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RT Discusses Gus' Tough School Days

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Transcript (in progress):

I forgot to remind you about some more than 250,000 downloadable titles across all types of literature fiction non-fiction periodicals hey everyone welcome to what might be the shortest podcast ever I gotta pay my rent I totally forgot I have to pay my rent and live Aaron started freaking out and worrying about him pay his rent so gavilyte can you get it only take like an hour and a the worst thing will buying a house like I'm no longer renting is that you have like this fucking 30 years of crippling debt over your head but the best thing is at least you have to pay the 15th of the month same thing you still have to pay it every month but you just let it fall and then eventually you pay you know like you just like how many months is it to the bank notices well after 30 years e do you just staying in the house the bank have to clear the bank isnt like coming over and fixing shit like that ready to crash the Pres for a night what happens whenever you like for help Goodwill and then they try to make you pay it and then if you don't pay it then they can take out second mortgage I have all these questions Pastime Gus plan ready I'm Aaron I'm Chris and I'm Gus so what do meet the second mortgag get people take out second mortgages do in movies when they starseed takes out a third mortgage how second you bought the house 10 years ago and you paid $100,000 okay today that's a the house is worth $150,000 get 150000 for you mortgage against that if it's worth more you get something get the difference in money to spend like you're selling the house right now you're saying you do that like every year Bisquick ultimate plan of the responsibilities you're bullshittin I had a credit hit and I was like freaking out and I pay every month for get you know keep up the stuff and they told me the name of the company so I call the credit agency not like you can't talk to these people the only way you can reach them is if you mail them a letter mail somebody a letter since I was like 4 so I go through all the work and I mail it and I haven't heard anything back but like there's nothing I don't know what I'm supposed to do like what Gus mortgage tell jokes piano bar Brando credit score dating bullshit me the day I got like 3 people that credit card breach and if you like automatic credit monitoring forgotten about it and credit protection services we need to setup your personal passcode in your PIN please enter your personal pin and save your password and like they're still elusive I know Chris and I both had our credit card at the store recently we weren't going the same place that you went to a business we will see where we both went to a business and then both your credit card information was snow speed dating social disorder that's what we thought it was maybe it was you guys or maybe it was we don't know for sure we're not saying anything that's what I hear I don't know I really do like you and Chris social disorder which of the family program and was telling me the other day the other day how to short out in forever what do you do what is a day in your work I could not honestly well I think I added a lot of it in terms of the day I mean I painted my car the other day in the parking lot so I'm for a podcast in the dark with Light Panel yeah I get it black in a parking lot at night just don't do it to stop what you're doing return all of the pain and just stop because I missed a lot of fucking spots on that car up to me also bench with painting it a month ago but it's only half painted potato looks like a mummy that Xscape this year it didn't look like it burn to the ground for a little bit cuz like Grand Prime hard and like little patches of metal and stuff like that but it's I just totally take over get over in the back and then I don't have a front license license plate for think it's like a cop car for a different reason now they think it's a bad cop like a cop with a band it's like to play the tape all over the car and there's paint dripping off of it like he's crazy that's on my car to sell it to the gym today Aaron ate a piece of gum off the floor of the gym known as an onion isnt pizza company picked up off the ground and was like and I said no it was okay and he ate it what kind of poison do paper you know like hold on it was like I can head that way with that he's not intentionally the Bandit listening this entire time and didn't want to say anything EMS agency in Austin said that we're not ready for ebol like they made a public declaration in a state where we've had a Ebola outbreak and said yeah we had an incident whatsap in and out of control we had three people with ebol with a bullet and then the Austin like there's news in Austin like that where we're at we're not ready for it and like you said care for it though I'm sure I'm sure they're backordered Amazon Rockstar and it looks scary as hell when I was going to work Jon Stewart did a series of shows from Austin & in the first show he came out and like a whole bowl of soup because it was in Dallas is only a hundred bucks now but I mean because it was a little scared because it was in Texas he was like oh well that's kind of close to Austin Meet the Press Cassandra from hosting ESPN SportsCenter to his on the show I think was on MSNBC yesterday but I think Jon Stewart probably has more clout than trying to talk for a while but like he doesn't have many years left at the helm of The Daily Show like he doesn't want to I don't think like he believes like in the letter 12 Letterman didn't really do that well but you know like you just kind of go out at your high point and you're beautiful I mean 2025 be home in about 98 or 99 it wasn't too far before the election for 2001 so like I was like that was when he exploded in 2000 on network TV Kilbourn Park I was get them confused for some reason I have the same cockiness Aaron Associates bison the same thing in my head do you really for everyone was a fan of very specific so we have like an airplane story podcast do you see that there was a couple on a Southwest flight that got married in the flight like it was plan and they have like a band there and like the whole people why and dating on the way to Puerto Rico and you just wondering like if you're one of the people getting married you like I don't have an escape plan is likely his butt you know what