barbar the studio and it came out like a couple days after that I'm sorry I've basically out of stage 5 a lot of receipts employees scattered around the building and they can help the character so I don't think it be weird plane as me then finding me with yourself and go sit in our office and do you need to be quiet different Russia I think so let me check the email it's come a long way I've been receiving the the test bill for a long time now and it's like when you first start a new game in development like super rough you know basically every day and every day it's like it's like it's almost done a customer's to find in the game barbar Michael Jeff Ashley Burnie Gosling the end Gavin sorry guy Ashley Ashley the cam sensor we were not there but it's coming along pretty quickly it'll be out here for Thanksgiving so be on the lookout for that we're really excited about it we did it earlier something about guy comes up to you and just give you a free drink and not interesting and kind of a douchebag you still give him like a certain amount of time free drink if I don't see it being made like this someone is like hey I got you this drink I won't drink it but if I'm at the bar and they're like healing by your drink and like okay if we hang out can you just give me those drinks the for life life life is about risk and I can't and I rarely get drunk Levar and feel like if I'm offered if you think I'll just give it to my male friend like holder for bed and then I'll talk to the person obviously it was nice to see them again because guy that came up to us talking to each other and he like comes in between us like we were talking here you like to call Mike my brother coming out to a bar if you're going to talk to anybody but I did stay at home I didn't like something sing like Hays a cough and just like kept getting in our face and then air who started yelling at him and I'm like nana nana nana a little unstable gets on my friend Neil and I went out to talk to a couple girls and they literally said I'm sorry but you're too ugly and then walked away this is in college and I didn't get mad I was just kind of like in shock she fight with somebody actually say that bitching about it if you're not into someone just be like no thank you the craziest things like I was like really really fancy hotel guy who's there it's a pony kind of work in the conversation that this is kind of he's like you know a regular and more than that they put like a special like black on the side of the bar and it has his name on it we looked and it did and it's kind of like oh you know when I can help out the bartenders and my camera is like my kind of wonderful at work here like okay cool and then we came back like a week later he wasn't there and I went to the side and there was no engraving there and I have the bartender about the guy and that he's like oh yeah that's my label maker and he comes and sticks it to the bar and black people well that works on anybody like conversations like that's creepy Teddy model viable customer covers that's so bizarre to me the weirdest extra that's so weird right now right now if you at one time RT right when Ben went back to know I didn't come to that it was Joel tell Cam to come down there a couple times actually comfortable much cheaper than $14 ago as I need to I need a really time at this point are you going to be there soon I'm going to be double D from Ed Edd n Eddy that's good stuff right now apparently going to be the joker I'm going to be Batman and then our little bug is going to be Robin I bought like a little bit for it to work tomorrow and again next Monday with another person RT Podcast so thanks everyone the next time I love you