I'd like to see if anyone has anything any reason why they shouldn't be married you can just like get all the passengers to know no one knows them in Athens just right there and hold your hand if you have it yes they are getting married on a full moon I don't know what is a priest to marry them or whatever was connected when he's online and it said everybody has a reason these two shouldn't be married plus pres the flight attendant button and talk to a flight attendant if it's like you don't have smelled so bad like after the fight cause you know how you can't get that smell like really watch it like it still smells like Southwest flight Social Security address and why wait to consummate the marriage in your honeymoon you gotta let me know what airport basket right there to stop in mile high club Christopher Williams plan was I can come earlier we went to lunch and we were waiting for our food over at a burger place down the road and I was staring out the window and I saw playing and I wasn't even thinking I was looking at what plan is that I just walked out for the British Airways today for the record you actually go out and look Underwood late today I didn't send a picture together our text conversation is just a long list of e texting and pictures of that player has not grown tired of that it was even when he was in the UK and internationally that used to be anymore billion dollars cuz in no one here uses it but everyone else does I think I might try to get some image of pan to the guy who doesn't use text message now I have it now and that's everything's fine let's not bring up text messaging I don't get invited to a lot of things in the morning but I had to get it because like for shooting and stuffed under social disorde couple of times we'll have different cameras had like all different places and then let you know either have walkies or communicate via text and if Aaron doesn't get texts and it's like you just email me you make my life difficult sometimes because you don't have text messaging and I like them finding a way to actually get you on it and then exploiting it was the time on the garage sale I didn't get it because I didn't almost into a text message to in the premises Aaron is selling garage sale items that are for a serial killer and I thought for like a good ending thing is I would wait till they're a bunch of people on the garage sale and then I would run out basically naked body was tight with my hands tied behind my back and I was getting I was all ready to go I was tied up and then I was like texting it's like I was texting the group message okay are there a bunch of people out there right now and they're like yeah there's like 3 or 4 I'm like okay cool I'm about to run out get ready the camp is a foot taller than me and like he's a huge imposing man and he's a cop and I'm talking to him like trying to I'm trying to like tell him something and like distracted from all like the blood and the hair and all that other stuff and meanwhile like Chris I guess I had no idea that you screaming I mean hey I mean I mean it would have been because list of them look right this time what about this weekend after Chris while like grabbing in the neck and dragging you around out here he would have he would have seen the the man Boy come out you're mine possibly I mean I think Austin cocktails first and then that cat I got through that I was like this is just a shadow you can buy this if you'd like I was like thinking when I did that you're just like extra weird and creepy I didn't need any extra my cat that I draw all the time or something like that but didn't you hear the man he's a little like Aarons already over 6 year 6-speed right and like it 2 shoulder and the Pres at that moment that's one Christmas I guess hiding oh yeah I was just about to burst out screaming naked so much fun it would've been awesome but I'm glad you didn't get hurt do for editing and who would win I think Chris would like that too we would not have gotten you out in the background Brandon acting was a bad idea but a lot of times what really worked was when I was just sitting on the ground and putting my back up to the wall that's an area called the drag and it's right next to campus and it's famous for a drag rats people who let her know they're not homeless they just hang out there the money to live on the streets I just put on a hat and then with my cover story I put out a cup and I put some dollars in it and in your cups and you cuz you look clean and not like imposing enough to be like oh he's probably just kind of hard on the Block I would put some change in there yeah but I look at the body bag was his roommate is in like every shot that was weird that they were just following you around with iPhone's camera to nobody okay so we are meeting at 4 to go get drinks on Saturday night before I was going to Premiere 2 before it came out I'm the first one to arrive at the meeting place play some Aaron and I saw this girl and I like me and that girl is really and I like I can I was going to order my drink and I was pretty close to that kind of like looking at or just maybe just maybe I don't know and it was like talking to me and I'm talking to and I still the whole time I'm trying to figure out where I know her from and then I forgot to yoga instructor and so and there's an there's an episode that we ended up not going to do just yet that involve yoga so that mean you're quite a lot of questions but yoga and in Aaron walks up yeah I woke up and I think there was two girls that he was with and I see him talking to this girl and I'm like man she looks really familiar and then she got up she was in that episode she was in the episode it was the 2 girls that try to ask out girls like so I told him he's like what's up to right away when I stop and think about what you're going to say hi Mike I saw you two ladies I was dragging a body special creamer anything but the conversation was like oh yeah I was dragging a body last time you saw him a vegetarian I can't drive because meet or whatever but the night before that it was a good omen that's really weird people over and over on Saturday night and Chris and Blaine are both pretty like a low-key just drinking and then I look over and I see the 2 girls dancing with one another and they both have their bodies can open 2 Blaine and Chris and Mike want you guys go talk to them they're just sitting there this Nepal and then we look back Chris is gone and it took over the girl he has this face that's so harmless that girls love and then play it just kind of standing there though dancing and having to like get in the mindset of being drunk but I'm at work out for you I don't remember like Chris is so like non-threatening like I think I've said this a few times but you still are some non threatening sexually that women are like a brother to them fuck your brother usually you don't but like they see him as a brother and they like Quake unless I get really drunk I don't think of it that way I think about tomato tomahto people people acting like I have nothing to fear from him that's what I'm saying Hildreth St I don't want reminders on this episode of the podcast is brought to you by audible.com the internet's leading provider of audio books and more than $150,000 double titles across all types of literature and featuring other versions of many New York Times Best Sellers for our listeners audibl software free audio book give me a chance to try out their service 1 audiobook consider is Gone Girl a novel by Gillian Flynn for free audiobook of your choice go to audible.com / RoosterTeeth audible.com / RoosterTeeth audibl was our very first sponsor ever in the podcast here and nowhere else takes off the first book was it might have been Game of Thrones or I was going to recommend it over the Godfather the other one was it's been so long time to do it in your car anywhere the first one early enough to believe in us and they stuck around for some reason I don't know why I haven't despite all the terrible Stories We Tell around their on their head or anything I was watching my wife getting kinda in till like comic book movies X-Men know much but I never really read Comics as a kid so I really can't provide much information so we're watching the movies and it kind of blew her mind the other day to think of that different superheroes live in the same world like the Marvel universe together the DC Universe altogether but there's no overlap there and there's a Batman here comes up to them for fear character from on sexually Wonder Woman would have total faith in your path Future Past Quicksilver she like that I do like you love the way that actor played the character and everything and the other day she almost asked me the most nerdy question to what she cut herself she said quicksilve runs really fast the flash runs really fast faster Quicksilver or nevermind I'm sorry I was doing in the bathroom look in the mirror and around the world it wouldn't be like a clean-cut be like tonight in the blast doors in episode 1 where they stick a lightsaber then wait for it to melt one adamantiu has like dried you cannot heat it up again so you can taste melting point no that's not sure that is not true and in some of the X-Men movie cats that turned out to be true he was non-threatening sexually I think is at least one of the movies is a wolverine gets his head cut off until Monday gets cut off by Sabretooth in X-Men Origins Wolverine this one for he has the adamantiu the light so you think in Mustique was copying him and ripped the adamantium from his bones it's not a thing it's just like lightsaber they're combining different fantasy worlds and what are the physics classes at the University like this make me look like and how many doesn't fly and immediately just change direction and then change direction again it just it defies all logic that defies logic you know pushing for nothing really like wind resistance aaro do some people cry who plays Haley brandons for men Laurin plasma TV low do you need to have your suspension of disbelief has to exist within a world and that you have to obey those laws and if you'd ever love calculators have all the bullshit classic classic class when I was in college but just basically involves watching television and I thought it would be a lot more fun 400 1st we feel like this is taking all the fun out of watching these TV shows I really don't want to do this it was scheduled today for work or school to on your phone fish 1930s movies class there was an HBO class where is like well I'm going to have to get drunk before I go to this class are you talking about Chris and I had this class called she said the name of it doesn't matter right score it's called The Uncanny right and it was like dealing with things that are okay so for instance when you see a robot like humanoid robot that looks really real and you kind of go with the uncanny valley that looks close but not close enough to her so I took this class that we essentially you describe it we were there it was just like we had come up with something that's uncanny that was that was the class come up with for projects that are uncanny it was like free for Life something that you taking the 76th actually like anything goes one of those logs and Katie are you in getting to know you Aruba that was a project I did for that class like one of the best project social project is supposed to be really good I don't know how you interpreted that was crazy was like them or whatever and all this time doing this and whatever we're really tired and this guy comes out with personal he missed his first class 2% project so he's already on it he comes out with this tub full of Pepsi Pepsi or Coke or something and that's what it comes out with his girlfriend and he's in from maybe sixty or seventy of us and he get this tub and go when I drop these pop rocks in this tub it's going to come over and we'll go everywhere and you will see like I don't know how you stand it magic or physics an action or something like that so anyway he throws all of these pop rocks that they don't unwrap into the tub and it does nothing absolutely nothing and there's just silence right and so one of the old guys I was already in the class like 60 or 70 he goes turn the screws to the community and its course whatever the class was and you know how we hate you and blah blah and he just stopped right and Christmas and Christmas are just looking for like even explain it to him then they just went down the line the teacher say the other Teachers Day the teacher and they operated them one by one to 30 minutes meet us there with his girlfriend eating Pop Rocks if you can't say anything cuz he knows he fucked up and his girlfriend is just slowly moving away couple of them I'm sure swear we got yeah that's another bullshit plan Ian Kennedy the crazy guy he was in my screenwriting class and he wrote a feature by mystery like kind of like a the Electoral agency's going up there but he was like yeah it's just you know write about what you know the class was just crazy year he just came and did it again this year and it was like Syfy mystery don't know it's like a different subject class the same bullshit every time Twitter recording and grumpy on Twitter the first podcast I was 1:49 and we were commended the Steve Jobs autobiography and biography that's what I read when I was in New Zealand I had to be a part of that maybe on 153 2/2 Year Without Rain September 24th I was like a little bit chilly when I was walking through here to the podcast and was like I wish I was coming over and then I remembered doing the show in the old garage the next day when it was like gets right behind 2 the cell phone number we have the podcast that was like we can move it. Move it next door to the breaker outside of the drop from the from the city service if it was melted for sure if it was an issue with me know bad wiring or if the whole system couldn't handle what we're doing and was like did we just designed a whole set and a whole control room and run all these cables and we can't do the show here it turns out that it was wired improperly yeah whoever could set it up it sucked it up and told me that he would not do that I don't know why you were in college you worked on another thing called the wingme it was a serious problem college students around and I wear the shirt today because of the weekend so Apartments really cool we should commission an artist to draw cars rock and roll centaurs and call it sometime I didn't so we commissioned from the website to do our interpretations of the show with me and Zach anner and Marshall rimmer was in it but it was a group of guys who did a dating advice radio show and then they get fined by the FCC like thousands and thousands of dollars then they start up the dating service to make back the money and get dates for themself Aarons character was their best friend who is engaged and him and his his wife was an artist and painted both of them as centaurs Chris because the one I have it just like I guess it's like charcoal charcoal and Wine Festival I don't know risque this pain fish her hair her hair it's all flooring I don't think I think you know when you got a spider from the website to the draws I think at the time he didn't have much experience drawing in that style so we send up a lot of like Boris Vallejo and like heavy metal album covers like this is looking for an iron like the old animated movie that shirt you want wore that sucker with a preview but I feel weird wearing it could be like a cool shirt was it like red shirt in public no I said yeah I think of spider he did the portraits of us have ever seen a single fusion fusion everybody was trying and my girlfriend had to get up really early and work so we can go too crazy and then on Saturday night and were like well you know this is Austin and whenever this Halloween people just party all weekend so you know 2 of them before everybody can be dressed up so we put on costumes and she was in a very very bad bug costume like and then I had like this giant net like I was a dog catcher and before you continue you have different costume for Halloween and the day after Halloween well it was fucking cold on Halloween cause I was wearing Spandex and she was just wearing like a small skirt and shirt blouse so we kind of improvised he already had that costume social provides a pug do you remember like looking for stocks and finding that and being like what will let this one go social how can I accessorize that's why I put together the dr. think we put on these costumes and then we went downtown to the left and if F1 weekend big race so there's tons of people downtown because they closed whole sections so we get out of the car there's about 200 people next to us was kind of like checking everything out and not one of them were in costume it's the 2 of us plan on it and then me and my stupid head and then a bunch of people just staring at us and giving us really weird looks and I immediately called another Lyft I think I change and then we came back out and that's when we met you what happens if Halloween happens on like a Monday do people dress up all weekend how is on Sunday the rest of Friday Saturday don't worry about what you can dress up any day of the week leading up to Halloween star Lyft driver there was like oh yeah tons of people are dressed up like really like I don't like okay do they ever make another ride that night I went out to a party then afterwards I went to a Halloween night I went out to partying afterwards I went to starseed you know the 24-hour diner and drunkenly with my wife and some friends and then we're all done you know I was going to just head back to my place and that Allen was with the Taliban and he's like oh you don't have to get her and take her back to my place and we looked and the surcharge was 10 times normal price assholes friend paid $120 to get back to the apartment and it's A5 minute walk how much is 108.1 or no do they like it can but I never seen the prices get that high but there will be times where it's like this is a you know in time that is a good thing about like taxi cabs and their prices and escalate this 3 hour wait for a cab driver might just pick up somebody randomly pick you up and it's like don't tell me that I don't show up sometimes on the phone at 10 p.m. just like that another service we just get in the car and go and like it'll be waiting for you just disappear because you deserve it and if you request a Lyft Aaron you're driving your car you could probably paint and tape on the window that she does have women in the eyes I'm sorry I the problem flag at least twice a week end cuz I got to go and come back because they rape if I call out sometimes like if somebody three stars they don't want you to have him again if they're like car is really shaky but it's like I didn't like how how much what can I tell you to do that as a passenger you cannot see your own rating currently but as a driver they can see your rating and whether or not they want to pick you up or not but this whole thing couldn't get it the first time I try to use it I finally downloaded it and I signed up I was in Melbourne Australia now thinks I live in Australia happen to be in Australia at the time and I cannot get it fixed I don't know why there's a lot here at candlelight infamous 240 mystery of Australia they really don't care I don't really know what I was doing with Lyft when I first downloaded it I don't think I'd ever use it so I just like take a picture of yourself so I took a picture and it and it's like super creepy and awkward it's just like a slow angle I'm making this really weird things like I'll just change this later there's no way you can not change that picture to every time someone chooses to pick me up if they see that I don't really want to wave spray is pepper spray okay I'm going to Star people so I went to I'm going to I'm going to take you away from this Chris I'm going to save you I want to be the leader keep that earlier today because you know we have to give him the infamous 535 visiting and Bernie that asshole that's okay Infamous 5:35 sounds like something crashed numbers in to say like always 3 numbers like a fire fighting unit the New York is different than famous you know like it's just like so these are people who these are the people who broke the for our Indiegogo campaign basically where we had the $5 park or you could come be an extra for the studio and there's only supposed to be one but this is from 11 to 35 then to be processed so Bernie that asshole when he wrote a prescription for the park also indicated you get one free hug from Gus so I thought I would feel bad if I didn't do it so I went out there to set today and I hope that many people as I could if I could there was a live band like that plays in the movie like I just okay mystery do you want to get rid of them do I need to go somewhere I'm here to hug everyone do fake a smile or frown like she was out there I think 2 days or so then going back out and see what they were filming was really impressive By The Station every now and then I get like this on myself than I've ever had and he was a big fan of us is also a big fan of movies kind of what you want to do and he was like honestly you know I really love being here because it's like a movie set and you know you guys being here it is you know is good but it definitely number two in terms of like why I want to be here the fact that some of his number one and I don't know if people would think that's like a sense of it first but is actually like the best answer I've ever heard my life be like he wanted to be there just because you like some movies not because it's rooster thirst passion but really cool and I was excited by the set and about the disorde reproduction can put it on me behind the scenes pictures released but there's like in 05 trailers you know there's a note in different like 18-wheelers their food like grip equipment it's like a sucker and I was like 19 good yummy I was really impressed I figured it would be like if your crew isn't happy for a sandwich or something you know whatever we have plenty of room for all of the you know the film people here and you like gruel gruel and a banana Buddha heads up people understand how expensive the food on the set if that's what's the matter Pizza get beer and pizza 3 slices I wasn't complaining I was just saying as somebody who pays for the stuff I understand why you lie a lot of people good pizza it is good I'm just saying it's also very affordable everybody went in Easy is the reason get around a fucking Border menu for Aaron to indicate what they want I've only got 10 little roosters some was like can we do which which I was like okay like I never said no when people wanted something specific and it's hard enough to order Which Wich when you're there because you have like the giant questionnaire what you want but people are at my computer and like going through like scrolling one by one to see all the ingredients they had and they kept trying to joke and have a conversation the top and I was like no no no no ordering which which took like half an hour I remember back when we were still in the Congress office we still live and die by the Chipotle fax menu for her it was like we would have liked a stack of them in the kitchen like your name protein accessories accessories do anything then just pick it up what if you go in person you can really do you want me to put it up what kind of beans do you want black or more than that that's okay can you put more than that waving 6:04 because we had sex for me but blame you he was like so what you do is you order half and half and I always end up giving you almost a full serving of both I haven't done that yet but I never thought to do that yeah I never thought of doing it either they already have a hard enough time closing my burritos so I don't know I just don't close they do not have a burrito and then then I'm sorry okay there's a pretty funny RT life about that when we got your burrito back to the office it was the size of a small child I was one of those coupons 2 every time that's true well I will say this on Halloween if you wear a costume it's only $3 so I did get a few other. It was pretty bad so he threw away all of Chris Chick-fil-A calendars they had like a discount every month we just had like I'm sorry but no Jersey Mike's the calendar though I'm just saying that I remember seeing a folder one time in college has coupons like he has a coupon folder and I mean it's really cause I don't by now and it's just I love without for the tires or what but it has everything like it is I mean it's a goldmine for anyone looking for Value that I was way better about in college when I was like completely broke but with all the damn time does Extreme Couponing TV the time at school but that my car and I just leave it in my car and then I'm hungry like we'll all right I'll go here because I think I have a coupon from the Honey Boo Boo show for what it is yeah I think that's all she does is just let me go to the store because she was freaking out too much she got back together with an ex who had spent time in jail for child molestation and supposedly it was with one of her daughters that's really gross I just leave it your conversation we have a brandons over or Lyft little flower picture your friend Alex for a Lyft there's like 20 Lyft drivers that are driving around in my little picture pops up feel like you want to accept a ride from this guy and I like that it's like it in our office with wood paneling that looks like it's from a psycho yes I know we have hanging out there but it's just not quite in time to take the bus at the time because it was my place I got in the cab and then as soon as I got in the cab driver was like an interesting ride and the whole trip the cab driver just kept staring at me in the rearview mirror not looking at the looking at me telling me how he was going to put the light in me and I was like oh my God I really don't want to know just a hotel close to my house I walked over the office if you don't have the luxury of seeing that the person got a crazy picture that was in Vegas one time and I had to sit in the front because it was just like me and like my girlfriend at the time and like four or five of her friends and was making conversation this is right after I had flown a plane into the IRS building in Austin so I feel like an hour from Austin and he like had to bring that up I like that happened was pretty crazy like it was like oh and then the cab driver couple looked at me kind of quiet for a second he's like you know some people might call him a hero I was like what the government have the right to do that sometime everybody in the cab like all the girls stop talking and everybody just looked up at me and we all sat there and I was like actually this hotel is fine and then we drink and we had to wait that's why I don't mess with you mess with us we mess with people in Smite a lot when we come out we're fine with that um before your game starts your group then it's like before and I think this is my first game LOL what button is attack left click it was just like everybody else looks like you're stuck with me gets actually played a fair amount but we always try to say stuff in chat that makes everyone else in the room can year of Xbox Live and like looking the kids I don't know why Elsa and Anna the character that played all weekend long I don't have anything else to be a monster what kind of monsters available right now and another one that looks like a big squid the Kraken 30 what happens when another battery racquetball the movie selling the credit second whatsap Pirates of the Caribbean something like that what they always tell me to crack it so I can bring in the Kraken rum in it it's funny Kraken shows up for really crack into scary monster ready the ocean in general it scared me because control we just don't fucking know if I should watch it up here like what the fuck is that ocean life on the bottom everything the show is from a nightmare every single thing there's not like on this is the Pleasant Hill cute they're all like that are of your night yeah credit a couple weeks ago so this thing is like a monstrosity that washed up on a beach in Singapore and it look like a mass of snakes all intertwined and it was just like all right isn't it cruel we just don't ever see it yet you're swimming an open-water something like you had a nice boat and you're out of the Pacific and you're just swimming with the Tentacruel or whatever it is and it's just like he never even if it was well I be scared shitless year was a dolphin I might be scared because I don't want any spray dolphin the ocean make sense to me it's like if you're patient and you get a tack you're dead you're done right it's like you get hit by a car and realize you crossing the street you look to your left you look to your right on the ocean it's like we'll look up of you people are going to fall on your head or he is a car rising from the ground I'm coming after you and then all the time you're paranoid about everything attacking you year are you looking to attack other stuff like it it has to be it stresses me out writing about hey I just got to thinking this is really don't fish get thirsty do fish drink water do they drink do they drink do they drink saltwater isnt the deal is maybe they don't need one 886 Lake costume Moses and they just absorb Define osmosis is osmosis the same thing that it is is basically absorbs buy a Kinect by being next to it so it's like it's it's it's not it's just like skin textbook that have the thing with next to it and looking whatsap what salt water is like it makes you thirst e only does it all this make you thirsty but these are creatures that live in saltwater do thirst E Credit fish thirst e fish are fine they're just there the most that's all I need right like you if you were in the swimming pool you'd never get thirst e why would you mean if you got water all around you I don't know I just thought of someone holding that salt water fish get their water from what they eat those fish do you know that has to be some fish that everybody's eating that's like has a stash somewhere like freshwater think he's holding out on everyone else just like water fish that's like I'm always getting Aiden that just made me look like I'm really thirsty for a bite to eat so someone told me you told me about the writing mass of snakes basket star and this is not moving if you can imagine that being around Dallas one thing color basket it's like okay so so it real fast thanks to 228 Brandon neuberger for tell me basket starseed thank you give Billy the fight in the water you try and punch something of your trip on something like that doesn't happen you just slowly touch it it's like you got the charge that you are not supposed to be involved on the ground like a man like you should not be anywhere near the ocean like everything about your body is designed to keep you from the ocean people of people skydiving you're heading back towards the ground when you're in the ocean if you generally head back away from the surface not if you're driving down towards the bottom of the ocean no I think you're still flowing just drown but you float like underwater credit much better last night calculators high school did you guys have liked it ca TI-89 Calculator 93134 for brand-new I think when he and his friends stole $20,000 worth of graphing calculators from school and then try to sell them to the pawn store 4880 whatever so immediately feel like a hundred of them one of the time good money for sale 183 not stole and Natalie still for the school the next day dr. damn what you trying to look like a person yeah yeah I can't believe that the school had calculators the calculators and there's like a high cost of developing it or whatever / writing it if it's textbook and so they're like we'll just hit you with the Steelers is that what it is or I don't know we could do more complex problems no more memory and pictur telling me that there's more memory you can do more complex problems 30 and public school and it's like a hundred bucks or something for a calculators that's really expensive for public school like you should have to pay anything like that I mean it's cool go to 93 School Mama calculators be expensive because when you have teachers don't allow you have a cell phone in the middle in class they do allow calculators and you can put games on your couch yet so it's basically an excuse to play games in the middle of class and occasionally like I had a game where it was like that and how to manage employees I was a pimp but nothing Middle School my class that I wrote to change them do you know Gus meet the first one to put super credit cards to pay for your lunch from your head like a little bit like what you're nice and they can take it away from them soon as your meal card the girls would like you to put yours on there it would go to the funeral love you whole bunches on the tips that way each finger nail to keep stopping point I will get the flights would be like super bloody cat scratch each other and blonde hair and it would go everywhere one time when I was in I was a sophomore when you are fighting for your life more we actually had a school shooting in my school like a girl brought a gun to kill another girl at the school but she had sharpen your fingernail so offended you deflected the bullet with the gun went off I Got You Babe ready to go to School Staten the Border some shit was fucking awful we love to fight there are so grown up my fingers and hope I don't let you wander around the office waiting for something that will affect our school and I just was like this everywhere but it's like when a fight broke out everybody was super excited and they all went to the fight cuz I want to watch well it was one time where a fight broke out in the bathroom and I saw it because I was in the bathroom peeing and I was like mystery man despite breaks out and if people start yelling and then hordes of people start rushing into the bathroom and I can't do anything about it I was just reading this from Hey Arnold there was this kid he was setting paper towel dispensers on fire and my school like my high school and he just kept like no one could figure out who it was and set them on fire stole my for some on fire while there's also this other kid who what does urinal and pee with pants down get down by Jangles and apparently same time and they just made this pack is like I won't tell you I won't say that you did this if you don't say that I still do this and then like any still couldn't figure out who it was like what you know he just kept putting it on our own professional website design to start with and have a website for you or your business they released you customizable template and automatically include some experience the overall stole your website looks great on every device every time favorite websites most recently customer service Sprint Commerce ready to provide a powerful the flexible eCommerce solution to set up shop and sell things quickly squarespac good for everyone whether you need a simple website solution or your developer who wants to get into the code there's so much you can customize with Squarespace you can also easily and better Twitch TV player to any page on your score space website so you can share a favorite gaming moment squarespac starts at 8 bucks a month includes a free domain name if you sign up for year so if you haven't already get squarespac to try you don't need a credit card to start building your website when you decide to sign up user code RoosterTeeth get 10% off and show your support for repeat that squarespac.com offer code Rooster Teeth thank you score 3-3 support I was actually talking with someone who was visiting the website or visiting the office the other day about score space it's been around for a long time but they're not one of the first couple I'm going to tell stories about the bathroom dance like you've determined essentially went to a prison for a high school if none of the bathroom stalls had doors because they couldn't trust the students with yours so it's like and all the bathrooms also never had toilet paper do it with no door and no toilet paper just understood it was like that's the way because we can't be trusted and similar to your flight Story one time I was I was using the bathroom when your high school that was really bad and I really have to go to I'm going to go to the bathroom and I was standing next to a guy that one year ago he was at the other we're both being a group of guys walk in the bathroom Sucker Punch the guy to my right kicking the shit out of him audibl fish just stop it Gus chicken one time in middle school I was sending it to this girl is going to get picked up by my parents after after school and send it to this girl and we're both like standing by the street waiting for her parents and I kind of got like a little shove to the side of a square and I turned and I looked and the girl that got enough to the ground and act like a gang of girls was like around her kicking her on the ground and I remember this day like the look on her face on the ground and sing with the imprint of shoes on her Facebook she was getting stomped on the face I was like I just want to go to school first I'm going to miss going to the bathroom every other story I don't think so so I went to school and went to the bathroom I was nervous a new state and school didn't know anyone go to the bathroom I pee when I go to wash my hands it's a bit weird because I was a weird like long think like a really long think I pissed her off and now it would be so long I think and so I go and I'm washing my hands of it like a really long think that's weird yeah that's what I thought and I'm washing my hands in the bathroom and I'm already took them like the new kid in school staring at me like he looked at me like what is wrong with you alright whatever I'm washing my hands and I leave and then I come back to go to the bathroom again at lunch it was a picture insides is it what it was it was a big truck like big on your in and it just had a pipe that had water constantly pouring out of it I've never seen that before in my life I wouldn't peed in the toilet he was a senior by the way and I was washing my hair was as I didn't look into that that's right next to that he was nervous it wasn't an unpaid on my hands or just the water has washed them in the urinal water those have you had hands in the air but it was an innocent mistake I didn't know I was young I was 10 or 11 do to walk into the bathroom it wasn't like one of those do you think he's all right now like like I don't know I was like what am I doing wrong I'm just trying to fit in do I feel like so much about growing up as a guy is just peeing on stuff like there's so many there so many I think times in your life that you can like isolate where you been peeing on random things and it's kind of like your progression like for you to the movie Boyhood missing as he never peed on anything I do remember as a child coming out of a movie and painting and thinking this is the longest anyone has ever peed this is gotta be like I'm watching a movie and you really really have to pee and I was just like no one is ever be this long I feel like going out in the woods and I know he'd like to go fishing and I really have things to offer something a building or a big rock over the river the people. That's what it's about do you like a space stuffed right now it's so I think it's it's anniversary of Sputnik 2 was one of the the missiles that Russia put into space satellites are called what that literally is Satellite in little yellow on they put a dog in there and it's like when I heard about that I was like okay I mean I gets a puppy was born and they keep coming to put the dog subconsciously knew his whole life this was he know he's training and all this stuff and you know the ultimate Speedy ultimate sacrifice but apparently they just picked up a dog off the street which I thought was even worse because there's this poor dog that's just like you know going around trying to get through every week and then all these people come up to me like hey come with us come to a better life and their pampering him and they're feeding him and then shoot him into space to die no first animal ever to orbit the Earth Austin they are going to go training him you know that this is the life he's always known you don't take some dog and you're like hey there's this wonderful life and he's like I'm so happy I'm so glad that I met these people and my life so much better he was getting really hot if it's really small for 2 that would have just like that in the street probably but now we're talking about Milo the only reason I remember the name I like her is because there's a game developer company many quarts 2 years has exhibited are ticks couple of years and that they had a game revolving around a dog is couple leaves to send it not to have these do you think about when it's going to be awesome I know I'm going to leave now but I love you more than likely unless you buy a dog when your league. Monster High note I had them here bad dog story alright if you for seeing me so I was for and we had this dog named Binky you kill it Chris not know I did we had a dog named pinky was the family dog it was the only dog I knew I was for the family dog my dad's out of town on a business trip I wake up one morning my mom is crying everyone's kind the dog died I was like you know every just like it because it was like my sister was six my brother was like an infant and a dog was dead on the porch my mom didn't know what to do you got, she got a little hysterical I think so she had she was like she laid out next to the dog and then she got meet my sister to Lyft the dog under the blanket and then we drug the dog do my sister why were bawling because it's our family dog we drugged the dog to the garage where we had a freezer and then we'd Lyft in the dog and put it in the freezer until my dad got home a week later I would but I gotta show you my dog just passed have you ever seen a dead body Sydney rapid Chrisley it was in the head the blanket but I think even crazy I need a dog and I was just a kid on the quest Mom and Dad fighting popsicle dog has a person ever been around an animal that died I thought that's what you did fish year big stick like in hell no I just thought I was like a dog dies it's like you put it in fish never die around you really normal I didn't know until like years later when we were telling that story when people like what I like and I put in the freezer and I got some business and then we took it out we buried it in like what that's what I think about last one to have it all that's what I hear it's like they definitely it sucks to think about that dogs are great up until that point he's about to turn 14 and for basically half my life and he's in great health but it's like you just don't know and it's like they could live to be 3 years just like I don't know you so I can enjoy it or worse he tried to revive it whatsap 30 looking for these Waters that that's what I'm talking about isn't it great we what are the Night World I don't squirrels with bottles in them is that what that is I don't know I just want to say he was a great dog and the broccoli in the freezer it was weird I'm going to like it we had food and stuff Wonder or makes me realize that parents have no idea what the fuck would do it when my dad was my age I was 16th I could not imagine having a sixteen-year-old kid we like I know everything in the world I'm going to tell you what's going on 18 year old high school stories and whatever else she was dead with the dogs you gotta find that girl got that gun to school looking at this podcast right now no I told you what I was just too stupid to use a computer you're laughing but you're absolutely true couple of people that were all right actually understand stuffed doing stuff on the internet what do you think the worst thing you'd be whatsap parenting that you would have liked I wouldn't have any empathy I don't think they complaining about good job at that says I'm too selfish of a person do you couple of days I'll talk to you when I'm done figure it out and it would not be a good father I'm just saying that right now I would treat my daughter like black royalty but the Boy Is Mine the boy gets it he better shut up. I'm already practicing because I don't want to have I don't have I don't know I guess I'm going to get I don't know they're like having a son seems so awkward because I remember how awkward it was to be like ages 11 to now and like having a kid like a boy in the same house just seems super weird so everything's covered in everything on those watching TV at night excuse me I need to go to the 15 minutes you would have to wear a belt around yourself to announce your presence everyone he can with the house maybe this thing like you couldn't walk through closed doors anymore I just because you be walking in on the development essentially ready alright well that's what I'm in the car so thanks for coming out with us Aaron thanks for having me learned a lot about the operation tomorrow night at 4 o'clock and I'm with in the past also at 4 o'clock and occupies get next Monday